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The Lone Ranger has been adapted to film many times over the decades by a number of studios, to varying levels of critical success.

Tropes common across the films:
  • Channel Hop: Several different studios have produced movies based on the Lone Ranger property:
    • The serials were produced by Republic Pictures.
    • The 1956 film, simply called The Lone Ranger 1956, was distributed by Warner Bros..
    • The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold was released two years later by United Artists. Both this movie and the previous one eventually reverted to producer Jack Wrather.
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    • The third one wouldn't come until 1981, and this time it was a complete reboot, The Legend of the Lone Ranger, released by ITC Entertainment/Universal and co-produced by Wrather. This film is now owned by ITV (Universal still holds theatrical rights).
    • The most recent version, released in 2013, is also a reboot and produced by Disney. Since then, Dreamworks Animation (a unit of Universal as of 2016) now owns the Lone Ranger franchise and all film rights pertaining to it, including the first two films and half the copyright to the third one (through Wrather Productions).

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