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Fanfic / Pretty Cure Manifest Destiny

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Futari wa Pretty Cure - Manifest Destiny is a fanfic by Happy Be Lucky Cure and is being run along with her other Fan-series PrettyCureVeggieGo It can be found Here

Once upon a time, the Garden of Destiny was a peaceful land ruled over in harmony by it's three sibling queens - Until the eldest, Lady Fortuna, predicted the second eldest Apolla would bring doom upon her family, her kingdom, and herself. Not pleased with this outcome, She leaves the kingdom, starts up an evil organization with people who also have been given similar sentences with their fate, and sends her homeland into a bloody civil war under the name of Madame Delphi, and aims to take control of the Wheel of Fortune, A magical object that is said to control the flow of the universe and can change fate itself. Unfortunately, Fortuna sent of the seven spirits that summoned it to earth, and was captured by the enemy when they invaded her section of the Kingdom.


However, prior to her capture - Fortuna predicted that the two legendary warriors who protected the kingdom before will be reborn on earth, and defeat Saturn. With the prediction and the warriors trinkets, the third Queen sent two diviners to find the warriors and act as their guardians.

Said warriors turn out to be Intelligent Delinquent Shouhei Itoguchi and Social Athlete Shouji Otonashi, who are always at each other necks, and would rather see the world end then fight together. However, They are forced to act as the Earth's guardians by becoming Pretty Cure.

Will they save the world - or was Fortuna's prediction a bit off...


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