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"This one is for my father who picked the shiitake!
This is for my mother who sent them!
This is for my cute little brother and sister!
And this is for Kuririn!"
Krauser II, Detroit Metal City

Whenever the hero really starts beating the snot out of the bad people, they'll start dedicating each strike either for a particular action the villain has done, or for someone special to the hero that the villain has killed or threatened.

The dedication of the "final blow" (often the killing blow) varies depending on whether the author wants to maximize drama or comedy. If it's the former, the hero could dedicate it to what's really important overall...If the latter, probably not. In funnier cases, the last blow is for the person's own satisfaction, something trivial or for nothing at all. Another common pattern is that the earlier blows are dedicated to other people, and the final blow is "This is for me!"

Compare Punctuated Pounding. Even villains can get in on the action thanks to Moral Myopia. This may serve as an short version of the Revenge Reveal Story.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • In Afro Samurai, The Rival, Kuma/Jinnosuke yells out characters who died as a direct result of their meeting our Anti-Hero. Only 3 of these characters were named previously, so we're apparently expected to know who Chiro and Zenkichi are.
    • Given their past, they were probably members of the dojo who died in the same fight that maimed Jinnosuke.
  • In the Baccano! light novel Drugs and Dominoes, Luck Gandor beats the hell out of Gustavo with a chair, announcing as he does that each blow is for a Gandor business or employee attacked by the Runorata under Gustavo's command. One of the more amusing items on the list was actually his own head, which one Runorata-hired druggie had sliced off some time before… Er, he got better.
  • In the Grand Finale of Cross Ange, Tusk dedicates his final blow on Embryo to his deceased parents as he carves the physical body of the self-proclaimed "Tuner" in two, while his girlfriend Ange destroys Embryo's Ragnamail.
  • In D.Gray-Man General Cross shoots the level 4 Akuma a lot and tells it he fired one bullet for every one of his allies it killed, and the rest were for ruining his coat.
  • Detroit Metal City: Krauser II gives this speech as he humps death metal legend Jack III Dark on stage, randomly dedicating the last one to Kuririn
    • Pretty much the same thing happened in Gintama, only more randomly. Kagura kicks a turtle alien at the beach, shouting, "Stand up! That was for Krillin! Next is…" She gets interrupted before she can go on.
  • Digimon:
    • Even though he doesn't say it himself, when Masaru has Kurata at his mercy, his friends tell him to deal the killing blow for all Digimon that Kurata has killed. Masaru and ShineGreymon Burst Mode are happy to oblige.
    • When Yamato tries to fight Taichi to "clear his doubts", Taichi responds with punches for all the Digimon who had committed heroic sacrifices for the Chosen thus far, believing that Yamato's actions dishonored what they gave their lives for.
  • Dragon Ball Z:
    • When Goku begins beating the hell out of Nappa, each blow is dedicated to one of the heroes that Nappa has killed.
    • In the original DBZ dub, Future Trunks shouts "THIS IS FOR GOHAN!" to Future Android 18 before completely vaporizing her. This is shortly after returning to his timeline after taking several levels in badass during the Cell saga. In the Dragon Ball Z Kai dub, he says this to her brother, Future Android 17, before soundly obliterating him as well.
    Future Trunks: THAT ONE WAS FOR MY FRIENDS! This one's for me... and my teacher, Gohan!
    (Trunks kicks 17 square in the jaw, knocking him onto the ground, before firing a ki blast down at him and blowing him to smithereens.)
  • Fairy Tail:
    • During the Phantom Lord arc, Natsu beats up Gajeel (who is coated with impenetrable metal scales, no less), dedicating the blows to all the people in Fairy Tail who Gajeel and his guild hurt (Levy, Jet, Droy, Nab, Macao, Makarov, Erza, and Lucy), as well as for destroying the Fairy Tail guildhall.
    • Done again in the Grand Magic Games arc by Laxus against Team Raven Tail, beating up the guild members who hurt and/or humiliated Wendy, Carla, Gray, and Lucy. Humorously, when he gets to the one member who didn't do anything to Fairy Tail, he basically says "I got nothing" and blasts him anyway.
  • Fist of the North Star plays this straight when Kenshiro kills Jagi: he uses a finishing move which consists of four blows dedicated to each person whose life was ruined by Jagi (including a young boy who lost his little brother). There's a more symbolic version later when Kenshiro begins using the abilities of fallen allies against their killers.
  • Full Metal Panic!. In the Final Battle of "The Second Raid", Kaname turns up just in time to snap Sousuke out of his Heroic BSoD. Tsundere that she is, this is done by beating him up instead of the Love Confession that she originally planned.
    Kaname: This is for the pain in my heart! [BAM!] This is for the pain in my body! [BAM!] And this is for… THE PAIN IN MY SOOOOUL! [BAM!!]
  • In High School D×D, Issei delivers this to Vali during their first real fight. This being Issei, he delivers each blow on behalf of the breasts of every girl in his harem after Azazel convinces him that his power of Half Dimension will shrink their bust size.
  • Occurs early on in Inuyasha, when it looks like Sesshomaru has killed Kagome. Unsurprisingly, this pisses Inuyasha off, to the point where he actually lands multiple hits on Sesshomaru, yelling all the while.
    Inuyasha: That was for mother. And this—this is for Kagome! [hits him again]
    • Of course, this ends up being subverted, as neither Sesshomaru nor Kagome find it terribly impressive; Kagome, because she was still trying to dig her way out of a pile of dissolved demon bones, and Sesshomaru, because Sesshomaru.
      Sesshomaru: If I'd known that was all it would take to get you to fight seriously, I would have killed her long ago.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure:
    • Stardust Crusaders: Despite Enya's hatred towards them and her son being a monster, Jotaro make it clear that he is disgusted over her death at Steely Dan's hand, given how cruel it was and that she died at the hands of the man she refused to betray.
      Steely Dan: Please! I beg of you, forgive me!
      Jotaro: Ask for forgiveness from Enya, the woman you've killed. But as for me, I never had the slightest intention of forgiving you.
    • Stone Ocean: Hermès' revenge against her sister's murderer goes into this.
      Hermes: This kick was for Gloria. And this one is also for Gloria. And the next one is also for Gloria. And the next one. And the one after that. And the next one, and next one… They're all for Gloria!
  • In the Mazinger series:
    • Mazinger Z: In the manga, as the main team are making preparations for the Final Battle, Kouji declares—loudly, of course—that, for his poor murdered granddad, for everyone who's been hurt, and for the peace of Japan… THIS TIME HE'LL DESTROY DR. HELL FOR GOOD!
    • Great Mazinger: In the Gosaku Ota manga chapters, after Prof. Kabuto's death, Tetsuya makes a kamikaze dive together with Great Mazinger, screaming "This is for my father! And for all my friends!"
    • UFO Robo Grendizer: Duke tells him several times when an enemy has got him extremely pissed off:
      Duke (as he ripped to pieces a Saucer Beast after the Vegans killed one of his oldest friends): This is for my friend!
      Duke: But Gandal! It was your mistake coming here! For my parents… And for all citizens of Fleed… I will kill you!
    • In the Mazinkaiser movie Deathmatch!! Great General of Darkness, Kouji delivers one to the titular General, punctuating each strike with the titular mech's Kaiser Knuckle before finishing it (and him) off with a point-blank Turbo Smasher Punch.
    Kouji: [PUNCH] "This is for Loll!"
    [PUNCH] "This is for Lori!"
    [PUNCH] "This is for Professor Morimori!"
    "And this is for Sayaka and all of humanity!" A punch from both fists at the same time tears off Ankoku Daishogun's head, killing the General
  • MegaMan NT Warrior, when Megaman is taking on Flashman in Axess Episode 4 for hurting Roll as he uses a Bamboo Sword against him.
    Megaman: [SLASH!] This is for Roll!
    [SLASH!] This is for Maylu!
    [SLASH!] This is for me!
  • In Medabots, after meeting Dr. Meta-Evil or rather his robot double and learning that he was the one who caused the fire that supposedly killed his master, Rokusho angrily jumps at him shouting "This is for the Professor!". Unfortunately, before his strike could make contact, Meta-Evil reveals his cyborg nature by blasting Rokusho away with a medabot weapon.
  • Present Mic delivers one to Garaki with his D.J. Punch in My Hero Academia:
    Present Mic: That’s for makin’ my buddy cry!
  • In the final episode of My Bride is a Mermaid, Nagasumi unleashes a barrage of punches—naturally, he dedicates each one to San.
  • In Naruto, when Choji uses his Deadly Upgrade, he effortlessly knocks Jirobo aside, saying it's for eating his last potato chip. He then steps on the downed Jirobo's hand, saying that it is for calling him worthless and fat, and then delivers a lethal punch to him for having insulted his best friend, Shikamaru.
  • In One Piece, Nami strikes Nezumi with her staff, saying that it was for shooting Nojiko and wrecking Bellemere's tangerine trees. In some abridged version, Luffy dedicates punches to Italian ice cream and Cheerios.
    • Another example, where Sabo uses Ace's signature technique, the Hiken or Fire Fist to destroy an entire arena.
  • In The Prince of Tennis, lead character Ryoma Echizen goes through this dialogue in a tennis match against then-antagonist Jin Akutsu. Even though it is tennis, to be fair, the first payback is a drive volley at point-blank range.
  • A couple of Ranma ½ examples:
    • The Shishihokodan Arc, centered around a ki-attack that gets more powerful the more depressed one is, has a number of scuffling sessions between Ranma and Ryoga, particularly when Ranma first tumbles on to its secret and they try to out-mope one another—for a while they seem evenly matched, but Ryoga soon takes the upper hand, as his litany of misery starts to take on a personal element of long-held resentment.
    Ryoga: This is because I always lose to you! [blast]
    This is because you stole my girlfriend! [blast]
    This is because you make fun of me for having no sense of direction! [blast]
    • Not too much later Ranma himself got to do it to his father Genma, who believed his son had finally surpassed him in skill—the most significant aspect of this being (to Genma) an end to the days in which he could beat up his weaker child and eat all of their food himself, as apparently happened on a regular basis during Ranma's formative years (…and beyond). Ranma reassures him that he holds no grudge, and he certainly wouldn't think to take advantage of the situation… and of course we immediately cut to the sparring lot: "And this is for the rice bowl! This is for the pastrami!" [etc.]
  • In Saint Seiya, Phoenix Ikki mercilessly beats Lyumnades Casa into submission, landing each blow on Casa for each one of his fellow Bronze Saints (except Shiryu), who had just fallen prey to the Sea General's illusory powers and manipulation. The last attack Ikki hits him with is his strongest technique, Hoyoku Tensho, which he dedicates to his brother Shun. Utterly battered and with his protective Scale shattered into pieces, Casa dies not long afterwards.
  • In Slam Dunk, during a fight between a vicious gang and the basketball team, Sakuragi does this to the biggest guy who punched almost everyone there. He dedicates a furious punch for every one of his hurt teammates, but when it's his turn to "avenge" Rukawa, his main rival, he only gives a little pinch, to follow up with a punch for one of the bench. Everyone looks at the scene amazed, but, naturally, Rukawa is not very amused.
  • In Transformers Victory, the Beastforce does this collectively to Star Saber, for whom they blame Deathcobra's death (even though he was actually killed by Hellbat, who blamed Holi and Clipper).
  • The titular character of Tsujiura-san to Chupacabra does this while beating up some would-be perverts. She declares each blow in dedication to the fossilized "Mongolian Death Worm" (actually an obvious fake, but don't tell her that) she had just bought and which they had destroyed, prompting the beatdown. The male protagonist Yuu, who had been beaten up by the thugs, hopes for a second that the last blow will be dedicated to him… but Tsujiura being Tsujiura, it's again for the Death Worm.
  • In The Vision of Escaflowne when Van takes his revenge against the Zaibach pilots who destroyed his hometown and killed nearly everyone he cared about, as he kills them one by one he says:
    Van: This is for the Duke of Freid, this is for Balgus, and this is for Fanelia!
  • In The Voynich Hotel, Haraki uses a glass to listen through the wall to the conversation next door. When he switches to a wine glass for better reception, he hears one of these declarations, which turns out to be the local Serial Killer doing in one of her marks.
    This is for my father! This is for my mother! This is for my little sister!
  • Yami Yugi in Yu-Gi-Oh! does this with cards. in one of his many moments of luck and heroic resolve, he draws a six card combo where each card represents a friend lost to the Big Bad Cousin Oliver of the arc. Since there were more than 6 people lost, non-main characters were grouped with whichever main character they were closest to.
  • Then in Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V we have Shay doing one of these in the English Dubbed in his duel with Dennis via the effect of his Satellite Cannon Falcon, dedicating his move to his fallen comrades, his sister Lulu and his friend Yuto. It can be seen here (
  • Yusuke Urameshi from YuYu Hakusho pulls this one in the Dark Tournament arc against Dr. Ichigaki. He delivers a pounding and a Shout-Out for each person Ichigaki had hurt or done wrong, including the three martial arts students he had enslaved, their master whom he had given a terrible sickness, Kuwabara who had suffered grave injuries in trying to save the students from their enslavement (slightly played for laughs since he had thought of it on the spot, which Kawabata gets annoyed by), and then he wraps it up with "And the last one's for me… just for pissing me off!", along with the final, fiercest blow.
    Yusuke: This is for those three! (triple kicks Ichigaki in the face) This is for their master! (punches Ichigaki) While I'm at it, this is for Kuwabara! (decks Ichigaki)
    Kuwabara: What do you mean "while you're at it", dumbass...
    Yusuke: And this... IS FOR ME! FOR JUST PISSING ME OFF!!! (smashes Ichigaki out of the arena)
  • Played with in Zettai Shoujo Seiiki Amnesian chapter 2, where every strike is dedicated to the same person, Himeko.

    Asian Animation 
  • In Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf: Joys of Seasons episode 22, Wolnie throws multiple frying pans at Banana Wolf, saying that each strike is for a specific kind of food as she does so.
    Wolnie: This is for eggs! This is for veggies! [grabs huge frying pan] And this... [frying pan crushes her before she can finish speaking]


  • The Unfinished Spelling Errors of Bolkien: During Sam's attack on the Tower of Cirith Ungol, he stabs one victim for every name he can remember. The orcs are noted to be relieved he didn't bring his address book.

    Comic Books 
  • X-Men:
    • In Manifest Destiny #1, Boom-Boom, having used a Friending Network to research a villain who'd humiliated her, gets a rematch and starts dedicating the Non-Fatal Explosions she uses to knock the villain around:
      Boom-Boom: [BOOM] This is for tricking me with a crappy superpower!
      [Boom] This is for being dumb enough to put damaging personal information on a website!
      [BOOM] And this is for having more inter-friends than me!
    • At the climax of Age of Apocalypse, Apocalypse asks Nate if he has any last words.
      Nate: Four, in fact. THIS IS FOR FORGE!
  • Daredevil: Bullseye attempts to kill DD's girlfriend, Milla, only to discover it's three strikes and he's out. Daredevil intercepts Bullseye, throws him out the window and picks up a sharp rock from the ground to, uh... give Bullseye something to think about:
    Daredevil: This circle... is for ELEKTRA! And this circle... is for KAREN! And THIS center point right here is for when you finally realize that NO ONE CARES!! When that moment comes... here. Aim true.
  • When Zander Rice has X-23 strapped to an operating table to extract her claws for bonding with adamantium one at a time without anasthesia, he makes a point before beginning of telling her, "This is for my father." For the record, Laura didn't even do anything to Rice's father, Wolverine killed him escaping Alkali Lake. He's taking it out on her because she's Logan's clone and genetic daughter.
  • Global Frequency #10: The Frenchman, after tearing off the Psycho for Hire's arm at the shoulder, beating him to death with it, and stuffing it into his mouth:
    The Frenchman: And that's for stealing my girlfriend's book on biofeedback.
  • Dinocorps: Kayla, after she encounters Icks or Blix and shoots him dead:
    Kayla: "That's for Buzz!"
  • During the GLA miniseries, Squirrel Girl reminds her squirrel army "that this" is for her squirrel sidekick, Monkey Joe, as they incapacitate the villain Machete. A bit of a subversion, as Machete had absolutely nothing to do with Monkey Joe's death, and the next panel has the ghost of Monkey Joe saying "Not like it's going to bring me back or anything."
  • Deadpool does this quite often… Usually for something utterly unrelated to the target of his attacks. Shouting "And this is for the Valdez!" while attacking Roxxon (not Exxon, the actual owners of the Valdez), for example.
    Deadpool (in Germany): This is for Normandy! And this is for… uhm… for… Bridgitte Nielsen!
    Dude in headlock: But she's not Ger—aargh!
    • Turned around in an early arc. A mercenary with a grudge against Deadpool starts shooting him while Deadpool stalks toward him.
      Merc: This is for Almodovar. [KRAK!]
      Merc: And this is for costing me my promotion. [KRAK!]
      Merc: And this for the night shift that keeps me from my wife and kids. [KRAK!]
      Merc: And this… this is for— [notices Deadpool is right in front of him] —huh?
      Deadpool: This—is for the heck of it! [PUNCH!]
    • And Deadpool got a truly awesome in during a time when he was the frozen north woods, throwing a rock at an owl whose incessant hooting was driving him insane...well, more insane. "Who? Who? DEADPOOL, THAT'S WHO! This is for biting that poor kid's Tootsie Pop when all he wanted was some advice!"
  • During Walt Simonson's Thor run, Odin, Thor and Loki join forces against Surtur as the fire-demon attacked Asgard with the intent to bring about Ragnarok.
    Odin: For Asgard!
    Thor: For Midgard!
    Loki: For myself!
  • The event comic Annihilation has this when Richard Rider kills Annihilus, whose Annihilation Wave previously destroyed the entire Nova Corps.
    Nova: [as he's tearing out Annihilus' insides] THIS IS FOR NOVA CORPS!
  • In Fables, Pinocchio uses this when he's tearing into The Blue Fairy. He relates every single instance he almost had sex, as it's kind of hard to score when you're stuck with the body of a 7-9 year old boy.
    • And, earlier, in the "March of the Wooden Soldiers" arc, you see a literal enraged Mama Bear, in the thick of the fighting against Gepetto's wooden soldier invasion force after her son was killed, screaming: "And this is for my Boo Bear, you monsters!"
  • As Rosemary Almond prepares to shoot Adam Susan in V for Vendetta, her mental monologue runs along these lines: "Yes, because my husband gave his life up working for you, and you don't even recognize me. Yes, because I had a life and a husband but you didn't care. Yes, because you played games with our lives, and they didn't matter to you, but they were all that we had. Yes. Yes."
  • Beasts of Burden when Orphan attacks the frog creature.
  • Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man, during the "Back in Black" timeframe: Betty Brant rescues Flash and Peter from Arrow by repeatedly blasting her with a shotgun. She underlines each shot with one of these, ending with "And this is for making me afraid of toilets!"
  • Hack/Slash: "…and this is for my acorns."
  • Gen¹³: in one story arc Caitlin Fairchild became the only person on Earth unaffected by an insipid song that possessed mind-controlling qualities. Finally as she faced off against the creator of this mind-controlling song, she declared war against all bad music (in her opinion); "This is for Creed's 'With Arms Wide Open'! This is for the entire Oasis catalog! And this is for that 'Sunscreen' speech song! I mean, what's that all about?"
  • Transformers:
    • In one issue of Transformers: Generation 2, after Red Alert and Mirage are killed in battle, the surviving Autobots invoke them as they're kicking Cybertronian butt.
    • The Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers: The action in Issue 3 is interspersed with quotes from Ironfist's "Unofficial Wreckers' Training Manual" which list six rules that the Wreckers should always follow—each rule is shown with Springer's group doing the complete opposite as they run from the Decepticons. Save for the last rule—that Wreckers don't show weakness and is paired with Twin Twist screaming as he gets violently tortured—which obviously isn't meant to be funny.
      "Fisitron": Rule three is simple: Don't make it personal.
      Impactor: (firing wildly) It's payback time! This is for Maximus—and the rest!
  • Disney Ducks Comic Universe: Emil Eagle once tricked Gyro Gearloose out of his clientele. When said clientele figured out his tricks, they started beating him. One said it was for Gyro. Another one said it was for trying to trick them. And yet another said it was for himself.
  • Godzilla: The Half-Century War does this as Ota is beating the shit out of Dr. Deverich.
    Ota Murakami: Colonel Schooler. My friends. All those cities burned and lives lost!
  • In Final Crisis: Rogue's Revenge, when the Rogues finally confront Inertia.
    Heat Wave: This isn't for Kid Flash.
    Weather Wizard: This isn't for my son.
    Captain Cold: No. This is for one $%@#$@-up year.
    [The Rogues blast Inertia with their weapons, killing him.]
  • Superman:
    • In Krypton No More, as Superman fights the J'ai for second time, he thinks: "This time, I'm going to win the skirmish… for Xonn… and for Krypton!"
    • In Many Happy Returns, as Linda Danvers pummels the Fatalist, she yells she is beating him on Kara's behalf.
    • During the final battle in Who is Superwoman?, Supergirl pummels Superwoman savagely while naming each person murdered or injured by the super-villain.
    • Superman (Brian Michael Bendis): When Superman and General Zod fight Rogol Zaar in Superman #6, Superman yells "For Kandor!", letting Zod know that Rogol destroyed the bottled city of Kandor. Because Zod fought very hard to protect Kandor in his time in the Kryptonian military, he fights Rogol more seriously, which is exactly what Superman wanted.
    • The Supergirl from Krypton (2004): After beating Darkseid down, Superman declares that his defeat is on Kara's behalf.
    • Day of the Dollmaker: When Catherine Grant decks the titular villain, she dedicates the punch to her son Adam, whom Dollmaker intended to replace.
  • Ultimate Marvel:
    • In Ultimate Thor, Odin traps Loki in the Room Without Doors saying "And this is for Balder!"
    • Ultimatum: Thor starts his attack on the legions of the undead crying "For Valkyrie!"
  • In The Avengers The Gatherers Saga, when the Avengers storm Proctor's base, they declare "For the Coal Tyger, for the Swordsman!". Magdalene doesn't understand why they're mentioning her beloved Philip.
  • The Scrameustache: When Galaxian accidently hit Uncle Georges' car, the hatch fell on his back. Uncle Georges then gave the Galaxian a spanking.
    Uncle Georges: This for my back! This is for the car! And this is for you!
  • Scribblenauts Unmasked: Maxwell, Lily and Doppelganger all give one to the Antimonitor in #17:
    Maxwell: This is for the Phantom Stranger
    Lily: And for all the people you’ve hurt
    Doppelganger And for trashing my crib
    Doppelily: Oh brother.
  • G.I. Joe:
    • G.I. Joe (Devil's Due):
      • The 31st issue of G.I. Joe: America's Elite has Roadblock fire at the Interrogator and state that the shot was given on behalf of Duke's father Max Hauser, who was killed by the Interrogator.
      • The 36th issue of America's Elite has Storm Shadow kick Scrap-Iron in the face and tell him that it was for killing the Soft Master and others.
    • Issue 179 of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero (IDW) has the Baroness, Storm Shadow and Cobra Commander attacking the Blue Ninja leader BN-001 while stating that their attacks are payback for the death of Cobra Commander's son Billy.
  • Done with gunshots at the end of A Man Called Kev — not with the usual anger, but with cold-blooded precision as he slowly and brutally kills the man responsible for killing two of his friends, while listing all of his other friends who have died as a result of other people's scheming.
    Kev: *Shoots Rashid in the leg* That one's for Tony Morgan.
    Rashid: You're out of your mind! No! Stop!
    Kev: PIRA blast bomb got him in Belfast. Fucking wicked what those things do to you. This is for Haggis Higgins. Killed by an incoming mortar round while having a wank — and thereby hangs a fucking tale, I can tell you. *Shoots Rashid again* And this one's for poor old Nosh Riley. You'd have liked Nosh. He wouldn't've liked you, though.
    * Another 12 bullets later...*
    Kev: This one's for Bob. Your biggest mistake, just in case you were wondering. *Blows off Rashid's jaw* And all that leaves is Danny. *Taking careful aim* You know... half the shit you think you believe... it's just the bollocks they knock into you over the years. The stuff that life grinds into you. I think that's what Danny was trying to tell me, the night he fucked off with his tiger. I was too thick to get it — which is a shame, 'cause I might not have been such a twat to him over the last couple of days. But anyway, this one's for him.
  • The DC Comics Crisis Crossover Bloodlines features this in the portion of the storyline told in the 17th annual issue of Batman. After Ballistic has succeeded in killing the alien who murdered his fellow Gotham City cops, he states that what he did was for eight good men...and McCain.
  • In the Justice Society of America storyline "The Hunt for Extant", Atom-Smasher pummels the titular time traveling villain while calling out the names of the Society members he killed during Zero Hour: Crisis in Time!.

    Comic Strips 
  • Peanuts:
    • An early set of strips showed Linus dealing with his frustrations by throwing rocks into a vacant lot.
      Linus: This is for hot summer nights! And this is for cold winter mornings! And this is for lies and broken promises! [turns to Charlie Brown standing nearby] Do you have any requests?
    • Also done with Linus and chocolate candies in the TV special Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown. See Western Animation, below.
  • Garfield clobbered Odie and said "That's for not being a cat." Later on, Garfield realized it was wrong on his part to Clobber Odie for not being a cat since it wasn't Odie's choice. Garfield then kicked Odie. "This is for being a dog."
  • Hilarious non-violent example happens in a Mafalda strip. Mafalda is a girl who hates soup with a reverence (to the point that she uses it as a curse). The following exchange happens:
    Mafalda: Who thinks of making soup in summer? No one! Only you think to make soup in summer!
    Mother: Am I original or not?
    (Beat Panel)
    Mafalda (thinking): This one for giving arguments to the enemy. [gulp] This one for not knowing what to answer. [gulp] This one for…

    Fan Works 
  • Abraxas (Hrodvitnon): Monster X has this to say to MaNi/Elder Brother before Vampiric Draining him to death, shortly after he targeted the baby Manda:
    "This is for thinking you can hurt my little boy."
  • I Will Not Bow series:
    • In I Will Not Bow, Ren shouts "This is for Diavel, you bastard!" as he and the others finish off Illfang, the first floor boss.
    • In Blazing Revolution chapter 63, Asuna gets in quite a few of these on Sugou when The Dog Bites Back.
    Asuna: This is for trapping me in ALO for two months! [stomps on Sugou's face] This is for nearly getting all of us killed! [kicks him] And this is for hurting Yui and calling her a maggot! [stabs him through the eye]
  • Ruby and Nora: Coco kills a giant Nevermore for killing Jaune.
  • During the climactic battle of the Transformers fic Screaming Blue Murder, Starscream finally gets his shot at Fatigue, the tractor-mech who beat him most of the way to death while he was drugged back in chapter five or so, and calls out, "this is for Warp," while destroying one eye, because the drugrunners Fatigue fronts for messed with Skywarp pretty badly, "and for Sepp," on the other, meaning Forceps, the OC surgeon who picked Screamer up off the street and rebuilt him against all common sense, and who Fatigue left paralyzed, and then finishes with the traditional, "and for me."
  • The Stronger Evil: Jackie says "This is for Jade!" in Chapter 13 when he's sealing Tarakudo in his mask.
  • Doing It Right This Time: As she's slapping Gendo, Rei says:
    Rei: That […] was for Shinji.
  • Higher Learning: Before starting the Final Battle, Asuka shouts: “And, Shinji, this is for you!”
  • My Little Mages: The Nightmare's Return: When Rainbow Dash is fighting Nightshade, she shouts out the names of every person Nightshade killed while hitting her.
  • During the Final Battle of the Chaos Verse, Discord does this while hitting Nightmare Phobia with major attacks, saying that each one is for one of the construct ponies Phobia killed earlier in the fight.
  • Death Note Equestria: When Twilight discovers that Fluttershy is the Second Kira, she expresses her horror at the fact that she killed innocents unprovoked, something Twilight herself has only done when desperate, by hitting her repeatedly, naming each pony killed while doing so. Of course, then she ends it by saying "And this is for me" and kissing Fluttershy in order to cast a healing spell and erasing all the damage.
  • In Harry Potter and the Mystic Force, Harry personally beats down a weakened Ivan Ooze, lashing out for everything he's done to Harry and others since Ooze assumed Cedric's appearance and framed Harry for attempted murder.
  • In this My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fanfic, one character delivers this while attacking the bad guy. Notably, the pony most important to the deliverer isn't mentioned in the final blow, but in the second-to-final one, which is stronger than the final blow.
  • An unusual example in the Kim Possible fanfic "Broken Heart, Broken Mind": a resurrected Eric (aka Synthodrone 901) sent an army of Kim-clone robots against Kim and Ron. Kim—earlier drugged by Eric into angrily breaking up with Ron (less than a month before their wedding)—had recovered from the drugs but still felt guilty as she recalled the many times she put Ron down or took him for granted over the years. During the battle, with each Kim-Bot she took down, she would list one of those incidents: "That's for not believing Yori when she said that Stoppable-san was a great hero," or "That's for when I tried to change him with that stupid haircut he didn't want in the first place."
  • Justice League of Equestria: During the Final Battle of Mare of Steel, Rainbow Dash/Supermare—in the midst of an Unstoppable Rage-induced No-Holds-Barred Beatdown—does this to Brainiac, claiming each blow is for one of his victims.
  • Pinkie Pie in The Immortal Game names all the deceased ponies in Ponyville when she gets really into the fighting.
    Pinkie Pie: Blue Moon, Slim Chance…
  • Attelus of Secret War delivers a pretty epic one before cutting off Inquisitor Edracian's head.
    Attelus: This is it! This is for all the people you've killed! This is for Callague and Jarvus and Olinthre! This is for all the innocents you've slaughtered and sacrificed! This is for Taryst! This is for Castella! And most of all, this is for Elandria!
  • In Breaking Point, Crona does this while attacking his mother, Medusa, to stop her from possessing his body.
    Crona: This is for locking me in a dark room! This is for starving me! This is for making me kill bunnies! This is for making me betray my friends! This is for trying to hurt Maka! This is for being the worst mother ever!
  • In "How Things Smurf" from Raven Child's The Smurfette Village series, Hefty and Toughette trash Gargamel's hovel after the Smurfs were hit with "The Blue Plague", saying "This is for all the Smurf and Smurfette lives you destroyed." Toughette also torches Azrael's bed, saying "This goes for you too, Azrael."
  • In Opening Dangerous Gates, when finishing off Xiphias Gladius, Gray says, "This is for the townspeople!" before punching him with Ice Make: Fist, then Natsu, Gray, Erza, Gajeel, and Pantherlily simultaneously say, "AND THIS IS FOR LUCY!" before annihilating him with their combined attacks.
  • The Bridge: In the spin-off The Bridge: Sound of Thunder, the heroic Mirror Universe version of Xenilla pounds the evil version of Godzilla Junior into the ground while listing all of the civilians and Xenilla's friends that Godzilla murdered over the years. Godzilla mocks him by asking if those names are supposed to mean anything to him.
  • In To Kill You With a Kiss the past version of Tom Riddle hits Harry's uncle after seeing where his relatives kept him until he got his Hogwarts letter.
    Tom: This is for the years Harry spent in that cupboard. And here's for the starvation, and here's for the beatings.
  • This Bites!:
  • Cycles Upon Cycles has Kasumi's Pre-Mortem One-Liner to Admiral Daro'Xen:
    Kasumi: This is for what you tried to do to Tali, you bosh'tet.
  • letmetellyouaboutmyfeels's MCU Rewrites: Black Widow, Natasha Romanoff gives this to Madame B, the woman in charge of the Red Room who brainwashed her to become a ruthless assassin, before killing her.
    Natasha: This is for Yelena! (strikes Madame B into a wall) This is for the man you made me shoot! (grabs the older woman by the throat) This is for every girl you had killed because she had the gall to retain her humanity! (holds Madame B up and the Black Widow draws a knife from her belt) And this is for me. (stabs her former trainer in the stomach)
  • In Yugioh EQG: Shadow Gates Adagio Dazzle declares her winning attack against Rarity to be for her sisters Aria Blaze and Sonata Dusk.
  • In Power Girl fanfic A Force of Four Wonder Woman lays a beatdown on Badra, dedicating each blow to her family and friends.
    Wonder Woman would have been surprised at her own energy, if she had had the time. Lately, she had been labelling her punches. "This, for my mother," she said, smashing Badra with a left to the chin. "This, for my daughter," she pronounced, sinking her right into the villainess's stomach. "This, for the sisterhood," she declared, with a double uppercut to Badra's chops.
    Diana decided against trying to itemize the members of the Justice Society or Infinity, Inc., and even ruled out Power Girl. But it was forgiveable, under the circumstances.
    "This one is for me," she said, and swung her balled fist forward.
  • In Fall of the Black Canary, return of the Arrow, during Oliver and Malcolm's final battle:
    Malcolm: Thea will hate you for this.
    Oliver: Doubtful, she hates you almost as much as I do, besides; I’m doing this for her. For all the lives you’ve taken, for all the lives you’ve ruined. For Laurel, Thea, Tommy, my mother, my father, Walter, Sara, Nyssa, all the people in The Glades, and the boy I once was before the Gambit. The one who thought of you as family.
  • In The Raven's Plan, Sandor does this to Joffrey before beating him to death. With an F-Bomb for good measure.
    Sandor: Fuck the King. This is for the Little Bird.
  • In Loved and Lost, Cadance aims a magic blast toward her all along rotten cousin Jewelius, having learned that it was because of him that Queen Chrysalis invaded Equestria on her wedding day.
    Cadance: That was for ruining my wedding!
  • In Two Hawks Hunting Harry punches Voldemort several times.
    Harry: That's for my mother! And that's for my dad! Get up, coward! And those are for Dumbledore and Severus!
  • In Checkmate (Anla'Shok), the night before the 3rd Quarter Quell interviews, Whittle, the District 9 male Victor/Tribute unleashes his pent up rage by smashing every surveillance camera he can find with a hammer while screaming the names of the dead tributes he mentored at them.
  • In The Return-Remixed, when Kelly Kelly eliminates Victoria from the climactic battle royal, she says "That was for Eve". Earlier in the story, Victoria repeatedly powerbombed Kelly's best friend, Eve Torres, on the unpadded concrete floor outside the ring, sending her into the hospital. Kelly, feeling responsible, ended her 10-Minute Retirement, Took a Level in Badass and declared herself the only one allowed to eliminate Victoria from the match.
    • Earlier in the chapter, when the Diva Army do their Team Hand-Stack before heading out to the ring, each member says "This is for ____" as they put their hand in, naming a Diva who got taken out by DEAR earlier in the story.
  • J-WITCH Series:
    • Tohru's mother does this when she confronts Valmont in "Pleasure Cruise", having learned that his son's former employer she thought highly of is actually a crime lord.
      Mama Tohru: [stomps on Valmont's foot] That is for lying to me! [punches him in the gut] That is treating my boy the way you did! [punches his face with her fists] And this is for making him fight a demon! [uppercuts his jaw]
    • After discovering that her new Casting a Shadow powers let her harm Tarakudo sans onion, Jade proceeds to pummel him interspersed with this trope, listing brainwashing her, trying to kill her friends and family… and being annoying.
    • Jade ends her fight with Drago in "Black and White Chi All Over" by stating that her last attack is for ruining her birthday before sending him flying.
  • In Reclaim Cynthia gives Bellatrix a kick for everyone who was emotionally harmed when she gave Voldemort a Love Potion.
    Cynthia: You're a monster. You hurt [Harry], and you hurt [Voldemort], and you hurt my aunties, and my uncles, and my cousins, and my friends, and me.
  • In FIRE! (DarkMark), Captain America mumbles "For America" when he kills Red Skull.
  • For the Right Reasons:
    Ginny: [Slaps Harry's right cheek] THAT IS FOR NOT CONTACTING ME! [Slaps his left cheek] THAT IS FOR ASKING ME TO STAY OUT OF THE BATTLE! [Casts a bat-bogey hex on him] AND THAT IS FOR PRETENDING TO BE DEAD! [Kisses him] And that is for being alive.
  • In How to Stop a War Before it Begins Sirius pleads his innocence during an Order meeting and Tonks punches him in the jaw.
    Tonks: That's for making my mother cry. And that's for making her think she was the only decent Black. And that's for leaving me!
  • In Emerald Ron, Hermione, Blaise and Pansy cast a spell that traps Harry in his Animagus form and then Pansy ties him to Draco's bed. When Draco brings Harry to breakfast he bites Pansy.
    Harry: Take that you vile monster! And that! I'll teach you to mess with Harry Kitty Potter! This is for tricking me! And this is for giving me to bloody Malfoy, and THIS is for the BOW!
  • Red Butterfly: In chapter 5, before going back home with the Sohmas, Akane doesn't hesitate to slap her Jerkass male cousin silly for Slut-Shaming her and Tohru, as well as insulting Kyoko.
  • "The Marvelous Adventures of Pinkie Pie" ends with Pinkie saying something along this line while using three computer keys she stole from the author's laptop to delete the terrible fanfiction the author was writing.
    “This one’s for my innocence!” shouted Pinkie as she galloped towards the center of the explosion and thrust her delete key into Ctrl and a.
  • In the Punch-Out!! fanfic Ma Fille, Chaton Cheri shouts "This is for my dadnote !" to Aran Ryan before delivering what is ultimately the final blow in their match.
  • In The Wrath of Avelina (AO3 chapter link here), after delivering the incriminating confession that Avelina had been cursing the Madrigals to the whole town, Dolores drops this line:
    "That's for cursing my husband".
  • In Stars Fade, when the Desire Demon of "Night Terrors" tries to tempt commander Shepard by transforming into Thane and offering her a way home, an immensely pissed-off Shepard challenges the demon to show her a vision of Earth that she can believe in. When the demon tries and fails - showing her Earth at peace when Shepard knows that it'd still be a war zone following the events of the final battle - Shepard takes a dagger to her.
    [stabs the demon in the chest] That's for every soldier who fought and died on that killing ground. [twists the blade] And that's for trying to use Thane to get to me, you bitch.
  • In Cinematic Adventures: Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, human Rainbow Dash is enslaved by Jabba the Hutt alongside Leia. When they strangle him to death during the battle at the Sarlacc Pit, Rainbow makes sure to give the chain a few extra tugs to make the choking more painful; she says that the first is for how he treated Han, the second is for trying to kill all her friends, and the third is for the sake of her dignity.
  • Naru-Hina Chronicles: While fighting Rokuro, Naruto yells "This is for hurting Hinata-chan you son of a bitch!!!" before punching him.
  • True Potential: In the omake from Chapter 7, Anko smacks Naruto on the head twice; the first time for using his Sexy Jutsu, the second time for using it in front of their client Yen. She also does this twice to Shikamaru; the first time for having a nosebleed (thus indicating he stared at the Sexy Jutsu for too long and enjoyed it), the second time for talking back to her after she smacks him for the first time. And then, she smacks Yen on the head when he has a perverted grin and gets a greater interest in ninjutsu after seeing Naruto's Sexy Jutsu.
  • The Forbidden Drink: After fatally wounding Belos during the Final Battle, Luz tells him it was for everyone he manipulated and killed, then dedicates the killing blow to Caleb and Flapjack specifically.
  • In Unprecedented Competition Dudley kicks Amycus Carrow a few times.
    Dudley: That's for kidnapping me! And that's for making me think my skin was on fire! And that's for making me punch myself in the face!

    Films — Animation 
  • In Disney's Aladdin and the King of Thieves, (the final film in the Aladdin trilogy), bandits storm the castle and disrupt Aladdin and Jasmine's wedding. The heroes do the best they can to defeat the interlopers, however, and Princess Jasmine gets in one dandy sucker punch on one of them, announcing coldly, "That was for ruining my wedding."
  • In the beginning of Cars 3:
    Lightning: This one's for you, Doc.
  • In How to Train Your Dragon, Astrid does this to Hiccup three times. All of them begin with her punching him ("That's for (something bad)!"), but while the first one had more punches as a follow-up, the second and third end with a kiss ( the second one on the cheek, then quickly on the mouth, and the third one with a slow kiss on the mouth).
  • Chicken Run has a slight variation when Rocky the rooster returns to the chickens after leaving. Ginger first slaps him, saying "That was for leaving," then follows up by going to Almost Kiss him, finishing, "And this is for coming back…"
  • At the end of Anastasia as Anya is killing Rasputin by crushing the vial that keeps him alive under her shoes:
    Anya: This is for Dimitri! [stamp] This is for my family! [stamps] And this… this is for you! Dosvidaniya! [final stamp]
  • Walking with Dinosaurs:
    Patchi: That one's for my brother! And that one's for my dad! And this one… [Knocks one of Gorgon's teeth out] …that's so you'll remember me!
  • Titan delivers one in Megamind
    Titan: This is for stealing my girlfriend! This one's for Space-Dad making a fool out of me! And Megamind, this one's for Space-Stepmom! You lied to her!
  • Coco:
    Ernesto de la Cruz: [to Imelda] Don't I know you?
    Imelda: [Smacks Ernesto with her shoe] That's for murdering the love of my life!
    Ernesto: [confused] Who the...?
    Héctor: She's talking about me! [to Imelda] I'm the love of your life?
    Imelda: I don't know, I am still angry at you! [Imelda hits Ernesto with her boot again] And that's for trying to murder my grandson!
    Ernesto: Grandson?! [Miguel appears around the corner]
    Miguel: She's talking about me!

    Films — Live-Action 
  • The hero of the wuxia, Death Valley, dedicates his killing of the ruthless bandit leader to avenge the deaths of the little urchin, Doggie, and Doggie's grandma, both whom died slowly and painfully after they have nursed the wounded hero from near-death back to health.
    "This is for Little Doggie! (hacks off the leader's left arm) And for Doggie's grandmother! (removes the right)... your killing days are over! (executes his Coup de Grâce)"
  • Played with (along with many other action tropes) in Last Action Hero. Jack Slater does the whole And This Is for... routine, except "This is for blowing up my ex-wife's house!" is followed by a gentle slap on the hand. However, when he gets to the part regarding his daughter's black eye, he attempts to hurl the culprit through a wall.
  • During the prom scene in 10 Things I Hate About You, Bianca does this to Joey.
    Bianca: [punches Joey] That's for making my date bleed! [punches again] That's for my sister! [knees Joey in the groin] And that's for me!
  • In Batman Forever, Robin's reaction upon finding Two-Face and expressing what comes very close to Unstoppable Rage over his family being murdered:
    Robin: [punch, knocking away Two-Face's gun] That was for my mother!
    [punch] My father!
    [punch] My brother!
    AND THIS IS FOR ME! [knocks him backwards and towards a cliff]
  • Parodied in Not Another Teen Movie:
    Jake: [Punches Austin] That's for taking Janey to the prom!
    [Punches Priscilla] That's for hurting Janey at Preston's party!
    [Punches Les] That's for… being really weird!
    [Punches Les' plastic bag] …I'm not sure what that was for.
  • Spoofed in Woody Allen's movie Gag Dub, What's Up, Tiger Lily?
  • James Bond:
    • In For Your Eyes Only, Bond takes the dove-shaped brooch pin that Emile leopold Locque left on the body of the Italian agent and ally of Bond Luigi Ferrara after murdering him, and drops it in Locque's car before kicking the car to make it tumble down a cliff, killing Locque.
      Bond: You left this with Ferrara I believe.
    • A double example in Octopussy:
      Mishka: And this [prepares to throw knife at Bond] …for my brother! [charges towards Bond, who opens the door behind him]
      James Bond: [Throws Mishka's own knife back at him and impales him] And that's for 009!
    • Licence to Kill:
      • On Sanchez's yacht, Bond watches some goons come up with the body of Bond's Floridan ally, Sharkey, strung up and one joking about it. Rather than make a clean escape, Bond grabs a Harpoon Gun, tells the killer "compliments of Sharkey" and shoots him dead.
      • In the climax, Sanchez has Bond down with Bond asking "Don't you want to know why?", referring to his entire revenge plot. He then shows Sanchez Felix's lighter so Sanchez knows Bond has been avenging his friend and then uses it to ignite the fuel-soaked Sanchez.
    • Early in GoldenEye, M warns Bond against employing this trope when she sends him on a mission where he is sure to cross paths with the man who presumably murdered his friend and fellow agent in in the film's prologue. "Avenging Alec Trevelyan will not bring him back." Ironically, Trevelyan is the Big Bad, and when Bond faces off with him in the climax, he references a small tradition they shared during a dangerous mission: "For England, James?" "For England, Alec." As Alec is about to die, he says again, "For England, James?" Bond responds, "No. For me."
    • Villainous example in Tomorrow Never Dies as The Dragon Stamper is beating up Bond during the climax:
      Stamper: This one's for Carver! [punches Bond]
      And this one's for Kaufman! [punches Bond again]
    • No Time to Die: Logan Ash mortally wounded Felix Leiter and left him and Bond to die. When Bond confronts him later, the SUV he's chasing him with in the midst of a misty forest in Norway ends upon overturning upon colliding with a hidden collapsed tree, leaving Ash badly wounded and unable to move on his own. The car is suspended over him atop a ditch with only a small tree keeping it from collapsing forwards into him and crushing him, and the tree is rapidly being uprooted from the weight of the leaning vehicle. He begs Bond to help him, but makes the mistakes of asking him to 'help a brother out'.
      Bond: I had a brother. His name was Felix Leiter.
      (Grabs the car and pulls it downwards, tearing it free to roll onto the bastard and crush him)
  • Samwise Gamgee, the normally non-threatening gardener in The Lord of the Rings, did this in The Return of the King, dedicating Orc kills as he scaled a tower to rescue Frodo:
    Sam: This is for Mr. Frodo! [stab]
    And this is for the Shire! [slice]
    And this is for my old Gaffer! [thrust]
    • Aragorn's last words before charging into battle at the Black Gates were, "For Frodo."
  • At the end of Blade Runner, Roy Batty snaps two of Deckard's fingers, dedicating each to one of Deckard's kills.
  • In Hook the title villain, in an effort to turn Peter Pan's son, Jack, against Pan, has the boy do this while smashing clocks for things like not letting him blow bubbles in his chocolate milk. (At least at first. They get more serious later on.)
  • In The Fugitive, Dr. Richard Kimble asks "Why Helen?", while beating up Dr. Charles Nichols, the man who engineered his wife's death.
  • In Dunston Checks In, as Robert Grant sends Lord Rutledge sliding across a table at the end of their fight, he says, "And this is for tying up my son!"
  • The adaptation of The Spirit: To demonstrate just how dangerous his latest chemical formula can be even if the temperature if off by "one or two degrees," The Octopus squirts some into a cat named Muffin's dish, which upon consumption causes it to dissolve, save for its eyeballs. Once breaking free, The Spirit begins to punch him across the room:
    The Spirit: This is for Sand! [PUNCH]
    This is for me! [PUNCH]
    And this is for MUFFIN!! [SUPER KICK]
  • The Rifftrax for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets featured the angry Whomping Willow.
    Mike (as Willow): This is for letting a million Japanese beetles get under me.
  • A hilarious example from the film Mannequin: "Switcher — this one's for my Mama!" POW!!!
  • Commentary on The Mummy Returns reveals that Ardeth originally had the line "That was for Horus!" (his falcon) after killing Lock-Nah, who had just shot the little falcon. Sadly, it was deleted because of fear that moronic viewers wouldn't have been paying attention to the one previous time he says the falcon's name.
    • It still shows up in the novelization.
  • In The Godfather: Part II, Vito's father was murdered by a Sicilian mafia boss, Don Ciccio, when Vito was a child. He escaped to the U.S., became an influental crime boss there, and eventually returned to Sicily to meet Don Ciccio.
    Don Ciccio: What was your father's name?
    Vito: Antonio Andolini.
    Don Ciccio: You'll have to speak up. I can't hear you.
    Vito: My father's name was Antonio Andolini… and this is for you! [stabs him]
  • Variant in Special Forces, an early Scott Adkins film. Scott's character executes the villain who killed his best friend earlier, and tells the villain to remember his bestie's name, Paul, when he's in hell. Right before executing said baddie.
  • In Spy Hard, two bad guys start beating up a No Celebrities Were Harmed stand-in for Macaulay Culkin:
    Mook 2: And this is for Getting Even with Dad!
    Mook 1: And this is for My Girl!
    Mook 2: And this is for My Girl, too!
    McClatchy: I wasn't even in My Girl 2!
    Both mooks: We don't care!
  • In Back to the Future Part II, when Biff realises Marty stole the sports Almanac off him.
    Biff: What the hell? You steal my stuff? (kicks Marty in the groin). And this one's for my car! (kicks him again.)
  • This trope is in two Steven Segal movies:
    • Hard to Kill: Mason Storm kills one assassin with a pool stick to the neck. Then he says this:
      Mason: That's for my wife. Fuck you and die.
    • On Deadly Ground: Forrest Taft shoots Michael Jennings down into oil in favor of Masu:
      Forrest: I'd shoot you, but I don't wanna dirty my bullets…
      Masu: Dirty one for me, Forrest.
      [shoots down Michael Jennings, who falls into oil]
      Masu: That was for my father.
  • Lethal Weapon 2: Martin Riggs says the names of all his friends and loved ones killed by the South Africans as he empties his Beretta into a mook.
  • A much nicer version appears in Raiders of the Lost Ark:
    Marion: [kisses Sallah's cheek] That is for Fayah… [kisses his other cheek] …that is for your children… and this is for you. [kisses his lips]
    • Parodied in the Mad Magazine spoof, where Indy is beating up the truck full of German soldiers:
      Indy: And this is for sinking the Titanic!
      Soldier: Wait! That was an iceberg!
      Indy: Maybe, but who are people going to believe? A Nazi or an American history professor?
  • Free Willy 2: Jesse's younger half-brother Elvis befriends Willy's little brother Littlespot. None of the whales are actually harmed, just endangered for a while but Elvis still gets in a "And that's for Littlespot!" as he kicks a bad guy into the water.
  • Wild Geese II. Ex-Regimental Sergeant Major James Murphy is used to train the group in how to act like soldiers for a prisoner rescue. One of the group is IRA terrorist Hourigan, who repeatedly taunts Murphy; at the end of the training Murphy shoots Hourigan in the kneecaps, telling him it's for some British soldiers he'd killed in an ambush. "But this one Hourigan, this one's for me." (shoots him in the head)
  • In A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010), Clancy Brown's character declares "This is for my son!" as he throws a molotov cocktail into the gas-soaked warehouse Freddy Krueger is hiding in.
  • The Avengers (2012): Tony rattles off a list of the people Loki made the mistake of crossing, ending with this:
    Tony: There's one more guy you pissed off. His name was Phil.
  • Men in Black 3: After Jay tells the younger version of Kay that he came back to the past to prevent his death. Kay punches him once for not telling him and again for telling him the truth. Yeah he's a complex guy.
  • Gone in 60 Seconds (2000): Memphis arrives at Calitri dock just a mere twelve minutes after the deadline in delivering the last car slightly damaged (though nothing that couldn't be fixed). Calitri, regardless, orders Memphis to be killed. However once a teammate manges to save him. Memphis charges right into Calitri base and starts whaling on him.
    Memphis: [Punches Calitri] The first mistake was having a kid to do your dirty work.
    [Punches again] The second was that it was my kid brother.
    [Kicks him] But you just made the biggest mistake by trying to kill me!
  • Right before they attack Lawrence in Ride with the Devil, Quantrill makes a rousing speech to the men, telling them to remember their female relatives who died in the collapse of a Kansas City jail. "To Lawrence!"
  • Happens at the end of Missing in Action 2: The Beginning in which Braddock puts the beatdown on Colonel Yin for killing Lester (with a slight neck snap) and Frankie (belly punch and grabbing his stomach). And finally finishes him off by detonating a bomb in the cabin, blowing him up. "And this is for me."
  • In Pitch Black Riddick cuts off all the lights on the ship prior to taking off, because he wants to kill as many of the creatures as possible when they gather around the ship. It's implied it's in honor of Fry.
    Riddick: We can't leave… (Beat) without saying good night…
  • In Machete, April Booth says, "In the name of my father." before shooting MacLaughlin.
  • In Kick-Ass 2 Kick-Ass does this during The Climax battle on the rooftop with the Motherfucker.
  • The Live-Action Adaptation of Garfield has Jon punching Happy Chapman this way.
    Jon: This is for stealing my dog and my cat. [PUNCH]
  • Jonah Hex, Jonah defeats The Dragon who killed his family. He says, "This is for my wife!" and shoves his head into a spinning propeller. Then he brings him back to life with his magic just to say, "And this is for my son!" before letting him burn up in agony.
  • Subverted in Ransom. Dirty Cop Jimmy Shaker punches Mullen, saying it's for his girlfriend Maris, a criminal associate who was killed by Shaker. Mullen refused to pay the ransom money, instead offering it as a reward to anyone who turned in the kidnappers. Shaker kills his own gang (including Maria) in a last-ditch effort to get his hands on the money, by pretending he'd discovered the kidnappers hideout in the course of his duties.
  • Upon his return to Candyland in Django Unchained, Django has plenty of vengeance to deal out, starting with a certain band of trackers who had a slave ripped apart by dogs. Django's line as he busts in and starts shooting? "D'ARTAGNAN, MOTHERFUCKERS!"
  • Jug Face: Bodey's father lists a victim of the Pit each time he whips Dawai.
  • A chilling use of this trope occurs in the 1974 adaptation of Murder on the Orient Express. As each of the Armstrong household stabs Cassetti, they announce the name of the person they lost to him. It starts with Mrs. Hubbard declaring "For my daughter and granddaughter."
  • The Baader Meinhof Complex. After one of the leading terrorists is arrested, the police give him a severe kicking in a back room, saying the names of the police officers killed or injured by the Red Army Faction.
  • Dillinger (1973). When Pretty Boy Floyd is shot, FBI agent Melvin Purvis says, "This is for Kansas City." However the dying outlaw denies any involvement.
  • Kingsman: The Golden Circle: Before killing Charlie, Eggsy says that it's for Roxy, Merlin, the other Kingsman agents, JB, and his friend Brandon (who was killed with JB when the main villain's missile strike destroyed Eggsy's house).
  • Boss Nigger: In the Final Battle with fugitive Jed Clayton:
    Boss: And this is for Clara Mae! (cue death blow)
  • At the climax of Circus of Fear, Mario throws knives to create a Knife Outline around the killer. As he throws each knife, he says "This is for..." and names one of the killer's victims.
  • 49th Parallel: When Lohrmann is cornered in a cave, Scott is shot, but enters the cave and beats him up, counting out loud the individual blows, each one in recompense for the loss of his two paintings, a Matisse and a Picasso; three books, including his own widely researched but as yet unpublished manuscript; and finally for his own wounds and temporary imprisonment.
  • Unusually for this trope this sets off the plot in Mortal Engines when a mysterious woman with a masked face stabs Thaddeus Valentine, saying "This is for Pandora Shaw."
  • Scary Movie spoofs this mercilessly. At a movie theatre showing of Shakespeare in Love, Brenda talks loudly through the film, and spoils the ending for the other audience members. Infuriated, one audience member grabs the Killer's knife, and stabs Brenda with it. After this, a succession of other audience members attack her for ruining other films: a cop beats her with a nightstick for ruining The Fugitive, a bishop hits her with a mitre for ruining Big Momma's House, a rabbi stabs her for ruining Schindler's List, a Buddhist monk slashes her stomach for ruining all Jackie Chan movies, a woman dressed like Mother Teresa hits her for ruining Boogie Nights, and two girls stab her for ruining Thelma & Louise.
  • The Loved Ones: When Lola's father's hammers knives through Brent feet to nail them to the floor, his final blow is accompanied by "And that's for the Kingswood!"Note to non-Australians 
  • They Call Me Bruce?. A lunatic hitman who's hired to kill the title character has a habit of doing this, which seems more along the lines of Percussive Therapy for the frustrations of modern life.
    "That's meat by-products! And that's for Luciano Pavarotti! And that's for people who stop on the entrance ramp on freeways!"
  • Paws When Susie punches out Anja in the climax, she says, "This one's for Alex, you old bag."
  • Today We Kill... Tomorrow We Die!: Just before he kills Elfago, Kiowa throws Elfago's words back at him: telling him "This is for the 'dirty Inidain squaw' you killed".
  • Halloween Kills: Marion Chambers points her gun at Michael Myers' face and says, "This is for Dr. Loomis!" Unfortunately, she used up her bullets shooting at Michael earlier, allowing him to kill her.
  • Kill Bill: Bill's younger brother Budd gets the better of The Bride by shooting her with rock salt and prepares to bury her alive in a nearby cemetary. The last thing Budd says to her before sealing up the coffin?
  • Primal Fear: When Martin Vail is examining Shaughnessy on the witness stand, he accuses Shaughnessy of using his office of the state's attorney to conceal Archbishop Rushman's molesting children. Shaughnessy swears at Vail, who responds, "That was for Joey Pinero, shithead."
  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always: Before blasting Robo-Rita into oblivion, Zack dedicates it to Trini.

  • The absolute king of this: In R.A. Salvatore's second published Drizzt novel Streams of Silver, Bruenor the dwarf king-in-exile accomplishes his life dream of finding his ancestral home, which his clan was run out of when he was barely old enough to remember. When he finds it, he discovers it's still inhabited and operated by an evil dwarven sub-race. Using the axe and armor he inherited from the discovered remains of his father and grandfather (they died fighting heroically, of course), Bruenor examines the place. He runs into a group of the new inhabitants, and becomes so over-wrought during the skirmish he dedicates each axe strong to his ancestors, beginning with: "For me father! For me father's father!" Later he's heard saying, "For me father's father's father's father's—". Lampshaded when the narrator says Bruenor's ancestral line was "long indeed. The gray dwarves never had a chance."
  • An odd combination with the Arson Murder And Life Saving in the Doctor Who New Adventures novel Infinite Requiem. When one of the characters realises the full extent of the Doctor's manipulative plan, she knocks him to the ground, saying "This is for using me!" Then she kisses him, saying "And this is for saving our lives."
  • C. S. Lewis's The Horse and His Boy when Aslan wounds Aravis in order to make her know the pain inflicted on her stepmother's slave. The slave was whipped due to Aravis' actions, and Aravis earlier stated that she didn't care what happened to the slave.
  • Shouted (mentally) by the enraged Companion Gwena (a magic spirit horse) while trampling one of Valdemar's most brutal enemies to death in Mercedes Lackey's Mage Winds trilogy.
  • In Paul Robinson's Instrument of God, Andrea 528, researching her criminal case, gets into an argument in the law library with a rapist who's researching his case. They trade insults, and then it rises to a fight. She more or less beats the tar out of him, with her first punch a bit of retribution for the woman he raped, when she says, "This is for Ann!" before clocking him one so hard he drops to the floor.
  • The Shahnameh: Two examples involving Rostm are:
    • Rostam cuts queen Soodabeh in half, for her role in Siavash leaving Iran for Turan and his eventual death.
    • Rostam impales his half-brother Shoqad to the tree his hiding behind with an arrow for essentially killing Rostam himself! That's right, Rostam is so badass he avenges his own death right before he dies!
  • At the very beginning of the Star Wars Legends novel Wraith Squadron, Myn Donos loses his command, Talon Squadron, to Admiral Trigit's various plans. His almost-girlfriend Falynn dies during the final battle. Needless to say, Revenge Ensues. And then Trigit (while losing badly) decides to bail from his Star Destroyer in a fighter. Donos shoots him down with two missiles. One for Falynn, the other for Talon.
  • A psychological example in the Revenge of the Sith novelization, where Anakin unleashes his various childhood demons while fighting Count Dooku, followed up by projecting the atrocities he's suffered during the war against Dooku.
    When Count Dooku flies at him, blade flashing, Watto's fist cracks out from Anakin's childhood to knock the Sith Lord tumbling back. When with all the power that the dark side can draw from throughout the universe, Dooku hurls a jagged fragment of the durasteel table, Shmi Skywalker's gentle murmur I knew you would come for me, smashes it aside.
  • The Three Musketeers:
    In three seconds, d'Artagnan had given him three strokes of the sword, saying at each stroke:
    "One for Athos, one for Porthos, one for Aramis!"
    At the third stroke, the gentleman fell in a heap.
    D'Artagnan thought he was dead, or at least unconscious, and went up to him to take the order; but just as he reached out to search him, the wounded man, who had not let go of his sword, thrust the point into his chest, saying:
    "And one for you!"
    "And one for me! Saving the best for last!" d'Artagnan cried, furious, and pinned him to the ground with a fourth stroke through the stomach.
  • Occurs straight in Redwall, when Matthias kills Asmodeus Poisonteeth, but instead of the character yelling it, the narration does it for him:
    He struck for Redwall!
    He struck for Methuselah!
    […and so on until…]
    He struck until his paws ached and the sword fell from them!
  • In The Princess Bride: "My Name Is Inigo Montoya. You Killed My Father. Prepare to Die!" This only when Inigo says it as he actively beats up Count Rugen, not when he says it earlier in the book.
  • Gentleman Bastard:
    • All but one of the title character's friends are murdered by a wizard who cannot be killed or basically every wizard in the world will descend upon the killer and destroy not only him, but everyone he's ever known. So when Locke finally catches him he can't kill him and instead cuts off his fingers, saying "This is for Nazca. That's Calo. Galdo, too." etc. Then, when he runs out of friends, he just says "those are for me and Jean." And then he cuts out the guy's tongue, too.
    • He later does an extended version for just his fellow Gentleman Bastards as he repeatedly stabs the Gray King, who hired said wizard, saying a name after each stab and calling the owner his brother and friend. In Bug's case, his birth name is given for the first (and last) time and he is also called Locke's apprentice.
    • In the second book, Locke takes this entirely literally, offering the archon of Tal Verrar to his enemies to be tortured, as a "death-offering" for the life of Ezri, who died (indirectly) as the result of the archon's scheming.
  • White Star, a book about an ex-marine who was a sniper during the Vietnam war forced back into sniping when one of the people he didn't kill comes back, delivers one at the end of the book. Earlier the sniper was tricked into killing his nanny/childminder/cook, and it plagues him throughout the book. At the very end he is shot through the forearm, hand, and leg, as well as burned all over and blown up with a makeshift nail bomb. He finally catches the enemy sniper, shoots him in every place the sniper got him, then walks away, declaring 'our accounts are closed.' Then he walks back, puts his gun on the bad guy's forehead, and tells him 'but (her) account is still owing.' and blows him away. Also a case of eye for an eye.
  • At the very end of The Aeneid, Turnus, defeated by Aeneas, begs for mercy. Aeneas is about to let him live but then sees that he is wearing a sword-belt he took from Aeneas's friend Pallas, whom he killed earlier. Aeneas gets angry, says (roughly), "This is for Pallas!" and kills him. This makes this trope Older Than Feudalism.
  • Used in the The Dresden Files novel Turn Coat, though with magic instead of fists since Harry is a wizard. He delivers a powerful magical blow to the Skinwalker, reciting the names of everyone he cares about that the beast has hurt (magic is fueled by emotion). Unfortunately, it's little more than a bloody nose, and leaves him utterly exhausted.
  • Invoked and arguably subverted in Diana Wynne Jones's Cart and Cwidder, when mild, dreamy Moril finally loses his temper and attacks the enemy with his Magic Music. He strikes chords for his friend's hanged brother, for his murdered father, for his imprisoned brother and the coming war—and at the end of it all he's closed up the pass the enemy was coming through, with them inside. Later, though, he acknowledges that he really did it because his beloved horse had just been killed.
  • At the end of the second book in The Hollows, Rachel does this to Piscary. The first blow is for sending Algaliarept to kill her, the second for raping Ivy, and the third for killing her father.
  • Toward the end of The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls Emily with a 'y' says this when she stabs Doctor Stockhill for the girls who couldn't be there followed immediately by Sir Edward for the rats.
  • In the Dale Brown novel Wings of Fire, Chris Wohl says this is for the two men he lost and Wendy McLanahan when he Vigilante Executes Pavel Kazakov.
  • In Assassin's Creed: Renaissance, Ezio stabs Francesco de'Pazzi multiple times, invoking the names of his dead family members and Giuliano de'Medici.
  • In the novelization of Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Sam stabs Starscream in the eye with a grapple gun and screams, "That's for Mirage, you son of a bitch!" after Starscream ruthlessly kills Mirage. Then he adds, "And for trying to crush my girlfriend!"
  • The In Death series. Eve has one after the fact, with the knockout being for the victim.
  • In Unto the Breach Lasko gives a low-key one when he kills the enemy sniper who killed Sion.
  • Done in The Wheel of Time by Mat, when he finally kills the gholam, who was responsible for the death of a large number of his soldiers and a former lover.
  • The Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connelly: After Mickey Haller exposes Louis Roulet as the real culprit of a murder another client of his was wrongfully convicted for, he told Louis it was for Raul Levin, an investigator killed while looking for evidence.
  • Discussed in All-American Girl (Meg Cabot). The interrogators ask Sam after the shooting if she heard the shooter say something like, "This is for Margie." She didn't.
  • In Robin Jarvis' Deptford Mice books:
    • In The Dark Portal, Audrey cries "This is for my father!" right before she flings her mousebrass at Jupiter.
    • There is a particularly poignant example in The Oaken Throne, when Warden Mugwort calls out the names of his dead children as he fights the bat army.
    "For Penda! For Sorrel! For Bellinia!"
  • Warrior Cats: Dawn Of The Clans: In The Blazing Star, Star Flower betrays Thunder and helps her father One Eye attack Thunder's father, Clear Sky. Later in the fight, Gray Wing (Thunder's uncle and Clear Sky's brother) kicks her back, thinking with satisfaction, "That one's for Thunder".
  • In Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince, Harry (while wearing the Invisibility Cloak) spies on Draco Malfoy as he explains that Voldemort gave him a plan to carry out. When Draco is left alone, he somehow sense Harry nearby and petrifies him with a spell, making him fall down, so Draco stomps hard on his face, saying, "That's for my father", referencing Lucius Malfoy being arrested in the previous book.
  • In the Able Team novel "Cairo Countdown", one of the 'Egyptians' helping Able Team gives himself away as an Israeli Mossad agent by saying, "That's for Ma'alot" after shooting some terrorists.
  • In the StarCraft II tie-in novel Devil's Due, Vanderspool is revealed to be the architect of the misery Raynor has recently suffered, including having lost several friends, and in their final confrontation we get this:
    "This isn't about revenge. This is about justice. About restoring the balance. About taking something dark and ugly out of the galaxy once and for all, so that something—something decent and good—can grow instead. This is for the Heaven's Devils. For everyone who was their friend. And for everyone whose life you have ruined along your way to this moment."
  • Earth's Children: In the fourth book in the series, Ayla and Jondalar encounter a girl named Madenia who has been gang-raped and is now refusing to go through with her Rites of First Pleasures. After convincing her to change her mind, they move on and presently catch the gang who attacked Madenia in the act of trying to do the same thing to a Clan woman, whose mate has been injured trying to defend her. With the help of the Clan couple and Wolf, Ayla and Jondalar drive the ruffians off. As the leader is about to leave, Jondalar stops him and punches him in the face, saying:
    That's for Madenia!
  • In the third book of The Great Brain series, the Fitzgeralds take in a boy named Frankie Pennyworth who was recently orphaned, but he quickly proves to be a lot of trouble as he appears to have a mental block causing him to believe the Fitzgeralds killed his parents and are taking him themselves, resulting in him acting violently towards everyone (except for Aunt Bertha since she's not actually related). Finally, J.D. has had enough, takes Frankie out to the barn and proceeds to spank him listing everything he did with each spank (note this story is set in the 19th century, so that kind of punishment was still very common). Three of them were for kicking J.D. in the shins, and three more were tacked on at the end in case he forgot anything. Surprisingly, this seems to snap Frankie out of it. He's still a Bratty Half-Pint, but not as bad.
  • Subverted in the Blake's 7 novel Afterlife. When Servalan finally gets her just deserts at the hands of Terran Administration agent Korell, her killer says it's "for Monoceros", a planet that Servalan destroyed. Vila assumes she's getting revenge for her family, only for Korell to reveal she's actually pissed because she wasted years fomenting a revolution on Monoceros only for the Supreme Commander to stop it by wiping everyone out.

    Live-Action TV 
  • 24 had one right before Jack killed Christopher Henderson:
    Jack: You are responsible for the deaths of David Palmer, Tony Almeida, and Michelle Dessler. They were friends of mine.
    Henderson: That's the way it works.
    • And then again in the finale of "Live Another Day" right before decapitating Cheng Zhi
      Jack: This is for Audrey you son of a bitch.
  • Alias: When Will, normally not an Action Guy, finds himself in melee with the woman who had killed and impersonated his lover—and still looks exactly like her—he manages to pin her down, say "This is for Francie", and stab her.
  • Crash McLarson in The Aquabats! Super Show! while he beats up Space Monster M:
    Crash McLarson: This is for SuperMagic PowerMan! [stomp] …and this is for Lanolin Lady! [stomp] …and this is for THE CHILDREN!!! [stomp]
  • Babylon 5:
    • Shortly after Babylon 5 secedes from Earth, a sleeper cell of Nightwatch agents kidnaps Delenn and a visiting Minbari captain, and one of them wounds Delenn while escaping. When Sheridan catches up to the perp and pounds the crap out of him, he vents his rage:
      Sheridan: No more! No more of you! No more Nightwatch! No more hostages! No more lies! Not on my station! Not on my watch! NO MORE!
    • From the first season episode "Born to the Purple", when Londo is beating up Trakis:
      Londo: [punches Trakis to the floor] That is for Adira! And this is for me! [kicks him when he's down]
  • Battlestar Galactica (1978): In the pilot Apollo says "This one's for Zac!" as he blasts a Cylon fighter.
  • Used for comedy in Blackadder Back and Forth, where the modern Blackadder punches out William Shakespeare, saying it's for every schoolboy and schoolgirl for the next 400 years, for all the suffering Shakespeare's work is going to put them through. Then he adds a kick for Kenneth Branagh's four-hour version of Hamlet. When Blackadder returns to 1999, he learns that this attack made Shakespeare stop writing, which was a contributing factor to France ruling over modern England.
  • Borgia: Cesare's opening scene is a rare villainous example.
    Cesare: This is for calling my uncle a Jew. [punch]
    This is for calling my uncle a Moor. [punch]
    This is because I feel like beating the shit out of you.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    Xander: That's for the wig! [punches fratboy] That's for the bra! That's for the makeup! [punches again, knocking him out] And that's for the last sixteen and a half years!
    • In "A New Man", Buffy wants revenge on a demon who's apparently killed Giles, unaware that he's actually been turned into the demon via a spell.
      Buffy: [stabbing demon] This is for Giles!
      Giles: [in demon language] For me?
  • Burn Notice:
    • Michael and Madeline go to retrieve a plot-important package from a man who'd threatened Madeline when she asked for it earlier. After Michael has forced the man to give the package up, he calmly dislocates the man's arm, explaining: "That was for my mom."
    • The very last episode, Madeline pays Michael back, with interest. When James' men smash their way into her house, she's sitting and smoking calmly. She says, "this one's for my boys", then blows up the whole house.
  • Cold Case: Scotty learns that the man who raped his mother is in jail on an unrelated charge. He goes to see him and grabs him in a hug as if they're friends, thus making a slew of angry inmates think that he's a snitch and effectively signing his death warrant.
    "Tag. You're it, bitch. That's for my mom."
  • In the Dark Angel episode "Fuhgeddaboudit" Max beats up Alec while listing everything he has done to annoy her all season. She finishes with, "and this is for whatever stupid thing you do next!"
  • In season 5 finale of Dexter, Lumen stabs Jordan Chase, saying "this is for all the women you've hurt". Jordan Chase was responsible for the gang-rape, torture, and murder of at least a dozen women. He was also responsible for Lumen's own rape and torture.
    • There was a silent version of this earlier in the season. With one of her rapists on the "kill table", Lumen silently looks around the room, at the pictures of all the other victims. She closes her eyes, and then moves in for the kill. Actress Julia Stiles confirms this was a "This is for all of you" moment.
  • Doctor Who:
    • "The Long Game" has an unusual version, when the Editor tries to stop Cathica from hacking Satellite 5's computers. She says:
      "Oh no you don't. You should have promoted me years back!"
    • "The Age of Steel":
  • A slightly modified version in Eureka when Jo Lupo does this to Callister Raynes:
  • EastEnders: Den Watts tricks Phil Mitchell into helping him pull off a robbery. He ends up leaving Phil to be arrested by the police as revenge for Phil punching his daughter, having his son beaten up and Phil forbidding his ex-wife Lisa Fowler from having contact with their baby.
    Den: [sneering at Phil from the roof after trapping him] This is for Sharon. [proceeds to throw a gun in with him to further frame Phil for armed robbery] And that's for Dennis. Oh yeah, and I got you a little something from Lisa! [empties the bag of the money the pair of them had originally planned to steal all around Phil]
  • Braca (The Dragon) to the series Big Bad Scorpius in Season 4 of Farscape. One shot. One line: "This is for all the times I had to say 'yes'." The real killer is that he's on Scorpius' side when he does it. The other Big Bad giving him the order just didn't realise it at the time.
  • Game of Thrones: Emilia Clarke is doing the DVD Commentary for "Valar Morghulis". When she gets to the scene where Brienne of Tarth shoves her sword into a rapist's groin, she says, "For women everywhere!"
  • General and I: He Xia says this when kicking Chu Bei Jie.
    He Xia: I'll kick you for Ping Ting's sake. [kicks Bei Jie] This second kick is for my parents. [kicks him again]
  • General Hospital: Mobster Sonny's former right-hand man Harry has been stalking and terrorizing Sonny and Sonny's ex Brenda, blaming them for the death of Sonny's wife Lily (killed via a Car Bomb planted by her father in an attempt to kill Sonny because of his infidelity, which was only discovered because Harry reported it to him). After much machinations, he has trapped Brenda and Sonny in a cavern. His last act, before he sets off a bomb intended to bury the two alive, is to declare: "For Lily."
  • Gossip Girl: When Nate's dad is leaving the country, Nate starts to go, then turns around and punches his father, saying "That was for Mom."
  • Hercules: The Legendary Journeys: in the first episode, a villager asks for help against the She-Demon, but as Hera has just murdered his wife and children, Hercules is in no mood to help anyone and angrily sends him away. Iolaus offers to go instead, only to end up Taken for Granite like the She-Demon's other victims. Hercules eventually calms down and learns what has happened, so he goes to face the She-Demon in her cave. Passing by the other victims, Iolaus is the last one before the cave entrance.
    Hercules: [to Iolaus] This one's for you.
  • I, Claudius: Emperor Caligula forces the Roman Senate to prostitute their wives. When a senator finally gets close enough to assassinate Caligula he says, "This is for my wife", butcher!"
  • Kamen Rider Dragon Knight: When Kit is about to Vent Albert:
    Kit: This is for Chris
  • Subverted in Legends of Tomorrow. As time traveller Rip Hunter is about to kill Vandal Savage, he says it's for his wife and son whom Vandal will kill in the future. Vandal escapes and now knows who he has to kill to get revenge on Rip.
  • In the Lost third season finale, Sawyer shoots Tom, saying, "That's for taking the kid off the raft," a Call-Back to the first season finale when the Others kidnapped Walt.
  • Lost Girl: The season 4 final, Bo to Massimo:
    Bo: [slap] That is for laying a finger on Lauren.
    [knees] For Rainer.
    [strikes with the butt of blade] For Hale.
    [stab] And that is for breaking Kenzi's heart.
  • Mr. Bean: Bean is watching television, and although we can't see what's on we can hear machine-gun fire and someone shouting between bursts: "This is for my brother… this is for my sister… this is for my father… (etc)" Bean turns it off in disgust.
  • Person of Interest: Sameen Shaw has gone missing, perhaps dead, so Team Machine go on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge. Reese is fighting an ISA agent and is about to inflict a killing blow, saying "This is for Shaw!" The man gasps in surprise, "Sameen?!" Reese realises this is a friend of Shaw who helped her escape in a previous episode, and spares his life.
  • Power Rangers S.P.D.: Commander Cruger does a form of this when he's fighting the criminal who supposedly killed his wife.
  • Princess Agents: As she beats him to death Chu Qiao tells Yuwen Xi her punches are for Zhi Xiang, Lin Xi, and all the girls he's murdered.
  • Quantum Leap: In the episode "Raped" (about a high school football hero who rapes his girlfriend), Sam, during his beatdown of the episode's villain, Kevin – he was the town's aforementioned "golden boy" and football hero, having just accepted a huge college scholarship – tells him that the repeated punches and knees and kicks (the latter all to his groin) are all for the grief and trouble he caused, and for his other (likely) victims. note 
  • Gemma Butler on Ringer gets two:
    • When she finds out that her husband Henry is cheating on her with Siobhan, and slaps Bridget (who's pretending to be Siobhan—long and very twisty story).
      Gemma: That's for sleeping with my husband, you whore!
    • And when she gets the drop on the man who's kidnapped her on Siobhan's orders and eventually tries to murder her, but messes up the jobnote .
  • Sharpe: In the episode, Sharpe's Battle, Harper does this when he comes up against an Irish soldier, called O'Roorke, who defected to the French on the battlefield. To add to this, Harper stabs O'Roorke three times with his own bayonet.
    Harper: This one's for Perkins!(stabs once) This one's for Ireland! (stabs again) And this one's for me. (stabs a third time)
  • Subverted in Sledge Hammer!: When the title character throws in one more punch than he dedicates, and when asked who that was for, he says, "that one was gratuitous."
  • Occurs multiple times in Space: Above and Beyond:
    • In "The Angriest Angel", Col. McQueen says, "This one's for you, Winslow!" just before killing Chiggy von Richtofen.
    • The series finale sees Wang, mid-Heroic Sacrifice, recite the name of every pilot the 58th has lost - Red Shirts included - concluding with, "This is for you!"
    • A more subtle example occurs with the Nose Art painted on one of the squadron's fighters - "Pags' Payback", a reference to a Red Shirt killed in the pilot episode.
  • One episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine centers around Worf doing a major mission and dedicating it to Jadzia, so she may properly enter Sto-Vo-kor.
    • The Grand Finale had two Cardassian guards execute a pair of Jem'Hadar soldiers who were about to kill Damar, Kira and Garak, in retaliation for the Dominion annihilating a Cardassian city in an attempt to quash Damar's rebellion. "That was for Lakarian City."
  • In "The Red Angel" from Star Trek: Discovery, after Leland reveals to Michael Burnham that he's responsible for her parents' deaths, she decks him saying it's for her mom and then knocks him to the ground, for her mom.
  • Star Trek: Picard:
    • In "Stardust City Rag", the last thing Seven of Nine says to Bjayzl is that she's killing her for Icheb.
      Seven: He was a son to me, Jay. This is for him.
    • In "Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 2," as Seven kicks Narissa to her death, she declares:
      Seven: This... is for Hugh!
  • In the final minutes of the series finale of Strike Back, Colonel Alexander Coltrane walks into the home of The Mafiya queenpin who murdered two of his subordinates. Although the words are never spoken and he's almost disturbingly calm, it's obvious that he's there to avenge them.
  • In the Supergirl (2015) episode "The Darkest Place", during J'onn's fight with M'gann, he calls out for his family, and all of the Green Martians, who were wiped out by M'gann's people, the White Martians.
  • Supernatural:
    • In a wickedly cheesy moment, just after they've killed the Big Bad, Dean crouches down by the corpse and says "That was for our Mom, you son of a bitch."
    • In a Season 8 episode, a recurring character pulls a revolver on the villain of the week. She starts listing his victims ("This is for…") and punctuates each one with a trigger pull. Turns out, the gun is unloaded. She just wanted to see his terrified flinches.
    • A djinn infects Dean with a lethal poison saying, "That's for our father, you son of a bitch", referencing either another dijiin that the Winchesters killed several seasons earlier, or Lucifer (who created the demons, and was sent back to Hell in the previous episode).
  • In the Taxi episode "Guess Who's Coming for Brefnish?", Funny Foreigner Latka meets Simka, a woman from the same country as him; when he tries to break the ice by telling jokes about the "Mountain People" (a clan to which she belongs, unbeknownst to him), she responds by slapping him repeatedly for her mother, father, grandfather, etc. (Latka: "I hope you have a small family…")
  • During the American Roadtrip episode of Top Gear (UK), the following occurs when the three presenters are trying to get each other killed via painting offensive slogans on each other's cars while driving through Alabama:
    Hammond: [painting Clarkson's car] Revenge for all those height gags. Every time he's called me "Hamster."
    Clarkson: [painting May's car] This is for every time you've been late and lost.
    May: [defending his work to a genuinely dismayed Hammond and Clarkson] All the times you drove into the back of my Cadillac.
  • Parodied in A Touch of Cloth, during the climactic fight between Jack and Macratty:
    Macratty: This one's for Tumbler. [hits Jack] This one's for Bullock—
    Tom Boss: Actually, you shot Bullock.
    Macratty: Do you want me to shoot you again?
  • Wynonna Earp: In the Season 2 finale, Doc is facing off with the resurrected Bobo del Rey, and takes out some longstanding grudges, via knife.
    Doc: This is for threatening Waverly. [slash] This is for betraying Wyatt. [slash] And this, is for leaving me in that well. [kicks Bobo onto a pile of broken pipes]
  • Memorably parodied in The Young Ones. This week's member of the Balowski Family is a police commissioner who just happens to closely resemble Mussolini, and has done since he was very young. Cue his sad tale of how his potential date headbutted him at the school disco… "I said, ‘What's that for?’ …she said, ‘That's for the invasion of Crete!’"

  • The last pre-chorus in Payback by Slayer:
    You've got a fucking catheter in your brain
    Pissing your common sense away
    This is for the mindfuck
    This is for the hell of it
    This is for me…
  • Prince does it in "Lady Cab Driver", except he replaces fighting with sounds of (what else?) sex.
  • In the country Coward of the County, Tommy, a coward sheriff, hears that the Gatlin boys attacked and "take turns on (his girl) Becky." Even though his dad told him not to fight unless absolutely necessary, Tommy goes to the bar where the men are at the time and confronts them in a good ol' fistfight. He could be heard saying "'This one's for Becky,' as he saw the last one fall."


    Video Games 
  • The dwarves of Deep Rock Galactic may shout "For Karl!" when killing Glyphids, particularly when doing a power attack. Players don't really know who Karl is save for the fact that the dwarves speak very fondly of him and that he disappeared in an event that made him legendary.
  • While every Dynasty Warriors game has a similar scene, the third game is where it follows the trope. When his buddy Yan Liang was killed, Wen Chou charges at the killer, Guan Yu, dedicating that this killing strike will be for his fallen friend. Props for trying, even with all the Narmy delivery.
  • Emile in Halo: Reach gets a few off for his deceased teammates shortly before his own death, without his usual humour.
    Emile: That was for Kat!
    That was for Jorge!
  • In Star Wars: Republic Commando, Scorch, after shooting a group of droids, says, "And that was for Delta 32! …or was that Delta 23…?"
  • A couple of characters in Knights of the Old Republic have "For the Republic!" as their battle-cry.
  • In Star Wars: Battlefront games, "For the Republic!" is also one of the generic voice clips from Clone Troopers, along with ''For the Chancellor!".
  • While not used in the game itself, a walkthrough for Quest for Glory V features too great a parody to pass up: The hero's showdown with The Assassin is described as involving a series of punches, stabs, and high-fives where appropriate for the various people he's killed.
  • The Player Character in Postal 2 often shouts "And one for…" after killing someone.
    And one for your mother!
    And one for the pope!
    And one for Bobo the space monkey!
    And one because I have ammo left!
    And one just because I can!
  • Loopmancer have you dedicating two of these in a row after killing the boss who ruined your family, one for your wife (though she isn't dead, but paralyzed from the waist down) and one for your daughter (who is dead).
  • The second Propagation, Paradise Hotel sees you dedicating one such kill for your friend, Owen, after killing the mutant monster who ripped him to bits.
  • A sniper in the Call of Duty 2 Soviet campaign invokes this by saying "This one's for my [family member] " as he is shooting Nazis, and goes through his family, before ending with "and this one's for my dog! HOW YOU LIKE IT?!" and laughing maniacally. Then he gets blown up by a tank.
  • Land of War - The Beginning have you dedicating a kill to your friend Tadek, shot by a German Sniper. "That's for Tadek, you bastard!"
  • The Modern Warfare series gets in a few:
    • Makarov in "No Russian", just before engaging FSB troops.
      Makarov: For Zakhaev.
    • Price in "Return to Sender", after interrogating Warrabe.
      Price: Right, then. [tosses Warrabe a gas mask] This is for the boys at Hereford. [shoots Warrabe in the head]
    • And finally, Price gets one more in "Dust to Dust" as he and Yuri begin their assault.
      Price: This is for Soap.
  • Used in Super Street Fighter 4 by Guile during his rival fight against M. Bison.
  • In Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade, Sain's quote before the final battle is "This is for all the lovely ladies I've yet to meet!"
  • Kingdom Hearts has so far had an example in every numbered title.
    • As a variation, Kingdom Hearts; has Donald Duck randomly dedicate a round during an Olympus Colosseum fight to be "For Daisy!"
    • In Kingdom Hearts II, when Sora and Mulan do their Combination Attack, Mulan shouts, "For China!"
    • When Kingdom Hearts III has the trip to Olympus properly shut down Hades' original plan, Hercules gives Hades a slug to the face at the denoument, remarking "That's for trying to wreck Thebes."
  • BloodRayne 2: While killing Kagan "This is for my mother! [Stab] This is for my city! [Stab] And this is for my angry little misspent life! [Decapitation] You rat sucking son of a bitch!
  • Lilarcor from Baldur's Gate II will occasionally segue into one of these during combat:
    Lilarcor: ...and this one's for grandma, who said I'd never amount to anything more than a butter knife!
  • A rare villainous example existed in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. After Snake ends up getting caught by Volgin (who wasn't easily fooled by Snake disguising himself as Raikov, because he ""knew the Major far better than anyone else", as well as The Boss unmasking Snake, Volgin gives him a huge beatdown (remarked as one of the more horrifying elements of the game) in order to "make [Snake] pay for hurting Ivan." It's not the last time this sort of thing happens, either. Equip the Raikov mask, punch or shoot Volgin when he lets his guard down, and then he'll charge at you in a fury and shout "HOW DARE YOU!! You will pay for what you did to Ivan!"
  • Deadpool (2013) has way too much fun with this trope when the player is given the option to "bitch-slap" Wolverine.
    Deadpool: Oh, Wolvie, time to wake up, RISE AND SHINE STUBBY! Up and at 'em! Fine, then... That's for all the clown jokes! That's for never calling just to say 'hi'! That's because I get aroused when I slap people! That's for all the furry midgets in the world! That's because I feel like it! WHY! WON'T! YOU! WAKE! UP! WAKE UP! That's because the player keeps mashing the button! That's because I like slapping fleshy things with this hand! That's for being in more comics than me! That's for making me love you! That's for making me hate you! That's for never taking us to the prom! That's for always working late! That's for being short! That's for stabbing me in the heart! Literally! That's for never letting me fly the Blackbird! Except when I crashed it! That's for being the worst wingman in bro-mance history! That's because I want to see if the player'll keep doing this! That's for all the hot gamer girls out there! Hey, call me! That's for being a total douche! That's for never washing the dishes! That's for last year's white elephant gift! Who wants a white elephant?! And finally, that's because this whole set just added five minutes of bonus play to the most awesome game ever devised by mutant or man!
  • One ending of Alpha Protocol customizes this depending on who the villain killed—for instance, two different love interests can be mentioned depending on their current vital signs.
  • Sometimes, before unleashing an Overdrive, Auron from Final Fantasy X will cry out, "This is for the fallen!"
  • Done right at the end of Gears of War 3, as Marcus stabs the Queen with Dom's knife growling; "Feel that? That's from Dom, and everybody else you killed, you bitch!" A less personal one is the COG rallying call "For the Fallen" in multiplayer.
  • Gladiator: Sword of Vengeance has the main villain, Arruntius, valiantly demanding that Invictus back down in his final cutscene, by claiming that he's a god. Invictus then executes him while dedicating his kill to the gods.
    Invictus: This is for the gods. [hurls sword into Arruntius' chest]
  • Tales of Monkey Island:
    • In Chapter 1, Guybrush raises his Cutlass of Kaflu and says, "This is for the monkeys, LeChuck!" before his Pox-infected hand goes out of control, making him unable to kill the human LeChuck.
    • Only discussed by Morgan in Chapter 3: Lair of the Leviathan, while talking in her sleep: "THIS is for JUGBENDER!"
  • In Destroy All Humans!: Path of the Furon, Crypto does this as he punches Saxon during the end of the final mission in Shen Long:
    Crypto: This is for the Master! And because I don't like you! And for your BOGUS! SATIN! JAMMIES!
  • Saints Row:
    • In Saints Row: The Third, the Boss, if the Female 1 voice is chosen, will give one when planting each explosive during the final mission of the serious ending.
    • In Saints Row IV, the Boss will say things like this while shooting down alien ships in "The White Crib":
      Male Boss 3: This is for Lady Liberty! And this one's for Uncle Sam! And this one's just for shits and giggles!
  • In Mass Effect 3, Shepard does this after impaling Kai Leng on the omni-blade, on behalf of either Thane, Miranda, or Major Kirrahe, depending on which of them Leng killed earlier. There's even a version for both Thane and Miranda. If he killed the salarian councilor (meaning Kirrahe and Thane were already dead), but not Miranda, Shepard just taunts him with the fact that he didn't have a gunship to back him up this time.
  • In Eternal Darkness, every character you've played thus far — with the exception of the first, who becomes the Final Boss — appears in the last battle. Every single person who has suffered and/or died and/or worse gets their chance to strike back at Pious Augustus.
  • In Grim Fandango, if you keep shooting at the Big Bad's greenhouse during the endgame (instead of taking the sneaky route), Manny eventually starts to say this. The last victim he names, however, died under circumstances completely unrelated to the central plot and the villains' plans (this prompts the Big Bad to ask who he is talking about). Subverted earlier in the game when Manny punches Nick Virago in the face; Nick asks if it's for the camera girl he sprouted, but Manny replies that it was just for Nick being Nick.
  • In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the player character can have this done to them. After they clear out a group of pirates, they may randomly encounter a couple remnants of the pirate gang, who will attack the player on sight and yell, "This is for Haldyn!" (Haldyn was their leader and was killed by the player.)
  • During the landsmeet in Dragon Age: Origins: Alistair pulls one of these if you choose to have him fight Loghain in single combat to prove his right to Fereldan's throne. Alistair will execute Loghain after this conversation.
    Loghain: Good, there's some of Maric in you after all.
    Alistair: Forget Maric, this is for Duncan! [decapitates Loghain]
  • Resident Evil 5 has Sheva to Wesker.
    Sheva: That was for our fallen brothers.
  • Sands of Destruction features an unusual variation. After becoming an Official Couple, Kyrie's post-Limit Break Pre-Mortem One-Liner changes to "That one's for Morte!" It's odd because she may be perfectly unharmed or not even in the active party. Of course, given that Morte likes to watch things be destroyed, it's possible he's just showing off.
  • At the end of the final storyline quest in Borderlands 2, if you let Handsome Jack finish his Villainous Breakdown speech and let Lilith finish him off, Lilith will fry him with her Siren powers and quip "That was for Roland, asshole."
  • Just before the final battle of Five Nights at Fuckboy's 3, this exchange occurs:
    Springtrap: This is where you eat my shit
  • In Skullgirls, Beowulf says this at the end of his story mode;
    Beowulf: This... is for Grendel!!
  • In Blood Wake, Shao Kai says this twice.
    • The first is after destroying Shao Lung's flagship: the Dragon.
      Shao Kai: That's for Ped Zeng!
    • He also says this in the opening of the last mission where he intends to defeat his brother once and for all.
      Shao Kai: Tonight's for my family, for Ped Zeng, for Helen, for all the thousands my brother murdered! Tonight, we'll answer to our ancestors together!
  • In World of Warcraft, Genn Greymane gets one of these when he confronts Sylvanas Windrunner in Stormheim.
    Genn: For Varian! For Gilneas! FOR! MY! SON!
  • In Marvel vs. Capcom 3, if Captain America defeats Iron Man, you get this victory quote:
    Cap: And that was for Civil War.
  • In the ending of the first Battalion Wars, Nova punches Ubel for Tundra, then throws a knockout punch for his father.
  • A wordless variation of this trope occurs in Yakuza 0 after the final boss. Shibusawa, despite having been beaten to a pulp, continues taunting Kiryu, prompting Kiryu to knock him to the ground and punch him some more, each punch punctuated by a brief still of one of the people killed or traumatized by Shibusawa's actions.
  • Freya's Ordo Aurora skin in Smite does this when she gets a kill streak.
    "This is for my people!"
    "And THIS is for the galaxy!"
  • Marcus of Watch_Dogs 2 has this to say after taking down the leader of the Tezcas at the end of the "Eye for an Eye" chapter.
    Marcus: That's for Horatio, bitch.
  • In Tales of Vesperia, after your party defeats Yeager in Zaude, Raven states "You know, I'm not really one for vengeance and all, but... this is for the Don."
  • In Warcraft III, many units will give a variation on "For [homeland]!" when ordered to attack an enemy hero. The Goblin Alchemist (mercenary hero), on the other hand...
  • In Heroes of Might and Magic V, this happens when Markal is confronted by the heroes. Two of them play it straight, but the third subverts it by pointing out that Markal's done so many terrible things that he doesn't need to point out any specific atrocity.
    Godric: Vile scum! For the abuse you have inflicted upon Isabel and the Griffin Empire!
    Findan: For the butchery you committed in Irollan!
    Zehir: For just about everything you have ever done anywhere!
    Findan: That should cover it.
  • In Shadow the Hedgehog, the G.U.N. commander will say this line in Shadow's Pure Dark route.
    G.U.N. Commander: This is for my family. And for Maria! I'm going to settle this once and for all with my own hands!
  • In The House of the Dead III, a zombified Yukio will say this line every time he gets up from being shot.
    Yukio: That was for my buddies!

    Web Animation 
  • In RWBY's Volume 4 finale, Lie Ren, facing the Grimm that killed his family and destroyed his home, calmly faces the monster once it is immobilized and begins listing off all the people it killed while chopping off its limbs and head with his father's knife.
    Lie Ren: For my mother. [slices one arm off] For my father. [slices off the other arm] For all those that you've slain. [cuts it across the chest] For myself. [cuts off its head]
  • Parodied in The Frollo Show when Frollo is about to kill Jafar for what he and his team did to Paris and his friends. Unfortunately, he takes too long and allows Jafar to turn the tables before he finish talking.

  • In Exterminatus Now #303, Lothar Hex, Psycho for Hire, tests out his new robotic limbs… on his teammates. Panel by panel, it goes…
    Lothar: That's for cutting my limbs off! [punches Rouge in the gut]
    Lothar: That's for kicking me in the head! [knees Rogue in the jaw]
    Lothar: That's for pushing me down the stairs! [punches Eastwood in the face]
    Lothar: That's so you don't feel left out! [kicks Syrus in the crotch]
  • In Questionable Content, Momo's first act with her new chassis is to take revenge on Pintsize.
    Momo: This is for all the times you tried to look under my skirt!
  • Tower of God: Ja Wangnan recites this when he shoves a grenade into Kim Lurker's mouth for revenge.
  • In The 10 Doctors, Nyssa takes out the Master's ship, declaring, "That was for every soul you wiped out in the Traken Union, you evil son of a bitch!"
  • During the Roman War arc in Arthur, King of Time and Space, Arthur is shown in one strip throwing rocks and saying "And this is for Roman Emperors who don't know to leave well enough alone!" This was one of the strip's many shout-outs to Peanuts, since at the time GoComics was rerunning the Linus strips mentioned above.

    Web Original 

    Web Videos 
  • Vision of Escaflowne Abridged: Parodied in the fight leading to the Angst Coma.
    Van: This is for Freid!
    Dilandau: Cesta!
    Van: For Balgus!
    Dilandau: S-Stop that!
    Van: For my parents!
    Dilandau: What the hell, man?! We didn't even do anything to your parents!

    Western Animation 
  • Happened once in Adventure Time in "Fionna and Cake":
    Fionna: And this is for yankin' at my heart guts!
  • In Aladdin: The Series, when Genie turns into a soldier and starts firing a machine gun in a random direction when he thinks he's under attack.
    Genie: This is for Joe! And this is for Moe! And this is for BARTHOLOMEW!
  • Anais performs this on Gumball in The Amazing World of Gumball's episode "The Parasite", after the latter reveals he's been reading her diary, tried to thwart her friendship with her classmate Jodie and mimicked her voice without permission. She ends things off with a kiss on the cheek, as he'd done all of that just out of concern for her.
    Anais: [Kicks one of Gumball's legs] That was for reading my diary. [Kicks his other leg] And that was for using my voice without permission. [Slams her locker's door against his face] And that's for trying to throw things at my friend. [She kisses him on the cheek] And that's for worrying about me.
  • Done during an epic fight in the American Dad! episode "Bullocks to Stan".
    Stan: This is for treating me like a errand boy! This is for delaying my promotion! This is for disrespecting my daughter! And this is for not letting me stop at the creek for a drink!
  • The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes: Thor is presumably vaporized in "Ultron-5" (actually whisked off by the Enchantress), and "The Ultron Imperative" opens with the team lamenting his supposed demise. When it's time for another fight with Ultron, Hulk looks forward to it.
    Hulk: Gonna enjoy this, robot. THIS IS FOR THOR! [WHAM!]
  • In the Batman: The Animated Series episode "The Man Who Killed Batman", Batman does this to master villain Rupert Thorne:
    [slams Thorne's wrist into the desk] That's for pulling a gun.
    [throws Thorne across the room] And that's for the drugs.
    [Punches Thorne in the face] And that one's for any I missed.
    • Made incredibly badass because Bats sounds like he's only barely resisting the urge to tear Thorne limb from limb with his bare hands.
  • In Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown, when Linus is unable to give his candy to Miss Othmar because she left with her boyfriend, he feels so upset that he goes up onto a bridge and starts throwing off the candies one by one (Snoopy and Woodstock both catch the candies in their mouths and eat them). As he throws each piece of candy off the bridge, he says things that start with this trope:
    Linus: This one is for love! And this one is for valentines! This one is for romance! This one is for Elizabeth Barrett Browning! This is for "How do I love thee!" This is for…
  • In the Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers episode "Three Men and a Booby", Monty yells "This is for the Parmesan we left behind!" before launching a plunger at a cage with the mother booby.
  • In The Cleveland Show episode "Buried Pleasure", Donna, Ariana and Kendra gang up on Holt's abusive girlfriend for beating up their husbands. Ariana punches her and shouts "This is for my Tim!" and Kenda shouts "This is for my Lester!" as she leaps into the air and body slams her.
  • In one episode of Codename: Kids Next Door, Kuki Sanban aka Numbah Three, does this as she goes on an Long List of all her dolls ruined by the monstrous lice they're fighting in the episode.
  • In Dan Vs.. "Traffic", Dan encounters Helicopter Hal, the radio traffic reporter, and punches him.
    Dan: That's for making me pee!
    Hal: What?
    Dan: You love traffic, don't you?
    Hal: Well, it is my bread and butter.
    (Dan punches him again)
    Dan: That's because I can't digest butter!
    Hal: How is that my fault? You can't just punch a celebrity.
    Dan: I didn't.
  • A villain example: In part 1 of the Darkwing Duck episode "Just Us Justice Ducks", the title character's evil twin Negaduck jumps on top of Darkwing's body with Punctuated Pounding, then leaves and comes back for more, simultaneously announcing his team-up with 4 other villains:
    Negaduck: Oh, almost forgot… This is for MEGAVOLT! [jump] BUSHROOT! [jump] LIQUIDATOR! [jump] QUACKERJACK! [jump] And NEGADUCK… [jump] makes five: The Fearsome Five!!
  • On Drawn Together, Spanky Ham lets a small list off as he fires a machine gun into a swarm of the Producer's robots while defending his fellow housemates in the Season 1 Finale.
  • Done in the Family Guy episode "Don't Make me Over", where, after Meg is tricked into having sex with Jimmy Fallon as part of the cold opening to Saturday Night Live, Peter attacks Fallon during his monologue, but Peter attacks Jimmy Fallon for all those times Fallon has ever cracked up in his sketches, citing that only Carol Burnett has earned the right to do that, then Peter wonders where the guy who had sex with his daughter is.
  • Occurred in Futurama while The Professor (in Bender's body) was in the middle of a Sword Fight with another robot. He calls out the name of a robot who had sacrificed herself moments earlier.
    Professor: This is for Big Bertha! [lunges forward only to end up getting his sword stuck in a wall] That is not what I meant to give you for Big Bertha.
  • On the Gargoyles episode "The New Olympians", Taurus yells, "This is for my father!" as he strikes Proteus.
  • G.I. Joe: The Movie had Sergeant Slaughter doing this while repeatedly body-slamming Nemesis Enforcer:
    Sergeant Slaughter: This is for Gung-Ho, Alpine, and Bazooka! [Slam]
    This is for Falcon! [Punch]
    This is for me! [Elbow]
    This is for Duke! [Punch]
    AND THIS IS FOR THE U.S. OF A.!!! [Body slam]
  • Gravity Falls: In "Tourist Trapped", Mabel does this to the leader of the gnomes who tried to force her to marry them and become their new queen.
    Mabel: That's for lying to me! That's for breaking my heart! And this is for messing with my brother!
  • In Hercules: The Animated Series, when the parents go missing, Hercules goes off to try and save them, whereas Adonis, on the other hand, takes this as a chance to try and take control. When Herc brings everyone back, Zeus hits Adonis with a lighting bolt and shouts, "And that's for getting too big for your own britches!"
  • Jackie Chan Adventures:
    • Before kicking Strikemaster Ice into a hole, Jade declares in "Black and White and Chi All Over": "And this is for ruining my birthday!"
    • Captain Black's reason to attack Drago and his cronies with the Dragon Talisman in the series finale:
      "This is for toasting my van!"
  • Gladiator Draaga does this to Mongul in the Justice League episode "War World".
    Gladiator Draaga: This is for my people! [Punch]
    This is for my humiliation! [Punch]
    And this is for justice! [Punch]
    • Made sublimely Narmy by the actor's weird pronunciation: "And this is for JOSS-TISS!"
  • A variant: in one episode of Kaeloo, Kaeloo tries to force Quack Quack to eat a food called "org-yurt" which tastes absolutely horrible (but is better for the environment than what he usually eats). When he decides to waste it, she Hulks Out and force feeds him a bunch of org-yurts while yelling one reason for each one:
    Kaeloo: One org-yurt for the rainforest! One org-yurt for the Siberian tiger! And one org-yurt for butt-naked Indians!
  • The Mask: In "Sister Mask", when Stanley manages to get the mind control device that Pretorius had been using to control The Mask onto him, and starts knocking him around the room like a pinball, we get this.
    Stanley: This is for making me kick my dog. [...] And this... This is for dashing my hopes of actually being able to control The Mask someday!
  • Once an Episode on Megas XLR, when Coop decides Let's Get Dangerous!, he gives a monologue listing off all the reasons that the Monster of the Week deserves the ass-whooping they are about to get. The last item on the list — and the one Coop is by far the angriest about — is always something extremely petty and trivial. Or something that was actually his own fault.
  • Phineas and Ferb: In "Sidetracked", Dr. Doofenshmirtz gets a pummeling from Canadian secret agent Lyla Lolliberry, who says "This is for William Hull and the War of 1812! Look it up, kids!"
  • One episode of The Powerpuff Girls (1998) plays with this. The girls are tricked by a prank phone call into attacking Fuzzy Lumpkins. When we see him, he's just taking a bath.
    Buttercup: [punching him] THIS is for anything you broke!
    Blossom: [pulling his antennae] THIS is for anyone you hurt!
    Bubbles: And THIS is for taking a BATH! [hits him with a banjo]
  • The Secret Show:
    • Doctor Doctor once brainwashed the whole population of Helsinki into hating Victor and Anita. Said population mentioned the trope whenever they did something to the two heroes.
    • Done by Helsinki Man in the episode which takes as its title his catchphrase: "And that's for Helsinki!"
  • In "Slime, Crime, A Hard Time" from Shelldon, when the group catches up to the jewel thief Spiky Riptide, Shelldon bonks him repeatedly on the nose and tells him "This one's for my papa! [who he framed] This one's for my mama! And this one's for the Charming Clam!"
  • The Simpsons:
    • In "Three Men and a Comic Book", a WWI soldier pulls the pin on a hand grenade, starts calling out the names of all the other soldiers in his company that the grenade is for, and becomes so wrapped up in the speech that he forgets to throw it before it goes off.
      "This one's for you, Kaiser Bill. Special delivery from Uncle Sam and all the boys in D company. Yeah… Johnny, Harris, Brooklyn Bob. And Reggie. Yeah, even Reggie. He ain't so stuck up once you get to know hi—" [KABOOM!]
    • "That's for taking credit for other people's work!" (That was just one of the examples Nelson Muntz left back when he was fond of this trope)
    • Played for Laughs in "And Maggie Makes Three"; when Homer quits his job at the power plant, he proceeds to literally do whatever he wants to Mr. Burns. Upon leaving, he remarks: "That's for employing me for eight years!"
    • In "The Homer They Fall", the dads of the three bullies beat up Homer not just for daring to tell them how to raise their kids (even though all he'd done was point out their kids had attacked Bart and politely asked them to return what they took), but also "for the crummy life [they] have to live."
    • During "Simpsons Tall Tales", Homer, as Paul Bunyan, says "This one's for that crippled little boy... that I crippled."
    • During a Treehouse of Horror episode, Homer says "This is for Snowball I and JFK!" before killing Death with a bowling ball.
      • And during another Treehouse of Horror episode ("Wanted: Dead, then Alive"), when Homer has bludgeoned Sideshow Bob to death with an antique lamp:
        Homer: That's for trying to frame Krusty!
        Bart: What about all the times he tried to kill me?!
        Homer: [unsure] Eh...
  • Parodied on South Park. In "City on the Edge of Forever", Kenny McCormick kills death while yelling "and this one's for me" over and over. It Makes Sense in Context when you know that Kenny's Blessed with Suck because he keeps dying and coming back to life—over and over, so each "me" is one of those deaths.
  • Humorously subverted in a Space Ghost Coast to Coast episode while taking a jab at the Joker Immunity trope. After getting zapped and regenerated once, Zorak reveals he destroyed a toy collection, and Space Ghost proceeds to zap Zorak repeatedly for each one of the toys he ruined. Still mad, Space Ghost finally decides to give him "one to grow on," and Zorak doesn't reappear. Space Ghost spends the rest of the episode in remorse when in fact Zorak escaped off-stage in the chaos.
  • In The Spectacular Spider-Man, Spider-Man is seething over the fact that he was forced to publicly defend a Villain with Good Publicity from an attack by the Green Goblin. In battle, he delivers a particularly violent kick to the Green Goblin's face, adding "That's for making me protect Tombstone!"
  • The debut of the 1967 Spider-Man series has Spidey confronting the thug that murdered Uncle Ben. He intones "This is for the man you killed!" before socking the thug to kingdom come.
  • Spider-Man: The Animated Series: During the Hobgoblin's first two-parter, he puts Aunt May in the hospital while kidnapping Harry Osborn. Spider-Man later gets Hob to cripple his own glider via Deadly Dodging, and watches him crash into the river. "THAT was for Aunt May!"
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars: In "Friends and Enemies", when Anakin is trying to land a killing blow on the bounty hunter Rako Hardeen, who he believes to have killed Obi-Wan, he says "This is for Obi-Wan." Unbeknownst to Anakin, "Hardeen" is Obi-Wan, whose death was faked as part of a plot to send him undercover disguised as his own killer, with Anakin kept Locked Out of the Loop so his reaction would seem genuine.
  • Star Wars Rebels: In "DUME", while beating the crap out of Rukh, Zeb yells "THIS! IS! FOR! KANAN!"
  • In Superman: The Animated Series, in "Legacy", when Superman goes to settle with Darkseid after breaking free of his mindwashing, he does this.
    Superman: [punch] That's for Dan Turpin.
    Darkseid: Who?
    Superman: The good man you murdered!
    Darkseid: Had I known one human's death would pain you so, I would have killed more.
  • Total Drama:
    • Courtney inadvertently hits Gwen in the face with a spoon's worth of oatmeal during breakfast in "Dodgebrawl". During the dodgeball match, Gwen beams Courtney with a ball and declares it to be payback for the oatmeal.
    • Leshawna steals the ATV and drives it to the camp grounds in "Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island". Once there, she spots Heather, with whom she has a score to settle. Leshawna shouts at her target that this is for calling her a "big-butted, loudmouthed, mall-shopping homegirl" and hits the gas. Heather saves herself from getting run over by jumping off the dock into the lake.
    • Chef goes around hunting contestants with a paintball gun in "Alien Resurr-eggtion". When he targets Heather, he lets her know he's not just playing his part as the alien hunter; shooting her also is revenge for putting laxatives in the brownies he'd baked a week ago in "The Very Last Episode, Really!".
    • After Zoey tames the flying mutant fire-breathing mountain goats in "Up, Up, and Away in My Pitiful Balloon", she has them set fire to Scott's wings. She lets Scott know it is payback for the blackmail, violence, and elimination he has inflicted on her boyfriend Mike.
    • In "Suckers Punched", Alejandro fights his older brother Jose. Jose has a good chance of winning, but makes the costly mistake of calling Heather's personality unattractive. Alejandro snaps and starts handing out heavy punch after heavy punch, giving each a reason. The first is for Jose's insistence on calling him "Al", the second is for hogging the bathroom mirror, the third is for replacing his soap with a urinal cake, and the fourth and final one is for daring to call any aspect of Heather unattractive. Jose doesn't stand a chance.
    • Cameron offers himself up as a distraction for Ezekiel in "Zeek and Ye Shall Find" to give Gwen a chance to grab the bazooka. With his acid spit, Ezekiel burries Cameron beneath rubble from the cave's ceiling, but Gwen gets her hands on the weapon. As she fires at Ezekiel, she tells him that she's avenging Cameron.
  • The Transformers: Animated episode "Survival of the Fittest" has Captain Fanzone and the Autobots Bulkhead and Prowl rescue Sari from the villain Meltdown. While battling Meltdown's mutant creations, Fanzone declares that the punch he's delivering is for Sari.
  • In Transformers: Prime, Bulkhead goes off on Starscream's clone when he starts insulting him and brings up a friend he casually murdered in the beginning of the series. Bulkhead makes him pay:
    Bulkhead: For Cliffjumper! [WHAM] For Bumblebee! [WHAM] For everything! [CRUNCH]
    • Arcee is practically the Queen of this trope
      Starscream: What was that?
      Arcee: (while bleeding) I said, "This... is... FOR CLIFFJUMPER!"
  • Trollhunters: When Jim manages to fatally wound Gunmar during the Final Battle, his last comment before finishing him off is "For Draal", whom Gunmar killed several episodes earlier.
  • A variation from the VeggieTales DVD "Saint Nicholas: A Story of Joyful Giving". When Nicholas returns home after years abroad, his old friend Octavius slaps him with a fish, telling him, "That's for not writing!" and then slaps him again, this time for not calling. They then share a tender reunion, and toward the end of their conversation, he slaps Nicholas one more time. "That's for not bringing me back a souvenir."
  • X-Men: The Animated Series: Wolverine shouts "This one's for you, Morph" while demolishing a sentinel.

    Real Life 
  • A combination of bombs or artillery shells large enough to write on, and service personnel with enough time and paint has lead to personnel writing snappy Pre-Mortem One-Liners, including this kind, as early as WWII.
  • A Belgian Malinois dog named Cairo was among the group of Navy Seals that conducted the fatal raid on Osama bin Laden's compound. Given that a police dog (Sirius, a 4 year old bomb detecting gold labrador) was among the many officers killed on 9/11, it seems like an inadvertent example of this trope.
  • During its final night, the Bismarck was shadowed by a group of Allied destroyers. At one point ORP Piorun charged ahead by herself, blasting away, transmitting the signal "I am a Pole!" to the German crew. After an inconclusive shootout that lasted almost an hour, the Piorun withdrew, without either ship taking damage.
  • The USS Sealion (SS-315) was named after a previous Sealion (SS-195) that was sunk by a Japanese air raid on the Cavite Navy Yard, Philippines, in December 1941. Commander Eli Thomas Reich, the Executive Officer of the former Sealion, was placed in command of the new one. On November 21st, 1944, Sealion fired a salvo of six torpedoes at a group of Japanese ships, sinking the battleship Kongo (the only enemy battleship ever sunk by an American submarine). Four of the torpedoes had the names of the four men killed when the first Sealion was bombed.
  • According to legend, when the Frankish king Clovis conquered the city of Soissons, the bishop requested that a vase plundered in the battle be returned to the cathedral. Although Clovis agreed, one of his soldiers smashed it with an axe. Later, when Clovis ran into the same soldier, he smashed his skull with his axe, saying "just as you did to the vase at Soissons!"


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