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Purple SUV was a Real-Person Fic and parody of Yellow Submarine with ABBA! by Technicolor Pachyderm.

The plot went more or less like this: an inhabitant of an alternate dimension called Anne is sent to our world to find four musicians who would help her free her world, where a dictatorial group called Orangies has forbidden music. They all ride the purple SUV to find the portal to the other dimension, which includes a passing-by through Baltimore where they pick up Suzy, a 15-year-old Fangirl with Crazy Awesome tendencies and face off against a polar bear. After refueling the SUV with Mountain Dew, ABBA, Suzy and Anne go to the other world by driving off a cliff and into a lake.


After the arrival, Suzy is almost imediatly captured and put in jail, Anne is more or less forgotten, ABBA lead La Résistance, are captured and nearly killed.

This fanfiction didn't get an ending (ABBA and Suzy do survive though), but it was a pretty satisfying read all the same. Sadly, due to the author feeling Old Shame towards this, it is no longer available on the net.

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