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"But I loved her first
I held her first
And a place in my heart
Will always be hers"
Heartland, "I Loved Her First"

The daughter adores the father-figure and at times the mother (if there is one) feels left out. The daughter is usually either a single child or the only girl in the family. Likewise she's often the father's favorite. In extreme instances, this can be Wife Husbandry or result in the daughter becoming obsessed with her father to the point of Incest Subtext.

Due to their close contact with the male parent, Daddys' Girls can sometimes acquire boyish traits and interests at odds with expected female personality types like One of the Boys. On the opposite end of the spectrum, she might be especially girly like his sweet little princess. The third possible character is the socially awkward one who gets understanding and encouragement from her father. Naturally, any girl who looks up to her father this much wants to follow in his footsteps. At times, the girl can also end up as a Bratty Teenage Daughter (or Spoiled Brat if the father is rich).

Daddy is typically very protective of his girl, ranging from Twerp Sweating potential suitors to going full Papa Wolf on men who wrong her.

If the family consists of a girl, a boy, a mother, and a father, the girl will most likely be Daddy's Girl and the boy will be a Momma's Boy (Spear Counterpart). If the Daddy's Girl acquires a stepmother, there will most likely be tension between the two, as one (or each) will be jealous of the other and the woman will either become or be seen as a Wicked Stepmother.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Akatsuki no Aria: Both Ayako Nishimikado and Aria Kanbara want to be this to their common father, even when Aria is an illegitimate child. Aria is a subversion, as it turns out she is not Mr. Nishimikado's daughter; her actual dad is a foreigner man that Nishimikado knew years ago, and she sets out to find him after she learns the truth.
  • Attack on Titan: Annie Leonhart, though implied to be a rather dark example. Her feelings for her father are...complicated, to say the least. Deep affection is tainted by the fact he put her through Training from Hell and encouraged her to believe that Humans Are Bastards.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure:
  • Sailor Moon:
    • Usagi herself is very much a Daddy's Girl and one of the things about Mamoru she likes the most is that he reminds her of her father.
    • ChibiUsa/Rini is a perfect example, monopolizing her future father Mamoru/Darian's time and fighting over him with her future mother Usagi/Serena. Her unfortunate transformation into Black Lady even twists her innocent need for approval and love for Mamoru into a vision of her kissing him (first anime) and her actually taking him hostage and kissing him (manga and Sailor Moon Crystal). Even in the future, ChibiUsa appears to have a more normal relationship with her father Endymion; while she loves her mother Neo-Queen Serenity dearly, she also idolizes her to the point of an inferiority-complex. Which is really not helped by how Usagi/Serenity got seriously injured and then frozen in crystal in the Bad Future of Crystal Tokyo... by Taking the Bullet for Chibi-Usa during the Black Moon invasion.
    • The album Lunarock has a song called "Daddy's Girl", which could be about either Serena or Rini.
  • Berserk has a few subversions and a couple of straight examples.
    • Theresia is a classic example, very docile to her father the Count and is blind to his atrocities as he keeps her trapped in a tower. Upon discovering that her father is actually a hideous slug monster, Theresia is terrified of her father and is even more horrified when she discovers that he had eaten her mother. But when the Godhand suggests that he sacrifice his daughter, he is unable to do so, and thus gets sucked down the Abyss of souls. Theresia is heartbroken at the loss of her father and says she will make Guts pay for causing her such grief. Guts, for his part, lets her hate him to keep her mind off of her loss.
    • Princess Charlotte is like this at first, but after her father tries to rape her while she's sleeping, Charlotte becomes fearful of him and isn't too sad when he dies.
    • Jill from the Lost Children's Arc is also a subversion, as her father is an abusive asshole who neglects to stop his gambling war buddies from molesting her. Jill then plays it straight with Guts who acts like a surrogate father, she even wraps his black cloak around herself like a blanket and later sleeps on his lap. Guts is also very protective of her, saving her from bandits, insect-fairy demons, burning souls of children and douses her with demon egg sac-juice when she catches fire. Though she ironically only feels safe around him Guts persuades her to leave him and fight her own battles, saying his darkness will swallow her.
    • Scheirke is of the same mold. Although she admits she has a Precocious Crush on Guts, it becomes clear they have a more father-daughter relationship, with Guts punching the lights out of a drunk who ruined her dress. This also parallels Isidro who sees Guts as a father figure.
  • Blade of the Immortal: Ryo has an extreme example, the illegitimate daughter of disgraced samurai lord Habaki Kagimura. Having a bastard child in such a rigid, honor-bound tradition as the samurai caste is a big taboo, so Ryo understands what it means for a man of her father's station to acknowledge her as his own. She responds to his necessarily distant but very real affection by dedicating herself to training as a swordsman, so she might better follow and serve him. Other characters have mentioned how single-minded Ryo's obsession with defending Habaki and his reputation is, with one character noting that such a complex relationship cannot end well.
  • Case Closed:
  • Dai-Guard: Ibuki Momoi's navigator, is shown to have been this before her father died during the first Heterodyne attack.
  • Dragon Ball:
    • Chi-Chi with her father, the Ox-King, in the original Dragon Ball.
    • Dr. Brief loves Bulma dearly, and his idea of spending quality time together involves working together in his lab, which suits Bulma just fine.
    • In Dragon Ball Z, Gohan's girlfriend (and later wife) Videl is sort-of like this to her dad, Mr. Satan/Hercule. Mr. Satan at least thinks so. On her part, it's quite subverted. Though in the tournament arc she is shown to have a lot of pride at being Satan's daughter, seeing him as a great fighter.
    • Marron to her father Krillin.
    • Bra/Bulla has her father Vegeta wrapped around her little finger in Dragon Ball GT - a stark contrast with how he treats his son Trunks.
    • Little baby Pan to Gohan, Goku, and Piccolo in Dragon Ball Super. Fully showcased to adorable levels in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero as we see how much Pan adores her daddy and is overjoyed whenever spending any time with Gohan whatsoever.
  • Dr. Slump: Arale can be naughty and sometimes causes problems to her creator/father Senbei, and because of this Senbei is often impatient and exasperated by Arale's antics, yet they are quite close and Senbei really loves and cares for Arale, as seen in several episodes.
  • Inverted with the Matsuoka family in Free! Rin and Gou's deceased father was a Doting Parent to both his kids, but it is quite evident that Rin was much closer to his father than his little sister. He took his death hard and gradually grew distant from everyone. While Gou also clearly misses her father, she is shown to be quite close to her mother, who rarely shares any scenes with her son. To be fair though, Rin travelled to Australia and after returning, enrolled in an all boys boarding school, living in the dorms, so he isn't always home and after he Took a Level in Kindness post season 1, he is shown to be on good terms with their mother and she, in return supports his dreams, but by the third season, he travels to Australia again to pursue his dreams.
  • Lin from Fist of the North Star can be seen this towards Kenshiro, especially when she gets over her Precocious Crush and just sees him as a father figure.
  • Fruits Basket:
    • Akito was raised as a boy instead of her born gender because her mother feared her becoming a Daddy's Girl. Which Akito did, because her mother was an Evil Matriarch who made her life miserable, while her dad Akira loved her. Self-Fulfilling Prophecy much?
    • Very much subverted with Tohru. Her father Katsuya loved her like heck and one would think that a sweet girl like Tohru would hold her deceased father in very high regard. Instead, Tohru hardly thinks of her father at all and holds her memories of her mother Kyouko to near-worshipful levels. She later confesses that this is because when she was a child, she secretly thought that her father was a "bad man" and would take her mother away, leading to her quietly hating him, though she knew there's no reason for it. It's also a little more understandable when recalling that Katsuya died when Tohru was a little child, whereas Kyouko (who raised Tohru on her own after this) died just before the story started.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Elysia Hughes to her father Maes. Unfortunately, Maes is killed early on in the series.
  • Gunsmith Cats: Rally does not fit the trope exactly because she's a Daddy's Girl who's since grown up, although she still keeps the same passions for the things that her father taught her about. However, the character Jeena Smart (introduced in Chapter 44 of the manga) is an entirely conventional Daddy's Girl.
  • Knight Hunters: Ouka is like this towards her father, Big Bad Reiji Takatori. In fact, she's pretty much the only of his kids that he cared for.
  • One Piece:
    • Nami is like this towards her Parental Substitute Genzo, who is very protective of her too even if they aren't related by blood. Nami even got a tattoo of pin wheel (something Genzo always wears) symbolizing her love of him. Nami's sister Nojiko outrights says to Genzo he's a father to her and her sister.
    • Princess Vivi is an unabashed version of this to her father Cobra, having inherited her compassionate royal attitude from him and is closer to him thanks to the death of her mother. This probably why Vivi breaks down horrified when her father is captured and tortured by Crocodile. Though she loves her father Vivi does not necessarily agree to all her father's opinions, like how he wants her to settle down with a suitor so his legacy can continue after his death, while Vivi wants to be free spirited like her friends the Straw Hat Pirates.
    • Princess Shirahoshi adores her father Neptune and docilely gives into his wishes to lock her up, especially since she lost her mother Otohime. Though like Vivi she becomes more interdependent, though her care of her dad is shown where freaks out when Hordy Jones nearly beheads him.
    • This trope seems to the ongoing theme with princesses in One Piece as Rebecca lost her mother and her father Kyros has been protecting and raising her his whole life even though he was a toy soldier whom Rebecca couldn't recognize. When Kyros gets his human body back he has a heartwarming reunion with Rebecca who even gives up living in the Dressrosa castle in order to live with Kyros in his humble shack.
    • Reiju seems to play this straight as she made a point of walking by her father Judge as a child and boasts about his reputation while doing his every command. But actually subverted as she hates his guts for abusing and neglecting her beloved baby brother Sanji, Reiju simply can't defy her father because it's coded into her DNA to be loyal to him.
    • Toko from Wano was shown to adore her father Yausie dearly so of course was a grief-stricken mess when Yausie was executed by Shogun Orochi. If that wasn’t enough of a gut punch Toko proceeds to tearfully try and revive her father’s corpse with Toad Oil she got from Usopp.
  • Hayate the Combat Butler:
    • Although it's actually her step-father, Yukiji has this style of relationship with her father. We don't yet know about Yukiji's relationship with her step-mother, but it's likely not antagonistic.
    • It's hinted rather strongly that Izumi also has this place in her father's heart.
  • His and Her Circumstances: Soichiro (and later Yukino)'s friend Tsubasa Shibahime is this since her mother went the Death by Childbirth way and her father never re-married. This brings quite the trouble when Mr. Shibahime changes his mind and marries an Hospital Hottie who took care of Tsubasa for the last weeks...
  • Boruto:
    • Himawari Uzumaki is like this with her daddy Naruto, even forgiving him when he sent a shadow clone of himself to her birthday when he got caught up in his work as Hokage.
    • Chocho Akimichi has her father Choji wrapped around her lil fingie!
  • Negima! Magister Negi Magi: Yuuna as seen in chapter 174 of the manga. It starts as more of a Father, I Want to Marry My Brother type thing, although a later incident implies that she might be a little too fond of him. Completely Played for Laughs, though.
  • My-Otome: Nina Wang, although it turns out that her love for Sergay goes beyond daughterly love.
  • Kanna from Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid fits this trope in spirit, since Kobayashi is usually treated as her father instead of her mother. Averted with her actual father, with whom she has an all but nonexistent relationship though he improves significantly after he's defeated by Kobayashi.
  • Mitsudomoe: Of the three Marui sisters, Futaba is the Daddy's Girl.
  • Ojamajo Doremi: Reika Tamaki Kind of a deconstruction, once we learn that one of the reasons why she's such a Spoiled Brat is how her dad, in a well-intentioned but very ill-advised move born from guilt, spoils her completely rotten. In her A Day in the Limelight episode, she also has a serious Heroic BSoD when Onpu makes her an Armor-Piercing Question regarding how much Mr. Tamaki actually loves her.
  • In the manhwa, "Ragnarok", Lord Irine is often a clam, respected, dignified, and powerful ruler, but as soon as he sees his daughter, Iris, he resorts to passionate hugging, baby talk, and constant spoiling of his daughter, at least when his wife is not looking.
  • April Eagle/Marianne Louvre and Commander Eagle/Charles Louvre from Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs/Sei Juushi Bismarck.
  • Ludwig Revolution has Katrein from the Frogking story. She clearly loves her father very much and knows that he can't always spend a whole lot of time with her, because of his duties as king and knows that his gifts to her are ways to make her happy. In turn, her father is protective of her, finding her too dear to him to arrange a marriage for her yet.
  • Slayers: Princess Amelia, who adores and admires her father Phillionel. It helps that her mother was killed when she was young and her sister ran away because of it. She apparently modeled her Hero of Justice persona after his.
  • Yotsuba&!:
    • Though Mr. Ayase loves all of them very much, Ena seems to be his little girl. He goes as far as saving up his last handmade Father's Day back massage voucher from her to use for her wedding day.
    • The titular Yotsuba and Koiwai have shades of this as well, with some Happily Adopted and Children Raise You mixed in as well.
  • My Hero Academia has Ochaco Uraraka, who is partly motivated to become a Pro because she wants to help earn some money for her parents, in particular, her father.
  • In The Red Ranger Becomes an Adventurer in Another World, no mention is made of Idola's mother, but Idola was incredibly close to her father and was inspired by his tireless efforts to better the lives of others even after losing the title of Royal Family's Wand. Slights against his name are the one thing that's guaranteed to set her off.
  • Wendi Nakajima from Lyrical Nanoha. While Genya doesn't play favorites with his six daughters, Wendi is by far the most affectionate towards him. There's no mother in the equation, his wife had been dead for nine years by the time she was adopted.
  • In Shi ni Aruki, Tokiko Kurosu was close to her adoptive father, despite the fact that she got along poorly with most of the rest of the family, as well as her lack of reaction to his death at the start of the series. She always sought to show him respect and obedience in order to repay him, and became furious when one of her middle school classmates stole one of her father's books and got it dirty.
  • Komi Can't Communicate: Komi and her father get along beautifully, to the point they can understand each other through body language alone (which is good since both of them have the same communication disorder).

    Comic Books 
  • The Incredible Hulk: Betty Ross with her father, but that bond is eventually shattered over time.
  • The Golden Age Green Lantern and his daughter Jade. In this case, the excluded figure wasn't a mother (a long-dead schizophrenic supervillain) but The Unfavorite twin Obsidian (also a schizophrenic).
  • Spider-Man:
    • To some extent May "Mayday" Parker aka Spider-Girl true she gets along very well with her mother Mary Jane Watson, but having inherited her father's nerdish propensities and his super-powers, she is clearly following in her father's footsteps, and her web-slinging activities cause Mary Jane to worry a lot about her daughter. May is so committed to this trope when she meets all the other Spider-Men from the other universes in Spider-Verse, she states she doesn't consider any of them to be the real deal because to her the only true Spider-Man was her dad.
    • During the opening of The Death of Jean DeWolff, it's revealed that Jean was this to her stepfather, Carl Weatherby, a cop — to the point she followed in his footsteps and knowing, despite not openly expressing it, that he was proud of her.
  • Batman:
    • Cassandra Cain aka Batgirl II is very much a Daddy's Girl to Bruce to the point where she's considered his favourite Bat-daughter for how he dotes on her giving Cassandra her own Batcave, expects her to eventually take his place as Gotham's protector, and generally showers her with praise. Though subverted when Barbara points out multiple times that Bruce projecting onto Cassandra i.e turning her into another version of himself is very screwed up.
    • Speaking of which Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl I, she pulls double duty as Daddy's Girl to her beloved biological father Jim Gordon and to Batman as well. It gets more interesting as there are multiple times where Babs trusts and is more open with Bruce than she ever is with Jim, though being Oracle for Batman for years probably helped strengthen their relationship. Played straightest in the Smallville-comic where Bruce adopted an orphan Barbara and raised her up as his protege. Some villains and Gotham citizens also assume Babs as her alter ego Batgirl is actually Batman's daughter.
    • Played with in regards to Stephanie Brown aka Spoiler aka Batgirl III towards Bruce as, originally, they had little respect for each other, but grew closer as time went on. Stephanie's death fakeout managed to put Bruce into a terrible state. In fact, he nearly killed Black Mask over it, leading to the aforementioned Barbara to endanger herself on purpose to stop Bruce. Nowadays, Stephanie is as close to Batman as Barbara is. In one Batman: The Brave and the Bold comic, she even gives Bruce The Glomp.
    • Carrie Kelley aka Robin from Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. She's more attached to Batman than her real parents and, at one point, he gives her a Cool-Down Hug while escaping the police.
    • Deadshot's daughter Zoey, despite his crimes, cares greatly for him. In turn, he will do anything he can for her, even teaming up with Batman.
    • Talia al Ghul is extremely devoted to her insane immortal global terrorist father Ra's al Ghul, though her feelings for Batman tend to conflict with her loyalty to him. In more modern comics, Talia has often been depicted just as much a ruthless parent to her son Damian as Ra's was to her.
  • The X-Men, being a "family" unit, play around with this trope on occasion.
    • Jean Grey has a surrogate version with Professor X whom she respects and adores, which makes sense they are both telepaths and Jean is the only Xaiver trust with Cerebro besides himself. Though things get kinda gross as Xaiver had some unfatherly feelings for her which he kept suppressed until Onslaught brought them to Jean's attention, though Jean appears to forgiven Xaiver.
    • Storm completely plays this straight with the professor, she loves the old man deeply and their connection is made stronger by the fact he met her as a child. Like Jean, Storm had some issues with him but only when it came to stuff like putting Cyclops back in charge of the X-Men even when it was her position, Xavier even gives Storm his blessing to marry Black Panther which results in Storm giving him a heartwarming hug. Storm's devotion to Xavier is best shown during the aftermath of Avengers vs. X-Men where despite siding with Cyclops throughout Schism she drops Scott like a sack of bricks for his role in the Professor's death.
    • Downplayed with Kitty Pryde and Rogue though they care very much for Professor, it's not as high as the amount of affection that Jean and Storm give him. Kitty tried to invoke this trope with Xavier so he let her back into the X-Men and by extension Colossus. Really out of the other X-girls Magik specifically was closest to Xavier as a girl, enough to get a Cool-Down Hug from him. Rogue plays this straight in later comics with her thought bubbles saying things like “Do it for Charles” which makes sense since Xavier was the one who willingly to accepted Rogue into the X-Men despite her villainous past with Mystique.
    • Played with Jubilee as she is the most disrespectful towards Xavier and considered him "bald headed geek", Jubliee generally acts more like a Daddy's Girl with Wolverine whom she adores. Though Jubilee does warm up to the "Prof" and is delighted when he gives her rollerblades as a present.
    • Rachel Summers acts like this whenever she's with her father Cyclops, notably Scott tends to be quicker to accept Rachel as his daughter than her mother Jean does.
    • Downplayed with X-23 and her older Opposite-Sex Clone Wolverine, she does eventually warm up to Logan but Laura is so hardened that she rarely gets cozy with him. Though Wolverine can calm her down her Unstoppable Rage with a Cool-Down Hug so there’s still shades of this trope. Interestingly X-23 tends to act more like this to Gambit, enough to make Logan somewhat jealous.
    • In instances where they're actually portrayed as family, Wanda is this to Magneto of the Marvel Universe. Lorna is this in many ways, although it generally seems that she mostly wants to be Daddy's Little Girl, and Wanda is. Reality-warping and alternate universes make it hard to say for certain, in Earth 616 Lorna is technically closer to Magneto thanks to inheriting his powers. In one comic Magneto does kiss Lorna on the head, something Wanda doesn’t usually get from him.
      • Played straighter in House of X with Wanda out of the picture (at the time), Mags treats Lorna like this as he likes having her by his side while teaching her.
      • Triple twist in X-Men Red (2022) while it’s clear Magneto does love Wanda and Lorna, it’s his beloved and late first daughter Anya who he actually holds dearest in his heart and whom is his greatest source of pain.
    • The few times Magneto interacts with his granddaughter Luna makes it clear that they love each other — despite the fact that Luna is effectively a normal human just like the ones Magneto despises on principle. Luna's relationship with her father Quicksilver was about as far from this trope as it can get — Luna pretty much disowned him after he lied about his culpability in his past crimes, claiming that a Skrull impersonated him. Pietro and Luna do reconcile in All-New X-Factor however, after he made a full confession on network television about the lies he had told and owned up to his deceptions.
  • Gamora was like this to her adoptive father the Mad Titan Thanos who rescued her destruction of her homeworld. It is fairly twisted since Thanos subjected Gamora to Training from Hell and raised her to be the perfect assassin from a tender age but surprisingly he did legitimately care for her. Gamora thanks to Adam Warlock eventually rebelled against him and even killed him in a later comic, but in spite of everything she can’t help but miss him.
  • The Sin City short story "Daddy's Little Girl" takes this to the obvious extreme.
  • Deadpool has a good case of this. The title character, Deadpool has a daughter with a fling, in the '70s. After her mom is killed, she's taken in by Deadpool's friend, Emily Preston, a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who raises her as her own, and Deadpool feels she'd be safe there. He bought a house next door so he could keep an eye on her, and the two are very close. Ellie seems to be her father's biggest fan. Even before she knew he was her father, she thought of him fondly, saying that he was the one who destroyed the Zombie Presidents. Deadpool seems touched when she says this. She has a Deadpool action figure, drawn pictures on her wall of the 2 of them together, and wears Deadpool band-aids and shirts. Deadpool calls her is little "Dynamo-In-Training." Emily sometimes gets annoyed with Deadpool's influence on Ellie, such as watching horror movies with her. And Ellie's grandmother tells her to watch her language since she can swear like her father sometimes.
    • The Spider-Man/Deadpool series seems to show she spends the night at his place sometimes, where she has her own room. When she lives with the Prestons, she has to share a room with her step-brother.
    • Upcoming cover for future Deadpool chapters also show Ellie carrying a bookbag that says "I love Dadpool."
  • Panda Delgado and her father Mack in Body Bags. They nearly kill each other at one point but eventually reconcile, and it's clear that Panda has always idolized her daddy.
  • Valeria Richards for Reed Richards in the Fantastic Four, especially as the two of them share an incredibly advanced intellect.
  • More predominately in Teen Titans than in Green Arrow, Lian Harper was this to her dad, Roy. Then she was killed off... and then brought back in Convergence.
  • Cassie Lang of the Young Avengers would do anything to bring her father back. She finally succeeds in bringing her father back at the cost of her own life.
  • Dynamo5: Implied. According to Chrysalis, Captain Dynamo/William Warner was close to Cynthia and told her that flying with her was one of the happiest times of his life. Cynthia outright questions if Dynamo 5 is worthy of inheriting their father's name and points out that she was the one he raised.
  • Tulip from Preacher idolized her father, and still does years after his death in a hunting accident. In turn, although he was initally displeased his only child was a girl (his wife suffered Death by Childbirth), Tulip's father came to dote on her and raised her as best he could.

    Fan Works 
  • In The Order of the Stick fanfics, the Oneiroi Series, both Tiasal and Deirdre are Daddy's Girls. Tiasal loves spending time with her dad (and her mother, but she has different sorts of relationships with both parents) and is very physically affectionate. (It's implied she might have a little girl crush on him.) Deirdre has a sexual fixation on her father. That one doesn't turn out too well.
  • In the Metal Gear Solid 3 Fanfic, The Joy Of Battle, Joy's love for her father and hatred of her mother borders on an Electra complex. Her desire to be like her father drives her to become a soldier.
  • In Mr. Evil's (now deleted) fanfic to Ben 10 had Gwen's daughter Cleo being a daddy's girl. And nearly murdered her cousin Ken because he accidentally destroyed the outfit he gave her.
  • In the Discworld of A.A. Pessimal, wizard Ponder Stibbons has - incredibly - married. He and his wife have three daughters, who all of a streak of Daddy's Little girl about them. Ponder has discovered, to his surprise, that domesticity and fatherhood suit him. People looking in from outside think he's amazingly good at being a father to three girls. Bekki, the oldest, has left home and is working as a Witch, having got Magic through her father. Ponder has patiently taught her how to work with magic and to incorporate the best of the wizard approach into her Witchcraft. Famke, the middle daughter, is learning how to be an Assassin and is a resident pupil at the Guild School. But even she concedes her father's "generally decent" approach to life is useful. Ruth, the youngest, has a streak of intellectual and creative genius. It is very possible that, most of all, she is Daddy's Girl, his especial favourite.
  • In Cold Temperatures, Warm Hearts: Cream the Rabbit has a loving relationship with her father Ice and is determined to find him.
  • Elissa Cousland in Shadow and Rose describes herself as having been this before the story began.
  • The Wanderer of the North: Nikóleva was very close to her father Maiëlindir, and Maiëlindir loved his daughter back. When Maiëlindir was killed by a Diamond Dog, Nikóleva grieved a lot, along with Maiëlindir's Heterosexual Life-Partner Henarion.
  • In Phineas and Ferb Original Generation stories, any daughter of the titular characters or Buford is guaranteed to be this with a prominent example being Marie Flynn who also happens to have inherited her father's (Phineas) love of inventing (though not necessarily his knack for it).
  • The Ultimate Evil:
    • Valerie Payne was much closer to her late police father than her mother since she was mostly raised by him while her mother was pursuing her own career.
    • Lo Pei's daughter Lo Mei is implied to have been this as well; his Living Statue tells Valerie that Pei and Mei were as close as a father and daughter could be.
  • In the Arrow series Legacy, Oliver and his son often butt heads, but he and his daughter get along beautifully. He is very protective of her, and he tends to let her have her way. Felicity finds this a little frustrating. "I can't be the bad guy all the time," she complains. "I don't have a mustache to twirl.”
  • In The Grinning Snake, Konoka Kokuto was quite close to her father, a District 1 member who got killed when Shizuru attacked the organization's headquarters. Tragically, this results in Konoka using the Hell Correspondence to send Shizuru to Hell, which means that Konoka will also go there when she dies.
  • In The Little Stark, while Ariel is attached to Triton, she also comes to be very fond of Tony, to the point that Pepper Potts notes that one thing she can trust Tony to do is take care of Ariel.
  • In An Arm and a Leg, it's mentioned that Anna favoured their mother while Elsa was a Daddy's Girl. This only makes Elsa's introverted upbringing more tragic.
  • Warriors Rewrite: Silverpaw is a bit spoiled because she's the only child of Stormstar (whose mate died in kitting).
  • Emerald in Relic Of The Future is this to Jaune. It's actually deconstructed a little, as she's built up so much of her life around Jaune and his wants, needs, and desires that it's absolutely unhealthy. She is getting better, slowly, but she still cares more about her father than literally anyone else on the planet. Yang accuses her of being this, and Emerald agrees with her instantly.
  • In The Smeet Series, Ilk has an extremely close and loving relationship with her father. Red may be a bit overprotective and overbearing at times, but Ilk knows he means well and quickly forgives him even when she's angry at him for it.
  • White Sheep (RWBY): Cinder to her adoptive father Nicholas, despite how she denies it. When she was first brought into the Salem household she often sought refuge with him since he was the only normal human around, and when he finally shows up in the story proper he outright calls her his eighth daughter. While she refuses to call him "dad," they still speak like father and daughter, with him gently chastising her for fighting and her immediately apologizing.
  • Clémentine: Hollyleaf has always been closest to her father Brambleclaw, in contrast with her Momma's Boy brothers.
  • Fate/Black Dawn: Mordred to Shirou, immediately and shamelessly. She lived under the thrall of her abusive mother Morgan until Shirou showed up, protected her from Morgan, cooked food for her, play-fought with her, and dragged Morgan into being a decent mother almost on accident. Since Mordred was so young she just assumed Shirou was her father, but once she got older and understood the difference she didn't care. She also trained in his fighting style and became a master archer, unlike in canon where she used a bastardized self-taught version of Arturia's sword style.
  • What Lies Beneath: While both her parents are Good Parents, Zephyr is particularly close to her father.
  • It is stated multiple times in Luz Belos: Princess of the Boiling Isles that Luz has Belos wrapped around her finger and it shows. She even gets him to consider others learn mixed magic.
  • Once Upon a December Night: While Splinter loves all of his children, they often joke that April has him wrapped around her finger because she's the only girl.
  • In the fanmade novelization Breath of the Wild, Mipha is once again displayed as being very loving towards her dad, King Dorephan. Likewise, her daughter Princess Lochlia is shown being just the same with her own father, Link, both as an adult in the present and as a child in the past.
  • Ma Fille: Katrina adores her father Joe more than anyone else in the world. In fact, the first chapter of the story is even titled "Daddy's Girl".
  • What It Takes: For all that Sara was the favorite, Laurel was this growing up. Sara says that Laurel and Quentin have always been close, which is why at first she can't believe Quentin would do any of this to Laurel, and Dinah says that Laurel thought Quentin "hung the moon and the stars" and that if he wants forgiveness, all he has to do is ask for it. Which is why it's such a shock to her that Laurel doesn't forgive him when he does.
  • In Infinity Train: Seeker of Crocus: What Chloe Cerise wants more than anything — outside her classmates and society in general to stop pushing her to be like her dad — is for her Dad to actually notice her problems and wants instead of constantly praising and giving his research fellows (Ash and Goh) everything they ask for and leaving her behind. However, due to a bad event in the past, she's been filled with anger and spite towards him to really qualify and by the time she wants to start again he gets train-bound.

    Films — Animation 
  • Kiara from The Lion King II: Simba's Pride is shown to be very affectionate to her father, even if she's not crazy about the idea of being queen someday
  • Jasmine from Aladdin is very close to her father even though they don't always see eye-to-eye. The Sultan is fully aware that he can choose Jasmine's husband but doesn't want to force her into marriage with someone she hates.
  • Jane Porter in Tarzan is very close to her goofy scientist father, Archimedes, and even works as his assistant.
  • In Despicable Me, Gru's three adopted daughters are each, in her own way, Daddy's Girl. Agnes is the Cheerful Child, Edith is the Cloud Cuckoo Lander Tomboy, and Margo is the Deadpan Snarker Defrosting Ice Queen. Gru dotes on all three.
  • Princess Merida from Brave gets along with her father much better than with her mother; he even taught her how to shoot a bow.
  • Belle in Beauty and the Beast adores her eccentric father Maurice, and vice versa.
  • Chicken Little was originally conceived as a film that would explore the relationship between the female protagonist and her father Buck McCluck.
  • The eponymous Mulan is close with her family (including her grandmother), but it's clear she is the closest with her father.
  • Tiana in The Princess and the Frog is an only child, and shown to be her daddy's darling as a young girl; as an adult, she still keeps his picture close (it's suggested he died in the war).
    • Charlotte, Tiana's best friend, fits this trope down to T. She adores her father, and as a child, she clearly got many of her dresses made by twisting his arm until he paid for each one.
  • The Prophet: Almitra was close to her father. And his death not only left her in grief but also led to her muteness.
  • Mavis from Hotel Transylvania is this with her father Count Dracula. She is an only child, loves her father very much, and given the circumstances of the family's Missing Mom status, Drac is extremely doting and overprotective of her. Likewise, Drac loves his daughter immensely, with nearly all of his actions in the movie being driven by his desire to see her happy and keep her safe. The song he sings to her when she's little is all about her Daddy's Girl status and is titled "Daddy's Girl" to that effect.
  • Dreambuilders: Minna is very close to John, especially with her mother having left her. She's resistant towards the prospect of Helene and Jenny moving in, as she feels she and her father are family enough as it is. It's Jenny trying to spite Minna by becoming close to John that ultimately spurs Minna to try and get rid of her by scaring her away with a nightmare.
  • In Turning Red, while Mei's relationship with her mother Ming is complicated, especially with regards to her transformation and interests, her father Jin encourages her to stay true to herself and consequently their relationship is healthier.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • X-Men: Apocalypse: A surrogate variation occurs between Jean Grey and Professor X, who is her Parental Substitute. Jean is shunned by her classmates because they're afraid of her inability to fully control her powers, and Xavier, who knows all too well the isolation that telepathy can bring, is her steadfast provider of emotional support. She thus falls under "The third possible character is the socially awkward one who gets understanding and encouragement from her father" category. Before Scott's arrival, Charles is the only person at the school whom Jean feels close to, and Xavier is more attentive towards her compared to the other young mutants under his care, which parallels how he had favoured Hank over the other teenage recruits in X-Men: First Class because he and McCoy shared more in common. Because Jean admires her father figure, she emulates some of his behaviour (she is Professor X's Junior Counterpart in the story).
  • Bonnie Blue has a relationship like this with her father, Rhett Butler, in Gone with the Wind. Scarlett O'Hara has a somewhat similar relationship with her father, Gerald.
  • In Labyrinth, this dynamic drives Sarah's relationship with her stepmother and half-brother.
  • Subverted in The General's Daughter. We're initially led to believe that Campbell was an archetypal father's daughter military brat who emulated his choice of a career in the army because she looked up to him. She was a Daddy's Girl originally (though General Campbell wasn't above using his daughter for PR purposes), but as Brenner and Sunhill discover, they viciously hated each other and evolved into mortal enemies because of what happened at West Point, where he covered up her gang rape to save West Point's reputation and secure his own advancement.
  • Danielle was very much Daddy's Girl in Ever After, which was the main reason for her stepmother's intense dislike of her.
  • Truth in Television in The King's Speech. Bertie (later King George) adores his daughters Elizabeth and Margaret and makes it clear; he is shown as a very affectionate father, hugging his little girls and being silly with them.
  • Lalita and her father are the best of friends in Bride and Prejudice.
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe:
    • Cassie from Ant-Man loves her mom, but she clearly adores her father Scott way more, not even his criminal history and lies is enough to deter her affection to her mom's exasperation. In turn, Scott cherishes his daughter and she motivates him to turn his life around and when she's in danger he willingly traps himself in the subatomic realm to save her.
    • In many ways Maria Hill is this to Nick Fury despite no blood relation she never stops being loyal to him as Tony Stark notes and she is tearful upon his supposed death in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.
    • Apparently Hela from Thor: Ragnarok was originally this to her father Odin, as she claims to Thor that she was "his favorite" during Asgard's warmongering conquest days and fought beside him. Then Odin turned over a new leaf and imprisoned Hela for her tyranny and strove to raise Thor and Loki better, yes that's right he favors Loki over Hela.
    • Very dark example in Avengers: Infinity War in regards to Gamora and Thanos, despite all his atrocities and the fact he slaughtered her people, Gamora cannot help but feel this way towards him since he found her as a girl. This best seen when Gamora believes she just stabbed Thanos in the neck, she bursts into tears as he calls her "My daughter" in his dying gasps then Thanos reveals the deceit. While there is mutual care, Thanos is still an awful father as he emotionally manipulates Gamora and preys off her vulnerabilities, and is willingly (albeit regretfully) to kill her.
    • It's clear Nebula wants her father's approval/affection and is further embittered when Thanos actively favors Gamora over her. Interestingly despite his horrific treatment of her, in Avengers: Endgame Thanos was remorseful towards Nebula when she vouched for him in front of the Avengers and she was visibly upset when Thor lopped his head off and even closed his eyes respectfully. Also the 2014 versions of Thanos and Gamora notably treated each other better due to Time Travel altering the course of history.
    • In Avengers: Endgame, little Morgan Stark takes after her father, being a dark-haired, dark-eyed tech prodigy with attitude and a gift for trouble, and Tony in turn adores and loves his daughter. After Morgan says she loves her daddy "3000" Tony in true Stark fashion goes to Pepper to gloat, Morgan also "saves" her father by interrupting Cap's attempts to talk Tony back into the Avengers.
      • In the same movie we see that Clint cherishes his daughter Lila teaching her archery and she's the first to hug him when Hawkeye reunites with his family.
  • In a change from both the Grimm tale and the Disney film, not only does her father feature in the story, but Lilli is his pet in Snow White: A Tale of Terror. His not taking action to save his daughter from his wife is thoroughly justified by Claudia's manipulation and a timely injury.
  • In the Hungarian film Kontroll, Szofi brings her train driver father Béla his lunch every day, not because she has to, but so that she can spend some time with her dear old dad. They clearly have a close, happy relationship.
  • Snow White is implied to have been this to her father in Mirror, Mirror before he went missing. She gets him back in the end.
  • Marina in Attenberg. Much of her strange behavior in the film could be explained as her trying to cope with her dad's impending death.
  • In a World…: Played with. Lake Bell and her father have a difficult relationship, but they are definitely close.
  • The Hunger Games: Katniss Everdeen's father was clearly her favored parent. The fact that her mother lapsed into a catatonic depression when he died, leaving Katniss to practically raise Prim herself, certainly did no favors for Katniss' relationship with her mom.
  • I Know Where I'm Going! has Joan Webster who clearly loves her father very much, and calls him "darling".
  • Sam, the protagonist of A Cinderella Story is an example of the tomboyish variation, complete with a Tomboyish Name, with a Wicked Stepmother on top. Her happy ending includes going to Princeton, like he wanted her to, and inheriting his diner.
  • The titular character of Lady Bird is far closer to her father, as she frequently clashes with her mother's very domineering, critical personality.
  • Stoker: India was extremely close to her late father, and he doted on her in kind. He's also the one who taught her how to hunt, and he got her a new pair of shoes for her birthday every year, a gift India clearly likes and appreciates a lot. A lot of the tension between India and her mother stems from the fact that India doesn't think her mother is mourning him appropriately.
  • 8 Women: The younger daughter Catherine and her father Marcel have a very close relationship. A rather dark example, as Catherine's attachment to him leads her to hatch a scheme with him involving faking his murder to expose the awfulness of the other seven women and show him that she's the only one he can rely on. It backfires on her though, as he kills himself at the end out of despair at the revelations.
  • Listen to Your Heart: Ariana was very close to her father, who died when she was young. After that, she was left with her very controlling, overprotective mother, who loves Ariana in her own way but doesn't let her live a free life. She also prefers being called Sam, the name her father had used for her.
  • Little Voice: LV was attached to her father. She's depressed after he died.
  • In Knives Out, Linda clearly idolized her father and is the only one seen to openly grieve for him. Likewise, it appears she is the only one of the adult descendants that Harlan was genuinely on good terms with and he did not single her out for any wrongdoing.
  • Tragedy Girls: Sadie is very close with her dad, making him dinner and doting after him. He in turn is protective when she goes on a date, staring at the boy with a long, blank stare to intimidate him into not trying anything. Sadie's mom is absent, which makes this even more telling, indicating she might have stepped into her mom's role with him.
  • Mean Girls 2: Jo is very close to her dad at first (her mom's dead, and he raised her alone), with the same interests (e.g. auto repair) which show her as a tomboy early on.
  • Duck Butter: In sharp contrast with her mom, Nima was always quite close with her dad, to the point that he bought her a huge house (she's a bit embarrassed about this).
  • Show Me Love: Agnes. She's closest to him as her dad is doting and deferential to her, while Agnes' mom (though kind) doesn't know how to relate with her as well.

  • In A Brother's Price, men are so rare that some girls don't even have a father who lives with the family. As a result, those women who do have a father consider themselves very lucky. One woman mentions that the sight of a dead man upsets her especially because he reminds her of her father.
  • A tragic example occurs in Angela's Ashes, In the beginning of the book, a daughter is born to the McCourt family. The normally alcoholic father Malachy McCourt dedicates himself to his daughter. A week later the daughter dies, sending Malachy back to the bottle in grief.
  • Szelma in Dora Wilk Series. Olaf isn't even her biological father, but she wants all the best for him and he loves her enough to let her do basically all she wants.
  • Merry in Louisa May Alcott's Jack and Jill. Expected, since Merry is the youngest member of the Grant family... and has three much older brothers.
  • Rose Campbell is Uncle's Girl in Eight Cousins and its sequel, Rose in Bloom by Alcott. She was Daddy's Girl until Daddy George died; then, George's bachelor brother Uncle Alec becomes her Parental Substitute as he promised to George before he kicked it and she grows to love him just as much.
  • Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice is her father's favorite daughter and the two are very close. She is coincidentally her mother's least favorite child.
  • Emma: Emma Woodhouse is the apple of her father's eye, being naturally clever and refusing to get married in part so she won't need to leave him. (When she does, her betrothed agrees to live in her house until Mr. Woodhouse passes away since they both know he couldn't bear living without her.)
  • Maree-Celee from The Princess 99 has a close relationship with her father but no one knows who or where her Mom is.
  • Jessie in Stephen King's novel, Gerald's Game is her father's darling and loves him very much... until her father sexually abuses her.
  • In King's Dolores Claiborne, father and daughter share a bond until he starts sexually harassing and molesting her.
  • Margaret Hale from North and South is the favorite child of her father, and returns the sentiment. Conversely, her brother is a Momma's Boy and her mother's favored child.
  • Cleo Judson, the wealthy but insecure socialite from Dorothy West's The Living is Easy, is a rare overtly negative version of this trope. As a child, her father recognizes her manipulative, callous ways, which he admits he cannot bring himself to correct.
    A man who loved his wife couldn't help loving his first-born best, the child of his fiercest passion. When that first-born was a girl, she could trample on his heart, but he would swear on a stack of Bibles that it didn't hurt.
  • Princess Danae is this to Sparhawk in The Elenium and The Tamuli trilogies by David Eddings. This isn't playing the trope entirely straight, however; Sparhawk is the only one who knows that Danae is really the Child-Goddess Aphrael, and she became his daughter through sheer self-determination. Doesn't change the fact that they adore one another, though.
  • A few of the Oz books imply this sort of relationship between Dorothy and her beloved Uncle Henry.
  • The title character of Beauty: A Retelling of Beauty and the Beast and her two sisters are all Daddy's Girls, although Beauty is his favorite.
  • Meggy and her father Mo from Inkheart are very close, she is everything to him. But no jealous mom, since she is a Missing Mom.
  • A Wrinkle in Time's Meg Murry idolizes her father and misses him very much since he disappeared. But then, when she finds him, she learns that Daddy is very fallible, unable to take care of everything, and under The Black Thing's influence comes to resent, almost hate, Daddy. Fortunately, she gets better and realizes that she (not Daddy) must correct what went wrong. The three Ws even view her as highly likely to succeed where nobody else can — for one specific reason.
  • Princess Elizabeth, in Elizabeth I: Red Rose of the House of Tudor from The Royal Diaries, completely adores her father but she feels that he never notices her. For a moment though, she is truly his favorite when she defends her weak brother and he tells her that she is the true Tudor rose. Many historians have noted that all three of Henry VIII's children idolized him, while his affection for them was strong but tended to wax and wane depending on what else was happening.
  • In the Deryni novels by Katherine Kurtz:
    • Alaric Morgan's daughter Briony (his firstborn child). In King Kelson's Bride, this "bright-haired girl-child of about five" is described as running to meet her father when the royal party arrives at Coroth "dodging among the forest of moving horses' legs with reckless abandon" on her way to greet him with a flurry of kisses. Later in the book, while awaiting the start of the dedication ceremony for the Camber chapel, Morgan is shown gently playing with one of her curls.
    • Nigel Haldane's daughter Eirian (his youngest child to date and only daughter). When he accompanies Kelson, Morgan, and Dhugal to the royal family's private garden at Rhemuth late in King Kelson's Bride, father and daughter have this exchange:
      Eirian: Papa, have you come to play with me? I've missed you so!
      Nigel: [indulgently] What, since breakfast?
  • Belisarius Series:
    • Shakuntala was a reconstruction. Her father was a Sugar-and-Ice Personality who had trouble showing affection. However she knew her daddy loved her because he had done something even better than hugging her; he had gotten the greatest Warrior Poet in India as her trainer, bodyguard, mentor, and (unintentionally) eventually her husband.
    • Eon's wife was the daughter of an Arab sheik and loved her father so much that she could hardly bear to leave him even to marry a king. Her father had been a Doting Parent that actually taught her to read in defiance of custom.
  • Trapped on Draconica: Daniar, being The Cape, looks up to her Good King father Alister. This later causes conflict between her and her older sister Zarracka, who sees her as a goody-two-shoes attention whore because she herself isn't this trope.
  • In The Kitchen God's Wife, Pearl was always closer to her late father Jimmy. Jimmy adored her, calling her his "perfect Pearl". Pearl notes that she was more like a constant irritation to her mother Winnie. Painfully subverted when Jimmy's terminal cancer robbed him of his vitality and mental faculties. Pearl couldn't bring herself to cry during his funeral because she refused to acknowledge the withered broken shell of a man as the same person as the father she loved. Her mother slapped her repeatedly when Pearl muttered that Jimmy wasn't her father, which shocked Pearl since this was the first time her mother ever hit her. She didn't know the real reason Winnie was so horrified by her words. Pearl only cries after she actually sees her father's body one last time.
  • Wives and Daughters: Mr. Gibson, a respected doctor, is extremely fond of Molly, his only child. Emphasised by the fact that he's widowed and they have only each other. They share a special bond and she absolutely adores him.
  • Zeus outright declares Aphrodite his favorite child Zeus Is Dead: A Monstrously Inconvenient Adventure. That trust is helpful when she conspires to murder him.
  • Sasha in The Tenets of Futilism. Her dad loved her. Her mom didn't, and she returned the sentiment. That being said, she did listen well when her father told her he was far from perfect and shouldn't be idealized.
  • Nancy Drew is definitely this with her father, Carson Drew—justified in that Nancy's mother died when she was pretty young (10 in the original version, 3 in the revised version) and especially since Nancy's an only child, although she did have a motherly figure in the form of their live-in cook/housekeeper, Hannah Gruen. Carson dotes on her, even as he becomes worried about how often her life is threatened by her cases, and on more than one occasion, she has jumped in to defend him when he or his reputation is being threatened.
  • In Six-Gun Snow White, Mr. H treats Snow White more like a possession than a daughter, but up until she's eleven, he gives her everything money can buy.
  • Manifestation: Gabby Palladino is definitely attached to her father, even stating at one point that her father "can't say no" to her.
  • In The Oaken Throne, a prequel to the Deptford Mice trilogy, the squirrel princess Ysabelle is the apple of her father's eye.
    "Did you see me, Father?" she asked. "How was my dancing? Did it compare to the others?"
    With paw on heart, the lord had to admit that he had not even noticed that there had been any other dancers. "You were as the sun and they the stars," he told her. "You did outshine them all."
  • The Dinosaur Lords: Melodía plays her father like a fiddle and he can't refuse her... when he remembers he has a daughter, that is. The two clearly have a bond, although it can be shaky at times.
  • Astrid Lindgren was herself a Daddy's girl to her father Samuel August, and quite a few of her characters are this too.
    • Pippi Longstocking is very fond of her father Ephraim, a pirate captain. Of course, it helps that her mother died when she was a baby, so she would only come to know her father. But there still is a close connection between them.
    • Madicken is the tomboyish older sister, who has developed a growing sense of social justice. So there is no wonder that she has a very special relationship with her socialist father, who happens to also be more lenient than her more uptight mother is.
    • Ronja the Robber's Daughter is very close to her mother Lovis too, but it's her relationship with her father Mattis that is the heart of the story. They do have a big falling out, but they still really love each other and reconcile in the end.
  • In The Phantom of the Opera the heroine Christine was extremely close to her fiddler father Gustave and when their mother died she traveled around Paris with him and continued to do so when he remarried. Christine got her love of music from her father who equally adored her and promised to send “The Angel of Music” to her when he died, when he did pass away Christine became depressed and lost her enthusiasm for singing. The titular phantom who is obsessed with Christine takes advantage of this pretending to be the Angel of Music and filling the void in Christine’s life after her father’s death before being found out.
  • Harry Potter features Luna and her father, whom she adores. While she definitely seems to have adored her mother equally, her early death eventually creates this dynamic between Luna and her father.
  • In Void City, Greta, Eric's adopted daughter who he transformed into a vampire. She is one of the only people in the world he loves, and she in turn loves him to the point of obsessive insanity. She treats anyone Eric is currently dating as her mother, acting with respect and deference — but always making it bluntly clear that however much they love her father, she loves him more. And when Eric inevitably breaks up with them, she will gleefully take any excuse to kill her former "mother" unless Eric explicitly forbids it.
  • Mara from Masks of Aygrima is much closer to her father than her mother due to being his mask-making assistant.
  • The Hunger Games: Katniss Everdeen was much closer to her father than her mother, sharing a special bond with him that her younger sister Prim did not. It was Mr. Everdeen who taught Katniss how to hunt and gather, and she wears his hunting jacket when she goes out into the woods.
  • Fleur in The Forsyte Saga is much beloved by her father Soames, who spoils her rotten and won't deny her anything. In return, she develops a very close relationship with him.
  • Journey to Chaos: After a rough patch of getting to know each other, Zettai has fully made the transition to this trope by the start of Transcending Limitations. She adores her adoptive father Basilard and wants to make him proud of her. He, in turn, is protective of her and supportive of her interests, such as magecraft.
  • Ramona Quimby: Ramona is close to both parents, but has the most in common with her father and is even referred to by others as "her father's girl."
  • The Han Solo Trilogy: Bria's clearly very close to her father, and vice versa. This is in contrast with her mother and brother, especially the former who tries to control her life.
  • In Nightmare Alley, the sweet and innocent Molly was incredibly close to her father as her mother died when she was very young and he raised her single-handedly. She constantly reminisces about him throughout the story.
  • In The Worst Thing About My Sister, Marty is more close to her dad because he's friendly and animated, whereas her mother is rude and slightly snobby.

    Live-Action TV 
  • All in the Family and Archie Bunker's Place: The dynamic between Archie and his "Little Goil," Gloria is very much this. Despite their sometimes very strong differences in values and loud arguments, Archie is also Gloria's strongest defender and is always willing to stand by her, just as Gloria sees her "Daddy" as her rock and the one she can rely on in her darkest hours of need (such as when she miscarried or announced she was divorcing Mike); it can be implied that the two were there for each other when Edith (Gloria's "Ma" and Archie's "Dingbat" of a wife) passed away suddenly.
  • Our Miss Brooks: Harriet Conklin is close to her father Osgood Conklin. She can often be seen in his office helping him out.
  • Emily Thorne (formerly Amanda Clarke) is this to her father, David Clarke, in Revenge (2011) — enough so to dedicate her entire life and fortune to avenging his wrongful conviction and murder.
  • The daughters in Full House (having only father figures around makes it sort of hard not to be a Daddy's Girl). Michelle even gradually develops her father's obsession with cleanliness.
  • Veronica Mars:
  • Castle: Richard Castle may be a horndog, an egotist, and a bestselling writer of pulp noir mysteries, but he'd move heaven and earth for his daughter Alexis. For her part, Alexis is (against all odds and most understandings of genetics and environment) a sensible, studious, smart young girl who loves and understands her father. One episode opens with them fencing, quoting Robin Hood, and talking about Alexis's new crush (at the same time); another has them playing laser tag. It's clearly an absolute blast for both. Say what you want about Richard Castle, but he's a great father. One nice quote:
    Castle: When I was your age... I can't tell that story, it's wildly inappropriate. Which, oddly, is my point—don't you want to have wildly inappropriate stories you can't tell your children when you're older?
    Alexis: [affectionately] Don't worry, I think you'll have enough for both of us.
  • Sheba and her father Commander Cain share a very strong bond in the Battlestar Galactica (1978) series, despite Sheba's initial agitation over her father dating young women.
  • In the 2000s Battlestar Galactica:
    • Kara Thrace is a Daddy's Girl to Bill Adama, even though they're not related (she was engaged to his son, and he took her under his wing after said son's death). She's also revealed to have been an actual Daddy's Girl as a child before her father Dreilide left her mother Socrata for his musical career.
    • It's implied that Ellen Tigh was very close to her own father, given that she made the first of the humanoid Cylons in his image. Unfortunately, Number One turned out to be a Psycho Prototype.
  • In Firefly, River is kind of a big brother's girl. Possibly she always was; in any case, their curious situation had led to a Promotion to Parent for her doting big brother.
  • Sally Draper on Mad Men. This might at first seem peculiar to those of us who know Don Draper, but Season 4 (for which Kiernan Shipka was Promoted to Opening Titles) reveals that she is like her father in many ways and that her mother Betty has been abusing her physically and emotionally. While Don is a bit distant, he is trying to be a good dad in his own way.
  • Heroes:
    • Claire ("Claire-Bear") Bennet is the most important person in the world to her completely bad-ass adoptive father, Noah Bennet. It's a double-edged sword, because while Noah would do absolutely anything to protect her, he is also not above lying, manipulating, and treating her like a far younger child. Although, he's often revealed to be right about whatever point he's trying to make. And Claire has this whole love/hate relationship with Noah - she loves him, she hates him, she knows he's right but thinks she's right, she'll never trust him again, he's her father, he's the devil, lather rinse repeat - that can wound him like nothing and no one else.
    • This trope is doubled for Claire with her birth father, Nathan Petrelli, being a second father to her, particularly in Volume 4, when she is reconnected with the Petrelli side of her family. This results in Claire having two protective fathers, Noah and Nathan, who do their best to shield her (zigzagged as their protectiveness tends to strain Claire's relationships with both her dads). Claire has her own love-hate relationship with Nathan, hating his schemes while wanting him to be the "Superman" she knows he can be. On Nathan's side, he loves Claire, wants to be everything for her, and tries to be, in his Nathan-esque way (protecting her from his government operation, flying in to save her when Danko's agents come for her, etc.) but often screws things up - sometimes thanks to his own ambition - resulting in him trying to make it up to her. Though Claire rebelled against both her dads in Volume 4, she later reveals in episode "1961" how much she wanted to impress them.
  • The Tudors:
    • Princess Mary is alternately her father's favourite and unfavourite to her temperamental father, Henry VIII. Though Henry adores Mary and dotes on her during her early childhood, he sends Mary away to her own estate when he divorces her mother, Catherine of Aragon, and marries Anne Boleyn (leading to some guilt-ridden, intense scenes on the rare occasion Henry sees his estranged daughter during this period). When Mary, a devout Catholic, refuses to recognize her father as head of the church, Henry forces her hand with an indirect threat of execution. As soon as Mary relents, Henry welcomes her back with open arms and restores her status as a princess.
    • Princess Elizabeth, Henry's daughter with Anne Boleyn, gets a near-identical pattern of treatment but has a smaller role in the series.
  • Subverted on Elementary with Joan and her stepfather. She tells Sherlock how much she wanted to be like her stepfather, but his infidelity to her mother has placed him on a Broken Pedestal. Even before the pedestal was broken, they were an interesting example, as she was set on becoming a doctor (and not a writer) and a Self-Made Woman beforehand.
  • Game of Thrones:
    • Arya Stark has a close relationship with her father Ned Stark. Realizing that his daughter is a tomboy who doesn't like the fact that she's being brought up to become a "proper" courtly lady, Eddard eventually allows her to be instructed by a fencing teacher. By contrast, Arya doesn't seem to take after Catelyn at all in looks or personality and is never seen interacting with her directly.
    • Sansa Stark is less so than her sister Arya, but the scenes with the doll her father gives her heavily imply she is his darling girl, though she's clearly closer to Cat than Arya was.
    • There's little lady Shireen Baratheon — her first response to seeing Stannis after a while is to squeal and hug him. Stannis, for his part, tries to be a Good Parent to Shireen, but he doesn't often have time to spend with her. Her mother Selyse completely ignores her existence. Shireen also gets on very well with Davos Seaworth. In "The Dance of Dragons," while Stannis's troops suffer from cold and hunger, she says that she wants to do whatever she can to help her father no matter what, not realizing, of course, that Stannis is going to sacrifice her.
    • Brienne of Tarth recalls her father in both "The Children" and "The High Sparrow", smiling fondly whenever she mentions him. It can be assumed she has a similar relationship to him as Arya has to her father, as Brienne clearly does not commit to socially expected female behavior and seems to have been brought up as a warrior in accordance with her own wishes. After she's been taken captive, her father offers a great ransom so she might be set free.
  • Agent Dana Scully and her father from The X-Files. He dies in the first season and she's absolutely shattered. The flashbacks, his "spiritual" appearances, and the way she talks about him are beautiful. In fact, the two even had pet nicknames for one another from Moby-Dick.
  • Buffyverse:
    • Buffy pines after her Disappeared Dad in the early seasons, but eventually Giles comes to fill this role for her.
    • Amy also pines for her father, who abandoned her and her mother when he discovered that Amy’s mom was a Witch. Amy’s mom is also an Abusive Parent who apparently padlocks the fridge if either she or her daughter gain “an ounce” and eventually switches bodies with her daughter to relive her glory days as a popular high school cheerleader. After Amy’s mom disappears, Amy moves in with her father, who feels extreme guilt over leaving Amy. He constantly tries to spend time with her and Amy is happy.
    • Drusilla adores her sire Angelus, yet paradoxically blames all the bad things he did to her on the "Angel-beast."
    • Until season 3 of Buffy, Cordelia definitely fits the trope, constantly going on about her father's fortune, and how he spoils her. After her parents lose said fortune, and she starts a life of her own, the trope is thoroughly subverted, as she barely mentions him or her mother during her run on Angel.
    • Fred invokes this with her dad, given how ready he is to protect her giant cockroach.
  • Cobra Kai: Daniel LaRusso is a lot closer with his teenage daughter Samantha than with his son Anthony, teaching her karate while Anthony's always got his face buried in video games. Amanda even calls her Daniel's "Mini Me" on one occasion.
  • Downton Abbey:
    • Lady Mary Crawley clearly loves her father very much, even if he can't leave the family estate to her because she's a girl; she's distraught at the idea that he might prefer her cousin Matthew, who is his heir, and always does her best to make him proud, even though her status as his beloved eldest daughter means that she's often the one left to tell him off for being a jerk since no one else could get away with it.
    • Lady Mary is a favorite of Carson the butler, who admits that "even butlers can have favourites", and always supports Mary's decisions, however dumbassed, prejudiced, or patently wrong. When Mrs Hughes asks why he adores this cold, stubborn, entitled young woman, Carson tells an adorable story about little Lady Mary. His devotion is paid off when Mary marries Matthew. When she comes down the stairs in her wedding dress, both her father and Carson are waiting for her. The first thing she says is "Carson, will I do?".
  • Zoe Carter from Eureka may not act like it all the time, but she's very close to her father Jack, who's also the town sheriff. It's generally accepted in Eureka that it's not a good idea to mess with the sheriff's daughter, because not only can she hold her own, her father will kick your ass.
  • On Nikita Alex Udinov is this to her father, a Russian oligarch who was killed by Division. Her story is even compared to Anastasia Romanov. Subverted in that she eventually realizes that her father was actually quite evil and grooming her to take over his company. She still works to avenge him even after this.
  • Although she's not his actual daughter, either biological or adopted (just taken in by him and his wife at age 16), Detective Erin Lindsay and Sergeant Hank Voight on Chicago P.D. have an incredibly close relationship. In fact, Erin is the one person in Voight's life who is always loyal to him and makes excuses for his often questionable ethics.
  • Once Upon a Time: Has a few of these.
    • Despite meeting him at nearly 30 years old, Emma has her dad wrapped around her finger and she seems to adore him just as much.
    • Regina Mills has her father brushing her hair even when she's an adult and she cherishes's their love that allows her to kill him to cast the curse.
    • Lucy Mills is the light of her father (Henry's) world, though she's the same with her mom.
    • Alice and Wish Hook are incredibly close in Season 7.
    • Grace always sees the best in her father, Jefferson, trusting that he had a good reason to abandon her.
  • The Nanny: Of the three Sheffield children, Gracie, who is the youngest, seems to be the closest with father Maxwell.
  • Darlene Conner on Roseanne, especially in the early seasons. But even as she gets older and loses interest in sports they still have a pretty strong bond, and she vehemently rejects the idea of her dad's death in the episode "Heart And Soul". Which could be seen as denial of facts given how the series actually ends.
  • Michaela Quinn on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman was the youngest of five daughters and a favorite child of her father, becoming a doctor like he was and working with him in his office. All her dialogue makes it obvious that she adored and idolized him. She is not even able to connect with her mother until after her father had died.
  • That '70s Show has this dynamic between Red and his daughter Laurie. She is his favorite but has a difficult relationship with her mother. Her brother Eric is always sparring with Red but is a Momma's Boy.
  • In Oliver's Travels, Diane's father calls her every day, no matter where she is. (She's in her forties.)
  • In True Blood, Bill Compton is very much a surrogate father for his vampire protegee Jessica Hamby. She's much closer to him than she ever was with her human family.
  • On Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Miles O'Brien has a strong bond with his daughter Molly.
  • Eleven from Stranger Things towards Mad Scientist Dr Brenner aka “Papa” who exploits this in order make Eleven do his bidding and has no qualms about punishing her when she doesn’t.
    • Played straighter and much more positively with Hopper’s relationship with Eleven In Seasons 2 and 3. It’s clear Hopper and Eleven adore each other however they still argue with each other due to Hopper’s overprotective-ness and Eleven’s rebelliousness. When they do reconcile it makes for some the most heartwarming moments in the series.
    • Hopper’s biological Sara was also this to him, making light of her death due to cancer, is the quickest way to get Hopper to beat the utter shit out of you. Larry Kline discovered this the hard way.
  • The White Queen: Richard of Gloucester observes with respect and admiration that Anne Neville is her father's daughter because she chose to fight on and remain with her in-laws' army instead of fleeing the battle like her mother did (Lord Warwick was Richard's instructor in warfare, so this is high praise). Other characters (including Anne herself) sometimes refer to her as the Kingmaker's Daughter, and interestingly, this label doesn't apply to her sister Isabel.
  • Innocent: Defective Detective Yusuf is a doting dad to preteen daughter Elif, who runs off to join him after fighting with mom Feride and wants nothing more than for her parents to live together again.
  • Ziyal from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine adores her father Dukat. He in turn deeply loves her to the point that he publicly acknowledges her as his daughter despite it costing him his marriage and his career. When she ends up being killed, what little good and sanity he had died with her.
  • It's subtle, but a couple of moments in Star Trek: Voyager suggest that Janeway was this with her now-deceased father. The most prominent example is probably "Coda", where she encounters an alien masquerading as her father.
  • Modern Family: Haley is much closer to her father Phil than her mother Claire. Haley and Claire spend most of their screentime arguing, while Haley finds her dad embarrassing but never doubts how much he cares. Also gender-flipped in that Claire is pretty close with her son Luke. At one point, Claire is trapped in a bathroom with a plumber and complains that daughters are the worst. The plumber (who has a daughter and a son of his own) points out that the problem is that Claire and Haley aren't so different.
  • Yellowstone: Beth Dutton is a ruthless corporate raider who holds absolutely nothing in reverence except her father, the family patriarch. She says that she will do absolutely anything he asks. This is in sharp contrast to (and partially because of) the relationship she had with her late mother, which was prickly at best.
  • The Originals:
    • Hope is this to Klaus. He sacrificed himself for her. She's an artist like him and was the one to redeem him.
    • Also, Freya to Mikael. She was the apple of his eye and he was devastated when she died. She turns out to be still alive. When they reunite he weeps. Freya was the only one of the siblings to cry when he died. Rebekah to a lesser degree to Mikael. He might have seen her as a replacement for Freya but he ended up despising her because she took the side of her half-brother, Klaus.
    • Davina to her adoptive father, Marcel. He saved her when her even tried to sacrifice her. He kept her safe and alive. He swore revenge on the Mikaelsons when she died.
  • Never Have I Ever: Devi was much closer to her dad, as seen in flashbacks of them together, while conversely, her relationship with her mom is quite strained. This made his death especially hard on her.
  • We Are Who We Are: Caitlin is clearly closer to her dad. She's shown practicing boxing with him, going to watch a baseball game on TV together, and they share political views. Meanwhile she's always at odds with her mom.
  • Schitt's Creek: Alexis Rose begins the series much closer to her father, Johnny, than her mother. Johnny apparently indulged and spoiled Alexis, even paying for expensive musical coaching despite her total lack of talent. He even has a favorite track from her terrible album. Johnny is also the one who expresses horror whenever he learns of one of Alexis's wild adventures, while her mother usually seems indifferent.
  • Tehran: Tamar is clearly very close with her father as seen from their brief interactions. The only time she breaks down is when he's kidnapped, despite going through a whole ton of hardship during the first season.
  • The Wilds: Fatin was much closer to her dad in her flashbacks, since he was more like her and not pushing constantly for her to succeed like her mom.
  • Clarice: Clarice was very close with her father before his death, believing him to be the best man she ever knew for a long time.
  • Hightown: Jackie is quite fond of her dad, and the pair have a good time together in Season 2. This means she also takes it hard when he asks her to flirt with a dealer or worse when he's after a fix.
  • Ginny and Georgia: Ginny really adores her dad Zion, and they connect much more than she does with her mom, despite the fact that he's not around too much.
  • The Murders: From her uniformly positive mentions and the fact she followed him into the police force, it seems Kate was closer to her deceased dad. This contrasts with her more contentious relationship with her mom. Kate later admits she was always on her dad's side when they divorced, and says regretfully that she'd never really given her mom a chance.
  • Impulse: It's implied that Henry was always closest to her dad, as they're shown playing together happily when she was little in her flashbacks, while in stark contrast her relationship with her mom is very difficult. His vanishing was probably even more devastating as a result.
  • Two Sentence Horror Stories: In "The Killer Inside" their brief interactions make clear that Shiraz is devoted to her father, and she's willing to kill to save his life (over his protests). While he clearly feels that way toward her too, her dad doesn't want Shiraz to become a murderer for him.
  • Keep Breathing: Liv was always closest to her dad, as her mom mostly neglected her. Though it was a relative thing, as we see she also had many spats with him as a girl and is pretty callous when he's been hospitalized after she's an adult. He in turn withheld postcards which her mom sent her as a girl. It's made clear she always loved him dearly though despite this.
  • Resident Alien: Asta is very fond of and close to her adopted dad Dan, who's a loving, protective father in turn.
  • Tidelands (Netflix): Cal was always close with her dad Pat growing up. They had a loving and warm relationship together.
  • The Undeclared War: Saara was very close with her father, far more than her mother. His death hits her very hard due to this. Because of his depression, she had been the only one who really understood him.

  • In Classical Mythology Athena was Zeus' favorite daughter and she in turn loved him very much and was completely loyal to him. Artemis to Zeus as well: in The Iliad she literally ran crying to sit on his lap after Hera thrashed her with her own bow.

  • The music video "Joy" by the R&B group Blackstreet is focused on this trope. The lyrics to the song itself can be interpreted as being about a female romantic partner or any beloved female person in general.
  • Ben Folds. Gracie. "There will always be a part of me/no-one else is ever ever gonna see/but Gracie girl/my little girl."
  • Geri Halliwell of Spice Girls had a song on her "Schizophonic" album, "Someone's Watching Over Me", dedicated to her late father.
  • The quote for this trope is provided by the song "I Loved Her First" by Heartland which is about a father who is giving away his daughter
  • "As I Lay Me Down" by Sophie B. Hawkins is an ode to her father.
    As I lay me down to sleep/This I pray/That you will hold me dear/Though I'm far away
  • Evillious Chronicles: The Clockworker's Doll, for a given value of girl, being a doll. However, like everyone else in the series, he dies. The results of her trying to carry out his work are not pretty.
  • "The Girl You Think I Am" by Carrie Underwood expresses this trope and almost uses the trope name almost verbatim, singing "I've been daddy's little girl since my first cry". The chorus ends with "I wanna be the girl you think I am".
    • Another of her songs, "All-American Girl" also expresses this trope, instead as a father who has a daughter instead of a son. But it's said that he still loves her throughout her life anyway.
  • "I Got It from Agnes" by Tom Lehrer has this doozy. ("It" is unspecified, but it's obvious.)
    "She got it from her daddy, who just gives her everything."
  • Mentioned by name in the chorus to Bon Jovi's "Runaway."

    Newspaper Comics 
  • Peppermint Patty in Peanuts (her mother is probably dead). Her dad gave her the ever-present sandals she wears and calls her a Rare Gem.
  • Dolly in The Family Circus - being the only daughter out of four kids probably helps.
  • In Baby Blues, Darryl loves both his daughters Zoe and Wren, but from the beginning, it's clear that Zoe especially has always had her daddy wrapped around her little finger.

    Professional Wrestling 
  • Doris Cotto towards El Chico Illegal Chicano in WWC. During his 2015 feud with El León Apolo he had to stop her from punching out Apolo's wife Habana but couldn't suppress a smile while she continued to try and get around him and shouted insults towards her father's enemies.

  • Daddy's Dyin' Who's Got The Will? is a play about a Daddy's Girl who's devoted her adult life to caring for her elderly father while her siblings pursue their own dreams.
  • In Hamilton, Aaron Burr strongly implies that his daughter is this. In the song "Dear Theodosia," he sings lines to her like "I'm dedicating every day to you," and "When you smile, you knock me out, I fall apart." Also notable is a line in the original off-Broadway version of "Schuyler Defeated," where he happily informs Eliza Hamilton that she's his "pride and joy."

    Video Games 
  • One of the final scenes in Bayonetta 2 shows Bayonetta developing some respect and love for her father, but only after it became clear to her that he wasn't the monster he appeared to be in Bayonetta. Just as she still called her mother "mummy", Bayonetta's last word to Balder is calling him her "daddy" for the first and last time.
  • From BioShock 2 we have Eleanor Lamb who is practically the queen of this trope. Why? Because no matter what you do, no matter how good or evil you are, she wants to be JUST LIKE DADDY DELTA. Also, no matter what alignment she does fall under, she is fiercely protective of her father, and will absolutely annihilate anyone who stands in his way.
  • Captive (RPG Maker): The protagonist really loves her father, to the point of kidnapping and experimenting on innocents to save him from an unknown sickness.
  • Coffee Talk: Despite Rachel's strained relationship with her father, she still loves him, and in Episode 2, she decides to stay with him to take care of him instead of moving out.
  • Kari from Dead In Vinland frequently quarrels with her mother but is very close to her father. She's of both the "boyish" and "socially awkward" type, having long had no female friends because she isn't interested in traditionally feminine pursuits and no male friends because boys find her threatening. He adores her, and one of his greatest fears and sources of guilt is the possibility of one of the dangers of the Island of Mystery befalling her.
  • Midori Komaki from Devil Survivor, which leads to a lot of problems when it comes to her Chronic Hero Syndrome...
  • Emily in the Dishonored series is close with her father Corvo - even when him being her father was still a secret. In return, Corvo dotes on her and serves as her biggest role model, teaching her everything that he knows.
  • Queen Anora and her father, Lohgain Mac Tir in Dragon Age: Origins. Lohgain has a touching farewell to Anora concerning the trope should the player choose to execute him; In return, the two most important things in Anora's life are her country and her father, and she'll do what she must to protect both of them. If her proposed consort (either the Warden or Alistair) kills Loghain, she'll immediately call off the agreement. If she's Queen and unmarried, the epilogue states she refuses all of her suitors, because none of them live up to her standard: her father.
    • Though largely identical in dialog to the Male counterpart, Human Noble Female Warden could also be one, considering Dad calls her "pup", lets her play with sharp objects, and got his sweet little girl a little mabari puppy some time in the past.
    • The Dwarf Noble Female Warden is also this to her father, the King of Orzammar; she is outright stated to be his favorite child and many speculate that he will name her his heir instead of her unpopular older brother Trian. Of course, then Trian dies and everyone thinks she killed him...
    • Bethany Hawke, the Player Character's younger sister in Dragon Age II was closer to her father than either of her siblings, especially if she was the family's only mage child since Malcolm had to spend the extra time making sure she didn't get possessed by a demon or just burn the house down.
  • Fire Emblem:
    • Linde of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light is heavily implied to have been this with her father Miloah. One of her main motivations to join Marth's army is to avenge Miloah's death at the hands of Gharnef, and in later appearances, she's shown to be really attached to the robe she wears because it was a gift from her father.
    • Lilina of Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade is this to her father Hector, and even after his death at the hands of Bern, she highly looks up to him. Also, should anyone insult him, she will get very furious.
      • Larum from the same is this to General Douglas, even though the latter is her adoptive father. She's really grateful to him for rescuing her from a life of poverty, and he loves her so much he's willing to eat her cooking just to see her happy.
    • Morgan of Fire Emblem: Awakening, if the Avatar is male. Enough so that she stands with him even after he gets possessed by an Eldritch Abomination.
      • Lucina as well, though only thanks to time travel, as her father was killed early in her childhood. She more than makes up for lost time, though.
      • Cynthia note  wants to be one when she takes her share of time travel. She then explains to her dad that she wants to have sweet memories of her own with him before her other self is born and she leaves to build and live her own life.
      • Severa note  invokes the trope to rope her dad, whoever he is, into pampering her and buying her stuff. After her father realises her intentions and calls her out, she confesses that she did it because of her massive issues coming from growing up in the Bad Future.
      • Maribelle is very much one, as well. In fact, this is the reason she's so cold to Gaius, as she believes he framed her father. The truth is a little more complicated, however.
    • Many of the Second Generation girls in Fire Emblem Fates are this, with Kaze's daughter Midori, Keaton's daughter Velouria and the Male Avatar's daughter Kana as the biggest examples. The three really love their dads (though they also love their mamas quite a bit), though Velouria also clings to her dad a LOT. Unlike Awakening, each child's "fixed" parent is their father, which may explain why they often have closer relationships with their fathers.
  • Galaxy Angel: On her route in Moonlit Lovers, Chitose Karasuma is shown to hold dear the memories of her father, whom she greatly admired and was very attached to before his death, and she pursues a career in the military to follow his footsteps. She also mentions that Tact reminds her a lot of him, very gentle and capable of understanding the pain in people's hearts, which contributes to her falling in love with him.
  • If Guen of Guenevere studied strategy and leadership as a child and is dutiful, she's spent most of her life training by her father's side and has acceded to a marriage she may have mixed feelings about at least partially for his sake.
  • In Jak X: Combat Racing, Keira is irritated by her status as Samos' "little girl" because he won't let her compete in the tournament her life depends on. Of course, she does it anyway.
  • Sarah and her father Joel, as seen at the beginning of The Last of Us, clearly have a very close and playful relationship. Too bad poor Sarah dies the very same day of the outbreak...
  • Mipha from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is very fond of her father, King Dorephan. After Link frees her spirit from Divine Beast Vah Ruta a century after her death in the Great Calamity, her first thought is about her father, with her wishing she could have seen him one more time.
  • In Life Is Strange: While Chloe appears to have a good relationship with both her parents at a young age, she clearly adores her cooky father, which is why she's still devastated from his death five years later. Her life spirals downward, and her relationship with her mother suffers, especially after her mother begins a new relationship. It seems Chloe would rebel against any new father figure, but it doesn't help at all that he's a Shell-Shocked Veteran with No Social Skills arounds teens.
  • Mortal Kombat:
    • Cassie Cage from Mortal Kombat X is very much a Daddy's Girl. By the time of X, Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade are divorced and Sonya has developed a very strict and hardline demeanor and is Married to the Job while Johnny has mellowed considerably and is an affable and approachable mentor. As a result, Cassie's equation with her mother is very strained while she gets along famously with her father. It helps that both Cassie and Johnny are Deadpan Snarkers and Pop-Cultured Badasses. It becomes a Tear Jerker in the Final Battle, when Cassie rescues him and Johnny calls her "Punkin", Cassie on the verge of tears says she's a little old for Punkin.
    • Similarly Jacqui Briggs is this to Jax, she even gave Ermac a beatdown in revenge for literally disarming Jax in MK9, in his turn Jax was highly against Jacqui joining Specials Forces and broke Johnny's jaw when the latter broke the news to him. Jacqui's ending in MK11 exaggerates this as she uses Time Travel to spare father the pain of becoming Quan Chi's undead Revenant, but Jax only met her mother in treatment after he got cured meaning she would delete her own existence. But Jacqui claims it was Worth It, as so long as her father can have a peaceful life she was happy.
    • Surprisingly Mileena was this to Shao Khan, she loved him dearly and still calls him "Daddy" long after his death and choose not to ally with Earthrealm because they killed him. Mileena even wields his Warhammer to great effect in the comic. Even more surprisingly Shao Khan actually feels the same way about her as when he discovers Mileena has been killed in MK11 he flies into a rage and tries to kill D'vorah who did deed.
  • Persona:
    • Both Yukari Takeba and Mitsuru Kirijo from Persona 3. Yukari is specifically portrayed as having been much closer to her father than her mother, and Mitsuru's mother is not mentioned, but she's very protective of and devoted to her father.
    • In Persona 5, Makoto deeply loved and respected her police officer father, who died three years before the start of the story, and hopes to follow in his footsteps.
    • Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth: The OG Deuteragonist Hikari is revealed to be one in the fourth labyrinth. Justified because he was the only person before the Persona users who believed in Hikari's dreams.
  • Flora's backstory in Professor Layton and the Curious Village shows that she was this to her late father, Baron Reinhold. After the events of this game, she's unofficially adopted by Layton himself, and becomes Daddy's Girl all over again; the third game in particular makes this clear, and reveals Layton as a Papa Wolf to boot.
  • In Puyo Puyo Tetris, Ess loves her robot father Zed and doesn't take it kindly when Ringo questions how she sees a machine like him as a dad. In Tetris 2, Zed telling Ess she's a good girl is met with her making a reaction described as something like "so innocent and pure, as if reminiscent of a time to which we can never truly return".
  • Ina from the Samurai Warriors series. Lampshaded by a few people who interact with either her or her father, Tadakatsu.
  • Silent Hill:
    • Heather from Silent Hill 3 loves her adoptive father Harry with a passion, as seen how happy she is talking with him over the phone at the start, how she almost punched Vincent out for insulting Harry and how devastated she was at Harry's death. Naturally Heather was particularly eager to avenge her father, though actually doing so leads to the Bad End.
    • Silent Hill: Shattered Memories has a young Cheryl living a happy life with her father Harry and they both love each other very much. When the two get separated in a car crash, Harry goes on a mission to find his daughter. The end of the game reveals that Harry had actually died years before the game began and the whole adventure was from the now teenaged Cheryl's mind as a way to cope the loss of her father. Even after all of the time that had passed, Cheryl still sees herself as her daddy's girl. Depending on the ending you get, Chery's love for her father can get really screwed up.
  • Nadia Grell from Star Wars: The Old Republic. Senator Tobias Grell was willing to move galactic politics to find anyone who could help his Force Sensitive daughter. Nadia, for her part, is very aware of and grateful for her dad's support, constantly looking up to him for approval. No matter what you do, a Sith kills Senator Grell. Nadia murders daddy's killer in a fit of rage.
  • Princess Daisy in Super Mario Bros. is implied to be this as she mentions in Mario Party 3 how she never lost to her father when she'd play with him as a child.
  • Tales of Vesperia: Judith's father was the inventor of the Hermes blastia, and flew around the world on Ba'ul with Judith. In a dialogue with Yuri aboard the Fiertia, Judith says that her father has a huge influence on her, and she misses him a great deal.
  • Clementine from The Walking Dead (Telltale) is implied to have been this towards her biological father, Ed. He's the one who gave her her iconic baseball cap, and Clementine has always worn it since. She also becomes this towards Lee; even if he's not her real father, he becomes her paternal figure and guardian after the outbreak, and Clementine loves and looks up to Lee a lot.
  • The Witcher:
    • Though their interaction is brief, it's evident in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings that between King Foltest's two bastard children, Anais and Boussy, the former is much closer and more accepting of her father than the latter, going so far as to immediately rush out to hug him when he appears, and reaches out for him as she walks away.
    • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's "Blood & Wine" expansion has a quirky inventor enlist Geralt's aid in finding fantastic creatures for him to test a new device on - namely, a primitive version of a polaroid camera. Talking to the Count's bodyguards afterward has them fill Geralt in - the Count and his daughter, Clarissa, used to love going on wildlife excursions together, but getting tossed from her horse 10 years prior had left her paralyzed and unable to go... so her father devised a way to bring the excursions to her.
  • Yandere Simulator: Downplayed in Ayano's relationship with her father. She doesn't feel any real affection for him—or anyone—but she does pity him when she sees how badly he wants to cure her condition, and puts forth the effort to act and appear normal when around other people so he won't worry about her anymore. She feels no real desire to appear normal, but it makes her father happy, so she keeps up the charade. It's probably the most selfless thing she ever did in her life.

    Visual Novels 
  • In case I-4 of the Ace Attorney series, large portions of the case relate directly to how Byrne Faraday dotes over his daughter Kay. Unfortunately, that case is investigating his murder. Poor Kay.
  • Amanda from Daughter for Dessert has this in spades. She's attached to her old man even in a sexual way.
  • Jane from Plumbers Don't Wear Ties is apparently one - the game's box even describes her as "a Daddy's Girl". Said father calls her in the morning demanding she "get on the stick and make some babies for your poor old father", but she remains friendly to him regardless, calling him 'Daddy-O'. During the ending in which Thresher refuses to hire Jane, part of his extensive "The Reason You Suck" Speech toward her accuses her of being a Spoiled Brat who's used to pitching a fit and getting what she wants.
  • In Spirit Hunter: NG, the men who kept Kakuya sealed in Kakuriyo were viewed by Kakuya as her 'daddies', and it's partly this love that causes her to become so obsessed with Akira, since he's secretly the son of her last 'daddy'.
  • In Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, Hiyoko Saionji's father is the only person in her entire Big, Screwed-Up Family whom she likes (in large part because he married into the family), but she's separated from him as a result of her grandmother's interference. Chiaki Nanami also speaks quite fondly of her father, or rather her creator, as the person in question, is strongly implied to be Chihiro Fujisaki from the original game.

    Web Animation 
  • RWBY:
    • Ruby and Yang both have a close relationship with their father, Taiyang, particularly following the death of Ruby's mother (and Yang's stepmother) Summer Rose. The two girls also have a close, near-fatherly bond with their Uncle Qrow.
    • It's also fairly clear that Blake is very close with her father Ghira, who is quite proud of the young woman she's grown into.
    • Defied with Weiss, who has practically shut her cold and domineering father out of her life.
  • Carolina is a rather tragic example of this to The Director in the “many years ago” plotline in Red vs. Blue‘s ninth and tenth season. Everything she does is for The Director’s approval, and he remains cold and distant to everyone around him, including her. Made worse once Tex who is actually the Beta AI fragment, which embodies the Director’s memory of his wife who died in the Human-Covenant War enters the scene and quickly becomes his favorite. the end of Season 9 reveals that Carolina, who was long thought dead, is still alive and wants to kill the Director, setting up the “present day” plotline for Season 10. She finds him at the end of the season, a broken old man whom she takes pity on. It’s finally revealed that Carolina really is his daughter in the same scene where he asks Carolina to leave him her pistol, stating that she was his greatest creation.
  • Helluva Boss' Stolas absolutely treasures his daughter, as highlighted in "Loo-Loo Land." The episode features highs and lows, including this bit near the end, but at the end of the day, Stolas is devoted to Octavia, even if he and her mother despise each other.
    Octavia: ...Are you gonna run off with him? And leave me behind? Go away where I can't find you?
    Stolas: What? No! [pulls her into a hug] No, no, never. I'd never do that. Never.

  • Faye and her father in Questionable Content. The fact that he committed suicide in front of her was hence extremely traumatic.
  • In The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob!, this was Jean's stated reason for inviting cute little artificial creature Molly to live with her instead of returning to Bob's house where she was raised; Jean is her mother (after a fashion), and felt left out. It's also notable that Molly had an Elektra Complex, briefly, though this turned out just to be a misunderstanding (she was only a month old, and didn't properly understand what romantic love is).
  • Shelly of Wapsi Square had tendencies towards this, partially because her mother died when she was around nine.
  • Sora Jeon from Forestdale was raised by her father for the majority of her life after losing her mother to cancer at a young age, so it's no surprise that the two have a deep bond.
  • Jade Harley from Homestuck was very close with her Grandfather, who turns out to have been her biological father due to weird time shenanigans. She even honored a family tradition by stuffing his corpse when he died. Later in the comic, we find out that Calliope was this to her Parental Substitute Gamzee, who made a surprisingly good dad, all things considered.
  • Colin of Forest Hill tends to spoil his daughter, Tanya, as it's the only way he knows how to connect with her.
  • Kevin & Kell:
  • Slightly Damned:
    • Sakido was the closest of her siblings to their adoptive angel father Darius, she was the most adamant about leaving him to die when he told them they had to live with the other demons in hell and years later as an adult she has almost completely forgotten about her biological mother but still remembers Darius clearly.
    • According to a Q & A comic Kieri is very fond of her father, though this might be because her unstable mother would beat her for not having a "warrior's spirit".
  • In Punderworld, when Artemis is officially inducted into the pantheon with her first temple, the party Zeus throws was done with the idea that she would be treated like a Queen for a day.

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 
  • Arcane:
    • Vi is clearly the closest to Vander out of all his adoptive children. Her Boxing Battler fighting style is modeled on Vander's own, and during her second fight against Sevika in "The Monster You Created" when she's briefly down for the count, she has a hallucination of Vander encouraging her to get back up and keep fighting.
    • Jinx is a darker and more villainous version of this towards her adoptive father figure Silco; as warped as their relationship is (with Jinx being an unstable Mad Bomber and Silco enabling her behavior so she'll help him with his cause), Jinx genuinely cares for Silco and vice versa.
  • Arthur: Francine Frensky and Muffy Crosswire noticeably have more interactions with and are generally closer to their fathers than with their mothers, with the latter being the typical wealthy daughter of a wealthy father, and the former being the tomboyish daughter of a Sanitation Engineer.
  • Bluey: Bluey Heeler is very much this. The Heeler family is generally very close, but it's clear through the way Bandit and Bluey interact that they especially connect, down to Bluey seeming to take after Bandit's tenacity as she likes to play with him while Bingo is taking after Chili's softer personality as she likes to do softer things. For example, season three's episode "Mini Bluey" establishes that Bluey is developing the same brashness and honesty that her father has, while Bingo is developing more politeness like her mother.
  • Bob's Burgers: Bob Belcher's daughters Louise and Tina both fit the role, to varying extents.
    • Despite her constantly sarcastic and often manipulative nature, youngest daughter Louise heavily admires and respects her father. The two share common interests (from riffing on late-night TV to watching cult-classic Japanese movies), Louise looks up to Bob enough to want to take over his restaurant when she's older (though she's quick to deny it when Bob notices), one of her biggest fears (if not her absolute biggest) is the possibility of growing apart from him in the future, and it's outright discussed (and agreed upon) between Louise's parents that she greatly prefers Bob and has since she was a baby. Louise's bond with Bob is among the most consistent ways for the hard-hearted Louise to show her softer side.
    • Eldest daughter Tina is also fairly close to Bob. While their interests don't quite overlap, Tina still holds a lot of respect for her father, although on the surface she's not as noticeably close to him as Louise (although it's clear that Bob cherishes both of his daughters the same). Considering Louise's trollish nature, Tina is the kid most likely to immediately support Bob, who notices and appreciates this.
  • Numbuh 86 from Codename: Kids Next Door despite her father being the villainous Mr. Boss.
  • A few in Danny Phantom. Damon Gray's relationship with Valerie is the biggest one in the series; one obviously filled with love and the show emphasizes that to its fullest. Paulina's father is more straightforward, even giving the If You Ever Do Anything to Hurt Her... speech to Danny. Considering his BIG build, it's best to stay on his good side. And of course Jack Fenton who has shown several scenes of adoration to his daughter (not that he ignores his son), so much to the point that Jazz's often obsessive personality may have been caused by Jack's influence—no matter how much she would deny it.
  • Gosalyn has shades of this regarding her adoptive father, Darkwing Duck. He's not quite as eager for her to follow in the family business. Notably, her tomboy traits predate her meeting him; this was greatly appreciated when she was Grandpa's Little Girl.
  • Webby from Ducktales 2017 has openly admired Scrooge her whole life and he has been an Honorary Uncle to her since late in the first season though neither of them were aware that they were biologically father and daughter until the finale.
  • Belinda, the mayor's daughter, on Ella the Elephant. She constantly mentions her father to the other characters, dotes on him, and is also fond of reminding the other characters that he's the mayor.
  • In the earliest episodes of Family Guy, Meg showed traits of this before becoming the Butt-Monkey we know her as now.
  • Pistol on Goof Troop just loves her daddy, Pete, mainly because he's willing to spoil her a lot of the time and lets her get away with bratty behavior her mother doesn't tolerate.
  • Mabel's relationship with her great-uncle Stan in Gravity Falls resembles this trope. Stan is gruff at first, but as the series progresses it becomes increasingly clear that she has him wrapped around her little finger.
  • Bizarrely enough, the otherwise utterly unloving Gaz from Invader ZIM. One day a year, she gets to hang out with her distant father, and she's not going to let Dib's alien-chasing obsession ruin that. For his part, Membrane is a lot closer to Gaz than he is to his "poor, insane son".
    Membrane: Sorry about imprisoning you and turning you into a media freak, honey! It was in the name of science and...hey, where's your brother?
    Gaz: He's in a pig world netherworld cleaning out toilets with his head.
    Membrane: (laughs) You're my funny child!
  • Jellystone!: This version of Augie Doggie gets a Gender Flip, and oh, does she adore her father - to the point of failing to recognize his approach to parenting even when he asks about it to her face.
  • Jem:
    • Clash is shown to be a huge Daddy's Girl. To quote her, her dad adores her. Pizzazz has an extremely rocky relationship with her father and is perplexed by the idea a father could adore his daughter.
    • While Jerrica and the others were close to their dad, Kimber was the closest and she is most scarred by his death as shown in "Father's Day". She becomes depressed and bitter on the first Father's Day after his death. When she shows up to a Father's Day banquet arm-in-arm with Pizzazz's father that makes Pizzazz more furious than almost anything else in the series (which is saying something because she's frequently mad)...
    • Ba Nee was obsessed with finding her presumably dead father that she never met. In the series finale, she's reunited with him and becomes one of these properly.
    • Pizzazz is an odd case in that she's a daddy's girl but also has a sour relationship with her father. He was hands-off and unaffectionate to her growing up and as adults, he is still distant, but Pizzazz is always trying to get his attention.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • Diamond Tiara is one of only two fillies paying attention to her dad's presentation during "Family Appreciation Day". Indeed, she hangs on his every word with an adoring look on her face.
    • Plaid Stripes. Her father basically forces Rarity to hire her, and when Applejack turns down her idea of "spoon clothes," she goes right to him, and he wastes no time giving Applejack an earful.
  • The Owl House:
    • While he's never seen onscreen, Skara is implied to have a very close relationship with her father. She proudly states how he spare no expense for her fifteenth birthday party, and later burst into tears when told by Hunter that she and the rest of the Flyer Derby team would be taken away from their friends and family forever.
    • Downplayed with Amity, given the treatment both Blight parents give their youngest, but "Reaching Out" confirms that she's closer to Alador than Odalia, studying the same kind of magic as him and wishing to win the Bonesborough Brawl partly in the hopes of being able to get closer to him. Heck, he taught Amity everything she knows. In "Clouds on the Horizon", she believes she and the twins have a better shot at convincing their father about Belos's evil plans than their mother. Not only is Amity correct that Alador believes her and is against it, but it turns out her mother already knew and was going along with it to get more power and wealth for their family. In "King's Tide," it's revealed Alador is the source of her nickname Mittens because when she was younger he would use his abomination magic to make her abomination "mittens" whenever she was cold.
  • In Peppermint Rose, Rose tries to bribe Buddy with a check from her father, and afterward notes it's the first time she's gotten out of trouble without her dad helping her.
  • Phineas and Ferb:
    • Vanessa to Doofenshmirtz. Their father-daughter relationship is somewhat strained, Doof being an incredibly embarrassing Knight Templar Parent who's divorced from Vanessa's mom, but she clearly cares a whole lot about him. Doofenshmirtz goes to crazy lengths to make his daughter happy, even if he's wrong about what would make her happy. The one slam dunk he made was finding a Mary MacGuffin doll for years after Vanessa had given up looking for one and she was so happy she sang a song about how he's "Not so bad a dad after all."
    • There are a handful of episodes that suggest that Candace has this relationship with her stepfather, Lawrence. They enter a father-daughter contest together and he teaches her to drive, among other situations. Unlike her mom, he doesn't think Candace is crazy and is actually aware of Phineas and Ferb's antics. He doesn't stop them, but she loves him anyway.
  • Margaret from Regular Show. The trope name is her phone's password and when we finally meet her father, they're shown to have been very close since she was a child.
  • Beth Smith from Rick and Morty is this for the most part and due to the nature of the series, its shown how unhealthy and destructive it can be both for oneself and your loved ones when mixed unresolved parental issues. Beth starts out willing to put up with Rick's antics and endangering her family out of fear of him leaving again, even choosing having him in her life over her marriage to Jerry. However, she suffers several Broken Pedestal moments over the series that makes her realize how toxic is this and becomes more assertive in placing limits on what Rick can and can't do especially in regards to her children and husband.
  • Though both her parents love her, Angelica Pickles from Rugrats appears to be closer to her father, Drew, possibly because he's around her more often than her mother, Charlotte.note  Drew is also more of a softy when it comes to his attempts at disciplining his daughter.
  • The Simpsons:
    • Lisa. While her father is a complete idiot and often manages to embarrass her, she still loves him no matter what. Examples: In "Lisa's Wedding", she stops her own wedding because her British fiance was disgusted with her family (that, and he wasn't wearing her father's cufflinks. Which look like pigs.). Homer even - not once, twice - sacrificed buying an air conditioner for his family to buy Lisa a new saxophone. And he sold his ride on the Duff Blimp to enter her in a beauty pageant when she was suffering from a lack of self-esteem. Several times, she comes to realize this and loves him back. The current page picture is from the ending of "Lisa's Wedding" when she reunited with him.
    • Maggie. In fact, her first spoken word throughout the series was "daddy". "And Maggie Makes Three" was very sweet when Homer was worried about having a third baby in the family, but the minute he saw her, she won his heart. Even more so since Maggie's been the only one who called him "daddy" as a baby instead of "Homer".
    • And let us not forget Maggie saving Homer's life by sniping Fat Tony and the rest of his crew when they came to whack him in "Poppa's Got A Brand New Badge".
  • Sofia the First: While Princess Amber was initially resentful of how her stepsister Princess Sofia was more liked than her by practically everyone, it didn't help matters she saw her father giving Sofia a family heirloom as a welcome gift.
  • On Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!, flashbacks show that Nova had this kind of relationship with the team's creator, the Alchemist.
  • Ilana from Sym-Bionic Titan. She talks about he used to call her "my darling" and goes through a slight Heroic BSoD when she has nightmares of him dying.
  • Teen Titans (2003) series:
    • The villain Killer Moth had a spoiled brat daughter named Kitten who interrupted his plans to conquer the city to make Robin take her to prom.
    • Trigon tried to hold this over Raven in the 4th season finale if only to make a cruel point that she's his biological daughter.
      Trigon: No matter what you do, you'll always be daddy's little girl.
  • Karai from the second Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series has a huge blind spot when it comes to her father, Oroku Saki (a.k.a. series Big Bad the Shredder), which overlaps with My Master, Right or Wrong; even knowing the full extent of his crimes, she'll try her damnedest to keep him from harm, even if that means fighting her friends.
  • Sasha Caylo from Titan Maximum. Like the Pizzazz example above, her father is also unable to deal with her bullshit and just throws money at her to keep her out of his hair.
  • Jessie from the The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest and her father Race adore each other.
  • In Winx Club, Stella and King Radius are very close despite Stella's distress over her parents' divorce. Radius is extremely indulgent to Stella (when he isn’t under a curse from a Wicked Stepmother), and Stella earns her Encahntix by almost sacrificing her life for him during an attack. She does not seem to be at all close to her mother.
    • Roxy and her father Klaus; they run the Fruitti Music Bar together and seem very close.

    Real Life 
  • Anne Frank said in her diary that she was closer to her father than her mother. She even gave her father a nickname, which she uses to refer to him as in the diary — Pim.
  • Catholic scholar Michael Novak shares a great affection with his daughter Jana and they have co-written several books.
  • Journalist Lucinda Franks, who wrote a book called "My Father's Secret War" researching her father's experience as a spy in World War II. In her case, it was the book that made her a Daddy's Girl because he had been too much of a Shell-Shocked Veteran for her to like, and she hadn't understood why until then.
  • While the Gilbreth parents loved all of their twelve children, Cheaper by the Dozen mentions that Frank Gilbreth was very close with their first four daughters, despite his wish for a son, affectionately dubbing them his "harem".
  • King George VI, father to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, had a genuine and well-documented affection for both of his daughters (as shown most touchingly in The King's Speech). Queen Elizabeth adored her father; she gets her sense of duty from him, in particular, and their monarchies have certain key qualities in common.
  • Henry VIII's daughters, Mary I and Elizabeth I, both desperately wanted to be this. Mary was this for the early portion of her life, when her parents were still happily married and she was her father's only legitimate heir. After Elizabeth was born, she had the spot for a time. Then it went back to Mary again for a while, and so forth and so on (of course, Henry's real favorite was his son Edward, but Mary and Elizabeth also both adored their baby brother so there wasn't nearly as much rivalry there).
  • Grace "Daisy" Dupee Allen, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain's daughter, was this. He would write letters to her while serving in the war, and she would organize his papers on his desk if he left them unorganized.
  • Paris Jackson, second child and only daughter of Michael Jackson. She's his biggest fan and his biggest defender; she often vehemently defends her father against attacks from random people on Twitter (and recently, against certain members of their own family as well) and proudly showed off a picture of the numerous photos of her father she has on the wall above her bed.
  • Frank Sinatra's daughters Nancy and Tina, to the point where he helped them both break into the entertainment business (mostly in the case of the former; he had a hit song with her in '67).
  • Emperor Franz Josef I's second daughter (and eldest surviving child), Archduchess Gisela. Franz Josef had some keepsakes from all of his kids and his most treasured one was a poem written for him by a young Gisela one Christmas. He's also said to have personally made sure that his "darling girl" got the best available prospect groom among any men with enough noble blood to marry her - this groom being her second cousin and Warrior Prince Leopold of Bavaria.
  • Victoria, Princess Royal (who was the oldest daughter of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert) soon became her father's favorite child, became fully devoted to him in return and was devastated by his sudden death when he was only 42 years old. "Vicky" got married to Prince Frederick of Prussia, who was to become the emperor of Germany, and she would never stop trying to push her beloved father's more liberal ideals on her new country, even though her husband was her only supporter in that regard.
  • Academic and feminist scholar/critic, Camille Paglia, has frequently attributed her confidence, strength, and powerful demeanor to the close relationship she had with her tough but loving father.
  • Donald Trump's three oldest children agreed in a TV interview that Ivanka was his favorite, while she continues to call him "daddy" into adulthood. After he took office as President, this has led to charges of nepotism since she and her husband moved into the White House with him.
  • Meghan McCain, daughter of Arizona Senator and former Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain, even more apparent after his passing in 2018 after a lengthy battle with cancer. If you watch her on The View, you can see her love for her father is palpable.


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