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"After a while, all I'm doing is punching wet chips of bone into the floorboards. So I stop."
John Hartigan, Sin City

Bob has been dealt a horrible injustice by Emperor Evulz — perhaps Cool and Unusual Punishment, family murdered, an earlier No-Holds-Barred Beatdown, or maybe Evulz had a fax machine that plain didn't work.

When the time finally comes to deliver justice, Bob pulls out all the stops and attacks Evulz in a rage of melee combat, even though he might have a much more efficient/safe method of attack, and ends up continuing WAY beyond what is necessary. Often accompanied by Bob screaming, either incoherently or about how much he hates Evulz. Sometimes Bob will list Evulz's crimes in "And This Is for..." fashion. He may even try to run him through the aforementioned fax machine.

While causing considerable damage and pain for Emperor Evulz, Bob is often hurt by his own fury after he calms down. Sometimes Bob ends up Pummeling the Corpse, either in a bid to make sure Evulz goes down and STAYS down, due to being too mad to register that Evulz gave up the ghost during this savage beatdown, or due to a need to let it all out.


A Sub-Trope to No-Holds-Barred Beatdown.

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  • 28 Days Later: After the soldiers imprison a woman and child, Jim beats the tar out of every soldier in the complex (aided by an unwitting zombie) and gouges out one's eyes with his thumbs.
    • To be fair, the soldiers did a bit more than “imprison them” – they were planning on raping and forcibly impregnating them and tried to murder Jim to stop him from escaping with them. The Roaring Rampage of Revenge is still disturbing to watch though; the woman, Selena, even grabs a machete to defend herself after seeing the eye-gouging, apparently believing Jim to be a zombie due to his Unstoppable Rage.
  • Curse of the Golden Flower: After the Emperor's youngest son kills the heir to the throne, his father pulls off his massive solid-gold belt and beats him with it, continuing to beat his corpse long after he's dead. His creepy little laugh doesn't help.
  • Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter: After Jason Voorhees has slaughtered everyone but Tommy and Trish Jarvis, he hunts them down to one of the lodges. Trish is able to knock his mask off while Tommy ''lodges Jason's own machete in his eye'', bringing him down. But when the monster's fingers start to twitch, Tommy, a 12 year old boy, finally snaps from all the carnage and bludgeons Jason over and over with the machete, maniacally screaming "Die!Die!Die!" in one of the most extreme versions in any horror film. And it actually does kill Jason, at least until fan demand brought him back.
  • The Godfather: Carlo physically abuses Sonny's sister. Sonny then tracks down Carlo and attacks him in broad daylight. He uses his fists, his feet, Carlo's shoes, and a nearby metal trashcan (which is brought down smack on Carlo's head). All of this happens in public, and a crowd watches while Sonny's goons keep them from interfering. Carlo is left barely alive in a nearby puddle.
  • Layer Cake: The protagonist's cohort, Morty, an otherwise perfectly calm and stoic character, suddenly beats Freddie Hurst, a former partner in crime, half to death after having his Berserk Button toyed with just a little too much. A major goofup of Hurst caused Morty to end up in prison for ten years, and the guy, now a tramp, foolishly asked Morty if he could pay him a meal.
  • Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels: Big Chris gets ahold of Dog after endangering his son in a crash after his failed carjacking. Then Bullet-Tooth Tony is introduced doing this in Snatch..
  • Poltergeist: A poltergeist has been terrorizing the house, and there's a horrible clown doll in Robbie's room that he just hates. Just when everything seems okay, the clown comes to life, sneaks up on Robbie, and attempts to suffocate him. Robbie overcomes the clown, throws it on the bed, and tears it apart, screaming, "I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!".
  • Saw
    • Saw: After being captured, told he must dismember himself to escape, being subjected to intense psychological torture, and watching Lawrence cut his own foot off, Adam screams his head off while bashing in Zep's head with a toilet lid.
    • Subverted in Saw II, when Eric beats up the already-suffering Jigsaw, but Jigsaw gets the last laugh.
  • Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street: Judge Turpin lusts after Lucy, the wife of successful barber Benjamin, so the corrupt judge sends Benjamin to a foreign prison on false charges. Fifteen years later, Benjamin escapes, changes his name to Sweeney, and embarks on his quest to kill the Judge who framed him and, as he now knows, raped his wife and stole his daughter. After murdering countless innocents and everyone who gets in his way, Sweeney finally finds the judge at his mercy. He reveals his true identity and, with a cry of fury, uses his barber's razor to slice up the judge.
  • In Punisher: War Zone, Frank delivers a brutal beatdown to Jigsaw in revenge for him killing Microchip.
  • The protagonist of Joshuu Sasori has a tendency to inflict knife wounds to people she really hates that are clearly painful but not immediately fatal, while silently snarling her contempt and loathing at them — over and over again, until her staggering victim finally keels over.
  • From Marie's perspective in High Tension when she manages to gain the upper hand against the killer and viciously bludgeons his face with a thick wooden stake wrapped in rusty barbed wire.
  • Vin Diesel's character in A Man Apart snaps and beats a man to death while he's supposed to be undercover.
  • The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug: In Mirkwood, Bilbo drops the Ring and finds that a smaller Giant Spider grazed its leg upon it. Bilbo's response? Brutally stab the hell out of the spider in an Unstoppable Rage, before picking up the ring and going "Mine." He's visibly shocked after that, and ends up gazing at the Ring and the scene in horror.
  • Terminator 2: Judgment Day: Sarah gives Doug, the security guard who had licked her face earlier after strapping her to her bed, one of these when she escapes. She beats him senseless with a broken broom handle, eventually breaking it in half across the back of his neck.
  • In Flash Point, one of the gangsters takes a young girl hostage to stave off Ma, then throws her aside hard enough that she has Blood from the Mouth as he flees. Once Ma runs him down, what follows can only very generously be called a "fight", and ends with an extended take of the camera just barely covering the gangster's fallen form as Ma just Keeps. On. Punching.
  • At the end of "Mockingjay: part 2," Katniss is supposed to execute President Snow, but kills Coin instead, after finding out how she wanted to rebuild Panem. As she is led away, a crowd of thousands of spectators rush Snow, and beat him as he laughs at Katniss' action.
  • Ip Man 2: Once Ip manages to get the Twister in a clinch at his mercy, he coldly rains down punches again and again on said villain's face, juxtaposed against the villain's No-Holds-Barred Beatdown of Master Hung earlier.
  • Dominic Toretto's use of this trope is the "Furious" in The Fast and the Furious.
    • After his father had died in a crash during a race, Dom caught the driver who caused the crash and repeatedly bashed his face in with a heavy wrench to the point where he lost an eye.
    • As Johnny Tran accuses Dom of ratting him out to the police (Dom doesn't know yet that his new friend "Brian Earl Spilner" is an undercover cop), Dom beats him down and keeps punching him in a fit of rage.
    • The reason why this doesn't continue in the sequels is probably because Dom increasingly faces powerful opponents or downright nemeses rather than victims.

  • Occurs in the third Harry Potter novel, when Harry first meets Sirius. Harry becomes so enraged that he forgets all about magic, forgets that Sirius is supposedly a powerful dark wizard trained by Voldemort himself, and forgets that Sirius is holding three wands. Harry charges Sirius down and nearly suffocates him. It should be noted that Sirius probably let him, or at the least didn't fight back, since he wasn't actually a dark wizard and was trying to protect Harry from the real threat in Peter Pettigrew.
  • In Ender's Game, Stilson, a neighborhood bully, and Bonzo, a kid at Battle School, both try to do this to Ender and fail (It's Personal, especially for Bonzo because he perceived Ender's winning as an insult to his honor), causing Ender to fight back... and he actually kills both of them.
  • The same scene as above occurred in the original Godfather novel. The only reason that Sonny didn't beat Carlo to death was not because of the witnesses, but because Carlo meekly huddled on the ground and didn't even try to defend himself.
    • At the wedding in the beginning of the novel, the undertaker Bonasera came to Don Corleone to get justice for his daughter, who was viciously beaten by two young men after she refused to have sex with them. His request of "Make them suffer like she suffers" is depicted in excruciating detail as Paulie Gatto brings two ex-heavyweight boxers to help him out with the punks. By the end of it, they are still alive, but the book says that they'd need several months of reconstructive surgery before they'd get out of the hospital.
  • Star Wars Legends:
    • In Solo Command, Gamorrean pilot "Piggy" saBinring is in the room when a gunman tries to assassinate Admiral Ackbar. After getting shot once, Piggy proceeds to pick up Ackbar's desk and promptly reduce the gunman's head to about a quarter of its proper width. ...and puts a sizable dent in Ackbar's (shipboard) office wall, with the dent also appearing in the cafeteria/lounge on the other side of the wall, hurling a hapless ensign halfway across the room while all but one of the other people in the room run for the door.
    • Corran Horn in I, Jedi to a sadistic underling while Horn was going undercover in a pirate group. The man had done so many nasty things, including strafing crowded streets for fun, that when he finally pushed Corran too far, he was beaten to an unrecognizable pulp. Made even better because he had been very handsome. And then to top it all off, the leader of the pirate group had him executed for insubordination and attacking a superior officer.
  • Artemis Fowl's bodyguard and manservant Butler in the first book of the series does this to a troll. At the height of the hostage crisis, the LEP send in a captured troll to force someone in the Fowl manor to cry for help, which could be taken as a sign that they're allowed inside. Butler runs headlong into the beast as it enters the building, and before he has much chance to do anything, it eviscerates him and heaves him through a brick wall. He survives long enough for Holly to heal him with magic, and his subsequent takedown of the troll, using a mace and gauntlets taken from a suit of armor, is was only stopped by Holly ordering him to. It's also staggeringly controlled, ultimately ending up as part of the LEP hand-to-hand manual.
  • Horus Heresy sees Khârn deliver one to Erebus for the latter's murder of Argel Tal, the last sane brother-in-arms Khârn has. Erebus, who fancies himself as "destiny's hand", is outclassed by an opponent who seems downright bored.
  • In Shadow of the Conqueror, Daylen ends up on the receiving end of this from Lyrah, shortly after she finds out that he's Dayless: ripping off his arms, crushing his rib cage, knocking him into the air with enough force to break several bones and create a crater, and finally shattering his back, arm, and ribs again. Even Daylen's extreme Healing Factor and pain tolerance are pushed to the limit, until he figures out an 11th-Hour Superpower and proceeds to turn the Curbstomp Battle upside down on her. As Daylen is The Atoner and she's a Hero Antagonist, however, he avoids injuring her beyond what she can easily heal from.

    Mythology & Religion 

    Professional Wrestling 
  • Brock Lesnar repeatedly to Kurt Angle. Yeah, Team Angle were a pain in the neck, but really, did you have to break the man's neck? Especially considering Paul Heyman was who you really had a beef with? In an uncharacteristic display of human compassion, Lesnar actually agreed he crossed the line and made sure Angle made a full recovery. Angle, in turn, turned face.
  • Mercedes Martinez's default response to being crossed is to crack the head of the perpetrator or kick their teeth down it, as Angel Orsini and Jessicka Havok found out the hard way in WSU. Though in the case of the latter, it was disproportionately less than what Rain's Army and The Midwest Militia, which Havok belonged to, had done, despite Martinez asking for God's forgiveness.
  • Jimmy Jacobs encouraged Delirious to hold nothing back when attacking Rhett Titus, who had spread false rumors about having sex with Delirious's crush, Daizee Haze. Incidentally, this led to Delirious's corruption and membership in Age Of The Fall.
  • Kofi Kingston's short lived stint in the WWE main event came when he uncharacteristically knocked out Randy Orton and put him through a table. This being in response to Orton's group, Legacy, blaming Raw's loss to Smackdown at Bragging Rights on Kofi, even though it was The Big Show's fault. For that matter, the rest of the Raw roster that wasn't Legacy basically mugged the Big Show and sent him packing to Smackdown.
  • For all the whining done about the universal PG rating that was applied to all WWE programming, pay per view included, the rating didn't stop supposed baby face Sheamus from giving The Big Show thirty-one chair shots, which was unprecedented in the company even during the "Attitude Era" and a rare sight even in the wider world of pro wrestling. Anyone remember what Big Show had done to provoke that? Some insensitive comments about red hair? Well, Big Show would go on to get his own revenge, not by number of chair shots but by striking Sheamus with a folding chair so large even Big Show looked small sitting on it at Extreme Rules.

  • In V4 of Survival of the Fittest, Jimmy Brennan gets revenge on school bully Phillip Ward by beating him to death with a piece of driftwood, and continues to pummel his head in long after he's died.

    Tabletop Games 
  • The "Berserk Anger" and "Red Rage of Compassion" Limit Breaks in Exalted are essentially this; the Exalted in question flies into a rage and starts attacking blindly, without enough presence of mind to even draw a weapon. The main difference between the two is that RRoC is directed toward "sources of suffering," while Berserk Anger is directed towards anything and everything nearby, whether Friend or Foe.
    • Malfeas would desperately like to do this to all those treacherous gods, but he's kind of hell at the moment. No, he's not in hell. He is hell. But he need not worry, his chosen are out to do the job of freeing him, and the charms he taught them all have something to do with EXTREME REVENGE, melee or not.
  • "Berserk Anger" returns in Scion — blow a Courage roll badly enough and you start killing everything between you and the nearest wall. Failing a Valor roll to that degree has similar results, but you aren't as likely to kill your friends.

    Web Comics 
  • Girl Genius:
  • Goblins:
    • Dellyn Goblinslayer kept a female yuan-ti named Kin as his plaything and routinely abused her to within an inch of her life. Minmax and Forgath get into a bar fight with him and manage to gruesomely beat him, at which point Dellyn stabilizes at -6 hitpoints. As a high-level ranger, if he recovers, he could track them down and take his revenge, so as they argue over whether or not to kill him while he's unconscious, Kin picks up Minmax's broken sword and stabs Dellyn under the jaw. Then she stabs him again. And again and again...
    • The Goblins lost their chief when the Knight Templar Kore brutally tortured and murdered him. Much later, the pacifist Big Ears viciously beats Kore up using a golem.
  • Homestuck:
    • In the animation "[S] Make Her Pay", Aradia gets her revenge by viciously beating the Blue Blood out of Vriska. She only relents after seeing Tavros's horrified reaction. We later learn that this beating was severe enough that it resulted in Vriska's death, though Vriska was prepared for that and used it as an opportunity to ascend to God Tier.
    • Later played for laughs with Post-Scratch Jack Noir beating up a prison guard. After 7 knives in the back and the 89th head bash into the wall, Jack decides that he is sorry for the overkill. And by "sorry," he means "bored."
  • Played for horror in Ichika Whatever when Ichika got raped, sending her to get sent to the hospital. After Ichika spots a red haired girl, she beats her to the point where she’s actually beating up a dead woman.
  • In The Order of the Stick, Crystal inflicts this on her boss Bozzok after realizing that he had used her for his own gain and paid a wizard to reanimate her into a hellish existence as a flesh golem. She's furious enough to punch through his chest — and doesn't stop there.
  • In Weak Hero, to cap off his brutal beatdown of the student who hospitalised his best friend, Gray punches him over and over until his face is nearly unidentifiable under all the bruises and swelling.

    Web Original 

    Web Videos 
  • This is the fate of many a game cartridge at the end of an The Angry Video Game Nerd review.
  • In Entry #67 of Marble Hornets, Tim, as his masked persona, repeatedly punches Alex, who is tied to a chair and thus helpless to fight back because of everything the latter has done to make the former's life a living hell.
  • Mortal Kombat: Legacy:
    • When Kano brags about torturing his friend Sonya, Jax delivers an utterly vicious beat down to the Black Dragon thug, knocking out his right eye and partially caving in his skull.
    • Johnny Cage delivers a rather satisfying beating to some network executives who stole his idea for a reality show and tried to pitch it to an actress they wanted to promote.

    Western Animation 
  • Family Guy:
    • Peter beats up Jimmy Fallon (who was the SNL host) for all of the horrible sketches he's done. Fallon had slept with his daughter and used the sex as an opening sketch. This is one of the few times Peter actually does show some care for Meg. Of course, when he beats up Fallon, it's for the aforementioned reason before asking for the man who slept with Meg.
    • Brian doesn't pay Stewie the $50 he's owed. In retribution, Stewie smashes a glass over his head, shoots him in the kneecaps, shoves him down a flight of stairs, and sets him on fire, all while yelling, "WHERE'S MY MONEY?".
    • Brian gets a similar beating from Quagmire; Brian unknowingly has sex with Quagmire's father, who recently had a sex change operation. Amazingly, Brian still comes out from this beating with a comeback one-liner in the end: as Quagmire leaves, Brian says, "Hey... I f*cked your dad." and slams the door. Brian didn't even know that was Quagmire's dad, and underwent a massive squick reaction before Quagmire came and beat him up, making it a literal and figurative case of Kick the Dog.
  • Kaeloo: This happens Once an Episode to whoever managed to piss Kaeloo off. She usually comes to regret it once she calms down.
  • Metalocalypse is filled to the brim with this, but one of the most memorable instances involves Toki exacting revenge on an annoying screaming man.
  • In the Stroker and Hoop episode "I Saw Stroker Killing Santa (a.k.a. A Cold, Dead, White Christmas)," Santa Claus keeps shooting repeatedly at the guy who tried to kill him, continuing after he is totally dead.

    Real Life 


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