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''(...) we are not going for ruling the world. We want to rule the WORLDS of the Webcomics Universe!
—-Evil Overlords Chronicles, page 2.

The Crossover Wars was a Massive Multiplayer Crossover that involved over 50 different WebComics and three forums, and spanned more than 1500 comic strips over a 9 month period during the year of 2007.

It started with two Web Comics, Cameo Comic where The Hero came from, & Evil Overlords United, where the villains came from, and from then on Chaos erupted in the worlds of Webcomics.

The Wars were more or less broken up into several smaller fronts:

A hub with links to all the strips can be found here.

Provides Examples of:

  • Cool Gate: The DRACO (Dimensional Reality Arcane Crossover Organizer) used by the Overlords & and the SMOG (Semi-Mystical Otherworldly Gate) portal used by Scale and her allies.
  • Eviler than Thou: Killroy from Killroy And Tina found out that Overlords are even bigger bastards than him when they imprisoned him.
  • Fanservice: Scale's guest-artist tries to convince her to do some fanservice for the readers, going as far as drawing one-way mirrors to the bathroom... unfortunately with no success.
  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast: Parodied by both Mindmistress and Lightbringer with members of Evil, Inc..
    Mister Threat:I am your undoing - Mister Threat!
    Lighbringer:...That is by far the worst supervillain name I've ever heard.
    Mister Threat: I...What?!
    Lightbringer: I mean at last "Mister Sinister" rhymes and roles off the tongue nicely. You just sound like a vaguely idiotic silver-age loser who sends cryptic messages to the college professor who gave him a "D" in art classes.
    Mister Threat: Oh, you are so going to die!
  • No Fourth Wall: The Overlords know they are webcomics characters.
    • Scale is fully aware of herself being character, carrying a lengthy conversation with her guest-artist, going as far as turning a mirror, showing the artist working at the comic while naked on the couch.
    • Averted with Mindmistress who clearly thinks that everybody who believes that she's only a comic-book character is insane.