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The Filmation series is set after the Live Action series.
By the time of the animated series, the Ranger's reputation has grown to the point that he's usually recognized on sight, without the earlier common misunderstandings caused by his wearing a mask like an outlaw. Also, Tonto is now fluent in English.
  • Confirmed by Dan Reid's guest appearance as a grown man in "The Great Balloon Race."

The 2013 film:

The wendigo is not Cavendish, but Latham Cole.
From what we've seen in the trailers, it's safe to assume that Cole is the other villain of the film. Perhaps he's a Bigger Bad whose railroad is an Evil Plan to extend his corrupting influence across the country.
  • On the other hand, it seems a pretty good guess that the dude who eats human hearts is the Wendigo.
    • Maybe they both are Wendigoes in his eyes? After all, there were two silver bullets...
      • Semi-confirmed. Cole is indeed the one who ultimately is causing the greater evil of the two, but the Wendigo idea is basically something Tonto made up. Basically, Cole is the big bad, but there's nothing supernatural about him.

The Ranger will die.
Just calling it now.

In regards to how Tonto got out of jail...
He used a couple of turtles.
  • Or leverage.

The kid Old Tonto tells the story to is Britt Reed, a.k.a. Green Hornet.
  • Tonto calls him "Kimosabe" (Brit is John Reed's great nephew in the comics), for one. His being Danny's grandson explains the resemblance. And, of course, as the comics establish, Danny's grandson is Britt Reid, a.k.a. The Green Hornet - which explains why the boy puts the mask back on, taking Tonto's advice to "never take off the mask" to heart.
    • AND Seth Rogen's Green Hornet, in turn, is the grandson of the elder Britt Reid and hasn't figured out that his grandfather had previously done just as he did. This would explain the similarities in appearance and voice between Seth Rogen and Armie Hammer.
      • Confusingly Cole and Britt Senior are both played by Tom Wilkinson. Perhaps the family trees are a bit tangled.

Cavendish was a wendigo after all.
How else do you explain the army of Monty Python rabbits?

Tonto's crow was alive this whole time.
He's simply a natural possum-player, and Tonto learned from him so much that he got a job as a mannequin in the "old west" show.That would explain how he got out of the Jail-Cell. If the crow is trained enough, he could go get the cheese... I mean, Keys!.
  • The bird sure looked dead when LR's ricochet hit it and nearly popped its head off. I suppose it's then a case of "if it wasn't dead, it's sure is now."

The Captain may have survived
He can be seen leaping out of the coach seconds before it smashes into Butch's.
  • He becomes an outlaw, since he's already had the blood of innocents on his hands.

Silver is an Earth dwelling relative of Princess Celestia.
The question being where his wings and horn went.


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