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David: Just freaking squeez off a tube of toothpaste (Beat) Out your asshole!
Bill: Do you think anyone's ever just taken a tube of toothpaste, put it up their buttholes, and then they have their friends come over, like they're sleeping over or something, and they say, "Hey man, you got any toothpaste?" "Yeah!" and they're just like, "Okay, where is it?" Pulls down his pants and says, "Okay, put your toothbrush to my butt!" And he sees a little thing on his asshole, he undoes the cap, and he's like "Ughhhahgargha!" and toothpaste just squeezes out?
*Camera falls*
'An example of TNR's brand of humor

That's Not Right! is a Vlog Series about three high school boys: Reza, David and Bill. It is filmed after every school day on their drives home, and documents the odd discussions of the main group (as well as any special guests who sometimes show up) and the weird things that happen in their high school and teenage life in general.

Tropes That Appear in This Work:

  • An Aesop: The trio often take time to encourage common sense by condemning their peers' lack of it. Sometimes they dip into Anvilicious territory, such as in this episode, where they spend over 30 seconds (that's about 10% of the episode) talking about how testicular cancer isn't given enough attention compared to breast cancer, considering that the rate of testicular cancer is significantly higher.
    • Do not murder puppies!
  • Big "NO!": Often. Humorously when Bill gets left behind in episode 23.
  • Buffy Speak: Usually used for comedic effect, such as when David calls breasts "nipple tits" in the above-mentioned rant.
  • Butt-Monkey: Often the guests, but mostly just Reza.
  • Formula Breaking Eoisode:: In episode 23, when Bill and the camera actually leave the car (!) and the show briefly becomes a celebrity interview with David.
  • No Indoor Voice: Every episode involves a lot of screaming, but David and Reza seem to lose their ability to be quiet when they are put together in the back seat, which sometimes happens when a guest takes shotgun.
  • Power Trio: ¡Three Amigos!
    • The Hero: Bill note 
    • The Lancer / The Idealist: David note 
    • The Chick / The Cynic: Reza.
  • Product Placement: David and his cascade dishwasher.
  • Real Life: The setting.