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Narm / Revolutionary Girl Utena

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The Series

  • "I understand. Your only choice is to revolutionize the world". World revolution is an answer to all problems! Dislike your fiance's sister? Are jealous of your brother's growing friendship with another girl? Worry not, for the world revolution will help you!
  • Kozue and Anthy's car scene in one episode is kind of funny since out of nowhere Kozue appears to start seducing Anthy, inappropriately right during Miki's and Utena's duel.
  • The sheer number of times Akio and other guys get random Shirtless Scenes for no reason at all.
    • That one's actually so narmy that it was hilariously lampooned in the OP of the Sega videogame: Akio and Touga take off their shirts in extremely hammy ways, then a mortified-looking Saionji sighs and opens his own.
  • The sheer number of times someone gets slapped, particularly Anthy.
  • After the infamous Cantarella scene in episode 37, in which Anthy and Utena both claim to have poisoned the other, they partake in their treats anyway.
    Anthy: This tea is delicious.
    Utena: So is this cookie.
  • Utena punching Mikage and calling him a son of a bitch. It wasn't supposed to be a funny scene, but in the dub, Utena sounds like Misty from Pokémon when she says it, since Rachael Lillis voiced both.
    • Because of the rather stiff and careful (almost rhythmic) delivery the actors were directed to use, there are lots of moments of narm in the dub. Too many to count to the point that they occur in pretty much every other scene. Watching the series with the dub is actually quite a surreal experience, and arguably magnifies the show's unique bizarre qualities.
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  • Touga's "bike attack" in his last duel, made doubly ridiculous by the fact that he and Saionji both have their shirts open for it. The amount of off-model art in that episode doesn't help.
  • In the third arc, the Student Council members challenging Utena to yet more duels should be pretty dramatic, but it tends to be ruined when the scenes end with the cartoony zipping noise that precedes the Shadow Girl plays.
  • In episode 35, Touga and Saionji are having a serious conversation about Utena... while gradually taking off their shirts and posing dramatically. Touga even feels himself up and practically moans at one point!
  • While Mikage and Mamiya mind raping Kanae into becoming a Black Duelist is incredibly scary, the scene is ruined by Mamiya going Large Ham out of nowhere before stabbing Kanae with a black rose. Way to ruin an until-then perfect sequence, kid.

The Movie

  • While Akio's death is supposed to come off as dramatic, some people found it extremely hilarious, as evidenced by Jesuotaku and Oancitizen's co-op review of it and the photoset linked here.
  • Utena out of nowhere turning into a car is both this and Narm Charm.
  • Shiori-car's appearance, where she actually says "Are you surprised? It’s a big mistake to think you’re the only one that can turn into a car. I’m a car now too."
    • Add the fact that the seats of Shiori-car are pink and frilly.
  • Akio scooting across the bonnet of a car on his butt. Twice. With a sparkly sound effect the second time round. It's actually pretty hilarious.
    • It was hilarious for Akio's voice actor (Mitsuhiro Oikawa) as well. At one point, Ikuhara reminisced in an interview about how many takes it involved for Oikawa to actually make the "Toh!" sound genuine instead of silly.
  • Akio's overall characterisation in the movie; he's so pathetic and foppish compared with his series self. Then again, presenting him this way is quite possibly the entire point, as it highlights how pathetic series!Akio really is under all his manipulativeness.
  • Shiori doodling a silly cartoon frog on Touga's back - right after one of the most disturbing sequences in the film, no less.
  • The faces Saionji makes during his first duel with Utena, while they're Nightmare Fuel, it's still weird looking at the the same time.
  • Shiori's randomly rhymed speech when she reveals the Video Tape footage after Akio's body is found. It's like the movie momentarily becomes a Dr. Seuss cartoon, if Dr. Seuss ever make a cartoon about underage incestuous rape.

Other media

  • The light novels's reveal that Touga slept with Miki (and it may have been non-consensual) is totally ruined by this picture. At first it's just your average naked!Touga art, then you notice that the only visible parts of Miki's body are his feet which are placed in a very awkward position, and all you can think of is "OMG. YOU KILLED MIKI. YOU BASTARD!".
  • An odd scene in the manga in which Miki seemingly walks a few feet away from Utena so he can turn around and have an introduction panel.

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