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And he can create his goddamn memes whenever the hell he wants.
"I'm Batman."

The one comic character with his own page of memes, because he's the goddamn Batman.

The Comics

The Movies

  • The Dark Knight Trilogy has its own page.
  • Batman: The Movie
  • Batman (1989)
  • Batman Returns
    • "Elections are normally in early November; is this not late December?" "Don't worry about it."
    • Corn dog!
    • Tragic irony or poetic justice? You tell me.
    • HELL HERE.
    • It could be worse. My nose could be gushing blood....
    • I believe the word you're looking for is AAAAAAHHH!!!
    • A little tape and a lot of patience makes all the difference!
    • I'm an animal! Cold blooded! Crank the AC!
      • Which is, in of itself, a meme, referring to David Lynch's The Elephant Man.
    • Things change.
    • Meow.
    • Mistletoe can be deadly if you eat it....
      • But a kiss can be even deadlier... if you mean it.
    • Hey, just relax. I'll take care of the squealing, wretched, pinheaded puppets of Gotham!
      • I didn't say that.
    • Peace on earth, good will toward men... and women.
    • Bruce, shame on you.
    • Yawn.
  • Batman Forever
  • Batman & Robin
    • Bat Credit Card
    • Basically, everything Mr. Freeze says, thanks to his actor being a Large Ham spouting a hurricane of bad ice-related puns:
      • What killed the dinosaurs? DE ICE AGE!
      • Cool party!
      • Revenge is a dish best served cold
      • Stay cool, Bird Boy.
      • All right, everyone, chill!
      • Allow me to break the ice.
      • Freeze well!
      • You're not sending me to DA COOLAH!
      • Let's kick some ice!
      • Tonight's forecast: a freeze is coming!
    • YOU LIE!!
    • This is why Superman works alone.
    • Rubber lips are immune to your charms.
  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
    • Sad Batman.
    • "Tell me, do you bleed? YOU WILL!"
    • X is Jason Todd. note 
    • "Martha..." "WHY DID YOU SAY THAT NAME?!" note 
    • Granny's Peach Tea. note 

The TV Show And Cartoons

Batman: Arkham Asylum

  • "I set a trap and you sprung it GLORIOUSLY!" Explanation 
  • BAM A HAM YUM Explanation 

Batman: Arkham City

  • "Two guns, bitch!" Explanation 
  • "Training: Trained by Batman." Explanation 
  • Achievement Unlocked - 10G I'm Batman Explanation 

Batman: Arkham Knight

  • "Damn, Jamy is hardcore now."/"What the hell is Jamy doing in Gotham?" in France since, depending on how you look at him, the Riddler does kinda look like [Jamy from the (now cancelled) educational science TV show ''C'est pas sorcier!''.

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