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From Comics

"You cannot wish us away. you cannot ignore us. We — Homo Sapiens Superior — are your children. We are the next generation of humanity. What kind of parent fears his progeny? Tries to murder them? Is this the legacy you wish to leave?"
— From "The Trial of Magneto" (Uncanny X-Men #200 Vol. 1) written by Chris Claremont

Magneto: "What troubles you? Is it my awesome power? Are you jealous? Afraid? Or is it merely because I am a mutant that you are not 'at ease'?"
Captain America: "Now that you mention it, the fact that you tried to kill all of us here several times as part of various evil schemes for world conquests is pretty hard to forget entirely! But Professor Xavier vouched for you, so I'm allowing you to be among us! I have no qualms about him or the rest of the mutants -- the X-Men!"
Wolverine: "Maybe you ought to, bub!"
Magneto: "Stay out of this Wolverine!"
Wolverine: "Not a chance! What you don't understand, cap'n, is that we mutants are at war! Always have been, always will be!...Some of the god-fearin' Americans that you protect hate mutants — and when they come after us, it's a lot like how the Nazis went after the Jews! Xavier wants us to hide...try to help humanity...earn in!! But when they're threatenin' you and yours, it's easy to play it like Magneto did—! Fight back—! Take the offensive—! Drive 'em into the sea if you have to—! Now, though, Professor X has convinced Maggie to lay' still you won't lay off! Sort of makes me wonder if Magneto was right.
Captain America: "Nothing justifies terrorism...or murder."
Wolverine: "Terrorists—! That's what the big army calls the little army!"
Secret Wars (1984), written by Jim Shooter, where the X-Man reminds the Avengers that for all his flaws, Magneto does more for mutantkind than any human authority.

"Anger. Hatred. Fear. These forces...more than any other...have fueled me...defined who I am...and carved out the legacy I will leave will I be remembered? Not as a hero...not as a protector of my people. My legend will be that of a mutant boogeyman bent on punishing the sins of the past...a creature driven by cold-blooded vengeance...with the fury and power of a wrathful god at his fingertips. Unstoppable...unrelenting...unforgiving."
Magneto (2014) #21, written by Cullen Bunn.

"There is a chasm between you and I, Charles. A gap that cannot be crossed. With each passing day, I fear it never will be."
Magneto, Powers of X #2, written by Jonathan Hickman

"Up. Up from the earth they come; dead women who only wanted to raise their children in safety...these are the flowers of guilt. This is the harvest that I have raised. Oh, God. Oh, God, there are so many of them. Perhaps...perhaps they will understand. Perhaps they will understand my vision, my guiding star, so bright and high that it took a mountain of butchered children to reach it... All glory. All glory to Magneto. My soldiers are gone. I am alone with the dead. They touch me, and I know what I am. I know what I have taken from them. The hands of the dead are upon me and I do not even have the right to scream."
— From Page 16-18 of Heroes for Hope, written by Alan Moore, showing a nightmare of Magneto as he confronts the victims of his many crimes.

From Adaptations

Army Colonel: What are you doing!?
Magneto: Swatting a gnat.

You dare rise against me? The human era is over. The mutant era has come!

"You want us at war with the humans, and now you have it. I take no joy in that. I take no pleasure in it. But we either chose to win this war and live free, or lie down and let you enslave us. Torture us. Kill us. Humans and mutants cannot live together in peace. Your God has selected the Mutant as the dominant species on the planet. I am Magneto. I am mutant. And you will not take this world from me."

"What none of you will ever understand is that there are no sides. No heroes or villains. There is just what I want, and how I'll get it."
Magneto: Not a Hero

"I call NO ONE master! Especially not one who would destroy the innocent along with the guilty!"

"When I was a boy, I saw men executed. Women and children. Each night, I swore to myself, never again. ...But, we must prevail. Goodbye, Senator. Mutant liberation begins."

"A man with metal bones should have more sense than to break into my house."

— Yipes

Allow me to share my dream for this world.

Callisto: If you're so proud of being a mutant, where's your mark?
Magneto: I have been marked once, my dear, and let me assure you, [pulls back his sleeve to reveal the Nazi concentration camp serial number tattooed on his arm] no needle shall ever touch my skin again.

Quotes about Magneto

Dave A. Woodrum: Can Magneto magnetic powers affect the 'mystic Uru metal' of Thor's hammer''?
Stan Lee: 'Fraid not, Davey. Thor's hammer isn't made of mystic Uru metal because Uru isn't metal; it's an element that doesn't conform to any Earthly classification. I can't tell you what kind of element it is, because that would mean breaking my promise to Odin."
Stan's Soapbox, published in Fantastic Four, vol 3, Issue 26, February 2000.

"Marvel saw value in Magneto not being a mass-murderer of New Yorkers."
Chuck Austen, explaining the retconning of his Moral Event Horizon in Morrison's Run.


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