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Characters with incestuous subtext in a story. Even though incest is a taboo in many places in the world, it is not entirely impossible that accidental subtext can sneak in, either unintentionally or surreptitiously.

This can originate from the author intentionally playing with the closeness of the characters' relationship and slipping into romance, even though nothing serious was supposed to come out of it. In some works, especially comedy ones, this is usually Played for Laughs involving Lampshade Hanging, and can involve a Digging Yourself Deeper speech: "It's Not What It Looks Like! She's my sister!" "...that's DISGUSTING!"

There is another variation, when the attraction itself is textually there, but the characters are not literally blood related, so openly sexual relationships can also have incestuous subtext. For example, in Japanese works, girls might use Japanese Sibling Terminology for a guy (or especially a girl) they are in love with.


A Relative Error can come across this way (either intentionally or not) if the original "romantic" scene is a little too convincing. Compare Flirty Stepsiblings. Contrast Incest Yay Shipping, where subtext may or may not exist but fans create a relationship regardless. See also Relationship Writing Fumble for when any Incest Subtext was clearly not the intention of the writers.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Bakugan. Mira is too obsessed with her brother. And Keith after meeting with Mira and accepting her on his side makes her wear dress and all dinner looks like... a date. When Keith becomes good they share some sweet moments and she even BLUSHES then they talk. Squint at the final ending, they live together and their interaction isn't unlike those of newly married couple, and Gus is nowhere to be seen, so...
  • Betrayal Knows My Name: Touko and Tsukumo are rather close. Also, if you count the equation 'Zweilt partner = Couple'...
  • Bleach: Yuzu is a bit too into Ichigo after the time-skip. There are multiple scenes that can be interpreted as her having a crush on her big brother. In the epilogue, as Karin implies that Yuzu has no problem with her nephew Kazui rooting around in her room being given a "free pass" like Ichigo.
  • Chobits: It turns out the tragic backstory that forms the basis of Chii ending up on Hideki's doorstep is that she and her "twin" were created as Replacement Goldfish for the children that her creators could never had...except Freya, the older of the two, fell in romantic love with her creator and had a Heroic BSoD over the fact that 1) he's already Happily Married and 2) he sees her as his daughter.
  • Chrono Crusade:
    • Joshua is very obsessed with his older sister Rosette after he gets Chrono's horns and they turn him insane. It's later revealed to (probably) be because of a forgotten promise to himself that he would grow up "as fast as he could" so he could protect Rosette, but the way he talks about her and embraces her when they reunite really makes it seem like he has a thing for her. It doesn't help that he calls Fiore, whom he seems to have a crush on, "sister" at one point in the story. (And in fact, in the anime version he actually mistakes Fiore for his sister most of the time, but still has a few shippy scenes with her.)
    • In the manga version, Aion brings the severed head of Pandaemonium so close to his face it almost looks like he might have been kissing her. (His back is turned in the panel prior, so it's hard to say for sure.) It's later revealed that Pandaemonium is Aion's mother.
    • A (possibly) accidental example in the anime version: Chrono and Aion are portrayed as having been close friends in flashbacks, with Chrono saying at one point that Aion was "like a brother" to him. However, a later flashback has Aion bringing Chrono's face so close to his that they almost kiss. This scene is infamous among fans of the original manga, since Chrono and Aion are actually twins in the manga version.
    • Implied to have gone down between Bird's Nest and his younger brother Michel before Michel died. Although, since Bird's Nest isn't always a very reliable narrator, and the entirety of being a trapeze artist in the manga gives off an erotic Subtext this is still very much up in the air.
  • Many in Code Geass, to the point that it needed its own page. Of course, everybody already knows about Lelouch and memetic siscon, who started a war for his sister Nunnally's sake, but an even better example of this trope would have to be the last episode, where they both tell each other "I love you" using the Japanese terms aishiteru and aishite imasu, which are generally used for romantic affection. Lelouch has this with his half-sister Euphemia, as well.
  • A Cruel God Reigns: This is played with throughout the series with Jeremy and his mother Sandra. Although mostly Played for Laughs in the thoughts of the other characters, there were a few quick hints that suggest serious subtext-a few panels that creepily seem to show Sandra kissing a very young Jeremy on the lips after telling him to call her by her first name after the death of his father, and thoughts from Jeremy along these lines:
    Jeremy: I loved Sandra. She was my best friend. No. She was my lover.
  • Akihiko and Haruhiko Beppu from the second season Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! are fond of touching each other, get extremely close to each other, drape themselves over one another at the beginning of their duet sequence, and the ending theme just kicks things into overdrive.
  • The director of Digimon Adventure episode 21 intended this for Hikari and Taichi.
  • Digimon Frontier joked a bit about twins Koji and Koichi's relationship with a scene where Koji as MagnaGarurumon gallantly saves Koichi from Crusadermon's clutches. The two brothers then proceed to look at each other intensely as Koichi thanks Koji for rescuing him and Koji says how glad he is that Koichi is safe, all with Love Bubbles for a background and an approving Lampshade Hanging by Crusadermon.
  • D.Gray-Man:
    • The game has Komui and Lenalee Lee has the room, that Komui designed for her. Their moments during the zombie arc don't help either.
    • Mana and Nea, though it's complicated since both of them are halves of the Millennium Earl. In their reunion they embrace closely, touch each other's faces tenderly, and Mana even says that although he has a mission to complete he has always felt the need to be with Nea more strongly than anything.
  • The manga for .hack//Legend of the Twilight. The anime however, removes the subtext, causing fans to dub the series as .hack//Twincest.
  • Mairu and Kururi from Durarara!! seem to go past subtext. The two share a kiss in the second OVA, and are particularly touchy-feely with each other if their dialogue in the chatroom is anything to go by. Even when the two of them kiss Aoba, Mairu is more excited about her Indirect Kiss with Kururi than anything else.
  • The Elder Sister-like One has a lot of ship tease between Chiyo and Yuu, though they technically aren't siblings in any real sense of the word (she's a Great Old One who made a contract with him to act as his older sister rather than an actual relative). This isn't helped by the fact that the series was originally a hentai before it was picked up for serialization (or the fact that said hentai is apparently canon).
  • Final Fantasy: Unlimited has brothers Shiroi Kumo and Akai Kiri, who are so obsessed with each other that anything one of them does has something to do with the other in some way, shape, or form. At the start of the series, it has been twelve years since they've last seen each other, and hell, Kiri's been dead all that time, too. Their reunion features a lot of Say My Name and furiously clashing swords. Let's not even get into the soul dragons.
  • Gou from Free! has a thing for muscles. Apparently her brother Rin is no exception. She doesn't drool over him like she does Haruka but she seems a bit too into his swimmers physique.
  • There's a reason Edward and Alphonse are a very popular pairing for Fullmetal Alchemist. It's even worse in the 2003 anime; it focuses heavily on the brothers and their extreme devotion to each other (ironically, considering it's the second anime that's called Brotherhood), and downplays their relationships with other characters. Ed has at least three love interests but none of them get anywhere on screen. He spends a majority of the series, and especially The Movie, focusing on Al.
  • Otori Itsuki and Hiragi Tsubasa from High School Star Musical have a fair amount of ship tease between them before it's revealed they're brothers. And even past that, the teasing between them continues.
  • In Infinite Stratos, the main character Ichika Orimura is suspected of this in regard to his older sister, Chifuyu, who looks "better than a model" in his own words. This came to a head during the Beach Episode when she comes out wearing a skimpy black bikini that he inadvertently picked out for her and his subsequent reaction to it. Charles, one of the girls vying for Ichika's affections, is not amused and even slightly downcast at the thought of having "Orimura-sensei" as a rival. The girls talk with Chifuyu later that night and she declares (after a stiff drink) that they should strive to "get to her level"' to have Ichika for themselves. Chifuyu herself isn't immune to the speculation, especially after this confession to a fellow teacher:
    Chifuyu: "It's, didn't I say before that I don't have special feelings towards that guy, but how can I say it......a little brother should belong to his older sister, right?"
  • Manga serialized in Manga Time Kirara are usually known for their Les Yay. Castle Town Dandelion, however, have lots of incest subtexts instead of homoerotic ones. Provided the cast being a Massively Numbered Siblings (9 of them), several pairing exists, sometimes doubles as twincest.
  • Maria Watches Over Us is notorious for being incredibly gay while never really having any couples. Yoshino gets paired up with her cousin, Rei, and they have a really close bond.
  • Chiaki and Kana from Minami-ke seem to show rather unsisterly affections towards Haruka, regularly fawning over her and showering her with praise. Perhaps it might be because she's their Parental Substitute, but the Beach Episode is very suspect, where they're incredibly eager to see her in a bikini.
  • In Mobile Suit Gundam, there are rather questionable actions Gihren Zabi takes in the series concerning his sister Kycilia. Firstly there's the indifferent behavior Gihren has towards Garma and Dozle's deaths, and having no qualms with killing Degwin, but yet specifically stating that he plans to rule the new Zeon with "dear sister". Then also going out of his way to make sure Kycilia was warned about the Solar Ray firing by a messenger so she wouldn't be killed, the same weapon that intentionally killed daddy. And of course there's the dark tone of voice he used when Kycilia dared to mention having Char pilot the Zeong, saying "Char, once again. You're obsessed with him." Not coming to the logical conclusion that Kycilia might have chosen Char due to his newtype potential, but getting emotional over it instead. Completely one-sided, it's a mixture of Gihren imagining sexual tension to feed his fantasy because she shares some of his beliefs but of course cannot say anything about it. Kycilia is of course unaware to any of this conflict and rather cares more about their dead dad. Can lead to No Yay for obvious reasons.
  • In the Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin version of Char's first encounter with Sayla their fight scene is staged in such a way that it looks uncomfortably like he's trying to force himself on her. To his (very small) credit he does get a very subtle Oh, Crap! moment when he realizes who she is.
  • In Monster, it's played with between twin siblings Johan Liebert and Anna/Nina. Johan has quite the obsession over Nina, and she is probably the only person in the world that he cares about enough for people to try to hold Nina hostage knowing that it'll lure Johan out and he's willing to eradicate his existence merely to make her happy; Nina initially cannot remember Johan due to a post-traumatic induced amnesia, and when he begins sending her anonymous "romantic" emails (e.g., "I was born to smother you with flowers."), she assumes that it's from a secret admirer.
  • In My-HiME, there is some between Mai and her younger brother Takumi. Yuuichi and Akira both suspect that Takumi has a sister complex. Takumi is initially Mai's most important person (needed to summon her Child, although by the time he dies, Yuuichi has replaced him), and she becomes upset when he, seeking to become independent, appears to be drifting away from her.
  • Naruto
    • In Chapters 589 and 590, Sasuke and Itachi both admit that they love each other, and the word for 'love' is the deeply romantic aishiteru. Yes, you can argue it was done in a brotherly way.
    • Neji and Hinata often give this vibe, every time they have screentime together. Although they are supposed to come off as cousins (though they're technically half-siblings), they strangely give a romantic vibe mixed in that apparent familial affection.
      • In canon, Neji's reaction upon seeing Hinata the first time was to remark about her beauty. Mind you, they were 4 and 3, respectively, at the time.
      • Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth series, where Neji imagines the story of Romeo and Juliet, in which he casts himself as Romeo and Hinata as Juliet, or as they call each other in his fantasy: Nejio and Hinaette. Neji gets so angry when he hears about Hinata trying to date Naruto, that it's not even brotherly protection anymore, but plain jealousy, because he attacks Hinata furiously, saying: " and Naruto...doing things like' infamy!". He also imagines Hinata in a spandex suit that Guy-Sensei tries to dress her with, at one point, and Hinata asks him in his fantasy How do I look, Neji?, before Neji snaps out of it quickly, snatches the suit from Guy-Sensei and tears it apart.
      • Issue 20, where he hears the girls talking about Hinata's breasts getting bigger, and he has a severe nosebleed at that, while the other guys yell at him to get a hold of himself. See this. And this.
      • In episode 17, the imaginary Neji and Hinata embrace lovingly as their lines are something like this:
      Hinata: O, Nejio, Nejio, wherefore art thou, Nejio?
    • Upon meeting his mother for the first time, Naruto mentions how attractive his mother is. The English dub toned down this by having him instead say "I can't get over how beautiful you are, Mom".
  • A good portion of Nisemonogatari has this. Araragi says at one point "If you weren't my sister, I'd fall in love with you." Then there's the infamous toothbrushing scene, which in true Shaft style gleefully toes a very thin line between subtext and text.
  • Loads in Oreimo. Being that Brother–Sister Incest is the Elephant in the Room of the series, which results in a constant Will They or Won't They? between Kyousuke and his sister Kirino. The anime turns it up a notch, the manga turns it up even further.
  • Ouran High School Host Club
    • Played With in that Tamaki, the self-declared Team Dad of the club, acts as an Overprotective Dad towards Haruhi. Then he slowly starts realizing that he's falling in love with her, but adamantly keeps trying to play the Papa Wolf card.
    • There's also the Hitachin twins, Hikaru and Kaoru. While they do share a very strong bond, they play up the incestuous subtext when performing their duties for the club. The relationship is a lot more developed in the manga, where, even though it's still clearly brotherly, it can be interpreted as something else. Kaoru sacrifices so much for Hikaru it's not hard to think of his interest as slightly romantic.
  • PandoraHearts: Gil's younger brother, Vincent, is extremely possessive of him.
  • Yui & Ui from K-On! are VERY close. Both are extremely affectionate towards the other, Ui has ended up crying at the realization Yui will be/is gone on vacation. Ui's character song is literally titled "Lovely Sister LOVE" while Yui wrote what amounts to a love song to Ui...
  • This is the point of Please Twins!, although the two girls promise that whichever one is the sister can't be romantically involved with Maiku. Until they KNOW, though, both girls are very protective of another girl having a possible relationship with their possible brother. Of course, the series certainly implies that their promise wouldn't necessarily preclude the two girls being more than friendly with each other, especially given the amount of time they spend "skinshipping" together in the bath.
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena has several examples:
    • Nanami has an extreme case of Big Brother Worship towards her big brother Touga and is hostile towards anyone who shows affection towards him, arguing she's perfect girl for him. There's also an instance of her peeping on him in the shower. However, the concept of actual incest confuses her, and the time when it's hinted that they might be Not Blood Siblings she becomes distraught because she thinks it means she's no longer special.
    • Anthy and her brother Akio at first appear to be another case of Big Brother Worship, then it ends up it's not subtext but text, and ends up being a case of Akio sexually abusing his sister.
    • A lot could be read into the Kaoru twins' relationship, Kozue likes to tease Miki by pushing her breasts into his back when he's carrying her, and her comments about them being wild animals is suspect, and she acts really jealous of Miki's crush Anthy and tries to sabotage their relationship. It's even more blatant in the manga, where Kozue takes over Nanami's characterization.
  • Sailor Moon:
    • The Sailor Moon Cloverway dub creates an interesting inversion with Haruka and Michiru/Amara and Michelle. The romantic subtext is meant to be there... but they're not supposed to be cousins in the original. The company that decided to make them cousins did so for the exact reason of preventing there being any openly gay people in the show, without actually changing enough other stuff to even try and hide how they feel for each other, just hoping no one would think it's odd for two cousins to be THAT devoted to each other.
    • Chibiusa seems to have a crush on her future-uncle Shingo and a positively Freudian relationship with her future mother Usagi (who she looks down on) and her future father Mamoru (who she idolizes).
  • The second episode of Saishuu Shiken Kujira has a scene with Mutsumi being woken up by his younger sister knocking on his door. As she's just as tired as he is, she falls on top of him as he goes to open the door, and he then spends a few moments thinking of how nice she smells, until he snaps out of it.
  • In Episode 5 of Servant × Service, Hasebe shows up at his sister Kaoru's house with his drunken coworker Lucy. When Hasebe says he and Lucy need a place to stay for the night, Kaoru immediately thinks that her younger brother is trying to proposition her for a three-way. She doesn't seem to hate the idea, either.
  • In Sing "Yesterday" for Me, Shinako sees Rou and his father as family, and treats Rou like a little brother that she feeds and cares for. She is still emotionally committed to Rou's brother, her dead crush, which would make Rou her brother-in-law. However, Rou has romantic feelings for her that he demands she reciprocate, and while she doesn't feel the same way, she refuses to give him space or sharply reject him, and even breaks up with Rikuo because she's afraid of hurting Rou's feelings, which emboldens Rou to keep pursuing her. The result is a weird quasi-romance between the two with strong Brother–Sister Incest undertones, even though they're not actually related.
  • As the title suggests, Sister Princess is full of this, particularly with the older sisters to their brother: one actively flirts with him, one gets from him a hairpin that used to be another man's gift to his wife, and one was his lover in a previous life. Oh, and all of them get to have a fake wedding with him. And that's just the start.
  • Rito and Mikan in To Love-Ru, particularly on Mikan's part, getting jealous and lonely when Rito pays attention to other girls. Then there is the time Rito said that he thought of Mikan as "a special existance beyond even a sibling".
  • Venus Versus Virus has two twin characters, Lola and Layla, who have a... very close bond. It's a driving force in both the manga and anime, though for different reasons between the two. Layla is very into Lola and wants to "become one" with her. Lola is unnerved by Layla's attachment.
  • Throughout When Marnie Was There Marnie and Anna develop a close Romantic Two-Girl Friendship. They dance together, declare their love for each other, rowboat together, and overall act very romantic. They turn out to be related. Marnie is Anna's grandmother as a Cute Ghost Girl. It's clear that they weren't meant to come off like they're in love but they do nevertheless. It doesn't help that at least Anna doesn't know, Anna still comes off as Ambiguously Gay when she gets mad at Marnie's male love interest, and Anna has several direct parallels to Marnie's love interest.

    Comic Books 
  • In X-Man, there was a very strange example, even by the standards of both this trope and the Grey-Summers family with Nate Grey and Maddie Pryor, as epitomised in this cover. Maddie is the clone of Jean Grey and biological mother of Cable, and Nate is the teenage Age of Apocalypse counterpart of Cable, created from Jean and Scott's DNA. And yes, she is holding him with a suggestive expression while licking her lips, and yes, the cover does say "If Madelyne Pryor can't have Nate... No one will!". Now, this is where it gets really weird...
    • First, after Nate wound up in the main Marvel Universe at the end of Age of Apocalypse, he instinctively reached to Jean (he'd met AoA Jean and recognised a connection between them, but didn't know the details). Being a Reality Warper, he accidentally resurrected Maddie as an amnesiac psychic ghost who happened to leech off Nate's powers to exist. He was physically 17, she was somewhere in her twenties. Both were unaware of his heritage and there was a LOT of Ship Tease between them: he described her green eyes as 'beguiling' and talked about how she made him smile, and Maddie noted how there was something 'special' between them, remarking that their meeting was 'destiny', with more than one Almost Kiss between them.
    • Later, Maddie was lured away by Selene, regaining both powers and memories, whereupon she popped in and out of Nate's life, acting as a textbook Tsundere towards an often bewildered Nate, acting incredibly jealous whenever any woman showed even the slightest sign of interest in him (which was frequently), to the point of murdering her main theoretical rival, Threnody, after going on how she needed him - which Threnody wryly commiserated with. Even after Nate figured out just who she was to him, and seemed to step very firmly back from any romance, Maddie's attitude didn't change all that much (as the cover shows).
    • All this could be taken as a Relationship Writing Fumble if it weren't for the fact that the writing staff enthusiastically encouraged the shippers in the letters column, with the narration explicitly noting on their visit to Paris how 'they could be young lovers out for a stroll'.
  • In The Simpsons comic "The Simpsons Winter Wingding 2" there is a story titled "VSI: Valentive Scene Investigators" where Lisa receives, anonymously, a letter valentine. Later Bart admits he wrote it only to encourage Lisa, because previously she was depressed at not receiving a letter valentine. At the end of the story, the whole school laughs at them both.
  • Madame Mirage provides a peculiar example: after her sister Angie is murdered, Harper creates a hyper-sexualized holographic version of her, the eponymous Mirage, to avenge her. Harper's explanation is that with everyone paying attention to the impossibly well-endowed Femme Fatale Mirage, no one would be looking for scrawny little Harper. Except that Mirage still looks just like a hyper-sexualized version of Harper's sister Angie, when Harper could just as easily made her look like someone not connected to Harper in any way. So it kind of comes off as Harper acting out her repressed lust for Angie.
  • The villainous Puppeteer Parasite Abyss from Les Légendaires considers the former villain Tenebris to be his sister, due to both of them having been created artificially by their "father", the Evil Sorcerer Darkhell. However, the way he acts toward her (referring to her as "his" Tenebris, openly stating he loves her, restraining her with suspectly tentacle-like energy structures and forcibly opening her mouth with it...) sounds a lot more like some kind of twisted romantic love/sexual desire rather than brother affection...
  • In Fantastic Four: Unstable Molecules, Jonathan Storm has a crush on the comic book character Vapor Girl, unaware that she's based on his sister Susan Storm. If it comes to that, in the real Marvel Universe, Johnny married (a Skrull impersonating) Alicia Masters, who looked so much like Sue that in her first appearance her own family couldn't tell them apart if Alicia wore a wig.
  • Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver of The Avengers have this in spades. Pietro has always been extremely overprotective of Wanda, showing jealousy whenever someone showed romantic interest in her, while on Wanda's side, the thing that finally made her snap and declare "no more mutants" at the end of House of M was Pietro being beaten into a pulp by Magneto (their father). And that's just the mainstream 616 universe; Ultimate Marvel takes it a little further than that...
  • Superman:
    • Superman and his cousin Supergirl had some of this in the Silver Age. According several long-time Superman and Supergirl fans, "There is a LOT of subtext to the older SG stories if you know where to look".
    • In Action Comics #260 Clark has Kara disguise herself as a superheroine from another dimension, and she and Superman proceed to have make-outs (in front of Lois), all to fool some dim alien invaders. They even get married.
    • The infamous Action Comics #289 where Superman falls in love with a woman identical to an adult version of his cousin. The really crazy part? Supergirl set the two up because her cousn told her that if he ever got married, it would be to someone just like her. Discussed here and here.
    • In Action Comics #270, Superman asks his sixteen-year-old cousin to take off her clothes. In context, he wants Kara to put on her civilian clothes because he is going to give her a costume-compressing device and he needs to show her how it works. Taken out of context... well...
      Superman: Take off that Supergirl costume right now! And remove those boots, too!
    • Krypton No More has this scene in which Gerry Conway seems completely unaware of the tone he is setting. Superman drying off after taking a shower, Supergirl's long legs highlighted, her face in the shadows... Even the line 'hope you don't mind me waiting for you' sounds suggestive. At the very least, she is an adult in that story.
    • Also, from the same source as Lex Luthor stealing forty cakesnote  comes Kara and Clark deserving a rest. Maybe it's just hard to make her look unsexy, but... that looks far from innocent, and the repetition, though intended to drill the definition into a kid's mind, really makes it sound like she is saying "We deserve a rest, nudge nudge wink wink," and the big blue boy scout just isn't getting it yet.
    • In Supergirl story Many Happy Returns, Kara and Superboy Kon-El -Superman's clone- meet and are eyeing each other right away. Kara is blatantly smitten with him.
  • In Captain Atom, the experiment that transformed Captain Nathaniel Adam into Captain Atom also catapulted him eighteen years forward in time, by which time his infant daughter had grown to young adulthood, whereas he was still physically and emotionally twenty-six. Of course, she did not remember him or recognize him and thought of her stepfather as her father, and did not know he had returned. So when he went to meet her and try to get to know her, without revealing who he really was, she thought he was trying to pick her up, and clearly was attracted to him, even though she turned him down. Later, after she found out the whole story, she started to have dreams in which he was a knight in shining armor rescuing her. Sometime after that, she got romantically involved with his best friend, who was also her godfather. All things considered, there was pretty clear subtext that her feelings for him were not altogether daughterly.
  • V for Vendetta. Evey Hammond attaches herself to various father figures as Replacement Goldfish for her Disappeared Dad. The trope is even lampshaded in her Nightmare Sequence, where she sleeps with her own father.
  • Wonder Woman:
    • Apollo is generally a Satellite Character to his twin sister Artemis and shows signs of romantic interest with her. She does not reciprocate as she is a virgin goddess entirely uninterested in such things. This is switched around and played up much overtly in the New 52 where Artemis' incestuous crush on Apollo is very blatant for something that's not said outright.
    • In mythology Hippolyta is the daughter of Ares and the Amazon Queen Otrera. While her parentage is generally left vague this is essentially her assumed parentage in all DC realities unless otherwise stated. When Wonder Woman's fatherless conception was gotten rid of for the New 52 the writers made Zeus her father, and did nothing to Hippolyta's parentage meaning that Diana is the result of her mother having sex with her own grandfather, even if it's never actually addressed in the comic leaving it entirely in the subtext. This also means that Hercules raped his own niece when he forced himself on Hippolyta.

    Fan Works 
  • In How I Became Yours: Rise of the Agni Army, brother-and-sister Kuzon and Lilith share a room despite being in their late teens/early adulthood, their beds not five feet away from each other. And Kuzon's dialogue to Lilith regarding her bad dreams sounds closer to what a concerned boyfriend would say, not a big brother.
  • In Child of the Storm, this is touched on a couple of times with Harry and Jean Grey, his maternal second cousin and her twin sister, Maddie Pryor, though it's limited to Harry being uncomfortably aware of how drop-dead gorgeous she is. While second-cousin relationships aren't considered particularly odd in the UK, Harry finds it uncomfortable, partly because she shares his mother's red hair and green eyes, but mostly because she acts like the big sister he never had. Eventually, this (mostly) fades, but he retains a certain appreciation for her looks.
    • In the sequel, Harry ends up having a psychic chat with Maddie, Jean's long-lost twin sister, in a kind of dream-landscape, and since she's 'wearing' a nightie, spends most of the scene trying not to stare at her legs. Later, the spirit of the Fallen Fortress taunts him about this, implying that he dwelt rather more on how short and thin her nightie was than is appropriate, and that while he comforted her, he also considered 'comforting' her. Harry admits that it isn't exactly wrong, but is unfazed.
    • Diana, Harry's paternal third cousin, also appreciatively notes his good looks on a couple of occasions, and after Harry/Carol, Harry/Diana is the Fan-Preferred Couple. Of course, even if it wasn't a distant enough relationship to be genetically insignificant, Diana also comes from the Greek pantheon, which, as per canon, is somewhat... flexible... when it comes to incest (though In-Universe, it's seen as the weird habit that gets brought up at all the family arguments).
  • In Whispers, Arcanus's mother jokes that girls will fall all over him - and that in her youth, she might have been one of them. The chapter ends before we see his reaction.
  • Ben 10 fanfic:
    • It is hinted in Hero High: Sphinx Academy that Lady Karen has stronger feelings for her brother than is typical for siblings, especially given how much she likes it when he dotes on her. And the author isn't shy adding subtext for Ben and Gwen.
    • Parentheses: Anti-Fluff Drabble shows how paranoid Gwen is about whether subtext exists or not.
    Though she didn't often think of it herself, and never, ever allowed herself to seriously dwell on it (except late at night, when she was trying to get to sleep, and she couldn't help it then), Gwen knew how he felt about her. She was 99.99 percent sure that Grampanote  didn't know, and there was no way on earth anyone else could know, so that meant it was just her and Ben, their secret, their secret that didn't exist because neither of them would admit it existed except in their heads, where no one else could hear or suspect.
  • Mi Tru Lov: In chapter 13, Moscow reveals that Russia, her brother, promised to marry her if she killed Kawaiilyn or Japan. It is (thankfully) subverted when Moscow dies of shock.
  • Chapter 66 of You Got HaruhiRolled! has Imouto attempt to invoke the Brother–Sister Incest trope, by stealing her brother Kyon's cell phone and making it difficult for him to contact his friends, so that he will be forced to spend time with her instead. Her inner monologue about it is one of the most disturbing things in the whole fic, and that's saying something.
    Next time, Imouto thought to herself with a devious smile on her face, maybe you won't be so eager to ditch me at the house all by myself, Kyon. Maybe you've learned your lesson for now. Or not. You won't be able to leave me for those silly friends all the time, big brother. Oh, no. I'm the one who really loves you. Not any of those harpies. If I ever see any of them steal you away from me, then I'll claw their eyes out. [You're] my big brother, Kyon. I'm your cute little sister. And I'm going to be your little sister for the rest of your life, Kyon. Forever and ever and ever...
  • In The Masks We Wear (Avatar: The Last Airbender) some of the interactions between the royal siblings are implicitly not of familial love.
  • The Touhou Project doujin At Chirei portrays the main characters as a family, with sisters Satori and Koishi as the parents and Orin and Okuu as the children. Koishi closing her third eye and going to explore the surface is treated very much like a divorce, with the confused children caught in between, and twice Yuugi comforts a distraught Satori with what sounds very similar to relationship advice.
    Satori: Really, what's so good about the surface? Can't we just live quietly down here together? I'll take responsibility for Koishi...
    Yuugi: I get that you love her and all... but you take it a bit far sometimes.
  • In Seven Days in Sunny June Due to No Social Skills human!Twilight Sparkle's innocent gestures of affection towards her foster sister Sunset Shimmer and her cousin Octavia Melody end up like this, to the point where an innocent statement that Twily makes is clearly very, very wrong.
    Sunset: You’re sleeping in here?
    Twilight: Great idea! It’s always better when sisters are together, right?
    Sunset and Octavia: [simultaneously] Twily, do you know where that comes from?
    Twilight: I heard some guys mention it at the mall the other day while we were in Spencer’s, why?
    Sunset: It’s the name of a series of pornos where sisters – um…
    Twilight: Ewwww! You guys are…. That’s gross!
    Sunset: [to Octavia] She really doesn’t get out much, does she?
  • Played for laughs in The Meg's Family Series with uncle and niece (but close age-wise) duo Stewie and Maddie. Stewie's future self claimed that he took her to prom, they thought they were married for a chapter (and Stewie decided he was willing to make it work!), and when they got high off of pot smoke he suggested that they get married. Maddie even has a cutaway gag of her future wedding where he's the groom (though she admits this is because most of the males she knows are related to her).
  • In Prodigal Son:
    "What do I say to her?"
    Fishlegs shrugged.
    "We're married, right?"
    "No. You're dead, remember? It's a complicated legal situation. If anything, she's like... a sister."
    Hiccup turned a very putrid shade of green.
  • An Arm and a Leg has subtext between Elsa and Anna. Elsa's isolation, combined with her strong affections towards Anna, leads to one-sided implications on her side. It doesn't go anywhere beyond Elsa confessing her confusing attraction to Anna.
  • Linked in Life and Love: Half-sisters Ruby and Yang enter into a poly relationship with Weiss and Blake. While Ruby and Yang are explicitly not dating each other, it's still the first question everyone asks.

    Films — Animated 
  • This trope creeps into An American Tail in an eerily interesting and squicky way when you consider the song that the two siblings Fievel and Tanya sing to each other, "Somewhere Out There", was turned into a straight love song by Linda Ronstadt in an effort to make it a Break Away Pop Hit, and not a single word needed to be changed. (In real life, mice have no issue with incest, and seem more inclined to mate with members of their litter than they are with non-relatives.)
  • Finding Nemo: Anyone familiar with clownfish biology is unlikely to avoid the creeps when watching it. Namely, and don't open the spoiler if you value your childhood, only the alpha pair in a clownfish colony reproduce. What's more the only female is the alpha female: when it dies, the alpha male morphs into a female and the second-in-line male becomes the new alpha male and sires the new clownfish babies. In Finding Nemo, the rest of the family (colony) is destroyed: all that remains is Nemo's dad Marlin (now destined to become Nemo's mom), and the only-other-male-of-the-colony Nemo, destined to become his new mom's reproductive partner. And when you think how small the colony was in the beginning... Coral, Nemo's actual mom, might have been the brother or father of Marlin.
  • If Frozen (2013) were rewritten as a romantic love story between Anna and Elsa, very little would have to change. The whole film is about them repairing their relationship, Elsa hiding her powers can easily be read as an allegorical coming-out story, she has serious Power Incontinence for the first time when Anna announces her engagement (when it's established this happens because of pain and fear), the trolls' song about how love is used to heal and help others (intended to be about to Kristoff) makes much more sense in reference to Elsa, the act of True Love that saves Anna from being frozen is her attempted Heroic Sacrifice to save Elsa, and her "I love you" to Elsa is more romantic than any interaction she has with Hans or Kristoff. Hell, even the merchandise ships it. Also, it's really common for these Disney movies to end with the princess kissing or embracing her lover, Frozen ends with Anna kissing Kristoff but then going ice skate holding hands with Elsa, Intertwined Fingers and everything.
  • Humorously averted in The Incredibles. Dash is appropriately grossed out when he realizes he spent the night sleeping with his arm wrapped around his sister, Violet. The sequel has a deleted scene where Violet turns invisible to stop some robbers in a restaurant, but she's wearing her regular clothes that don't turn invisible with her. After she turns invisible, Dash sees all of her clothes in a pile on the floor.
  • Justice League: Doom has this with Ma'alefa'ak attracting Martian Manhunter's attention by taking the form of a seductive blonde woman and buying him a drink. Even after J'onn figures it out, Ma'alefa'ak continues to act seductively to him. While not mentioned in the movie itself, J'onn and Ma'alefa'ak are brothers in the comics.
  • Cousins Jessie and Gabriella from Miracle in Toyland are touchy-feely in a way that's odd for cousins. They act more like love interests, except a few lines clarify that they're cousins. There's also a scene where Gabriella hugs Jessie in a manner more fitting for lovers.
  • There is some of this with Sally and Dr. Finklestein in The Nightmare Before Christmas possibly. In the DVD Commentary, Tim Burton refers to Sally as a daughter — yet there's lines in-film like "You're mine, you know!" and "You can make other creations!" that really doesn't sound like a rebellious-daughter/overprotective-dad relationship, but like something else entirely. Consider that the creation Dr. Finklestein makes to replace Sally looks awfully like a wife — that looks exactly like him — and that an alternate ending had Oogie Boogie be Dr. Finklestein, jealous that Sally chose Jack over him. In an earlier script, the father/daughter relationship was a lot more obvious with lines like "I'm grown up now. I'll have to leave sometime"... yet there are bits like The scientist smiles, feeling Sally under his sway again that sounds rather creepy.
  • Extremely prevalent in Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure. It stops just short of being text, but the eponymous siblings share a love song ("Candy Hearts And Paper Flowers"), and they have a habit of hugging in ways not commonly seen between siblings.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • All That Jazz flaunts this trope so flagrantly. Joel Gideon is a ceaseless womaniser and his daughter is a blossomingly beautiful young lady. In more than one scene she deliberately makes him feel awkward by talking about sex. The scene where they dance together shows how comfortable they are with each others' bodies in a non-sexual capacity. By placing the ideas of "family" "dancing" and "sexuality" in our minds the film highlights how un-confused the issues are in the minds of the characters. Dancing is not sex, dancing is dancing.
  • Avengers: Age of Ultron features Wanda and Pietro, discussed in more detail in the comics section. Their actors, learning about this, deliberately played them as a little too touchy-feely just for fun. Helps that the actors were fresh off of playing a married couple in their last movie.
  • The Barretts of Wimpole Street: Elizabeth Barrett is an invalid with delicate health, and her father Edward exercises a dictatorial control of her life, forbidding her to climb stairs, deciding what she eats and drinks, forbidding all contact with Elizabeth's admirer Robert Browning. It gradually becomes clear that Edward's fixation on his daughter is not about her health but about something far darker. After more or less admitting that he repeatedly raped his late wife (see Marital Rape License below), as well as commenting about how Sex Is Evil And He Is Horny, Edward embraces Elizabeth and starts saying some most un-fatherly things about how they have to be together forever. It's after this little talk that Elizabeth decides to get the hell out and go away with Robert. The studio demanded the Incest Subtext be toned down but Charles Laughton later said they couldn't tone down the "gleam" in his eye.
    "For the love of heaven, my darling, don't let this raise any further barrier between us....My darling, in our new home we shall draw close to each other again. Nothing and no one can come between us, my child, my darling.
  • Beyond Re-Animator: Considering the way he compares Laura to his late sister Emily, it's heavily implied that Dr. Phillips may have secretly harbored incestuous feelings towards his sister.
  • Black Sunday: Asa and her servant Javuto are brother and sister in the original Italian version with the incestuous subtext being played up.
  • Blade: Blade's mother, as a vampire, shows a more than motherly interest in her own son to indicate how depraved she's become since Frost turned her.
  • Blazing Saddles: When all the citizens of an isolated town all share the same last name something isn't right.
  • The Chronicles of Narnia: In the beginning of the third film, there is this scene where Lucy sees a girl flirting with a boy, then she does the exact same gesture that girl did... in front of Edmund. This results in him frowning confused and asking her what she's doing, to which she widens her eyes and blurts 'nothing' guiltily, giving the impression that she actually tried to flirt with him for a moment. (The explanation is given later.) When Edmund is tempted by evil again, he stares hungrily at Lucy and attempts to lure her into becoming rich and powerful along with him, clearly showing that she's the only person he wants beside him when he plans to obtain power, with lines like "Lucy... we'd be so rich, no one could tell us what to do... or who to live with". It's even funnier knowing that Georgie Henley (who played Lucy) really did have a huge crush on Skander Keynes (who played Edmund). Of course, they aren't related in real life.
  • Conan the Barbarian (2011). Daddy's Little Villain tells her father (who is seeking to resurrect his dead wife) that she can do everything her mother could — she's referring to her magic powers, but there's a clear sexual vibe as well. It's only subtext until he cradles her face in his hand and she starts sucking on his thumb. At that point it becomes damn clear that she would be happy substituting for her mother in every possible way. He winds up rejecting the offer.
  • In the French-Canadian movie C.R.A.Z.Y., the tension between the main character Zac and his older brother Raymond can be interpreted as to being of a sexual nature. It's strongly implied that Zac, well, takes pleasure out of seeing his brother having sex with different girls in multiple occasions. It's clear that Zac is, indeed, gay, and Raymond teases Zac by proposing to give him a blowjob.
  • Cries and Whispers: Agnes, Karin and Maria are all sisters. At one point the normally touch-averse Karin allows Maria to pet her face and Karin seems to derive almost orgasmic pleasure from this. Maria then tries to kiss her, but Karin panics and pulls away. In a flashback we hear how Agnes loved their mother dearly and is still kind of obsessed with her 20 years after her passing. In a later scene she forces a kiss on Maria, who is noted to look extremely like their mother (they are played by the same actress).
  • Crimson Peak hints at this, with Lucille being incredibly jealous of Thomas's new wife. Edith eventually starts to suspect that they may actually be married and pretending to be siblings as part of a money-making scheme. She's Right for the Wrong Reasons - they are a couple but actually related as well.
  • Calvin Candie and his sister in Django Unchained seem a little too close for comfort, and neither has a significant other that's mentioned in the film, although Candie states that his sister is a widow and it is implied Sheba is Candie's mistress.
  • In Ender's Game, Ender is okay with most of the Battle School's rules, but balks when they cut off his communication with his sister Valentine. Later, one of the "mind games" Ender plays involves him going to rescue a princess who very closely resembles Valentine. And much later, after Ender starts having second thoughts about finishing his studies at the Battle School, the school responds by asking Valentine to step in and talk him into returning.
  • Enter the Void: Seems to be a running theme in this psychedelic film:
    • Brother-Sister Incest is heavily implied between Oscar and his sister. He watches her sleep (in the nude no less) and the fact that he is repeatedly shown watching her dance in the strip club. There are also several instances where she kisses him and it's a little more than a peck on the cheek. Aside from that, Oscar flies into the bodies of her lovers while she has sex with them, watching the act from their POV's. He even flies inside of her at the climax and we get an inside view of her vagina during intercourse.
    • There are also very strong Oedipal implications with Oscar and his mother, who died in a car crash along with his father when he and his sister were kids. In at least one flashback Oscar spies on his parents while they're in the bedroom. When he has sex with an older woman in the present, he immediately flashes back to being breastfed. In the climax there's a sex scene involving the same woman; when Oscar flies into the man's head to see things from his POV, she's replaced by his mother.
  • While the book had no shame about portraying actual incest, the Flowers in the Attic film relegates the Brother–Sister Incest to subtext at best. Also there is the scene with the father giving Cathy her music box when she's alone in her bed, topped off with giving her a ring in a posture that looks very like a proposal.
  • The Funhouse starts off with a Shout-Out to both Halloween and Psycho. The Final Girl takes a shower while her little brother dons a mask and fake knife to scare her. He sees her completely nude and slowly draws the knife down past her breasts, to her navel, before showing that it's a fake knife. She is angry that he played a prank on her but doesn't seem disturbed that her brother just had a lingering view of her naked body. Later, he spies on her as she talks to her parents and silently follows her to the carnival in a stalker-like fashion.
  • Ginger Snaps. Specifically, when Ginger is heading towards full transformation, she crawls over to and on top of her sister and whispers "It's like we're not even related anymore..."
  • Harry Potter
    • In Half Blood Prince there's a moment where Bellatrix gets a little too close to her nephew, Draco, whispering in his ear and kissing his shoulder. He looks hilariously creeped out. In Deathly Hallows she grabs his hand and drags him forward, saying something like "come closer, sweetie".
    • Also in Deathly Hallows, Lucius stands way too close to Draco and strokes his neck for the whole scene.
  • Hellboy II: The Golden Army: Prince Nuada seems to have a lot of sexual tension going with his sister Princess Nuala. It's particularly evident in the scene where Nuada learns of the attraction between Abe and Nuala; Nuada's reaction is more like that of a jealous lover than a brother defending his sister's honor. The presence of implied incest was confirmed by Nuada's actor.
  • High School Musical: Sharpay and Ryan Evans have a disturbingly close relationship. Their first duet is a love song rearranged to sound less romantic. When Troy and Gabriella sing it correctly, it's clearly a love song. A joke is made at one point saying that if Sharpay could play both Romeo and Juliet, her brother would be out of a job, which means that the twins have no problem playing romantic roles with each other. The song "I Can't Keep My Eyes Off of You" (never made it to the movie — it only appears on the first CD) is a quartet with duets between "Troy" and "Gabriella" and then "Sharpay" and "Ryan" (with only a few parts being the four singing together). The video includes a few moments from the movie put in shippy context.
  • House of Wax (2005) is filled with the twincestuous subtext between Nick and Carly. Obvious from a mile away. Notably there's a bit of tension between Nick and Carly's boyfriend Wade that comes across almost like jealousy. The underlying arc of the film also has the two siblings reconciling, with Nick getting to rescue Carly the way a boyfriend would.
  • Played for Drama in Into the Dark: Pure, the Daughters' Day-themed episode of the holiday-based horror Hulu horror movie series. It's about a weekend long "purity camp", run by an evangelical preacher which is disrupted when the girls summon Lilith. The girls take disturbingly wedding-like photoshoots with their fathers, complete with white dress, (purity) ring, and couple-y poses, during which the main character Shay is visibly uncomfortable. Some of the dresses they have actually are wedding dresses; the preacher's daughter Lacey has a dress which came with a veil, which the cameras linger on ominously. And, of course, the point of the weekend is for the girls and their fathers to sign a contract in which the fathers promise to guard the girls' purity until they're married and it's time to hand it over to their husbands. Combined with how controlling many of the fathers are, the pastor's weird touchy-feely-ness and habitual one-on-one "chats" with the girls, the unseen but traumatizing "Box", the fact other adults are not allowed to come (not even the girls' mothers), and the literal cage kept around for "disobedient" girls, it all winds up pointing somewhere very gross. Lucky thing Lilith shows up to ruin the party.
  • The 1992 French movie The Lover, adapted from the eponymous novel by Marguerite Duras. The female protagonist has a sexual vibe with her younger brother — the sight of the two of them dancing closely is enough to drive the titular character to a jealous fury.
  • The Prentiss family in The Manchurian Candidate. (In the original novel the incest is quite explicitly mentioned.) The original film version showed a very possessive and not at all chaste kiss between Eleanor and her son Raymond, and the 2004 remake featured heavy subtext in every scene that showed them together, including some very ambiguous touching and kissing moments. In the novel, Raymond's mother had an incestuous relationship with her father. When her brainwashed son is under her control she remarks how much he looks like her father and makes him do what she wants.
  • In the French movie Les mariés de l'an II, Jean-Paul Belmondo plays a Frenchman from Nantes who is trying to get a divorce from his wife at the height of the Reign of Terror. In the course of the resultant misadventures, the two spouses for a time hook up with other partners, the wife with an aristocrat leading a group of royalist guerilla fighters in the Vendée and the husband with that aristocrat's sister (who is also her brother's comrade in arms). When they find out, it is not just the husband and wife who become very jealous of each other, but also the brother and the sister. In the end the new pairs break up and the aristocratic siblings ride off together, remarking on how one won't let the other have a romantic partner and how they are both doomed...
  • Night of the Demons (1988) has a scene in which the Final Girl is scared by her brother who had been hiding in her closet while she was changing clothes. At that point, she was topless with a very sheer bra that didn't leave much to the imagination. He seems a little too delighted in seeing her breasts and tells her she has "bodacious boobies". Later, he refers to her as his "beloved sister" and asks her date if he is going out with her because of her "big cha-chas".
  • This is brought up in On a Clear Day You Can See Forever. Tad Pringle points out that, since he is just as much in love with Daisy as Doctor Chabot is, perhaps he (Tad) might make a suitable match for her. When Dr. Chabot points out that Tad is Daisy's brother, Tad responds with, "Only by marriage... she's my step-sister, not my blood-sister."
  • The Canadian indie movie Punch has a female lead with an Electra Complex because her mother died when she was young and grew obsessively attached to her father out of fear. She still lives with her father despite being old enough to move out, but he's wise enough to refuse her although he doesn't really know what to do with her. When he introduces her to his new girlfriend, his daughter's reaction is to punch her in the face.
  • The first love interest in Le Samouraï was cast because she looked like she could be the sister of Alain Delon, and Melville wanted that sort of awkwardness in their relationship. Made even more bizarre because she was Delon's real-life wife.
  • In Scanners III: The Takeover, there is a bit present between Helena and Dr. Monet, her adoptive father. After she goes insane, he confronts her while she's nude in a hot tub. She accuses him of adopting her because he just wanted a girl all to himself, and then uses her psychic powers to drown him.
  • Scarface: In Both the original and the remake, Tony Camonte/Tony Montana takes My Sister Is Off-Limits! to an insane degree, to the point that he kills his best friend when he finds them in bed together, convincing his sister, Gina, that it's actually this trope. This is because their dynamic is loosely based on the historical Cesare and Lucrezia Borgia, who had such rumors floating around about them even at the time.
  • At the end of Serenity, River is shown watching curiously from an air vent as her brother Simon is having sex with Kaylee, and given her psionic talents, there's innuendo that she's also telepathically reading their sensations.
  • The two Charlies in Shadow of a Doubt, being uncle and niece. The Young Charlie tells her Uncle that they have a special bond, that they are soulmates if you will. After that point Uncle Charlie gives Young Charlie a wedding ring. When the relationship sours, Uncle Charlie tries to kill his niece by choking her.
  • Shame is about a man named Brandon with an extreme sex addiction, who is either viewing porn, looking for sex, jerking off, or indeed doing the deed. He lives with his sister Sissy, and while they don't have sex in the film, they have a pretty close relationship that hints at an unspoken trauma between them. Notably, their first scene together has Brandon accidentally walk in on her taking a shower, and she seems more angry about him disrupting her privacy rather than him seeing her naked, even throwing her towel at him! Later on she starts dating someone and Brandon seems unusually protective of her when that occurs.
  • In Sharknado 2: The Second One the way Ellen playfully teases her daughter Mora in Times Square about her short skirt, pulling it back down herself; and the way she is pressing herself against her daughter's back on the ferry to the Statue of Liberty, Ellen and Mora's level of closeness can seem a little creepy.
  • in Snow White and the Huntsman, Queen Ravenna's relationship with her brother Finn flirts with incest several times. Especially when Ravenna bathes in front of him and, later, he gives her a not-so-brotherly kiss on the shoulder.
  • Between Claudia and her brother Gustav in Snow White: A Tale of Terror. She kisses him at one point, though he's rather terrified. It's also clear Frederich saw his late wife when he danced with Lilli. So does Claudia.
  • In Sodom and Gomorrah, Queen Bera of Sodom and her brother, Prince Astaroth, behave very fliratiously with each other; in one scene, they play bite each other's fingers (drawing blood in Astaroth's case), and their dialogue suggests that there was a time when they went even further than that.
  • Many Star Wars fans noticed Princess Leia Organa's later claim, that she had "always known" that Luke Skywalker is her brother. Even when she was making out with him?
  • Vertical Limit has a plot of Peter climbing K2 to save his younger sister Annie. If you took all the references to their father out of the script, it would come across as a romance instead. This trope is probably the reason Peter gets a kiss out of nowhere from the only other female in the film.
  • In The Wind (1928), Letty moves in with her cousin and his wife down South. No incest actually occurs; however, Cora becomes jealous of Letty, not helped by the fact that her husband is so invested in his attractive younger cousin.
  • The VVitch has Caleb, who is heavily implied to be lusting after his older sister Thomasin, occasionally staring at her chest. He never acts on it, and seems like a good kid otherwise. It's probably a result of entering puberty in an isolated area; Thomasin is literally the only female around besides Caleb's mother and his seven-year-old sister Mercy.

  • A Series of Unfortunate Events: Violet and Klaus. The Film of the Book does sport a bit of chemistry.
  • Lampshaded, deliberately played up, and generally mocked in The Dresden Files. Harry and Thomas live together for quite a while, and are often Mistaken for Gay by the (many) people who don't know they're half-brothers. This is made even worse by Thomas's sense of humour, the facts that he's pretending to be a flamboyantly Camp Gay French hairdresser and that he's a White Court vampire, so even straight guys are attracted to him. Much of the humour is basically Thomas playing up to the stereotype that Queer People Are Funny and taking advantage of the bigots (and non-bigots - it seems to be genuinely quite convincing In-Universe) that dismiss him as harmless because of that, something which Harry ends up using to his advantage in White Night.
  • Patience and Sarah:
    • Sarah's sister, who she shares a bed with and sometimes kisses, is very jealous of Sarah's lover Patience. It's implied that her feelings for Sarah are similar to Sarah's feelings for Patience.
    • Martha is less horrified to find Patience in bed with another woman and more horrified that the woman — who Patience was sleeping with — isn't a member of Patience's family.
  • The Vampire Chronicles has Lestat and his mother Gabrielle. Lestat is clearly Gabrielle's favorite, she even refers to him as the male part of her. The first person Lestat turns into a vampire is Gabrielle, and during their time as vampire companions Lestat referred to them as lovers.
  • In The Outsiders, the Curtis brothers have so much of this going on, it's incredible.note  Ponyboy describes Sodapop as 'looking like a movie star', and they also sleep in the same bed with much cuddling and even late night talks about love. There's also the way Ponyboy describes his brothers' relationship can be really reminiscent of a couple of teenage parents. And we should not forget that scene when Soda is giving Darry a back massage.
  • Splinter of the Mind's Eye is a Star Wars Expanded Universe novel written after A New Hope, but before Luke and Leia were known to be twins. And Han Solo is nowhere to be seen. Consequently, there is an amazing degree of UST in the book, though Luke nobly refrains from kissing Leia while she's asleep and vows to protect her from everything, including himself.
    The Princess caught him with a hand, her weight halting his slide. Now Luke rolled clear, came to a panting stop on her chest.
    For a long moment they lay like that, suspended in time. Then their eyes met with a gaze that could have penetrated light-years.
    • The comic book adaptation - which came out after Return of the Jedi - doesn't have nearly as much subtext, since it has much less in the way of narration. But the twins hold or touch each other often, and when Luke thinks he's dying he tells her he loves her.
    • The idea that she'd 'always known' throws this line into a new light.
    The Princess grew aware of how tightly she was clinging to him. Their proximity engendered a wash of confused emotion. It would be proper to disengage, to move away a little. Proper, but not nearly so satisfying.
  • Warrior Cats:
    • Brambleclaw and Hawkfrost are half-brothers. Brambleclaw chose to trust Hawkfrost over Squirrelflight, his Love Interest, and trusted Hawkfrost completely up until he tried to make him kill his leader. Even though it was hinted at that Hawkfrost was evil.
    • The Clans don't allow breeding with cats outside of their Clan. It's against their code to breed with cats from other Clans, pet cats, or non-Clan stray cats. Though incest pairings rarely appear (and when they do, it's usually only noticeable if you look at their family tree note ), it's a given that there is some sort of inbreeding.
  • While A Song of Ice and Fire has quite a lot of explicit and confirmed incest between certain characters, there are also certain points which fit this trope.
    • During one of Arianne Martell's POV chapters, she remembers that when she was younger (though we don't know exactly how young) she was travelling through the desert with her uncle Oberyn and her cousins, and she daydreamed about a desert bandit kidnapping her and having his way with her. Judging from the description of the bandit, she imagined him looking a lot like her uncle Oberyn. She feels very uncomfortable about remembering this, so she is clearly aware of what such a daydream implies.
    • Arianne attempts to invoke this trope by dressing in a revealing outfit when expecting to have a confrontation with her father to make the situation really awkward for him.
    • Aeron "Damphair" Greyjoy has a deep-seated hatred and terror of his brother Euron, and associates him with the scream of a rusted hinge, and memories of waking up in the night and thinking "Euron has come again". Though it is not stated explicitly, one can assume that he was sexually abused by his brother.
    • When Victarion Greyjoy and his niece Asha are arguing over who might rule the ironborn, she offers to help him rule as his Hand of the King. Since this is not a tradition of the ironborn (and Victarion is quite thick), Victarion at first thinks that when she talks of "ruling beside him" she means being his queen. He finds himself getting aroused at the thought before reminding himself that she is his niece.
    • Teased with Asha and Theon, when he first arrives at Pyke. They go on a horseback ride together and there is a lot of fondling going on and she even grabs his erection a few times. This was done deliberately by Asha posing as a shipwright's wife named Esgred in order to find out his plans. When Theon finds out who she really is, Theon is incredibly disturbed.
    • Though they are not related by blood, Littlefinger is Sansa Stark's uncle through marriage, and it is very clear to her and the reader that he is sexually interested in her. Not only is he legally her uncle, but she is currently pretending to be his daughter, and addresses him as "father".
    • When Tyrion is confronting his sister, Cersei, about her twincestuous relationship with Jaime, he says that it "seems unfair that she should open her legs for one brother and not the other". While he was clearly trying to enrage and mock her, if he had been aware of their incest while growing up with them, it would make sense that his own sexuality might be affected by it. While he is planning his revenge on his family from exile he mentions that he wants to rape and murder his sister. While he would be quite happy to kill her, it is unknown if he was being serious about raping her, and even if he was, it would probably be from a wish to hurt and degrade her as much as possible rather than from any true sexual desire.
      • When Cersei's paranoia gets really bad she's prone to nightmares, which often feature Tyrion in disturbingly sexual situations.
      • When Cersei has taken who she thinks is Tyrion's mistress as a hostage, and Tyrion has her youngest son under his own control, he tries to ensure the woman's safety by saying that whatever happens to her would happen to his nephew, including any beating or rapes (though it is made indisputably clear to the reader that this is just a bluff rather than a serious threat, not least because Tyrion actually likes his youngest nephew).
    • In the fourth book it's implied that Joffrey may have abused his younger brother Tommen in a sexual way. He gets interrupted before he gets to say more about it.
  • In the Chronicles of the Kencyrath series, there's plenty of in-story subtext between Jamie and her brother Torisen, to the point that characters comment on it. One fan theory is that their mother Jamiethiel had the power to deliberately get pregnant with twins, and literally made Torisen as the perfect mate for Jamie, so she would become blood-bound to him before her uncle Gerridon could claim her.
  • The relationship between brother and sister Quentin and Caddy in The Sound and the Fury. Quentin is obsessed with his sister's virginity and purity. At one point he lies and claims to have committed incest with Caddy and be the father of her illegitimate child in order to shoulder the blame with her. He later commits suicide due to his heartbreak over Caddy not being pure. Caddy names her daughter after him.
  • While Flowers in the Attic has quite a lot of actual incest going on, some things are still relegated to subtext. There are hints here and there that Christopher is sexually attracted to, or at least very confused by, his mother.
  • In Graceling, Katsa and Raffin, cousins, have quite a bit of this going on. They are extremely close, call each other things like "My Dear" and had even once considered getting married, but didn't for reasons having nothing to do with being related.
  • In Charlaine Harris' Harper Connelly series, Harper and her step-brother Tolliver get intensely jealous of each other's lovers, none of whom are ever more than brief flings, frequently share hotel rooms and when they don't always make sure to have connecting rooms. They are slowly raising money to buy a house and neither of them ever considers not living together in it. In the second book when Harper finds herself thinking about having kids and realizes that she can't imagine them being raised by anyone but Tolliver she realizes her feelings for him and it nearly destroys her.
  • August and Scarlet from Of Fear and Faith. With August, it's made clear that he is attracted to her, although he hates himself for it and tries to suppress it. Scarlet's a little more ambiguous. She's very flirty and teasing with him, although this could just be a part of her personality (she flirts with Kavik immediately after meeting him as well) and she clearly enjoys making August uncomfortable. August also mentions that Scarlet flirted with him when they were kids, so make of that what you will.
  • Josh and Sophie Newman in The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, especially as the series progresses. Sophie is a Morality Pet for Josh, and she's always the one who can bring him around when he's contemplating a Face–Heel Turn. Neither character gets a love interest either. Though in the final book it's revealed they aren't actually related.
  • Cassie in The Intruders behaves very hostile towards her mother Amanda's new fiancée. She doesn't much like his sons either but her behaviour towards him seems more like jealousy. Her brother Joel says a curiously worded line about Cassie not wanting to "share" their mother.
  • Catherine and Heathcliff (adopted siblings) in Wuthering Heights. To clarify, they're a destructive couple, but it's suspected by several characters that Heathcliff is Mr Earnshaw's illegitimate son. We never find out whether they're biologically related.
  • In Frankenstein, Dr. Frankenstein's parents adopted a little girl, Elizabeth, as a present for him. He refers to her as his "more than sister". When he goes crazy, she suspects it may be because he's fallen in love with someone else and doesn't want to upset their parents by not marrying Elizabeth. In other words, the parents raised two children to be romantically attracted to each other.
  • In Överenskommelser by Simona Ahrnstedt, Edvard has sexual fantasies about his cousin Beatrice. But luckily for her, as he's a serial abuser sociopath, he never acts on these fantasies.
  • In Children of Dune royal twins Leto and Ghanima use their Genetic Memory to roleplay as their parents (one of whom is dead and the other missing and not part of their lives), but they find the idea of their actually mating repellent. Though there are rumors that the Bene Gesserit intend for them to mate with each other as part of their eugenics program. At the end of the book they do legally get married, but it's clear this is entirely political and Ghanima's eventual children are actually fathered by Farad'n Corrino.
  • Rook and Thom in Havemercy. They were supposed to be a canon couple but the authors couldn't get a gay incestuous couple past the publisher. As a result of this their relationship dynamic is filled with UST and Slap-Slap-Kiss tendencies.
  • The relationship between Gudrun the Sorceress and her son Kari in The Snow Walker Trilogy is bad enough as it is, but the (rare) interactions between them are somewhat eyebrow-raising. Gudrun also has the power to effectively Mind Rape people and, while she rarely interacts with her son in person, other characters accuse her of tormenting him and whispering to him in his dreams, though they never elaborate further then that.
  • In Polgara the Sorceress, Polgara really loves her twin sister Beldaran, and gets very jealous when the Purpose decrees that Beldaran must marry Riva Iron-Grip to establish the Rivan Line.
  • In A Murder Is Announced, Patrick and Julia Simmons have this, mildly. Explained when it turns out that "Julia" is not Patrick's sister, Julia, who is elsewhere, but his lover, Emma Stamfordis.
  • The Silmarillion:
    • Aredhel is oddly fond of her cousin note  Celegorm. Tolkien himself said they're Just Friends, but that doesn't stop the shippers.
    • Fingon, Aredhel's brother, and Maedhros, Celegorm's brother. They're very close and Fingon even rescues Maedhros when he's captured by Morgoth. Their tale actually draws some parallels to the tale of Beren and Lúthien, the most legendary love in-universe. And here Tolkien didn't specify anything.
    • Fëanor is... very interested in Galadriel, the daughter of his younger half-brother, Finarfin. Or maybe that should be he's interested in her hair; he asks her repeatedly for a strand of it.
  • Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks? loves speculating over this, portraying how Masato is confused by the thought of his mother's sexual attractiveness, or how she suddenly takes offense when he says that he was not going to look under her skirt.
  • Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle has Lux and Airi. Airi's best friend Noct repeatedly talks about how much she cares for her brother (in a manner that suggests more than just familial love). Yoruka, a Shipper on Deck for Lux with anyone else, at one point reassures Airi that she doesn't have to worry as marriage between siblings isn't uncommon for royals. Arguably the biggest sign is that Airi appears on the cover of one volume... in a series that generally has a Girl of the Week format.
  • There's some implications of Royal Inbreeding in Varjak Paw. The Contessa seems to be the only Mesopotamian Blue breeder and the breed descends from one sire. It's worth noting that cat breeds tend to start off with a lot of inbreeding.
  • The Hound of the Baskervilles: Stapleton is disturbingly possessive of his sister Beryl, making quite a scene when he catches Sir Henry proposing to her (although he later apologizes, claiming the idea of her sister leaving after living with him for so long made him overreact). It makes a lot more sense when you learn she actually is Stapleton's wife. He claimed to be unmarried in the hopes of seducing the current Baskerville, but failed to control his own jealousy.
  • Sleeping Murder: At the end of the book, Miss Marple suggests this was the killer's motivation, as they only had his word that the original victim slept around or that his actions were more "jilted lover" than "protective brother".

    Live-Action TV 
  • One 30 Rock episode ends with Jenna reconciling with her mother by singing a slightly altered version of Captain & Tennille's "Do That To Me One More Time" together. Lyrics like "Kiss me like you just did" are sung while gazing into each other's eyes.
    Liz: How are you not moved by this?
    Jack: Because I'm listening to the words.
  • The relationship between Justin and Alex (Jalex) on Wizards of Waverly Place is filled with lots of subtext. By the time The Movie aired, everyone including the writers knew about the pairing and ensuing fandom, so the subtext from The Movie onwards is ship teasing and put there by the writers. It got to the point where some Executive Meddling occurred to reduce the amount of Jalex scenes and plots in a later season. It didn't help that the actors for Justin and Alex have been very very cuddly with each other at times, including New Year's kisses. Then there's the episode where everyone's memories of Justin being related to Alex is erased, which among other things results in their mother saying they'd make a good couple.
    Theresa: Justin is a great catch. You should go out with him.
    Alex: Eww, gross.
    Theresa: That's exactly how I felt about your father when I first met him and, now, he's my big cuddly bug!
    Alex: Eww, grosser.
    • Not to mention the episode "Quinceañera", where Alex and Justin switch bodies with their mom and a dance instructor, respectively, who proceed to share a very flirty dance in the siblings' bodies.
  • On The Originals:
    • This trope is well used between immortal vampire siblings in many combinations.
    • Klaus and Rebekah, starting from the moment they first appeared together on the parent show The Vampire Diaries. In one episode, Cami asks if they're dating. Klaus has a history of hating men Rebekah is interested in, and considers himself her constant one and basically the only man worthy of her and the only man she's allowed to love.
    • Freya and Finn Mikaelson toy with this line as well. Finn only stays with his family after being brought back a second time for Freya.
    • Finn and Esther's relationship had quite remarkable Oedipal undertones.
    • Freya and Elijah being basically married.
    • Kol wooing Freya back in the day when he didn't know they were siblings. Freya using his romantic/sexual interest for her own benefit. Later he found out the truth but it didn't cause any troubles and both of them are really chill about it.
    • Tristan and Aurora de Martel are both pathologically devoted to one another, which is used against them leading to their downfall.
  • The Carly/Spencer (Sparly) pairing in iCarly has some similar moments, especially in the first couple seasons.
  • Married... with Children has Bud and Kelly. Bud always rags on her skankiness, Kelly has many comments about his sex life (she seems to be jealous of his blow-up doll). She enjoys when he acknowledges her hotness or achievements. "If you weren't my brother..." Kelly comments after Bud does something really nice. In one episode, she seductively leaves lipstick marked kisses on him. Together they create the Bundy Bounce and she has him drooling. A date (Corey Feldman) disses Kelly cause she won't put out, so Bud purposely gives him the measles. Kelly cruelly gets revenge for Bud on a girl who humiliated him. When Bud discovered Kelly's knack for counting cards while in a Vegas casino, he got down on one knee right there and shouted, "Marry me! Damn the law!"
  • 7th Heaven:
    • In the pilot episode Mary asks her brother Matt to help her practice kissing. Their father walks in on them before anything happens. Reportedly, the script actually called for them to kiss, but Jessica Biel and Barry Watson refused to do it.
    • The seven siblings all had active, obsessive interests in the sex lives of their brothers and sisters.
    • In the episode in which Lucy gives birth, brother Matt takes her shopping and the store employees assume they are married. Rather than say "He's my brother," Lucy replies that they are not married, leaving the store employees to assume they have a sexual relationship. While in labor in a stuck elevator, Lucy insists on Matt (in training to be an OBGYN) be the one to deliver her baby even though there are trained, non-related paramedics in the elevator.
    • This infamous scene, when Ruthie is "dancing" in her room, and the dad comes up. The entire scene—particularly when Ruthie sees her dad watching, and smiles at him in a very un-daughter-like fashion. Given Stephen Collins was later accused of (and admitted to) sexual indecency with three minors, this becomes very creepy in hindsight.
  • Heroes
    • The Petrelli brothers. The amount of subtext between Nathan and Peter made Petrellicest the most popular slash pairing in the fandom.
    • Peter and Claire had the most sexual tension and chemistry out of any two on the show. Too bad they made them Uncle and Niece. Although this did not stop their actors from dating in real life.
    • It's impossible to watch Maya and Alejandro Herrera without thinking about it.
    • There is sort of an aversion with Sylar and Angela. Sylar gets captured at Primatech and while he's drugged out, Angela creepily touches him and then tells him that she's his mother. But it turns out that Angela was lying and that they were not actually related at all, making the Sylar/Angela subtext into just regular creepy subtext.
  • NUMB3RS: Don and Charlie.
  • All of the sisters in Charmed get a load of this. They spend a lot of time holding hands, stroking each other's hair, and saying how much they love each other. Also, Phoebe taught Prue french kissing apparently, and Piper and Prue had a lot of married-couple type habits from all the years they've spent living together.
  • In the Victorious episode "Birthweek Song", Tori's present to her sister Trina is a hot song-and-dance number which includes her sitting on her sister's lap. Whilst wearing an extremely short sparkly cocktail dress.
  • In the Degrassi: TNG movie thing where Fiona, Declan, Holly J and Jane go to New York, Fiona gets so jealous of her Declan's relationship with Holly J that she full on kisses Declan on the lips. Though that was partially a rash decision Fiona did while she was drunk.
  • Kamen Rider:
    • Kamen Rider Kabuto has a lot of Ship Tease between Tendou and Hiyori, although Hiyori is a Worm so they're not blood-related, but she's mimicking the girl who would have been his sister. Even Tendou's dark self's existence revolved around her while again, they're technically not blood-related: Dark Tendou is also a Worm, but he is a mimic of Tendou. Early on in the show before The Reveal, some of the characters, like the owner of Bistro La Salle and Juka, refer them as boyfriend and girlfriend. Tendou doesn't deny this. Hilariously, Sean Wiig, the actor of Tendou's child self, even believed that Tendou and Hiyori were dating.
    • Ship Tease involving siblings (and, in one case, an uncle and niece) is very common in Heisei-era Kamen Rider series. Prominent examples are Taiga and Wataru in Kiva, Ryotaro and Hana in Den-O, Maki and his sister and Hina and Ankh (who is possessing her brother's body) in OOO, and Philip and Wakana in Double.
  • Malcolm in the Middle: Reese kissing Malcolm, saying he wants them to be together forever, and getting jealous over Malcolm's relationship with Stevie.
  • Buffyverse:
    • Buffy seems overly physically affectionate when it comes to Dawn. The way she kisses Dawn in "The Gift" is very much not sisterly, which Joss Whedon jokes about in the DVD Commentary. "Tough Love" draws explicit parallels between Buffy/Dawn and Willow/Tara.
      Willow: I have to look after [Tara]. She's my girl.
      Buffy: [stroking Dawn's hair] I know what you mean.
    • And in "Intervention":
      Buffy: I love you, Dawn. You know that, right?
      Dawn: Yeah. I love you too.
      Buffy: I love you...really love you.
      Dawn: [nervous grin] Gettin' weird...
      Buffy: Sorry. But it's important that I tell you. Weird love's better than no love.
    • Dawn also shows signs of this with her mother substitutes Willow and Tara in "Real Me". She wants them to teach her the stuff they do together, and is promptly told to go to her room. In "Him", Willow is perving on a girl dancing, to discover it was Dawn.
    • In "Lies My Parents Told Me", Spike's relationship with his mother (whom he sired so they could be together forever) is called out explicitly as incestuous desire—granted, it's by her while newly vampirized and the accusation horrifies him (even being a soulless vampire himself at the time) to the point that he stakes her, making it also subverted.
    • Crossing over to Angel, Drusilla has sex with Angel several times and frequently calls him "daddy" (because he sired her) and she also calls Darla "grandmother", whom she shares a lot of Les Yay with.
  • Merlin:
    • Half-sisters Morgana and Morgause. Their secret meetings can be seen as not unlike secret lovers having an affair. According to Word of God, it was intentional - Morgause was meant to stand as Morgana's love interest. Although, due to the revelation of Morgana being Uther's daughter, we can't be sure if Morgana and Morgause are actually related any more. They certainly seem to consider themselves sisters, though.
    • Due to aforementioned revelation, Morgana and Arthur's season one Ship Tease retroactively counts as this.
  • In Shake it Up there's a line where Tinka tells her brother Gunther (who's her dance partner) they can't get married. He looks heartbroken.
  • Sam and Dean in Supernatural have an extremely close relationship that includes a serious lack of personal space, sharing a room for most of the series, being completely inseparable and acting like a broken-up couple when they are apart for any length of time, jealousy whenever anyone else gets close to either brother, a mock "wedding" in which they stand at an altar and both declare that no one else is more important to either of them than each other, and total insanity whenever one brother believes the other has died. Dean is extremely protective and possessive of Sam, and Sam has given up pretty well everything he's ever dreamed of for Dean and tends to go bonkers whenever he thinks Sam might reject him. By later seasons the brothers are often paralleled to (and compare themselves to) romantic and married couples, such as Amelia and Don in Season 8. This is joked about several times; in "The Monster at the End of This Book", Sam and Dean discover a series of novels detailing their exploits has accumulated a fandom, including in-universe Sam/Dean shippers. In the episode "The Real Ghostbusters", the two guys Cosplaying as Sam and Dean turn out to be a couple. There's a few episodes where the brothers get confused for gay lovers, and Sam and Dean don't always correct the mistake.
  • All over The Borgias, but well, there's a reason for that. You've got the main one—Cesare/Lucrezia—which becomes canon in Season 3. But you've also got other examples which are most limited to subtext.
    • There's Vannozza/Cesare, who spend the most time together of the parents/children and whom Cesare brings to Lucrezia's wedding despite his father's wishes.
    • There's Cesare/Juan, with Juan getting the life Cesare wants and Cesare reluctantly cleaning up his brother's mistakes.
    • There's Rodrigo/Lucrezia, with their cuddling and kissing and the way Lucrezia clearly has her father wrapped around her little finger.
  • In The Waltons, there were a few instances when John-Boy (the eldest son and narrator) and his mother, Olivia seemed to share more than just parent-child closeness. One notable example is the birthday episode when he reads a poem to her, a love poem nonetheless. They interact more like a couple during that scene than a mother and son.
  • This is played for laughs quite a bit on Arrested Development. The idea of incest is very deliberately prominent in show, probably to emphasise both how messed-up the Bluth family is, and how obsessed all the family members are with themselves.
    • Buster very clearly has some kind of Oedipus Complex, and is too much of a Manchild to stop himself from saying things that very heavily hint at it. Whenever he gets into an actual relationship, he treats it the same way he does his relationship with Lucille.
      Buster: Sister's my new mother, Mother. And is it just me, or has she gotten hotter?
    • Lindsay, when she finds out she's adopted, is convinced that Michael has always harbored a crush on her. As soon as G.O.B. discovers this news, he immediately tries to hit on Lindsay, but she slaps him in the face.
    • George Michael has a not-altogether unrequited crush on Maeby, his cousin.
    • Maeby and Steve Holt fool around in Season 3, though she calls it off after discovering they're related.
    • G.O.B. and Michael have a slight love/hate relationship, but G.O.B. is also slightly obsessed with his brother. He wrote a song about him, in which he sings, "Everything I do, I do for you," and gets very upset when Michael gets angry at him (which he does fairly frequently). G.O.B. is very physically affectionate with Michael, more so than with anyone else in his family. He loves touching Michael in any way he can, whether it's a hug (which Michael mostly denies, somewhat aggressively), or a hand on the shoulder, or just having their faces uncomfortably close together. In the episode 'Making A Stand', he hugs Michael tightly, and says, "If you feel something moving down there, it's just the bird," but Michael sees said dove walking across the counter during the hug. The implied incestual element in their relationship has even spawned multiple fanfictions.
    • In season 4, G.O.B. asks the unwitting George-Michael to do a favour for him, which ends up being pretending to be his boyfriend so he can get into an exclusive gay club to foil Tony Wonder's performance. G.O.B. admits easily that he tried to first convince his brother Michael, but had no luck. When George-Michael realises the plan, he immediately tries to back out, but G.O.B. doesn't let him leave without a reason. He pretends that they've had an argument, and kisses him just before he can finally get away.
    • At an office Christmas party, Michael attempts to bond with Maeby, his niece, by singing a karaoke duet with her. The song they choose is called 'Afternoon Delight', and they realise as the song goes on that it's a duet about having sex in the afternoon. They quickly stop singing it, and are both embarrassed by the mix-up. Later, George-Michael and Lindsay also sing the song together, again unaware of the sexual nature of the song.
    • In the episode "Shock and Aww", George Micheal harbors a massive crush on his ethics teacher. Lindsay notices George Micheal's interest in his teacher, but she mistakes his feelings and thinks he just admires his teacher and sees her as a replacement mother-figure. Lindsay then tries talking with him about his feelings, and inadvertedly makes a lot of unfortunate double entendres much to George Micheal's discomfort:
      Lindsay: Ah, sounds like you'd like her to be more than just your teacher. There's nothing wrong with that. Although... I must say I'm a little hurt that you haven't considered me.
      George Michael: (gobsmacked) ...You're my aunt.
      Lindsay: That doesn't matter. Aunts can fill that role. Teachers can fill that role. And, someday, you're going to find the right woman to fill that role. But until then... I'll be right across the hall.
      (Lindsay walks out with a big smile on her face)
      Narrator: Lindsay had never been more proud of anything she had said in her entire life.
      George Michael: ...Yikes!
  • In Coronation Street Julie and Jason get drunk and spend a night on the couch together. When Julie's mother Paula finds out about this she is horrified...and drops the bombshell that Jason and Julie are actually related as Paula had sex with Jason's grandfather when she was fourteen and got pregnant with Julie. It's then quickly revealed that Jason and Julie didn't actually sleep together.
  • In The New Adventures of Old Christine, there's a lot of incestuous subtext between Christine and her brother Matthew. There was even a scene in which Christine made out with him though it turned out to be a dream.
  • Friends
    • This is a plot point in the episode "The One with the Inappropriate Sister". Rachel's date Danny seems to just be extremely close to his sister, until at the coffee house when he licks icing from her fingers, then she drops it on his pants and wipes it off, then they go upstairs to change pants. When Rachel finally goes to break up with him, Danny and his sister are about to take a bath together.
    • Another episode has a cousin of Ross and Monica played by Denise Richards that is so stunningly beautiful that Ross forgets he's related to her and makes a pass at her. That's probably why she isn't seen at the wedding.
    • Siblings Ross and Monica have no problem with hugging, kissing, holding hands and sitting near each other. The closeness they have is not unnoticed by the other four main characters and is cause for some jokes. Moreover, Ross was Monica's first kiss (he thought she was Rachel). It Makes Just as Much Sense in Context.
      Monica: You were my Midnight Mystery Kisser?!
      Ross: You were my first kiss with Rachel?!
      Monica: You were my first kiss ever?!
      Chandler: What have I married into?!
      • By the way, there is a scene where the dialogue between the two is so loving that Phoebe teases by suggesting to them go to a hotel room.
      • There was also an episode where Monica brought it up solely for squick purposes.
      Monica: Here's a few things you can discuss: mucus, fungus, and the idea of me and Ross doing it.
  • On NCIS, Troian Bellisario appears in two episodes. In the first, "Red Cell" in season 2, DiNozzo and Todd go to McGee's apartment to bring him in to work early for a meeting, and spend several minutes making fun of him for being a nerd; after they leave, Bellisario walks out of McGee's bedroom in her pajamas and takes over the computer game McGee had been playing. The joke being that, unbeknownst to Todd and DiNozzo, McGee had gotten this gorgeous woman into bed the night before. Then, in the season four episode "Twisted Sister," it is revealed that Bellisario's character is actually McGee's sister. And, to add just one more interesting wrinkle, the executive producer of NCIS? Donald Bellisario. And Sean Murray, McGee's actor is Bellisario's stepson. Making them step siblings in real life.
  • Gilmore Girls featured in one episode the family of a Harvard alum, and his two children, a boy and a girl, who are weirdly close—from color coordinated outfits to alluded shared showers. When Lorelai and Rory come over to their place for lunch, Lorelai mercilessly mocks the issue in Rory's ears, much to to the latter's chagrin.
  • In the Sanctuary episode "Nubbins", Henry is clearly thinking of other things when Ashley asks him if "he's had a chance to check out her Nubbins," and again when she says "Don't you just want to squeeze them?" While they aren't biologically related, they were raised by the same woman in the same household, making them adopted siblings.
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit:
    • One episode involves a girl who made a celibacy pledge getting pregnant and being terrified that her father would kick her out if he found out. When dad eventually accepts that it was consensual sex (he VERY strongly wanted to believe she was raped so she wouldn't have broken her pledge), he says that she betrayed him, leaving some icky implications, though it's pretty clear that he never actually abused her.
    • In another similar episode a girl collapses at her purity ball and it's learned she's pregnant. The detectives are convinced her brother is the culprit. It turns out it's the family pastor (who had gotten another sister pregnant before, which child was being raised as a sibling by the parents) who tried to marry the girl to avoid being charged with statutory rape.
  • The Brady Bunch always had something between step-siblings Greg and Marcia, which is made obvious in the movie.
  • Ben and Kate is a show about a brother moving in with his single-parent sister to help her raise her daughter, so this was inevitable. They are sometimes mistaken for a married couple in the show as well.
  • In the CW show Arrow, Oliver and his sister Thea. There is an inordinate amount of chemistry between the actors; reportedly they'd met each other prior to the series starting and developed a playful friendship. She starts off rather cold towards him when he returns but warms up upon learning the full details of his experience; the exact same story and dynamic is what they use for Laurel in the show, his actual love interest.
  • Castle: Richard Castle and his daughter Alexis are extremely close, largely due to his raising her by himself but sometimes it seems to go beyond this. One episode opens with her sitting on his lap which is fine for a little girl but she's college age. The same episode has a scene where he talks to her about the breakup of her long distance relationship and asks "Does this make you feel any better?" She says "No, but this does." and proceeds to cuddle with him. Another episode, which takes place at a science-fiction convention has him see her in a very skimpy cosplay outfit. After confronting her about it he walks away saying "I can't unsee that!" Later on they have an awkward scene together in which they agree not to discuss the matter, the implication being that it might bring up feelings neither wants to acknowledge.
  • Twins Dennis and Dee Reynolds from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. In "Dennis and Dee Get a New Dad" they are explicitly accused of sleeping with each other by Frank. Furthermore there are cast as love interests in Charlie's "Dayman" play. Charlie initially casts Dennis as the villain to avoid the incestuous implications, but Dennis wants to play the hero instead and has no problem with the fact that his sister plays the love interest. Dee, however, complains, and the initially planned kiss between their roles is changed to an embrace. In addition, during the episode "Frank's Back in Business," the siblings along with Mac discover that a patron has left his wallet at the bar, leading Dennis to assume the patron's identity. When they show up to a baseball game via the tickets in the wallet and that person's associates assume that Dennis is the patron and Dee is his wife, the two have no problems playing along with this ruse. Dennis even states that he "gets off" while pretending to be another person, and when Dee questions the ruse, he asks Dee if she wants to "get off" with him. There's also the scattered moments in the series where Dennis expresses his care for Dee's well-being in a way that almost sounds like a grand declaration of love, and while Dee herself seems to brush them off most of the time, it is implied she does return the sentiment.
  • In the American adaptation of the show Shameless, siblings Fiona and Phillip essentially end up as the father and mother figures of their four younger siblings, being that their mother has been gone for some time and they eventually kick their deadbeat father out of the house. Although each has a respective love interest, Fiona loses interest in hers and is heavily disapproving of Phillip's love interest in what could easily be interpreted as jealousy.
  • Skins
    • Tony and Effy in the first generation. It comes off as a Relationship Writing Fumble on the part of the writers.
    • The Fitch twins in the second. Seems to be mostly one-directional from Katie to Emily. This is odd because Katie is supposed to be the straight one, while we know Emily is gay.
  • Once Upon a Time:
    • Cora and Regina's relationship has some seriously incestuous undertones, especially on Cora's part. Cora murders her daughter Regina's fiancée, Daniel, and then marries Regina off to King Leopold, who is still pining for his dead wife Eva, after manipulating the situation so that Regina places the blame for Daniel's death on Leopold's daughter, Snow. Thus, Regina will be trapped in a loveless marriage with no source of comfort but Mommy Dearest. After Regina banishes Cora to Wonderland and later sends Captain Hook to assassinate her, Cora prepares to return the favor until she hears Regina's tearful confession of love (which itself sounds like a monologue to a lover and not a parent) made over Cora's coffin. Cora thus goes into hiding and decides to allow her daughter to cast the Dark Curse, even though she knows that it will not bring Regina the happiness that she so desperately seeks, and will instead cause her to lose everything, because "then she'll need me... And me, I'll help her pick up the pieces." Also, upon arriving in Storybrooke, Cora breaks into Regina's home and sniffs her clothing. Once she and Regina reunite, she's also kind of creepily physical with her as well.
    • Season Four introduces Anna and Elsa, bringing all of the subtext from their film and more along with them.
  • In Bates Motel, a prequel to the first film version of Psycho, Norma and her son Norman have an uncomfortable amount of tension between each other. They both freely admit each other are the most important people in their lives, they do stuff together all the time, they both have the same tastes in music and movies, they both get really jealous when the other shows romantic or sexual interest in someone else, and they often sleep in the same bed and spoon.
  • Hope & Faith has the titular two sisters being involved in a couple of moments. One episode has Faith pretend she and Hope are a lesbian couple. And another implies that Hope gave Faith a complete spray tan—this is given a Squicky reaction from Hope's husband.
  • In Eureka, Jack Carter and his daughter Zoe have a... strange relationship. Many of their scenes are shot and written like a couple squabbling, then reconciling later. It's repeatedly established that Jack cares more for her than Jo, Henry, and even Alison by a huge margin, risking his life for her over and over again, while being immensely controlling and restricting about her love life. For her part Zoe also values him more than anyone else, always going to him in times of crisis. It's worth mentioning that Jack's ex-wife (Zoe's mother) looks very similar to Jack's sister.
  • In Firefly, Simon and River's relationship is greatly textured, mixing sibling, parent, doctor, and lover roles with the necessary abandon. Simon and his mei-mei are all each other have in the world. And when River's upset or sick, it's her brother's bed she curls up in. She also had a Father, I Want to Marry My Brother moment in a deleted scene. See also the "Film" section for what happened in the cinema film...
    Simon: It's just not something brothers and sisters do. I mean, on some planets... but only pretty bad ones.
  • In Faking It twins Pieter and Petra seem far more interested in each other than in Shane and Liam who are trying to pick them up. Shane is shocked to see them holding hands while flirting with him and Liam, Petra agrees to take Liam home but only if he dresses in her brothers clothes and when Shane and Liam leave the twins seem relieved.
  • In Almost Royal the two main characters, who are brother and sister keep referring to each other as "friends with benefits" to their handler's annoyance. The only reason it's subtext is that being both British and rather dim-witted they may not realize what it means in American terms. Maybe.
    Poppy: We're close
    Handler: You're not that close
    Poppy: We are.
  • Prison Break:
    • Business magnate Terrence Steadman and his sister, Vice-President and through succession President, Caroline Reynolds, made a audio tape recording one of their conversations that sounded quite intimate. This is later used by series protagonist Michael Scofield to blackmail Reynolds, specifically mentioning they "might want to keep [it] in the family", a reference to incest.
    • There's also Michael and Lincoln's relationship. While they're not to the same extent as Sam and Dean, they both go to insane lengths to help each other.
  • Played for Laughs quite a few times in The Big Bang Theory:
    • Howard appears to have some kind of Oedipus Complex. He's accidentally called his wife Bernadette "Ma" at least twice, to his embarrassment. One time when Bernadette yelled at him in his mother's voice, he claimed she sounded "sexy". One episode lampshades it: Howard mentions having to rub ointment on his mother, and when asked why she couldn't do that herself, Howard responded: "Because we have a deeply unhealthy relationship."
    • Sheldon theorizes that Leonard wants to be with Penny because she's the opposite of Leonard's "first romantic attachment", meaning his mother.
    • One time when Leonard and Penny are about to have sex, Leonard mentions that if his mother were there, she would tell them that having sex is their way of making up for the intimacy they didn't receive from their parents. Penny asks if that means Leonard is subconsciously trying to have sex with his mother, and instead of denying it, Leonard tries to justify it by saying that Penny is also "having sex with her father". Of course, she freaks out and kicks him out of her apartment.
  • While Hannibal never explicitly states it like in its literature counterpart, the constant abuse Mason Verger inflicts on his sister takes a clear incestual subtext when he starts talking with Margot about how they need to think of the next Mason generation. When he goes on to say how his son would be her heir as well, and that a child would bring them closer together, it's pretty obvious what his intentions are. If you wanted to be absolutely sure, he also throws in how he has viable sperm.
  • On Gotham, Penguin's relationship with his mother included such moments as her helping him bathe - as a healthy, uninjured, adult. Then there was Fish's relationship with Liza, which paired very sexualized behavior with explicitly parental forms of address.
  • On Penny Dreadful, Caliban's attitude toward his creator/father figure is an uncomfortable blend of "angry rejected child" and "spurned lover."
    • To say nothing of the extremely heavy implication, particularly in Season 1, that Sir Malcolm may have actually crossed the line with his daughter Mina; he also forced his son to participate in various sexual atrocities during their travels "to prove he was a man."
    • Fittingly, in Season 2 he becomes embroiled with Evelyn Poole, a centuries-old witch whose relationship with her daughter is explicitly sexual and who seems to relate to her long-estranged sister more as a spurned lover than anything else.
  • Beverly Hills, 90210: According to IMDb: On the special, Beverly Hills, 90210: 10-Year High School Reunion (2003) Shannen Doherty revealed that the hardest thing about doing the show was pretending that Jason Priestley, whom she referred to as "being so hot", was her brother. She then revealed that, years later, people often approach her and ask her about the "weird incestuous vibe" between Brandon and Brenda, their characters. She said her response is always "Uh-huh, you better believe it!"
  • In The Sinner, Cora and her younger sister Phoebe were still cuddling and caressing each other as teenagers, well past the age where it could be considered innocent.
  • Cheryl and Jason Blossom from Riverdale are twins with a very close bond. Cheryl even considered Jason to be her soulmate, the two have a lot of romantic-laden flashbacks as well, and characters in-universe (some as an insult, some genuinely) comment on it a few times. It doesn't help that one of the writers is involved with Afterlife with Archie, which explicitly has them being incestuous.
  • Altered Carbon:
    • Takeshi Kovacs's relationship with his sister Reileen Kawahara is rather ambiguous. She behaves like a Clingy Jealous Girl towards him and is determined to kill anyone who becomes romantically involved with him, but other than stealing Kristin Ortega's body so she can bathe naked in front of him, it's unclear if her obsession with him extends to the sexual.
    • Due to the nature of the setting allowing for Brain Uploading, it's generally hard to pin down the social mores regarding incest since genetics is theoretically a non-issue. For instance, the daughter of a very wealthy woman is shown to use her mother's spare bodies to have sex in them. The protagonist who discovers this is only interested because of her possible role in a murder investigation.
  • Subverted in the Modern Family episode "No Small Feet". At the beginning Alex is asleep on the couch while Luke is taking pictures of her feet. Alex wakes up and thinks he's doing it to satisfy his sexual pleasure, prompting Luke to explain that he's taking them for men with foot fetishes online.
  • Parodied and subverted in the Series Finale of Schitt's Creek when Alexis Rose wears a wedding dress to her brother David's wedding and she is walking him down the aisle. At first, she insists it is simply a full-length white gown that came with not a veil but a tulle headdress that she chose not to wear, but she realizes it is a wedding dress at the wedding. This is a callback to an early episode centering around the town sign that shows a brother and sister in a sexually suggestive pose.
  • Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: it's never exactly clear from the scripts whether Lucifer actually wants to make Sabrina his "child bride" in addition to secretly being her father, but Luke Cook's performance in their scenes together runs the gamut from "deliciously sleazy" through "David Bowie in Labyrinth " all the way to "go ahead, call me daddy."
    • It's also hinted as early as episode 2 ("we will have failed him [beat]... and the Dark Lord!") that Zelda's feelings for her late brother Edward were a little bit more intense than would be considered appropriate in the mortal world: she apparently couldn't stand his wife; she constantly refers to him in a way that makes him sound more like her high-school boyfriend or her late husband than her brother, often followed by a reaction shot of their younger sister Hilda pointedly refusing to engage; and her taste for "Dark Confession", combined with the knowledge that Edward felt called to the High Priesthood from a very young age, really makes you think. Their meeting in the space between life and death after she's been shot in Part 3 does absolutely nothing to discourage the impression: there's just a lot of gazing and hands on backs, and at one point she turns to him excitedly and stops abruptly, as if restraining herself from going in for a kiss. Same creative team as Riverdale.
  • One version that completely threw writers for a loop occurs in Brothers & Sisters. After patriarch William Walker dies, it's revealed that he's had a mistress named Holly for years, and that they had a daughter named Rebecca together. Unfortunately, Emily VanCamp (who played Rebecca) and Dave Annable (who played youngest Walker sibling Justin) had such incredible romantic chemistry that the incest subtext became impossible to avoid; it didn't help that VanCamp and Annable started dating while they were on the show together. As such, alterations were made, and it was eventually revealed that Rebecca wasn't William Walker's daughter (Holly had another lover on the side). While this allowed Justin and Rebecca to pursue their romance, it also forced the writers to introduce William's actual illegitimate son, Ryan, who quickly became the most hated character on the show.

  • Many of the great love-ballads of the 1970's were duets performed by the brother/sister duo The Carpenters. Richard did not get along with Karen's husband (who she was in the process of divorcing when she died), and Richard didn't get married until after Karen died.
  • The rock band Heart acrimoniously fell out with their first record label Mushroom after Mushroom printed a single-entendre magazine advertisement that blatantly implied that their core members, the sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson, were incestuous lesbians.
  • Liam and Noel Gallagher of Oasis had this in spades. The most obvious example being the kiss at Loch Lomond in 1996. Yes, there was tongue slippage.
  • Some may read the narrator of Billy Idol's White Wedding as more than just a protective brother.
  • Singer Salvador Sobral and his sister Luísa Sobral have a penchant for singing together on really romantic songs written by the latter, such as Amar Pelos Dois, about promising someone to love them even if they don't love them back, Prometo Não Prometer,about not being able to stop loving each other or to forget each other, or Só Um Beijo, about falling in love with each other after sharing a kiss. She also wrote a song for him in English called I Might Just stay Away, with lyrics such as "Cause someday when I grow old, I'd be so glad that I was strong and didn't fall for those lips, fall for those eyes, fall for the love of my life".

    Newspaper Comics 
  • Accidentally invoked in Doonesbury in July 2012 as Jeff and Zipper followed Alex's updates on Facebook about her honeymoon with Leo. Jeff made several comments such as "That could have been me standing next to her" and "Too bad Alex is with Leo instead of me." Unfortunately, it should have been Zipper making those comments, as he was the one with the longtime crush on Alex; Jeff is Alex's half-uncle (his older half-sister is Alex's mother). Cartoonist Garry Trudeau later explained on his website that he had "inadvertently mixed up the two boys during the course of the week. ... Apologies to the many horrified, genealogically astute readers who noticed."

  • Incestuous marriages were believed to be the norm in Ancient Egypt from the Pharaoh down, until someone figured out "my brother" and "my sister" used by married couples were actually terms of endearment rather than reflection of actual blood ties.

    Professional Wrestling 
  • This was one of the original plans for the Sable/Tori feud back in 1999 where Tori was going to be revealed to be Sable's sister, making the stalking that little more creepy. They scrapped that idea and just made Tori an obsessed fan instead.
  • Kayfabe siblings Paul Burchill and Katie Lea debuted a controversial angle in 2008 that implied incest between the two of them, with Katie calling Paul "beautiful" and talking about how she enjoys watching him inflict pain. Paul's Catchphrase would then be "whatever Katie wants, Katie always gets."note  WWE just happened to be going PG that year so the incest part of their pairing was dropped before anything big happened.
  • In 2014, it was implied that Samuel Shaw previously had sex with his mother, a redheaded woman named Christy. It was also implied to be the reason he was interested in a redheaded TNA interviewer named Christy, to the point he threatened to commit suicide if she wouldn't agree to date him.

    Tabletop Games 
  • In Dungeons & Dragons continuity, the co-rulers of the fourth layer of Hell are Belial and his daughter Fierna. Both are embodiments of Lust, and it is rumored that they have an incestuous relationship.
    • In the Forgotten Realms setting, the story of the creator goddesses, the siblings Selûne and Shar, reads like a couple who had a very bad breakup.

  • It's not in the original play, but Roméo et Juliette, de la Haine à l'Amour has Tybalt in love with his cousin Juliette as well. The Darker and Edgier Hungarian adaptation expands on this by having him also suffer from severe UST with his aunt Lady Capulet. (And from epilepsy. He's troubled.)
  • A production of Don Pasquale where Norina and Malatesta gave off some... interesting vibes while going over their plan for her to trick the eponymous don. He does seem very enthusiastic in teaching her to seduce men, and refers to her affectionately as a "little vixen" at one point. (It helped that both the actors were friends in real life.)
  • Rampant in Electra. Electra's relationship to her dead father is slightly unhealthy and has some incestuous undertones. Her relationship to her brother is all undertones. (In Freudian psychology, the female equivalent to the Oedipus complex is called the "Elektra complex". The more you know.)
  • Hamlet
  • Like Hamlet, Gabe of Next to Normal is terribly possessive of his mother. They even slow dance together at one point. Given that Diana's in the grips of severe delusions and manic episodes, she probably doesn't care about the implications of holding her son a bit too close.
  • Pick a Eugene O'Neill play, any Eugene O'Neill play. Odds are you're going to encounter a seriously dysfunctional family vibe, owing to O'Neill's own deep-seated mommy issues, and the fact that he was heavily influenced by Greek theatre, home of the original Oedipus and Electra. The subtext is particularly heavy in Mourning Becomes Electra, a theatrical trilogy which moves the plot of the classic Oresteia to Civil War era New England. To try to sum up the tangle of dysfunction: Lavinia Mannon appears to be totally in love with her father, General Ezra Mannon, and hateful to her mother Christine. Christine murders Ezra, so she can be with the handsome young sailor Adam Brant, but also dotes on her son Orin in an entirely unmotherly way. Orin (suffering mental trauma from his time on the battlefield) returns the affection, but Lavinia manages to enlist him against his mother by informing him about Christine's affair, which sends him into a rage which clearly has more to do with jealousy than any kind of familial loyalty. After Christine is driven to suicide, Orin seems to waver between wanting to kill his sister, and wanting to sexually dominate her. Suffice it to say, Eugene O'Neill was not a happy man.
  • Sam Shepard's plays often deal with this. Sometimes it goes far past subtext.
  • In some productions of Pippin, Fastrada and her son Lewis display this.
  • The script for Road explicitly states that Louise's brother should invoke this. She's understandably freaked out.

    Video Games 
  • This is something of a running theme in Fire Emblem:
    • Downplayed with Duma and Milla in Fire Emblem Gaiden, with Milla accompanying Duma in his exile to Valentia out of love, and initially they desire to build a utopia together on the new continent. She also seals the Falchion after Rudolf defeats her with it, even in a degenerative state, as she wished to protect her brother from death.
    • Clarine and Klein from Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade, who are somewhat patterned after Lachesis and Eldigan from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War (sans tragedy and confirmation of romantic feelings). Clarine will tell every other man she supports with that they can't compare to her charming and handsome brother, throws a fit when another healer treats him, and compliments him directly for being the best-looking man in their Ragtag Bunch of Misfits. (It is, at least, one-sided, as Klein gets rather frustrated with her antics.)
    • In Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade, Priscilla wavers between this and standard Big Brother Worship with her older brother Raven. She also reminds him of a Childhood Marriage Promise from when they were very young, though it's part of her attempts to convince him to stop acting like she's a total stranger. The fact that she and Clarine are both of the Troubadour class is lampshaded in Fire Emblem Awakening.
    • Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones has the twin siblings Eirika and Ephraim, whose in-game supports all but outright spell it out. Their end-game weapons are even named after a pair of incestuous twins from a Wagner opera. If you finish the game with the A support, the ending changes and it's implied they ruled the kingdom together as king and queen. The English version of Fire Emblem Heroes even has a fourth-wall-breaking moment in the Paralogue where the twins first appear in which he addresses the rumors surrounding his relationship with his sister.
    • Fire Emblem Fates has several examples:
      • The Avatar can marry any one of his/her adoptive Nohrian siblings and his blood-related Hoshidan siblings, and while it can be eventually revealed that the Avatar is Not Blood Related to the Hoshidans either, almost all of them were raised to think otherwise.
      • Camilla is rather attached to her adoptive brother/sister, the aforementioned Avatar, and as said above is one of the Male Avatar's prospective love interests.
      • Camilla's half-brother Leo, whom she's implied to have helped raise, desperately desires Camilla's affections and is revealed through a guide to have once been in love with her. He can also be a prospective love interest for a Female Avatar, who is his adoptive sister too.
      • And finally, the Male Avatar and Azura get enough Ship Tease to qualify as each other's Implied Love Interest, despite being maternal cousins. In their defense they didn't actually know they were related...but they also don't particularly seem to care when they find out.
  • Creepily invoked in Shin Megami Tensei II when you find out that Hiroko, the heroine is actually your protagonist's mother. The two are pretty close already, work together, are the same age, never stray from each other (she follows you on all game paths), and the whole thing is an expy of you being Jesus and her a Virgin Mary.
  • Final Fantasy X: Ignoring Brother's blatant crush on his cousin Yuna, his sister Rikku has a few Les Yay moments with Yuna herself including a Hot Spring scene where she looks down at Yuna's boobs and says "I know who's got it going on".
  • Dirge of Cerberus, a sequel spin-off of Final Fantasy VII has a lot of this between brothers Weiss and Nero.
  • BlazBlue
    • Ragna the Bloodedge and Jin Kisaragi, though Jin's Crazy Jealous Guy behavior takes this close to being canon. Usually Ragna is portrayed as being a Celibate Hero, but Jin is obsessed with him thanks to Yukianesa warping his feelings. Unfortunately for Ragna, the game developers fickin' LOVE using Yukianesa to warp Jin's feelings.
    • The Murakumo Units, robot clones of Ragna and Jin's little sister, Saya, who are programmed to get as close to Ragna as possible in order to merge their respective incomplete Azure Grimoires for the purpose of forming a complete one. Of course, getting "as close as possible" is taken to its logical extreme and the Double Entendres are about as subtle as a nuclear warhead in a restaurant. Nu-13 is flat-out yandere for Ragna, treats their battle as foreplay, ends it by impaling both herself and Ragna on a BFS and appears to consider their mixing blood as a union of some other bodily fluids. In the sequel, Nu-13's soul is installed into the chassis of an "uninstalled" older Unit, Lambda-11, and the more violent aspects of her obsession with Ragna disappear, implying that it's the Murakumos' programming that distort their feelings. It's not-so-subtly implied Noel Vermillion, a.k.a. Mu-12 also has a crush on Ragna, which makes it possible that the Murakumos' love is also just a program.
    • In Chronophantasma, this is implied through Izanami's interactions with Ragna. Izanami is an all-powerful death goddess who is possessing the body of his little sister, Saya, and Izanami spends a good portion of the game trying to make Ragna "hers" and get him to join her side. She offers him the head of one of her most powerful servants, Yuki Terumi, as payment for his loyalty, knowing full well that Ragna wants to kill him.
  • The Fatal Frame games seem to love this trope, especially the second game, which may as well be called Fatal Frame 2: Twincest.
  • Suikoden
    • In Suikoden Tierkreis, Chrodechild and Fredegund... really care for each other, though the subtext mostly comes from the latter. Asad hilariously lampshades this near the end of the game, where he states he initially considered Meruvis as his rival, but now sees Fredegund as a larger threat.
    • Suikoden V has Frey and Lymsleia, despite the latter being ten years old. Early in the game, Lymsleia thinks she'll have to marry Frey if he wins the Sacred Games for her hand (Miakis was having a little fun with her), and later she asks if she can sleep with him., not that way, she's just cold and scared in an unfamiliar place. In the Golden Ending, Frey is appointed Commander of the Queen's Knights, the traditional position of the Queen's husband.
  • Golden Sun
    • The "Golden Sun Gag Battle" 4koma doujinshi featured a comic in which Ivan uses his new "Reveal" power to spy through the clothes of Feizhi and Hama. In its defense, "Gag Battle" was published before The Lost Age was released, with the news that Hama is Ivan's sister...
    • Mia and Alex get some rather ambiguous comments. In Dark Dawn they're confirmed to be cousins.
  • Tales of Symphonia: Mithos is just a little too obsessed with his sister. To the point where he's spend the last four millennia trying to bring her back to life. Note that her actual lover was much more sane.
  • Metal Gear
    • Liquid Snake and Solid Snake. Not so much in Metal Gear Solid, although he's such an enormous Large Ham that most of his lines sound flirty, but in Metal Gear Solid 4 there's Squicky scenes where he sniffs Snake's hair, blows kisses at him, and grapples him from behind while Snake is helpless and simply begging him to stop. Although, when they do actually kiss, Liquid is definitely not Liquid any more.
    • Emma and Otacon have a severe subtext thing going on in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. First, when Emma reminisces about Otacon, she talks about their childhood and how they'd play house - with Emma as the wife and Otacon as the husband - and she seems very fond of remembering Otacon as the husband. Second, while she's dying, she mentions that she wants Otacon to look at her "as a woman". This is fairly one sided on Emma's part, since Otacon only ever sees her as his little sister. Plus, Not Blood Related. If that helps.
  • Alfred in Resident Evil – Code: Veronica has an unhealthy devotion to Alexia which sure seems like incestuous feelings, plus his habit of dressing up in her clothes. Alexia is aware of this and exploits them to her own ends.
  • Played for Laughs in Asuka Kazama's ending in Tekken 5. Asuka defeats Jin Kazama (her cousin, although she wasn't aware of the connection until 6) and, trying to wake him, accidentally undoes his Devil Jin transformation. When he tries to get up in a hurry, he trips over her and lands face-down in her boobs. There's no way to really interpret Asuka's initial facial impression afterwards; it could be shock, embarrassment, or begrudging attraction... but then she turns violently angry and punches him for being a "pervert."
  • Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. Cheryl really loves her daddy. Even if there were no incestuous feelings, the appearance could not have been accidental.
  • This is the impression many get upon playing through the story of Soulcalibur V. Not only is Patroklos saddled with an Oedipus Complex for his deceased mother Sophitia (to the point that Elysium, the spirit of Soul Calibur, can manipulate him purely by assuming his mother's form and beckoning to him), but his interactions with Pyrrha tend to carry an incestuous undercurrent as well. Patroklos grew up raised by his father Rothion, who told him stories about his mother, spurring Patroklos to follow in her path as a holy warrior, whereas Pyrrha was stolen away from her family at a young age (and thus has no memory of them), but their affection, which should be a strong case of storge, goes on a crash collision with Relationship Writing Fumble and veers right into eros territory. And then there's official art such as this....
  • Furiae toward Caim (one-sided) in the US version of Drakengard — in the Japanese version, it was less subtext and more text.
  • Yuka Mochida from Corpse Party has a sort of crush on her brother. In one of the bad endings, as she is dying, Yuka confesses to her brother and asks him to lie to her about his feelings to make her feel better.
  • Adelheid and Rose Bernstein from The King of Fighters. From Rose's part, she's extremely clingy to her "Dearest Brother" and he's the only one who can keep her Rich Bitch instincts somewhat at bay, like in 2003 where Rose goes APESHIT if Adel's defeated and he has to tell her not to kill his opponents. On Adel's part, when Rose started hiding things from him in XIII, he was extremely worried and distressed as he had vowed to help and protect her, and at the end of the game when Rose collapses after being freed from Botan's brainwashing, Adel catches and holds her in his arms in a way that reminds more of a boyfriend catching his girlfriend than of mere siblings. The extended intro to XIII features a brief scene of Adel and Rose waltzing together in front of Rose Stadium, set to oddly romantic-sounding music and complete with fireworks.
  • The Lutece Twins from BioShock Infinite. The tone of their voxophone recordings are very suggestive. You can explore the Luteces' house later in the game, and there is only one bed. Of course, it's later revealed that they're not actually twins. They're actually alternate universe versions of each other.
  • Ludger and Julius Kresnik from Tales of Xillia 2 to varying degrees, depending on the player's dialogue choices. They're shown to care for each other deeply. Julius purposefully rigged Ludger's test at the beginning to make sure he didn't get into Spirius, and spends the rest of the game doing everything he to protect his brother at the cost of his own well-being, to the point where he sacrifices himself for Ludger. He even admits that Ludger's stubbornness is what he loves about him. In the bad end of the game, Ludger kills the rest of the party and forsakes the entire world to save Julius, even though Julius is dying and won't have much longer to live anyway. And then Julius reveals that maybe this was what he wanted, too.
  • Eve from NieR: Automata is heavily dependant on his brother Adam. When Adam dies Eve's grief drives him to try and wipe out everything on earth, and in route B it's revealed, in his own words, that he didn't mind the fighting but he never wanted Adam to get hurt, and he never wanted to lose him. All he wanted was for them to be together.
  • Shining Resonance:
    • According to Rinna, Lestin always obsessed over his sister, Kirika, so much that the people of their home village began to wonder if he was secretly attracted to her. One skit even has Kirika ask him why he's never shown interest in any other women, besides her. Lestin replies that his duties don't allow him time to pursue a relationship with anyone, but he assures Kirika that he'll consider it in the future... after he's found her a suitable husband.
    • The aforementioned skit unlocks the "Sibling Love" trait for Lestin, which is marked by a ♥ icon on the Bond diagram. It also makes the same 'wedding chime' sound effect as the one that signifies when any of the girls has reached max affinity with Yuma. If you equip it, the Bond diagram will show Lestin blushing while Kirika smiles sheepishly.
  • Disgaea 5 has Void Dark being very protective and obsessive for his sister Lieze. He went as far as to try and kill Killia when he believed Killia stole his sister away from him but accidentally kills his sister when she takes the blow for Killia. While Killia believes that Void went off to become The Galatic Conqueror for no apparent reason, Void became the villain for the sole reason of reviving his sister and apologizing for what he did to her. Alas, this meant the destruction of over 70% of the Netherworlds and the deaths of millions of demons that the revelation when Void's plan succeeds causes Lieze to be horrified at her brothers actions. It's to be noted that in post-game, all of Void's negative traits were forcibly removed by Killia during the final boss but his love for his sister remained and it doesn't help that Lieze doesn't stop him from clinging to her and actively encourages it instead.
  • Oscar Dragonia and his half-sister Teresa Linares in Tales of Berseria have a boatload of subtext that their feelings for each other go beyond familial. The earrings Teresa wears were meant for Oscar to give to "the woman who is most important to him", AKA his fiancée; he insisted that Teresa keep them even after she explained who they're supposed to go to, and she even blushes when he says how good they look on her. Oddly enough, the subtext actually helps to humanize them. Oscar was the Spare to the Throne and Teresa was the product of an extramarital affair, so they were both neglected by the rest of their family growing up except for each other.
  • Infinite Space has The Hero Yuri and his sister Kira who have so much subtext that quite a few people refuse to believe they're actually related. This is a plot point as not only are they not siblings, they're not even humans to begin with as both of them are created by The Overlords. Yuri is an Observer, a being that explores the galaxy and sends data back to The Overlords while Kira is a Tracker, a being that tracks whatever an Observer does. The reason why they have so much subtext with each other is because The Overlords have no idea how to create relationships.

    Visual Novels 
  • In Dra+Koi there's a running gag about the protagonist's mother wanting to jump his bones and being horrified at how he now seems to have a girlfriend, though the fact that the girlfriend happens to be a crazy dragon that's immune to all attack and can blow up cities doesn't help.
  • In Mystic Messenger, a scene of Jumin's backstory heavily implies that when he was growing up, one of his stepmothers tried to sexually groom him.
  • Prince Liam from Princess Debut constantly lets the protagonist (for whom he is one of the possible love interests) know how much she reminds him of his sister. And how he loves her very, very, very much.
  • Umineko: When They Cry
    • Ep. 5 has this between Battler and Rosa: "Even though she was my aunt, she gave me a wink that would have made a man's heart jump."
    • Battler tells Maria (9 years old) several times that she will have to let him fondle her when she grows up. She agrees cheerfully. The TIP "Game Master Battler" has him order all of his aunts to wear skimpy outfits and serve him, though this is Played for Laughs.
  • 11eyes:
    • In the main game, the main protagonist Kakeru and Kukuri Tachibana. Indeed, Kakeru had an older sister who killed herself before the events of the game, while Kukuri Tachibana is Kakeru's sister from an alternative world. If the player wants, Kakeru and Kukuri can end up together. Averted in the anime, where the two of them have no romantic feelings.
    • In the prequel of the game in Resona Forma, Benedictus seems a bit too fond of his younger sister. The game later shows he died by fighting against the main antagonist Lieselotte. The way he died was by an illusion created by the witch which showed him raping his younger sister before killing him, which turned him mad before being killed by the witch. The illusion is showing him his most important person, while his comrades died by a romantic love due to said illusion.

  • Grim Tales from Down Below gives us Mini Mandy, who seems to only want to get her brother's praise.
  • The subtext in Absolute Hot Sister is very obviously this. It seems Ellen is really intent on starting a relationship with her brother, even suggesting they sleep in the same bed (she Sleeps in the Nude, of course) and shower together. Later striop tone it down a bit to focus more on Ellen's role as an Innocent Fanservice Girl.
  • Homestuck:
    • There's some of this due to the enforcement of Everyone Is Related near the end of Act 4. Dave and Rose had a rather snarky-flirty thing going on occasionally before it was revealed they were ectosiblings, while John and Jade were also quite close, including one early flash of John falling asleep and seeing Jade in his dreams while romantic music played. (Of course, that was because he had finally awakened on Prospit and was seeing the future, but still.) Dave also apparently used to make sexual comments/Dave metaphorgottens loaded with sexual innuendo and double entendres about Rose's mom to freak her out. Later, Rose reveals that the "choice babe in the pajamas" Dave asked about was actually the teen version of their biological mother and Dave complains about the game deliberately setting them up with family members:
      DAVE: all these fuckin
      DAVE: momtraps and sistertraps
      DAVE: what a joke i hope skaia gets to have a good laugh over shit like this
      DAVE: wait i forgot skaia doesnt laugh it just "sees" and "knows"
      DAVE: its like a huge blue perv thats mad jazzed for kidcest
    • And then in Act 6 Act 6 Act 3, Caliborn starts getting a bit odd regarding Calliope, his dead sister—whom he personally had killed—who shared the same body as him. It's complicated. Boy, cherubs sure are weird!
    • Cherub's entire mating process revolves around finding someone who was like their other half to fill the void.
  • The Heaven episode in The Order of the Stick subverts this with the deceased Roy Greenhilt and his mother, who (in afterlife reassuming her appearance at the age of 19) Really Gets Around. When she offers Roy to let him place his head in her lap while reading him his favorite children's tale, he is visibly disturbed by the idea and politely declines.
  • JL8: A significant subplot centers on Power Girl having a crush on Superboy. It wasn't until after writing it that the author was informed that Power Girl is technically his cousin, since in the mainstream DC continuity Power Girl is (usually) an alternate universe version of Supergirl, who is Superman's cousin.

    Web Original 
  • The Gemini monster from the online game Uni Creatures is a pair of magical twin sisters. In their early forms, they don't look particularly yay-y, but in their final stage, they embrace delicately in a Girls' Love-like pose, and have Flavor Text about how they "find time just for the two of them."
  • That Guy with the Glasses:
    • Doug Walker and his brother Rob. They managed to go from "I love you, man, you're a kick-ass brother" to "Gay and incestuous! You heard it here, folks!" in about two minutes, via a discussion of Doug's balls. The DVD also has Doug stripping slowly out of wet clothes while Rob films and hums supposedly stripper music, bantering back and forth with lines like "I'm saving this for our honeymoon" and "You know you want this shit."
    • Discussed in The Nostalgia Critic's review of A Kid in King Arthur's Court, where two sisters are sitting in bed, with soft background music playing, talking about how they're in love. With other people, mind you, but the Critic is still very excited.
  • The YouTube channel "Geek and Sundry" features plenty of this between siblings Felicia and Ryon Day, who are not afraid to make quite raunchy and explicit sexual references during their video game play-throughs together. Seriously, read the comments on the videos—a disturbing number of fans assume they're girlfriend/boyfriend rather than brother/sister, and an even more disturbing number of fans know they're siblings and ship them anyway.

    Western Animation 
  • The Simpsons:
    • In episode "Little Girl in the Big Ten", Lisa speaks with a college girl (Carrie), and Lisa almost admits that she thinks Bart is cute.
    Lisa: I share a house with a couple of girls, couple of guys.
    Carrie: Guys, huh? Are they cute?
    Lisa: Well, Bart's kinda—- NO!
    • Again in the Season 20 episode Dangerous Curves they start bickering Like an Old Married Couple with Maggie like a surrogate daughter.
    • A promo for "Large Marge" included scenes of Marge's new breasts giving Bart confused feelings, but these were removed from the actual episode.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender has Azula and Zuko and their relentless Foe Yay, especially on Azula's part, constantly acting like The Vamp around Zuko. (Admittedly, she acts that away around everyone.) A scene in "The Awakening" (appropriate music added) involves Zuko barging into Azula's bedroom to confront her, while Azula gets way too close for comfort wearing nothing but a robe. In "The Earth King" there is a scene where Zuko dreams about a serpentine dragon encircling him closely and whispering in his ear with Azula's voice, in a tone that can only be described as extremely seductive. The exact words are "It's getting late, are you planning to retire soon, my lord?...Relax, Fire Lord Zuko. Just let go. Give in to it. Sleeep." The creators even (jokingly?) shipped Zuko's alter ego with Azula at a convention. Though "Sleep" here may just be a symbol for "Be lazy, ignore your responsibilities and destiny." rather than sex.
    • In The Legend of Korra, a Republic City hotel staff member apologizes to Creepy Twins Eska and Desna, saying that they were mistakenly booked in a room with only one bed. Eska tells him that it's not a mistake. "Desna sleeps in the tub.". But then Eska turns her head and looks right at the audience for second, as if to say "I know what you were thinking."
  • In Transformers Animated, Jetfire and Jetstorm are twin flying Autobots who call each other "brother" instead of their real names, are very protective of each other, share a friendly rivalry that doesn't really mean anything, and are almost never seen without the other (presumably because they might die as a result). Plus, they can Combine.
  • Yin and Yang from Yin Yang Yo!. Particularly scenes like the one in which Yang tells his sister: I don't have to listen to you, you're not hot anymore.
  • Dee Dee and Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory invoke this trope once in a while, especially since Dee Dee seems to prefer Dexter over every guy that may be a possible Love Interest, due to the fact that every time guys (particularly Mandark) flirt with her, she sticks to Dexter. One obvious scene is the one in which Dexter and Mandark compete to save Dee Dee and, after she is saved by both, she is disgusted by Mandark, but kisses Dexter on the cheek. In another episode, Dexter becomes a teenager to seduce a girl he likes, but guess who ends up attracted to him instead? Dee Dee.
  • In The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan Tom still manages to have a few choice moments with his brother Alan and have a dynamic with his sister Anne that sometimes screams "they'd be strongly hinted at as a couple if they weren't siblings".
  • Lilo & Stitch: The Series has Stitch fall in love with a fellow experiment, Experiment 624 "Angel", who essentially is Stitch's Distaff Counterpart. What makes it particularly uncomfortable is how Stitch refers to the other experiments as his cousins, and being both created by Jumba, a sort-of "father" to Stitch, essentially makes him and Angel closer to siblings.
  • Phineas and Ferb features a song called "Gitchi-Gitchi-Goo". It's sung by siblings (Phineas and Candace) with hearts in the background, glitter dust etc. Part of its lyrics are "bow-chika-bow-wow" — "Bow Chicka Wow Wow" is commonly known as the verbalization of typical 70s porn music. By siblings. The extended version includes these lyrics accompanied by a number of tender looks on Candace's part:
    Phineas: Oh I don't know what to do.
    Candace: I don't know what to do.
    Phineas: But I think I'm getting through.
    Candace: I think I'm getting through.
  • Mega Man: Mega Man and Proto Man had something going on beyond rivalry, even without taking into account that last fight scene in "Bro Bots" (or hell, the entire episode). They spend just as much time trying to convince the other to defect to their side as they do shooting at each other, and Proto won't let any other Wily-bot touch Mega ("Just remember—Mega Man is mine!") Plus, he seems rather disinterested in getting his sister to join Wily.
    • This scene. Is there something more subtexty than hold handsing and asking for a "real brother relationship"?
  • He-Man and She-Ra are basically all over each other when they appear together. When riding on horseback He-Man hugs her very tightly from behind, looking a bit more comfortable than a normal sibling would. (But then again, He-Man rides a horse this way with everyone, including males.) The song "I Have The Power" that was created for the "Secret Of The Sword" movie where Adam and Adora first met sounds so much like a love duet it's a little unsettling. It is catchy, though: "Somewhere out there someone needs me. I don't know how or where, but believe me. I'll walk the universe to find her. For better or for worse beside her".
  • The first episode of Thunder Cats, WilyKat at one point tells his sister WilyKit "You're beautiful when you snarl." It seems Moral Guardians caught on to this, as it was cut from later airings and the DVD.
  • Coincidentally, the first episode of Thunder Cats 2011 has this exchange between Tygra and Lion-O, who are now adoptive brothers:
    Lion-O: I'm gonna ring that bell.
    Tygra: And I'm gonna ring yours. (wink)
  • Phil and Lil of the Rugrats, which is a bit strange since they're only one year old. One episode has the babies put on a High-School Dance in the garden and Phil takes Lil. Another episode has them pretending to be lovers in a soap opera. They have strange reactions when they see each other in the buff in "Naked Tommy". When Chuckie discovers that a girl picks on him because she has a crush on him, Lil shoves Phil; when he asks why she did it, she responds "it's because I like you" and they both giggle. It's still apparent in All Grown Up!: Phil doesn't take Lil becoming more individual very well, and his reaction to her growing breasts isn't very typical of a brother. Another episode when Phil was hanging out a lot with his sister's best friend, Lil was upset that her friend was taking away her brother from her.
  • In Superfriends, the Wonder Twins were more Like an Old Married Couple than any siblings. Not that real siblings never act in a manner fitting that trope, but these two were really written like a couple in an old-time sitcom sometimes.
  • Ben 10 had a lot of this between cousins Ben and Gwen, who were written almost exactly like the writers were setting up a Belligerent Sexual Tension Puppy Love thing. Scenes like the slow dance lesson didn't do anything to dissuade this opinion. This most likely stems from how Ben and Gwen were originally meant to be friends and classmates instead of cousins. It is often rumored that the reason they were Strangled by the Red String in the later series was because the writers wanted people to stop pairing them, not that it worked too well with the Relationship Writing Fumble.
  • In an early episode of The Amazing World of Gumball, Darwin develops a massive crush on his adoptive brother Gumball in his mom's wedding dress without realizing it's him. Much later, Teri questions Darwin over who he's kissed, and when she finds out through a Fully Automatic Clip Show that he's kissed Gumball five times (including the aforementioned "The Dress"), she questions "what's up with you guys?"
  • American Dad! has this with virtually every member of the Smith household.
    • Steve and Hayley. At one point, Steve had unknowingly purchased a naked picture of Hayley and masturbated to its image several times before being alerted to who it was. Then there's the episode where Roger convinced Steve that he was adopted. One of the first things he did was kiss Hayley saying that "we've been waiting to do for years".
    • Stan has, on multiple occasions, mentioned that he doesn't mind if Steve or Hayley engage in both mildly and highly flirtatious acts with him because "he's their dad". These include allowing them to squeeze his glutes as he flexes his muscles, allowing Steve to look at his groin while he is wearing well fitting underwear, etc.
    Stan: Go ahead, kids, give 'em a squeeze! It's not weird, I'm your dad.
    Stan: I'll go get help, and you guys can look at my ass as I walk away. I think you'll be pleased.
    • Hayley enters a relationship with Stan's CIA body double and doesn't at all seem disturbed that he looks exactly like her father (but does mention at one point that she gets "freaked out" when he talks like him), and naturally Stan isn't disturbed at all when he finds out, believing him to be the best boyfriend Hayley's had. Ironically knowing her past choices (aka a constantly high hippie) he might be right.
  • Family Guy contains several scenes in which Peter attempts to molest Meg, that is when she isn't occupying her position as the family Butt-Monkey. Meg herself has a disturbing amount of scenes in which she and Chris engage in sexual acts. In "Halloween on Spooner Street", she and Chris kiss for the first time, and even though they are initially disgusted, several lines later in the series suggest that they may have continued this habit. At one point, Meg asks Chris if "he wants to continue practicing french kissing", and in one episode, she walks into his bedroom wearing a towel saying "Our bath is ready". Stewie has once shown interest in his grandfather, Carter Pewderschmit, in terms of wiping his buttocks after a trip to the bathroom. Chris, in addition to Meg, has shown interest in Lois. Peter at one point loses his memory, and believed it was fine to have sex with anyone, including his kids. Meg stated he'd done so before as a joke, but everyone took it too seriously because of her Butt-Monkey status.
  • TJ from WordGirl has a crush-like obsession with the title character. He has no idea that it's his (albeit adopted) older sister, Becky.
  • The fifth episode of Superjail! had this exchange, though it's more likely a throwaway joke:
    Twin 1: Would you like to accompany me to the concert show tonight?
    Twin 2: Are you asking me out on a date?
    Twin 1: Maybe. (this is followed by their creepy laughter)
  • The Justice League episode "Metamorphosis" brings this out in spades for Simon Stagg and his daughter, Sapphire. When he shows up to her apartment, he's carrying flowers and checking his breath, as if he's a suitor. When he finds out she's engaged to Rex Mason, he tries to have him taken out of the picture entirely. And when a failed attempt to use the Metamorpho process results in his consciousness being transferred into a building-tall blob of slime, J'onn says that the creature is driven only by "pure desire" - and guess who he goes after first?
  • The title character of Archer seems to have this kind of relationship with his mother. He gets an erection at the thought of his mother dying and is claimed to yell out her name during sex, and that's just from the first episode. In "A Going Concern", when Malory is about to get married, Lana points out that he's upset because his mom's "leaving [him] for another man". And this exchange from first season episode "Killing Utne":
    Malory: (about a bell) Oh, that's right. I kept it on the nightstand to wake nanny whenever Sterling wet the bed.
    Cheryl: Wait, whose bed?
    Woodhouse: It was always "don't ask, don't tell."
  • In My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • Twilight stated (in song) that her brother, Shining Armor, was her Only Friend prior to the show (even though he's introduced in the finale of Season 2), and that they were very close. As such, her extremely negative reaction upon learning of her brother's marriage (via a letter she received a day or two prior to the wedding) and her ensuing scrutiny and harsh criticism of the bride-to-be are very easy to interpret as jealousy.
    Applejack: Think maybe you're being just a tiny bit possessive of your brother?
    • Also, during the reprise of "Big Brother Best Friend Forever", Twilight creates figments of herself and Shining Armor that look suspiciously like the figures of Shining Armor and Cadence that go on the wedding cake.
    • It's mostly said jokingly, but when you have Applejack and Big Macintosh as the parental figures to their little sister, tongues will wag. Nobody, even fans of the 'ship, took it seriously until "Where the Apple Lies," which depicts the parents already gone - AJ and Mac are arguing over who will take over the farm from Granny Smith, meaning there's no one in the middle - but no evidence of Apple Bloom's existence yet. Cue a bit of OMG we were just kidding don't tell me she's really their kid! the day that episode aired.
  • In Maya & Miguel, a PBS Kids cartoon about two bilingual Latino twins and their diverse group of friends, the titular twins Maya and Miguel are often portrayed as very, very close. Of course, they can't be more then ten, but they hold hands and kiss one another on the cheek, which is as much as any of the married couples on the show do. One obvious episode is 'La Neuva Cocinita'. The intro is a voiceover with Maya talking about how she and her brother are like yin and yang and they perfectly balance one another. Later, in a flashback from Abuela Elena, she remembers when she and her husband ran a restaurant together and there is a black and white sequence of Elena and her husband running the restaurant. Later, when Maya and Miguel are running a restaurant in imitiation of their grandparents, the montage of the twins is completely identical to the flashback from Elena and her husband — down to Maya kissing Miguel on the cheek.
  • In Iron Man: Armored Adventures, Rhona and Andy Edwin's relationship seems rather close for siblings, with Andy being fanatically devoted to serving his sister. To be fair, Andy's actually a robot that Rhona created.
  • Adventure Time: Accidental on the part of the Ice King, who tries kissing Marceline after she tells him that she likes having him around. This startles her, since before the crown that the Ice King wears completely drove him to madness, he acted as a surrogate father to her in the years following the Mushroom War, but he's essentially become too senile to remember what their relationship was like.
  • In the Invader Zim episode "Bolognius Maximus" where Dib's DNA was slowly being turned into bologna, he tastes himself and later asks his sister Gaz to taste him, saying that he's "delicious". Gaz slowly backs away.
  • Even when they were enemies, Karai and Leo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) have a habit of flirting with one another. However, Karai is the biological daughter of Hamato Yoshi, the man who would later become Master Splinter. Leonardo's anthropomorphic features are due to the mutagen mutating him with Splinter's human DNA, thus making him his son. When you think about it, that makes Karai Leo's half-sibling!
  • Martin Mystery has multiple moments of Ship Tease between step-siblings Martin and Diana. This is only made worse when one knows the original comic, where they were never step-siblings and instead dated for years and eventually married.


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