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"I love the smell of fear in a newsroom."
Perry White, Lois & Clark

The Intrepid Reporter's boss. Gruff and authoritarian, frequently a Cigar Chomper, often seen with his jacket off and his sleeves rolled up. Is fond of both shouting at his reporters over any conceivable pretext and passionately defending them (and the newspaper) from any threats to the freedom of the press.

Has a lot of overlap in personality and plot function (and surprisingly often appearance) with Da Chief. (But if he's Perry White, don't call him "Chief"!)

The School Newspaper Newshound is a frequent variant seen in many episodic TV series.



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    Across Multiple Media 

  • J. Jonah Jameson, editor of the Daily Bugle, in Spider-Man and its spin-offs and adaptations in various media, with the J. K. Simmons portrayal from the Raimi trilogy being the image most associated with him.
  • Perry White, editor of the Daily Planet, in Superman and its numerous spin-offs and adaptations in various media. In Supergirl story arc Bizarrogirl, Perry is seen ordering his workforce around, asking eyewitness accounts, giving instructions and asking where are both Jimmy Olsen and his coffee.

    Comic Books 

  • René Goscinny gets caricatured as this in the Achille Talon comic books. There is a "No!" sign permanently fixed to his desk and he does not hesitate to attack his subordinates with an axe if they don't deliver on schedule or are caught slacking off.
  • Virtually all of Vic Sage's bosses in The Question.
  • Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman: The version of Perry White in "Girls' Day Out" retains his strict way of running things, but has definitely had a character alteration for the sake of continuing the Running Gag of Wondy only getting questions about her love life and appearance from reporters as he sends Lois Lane a long list of fluff questions she "must ask Wonder Woman".
  • Superman: Perry White is much more kind than most examples to his employees, but he's still tough, strict, and often angry though that anger is usually directed outside the Daily Planet Jimmy Olsen's less thought out actions can set him off.
  • Despite technically being based on the cartoon that preceded it, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures had its own separate Da Editor figure in Murdock Maxwell, who fires April at the beginning of her spin-off mini-series.
  • Mitchell "Where's my fucking column" Royce in Transmetropolitan, City Editor of The Word. Slightly unusual in that he heads a section rather than being Editor In Chief. Gets A Day in the Limelight in the issue "Two-Fisted Editor".
    Let me tell you how it is. You gather the evidence and write stories. That's what you do. That's your job. I'm an editor. That means I do everything else.




  • Technically, William de Worde in Discworld books following The Truth should be this. In practice he refuses to give up being an Intrepid Reporter himself. And as Pterry says, since he invented journalism, who's going to tell him he's not supposed to? Later books refer to his apparent ability to write articles as if his bottom was stuffed with tweed despite still being a young man.
  • Aravena from Eva Luna.
  • Mr. DeWitt in the Penny Parker series.
  • Whodunit Mysteries has Josh's editor at the Sentinel. He is loud and demanding in forcing him to go and dig up new info on stories.
    Editor: Now get out there before I make you into the next big murder case!

     Live Action TV  
  • Burnistoun: The editor of The Burnistoun Herald is burly, bald and mustacioed. He's gruff and demanding of his subordinates, but he's also very dim, so his suggestions often don't make much sense.
  • Donald Stern from The Chronicle. Basically Perry White merged with Zed from Men in Black.
  • Paris Geller during half the junior year in Gilmore Girls for the Yale Daily News; one of the rare examples where the staff overthrow her for being overly authoritarian.
  • House of Cards (US) gives us Tom Hammerschmidt, managing editor at The Washington Herald until he gets fired as a result of using dirty language to insult Zoe Barnes. He then becomes a freelance reporter, and after a lengthy absence through seasons 2 and 3, returns in season 4 with the backing of the Herald to expose President Underwood's corrupt political activities.
  • Tony Vincenzo, editor for the Independent News Service (a wire service), and Carl Kolchak's immediate boss in Kolchak: The Night Stalker.
  • Perry White of Lois & Clark is the tough occasionally shouty editor of the Daily Planet.
  • Lou Grant, of The Mary Tyler Moore Show and its spin-off Lou Grant.
  • Our Miss Brooks: The local newspaper editor causes trouble for Miss Brooks in "Cafeteria Boycott".
  • Kat from Persons Unknown is a rare female example of this.
  • Lynda Day from Press Gang.
  • Cameron Foster, editor of the Herald, in State of Play.
  • Too Close for Comfort: In the Ted Knight Show-era episodes (from 1986), main protagonists Henry and Muriel Rush are part-owners of the Marin Bugler, a weekly newspaper. Ted is the editor and Muriel is a photographer.
  • Mitchell Ellison in Daredevil (2015) is editor-in-chief of the New York Bulletin. In season 1, he clashes regularly with Ben Urich over what will sell papers. In season 2, he becomes a mentor to Karen Page as she digs into Frank Castle's past.

     Video Games  

  • The Bonga Bugle editor in Final Fantasy Tactics A2 combines this with Miles Gloriosus, bragging about his physical prowess but frequently requiring your protection—then making himself out to be the hero in the resulting news reports.
  • Akiyoshi Zaizen in Our Two Bedroom Story is the chief editor over several publications at the protagonist's workplace, responsible for keeping the various difficult personalities of his employees in line. He's strict and stern enough that the protagonist and her colleagues have nicknamed him "the Growler."


     Western Animation  

  • Pablo plays this role in The Backyardigans episode "Front Page News!".
  • The Captain Caveman shorts on The Flintstone Comedy Show featured Lou Granite, editor-in-chief of The Daily Granite.
  • Diamond Tiara in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic plays this role when she's appointed editor-in-chief of the school paper in "Ponyville Confidential".
  • The director of the Channel 6 news team, Burne Thompson, in the '80s/'90s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon. His somewhat fluctuating attitude towards the Turtles and constant pestering of his underlings for news stories led to April occasionally being at odds with him.


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