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Tree Fog is a Vlog Series which is very small-time and underappreciated. Two roommates, Alex and Tanner, start a musical duo called Tree Fog. At first, they just do humorous song covers, but the series really start to heat up when things take a turn for the dramatic.

The series can be found on YouTube here or on Facebook here.

Not to be confused with Tree Frogs, frogs which live in trees.

Tree Fog provides examples of:


  • Theme Song - A meta example with the laughably strange "The Minute Vlog Theme Song".
  • Very Special Episode - Parodied with "Solve the Wolf Problem".
  • Word Salad Title - What the heck is a Tree Fog anyway?
    • "This next song, I was in a dark period when I wrote this one, it's called Helicopter 2: Rise of the Fish."


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