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Magneto is the title of several series published by Marvel Comics starring the character Magneto.

Magneto was introduced in the first issue of 1963's The X-Men, initially as a villainous mutant supremacist and recurring adversary of the teenage superheroes.

Over time, his characterisation shifted into Well Intentioned Extremism and, eventually, his portrayal became an antihero with a tragic past.

This shift was accompanied by a switch from antagonist to protagonist, with a number of comics focusing on Magneto as their lead.

Magneto provides examples of:

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    Magneto (1993) 

    Magneto Rex 

    Magneto: Dark Seduction 

    Magneto (2001) 

    X-Men: Magneto Testament 

    Magneto (2011) one-shot 

    Magneto: Not a Hero 

    Magneto (2014) 

    X-Men: The Trial of Magneto 

    Magneto (2023) 
  • Arc Welding: Issue #3 reveals Irae was a citizen of Santo Marco, the South American country Magneto invaded way back in X-Men (Vol. 1) #4 (1963).


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