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Crazed Fruit is a 1956 film from Japan directed by Ko Nakahira.

It's based on a novel by Shinto Ishihara.note  Haruji and his older brother Natsuhira are idle young men of college age, who don't seem to study or have a job but are wealthy enough to have their own motorboat that they take out for joyrides in the harbor. While taking a train to the beach to go for a spin in their motorboat, they see an extremely good looking woman in a white dress. Haru especially is enchanted.

While zipping through the water in their boat they see the woman swimming. Her name is Eri. Shy, meek Haru summons up the courage to ask Eri to be his date to a party thrown by one of his rich buddies. Natsuhira is so attracted to Eri that he barely resists the temptation to ask her out himself. Eri and Haru leave the party and have a romantic evening kissing by the beach. Soon they are dating regularly—but Eri is strangely reluctant to tell Haru where she lives. Later, Natsuhira learns a secret about his brother's girlfriend, and uses it to his advantage.


  • Amusement Park: One of the places where the brothers and their Idle Rich buddies go to waste time.
  • Blackmail: Natsuhira strongarms Eri into having sex with him by threatening to tell Haru that she's married. He really doesn't have to push very hard.
  • Buxom Beauty Standard: Natsuhira is impressed by Eri's curvy figure.
    "Did you get a look at that body? Those ain't no falsies."
  • Enter Stage Window: How Natsuhira gains entrance to the rich American businessman's house to have sex with Eri.
  • Foreshadowing: The film opens with a shot showing a stone-faced Haru motoring back to shore alone. Eventually we find out that this shot is from the end of the story, after he murdered his brother and girlfriend.
  • Idle Rich: In the mid-1950s Japan was still struggling to emerge from the damage of World War II. So it's significant that none of these young men have jobs, that they are free to lounge around well-appointed houses all day, that they have servants and private boats.
  • Sibling Triangle: Both Natsuhira and Haru fall for gorgeous Eri. She seems to really love Haru but at the same time have a deep carnal attraction to Natsuhira.
  • Slap-Slap-Kiss: How Natsuhira and Eri have sex for the first time, after he forcefully kisses her and she slaps him.
  • Trophy Wife: 20-year-old beautiful Eri is married to an American businessman old enough to be her father.
  • Voiceover Letter: Eri sends a letter to Haru telling him that they have to go on their sailing getaway early. Natsuhira intercepts it and arranges for himself to meet her instead.