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A Vlog Series is a type of Web Video Series or Web Animation series presented as a video blog (vlog) by one or more fictional characters existing within the series. Some overlap with Character Blog, a type of Fan Work, while others are non-derivative works featuring characters created for the vlogs.

The Vlog Series comes in two flavours: the more-or-less realistic variety, which is filmed using (or as if using) webcams and presented as entirely in-universe, as though it is really happening; and the traditional camera variety, which alternates between webcam-style and more conventional TV camera styles like mockumentary.

Some non-vlog works feature characters creating a vlog as a framing device or in select scenes, or include a vlog-style bonus or promotional video while otherwise being a different kind of work.

Despite the name, this is not to be confused with ongoing vlogs by real people, although some vlog series pretend to be non-fiction.

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  • The film adaptation of The Martian used this trope several times, presumably because having Mark Watney typing the journal he's keeping (as seems to be the case in the novel) with a voiceover would have been rather less interesting on-screen.

Live-Action TV

  • BBV Probe released a minisode entitled Shadow of Doubts in 2020 presented as the video logs of Giles, one of main characters.
  • Irish TV series Dan and Becs and its sequel series Sarah and Steve were both shot in the form of first person diaries, cutting between their different tellings of the same events. It's never quite made clear whether or not they post the diaries on-line.


  • Six years after the radio sitcom Cabin Pressure ended, creator John Finnemore (who also played the character Arthur) made a spin-off/sequel called Cabin Fever, which is all about Arthur during the COVID-19 Pandemic, how he makes web videos and plays various silly games with his audience. The rest of the cast don't appear in person, but Arthur keeps in touch with them via Skype and social media and often relays messages or challenges from them to his audience.

Web Video

  • Some parts of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog are shot as an in-universe vlog by Dr. Horrible, and the listeners turn out to include the Villain Protagonist's arch enemy Captain Hammer and the LAPD.
  • Green Gables Fables is an American-Canadian adaptation of the first three Anne of Green Gables books by L. M. Montgomery. Season 1 covers the first book and Season 2 the third; the second book was loosely adapted through transmedia only.
  • I'm a Marvel... And I'm a DC has the sub-series "Goblin Blogging", which is presented as the Green Goblin's video blog.
  • O (sur)real Mundo de Any Malu is an all-animated vlog channel made by Combo Estudio. While the videos themselves are Portugese, there are subtitles in English and Spanish for most videos.