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From back to front: Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup

"Sugar...spice...and everything nice...
Who would have thought that these were the ingredients chosen to bring my perfect little girls to life..."
Professor Utonium

An ongoing webcomic posted on DeviantArt by RossoWinch in 2014.

Professor Utonium's family - his wife Emma and three unborn triplets - was slaughtered two weeks ago. Refusing to accept their deaths, he and Mojo Jojo worked to make a potion that could restore someone to life - Chemical X. After finding a formula that could help create Chemical X, Mojo Jojo and the Professor create a contraption that can resurrect the triplets. Shortly after the contraption was started, the Professor saw a hallucination of Emma, causing a mental breakdown. He shoots Mojo Jojo in a panic, planning to shoot himself immediately afterwards, until the contraption explodes, creating the Powerpuff Girls.

A Dark Fic, the story shows the adventures of the Powerpuff Girls with other subplots concerning Mojo Jojo, the Professor, Princess Morbucks, and even Mystery Inc in a brief crossover. Although the first chapter is quite short, the second and third chapters are much longer.


The first chapter can be read here.

This webcomic provides examples of:

  • 20 Minutes into the Past: The webcomic is set in the summer of 1998, though the flashback to Mystery Inc. is set during December 1978.
  • Accidental Murder: Buttercup unintentionally kills Sedusa in Chapter 3, thinking she was just knocked out.
  • Adaptational Villainy: Fuzzy Lumpkins, considering he murdered Emma and her unborn triplets. Compared to the original cartoon, Fuzzy also looks far more like a Slasher villain.
  • Alien Blood: Emma and Sedusa all have black blood.
  • Are You Sure You Want to Do That?: Wednesday warns Brikowski about provoking the girls.
    Brikowski: Let's take this guy straight to prison! His child just broke my arm!
    Wednesday: If you want to drag him to prison, I welcome you to do it. But I'm not helping you if the children come after you and break your other arm.
  • Ascended Extra: Jack Wednesday is considerably more involved in the webcomic than the original cartoon.
    • The same can be said for the Boogeyman.
  • Ate His Gun: Buttercup accidentally shoots herself this way. She survives unharmed, though.
  • Back from the Dead: Professor Utonium's goal is to invoke this for his family in the first two chapters. He succeeds.
    • Sedusa is brought back to life after being killed by Buttercup in Chapter 3.
  • Bald Woman: Sedusa briefly becomes one when Buttercup rips her scalp off.
  • Berserk Button: The girls have several.
    • Don't attack the Professor in front of the girls.
    • Don't damage Buttercup's blanket.
      [Sedusa rips Buttercup's blanket]
      Buttercup: NO! YOU BROKE MY BLANKY!
      Sedusa: Stop!
  • Big Bad: Sedusa in Chapter 3.
  • Black Eyes of Evil: Sedusa gets them when she revives after being killed by Buttercup.
  • The Cameo: Bubbles is able to draw the original designs of the Powerpuff Girls twice during Chapter 2.
  • Compelling Voice: Sedusa has this, and uses it anytime someone tries to fight or disobey her.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: An enraged Blossom vs. Brikowski with a pistol. He's lucky only his arm was broken.
    • Sedusa vs. the police force attempting to arrest her. She forces the police to kill the woman in their group and leave.
  • Death-Activated Superpower: People Professor Utonium brings back from the dead gain access to superpowers.
  • Dirty Cop: Brikowski, considering his attempts to shoot Blossom and Utonium.
    • The Chief of Police is one, considering he is Mr. Morbucks' dragon.
  • The Dragon: Mr. Morbucks is one to Him.
    • Also, the Chief of Police to Mr. Morbucks.
  • Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette: Sedusa briefly appears this way to Buttercup in Chapter 3.
  • Gale-Force Sound: Bubbles' scream power is strong enough to redirect lasers.
  • Gone Horribly Right: Professor Utonium succeeded in bringing his family back from the dead! However, they all have dangerous superpowers, with Sedusa using them for evil whenever she is in control.
  • Greater-Scope Villain: Him in Chapter 3.
  • Head Turned Backwards: Sedusa when she dies.
  • Human Popsicle: Sedusa briefly becomes one in Chapter 3, frozen by Blossom.
  • I Just Shot Marvin in the Face: Shortly after her creation, Buttercup accidentally shoots herself in the face. Due to her powers, though, she is completely unharmed.
  • Insane Equals Violent: Fuzzy Lumpkins
  • Lethal Chef: Blossom. She tried to make pancakes, but they were burnt.
  • Let's You and Him Fight: Sedusa compels the Powerpuff Girls to fight each other in Chapter 3.
  • Luke, I Am Your Father: Sedusa in Emma reveals that she is the girls' mother near the end of Chapter 3.
  • Make Me Wanna Shout: Bubbles has this power.
  • Neck Snap: Buttercup accidentally kills Sedusa this way.
  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: Sedusa compels a police force trying to arrest her to beat a policewoman immune to her compulsion to death.
  • Not So Different: Sedusa tries to do this to Blossom, claiming Blossom will be just like her when she grows up.
  • Oh, Crap!: When Brikowski shoots the Professor in front of Blossom.
    Blossom: [Death Glare]
    Wednesday: What have you done, Brikowski...
    Brikowski: Oh fuck...
    [Blossom breaks Brikowski's arm as he tries to shoot her]
    Blossom: YOU HURT MY DADDY!
  • One-Winged Angel: Sedusa after she is killed by Buttercup in Chapter 3 - Chemical X regrows her hair and gives her Black Eyes of Evil.
  • Power Nullifier: Antidote-X. Professor Utonium uses it to temporarily remove the girls' and Mojo Jojo's powers.
  • Sacrificial Lamb: The Talking Dog is killed by the Roach Coach almost immediately after his introduction. Blossom offers to save the Dog, but the Professor refuses to let her do so since The World Is Not Ready is see her powers.
  • Sinister Silhouettes: Even though Fuzzy has not appeared in the webcomic yet, artwork of him portrays him as one of these.
    • Sedusa appears as one briefly during Chapter 3.
  • Small Role, Big Impact: Fuzzy Lumpkins. He is only mentioned by Wednesday once in Chapter 3, but he reveals that Fuzzy is responsible for murdering Emma and her unborn triplets, effectively causing the events of the webcomic.
  • Shooting Superman: Brikowski tried to immobilize Blossom with a taser. When that didn't work, he tried to shoot her. Cue Curb-Stomp Battle.
  • Super Strength: The girls, Emma, and her other personalities are so strong that they can effortlessly throw someone across a room and break limbs. Even a sneeze from Bubbles was enough to injure the Professor.
    • A single punch from Buttercup was enough to cause a Neck Snap.
  • Sympathetic Inspector Antagonist: Jack Wednesday. He is rightfully suspicious of Professor Utonium, and is trying to keep the dangers posed by Utonium's experimentation under control.
  • Tap on the Head: Buttercup was planning to use this to incapacitate Sedusa, but she punches her so hard Sedusa gets a Neck Snap instead.
  • Technicolor Eyes: The girls do have pupils, but they are a darker shade of their irises.

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