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When faced with the taboo topic of incest, most people would be understandably Squicked out. But for some reason, a number of fictional characters tend to have an inappropriate sort of love for family members that they're not really bothered by. For the sake of drama and tension, this sort of love tends to be mutual in order for the creator to find a way to make things interesting.

But not everyone in Fictionland is perfectly fine with jumping into bed with relatives. After all, there are reasonable people in Fictionland. This type of characters have to fend off the disturbing advances of the younger sibling who wishes to become their spouse, the way too touchy uncle, the hot cousin who loves making them feel uncomfortable, the mother or father who's interested in them in all the wrong ways, or whichever other relative has a depraved opinion of them.


This sort of relationship dynamic can either be used for Black Comedy or Played for Drama. The latter case tends to overlap with Villainous Incest if ever this has contributed to issues caused by a character's past (especially if the creepy relative managed to "have their way with them"). This can also be used as a darker take on a Sibling Yin-Yang or with any Long-Lost Relative reveal involving a villain and hero.

Take note, this does not apply if the object of incestuous affection is unaware of the attraction. The entire point of this is a character who's repulsed by their relative's inappropriate attraction to them.



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     Anime & Manga 



     Live-Action TV 
  • Game of Thrones:
  • In a recent episode of Criminal Minds, one UnSub whose victims were daughters of wealthy figures has actually been projecting the image of his older stepsister onto said victims. Garcia finds out by digging through his background that he was in love with the daughter of his mother's second husband and was often being overly affectionate with her even though she was clearly uncomfortable. This ended up driving him insane after her death, which caused him to go after young women who resembled her in an attempt to recreate the last moments of her life.

     Mythology And Religion 
  • Happens a lot in Classical Mythology. One example is the story of how Arion was conceived. Poseidon was pursuing his sister Demeter, who would keep fleeing from him. She transformed into a mare in order to escape faster. Unfortunately, Poseidon managed to transform into a stallion and caught up to then raped her.
  • In The Bible, Amnon was heavily attracted to his half-sister Tamar. When he managed to get the two of them alone together, he tried to coerce her into having sex with him. Tamar protested and he eventually raped her, which would later indirectly cause him to get murdered by Absalom.
  • Byblis from The Metamorphoses is in love with her twin Kaunos. When she confessed her feelings, he became (rightfully) disgusted.

     Video Games 
  • BlazBlue: In the gag scenarios, Jin shows signs of being attracted (in a humorously creepy way) towards his own brother Ragna, who always tries to rid him off in obvious disgust.
  • Can occur in Crusader Kings II if a character is rebuffed from attempting to seduce a relative (the game's opportunities for incest are of memetic proportions).
  • The Sims 3 makes flirty interactions between second cousins and cousins once removed possible, due to the game not recognizing these types of familial connections. A possible result is a scenario similar to the above Crusader Kings II example. The same thing can also happen to Sims who as children, were taken out of their family's household and adopted into another one. Though this is arguably more of a case of Surprise Incest.

     Web Comics 
  • Sexy Losers has Kenta's Horny Mom. And, a gender-reversed version of the storyline that takes a turn for the dark...

     Web Original 


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