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An index of tropes dealing with a character's job or work environment.

Note: If a job is related to one of the listed sub-categories, list it on that index instead of here.

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  • Authority Tropes: Bosses, executives, managers, supervisors, and anyone else in a leadership position who's in charge of ordering employees and subordinates around.
  • Circus Index: Entertainers who perform as part of circus troupes.
    • Clown Tropes: Those goofy circus performers who wear garish clothes and makeup.
  • Cops and Detectives: Law enforcement / police officers and professional crime investigators.
  • Countryside Index: Includes some tropes about farmers and agricultural laborers.
  • The Courtroom Index: Judges and lawyers whose job is to handle legal affairs in the criminal justice system.
  • Criminals: Career crooks who make a living by breaking the law in hopes of illegally acquiring money.
  • Doctor Index: Physicians, nurses, (para)medics, and other medical personnel one can find in any clinic or hospital.
  • Eating Establishments: Restaurant staff, including the owners/managers and cooks, waiters, etc. who serve up food for a living.
    • Nightlife Index: Includes some tropes about bartenders who serve alcohol at bars, pubs, nightclubs, and restaurants.
  • Hired Guns: Professional mercenaries who are paid to fight and get their hands dirty (with blood) for the highest bidder.
  • Hotel Tropes: Some people are employed at hotels, motels, inns, and other temporary lodging facilities for travelers.
  • I Need an Index by Monday: White-collar professionals working in a typical office setting.
  • Index of Industry: Laborers who work in construction or manufacturing, often in some kind of factory or other industrial facility.
  • Index of Pupils and Protégés: Disciples and students who are undergoing education or training in some sort of field.
  • Military and Warfare Tropes: Soldiers and warriors who are members of some sort of armed forces, whose job is to fight wars under their leaders' command.
  • News Tropes: Journalists, reporters, anchors, and other people whose job is to write about or discuss current events for the news media.
  • The Oldest Profession: Prostitutes, strippers, and other sex workers who sell their bodies for satisfying others' sexual pleasures.
  • Politics Tropes: Politicians, bureaucrats, and other government officials who are responsible for running political affairs of the state.
    • Royalty and Nobility Tropes: Monarchs and other aristocrats who directly inherit titles of political authority through legally enshrined nepotism.
  • Religion Tropes: Includes multiple tropes about priests and other clergy members who are devoted full-time to preaching their religious beliefs to other people.
  • Schoolteachers: Educators who teach school curriculum to students in a classroom.
  • Servant Tropes: Laborers whose job is to help assist their employer by doing some sort of unglamorous work for them.
    • A Slave to the Index: When they were never given a free choice about being forced to serve their masters, often for little or no reward.
  • Show Business: Careers in the entertainment media industry.
    • Movie-Making Index: Cast and crew members involved in film or television production.
    • Music Tropes: Singers, instrumentalists, composers, and other musicians.
  • Sports Tropes: Professional athletes who compete in sporting events.
  • This Index Knows What It's Talking About: These people are skilled experts in their given field.
    • Mentor Index: Experienced masters who teach apprentices on how to do something.
  • Tropes for Sale: Merchants, salesmen, and other workers whose job is to directly sell consumer products to costumers; often in some sort of marketplace, retail store, or shopping center.
    • Grocery Store Index: Retail workers who are employed at grocery stores, selling food and other household products.
  • Tropes on Science and Unscience: Research scientists and academic scholars who study and experiment for the pursuit of furthering knowledge in some sort of field.

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