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An index of tropes dealing with a character's job or work environment.

Note: If a job is related to one of the listed sub-categories, list it on that index instead of here.

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  • Authority Tropes: Bosses, executives, managers, supervisors, and anyone else in a leadership position who's in charge of ordering subordinate employees around.
  • Big Trope Hunting: Professional hunters who make their living off of chasing down animals or people to capture them (dead or alive), often for monetary rewards or other personal benefits.
  • Bushido Index: Samurai, the feudal warrior-nobility of medieval and early-modern Japan.
  • Circus Index: Entertainers who perform as part of circus troupes.
  • Class Relations Index: People's ranking in the socioeconomic hierarchy depends on how much income they make from their respective jobs and on how much status those jobs command.
  • Clown Tropes: Those goofy circus performers who wear garish clothes and makeup.
  • Cops and Detectives: Law enforcement / police officers and professional crime investigators.
  • Countryside Index: Includes some tropes about farmers and agricultural laborers.
  • The Courtroom Index: Judges and lawyers whose job is to handle legal affairs in the criminal justice system.
  • Con Man: Confidence tricksters (or con artists/men/women) are professional fraudsters and white-collar criminals who fool and scam people out of their money.
  • Criminals: Career crooks who make a living by breaking the law in hopes of illegally acquiring money.
  • Doctor Index: Physicians, nurses, (para)medics, and other medical personnel one can find in any clinic or hospital.
  • Eating Establishments: Restaurant staff, including the owners/managers and cooks, waiters, etc. who serve up food for a living.
  • Espionage Tropes: Professional spies, whose jobs revolve around obtaining confidential information and engaging in other kinds of shady, secretive activities. They often work as covert agents or informants for some sort of (usually government-affiliated) organization, such as a civilian/military/police intelligence agency.
  • Fashion and Modeling Tropes: People who make a living making and/or showcasing fashion.
  • Grocery Store Index: Retail workers who are employed at grocery stores, selling food and other household products.
  • Hired Guns: Mercenaries, security guards, and other private contractors whose jobs typically revolve around being hired to carry weapons and engage in various (il)legal, risky, or violent actions on behalf of their clients, especially to attack or protect people and their property.
  • Hocus Tropus: Practitioners of fake magic tricks who perform for an audience.
  • Hotel Tropes: Some people are employed at hotels, motels, inns, and other temporary lodging facilities for travelers.
  • I Need an Index by Monday: White-collar professionals working in a typical office setting.
  • Index of Industry: Laborers who work in construction or manufacturing, often in some kind of factory or other industrial facility.
  • Index of Pupils and Protégés: Students and apprentices who are undergoing education or training in some sort of field.
  • Mail and Delivery Tropes: Postal services and delivery-people who transport goods and communiques.
  • Make My Index Live!: Mad scientists who engage in morally dubious experiments, less for the sake of science and more to satisfy their egotistical curiosities.
  • Master of the Index: These people are very good at whatever they do for a living, if not some of the best experts in their given field.
  • Mentor Index: Experienced masters who train apprentices on how to do something.
  • Military and Warfare Tropes: Soldiers and warriors who are members of some sort of armed forces, whose job is to fight wars under their leaders' command.
  • Movie-Making Index: Cast and crew members involved in film or television production.
  • Music Tropes: Singers, instrumentalists, composers, and other musicians.
  • News Tropes: Journalists, reporters, anchors, columnists and other people whose job is to write about or discuss current events for the news media.
  • Nightlife Index: Includes tropes about bartenders who serve alcohol at bars, pubs, nightclubs, and restaurants.
  • The Oldest Profession: Prostitutes, strippers, and other sex workers who sell their bodies for satisfying others' sexual pleasures.
  • Organized Crime Tropes: Gangsters and mobsters who work for criminal groups that behave like illegal businesses, running all kinds of rackets and trading in the Black Market for profit.
  • Pirate Tropes: Outlaws whose way of living is based around piracy (whether in the seas, skies or space), through hijacking and robbing merchant vessels that pass by.
  • Politics Tropes: Politicians, bureaucrats, and other government officials who are responsible for running political affairs of the state.
  • Poverty Tropes: Poor people either have very low-paying jobs or are currently unemployed from any (full- or part-time) job.
  • Religion Tropes: Includes multiple tropes about priests and other clergy members who are devoted full-time to preaching their religious beliefs to other people.
  • Rich People: They obviously have very well-paying jobs, often through holding a high-ranking position in their company or organization.
  • Royalty and Nobility Tropes: Monarchs and other aristocrats who directly inherit titles of political authority through legally enshrined nepotism.
  • Schoolteachers: Educators who teach school curriculum to students in a classroom.
  • Servant Tropes: Laborers whose job is to help assist their employer by doing some sort of unglamorous housework for them.
  • Show Business: Careers in the entertainment and media industry.
  • Sir Index of Tropes: Knights, the feudal warrior-nobility of medieval and early modern Europe.
  • A Slave to the Index: When they were never given a free choice about being forced to serve their masters, often for little or no reward.
  • Sports Tropes: Professional athletes who compete in sporting contests and games.
  • Steal This Index: Professional thieves whose "income" is derived entirely from forcibly seizing other people's money or property.
  • These Tropes Have Been Promoted: Moving up a rank in the hierarchy of one's profession.
  • This Index Knows What It's Talking About: These people are skilled experts in their given field.
  • Tropes at Sea: Includes various tropes about maritime occupations, such as civilian sailors employed to work on private merchant ships, naval personnel conducting military operations at sea, or outlaw pirates who hijack and rob ships for a living.
  • Tropes for Sale: Merchants, salesmen, and other workers whose job is to directly sell consumer products or services to costumers; often in some sort of marketplace, retail store, or shopping center.
  • Tropes on Science and Unscience: Scholars and scientists who conduct research and experiments for the pursuit of furthering knowledge in some sort of academic field, and who often teach in a university.
  • Wrestling Tropes: Professional/sport wrestlers who grapple in the ring.

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