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Sibling Triangle

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"Two brothers. One woman. Trouble."
Flakita, The X-Files, "El Mundo Gira"

In simple terms, a Love Triangle where two of the parties involved are siblings, who both love (or at least try to "get") the third party.

This alters the dynamic in various ways, given the famously rather complicated relationships between siblings in the first place. Might go anywhere from a friendly rivalry, one deciding that they want their siblings to be happy or straight into Cain and Abel territory. In Fairy Tales, often inspires the Bride and Switch.

If they don't hate each other from the start, it can turn into a case of Polyamory (if they're twins, it can also be a Twin Threesome Fantasy). If one of the siblings is the non-related party's official partner and there's cheating involved with the other sibling, it overlaps with A Family Affair.

Usually does not involve Brother–Sister Incest.

See also Two Guys and a Girl, Sibling Rivalry, and Settle for Sibling. When a fourth party is added in the form of a sibling to the third party, see Double In-Law Marriage.


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    Anime & Manga 

  • In Black Clover, Finesse is introduced as the betrothed to whomever becomes the new head of House Vaude—implying that their father was already planning to disown older son Finral for his more talented half-brother Langris. Finral and Finesse would be a Perfectly Arranged Marriage; Langris is initially indifferent to Finesse, but his Inferiority Superiority Complex is such that he's enraged at the thought of anybody preferring Finral to him. This seems to have changed after some Character Development.
  • In Cardcaptor Sakura, elementary schooler Sakura's first crush is her teenage brother Touya's best friend, Yukito. Touya and Yukito are in love with each other, but haven't actually talked about it for most of the series. They are both incredibly kind and patient with Sakura over the whole thing, pretending to be oblivious and going along with it whenever Sakura asks Touya to bring Yukito over so she can give him some token of affection. Yukito waits until Sakura actually tells him about it to let her down as gently as he can, by comparing her love for him to her love for her father. Sakura immediately guesses that it's Touya he really loves, which Yukito confirms and Sakura is both heartbroken and thrilled by, eagerly reminding Yukito just how sweet Touya can be when he wants, how sure she is that Touya loves him just as much, and to come to her if he ever gives Yukito a hard time.
  • Claudine:
    • Claude's father, Auguste, had an affair with Louis first before eventually starting one with Louis' sister, Cécilia.
    • A love triangle forms between Claude, his third love Sirène, and Claude's oldest brother Andrew. Sirène ultimately chooses Andrew.
  • At one point in the D.N.Angel anime, both Risa and Riku are in love with Niwa. (With the added complication of Dark being in love with... One of them. It's complicated.)
  • Domestic Girlfriend has it mixed with Flirty Step Siblings for good measure. Male lead Natsuo starts out in love with his teacher, Hina, and during a mixed date he loses his virginity to a girl he just met named Rui. Much later, he finds out his father has decided to remarry and when he meets his new stepmom's family, he's shocked to learn that Hina and Rui are her daughters. From then on, all the obvious complications of such a relationship begin to arise.
  • In FLCL, Mamimi had some kind of relationship with Naota's absent brother, but now seems to be using him as a Replacement Goldfish. In a variant, Naota and his father both have an unrequited attraction to Haruko.
  • Free! sorta takes this direction in the second season, with both Mikoshiba brothers (eldest Seijuuro and youngest Momotarou) crushing on Gou Matsuoka. She doesn't seem to be aware of it.
  • Fruits Basket: Arguably the Trope Codifier for Sibling-Themed Harems that don't resort to Brother–Sister Incest. The main one involves Yuki and Kyo, who are actually cousins, but living in the same house as their love interest Tohru, it has this vibe. Kyo wins, and Yuki's affections get weirdly explained away as non-romantic after all.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist:
    • Apparently, Ed and Al used to have this in their childhood, fighting over who would marry their friend Winry, who wasn't interested in either of them. Eventually, Winry did develop a thing for Ed and Ed returned her feelings in the manga; Al acknowledged this and went the Shipper on Deck way without any problems.
    • In the first anime, Scar was in love with his older brother's girlfriend. She later died and Scar's brother fell enough into despair to try Human Transmutation to bring her back, before his own death... unwittingly creating the homunculus Lust in the process. The brother's last words are basically a mix of an apology to Scar ("I'm sorry, you probably deserved her more") and a reaffirmation of his feelings ("But I will see her first").
  • Averted in Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden. Both of the Urumiya twins, Hagas and Tegu, fall for Princess Firuka... but at different times. Hagas, who loved Firuka because she helped him live a little longer, dies in a Self-Sacrifice Scheme to release Tegu from Firuka's Archnemesis Dad and give him the title of "Urumiya" Senshi; Firuka meets the now free Tegu, he tells her how much Hagas loved her even when he couldn't show it, and later they get married.
  • The biggest example in Futakoi is the love triangle between protagonist Nozomu and the Ichijou twins; Kaoruko and Sumireko. The twins both love Nozomu and this causes a bit of tension between the twins.
  • The Gentlemen's Alliance has Shizumasa and Takanari, both in love with main heroine Haine.
  • In Goddess Creation System Xiaxi ends up setting one of these off, half on purpose. She serves as the personal attendant of Mingluan and is very supportive but not openly trying to win him over. She eventually makes him fall in love with her by emphasizing that he needs to play to his own strengths and helping him make a name for himself. Later, she's transferred to work under his brother Mingyi and pretends to be in love with Mingluan. Since Mingyi can't stand being inferior to someone else, he grows increasingly obsessed with her and eventually falls in love as well. During this whole process, the two begin an extremely disruptive fight, though not directly over Xiaxi. Later, they end up coming to terms with each other and agree on a fair competition to win her. However, Xiaxi doesn't actually care about either!
  • Horimiya has something of an inversion where Sawada tries to compete with Miyimura for Hori's affection, but she quickly comes to view him as an older brother since they're next-door neighbors and she recently lost her actual brother.
  • Koki, Tanpopo, and Yoji in Imadoki! It's more one-sided on Tanpopo's end, as she and Koki very clearly have feelings for each other, but when Yoji confesses his own feelings for Tanpopo, she briefly dates him.
  • Subverted in Kaguya-sama: Love Is War, because Kei merely admires Kaguya rather than express romantic attraction towards her like her brother. However, both vie for Kaguya's affection and smugly tell the other sibling how close they are to Kaguya. Shirogane shocks Kei though, when she learns in Chapter 170 that the two have become a couple, and wants to learn all the details.
  • Infinite Ryvius has this as the origin of the Cain and Abel feud of Yuki and Kouji Aiba; they had both fallen for the same woman (implied to be Aoi), and Kouji bows out for both their sakes when he finds out. Yuki takes that as an insult to the woman, and his disgust for his brother lasts for most of the series.
  • This also starts off the plot of Judge: Hiro has a secret crush on his friend Hikari, but his older brother Atsuya confessed his own attraction first, so he kept quiet about it. However, at the start of the series, he decides to tell her anyway and secretly derails the pair's plans to meet for a date, figuring she might be more receptive to his confession if she thought Atsuya had stood her up. Atsuya gets hit by a car because of this.
  • Kimi ni Todoke has a variation: Ryu is a Patient Childhood Love Interest to Chizuru, who has a crush on his older brother, Toru.
  • In The King of Fighters Radio Drama The Sun and the Moon, Iori Yagami finds himself in a triangle with his two Morality Pets, the sisters Konoe and Kikuri Tanima. He ends up with… neither of them: he leaves Japan to protect them from himself, and Kikuri dies of illness later.
  • Kyou Kara Yonshimai has Sakura's friend falling for her. He later meets her older sister and is attracted to her, until learning that she is the "brother" he had called gross and obnoxious for living as a woman. Kashiwa finds him annoying for harassing her sister and is uninterested in him (plus she has a girlfriend anyway).
  • Happens in Yoko Hanabusa's Lady!!, with the Russell half-sisters Sarah and Lynn having feelings for Arthur Brighton. Sarah and Arthur get together, while Lynn's feelings shift towards Arthur's younger brother Edward.
  • A variation occurs in one of The Legend of Zelda manga based off of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. The current Zelda and the recently-revived Sleeping Zelda both fight over Link at the end. They're distant relatives as the latter had been comatose for centuries, and the current Zelda is presumably a descendant of her brother.
  • In Macross Zero, sisters Sara and Mao Nome both end up falling in love with Shin Kudo. Mao is more openly affectionate, while Sara's feelings are more conflicted due to Shin being an outsider.
  • It's played with in Maid-Sama!, where Hinata is in love with Misaki, and Misaki's little sister Suzuna has a crush on him. However, there's no real rivalry between the sisters, since Misaki doesn't reciprocate Hinata's feelings. Regardless, it works out fine, since Hinata ends up married to Suzuna in the Distant Finale set at Misaki and Usui's wedding.
  • In Ouran High School Host Club, manga version, both Hikaru and Kaoru are in love with Haruhi. Kaoru backs out because "Hikaru's more important [to him]", which doesn't matter because Hikaru eventually becomes a Romantic Runner-Up to Tamaki.
  • Please Twins! plays out like one of these. The plot consists out of two girls that turn up at a boy's house claiming to be his twin sister. The boy and the girls need to find out who is the real twin sister while falling in love with each other.
  • Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl Adventure! has something similar; both Jun and his father Palmer like Mitsumi.
  • A good portion of Princess Jellyfish's plot revolves around two brothers both liking the same woman, one being a Wholesome Crossdresser and the other not even realizing the woman is the same person as the geeky, meganekko he hates. The manga ends on an ambiguous note.
  • RahXephon has a more serious example with Megumi and Haruka both liking Ayato. Megumi later decides to back off.
    • In fact, there's a recursive example (two of the characters are in both love triangles) kinda, sorta with Dr. Kisaragi and Ayato, who are clones, both loving Haruka. At the end, Haruka and Ayato get back together.
  • Played with in Red River (1995). Yuri's twin caretakers Ryuhi and Shala have the same taste in men, thus they fall for Kail's advisor Kikkuri and visit him at night, with Kikkuri not realizing that he's sleeping with them both since he can't distinguish them. When the girls get pregnant at the same time and the deal is revealed... Kikkuri marries them both, and the seven members of their little family (since both girls gave birth to twins) live happily from then on.
  • In Revolutionary Girl Utena, both Anthy and her brother Akio manage to bed Utena and each other (not very willingly from Anthy's side, though). Nanami finds out and is traumatized by the knowledge, so she tries to warn Utena to no avail.
  • Sakura Trick: Haruka has the affections of both Sonoda sisters. Since her relationship with the younger one is the entire basis of the series, it's easy to guess how things will turn.
  • Samurai Harem: Asu no Yoichi has a variant of this (Ayame likes Youichi who is kind of a pervert but seems to prefer Ibuki)
  • School Rumble has a one-sided variant: Yakumo likes Harima who likes Yakumo's sister Tenma.
  • Simoun has an unusual example: a Type 5 triangle where Alti loves her older sister Kaimu who crushes on Paraietta who doesn't have feelings for any of them (because she's in love with Neviril).
  • Chocolat and Tira Misu for Carrot Glace in Sorcerer Hunters. Tira wins in the manga.
  • In Spiral, Ayumu was in love with his sister-in-law, and lives with her after his brother disappears.
  • In Star Driver pink-haired twin sisters Mizuno and Marino You both fall for the same boy, male lead Takuto Tsunashi. It is later revealed that Marino is in fact a clone created by Mizuno's first phase power, which may account for them both liking 'the same things.'
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, kind of—Simon and Kamina aren't brothers in the biological sense, but always refer to themselves that way and consider themselves as such anyway. Simon initially has a Precocious Crush on Yoko, and gets a hard kick in the heart when he sees her and Kamina having their First Kiss. Romance between him and Yoko more or less vanishes after that, though, even with Kamina dying that same episode. note . Anyway, the trope soon becomes moot since Simon soon meets Nia and falls for her
  • In Adachi Mitsuru's Touch (1981), twin brothers Katsuya and Tatsuya both love their childhood friend Minami. Older twin Tatsuya backs off, allowing the younger Kazuya to win at everything, including love seemingly. Then… Kazuya dies in an accident, and the story follows the relationship that develops after this tragedy.
  • Brother–Sister Incest version in shojo manga Vampire Knight with both Kuran brothers, Rido and Haruka, in love with younger sister Juri. (Marriage between siblings is common among pureblood vampires, however). And Juri chooses Haruka anyway. Which later means trouble for Juri and Haruka's daughter Yuuki, since Rido reappears and becomes fixated on her.
  • The Vampire Princess Miyu manga gives us Kyo Kitami and the Minami sisters, Mari and Rima. The guy is fascinated with the older sister Rima who is actually a cute mermaid kept in a tank, while the younger sister Mari is tasked with luring Kyo so their Shinma dad can drink his blood, but ends up falling for him…
  • Wandering Son initially had a Love Triangle between two siblings. In middle school Maho fell for a boy named Riku, so she asked her transgender sister Nitori to dress up as a girl after Riku had fallen for her. Even after he finds out Nitori's sex he seems to be somewhat attracted to Nitori. It eventually faded though and he and Maho became a happy couple who are still together even at the end, when Nitoro goes off to college. It's never quite said whether Nitori herself had feelings for Riku, but she later gets a girlfriend.
  • A variation of this can be found in The World God Only Knows, with the Jupiter Sisters, who possess the bodies of girls belonging to Keima's Unwanted Harem. Somewhat subverted later on, after one of them revealed that they're not actually related and the "Jupiter Sisters" is a collective title bestowed to six priestesses whose powers complement each other to a devastating synergistic effect. They truly regard each other as sisters, though.

  • In the Child Ballad The Twa Sisters, the sister's motive in drowning her sister is jealousy.

    Comic Books 
  • In one Batman Black and White animated comic "Two of a Kind", Harvey Dent is rehabilitated by a combination of therapy, plastic surgery, and a romance with the plastic surgeon. Said plastic surgeon has a twin sister who is immediately smitten with Harvey because she is even crazier than Two-Face and believes they are two of a kind. She tempts Harvey into cheating on his fiance, but he eventually breaks it off with her. It ends in tears just as all of Harvey's attempts to be free of Two-Face do.
  • In Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8, Buffy realizes that she may have romantic feelings for long-time platonic friend Xander. She goes to tell him, only to discover that he has just started a relationship with her sister, Dawn. (This is all made even more complicated when you remember that Xander had a crush on Buffy in Season 1 and Dawn had a Precocious Crush on Xander in Season 5).
  • Issue #9 of My Little Pony: Friends Forever involves the identical twin unicorn Con Artists Flim and Flam having broken up over their mutual attraction to a librarian named Marian. Granny Smith gets them back together by revealing she was the non-sibling member of one of these herself in her younger days, with the "Jonagold Brothers" never speaking to each other for the rest of their lives after she backed out of their feuding over her.
  • Pacific Rim: Tales from Year Zero: Naomi flirted with both Beckett brothers back in the day. It caused issues in their drift, because Raleigh could see that Yancy was thinking of Naomi and was jealous.
  • Miguel, alias Spider-Man 2099, starts the series engaged to his brother Gabe's former girlfriend (they first hooked up while Gabe was seeing her, and Gabe is still a bit resentful). Things get more strained when Gabe's current girlfriend also falls for Miguel in his Spider-Man guise.
  • X-Men:
    • In Ultimate X-Men, Lorna (aka Polaris) dated Scott (aka Cyclops) in the backstory and his brother Alex (aka Havok) in the series' present.
    • In the normal continuity the Summers brothers had another one: Madelyn was married to Scott and later fell for Alex.

    Fairy Tales 
  • In the Chinese tale "Beauty and Pockface", Pockface takes Beauty's place after she visited her family, and weeps and wails about how he never really loved her because he no longer does after she contracted smallpox.
  • Cinderella and her stepsisters all want to marry the prince. In the Brothers Grimm version the latter are willing to cut off bits of their feet just to fit in the glass slipper.
  • In "Fair, Brown, and Trembling," Trembling goes to church, and a prince falls in love with her, and out of love with Fair. After she has a baby, Fair pushes Trembling into the sea and takes her place.
  • In "The Golden Bird" the brothers try to murder their younger brother and keep the beautiful maiden.
  • In "The Story of Tam and Cam," Tam is murdered by her stepmother, who gets the king to marry Cam in her place, but Tam keeps coming back.
  • In "Tsarevitch Ivan, the Fire Bird and the Gray Wolf", after they murder Ivan, his brother draw lots about who gets to marry Helen the Beautiful.
  • In "The Water of Life," the older brothers try to woo the princess who had agreed to marry their younger brother.
  • In "The White Bride and the Black One," the stepmother murders her stepdaughter en route to the wedding and substitutes her own daughter.
  • In "The Wonderful Birch," the witch made the items fit her daughter; her stepdaughter let the prince know the truth and so they used the witch's daughter to make a magical bridge and he married the stepdaughter; the witch then replaced the stepdaughter with her daughter after childbirth.

    Fan Works 
  • Another variation occurs in Child of the Storm, with Maddie showing definite interest in Scott Summers, whom Jean Grey is in love with. However, Jean and Scott are still at the UST stage, and so Jean hasn't even realized the depths of her feelings for him or vice versa.
    Maddie: If you don't want him, can I have him?
  • Fate/Black Dawn: Shirou is trapped between Arturia (who he is in love with, but who doesn't remember him) and her sister Morgan (who is slowly falling for him despite her best efforts). Morgan eventually tells Arturia the truth of Shirou's origin, and flatly says that while she is willing to share Shirou with her, if Arturia rejects him Morgan is not going to give her a second chance. Further complicated by the fact that Morgan had previously dream-raped Arturia in an effort to make herself Arturia's queen.
    Morgan: I will take the man who belongs with you as part of your soul, and make him my husband forever. He is, after all, a man who only appears once in the span of a world.
  • In Hot Under The Collar, a Harry Potter Fanfic, both Regulus and Sirius—who are brothers—want to be Remus' boyfriend.
  • In RWBY: Scars, a flashback chapter reveals that Summer and Qrow were a couple but Qrow's twin sister Raven was in love with Summer. It was unrequited.
  • In Superman story Superman of 2499: The Great Confrontation, Alan and Adam Kent love Katherine. Kath finds Adam attractive but she eventually chooses Alan. Adam doesn't take her choice well at all.
  • An unrequited example occurs in the RWBY one-shot Taiyang. Taiyang was in a relationship with Raven and had a daughter with her, but Raven ran off when Yang was little. Years afterwards, Raven's twin brother Qrow confesses to Taiyang that he's had feelings for him ever since their school days. Taiyang, however, doesn't like him back and turns him down softly.
  • In To Hell and Back (Arrowverse), the Oliver/Laurel/Tommy Love Triangle is also this, as (unbeknownst to all three), Oliver and Tommy are half-brothers.
  • During Part I of Villain: Redux, there's a romance subplot wherein Buttercup and Blossom both have feelings for their (and Bubbles') mutual friend Robin, with neither knowing how to navigate this situation. While Buttercup has decided to simply not make a move out of respect for Blossom, Blossom is incredibly jealous of how Robin clearly gets along better with Buttercup than with her. When they're finally forced to talk it out, Blossom swallows her pride and encourages Buttercup to ask Robin out, as she and Bubbles are convinced Robin reciprocates her feelings. Buttercup remains hesitant though, unsure if she's capable of handling a relationship. Not that it matters, since it turns out Robin doesn't like Buttercup that way regardless, awkwardly avoiding Buttercup after Bubbles tried matchmaking them herself. Come the Time Skip in Part II and it's Blossom that's started (secretly) dating Robin in the intervening years instead.
  • White Sheep (RWBY): Due to Jaune's many casual compliments, sisters Yang and Ruby believe that he is romantically interested in Ruby. The problem arises when Yang jokingly says "it's a date!" when inviting him to hang out and he takes it seriously, including giving her flowers. Yang tries desperately not to fall for him because she hates the idea of stealing from Ruby, while Ruby tries to push Yang towards him because she wants Yang to be happy. Jaune, of course, is completely oblivious to most of this; it takes him a while to come around to the idea that he's dating Yang, and even then he still compliments Ruby constantly. Eventually, he ends up with Yang. Although in the Distant Finale Oscar realizes that one of Jaune's sons is in fact Ruby's son, rather than Yang's. Yang did say she was willing to share.
  • You Built This House contains a variation. Apple White and Daring Charming are considered destined to be together, but it turns out that Daring's sister Darling is actually Apple's "true love". Apple tries to ignore this and pretend that Daring is her soulmate, even after everyone already knows about her and Darling's destiny. They end it when both agree that their 'relationship' can't work.

    Films — Animation 

    Films — Live-Action 
  • 8 Women: Gaby and Marcel are married. It's revealed that Gaby's sister Augustine is interested in Marcel, while Marcel's sister Pierrette is interested in Gaby.
  • In Atlantic City, Sally's husband Dave shows up in Atlantic City with Sally's sister Chrissie, whom Dave has impregnated, in tow. Sally is super-pissed about this.
  • In Atonement, Cecilia is romantically involved with Robbie, who is the crush of her younger sister Briony.
  • The Cloud-Capped Star: Selfish younger sister Geeta steals away Neeta's boyfriend Sanat. Worse, she does this at the deliberate behest of their mother, because Neeta is supporting the whole family and Mom doesn't want to lose Neeta's salary.
  • Crazed Fruit: Both brash, confident Natsuhira and his meek little brother Haru fall for gorgeous Eri. She seems to really love Haru but at the same time have a deep carnal attraction to Natsuhira. The triangle ends with violence.
  • Crush: Sisters AJ and Gabby both like Paige. At first, Paige liked Gabby, then AJ. After it comes out, AJ temporarily shuns Paige because it seems like she'd been used and doesn't want to be second picked either. Gabby realizes what's happened and urges AJ to get back with Paige.
  • In Dan in Real Life, the eponymous character meets a woman at a bookstore and they hit it off. A few minutes later, he finds out the woman is his brother's new girlfriend.
  • In DISCO (2017), the reason why Crystal is much less willing to help Lana when she is in trouble than Emily is that she slept with her husband, ruining her marriage.
  • Ed TV: Shari is dating Ed's brother Ray, but there's a mutual attraction between her and Ed. After Ed catches Ray with another woman, which is broadcast live on his reality show, he rushes over to Shari's place to comfort her and they end up kissing. Ray is hurt and temporarily stops speaking to either of them. This drama leads to the first major boost in viewership for Ed's show as people want to see how the triangle plays out.
  • The Field Guide to Evil: In "The Cobbler's Lot", brothers Tivald and Botand and both in love (or, at least, obsessed) with Princess Boglarka (and her asphodel slippers). Boglarka favours the younger and more talented brother Tivald, but that not does prevent Botland from attempting to claim her for himself.
  • Four Sisters and a Wedding: Sisters Alex and Bobbie's conflict is driven by Alex supposedly stealing Bobbie's boyfriend. This is later clarified to Bobbie breaking up with him before she left for America, and Alex dating him an offensively short amount of time later. According to Bobbie, they wouldn't have broken up if Alex wasn't in the picture.
  • In Frieda, Robert and his brother Alan were both in love with Judy. Judy chose to marry Alan. the situation becomes complicated when Robert returns from the war with his new bride Frieda, only to learn that Judy is now widowed; Alan having been shot down three months earlier.
  • Silent comedy film Hands Up! features the protagonist falling in love with each of a pair of sisters. He resolves this dilemma by—marrying both of them.
  • Linda and Julia Seton get into one when Linda falls in love with Julia's fiancé Johnny in Holiday. Linda, who loves her sister, staunchly refuses to act on her feelings until the end of the movie.
  • At the start of The Hoodlum, Rosa is the sweetheart of Johnny Lubeck, with an understanding that they are going to get married. However, when Johnny's Black Sheep brother Vincent is released from prison and comes to work for Johnny, she finds herself attracted to him. Their illicit affair ultimately results in her being Driven to Suicide.
  • In I Wake Up Screaming, Frankie the promoter takes an interest in Vicki, plucks her from waiting tables, and makes her a famous model—but winds up falling in love with her sister Jill, much to Vicki's displeasure.
  • Stanley in In This Our Life steals her sister's husband, Peter, whom Roy was completely in love with.
  • The Emperor murdered his brother and married his brother's wife in Legend of the Black Scorpion. Wan didn't want anything to do with this, but she submits. Or appears to.
  • In Joy Ride, Lewis has an attraction to his childhood friend Venna. Later, his brother Fuller starts showing interest in her as well.
  • Kapoor & Sons: Tia kisses Rahul but admits to his brother Arjun that she has feelings for him. Rahul comes out as gay by the film's end and Arjun ends up with Tia.
  • In Krush Groove, Sheila E.. is in a love triangle with brothers Russell and Run and chooses Russell, telling Run she sees him as Just Friends.
  • In Little Women, Laurie first confesses his love to Jo, who rejects him. He goes on to marry Jo’s younger sister Amy.
  • Implied in The Lone Ranger with Dan and John with Rebecca before John left to learn law. Dan married Rebecca and have a son, Danny Reid (Jr.). It is implied that Dan knows John and Rebecca still loves each other.
  • In the film The Man in the Moon, Maureen (Emily Warfield) and Dani Trant (a very young Reese Witherspoon) are sisters both in love with Court Foster (Jason London). He dies, forcing the sisters to reconcile.
  • North Sea Texas gives a non-heterosexual example. Siblings Sabrina and Gino are attracted to Pim, who returns feelings for the latter.
  • In Outlaw Women, the Larabee sisters — sexy saloon singer Ellen and tomboyish outlaw Beth — both set their cap for the handsome Frontier Doctor Bob Ridgeway.
  • In The Patsy, Pat is besotted with her sister Grace's boyfriend Tony. Tony has no clue. Grace for her part is also attracted to another man, complicating the situation.
  • The Patrick Dempsey film Some Girls has a young Dempsey falling for three sisters, although he sleeps with only one and in the end doesn't wind up with any of them.
  • In Romasanta: The Werewolf Hunt, Romasanta is in a romantic/sexual relationship with Maria. However, there is a palpaple UST between Romasanta and Maria's younger sister Barbara. Maria calls Barabara out on trying to steal her man. When Romasanta returns to house without Maria, it is not long before Barbara jumps into bed with him.
  • Somewhat odd version in While You Were Sleeping. Lucy has a crush on Peter, and when he winds up in a coma due to an accident, his relatives misunderstand the situation and think she's his fiancee. His brother Jack is very attracted to Lucy. When Peter comes to, he thinks he's lost some memories of Lucy, but is game to give a relationship with her a chance. Meanwhile, Lucy's finding out that she's attracted to Jack. She winds up with Jack, and all parties consider this for the best.
  • Wilder Napalm: Both Napalm brothers love the same woman and she is married to Wilder, but finds that Wallace sometimes excites her more.

  • In As I Darken from The Conquerors Saga, Lada, her slightly younger brother Radu, and Mehmed, son of the sultan, become friends as children. When Lada and Mehmed grow older they fall in love and start a relationship, which makes Radu realize that he is also in love with Mehmed. Lada finds out and their relationship has a lot of tension, especially after Radu suggests to her that it would be weak to stay with Mehmed, knowing full well that that's the thing to say to get her to leave.
  • The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons. Tatiana Metanova falls in Love at First Sight with handsome Soviet army officer Alexander Belov. She takes him home and discovers to their mutual horror that she's the same man her sister is having a fling with.
  • Casson Family Series: Bill cheated on his wife Eve with Eve's twin sister Linda. He knew her first, so Eve didn't even really mind.
  • In the Conan the Barbarian spinoff trilogy A Soldier's Quest, Nermesa is engaged to the narcissistic Orena, but her sweeter little sister Telaria is also attracted to him. After Nermesa and Orena break up, he marries Telaria.
  • Chloe from Darkest Powers is stuck between a love triangle involving the foster brothers Derek and Simon. She chooses Derek.
  • In the Warhammer novel Defenders of Ultuahan two brothers love the same woman. One brother leaves the other brother to die during a skirmish. This comes back to bite him in the arse.
  • The Demon's Lexicon.
    • Before the start of the series, Nick and Sin had a casual relationship that he ended. At the beginning of the third book Nick seems to enjoy Sin's company and his brother Alan bribes her to spend time with Nick. The 'triangle' bit kicks in when Sin and Alan begin to fall for each other and ultimately become a couple.
    • Spanning all three books is the one Nick and Alan have with Mae. They're both attracted to her and she's attracted to both of them.
    • Mae gets another one with Seb and her brother Jamie. She briefly dates Seb before finding out that he's gay, in love with Jamie, and using her as The Beard and excuse to be around him. Jamie dislikes Mae dating Seb because Seb bullied Jamie and mocked Jamie for staring at him when they first met. This prevented their classmates from becoming suspicious of Seb's own sexuality and effectively ruined Jamie's social life. Jamie resented Seb for that, but still winds up with him in the end.
  • East of Eden has two of these. Cathy marries Adam after sleeping with his brother Charles. Later, Cathy's sons Cal and Aron like the same girl, Abra. She's interested in Aron when they're children, but their relationship becomes strained in high school, and she switches to Cal toward the end of the book.
  • In the backstory of Eight Cousins, a woman named Rose was courted by the brothers George and Alec Campbell. She chose George and married him, but at the cost of the distancement between George and and Alec. Sadly, Rose died early in her life, and some years later George perished as well; in George's deathbed, the brothers were reconciled, and Alec promised the dying George to take care of his and Rose's daughter, Rose Jr. aka the female lead of the story.
  • Subverted in Eva Luna. Rolf Carle is smitten with both of his cute cousins and cannot decide who to choose since both girls are appealing to him in their own ways. The girls talk about this and they decide to... share his body and affection and tackle him together when he's working in the garden. They keep this relationship for several years until the girls marry local guys and Rolf becomes an Intrepid Reporter; nevertheless, they always remember these times very fondly.
  • Played with darkly in Hellraiser: Julia has married Larry, but eventually murders him in preference for his brother Frank, who seduced her prior to the events of the film. It doesn't really go well for her...
  • The Inheritance Games:
    • Zara was having an affair with Jake Nash, but her younger sister Skye also slept with him, which resulted in a pregnancy.
    • Grayson and his half-brother Jameson were both on love with Emily Laughlin, who refused to choose between the two of them. Jameson eventually got fed up with her manipulation and broke up with her.
    • Later Jameson and Grayson both fall in love with Avery, but Grayson decides to step aside, because he doesn't want a repeat of what happened with Emily.
  • In the Lowlands Of Scotland series, sisters Rose and Leona both fall for their cousin Jamie after he arrives at their father's home. However, Jamie only has eyes for Rose, until he accidentally ends up married to Leona and learns to love her. And then when Rose's machinations work and he is broken up from Leona and married to Rose, he has to learn to love Rose all over again. And the sisters have to work through both of them loving and having been married to the same man.
  • Mansfield Park by Jane Austen has a Love Dodecahedron, but one Sibling Triangle is a vital part. The Bertram sisters Maria and Julia both go after Henry Crawford (despite Maria Bertram already being engaged). Crawford plays with their hearts for his own amusement (and seems to prefer the engaged Maria) until their Disappeared Dad returns home. Then he pulls back and doesn't propose to either of them. Both sisters are hurt and bitter, and it damaged their rather good sisterly relationship. Much later Crawford runs away with now married Maria, they live together for a while, and then he leaves her. His reputation is more or less fine, but she is a ruined woman and a social pariah for life.
  • In Mistborn: The Original Trilogy, brothers Marsh and Kelsier both loved Mare, but Mare chose Kelsier in the end. One of the reasons for the brothers' strained relationship is that after Mare and Kelsier were arrested, only Kelsier came back alive.
  • Mostly Dead Things: Brynn cheated on her husband with his sister, Jessa.
  • My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!:
    • Prince Gerald worked hard to keep his brother Alan from realizing that he was in love with Catarina in order to avoid this trope and more rivals, but Alan eventually catches on and begins pursuing Gerald's fiancee Catarina, who isn't really interested in either of them because she's too in love with cake to notice anything else.
    • Sophia and Nicol also both have a thing for Catarina, but in this case Sophia seems to want her brother to marry Catarina so that she can have them both.
  • My Sister, the Serial Killer: Korede has a crush on Tade, a doctor at the hospital where she works. One day her younger sister Ayoola (the titular Serial Killer)stops by the hospital and meets Tade, who ends up smitten with her.
  • In One Hundred Years of Solitude, Hookerwith A Heart Of Gold Petra Cotes regularly sleeps with the twins Jose Arcadio Segundo and Aureliano Segundo without realizing they're not the same dude. The three contract a STD, which reveals the whole deal, and she breaks up with them. Jose Arcadio Segundo leaves Petra after getting better, but Aureliano Segundo gets her forgiveness and keeps her as The Mistress since he cannot marry her.
  • In Patience and Sarah, it's suggested that Patience has been in love with her sister-in-law Martha from the start. The two became friends prior to Martha meeting Patience's brother Edward and falling for him. Patience is bitter that Martha "chose" Edward over her. However, the book starts with her since moving onto a more requited relationship with Sarah. It's later implied that Martha has feelings for Patience and that she's jealous of Sarah.
  • Persuasion:
    • Henrietta and Louisa Musgrove are crazy about Captain Wentworth who flirts with both. Louisa then manoeuvres Henrietta away to her original suitor and seems to have Wentworth for herself, but he ends up with neither Musgrove girl.
    • There are sisters Elizabeth and Anne Elliot and their potential marriages to their distant cousin William Elliot who is their father's heir. Elizabeth would love to marry him very badly, but he does not see her as wife material, but she continues to see his politeness and friendly air as courtship. He would like to marry her sister Anne who is interested in him at first and for a brief moment likes the idea of becoming the next Lady Elliot, but does not trust him and does not love him. He ends up with neither of them as Mrs Clay becomes his mistress and they settle together, Elizabeth remains single and Anne gets married to her one true love.
  • Red Queen:
    • Kilorn is in love with Mare, while her sister, Gisa, has a crush on him.
    • Mare is the target of affection from a pair of brothers, Cal and Maven. She is at first interested in Maven, something that she regrets when she finds out that he has been manipulating her to ascend to the throne of Norta (though Maven does love her in his own twisted way, even inviting her to become his queen, which she rejects without a second thought). Afterwards, she moves on to Cal.
  • In the Biblical fiction book The Red Tent, about Jacob and Leah's daughter Dinah, this is one of the main plot points. Jacob loves Rachel but also loves Leah. This is further complicated by the book saying that the handmaidens (Bilhah and Zilpah) are their sisters. Which is true in some Jewish lore as well.
  • In Ruler of the Magical Keys: Astrel and the Forest's Guardian, we get two examples:
    • In the backstory, brothers Rengist and Kargor both fell in love with the same lady, Dozhdirena the Queen of Rain. She loved Rengist and married him, but only a year later, Kargor kidnapped her and stole his brother's memory. Dozhdirena let herself be starved to death rather than accept Kargor.
    • Royal Brat brothers Igni and Tragni both want to marry Astrel, and their father laments that the rivalry has put an end to their former friendship. Astrel wants nothing to do with either of them.
  • The Shadowhunter Chronicles:
    • The Mortal Instruments features the very rare incest example. Clary is the target of affection from Jace and Jonathan, the latter of whom is her biological brother. Jonathan's love for Clary only serves to highlight his insanity, since Clary is understandably squicked out by it.
    • Played with in The Infernal Devices. Though the main character, Tessa's, love interests are not biological brothers, they are parabatai, which for Shadowhunters is quite close to being brothers. There isn't a 'Mundane' equivalent for it.
    • The Dark Artifices: Emma and Julian are in love, which is highly illegal, since they are parabatai. Because of this Emma starts fake dating Julian's half-brother Mark in the hope that it will break Julian's heart and make him move on from her.
  • A Song of Ice and Fire:
    • In the distant backstory, in accordance with Valyrian tradition, Aegon Targaryen (later known as Aegon the Conqueror) was required by his parents to marry his older sister Visenya, but he was in love with his younger sister Rhaenys. His solution was to marry both of them, which was unusual, but allowed. Understandably, Visenya was not happy about having to share a husband with her sister, especially since Aegon favoured Rhaenys and named their son Aenys as his heir instead of Visenya's son Maegor, who was much more martial and warrior-like. She's widely thought to have gotten got her revenge (sort-of) long after her siblings' deaths, when she poisoned her stepson/nephew when he sought refuge with her and installed Maegor on the throne after Aenys's death. Eventually, she lost out when Maegor died without issue and the throne passed to Aenys' son Jaehaerys, and all Targaryen kings since then were descended from Rhaenys.
    • More recently in the backstory, there's a particularly tragic example between Lysa and Catelyn Tully, and Petyr Baelish. Lysa was in love with Petyr, Petyr was in love with Catelyn, Catelyn saw him as a little brother. This leads to a continent-spanning civil war and thousands of deaths, including those of both Lysa and Catelyn.
    • Everyone that Cersei and Jaime are interested in will form this with them, since they also love each other. While Cersei readily sleeps with anyone if it can advance her goals, Jaime has formed a sort-of friendship with Brienne that may blossom into something else.
    • Aegon IV's bastard children Brynden Rivers, Aegor Rivers, and Shiera Seastar were involved in a love triangle that, according to Barristan Selmy, tore apart the Seven Kingdoms. Brynden and Aegor both loved Shiera, who was affectionate to Brynden but never fully reciprocated it. Brynden and Aegor happened to take different sides of more than a century-long civil war, which only added fuel to the fire.
  • In The Stainless Steel Rat, Jim's twin sons James and Bolivar fall for the same young female agent. And she falls for both of them too, unable to decide between them. Fortunately, the triangle is resolved by the discovery of an alternate universe, which seems to double any signal sent to it, which includes physical objects. The woman ends up not only twinning herself, but the two identical copies share a Hive Mind. In later books, this serves as a useful method of instantaneous communication across light years.
  • In The Stormlight Archive, King Gavilar and his brother Highprince Dalinar both loved Navani, who married Gavilar because Dalinar's brutality in combat scared her, a decision she came to regret when Gavilar turned out to be emotionally abusive. After Gavilar's death, Dalinar and Navani still love each other, but Dalinar is reluctant to romance his brother's widow. At the end of the first book Dalinar changes his mind and announces to his nephew that he and Navani are going to start courting again. They eventually get married in Oathbringer.
  • The Sword Of Saint Ferdinand: Both García and Diego de Vargas are both in love with Doña Elvira de Lara. When Diego finds out that his brother and Elvira love each other, though, he backs off right away and insists that they should get married.
  • The Summer I Turned Pretty: Belly loves Conrad, who loves her back, but his brother, Jeremiah is revealed to have fallen in love with her, as well. Since Conrad is very insecure about their relationship, she eventually dates Jeremiah, but continues to pine for Conrad. Her college friends comment that being the centerpiece of a sibling love triangle is "hardcore".
  • A dark version in the backstory to The Sword of Shannara Trilogy: The Elfstones of Shannara. The Witch Sisters, Morag & Mallenroh, both fell in love with a human. Given that they're a pair of Selfish Evil Yandere sociopaths, this ended with him dead, and each of them blaming the other one.
  • Madeleine L'Engle's Time Quintet books:
    • In Many Waters, the twins Sandy and Dennys both love Yalith and she loves them both back. The "triangle" parts are Downplayed, however, as the brothers spend most of the book carefully avoiding the issue, though each clearly knows how the other feels. Any relationship seems doomed anyway, what with The Great Flood coming.
    • In A Swiftly Tilting Planet, Gwydyr tries to steal his brother Madoc's wife, Zyll, in the middle of their wedding. Generations later, it's at least Implied to be going on with Madoc's descendants: Zillah and Bran are in love, but one can pretty easily read Bran's twin, Matthew, as having feelings for her too. If so, he seems to realize that Zillah feels differently, and he helps her and Bran get together.
  • To All the Boys I've Loved Before: All of the Song-Covey sisters (even Kitty) love Josh, their next-door neighbor. He doesn't end up with any of them.
  • In the Isaac Asimov short story To Your Health, two brother opticians are in love with the same eye-fixated girl.
  • Downplayed in Warbreaker. Vivenna was supposed to be married to God-King Susebron, but her father couldn't bear to send her and instead sent her sister Siri.
  • Warrior Cats: The series contains a variant concerning two closely related family members. Firestar's two love interests are Sandstorm and Spottedleaf, with Sandstorm being Spottedleaf's niece. This doesn't get noted in text, because cats don't note extended family much, but Spottedleaf's brother Redtail is Sandstorm's father. Spottedleaf is killed in the first book, however, because she can communicate with Firestar even after death, that doesn't kill the love triangle. Even Sandstorm eventually realizes that Spottedleaf was Firestar's First Love and he'll always love her (maybe even more than he loves her).
  • Downplayed in Wax and Wayne. Steris is in an arranged marriage with Wax despite their clashing personalities, and Wax gets along better with Steris's half-sister Marasi. One adventure with Marasi later, Wax realizes that while they're good friends, they don't love each other, and starts to court Steris. After spending more time with each other, Wax and Steris start to truly love each other and get married.

    Live-Action TV 
  • The 4400:
    • For most of Season 1, Shawn's younger brother Danny is dating their neighbor Nikki Hudson, who was only 14 when Shawn disappeared. As soon as Shawn sees her again at his welcome home party in "Pilot", there is an immediate attraction between them. Danny becomes suspicious when he sees the two of them chatting in the school hallway and even more so when Nikki begins inviting Shawn wherever they go. In "The New and Improved Carl Morrissey", Danny asks Shawn what's going on between the two of them. Shawn claims that Danny is just imagining it. However, Nikki comes over to talk to Shawn that night and the two of them kiss after he heals her hand, which she burned on his car engine. In "Trial by Fire", Nikki breaks up with Danny but tells Shawn that it has nothing to do with him. After visiting Highland Beach where the 4400 reappeared, Shawn and Nikki have sex. In "White Light", Danny is furious when Nikki tells him everything and he and Shawn get into a fight. Shawn accidentally drains Danny's Life Energy while trying to fight him off, nearly killing him in the process. He then leaves home and goes to live at Arcadia Estates, which Jordan Collier set up for 4400s seeking sanctuary.
    • In "The Gospel According to Collier", Diana's sister April returns to Seattle to live with her new boyfriend, a photographer named Ben Saunders. Diana is immediately charmed by Ben and tells April that he is a keeper. That night, Maia can't sleep because she had a vision that their family was going to grow. She tells Diana that she saw her in a wedding dress and that Ben was the groom. Diana is convinced that Maia is mistaken, in spite of her track record. The next time that she sees Ben, she tells him about Maia's vision so that they can avoid each other. However, Ben instead breaks up with April and he gently persuades Diana to admit that she is attracted to him. Several days later, they have a chance encounter at a supermarket which turns into a date of sorts. Ben kisses Diana goodbye. The next day, she goes to Ben's photography exhibit. Diana has decided to take a chance on him and they once again kiss. When she returns home, she tells April that she was working late but Maia can tell that she is lying. In "Terrible Swift Sword", Maia tells April the truth as she thought that it would make her feel better. It doesn't. April is devastated and later confides in Diana that she saw Ben as her one chance at a healthy, long-term relationship. She becomes depressed and calls herself a loser for always hooking up with the wrong type of guy (bar Ben).
  • Arrested Development played with this. Michael develops feelings for Marta who is with GOB. GOB is mostly using her but he doesn't want Michael to have her either. Also Buster has a crush on Marta. All three of them are rebuffed by Marta eventually.
    • Later there's a Running Gag of GOB trying to seduce women that Michael likes, but repeatedly getting the wrong woman. (For instance, when Michael is dating his son's ethics teacher, GOB ends up seducing a different teacher by mistake.)
  • Arrow has the Lance sisters — Sara and Laurel — who competed rather bitterly for Oliver Queen's affections. Oliver doesn't help matters by agreeing to move in with Laurel, then inviting her sister to come on the Queen's Gambit with him because he has Commitment Issues. Sara goes along with this because she's infatuated with Oliver and likely also out of petty revenge on her sister. Although Laurel does eventually forgive Oliver, and later Sara when she too comes Back from the Dead in Season 2, the affair is shown to hang over all three characters throughout their lives.
  • Frequently done on The Bold and the Beautiful—Ridge and Thorne battled over Caroline and later Taylor, Brooke, and Katie battled over Bill.
  • In The Borgias, thirteen-year-old Joffre Borgia marries Femme Fatale Sancia, who has a torrid affair with his elder brother Juan. Incidentally, Juan was supposed to be the one marrying Sancia in the first place but he refused on the grounds that she's a mere Royal Bastard, (despite the fact that he's infamously illegitimate himself what with being the son of the Pope and all) but he doesn't mind having sex with her literally seconds before she consummates her marriage with poor Joffre. Also, while the show hasn't had time to portray this yet, historically Sancia later had an affair with the eldest Borgia sibling Cesare, making it a sibling love square (this situation is sometimes cited as the reason for Juan's eventual murder at the hand of Cesare.) Yeah. The term Big, Screwed-Up Family barely even covers it. Particularly when you factor in the various Sibling Triangles engendered by Cesare and Lucrezia’s incestuous relationship (whether the show will actually go there remains to be seen, but so far the Incest Subtext is hardly subtle). Cesare threatened to murder her first husband Giovanni if he ever hurt her, and he allegedly DID murder her second husband Alfonso (Sancia’s brother) purely out of jealousy.
  • The Brady Bunch:
    • The episode "Cyrano de Brady" has Peter pining for a friend of Jan's and asks for Greg's help in wooing her. Unfortunately, the girl thinks it's the other way around and throws herself at Greg, pissing Peter off and leaving Greg with an unwanted admirer. Fortunately, the triangle works in Peter's favor in the end.
    • A smaller one occurs in "The Not-So-Ugly Duckling" when a boy Jan likes drools over Marcia. However, Marcia has zero interest in the boy, despite Jan's accusations of boyfriend-stealing.
  • The second season of Bridgerton has both Sharma sisters (Kate and Edwina) falling in love with Anthony Bridgerton. Kate and Anthony have an intense attraction, Edwina fits Anthony's ideal of a wife, and Kate had previously resolved to prioritize her sister's happiness above all else.
  • Tommy and Justin of Brothers & Sisters were both dating Lena, though not precisely at the same time.
  • Played with on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode Him, when both Dawn and Buffy fall under a certain boy's love spell They fight over him. A lot. And then the triangle expands into a pentagon, when both Anya and Willow (yes, her too) fall under the spell too.
  • In Charmed (1998), Phoebe and Piper briefly compete for Leo’s affections. Prue points out to Phoebe she only likes him because Piper does, and she later admits as much when under a truth spell.
  • In the CSI episode "Exile", two sisters loved the same man who had been a childhood friend, but he only reciprocated the feelings of one. The episode begins with one sister's body being discovered and it goes downhill from there.
  • Death in Paradise: In "Death in the Salon", the murderer is having an affair with her younger sister's fiancée. This turns into A Deadly Affair when the Victim of the Week threatens to expose the affair, and the murderer decides that Murder Is the Best Solution.
  • Probably happened more than once on Degrassi: The Next Generation, but Adam and his brother Drew fought over Fiona before Drew bowed out.
    • A weirder example is the Declan/Holly J/Fiona triangle. Because they moved around a lot Declan and Fiona were very close but after Declan fell for Holly J, Fiona did everything she could to try to drive Holly J away including kissing her brother at a party. After getting therapy, Fiona became good friends with Holly J eventually realized she’s a lesbian and was in love with Holly J.
  • The Eternal Love: Played with since the siblings aren't in love with the same person but with two different people who share a body. Lian Cheng loves Xiao Tan, while Yi Huai was in a relationship with Tan Er and is now married to Tan Er's half-sister.
  • In the fourth season of Falling Skies, Ben falls for his older brother's girlfriend Maggie. It blossoms into a full-fledged love triangle when some of Ben's spikes are transplanted to Maggie in a last-ditch effort to save her life, creating a connection between the two of them.
  • The F.B.I.: In "The Escape", convicted murderer Larry Drake is freed during a brazen escape that results in the deaths of three law-enforcement officers. Steve Drake, the killer's brother, has organized the escape and another brother, Eddie, was a participant. But Larry, in love with Steve's wife, has his own plans.
  • In an episode of Frasier, Frasier and Niles think they're participating in this trope as they compete for the affections of a certain woman at a party, but they realize they've been talking about two different women all night...right after they decide their sibling bond is more important than a random woman, let the object(s) of their affections leave the party without propositioning them. Cue double Oh, Crap! expressions.
  • Full House: In one episode, DJ and Stephanie are both in love with singer Tommy Page. Both sisters are convinced he loves her. In the end, Tommy reveals that he really wants to be just friends with both of them.
  • During the mid-90's on General Hospital, both AJ and Jason Quartermaine fell in Love at First Sight with Keesha Ward, with Jason being the one lucky enough to snag her. This didn't stop AJ from continuing to lust after Keesha and trying to find ways to undermine the relationship.
  • The Glamorous Imperial Concubine: Qi Xing has a crush on Fu Ya and wants to marry her, while she and his brother Qi You eventually fall in love.
  • Gossip Girl (2021): Both Julien and Zoya are romantically involved with Obie while being half-sisters as well.
  • On Grimm, the Renard half-brothers have both had involvements with Adalind and it was never entirely certain which, if either, was the father of her child- to the point that even Adalind may not have been that sure in the end- but all parties seemed to accept Sean as the father after the other brother died.
  • In Helix, Julia, a CDC researcher, became unhappy in her marriage to coworker Alan and turned to his younger brother Peter, a research scientist, for comfort. After Alan caught them in bed together, Julia divorced Alan and totally cut off contact with Peter. In the present, both brothers carry a torch for Julia, while Julia struggles with unhappy memories of her marriage to Alan and still-present feelings for Peter, all in the midst of an outbreak of The Virus at a Research, Inc., which Alan and Julia have been sent to contain, with Peter as the Patient Zero.
  • In Jonas, the brothers fight over a pizza delivery girl.
  • Wataru, Taiga, and Mio in Kamen Rider Kiva, though Wataru and Taiga initially do not know they are brothers.
  • Knots Landing: Michael has an affair with his brother Eric's wife Linda in Season 11.
  • In the British thriller series The Last Enemy, Stephen and Yasim start a relationship with each other after her husband (his brother) dies in a car bomb. Then the brother comes back.
  • An episode of Little House on the Prairie has Laura with a crush on an older boy, who has a crush on Mary (Laura's older sister).
  • One episode of Living Single had Regine seeing both an older gentleman and his son, Played by real-life father-son duo Melvin and Mario Van Peebles.
  • Lost Love in Times: Yuan Ling and Yuan Zhan both fall in love with Qing Chen. Subverted since it turns out they're cousins and not brothers, but at the time they think they're brothers.
  • Moon Lovers:
    • Yo/Yeon-hwa/So is a much more literal Sibling Triangle than most. Yeon-hwa is obsessed with So while Yo wants to marry Yeon-hwa.
    • Meanwhile So, Wook, Eun and Jeong all fall in love with Ha-jin. She loves Wook, then breaks up with him and falls in love with So, and eventually ends up married to Jeong.
  • On Murdoch Mysteries, Detective William Murdoch and Dr. Julia Ogden have the cutest Will They or Won't They? tension. In the episode "Houdini Whodunit", Julia's younger sister Rugy appears and flirts with Murdoch immensely daringly, and even invites him for romantic dinner, which is quite a big deal for the Victorian times. However, Julia doesn't give up: When she comes to the restaurant to discuss the case (originally unaware that they are there together), she seems hurt by seeing them, but she ultimately decides to join them and fight. Understandably, Ruby is irritated, but when she sees how serious Julia is about the Detective, she starts supporting her and becomes their Shipper on Deck.
  • NCIS: Los Angeles:
    • Played for Laughs when Kensi sabotages Deeks' attempt to use her as his unwilling wingman to pick up some women exercising in a park. She yells at him that she's not leaving him because of his job (as he claims), she's leaving him because he cheated on her with her brother.
    • Happens again when Callen saves a Mexican girl from a shootout, and she and one of her sisters fall for him. The former even calls dibs by saying "He saved my life, and that's a bond that can never be broken."
  • In the second season of The O.C., Ryan's older brother Trey comes back into his life, and falls in love with Ryan's primary Love Interest, Marissa, which unfortunately takes a darker turn when Trey tries to rape Marissa while high.
  • In One Tree Hill, Lucas and Nathan Scott both want to date Peyton throughout a large portion of the first season. However, it is not treated as a sibling-triangle in-universe, because the two are half-brothers who were not raised together and spend much of the same arc as rivals. When the two finally decide to become friends and acknowledge each other at brothers, they also stop competing for the same girl with Lucas dating Peyton and Nathan dating Haley.
  • In the Only Fools and Horses episode "Tea for Three" had Del and Rodney feuding over Trigger's niece, despite Uncle Albert warning them that this is exactly what caused the rift between him and Grandad. A couple of Zany Schemes later, it all ended with Rodney sunburnt and Del in a hang-gliding accident. And it turns out Lisa's already engaged anyway.
  • The Outer Limits (1995): In "Paradise", Gerry has been in love with his late brother Charles' wife Helen since the moment that he met her about 45 years earlier. After they both become young again due to an alien light, Helen tells him that she knew all along and confesses that she had always loved him too.
  • Princess Silver: Wu You and Fu Chou are both in love with Rong Le. Played with, because they don't know they're brothers.
  • Queen for Seven Days: Lee Yung and Lee Yeok are half-brothers, and both fall in love with Chae-gyeong.
  • Queen Sugar: There's tension between Nova and Charley in season 3 after Nova starts seeing Charley's ex-boyfriend, Remy.
  • In Red Dwarf, it's revealed that Rimmer's ideal woman looks exactly like his sister-in-law. Subverted in that, while Rimmer may have lusted after his brother's wife she clearly wasn't attracted to him in the least.
  • One episode of Roseanne has Mark almost take a girl out on a date just because his younger brother David wanted to. His Jerkass-ery is repaid when his wife almost finds out, and David, after helping him hide it from her, asks Mark if he really wants to alienate the only two people who really care about him.
    • Interestingly, earlier in that season there were hints of a love triangle over Becky (the aforementioned wife), but it abruptly stopped after two episodes.
  • Scarlet Heart: Four of the princes fall in love with Zhang Xiao. At first she loves Yin Si, then she falls in love with Yin Zhen, and eventually she marries Yin Ti.
  • Scoundrels (2010): Played With. Hope gets increasingly jealous of how much attention her Best Friend Tad gives to her sister Heather (who doesn't care about him at all). It eventually leads her to kiss him and convince him to have Their First Time together... but her jealousy only gets worse when he calls her "Heather" while they're making out and she promptly tells him to Get Out!. They later patch up and decide they're Better as Friends.
  • One episode of The Secret World of Alex Mack has Alex get a crush on a boy, who she later finds out is dating her sister. She tries to keep him from breaking up with Annie, and when he does anyway, she refuses to date him because he dumped her sister for her.
  • In A Series of Unfortunate Events (2017), there’s a large amount of Ship Tease between Violet and Duncan Quagmire in “The Austere Academy” (which wasn’t in the books), and later an even larger amount of ship tease with Violet and Duncan’s brother, Quigley Quagmire in “The Slippery Slope” (which was in the books).
  • One episode of Sister, Sister has a guy accidentally ask identical twins Tia and Tamara out on a date because he couldn't tell them apart. The three go on a rather awkward date together when he comes over and the mistake is realized. Both also liked Roger after he suddenly becomes hotter, and he winds up dating each of them at some point.
  • The Summer I Turned Pretty: Belly has feelings for brothers Jeremiah and Conrad. They both have feelings for her in turn. She goes back and forth between their affections repeatedly.
  • Played With in Supergirl — teenage Carter has a Precocious Crush on Supergirl while his older half-brother, Adam, briefly dates Kara.
  • The Vampire Diaries:
    • The show brings us Damon and Stefan Salvatore who became vampires after falling in love with Katherine, a vampire that abuses their Love Triangle. After she is seemingly killed the brothers eventually end up in Mystic Falls where they both fall in love with Elena, who looks exactly like Katherine.
    • And in the past, Klaus and Elijah over Katherine.
    • Klaus reveals that he and Elijah fell in love with the same girl — Elena and Katherine's ultimate ancestor — when they were still human. It was her blood that they unknowingly consumed when their mother turned them into vampires, which explains the need for the doppelganger. (Katherine is the first doppelganger and Elena is the second).
    • While they aren't siblings Elena/Stefan/Katherine kinda counts considering that Katherine is Elena's great-something grandmother. Try not to think about that one too hard.
  • In the Voyagers! pilot "Voyagers", Bogg and Jeffrey find out the reason that airplanes have disappeared from the time stream is that the Wright Brothers fell out over a girl called Agnes. Jeffrey is baffled over how something that big could happen because of a girl. Bogg, amused, informs him that wars have happened over girls.
  • Wizards of Waverly Place: Due to Tutor's being part elf, Justin and Alex fight over her like this. While Alex's fighting for her is supposed to be platonic it has been taken in other ways.

  • In the folk song "William and Davy", twins William and Davy fight bitterly over the woman they're both in love with... who, as it turns out, isn't interested in either of them.

    Mythology & Religion 
  • The Bible has a rather complicated example with Jacob, Rachel, and Leah. Jacob fell madly in love with Rachel and worked for her father/his uncle Laban for seven years in order to earn the right to marry her. However, in Rachel's society it was shameful for the younger daughter to be married first, so (with some help from the very thick veils used at the time, as well as some alcohol) Laban switched Rachel out with Leah, with Jacob only finding out during the wedding night. Rachel and Laban then forced Jacob to work another seven years so he could marry Rachel for real (although Laban "graciously" allowed the wedding to go ahead right after Leah's). One can't help but wonder what poor Leah felt about this arrangement (In a slightly unrelated note, this is why we have the tradition of the bride removing her veil in Western weddings).
  • A Jewish legend says that Leah was originally destined to marry Jacob's older brother, Esau, who was far less meritorious; Leah was overwrought and prayed to God, who then arranged things so she could marry Jacob as well. And, to make things even more complicated, two handmaidens were involved. Who in some legends were also Leah and Rachel's sisters.

    Pro Wrestling 
  • On WWE Smackdown, Primo Colon started dating the "mysterious" Brie Bella, only for her to reject him out of the blue and start showing interest in his brother Carlito. Victoria and Natalya would expose Brie's hidden twin sister, explaining this erratic behavior. Rather than get angry, the brothers ended up going on double dates with the sisters.
  • At the end of November 2010, both of Bella Twins started going after Daniel Bryan in WWE Raw, with this trope being the inevitable result.

    Tabletop Games 
  • This forms a large part of Strahd von Zarovich's backstory in the Ravenloft setting of Dungeons & Dragons, and recounted in the book I, Strahd. He and his brother Sergei both ended up falling for a woman named Tatyana, but Tatyana chose the younger Sergei and Strahd decided to make a literal Deal with the Devil in exchange for restored youth and power and killed Sergei himself on the day of his wedding to Tatyana. When he tried to woo Tatyana, however, she again rejected him and threw herself from the top of Castle Ravenloft to her death.

  • This is basically the plot of "The Bartered Bride", the opera by Bedrich Smetana. Marenka and Jenik want to get married, but Marenka's parents have already employed a matchmaker to hook her up with the son of a rich man named Micha. The matchmaker demands Jenik break up with Marenka, and Jenik promises he will do so if the matchmaker pays him off and promises that Marenka won't marry anyone else but Micha's son. Jenik, of course, turns out to be Micha's long-lost son, and he and Marenka get married.
  • A major plot point in Blood Brothers is both Mickey and Eddie being in love with Linda. However none of the three know that Mickey and Eddie are brothers.
  • Downplayed in Hamilton. Sisters Angelica and Eliza are both in love with Alexander, but Angelica puts her romantic feelings aside because A) She's the firstborn child of a wealthy family and is expected to marry a rich man while Alexander has yet to establish himself, and B) She sees how smitten Eliza is and wants her sister to be happy, and secondborn Eliza has more freedom to marry for love, so Angelica introduces them. Still, Angelica and Alexander continue to have a mildly-flirtatious relationship throughout the musical, and at one point she jokes with Eliza about wanting to share him, based on an actual letter she wrote.note 
  • In Hamlet, Claudius murders his brother Hamlet Sr. and marries his brother's wife Gertrude a month later. There is no consensus, and considerable room for debate, about Gertrude's role in the what happened.
  • Verdi's Il trovatore. And the boys don't even know they're brothers. Consequence? Well, it's an opera...
  • Les Jumeaux de la Réole, a play about twin French generals César and Constantin Faucher, briefly features this: César is in love with Eudoxie, their colonel's younger sister, and she is in love with Constantin. In the end, it is César who marries Eudoxie.
  • A variation exists in The Love of the Nightingale. Tereus has an Arranged Marriage to Procne but falls for her sister Philomele. However neither even likes him.
  • Other operatic examples include Pelléas et Mélisande by Debussy (based on Maeterlink's play), and Amadis by Jules Massenet.

    Video Games 
  • In Beyond the Horizon Ruth, who was betrothed to Andrew, picks his brother Robert instead. All three live to regret it, as Ruth realizes pretty soon that she actually did love Andrew, and her marriage to Robert descends into hatred and bitterness.
  • In Taketo's route of Class Trip Crush, Taketo and the protagonist are well on their way to falling for one another when the protagonist finds herself hitting it off with Taketo's twin brother Yasuto... who quickly starts to fall for her as well. Confusion, awkwardness, and hurt feelings soon abound.
  • In Diablo III Lyndon the Scoundrel and his brother Edlin both fell in love with a woman named Rea. Rea eventually chose Edlin, who was himself unaware of Lyndon's love for her. The relationship was further complicated when Edlin botched his the scam he was running with Lyndon and ended up in jail, after which Rea became convinced Lyndon had set it up to get her.
  • In the original Double Dragon, Jimmy Lee is in love with brother's girlfriend, Marian, who gets kidnapped by the Black Warriors. If two players defeat the final boss together, Billy will challenge Jimmy over Marian.
  • In Dragon Age II, Hawke's younger brother Carver cautiously tries to win the affection of Merrill, one of Hawke's possible love interests. He does not succeed, as Merrill seemingly doesn't notice, but if Hawke and Merrill become a couple, in a later Party Banter Carver bitterly comments "So, you and Merrill.", to which an aggressive Hawke replies "Yes. I and Merrill". A similar situation can arise regarding Hawke's sister Bethany and Sebastian, but it is less severe, as Bethany and Sebastian don't spend much time in the party together.
    • Also implied that Merrill knows exactly where Carver's trying to go, but is feigning obliviousness to let him down gently, since she's got a massive crush on Hawke.
    • Carver also shares a mutual attraction with Isabela, which leads to a funny reaction from Hawke when Isabela gets turned on by Carver's flirtation.
  • Fire Emblem:
    • The Archanean saga gives us Palla and Est, the eldest and youngest sisters of the three Whitewings, respectively. Both sisters are in love with Abel, a knight who accompanied Marth when he fled his kingdom when it was conquered. During the Time Skip between games, Est seemed to emerge the victor, as she and Abel got married. However, during Mystery of the Emblem, Est was kidnapped and used as leverage to coerce Abel into fighting for The Empire that Marth was rebelling against. In the ending, Est blames her weakness for Abel's ordeal and disappears, causing Abel to disappear in turn searching for her. Palla, to her credit, got over her feelings for Abel and continued to serve her homeland as a knight.
    • Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War has a few cases, taking place during different generations:
      • During the first generation, Princes Munnir and Jamke of Verdane both have an interest in Edain, a noble of the neighboring country. Munnir kicks off the plot of the entire game, in fact, by invading and kidnapping Edain to take her home as his bride. However, Jamke has no interest in playing along and sets her free when she's locked away. And while you're required to kill Munnir to advance the plot, Jamke can pull a Heel–Face Turn. However, as Edain is a Dude Magnet and Jamke is far from her optimal spouse, you won't see them paired together very often.
      • Also during the first generation, pegasus knights and sisters Annand and Erinys both have feelings for Lewyn, their erstwhile prince. While it's hinted that Lewyn initially was attracted to Annand, she is killed in an ambush. While Lewyn and Erinys don't have to end up together, if they do, Lewyn has to convince Erinys that she didn't just win by default, and that he really does truly love her. This pairing even got upgraded to Official Couple status by the following game.
      • In the second generation, brothers Iuchar and Iucharba are both madly in love with Larcei, a member of your army. They both start off as enemy units, but Larcei can convince one — and only one — to perform a Heel–Face Turn. The brother that Larcei doesn't talk to will immediately become angry enough to go on the offensive and be unable to be recruited, almost certainly forcing you to kill him. This will also play out the same way if you end up with Larcei's replacement, Creidne.
  • Love & Pies: Amelia falls in love with her Childhood Friend Joe after she divorced her husband. They rekindle their lost relationship over the course of the game, but Joe's twin brother Sam pretends to be him to try seducing her while the real Joe is at the two-day baker's retreat. Sam still tries pursuing her after he's exposed because he claims that fell in love with her for real, but she's having none of it.
  • In Persona 2: Eternal Punishment, Tatsuya and Katsuya are both in love with Maya. Katsuya's Shadow taunts him with this and uses it to try to get him to shoot Tatsuya. Katsuya says that while the Shadow is right about his feelings, he loves his brother anyway, and shoots the Shadow instead.
  • In the backstory of Symphonic Rain, both Arietta and Torta Fine were in love with Chris and despite everyone saying Torta complimented him, he ended up getting together with Arietta.
  • Season 3 of The Walking Dead has a potential case. Kate is married to David, and the stepmother of his children, but she's in love with his brother Javier (who's also the protagonist). Whether Javier reciprocates her feelings or not is up to the player, but David will assume the worst even if he turns her down, leading to a violent confrontation.
  • In the Warcraft universe, Night Elf brothers Malfurion and Illidan Stormrage both vie for Tyrande Whisperwind's affections. Illidan's rage and jealousy towards Malfurion for so effortlessly (and unintentionally) winning Tyrande's affections played a large part in triggering Illidan's Face–Heel Turn.

    Visual Novels 
  • The twins Ryou and Kyou in CLANNAD both like Tomoya, who is friends with Kyou but barely knows Ryou. Seeing that she can't get close to him on her own, she enlists her sister knowing how she feels. After a brief fuss, Tomoya agrees to go out with her, only to realize a week later that he doesn't actually like her and probably never will. He manages to deny it to himself but after a while, it just becomes impossible and he admits that he likes Kyou. Ryou, knowing the score, desperately tries to cling on to him by acting more like her sister. She can't do it because this is the Kyou route. You can get a Ryou ending by making the wrong choices, but you don't get a proper ending and the relationship is just as shallow and unlikely to last as it is in the Kyou route.
  • In Double Homework, Johanna and Tamara compete, sometimes bitterly, for the affections of the protagonist. This is an unusual example, as all three participants in the triangle are siblings.
  • Two of the main heroines of Fate/stay night (Rin and Sakura) are secretly sisters (both sisters are aware of this fact but keep their distance from each other in all but the third route) and both are not only in love with Shirou, they both fell for him at the exact same time. Which sister wins (if either) depends on the route.
  • In Higurashi: When They Cry, at first Shion seems to like the same boy as her identical twin sister Mion, but she subverts it since it's later shown she was simply teasing and is actually in love with Satoko's brother Satoshi, who disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Depending on the route, sometimes she encourages Keiichi and Mion to get together, and sometimes she sabotages their relationship out of jealousy. Like everyone in that story, she has issues.
  • In Liar Liar it's revealed that Yukari is out to kill her (technically ex) boyfriend because he confessed to her little sister Minami. He ended up two-timing them before breaking up with Yukari to be with Minami.
  • Happens at times in the Shall We Date? visual novels:
  • The twins Itsuki and Sayo both fall in love with Akira in Suika. It ends when right before Akira has to move away, they have a fight over who gets to give him the present they made for him. Itsuki pushes Sayo down the stairs and thinks she's killed her, before REALLY getting killed by her insane father. The Itsuki we meet later is actually Dead All Along, while Sayo is hospitalised and in a coma.
  • In Tsukihime, the Meido twins Kohaku and Hisui are both potential love interests for the main character Shiki, but on different routes. A key part of their story involves the fact that they both knew Shiki when he was a kid, but Shiki doesn't realize the two pulled a Twin Switch and that the Genki Girl was really Hisui while the sad girl in the window was Kohaku, the opposite of their current dispositions.
  • In Under the Moon, twin brothers (of course twins) Leni and Seizh are both madly in love with the heroine, Ashe. Emphasis on the "mad" part. There's a distinct possibility that they'll kill each other over her.

  • Da-Jeong in The Friendly Winter has feelings for a local boy who doesn't like her back, or even know that she's nineteen, not nine. It turns out he has a girlfriend—who is unknowingly her younger step-sister on her mother's side. Da-Jeong's mother walked out on her family ten years ago, due to her daughter's disorder, and they haven't seen each other since.
  • In Rain (2010), siblings Maria and Rudy are both interested in Rain when they first meet, despite Rudy being gay. Rain and Rudy do end up dating for a little while, but it doesn't last. By the time Rain figures out that she is into girls, Maria has gotten into a relationship with someone else.

    Web Original 
  • Looming Gaia: First brothers Lukas and Jelani were both in love with Itanya, and later they both fell in love with Evan.

    Web Videos 
  • Spoofed by YouTube contributor Ben Loka in his video "Never Trust a Sat-Nav". After his argument with the Sat-Nav turns into a lover's spat, Ben reveals he's cheating on it with someone the Sat-Nav identifies as her sister: a road atlas.

    Western Animation 
  • Anna & Bella: A wedge is driven between the two sisters for the first time when the young man that Anna is sweet on winds up going out with Bella.
  • On Daria both of Sandi's younger brothers have a Precocious Crush on Quinn.
  • Happens in Gargoyles, though this is an odd example since all gargoyles of the same clan and generation consider themselves siblings. Still, "Othello" and "Iago" refer to each other this way as they fight over the former's mate, and all three members of the Trio compete over Angela when she first arrives.
  • The Great North: In "Pride and Prejudance Adventure", Judy decides to ask her crush, Crispin, to the dance. But it turns out that Crispin is actually interested in her brother Ham, who is able to reciprocate his feelings due to him also being gay. At the end of the episode, Judy decides to bow out because she realizes that Crispin won't romantically like her back no matter what she tries.
  • Johnny Test: Johnny's two sisters share the same love interest, Gil.
  • In Season 1 of The Legend of Korra, Bolin has a crush on Korra, while she has a crush on his older brother Mako, who likes her back but has trouble admitting it. For added confusion, Mako is dating another character, Asami. Ultimately, Mako and Korra hook up, until the end of Season 2, when they decide to break up and stay as Just Friends. Meanwhile, Bolin moves on with two new love interests, first Eska (who happens to be Korra's cousin), and then Opal.
  • Ninjago: Lloyd's mother, Misako, had the attention of brothers Wu and Garmadon. She chose Garmadon, married him, and had Lloyd, but years later, after Garmadon had turned evil, she admitted to Wu that she should have chosen him. It's eventually revealed that the reason she chose Garmadon over Wu in the first place is because of a love letter Wu had written but Garmadon had signed.
  • Played for Laughs on Phineas and Ferb, when Candace's Kid from the Future refers to Isabella as her aunt.
    Isabella: 'Aunt Isabella!' That means I'm going to marry Phineas!
    Candace: Or Ferb.
    (Isabella looks shocked as Ferb suddenly turns around and winks at her)
  • The Pet Alien episode "The Lookalike Girl of Evil" features a Love Triangle between Tommy, Gabby, and Gabby's twin cousin Jabby. Gabby is in love with Tommy, while Tommy only has eyes for Jabby (who doesn't return his feelings either).
  • In one episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, three of the four Turtles eat pizza tainted with a love potion, causing those three to fall in love with Irma. Hilarity and in-fighting ensue, until Splinter and the unaffected Turtle, Donatello, find a way to counteract the potion. Afterwards, further hilarity ensues when Irma discovers who was actually courting her.
  • ThunderCats (2011) establishes a triangle between adoptive siblings Lion-O and Tygra and their bodyguard/priest Cheetara, with Cheetara unaware that the brothers are jockeying for her favor behind her back. It's later revealed that Tygra and Cheetara were friends as kids, which is why Tygra took an interest in her Cheetara ends up choosing Tygra — and in fact she had loved him for a while already, only that her duty was her first priority..
  • In one episode of Ugly Americans, Callie gets a little sister, Lillith, who plans to kill Callie and have sex with her boyfriend, Mark, most likely against his will. Made even weirder because Mark and Callie had raised her since she was a toddler (two weeks before).


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