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Madame Mirage was a mid-00's comic-book series from Top Cow Productions by Paul Dini intended as a homage to the Bad Girl Comic genre, as well as pulp stories like The Shadow.

In a world where technology has allowed people to metahumans (or "megas", in the local lingo), the mysterious Madame Mirage wages a campaign to bring down the corrupt corporation Aggressive Solutions Int., or ASI. But the identity of Madame Mirage is a very closely-guarded secret.


This series contains examples of:

  • Bad Girl Comic: Madame Mirage is very much a homage to the genre.
  • Differently Powered Individual: Metahumans in this universe are called "mega-techs", or "megas", reflecting the fact that most of them received their powers from technology.
  • Distracted by the Sexy: Part of Madame Mirage's modus operandi is to use her looks to distract people.
  • Femme Fatale: Madame Mirage is very much this trope.
  • Impossible Hourglass Figure: Madame Mirage was specifically designed in-universe to have this body type - her real identity is a small, athletic blonde with a body as flat as a board from every angle, so (with the help of hologram technology) she disguises herself as a tall, "impossibly-endowed brunette" based on her dead sister. It's also hinted that there's at least some degree of wish fulfillment behind the Madame Mirage persona's appearance.
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  • Slave to PR: In the world of Madame Mirage, the technology that allowed people to become superheroes and supervillains was outlawed, as were the superheroes and supervillains themselves. Dutifully, the heroes all turned themselves in - and, in gratitude, were arrested and thrown in prison. The supervillains, of course, merely opened up legit front organisations and carried on being evil.

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