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Funny / The Lone Ranger

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  • This line at the end of the film:
    Reid: Sorry.

  • Pretty much anything Silver does is either this or awesome. Like his ability to appear in the most improbable of places.
    Tonto: Something very wrong with that horse....
    • Tonto's attempt to convince Silver to bring back Reid's brother instead is particularly amusing.

  • Anytime Tonto's unreliable narration is pointed out by the kid he's telling it to.

  • "You did not speak of her as the wife of your brother." (lewd expression)

  • Out of nowhere, Reid gets hit in the shoulder with an arrow, and he gives the most hilariously girly scream imaginable (he's fine, though).

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  • Tonto's response when Reid asks if he sterilized the stitching needle: "Yes! I make urine on it!" (Cue Reid's scream)

  • John trying to coerce Red into talking by stating the health code violations in her brothel.
    • And Tonto taking dictation!

  • The fact that Tonto cannot decide whether Silver is stupid or just pretending to be stupid.

  • "Horse dead."

  • Every time Tonto states that nature is out of balance.

  • John's Adorkable question about whether Red's (a brothel) is a dance club.

  • "He gonna violate me with a duck foot."

  • "Did my name come up?"

  • "You hear it, too? I was hoping it was in my head."

  • After the dust has settled, the band that was injured at the start of the train chase still has to play, in casts and bandages.

  • John picks up a doll that a little girl on his train dropped and playfully tosses it to her...only for the doll to get sucked out the window.

  • John's attempt to apprehend Butch gets interrupted by Butch's goons opening the door behind him. Moments later, John is chained up next to Tonto.

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  • When Tonto wants to make a quick getaway from the train about to crash, John gives him hell for it.
    John: [tugging at their chain] Have you no decency?!

  • One of Butch's goons yelling "SHUT UP!" as John and Tonto give alternating answers to his question.

  • Tonto citing Dan as a great warrior while John just says "That's my brother."

  • Tonto had been hoping the Spirit-walker would be John's brother Dan and is quite disappointed in John being chosen. Consequently, he nicknames John "Kemosabe", which in this movie means "Wrong brother".


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