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Fanfic / Phoenix's SSBB Case Files

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What if the Ace Attorney series was set in a world containing various locations from different Nintendo series, where Phoenix has to defend characters who appear in the Super Smash Bros. series? You get different people being murdered, and the pop culture references are all related to the series the characters come from, but apart from that, there's no difference.

Phoenix's SSBB Case Files is a Crossover Fan Fic written by ShadowKnux372 between the Ace Attorney series with the settings and characters from Super Smash Bros.. Originally starting more as a joke post, the series quickly took off, and became much more than originally intended.

This series contains examples of:

  • All There in the Manual: The Alternate Universe backstories of the more major characters are explained in notes after their completion.
  • Asshole Victim: Master Hand in Faraway Turnabout, Ganondorf in Turnabout Psychic, Ridley in Turnabout History.
  • Author Appeal: The role given to Mewtwo in his arc is because of ShadowKnux372's like of him.
  • Alternate Universe: Two actually, in the aptly-named Alternate Turnabout #1 and #2.
  • Brain Bleach: Maya channels Mewtwo. Try not to think too hard about it.
  • Crossover: Of course. Canonically with Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but uses a few characters seen only in earlier Smash games (such as Mewtwo).
  • Childhood Marriage Promise: Not quite marriage, but the backstory for Larry and Adrian in Alternate Turnabout uses something similar to this.
  • Evil All Along: Luigi.
  • Fantastic Legal Weirdness: Pokémon testifying, psychic abilities being discussed in court... just another day in the Ace Attorney world!
  • Flashback: Turnabout Origins.
  • Guest-Star Party Member: Sort of. Doc Louis from Punch-Out!! assists Apollo in one case. As well as Doc Louis usually assists, in any case.
  • Hypocritical Humor: This little gem from Case #6.
    Franziska: What foolish foolishness is this? A foolish fool foolishly promoting his foolish fool of a client?
    Larry: No...this is a genius genius geniusly showing off his geniusy geniusness.
    Franziska: What an annoying way of talking...
  • Infodump: Mr. Game and Watch loves doing these.
  • Legacy Character: Little Mac. He's actually using the same moniker as the one from 15 years ago. This is actually one reason the crime in question happened.
  • Long-Lost Relative: Word of God confirms that Wattson and Lucario are half-brothers.
  • Original Character: Mu Gin, Mikey Angelo, and Barry B. "Smokey" Kiyu. Interesting in that only the last one was made by the creator. The other two were fan-created characters given guest appearances.
  • Politically Incorrect Villain: Apparently, having Manfred von Karma as a prosecutor who constantly uses underhanded tactics, intimidates everyone in the court to control the trial, and being willing to assault people with tasers isn't enough. He's also a sexist bastard.
  • Rule of Three: Alternate Turnabout. 3 days, 3 crimes, 3 trials, 3 criminals...
  • Running Gag: At the end of several cases, Phoenix finds that someone has pawned a large sum onto Phoenix's tab, such as the bill for the cleaning of Link's sword.
  • Sadist Teacher: Averted. Most mentors in this series are shown to be very caring towards their students.
  • Script Fic: Justified because the cases were originally forum games where ShadowKnux372 posted as he was reading from a Nintendo DS and other people acted as players.
  • Shout-Out: From the Smash Dojo, to the games the characters came from, to other games and media, there are a good number of references per case.
  • The Scapegoat: Mewtwo attempts this, before Lucas came to admit to the crime. Phoenix would have none of this, and proved them both innocent at once.
  • Taking the Heat: Zelda did this in order to protect Samus in Turnabout History.
  • Unlucky Childhood Friend: Mikey Angelo feels like this towards Lucas.
  • Unsound Effect: Psyche-Locks go *chaaaaiiiin!*
  • Unusually Uninteresting Sight: Very few eyebrows are raised when people like Bowser, Donkey Kong, or Lucario show up in court.