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Lunatic Fringe book cover

"Being a wolf is a kind of magic. You don’t force it. It’s part of you. It’s effortless. I want my gender to be the same way. A synergy, a harmony so tight you can’t even tell it’s a bunch of different notes smooshed together.”

Tales of the Pack is a book series written by Allison Moon featuring a pack of lesbian werewolves.

Lunatic Fringe, the first book of the series, introduces the series protagonist Lexie Clarion as she enrolls in Milton College. She befriends a group of radical lesbian werewolf-hunters, and soon after, she falls for a mysterious woman who may be among the hunted.

Not to be confused with a certain WWE Superstar named Dean Ambrose who goes by the nickname of The Lunatic Fringe.

The second book, Hungry Ghost, was published in April 2013. The story continues to follow Lexie as she takes a leadership role in the Pack and leads a battle against Milton's violent pack of full-bloods.



  • Does Not Like Men: The alpha of the Pack, Blythe, clearly and proudly declares this.

Alternative Title(s): Lunatic Fringe


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