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" I am the only one choice left to you. What I will be: guardian, companion or... shadow, is up to you. I'll be honest with you, and I will try to not hide anything to you: I could need to kill you before having to see you fail..."
The 4th cover of the webcomic. The "anarchist" Jurik Hastien former leader of the disbanded party "Aggregational Order of Individuals".

The President take place in the fictional country of Republikue du Riaveè, (Riaveè for short) and start with the arrival of two so-called ethical vampires, an elder female (Wiola) and a younger one (new breed). On the background of the main line, Riaveé is facing its first democratic election after the total destruction of the last war.

The President is a Webcomic hosted on ComicFury. It's based on parallel universe where things like vampires, werewolves, ghosts and other monster does exist. All characters and event are purely fictional.



  • Wiola: an ethical elder vampire commissioned to watch after the younger one
  • Dyudan: a young man which find himself thrown suddenly in politics to become elect as president of his hosting country; oh! he's a vampire also
  • Kanadis: a man with semi-long hair: he's eternally pissed off and ready for action

Party leaders:

  • Odina Kawu: (the plutocratic), a wealthy woman and leader of the V.E.I.N. ( Veer Empowerment Inside (this) Nation ) party. No much is known about her
  • viceroy Lanton Chewyan: (the monarchist) - after Kingdom of Riavenmont lost war the king went fugitive leaving Lanton to face defeat and (in agreement with the invader forces) manage the political transition towards a new constitution. Also leader of the R.R. ( Royal Renassiance ) party which want to drive Riaveé back towards monarchy.
  • Jurik Hastien (the anarchist): the leader of the party given for winning in almost all polls, more likely the one to create Riaveè's fledgling constitution; the A.O.I. (Aggregational Order of Individuals). A political entity that want any national form of regulation disbanded; allowing no more than small groups of people building their own rules.
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  • Elena Hastien (the democratic), mother of Jurik and leader of the R.P.R (Rise for the People of Riaveè)

The President provides examples of:

  • Abandoned Area: Riaveè was a wealthy nation which faced total destruction in last war, so many places important place and big structurse where left to ruin
  • Action-Adventure: Temporary government of Riaveè is under the iron fist of viceroy armed forces; Lanton (the viceroy) has no problem to engage as to establish order and persecute it's enemy (occasional fire, explosion etc)
  • Alternate History: Country of Riaveé is completely made up in another universe, but still there are few things (wanted or unintended) would looks alike to what's happening in the current worlds
  • Anti-Hero: Jurik is an anarchist and widespread consider national hero, but soon he will discover that you can't always protect your people stay in law.
  • Anti-Intellectualism: Not all vampires are bad, not those who claim to defend people are honest. Yeah, but sometime things are just messed up.
  • Death Tropes: Odina, a woman wealthy woman, seek immortality through becoming a vampire: the way she hope to achieve so is resurrect a victim of a sacrifice
  • Drama Tropes: Dyudan don't want to be a vampire, Wiola don't want to stay alone, Kanadis don't know who he is.
  • Evil Tropes: Wiola and Kanadis would had be a nice couple if the author didn't hate romance too much.
  • Fame and Reputation Tropes: Four party leader need fame and reputation to win the next election... and build up the first constitution of Riaveé
  • Fictional Country: Republikue du Riaveè, former Riavenmont Kingdom. Spare to look it on Google Earth: it doesn't exist
  • Horror Webcomics: Yes, vampires not blood sucking with blood sucking vampires. As the plot advanced other horror may apply
  • Politics Tropes: The main political parties of Riaveé are led by: an anarchist, a plutocratic, a democratic and a monarchist.
  • Romance: Negation of love is romance? Then The President is romance
  • Sci Fi Webcomics: Odina, a plutocratic woman which think that money can achieve any result, want to revive a corpse.
  • Webcomic Tropes
  • Vampire Fiction: Wiola and Dyudan are vampire
  • Vampire Tropes: Being vampire don't necessarily mean you had to go around and suck other people blood
  • Violence: ...eventually blood will spurt anyway

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