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"My name is Trinimmortal. I like Anime, dancing and playing video games. But above all else, I AM A YASUO MAIN!"
Trinimmortal ,"The Dark Side"

Trinimmortal is an american Youtuber who joined the site in 2014 and currently has a little over 200,000 subscribers.

His content revolves around Gaming, his League of Legends videos are the ones he's mostly known for, specifically, his series "Trinimmortal beats League" , where he tries to win a game with every single champion and every single skin on those champions. Given the fact that he hates playing most champions and can only advance by winning....

His Videos are mostly are heavily edited which means they take their time to get out.The fact that Trin is a notorious anime-lover and watches everything he can get his hands on does not help that fact.

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A twitter ... a very active twitter


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