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"I don't know which part was more disturbing, his descriptions of the inner core, reincarnated souls sex orgy; or the fact that the entire thing is written in screenplay format!"

A form of Epistolary Novel: writing a Fan Fic in the form of a script. Originated as a way of giving a sense of illusory "officialness" to a fic for a TV series or movie (Look! It can be filmed as-is!), which makes the format particularly popular for continuation fics, and/or to use narrative tricks that wouldn't sound right in prose. It also functions as a prime outlet for writers unskilled at detailed description, and who despise Wall of Text, but are talented with dialogue. Most MSTings are written in this format as well.

In addition to screenplay-type script fics, there are also those that are simply a script, without the technical terminology to describe the "filming" such as "pan", "exterior and interior", et cetera.

Though some readers think the lack of prose detracts from the story, others like the enhanced focus on the dialogue and action. A good script fic can accurately describe what is going on in the story without using prose, which is part of the challenge (to be coherent without using narrative and relying on action and dialogue to carry the story and explain what is occurring). It can be an interesting challenge for writers who want to practice writing dialogue and experiment with form.

Occasionally enough stories are made that they're accepted as so-called virtual seasons.

Compare Speech-Centric Work.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • The Child of Love is a Neon Genesis Evangelion script fic. Later the author decided to rewrite it ditching the script format, but he did not go past the first chapter.
  • Daigakusei No Ranma, a Ranma ½ continuation fic.
  • Ishbal The Musical (links here and here) is a freaking musical on the Ishvallan War of Extermination in Fullmetal Alchemist.
  • Maoyu originated as an original story on 2ch. The strict post character limits on boards like these spawned a distinctive form of the Script Fic, where virtually the entire fic is written as exchanges of dialogue and sound effects, with only the bare minimum of description, and Maoyuu Maou Yuusha was in this style as well. When it was converted into published form, the format was largely carried over.
  • Narrabundah 1/2 (link here), Urac Sigma's mid-1990s re-creation/reimagining of Ranma ½, is a prime example of script format taking a good fic idea and making it hard to read and enjoy. In general, the Ranma fanfic community had completely abandoned script format by the late 1990s.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion R, written by Maher al-Samkari, is an example of this for Neon Genesis Evangelion. Unfortunately, while well-written in other ways such as character or plot the writer obviously did not know how to write a script.
  • Putting Your Heart In The Right Place (link here) is another script-format Ranma ½ work by John Biles. Nice WAFFic; established some fanon characterizations, most notably Nodoka's. Until 1996, Right Place was considered THE definitive Ranma fanfic.
  • Suburban Senshi (link here), a comedy Mega Crossover based mainly on Sailor Moon and bringing in everything from Doctor Who to Sakura Wars, is an odd case. The regular episodes are written in prose, but it also has a few episodes marketed as "The Movie", written as Script Fic, and plenty of segments of the characters on IRC.
  • Shadowjack Watches Sailor Moon takes Sailor Moon and rewrites it episode-by-episode, with the author's own jokes and interpretations (and the occasional recap comic).
  • The Typical Gundam SEED Destiny by Thundermuffin is a parody that can be found on MAHQ's Mechatalk forums. It also includes a couple Mobile Suit Gundam 00 crossovers, and a parody of the (currently nonexistent) GSD film.

    Comic Books 

    Films — Animation 
  • Cinderella: The TRUE Sequel is written in a script-like format.
  • Once Upon a Studio: Version 2.0 is a huge Fix Fic written as an actual screenplay; even going as far as listing the entire cast, along with the soundtrack listing, a full breakdown of the orchestral instrumentation, and even a full credits page. Orchestrations are also described in the screenplay itself, integrated quite comfortably with the dialogue and stage directions.

    Films — Live-Action 


    Live-Action TV 

  • San Tropez (link here) by Breakinglight11 is a Cabin Pressure fan fic designed to be like just another episode of the series, and so is written in audio drama script format. Not only does it fit in with the continuity, the voices of the characters and the style of humor are a very close imitation of how original author John Finnemore writes them.

    Tabletop Game 

  • The Rock Raiders Meet BIONICLE, based on Rock Raiders, was written in script format, as was the standard for BZPower comedies. Initially, the first two chapters of Rock Raiders - Legacy were also written in script, but after readers encouraged Primis to start writing in prose instead, all further chapters and installments of the saga were written in prose, and Primis was inspired to rewrite the first two chapters of Legacy in prose and start writing Two Worlds, a ground-up rewrite of The Rock Raiders Meet BIONICLE in prose.

    Video Games 

    Western Animation 

  •, a whole website dedicated to this kind of writing, original and fanfic. Stories are formatted as text messages.

    Real Life