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"Warm And Fuzzy Feeling". A work whose sole purpose for existence is to make the reader go "Awwww! That's so sweet!" at regular intervals and/or at the end. Frequently labeled as Fluff, not to be confused with the other kind. Mostly made and read by female audiences or male audiences who make sure no one is watching behind their backs (though there are some exceptions). In Hentai works (which are generally assumed to be Darker and Edgier by default), this type of story is labelled "vanilla". Often used in the context of "I need some vanilla to get the bad taste of Netorare out of my mouth."

Frequently seen as a feature of Continuation fics that attempt to tie up the romantic loose ends left by a series that ended without resolving them, but can be found for just about any reason for any fandom.

A Hallmark Presentation will likely be this.

Also seen in the adjective form "WAFFy".

WAFFy Lemon is a comparatively rare crossbreed of Fanfic, but several good pieces have come out of this combination. Moe hentai works also often exhibit WAFFy Lemonism. Apparently, the idea of writing romantic sexual interludes as opposed to Porn Without Plot brings out a lot of inspiration.

When a WAFF is a Porn Without Plot (with or without sex), it's Curtain Fic.

More serious or "cynical" series tend to inspire WAFF fanfics, in the same way comedies or "idealistic" series inspire Dark Fic.

See also Glurge, Lighter and Softer, Iyashikei, Sweet Dreams Fuel and True Love Is a Kink. Not to be confused with WAUGH, as in Evelyn Waugh, Waif as in Waif-Fu, WAAF as in the World War 2 era Women's Auxiliary Air Force, "Waugh, waugh, waugh", or "WAAAAAAGH!", which is something very different. Or the Australian cricketers.


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Canon Examples

    Anime and Manga 

    Live-Action TV 

    Tabletop Games 

    Video Games 


    Web Original 
  • This is pretty much the mission statement of Shigesato Itoi's Hobo Nichi Itoi Shinbun news/lifestyle site.
  • In a Heartbeat is a LGBT independent animation about a young closeted boy who has a crush on a boy of his school. They eventually end up together and the whole thing is impressively sweet.

Fan-Work Examples

    Anime and Manga 
  • I Won't Say an adorable Death Note (Light/L) Christmas Special FanFic.
  • A cute Code Geass story about Lelouch and Suzaku meeting C2 as children.
  • Snapshots: It's a girl is supplementary WAFF-material to an extremely long, well-written, and not warm or fuzzy fic for Fullmetal Alchemist entitled "Fullmetal Alchemist:Forever", the author of both stories has written a series of anecdotes about Edward and his daughter, Amy. The first one takes place just before her birth, the last one is Amy's earliest memory of her Dad It can be found here. To get that straight: "Snapshots" is warm-and-fuzzy accompanying material to a Fullmetal Alchemist fanfic entitled "Fullmetal Alchemist:Forever". "Fullmetal Alchemist:Forever" is definitely not warm and fuzzy... Amy gets pregnant at age twelve and that's just the tip of the iceberg.
  • Fanfics that attempt to give Shinji and Asuka — or heck, anyone from Neon Genesis Evangelion — at least a moment of happiness, if not a full-fledged Happily Ever After ending.
    • Advice and Trust: The story's premise is: "What if Shinji and Asuka's kiss had NOT gone wrong?" The answer to that question is action, suspense and loads of waffiness as Shinji and Asuka keep a Secret Relationship.
    • The Second Try has some major Tear Jerker moments and a large dose of parental fears, but the post-Third Impact storyline and (eventually) the last couple of chapters are pure heartwarming awesome. Sequel/epilogue Aki-chan's Life drops the angsty bits almost entirely and goes for upbeat, heartwarming and often very funny Slice of Life.
    • The Child of Love: In this story Shinji gets Asuka pregnant accidentally and both have to learn to get over their issues and have a relationship during the war. It has plenty drama and dark moments but it also has plenty heartwarming romance and is very unapologetic about it.
    • Once More with Feeling: The scenes involving Shinji and Asuka are very heartwarming and tender with a touch of angst, even when they're bickering.
    • Another good one is the non-hentai doujin Epilogue of Evangelion, a whopping 700 pages of Shinji & Asuka's life as the only living beings who returned from the Sea of LCL after the finale of End of Evangelion. And by the same author, Happy End of Evangelion, which takes place in Alternate Universe where a majority of humanity returned from the Sea of LCL (sans some characters, like Yui and Gendou), Misato and a resurrected Kaji got married and even had a kid, and the plot follows the now older Shinji and Asuka's burgeoning relationship.
  • Pokémon: The Series:
    • The Road You Choose Pokemon alternate universe in which Ash and Misty do develop a relationship.
    • Giovanni's received some of these, but at least a few fanfic authors have been throwing in some Badass to control the fluff. This writer's known for the fluff, but, given the timeline she has available on her journal, and Giovanni killing off people who hurt his family (Silver and otherwise), there are going to be a few badass fics coming up too.
    • And Legacy is regarded by several of her fans as "Sweet and sincere, but with that dark edge he's known for".
  • Setsuna's relationship with Konoka in Negima! Magister Negi Magi is already cute, and has accrued enough W.A.F.F. Ship Tease moments that most KonoSetsu fics just build on the substantial subtext to push Setsuna over the edge, either into a confession to or full-on yuri with her charge. E.g.: Egg Belly, a wonderful WAFFy Lemon.
  • Hetalia: Axis Powers:
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Doujinshi circle Forest Village produces a number of worksafe yuri doujinshi, particularly of Madoka and Homura. One two-part series consists of them getting married and having a happy and playful honeymoon at a beach resort.
  • The Abridged Series adaption of Toradora! has Toradora Randomness Episode 10 which appears at the very end. Which is a surprise knowing how ridiculous the rest of the show is.
  • My Hero Academia: The fanfiction Toward A Bright Future has a new Teaching Assistant with a future vision Quirk join the faculty, and she quickly proves to be a darling to Class 1-A and beyond. Whether it's rewarding the students with stickers and snacks, getting Midoriya to blush with compliments, petting Dark Shadow, tutoring those who are struggling, interacting with Aizawa's cats, or even providing a home for Todoroki when she finds out about his situation, Y/N-sensei is outright adorable in how she cares for her new class.
  • The Wound's Still Bleeding has a few sad elements, such as Minato's death and Obito's Disney Death, but it's predominantly a fluffy Obito/Kakashi story about Kakashi as a trans woman.

    Comic Books 

    Films — Live Action 
  • The Maleficent fanfic Your servant, Mistress is mainly about Maleficent and Diaval healing each other's emotional wounds. The Maleficent fandom in general is fond of this, as Maleficent is The Woobie in the original movie, and doesn't get much time to enjoy her regained wings on-screen. Fanfic is there to fix that.

  • The Animorphs fic Like Father, Like Son (also a Song Fic) started from the series's end, added the premise of Tobias intercepting Elfangor's six-year-old hirac delest, and ended up with none of the major deaths of the series occurring, even Elfangor's. Tobias's mother even got her memory back — acknowledged by the author as probably the least believable part.
  • There was a quite enjoyable Harry/Luna WAFFy Lemon on the Restricted Section Harry Potter smut website called Release (NSFW). The site it was once located on is no longer around, but it was uploaded to AO3.
  • The Chronicles of Narnia fanfiction The Fledgling Year—a Continuation Fic from The Horse and His Boy detailing the adventures of Cor’s traipse through Archenland and Aravis’ attempts to keep him from getting assassinated or roasted alive and to find him a suitable future queen. Still ongoing, but there’s heaps of fluffy Ship Tease and the author has promised a happy resolution to the abundant sexual tension. Note that this does not apply to the later chapters, where Aravis is nearly raped and suffers severe trauma because of this. Cerebus Syndrome does not begin to describe it.

    Live-Action TV 

    Video Games 
  • Any of the Lloyd and Colette fics that Lil Samuu writes fit in this category. And they're well written. All of them.
  • Metal Gear has inspired a lot of "interim" fics for Snake/Otacon and Big Boss/Ocelot, where the writers just want to give the two ships some happy-times too before everything goes south again.
  • Plenty of Touhou Project Fanfics fall into this category. Take a look for yourself. Try Can't Fix The Helmet's GERANIUM, anything by "Hero Bear", Millet Soup's Even If Life Isn't Short, most Flipflops doujins...
  • Quite a few shipping fics in Ace Attorney involve this. It's no doubt helped by the fact that most of the characters are woobies to some degree, and just about all the defense attorneys and prosecutors have had at least one horrific thing happen to them that makes writing about them having something adorable or nice happen very appealing.
  • While you wouldn't expect it (being a Crack Pairing played completely straight), Dating a Team Magma Grunt is adorable.
  • The majority of all Sorey/Mikleo fanworks, albeit some of it does veer into Tear Jerker territory if it involves any post-game stuff. The big exception to this would have to deal with the popular Tainted AU which works tend to be not so fluffy.
  • The Dragon Age fic series Skyhold Academy Yearbook has most of its angst and drama confined to the first story; the bulk of the series is composed of fluff and hilarity, often at the same time.
  • TheDanganronpa fic Danganronpa: Ultimate High School Experience is a Slice of Life story about the characters living a normal high school life without any killing games to get in the way of it. It primarily focuses on the various romantic interactions between the cast, with the pairings ranging from fairly commons ones like Makoto/Mukuro and Hajime/Chiaki to rare ones like Tsumugi/Ryota and Kaede/Nagito. However, regardless of which love story you’re most invested in, each one is presented with equal amounts of fluff with the only angst stemming from things like an inability to confess.

  • Harmonystuck is an AU of Homestuck where everything is cute and nothing hurts. It's been described by many who read through the logs as 'a highly effective Homestuck Antidepressant'.
  • Touhou Journal features Touhou Project protagonist Reimu Hakurei, normally a hero with a large side of Good Is Not Nice, as a mute, but adorable and benevolent miko who treats anybody and everybody with silent kindness.

    Western Animation 

Alternative Title(s): Fluff, Warm And Fuzzy Feeling