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Fanfic / One Piece A Smash Adventure

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One Piece: A Smash Adventure is a crossover between One Piece and Super Smash Bros. written by Specter24. The story can be read here

One Piece: A Smash Adventure contains examples of:

  • Back from the Dead: With the exception of Bowser and Giovanni, every single main villain (not exactly ALL of them) of a certain series was revived by Obscurum.
  • Five-Man Band: The members of Obscurum:
    • Big Bad: Xemnas
    • The Dragon: M. Bison
    • The Dark Chick: Kefka and Yojimbo, with the latter turning out to be the Dragon for Dimentio
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    • The Brute: Sweet Tooth and Sigma
    • The Evil Genius: Hojo and Dimentio, with the latter being the REAL villain
  • Final Battle: The Strawhats VS. Obscurmentio, Dimentio's final form
  • Multi-Mook Melee: The Strawshats VS the Fighting Alloy Team in the Smash Bros. arc.
  • Original Character: The Emperor Gods as mentioned in the Smash Bros. arc and the Aterneco in the final arc
  • Free Sample Plot Coupon: Merlon had the first mystery heart and gave it to the Strawhats similar to how the Merlon in Super Paper Mario had the first Pure Heart.

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