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Theatre / Opera Olav Engelbrektsson

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The out-door midnight opera based on the true story of the last chatolic Archbishop of Norway.The danes are invading and Archbishop Olav Engelbrektsson have barricaded himself in Steinvikholm castle, hoping for help from his old friend Kristoffer Rustung. He receive an unexpected visit when his old enemy, Nils Lykke arrives. With him come Lucy, daughter of Lady Inger of Austrått - the most powerful woman in Norway. The two of them have had an affair, a shamefull ting in it self made worse by the fact that Nils was married to Lucys (now dead) sister. Lady Inger herself arrives demanding Nils Lykkes execution, leaving Olav with a dillema.Written by Edvard Hoem and with music by Henning Sommerro. The play had its 20th jubilee the summer of 2013.



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