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Rape and Revenge

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"This woman has just cut, chopped, broken, and burned five men beyond recognition... but no jury in America would ever convict her! I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE ...An act of revenge!"

The character, or someone close to the character, has been raped. And now it's time to settle the score. It might develop into a Roaring Rampage of Revenge or Ax-Crazy vigilantism, but it might also take a far more sophisticated turn.

In a way, it is an inversion of Honor-Related Abuse, making sure that it is the attacker rather than the victim who is Defiled Forever. Rape and revenge accepts the premise that rape constitutes permanent destruction, but adds the idea that it's not necessarily the victim who gets destroyed. She can avert being Defiled Forever by defiling her abuser back... or maybe it will turn into a black hole where everyone is damned.

In most cases, of course, the one carrying out the revenge is the victim, but not always. This Trope also covers times where a sibling, spouse, or pretty much any other close relation of the victim decides to track the rapist down.

Vengeance for violation is a subset of "Crime Pursued by Vengeance," one of the situations found in Georges Polti's Thirty Six Dramatic Situations.

For rape as revenge, see Karmic Rape.

By the way, we need to mention something really important: although many stories involve cops, judges, or juries simply looking the other way, the type of pre-meditated manhunts that are standard to this trope would be seen as murder by an actual, real court of law. As a result, we must ask you No Real Life Examples, Please! noreallife

Examples of revenge by the victim:

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     Anime & Manga 
  • Berserk:
  • Happened in Black Butler through the younger Phantomhive twin's backstory. After being gang-raped, tortured, and watching his brother die, the first thing he did was order Sebastian to massacre his captors. This gets mildly deconstructed, as the violent revenge became part of his trauma, and he suffers flashbacks when witnessing similar violence.
  • A Cruel God Reigns: Jeremy eventually gets revenge for the 6 months of sexual and physical abuse his stepfather put him through by wrecking the brakes on his car. Unfortunately, it also kills his mother and turns his life into a living hell.
  • Don't Meddle with My Daughter!: In the "MILF of Steel" arc, Athena is defeated by Heavy Metal, one of her old enemies, for the second time. He then spends half of the story raping her, while gloating about the first time he and the rest of her enemies did it to her 20 years ago. But when he muses that her daughter could be his, Athena turns around in mid-coitus and tells him he's wrong. She had already given her virginity to her husband and was pregnant with his child, before the rape incident. Having set the record straight, Athena tightens her legs around his waist and uses her immense strength to crush his spine.
  • Suboshi tries to rape Miaka in Fushigi Yuugi because his Love Interest Yui was raped (or so she thinks), and blames it on Miaka for not answering her calls for help and obsessing over Tamahome, whom Yui also liked. In actuality, the only reason Miaka didn't help Yui was that she couldn't hear Yui from outside of the book after changing out of her school uniform.
  • How Sakurai is introduced in Gantz. After being forced to sexually please his school bullies (among other forms of bullying) and botching a suicide attempt, Sakata introduces himself and teaches Sakurai psychic abilities for the purpose of killing his bullies. Sakurai spends two days at home honing his new powers before returning to school to kill them without incriminating himself in their murders, though the bullies still manage to force him to perform fellatio on a PE teacher first.
  • As the main plot, Asagami Fujino takes violent revenge on the gang of hoodlums who've repeatedly raped her in the third movie of The Garden of Sinners.
  • This is the premise of Redo of Healer. Protagonist Keyaru is enslaved and put through absolute hell by the three "heroes" he threw in with, up to and including being raped. What makes the series so controversial is how this Villain Protagonist chooses to take vengeance for this — by doing it right back to them.
  • Shadow Star:
    • After the infamous "test tube" incident at the hands of Aki Honda and her vicious Girl Posse, Lonely Rich Kid Hiroko Kaizuka gets her hands on one of the series' Shadow Dragons and proceeds to take violent revenge upon the Girl Posse in what proves to be her Start of Darkness. The absolute worst death of the entire rampage is reserved for Aki Honda herself, who gets raped with the Shadow Dragon's clawed finger before being ripped in half.
    • And much later in the manga, another girl, Mamiko Kuri, unleashes her Shadow Dragon on several thugs who've just raped her. Although the "revenge" part may be debatable, since she didn't exactly look upset or even moved by the rape and was on her way to wipe out all humanity anyway. Oh, and all three of the mentioned rape victims are 12-13-year-old girls. Yeah. Shadow Star is fucked up.

     Comic Books 
  • Arawn: Siamh was raped by Bran after he killed her husband Dag. She immediately killed him after freeing herself..
  • The Authority: During the Renegade Doctor arc, said incarnation of the Doctor went back in time during his fight with the Engineer to sexually assault her in high school, then returned with a Post-Rape Taunt. In a mix of this and type 2, the Engineer and Apollo took advantage of the Renegade's gaining the other Doctors' power of empathy to behead him.
  • Batman: Batman: No Man's Land has a story where it's implied that when Clayface captured Poison Ivy, he forced himself on her. Ivy, once she's freed, gets revenge on Clayface and even mocks his pleas for mercy considering he ignored hers.
  • Conqueror of the Barren Earth: After Zhengla captures Jinal, he appears to rape her, although it is not completely clear. After that, he enslaves her, until she declares her love for him. The two of them then team up to conquer the world. At the moment of their complete victory, however, she shoots and kills him. Was that for revenge, which she does claim, or because she wanted to rule alone without sharing power? Probably both. It is also an unusual example, in that her repeated declarations of love for him appear to be unfeigned, or at least not altogether insincere. When she realizes that he has not died from her gunshot, her immediate reaction appears to be relief, and she rushes to his side. When she realizes that he has only moments to live, she holds his hand and promises that she will carry on their work. She seems to have simultaneously loved him, hated him, and used him as a means to an end.
  • Fables: This is Snow White's backstory. There's a damned good reason why Snow does not take kindly to anybody mentioning the Seven Dwarfs.
  • The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Captain Nemo's daughter Janni (who is also Jenny Diver from The Threepenny Opera) initially runs away from her birthright as a pirate queen to work in a greasy spoon in London, where she is gang-raped by depraved, misogynistic customers. Cue the total devastation of the London waterfront when she calls in the Nautilus and takes command.
  • Robyn Hood: Robyn returns to find the man that raped her, first killing his two best friends and then seemingly killing his father before confronting him. He shocks her by revealing that he had forgotten who she was and that him raping her was not even worth remembering. She drags him outside and kills him as well. When leaving, she confronts two police officers and attacks them, but realizes that although they were complicit in her rape, they are not exactly guilty, either. Instead, she gets them to call the sheriff in for backup (he was partially responsible for a lack of justice in her case). She kills him and then leaves.
  • Spider-Man: Kevin Smith's Spider-Man/Black Cat: The Evil That Men Do controversially gave this as Black Cat's origin, via Retcon. However, it's subverted in that she didn't actually get revenge on her rapist, as he died in a car accident before she could kill him.
  • Swamp Thing: Issue seven of Brian K. Vaughan's run uses the "revenge on behalf of the victim" variant, where Tefé realizes that her assumption that the band Arcane wouldn't harm their underage fan Georgie Weiss just because it was a coincidence the band's name was the same as her evil great-uncle's surname resulted in Georgie suffering an Implied Rape from all of the band members. In retaliation, Tefé tortures the band by using her powers to worsen the effects of the drugs in their systems and, it's implied, cause unspeakable damage to their genitalia.
  • X-Men: At the end of Chuck Austen's heinously bad Church of Humanity arc in Uncanny X-Men, we find that this entire arc was an elaborate revenge scheme headed up by the leader of the aforementioned church, who was previously a Catholic nun who'd been raped by a priest and wanted to destroy the Catholic Church in retaliation, annihilate mutantkind just because she hated them, and set herself up as a sort of messiah to prove her importance all in one fell swoop.
  • The Walking Dead: The Governor rapes Michonne repeatedly. As soon as she escapes, she puts him through the most terrifying torture scene of the series, but doesn't have the time to finish him off.

     Fan Works 
  • In the Overlord (2012) fanfic The Cardinal of Sin, agents of the Slane Theocracy capture Aura, torturing her via rape to try and make her give up information on Ainz's forces. When she's rescued and it's discovered what was done to her, an enraged Ainz declares war on the Theocracy, intending to conquer the nation and wipe out their leadership in retaliation, with all those directly involved in what was done to Aura singled out so that she can take revenge on them personally.
  • Batman fic The Doctors and the Nurses, They Adore Me So by Lauralot features a male example in such a way that involves badassery, squick, and no small amount of woobie-ism when the results are unsatisfying. As if Jonathan Crane's life wasn't bad enough already.
  • In Familiar47's Invader Zim fan-series, this is part of his character Skullene's backstory: after failing to assassinate Tallest Red, she was sent to prison, where Admiral Rizz (one of the Tallest's lackeys) repeatedly raped her, for the fun of it. Eventually, she had enough, broke free during one of Rizz's "visits", killed him, and then proceeded to kill everyone else who worked in the prison, because they all knew what Rizz was doing to her and did nothing to stop him.
  • In the Law & Order: UK story "Ghosts", Alesha's rapist is released from prison and soon ends up murdered, causing the team to fear that Matt (her fiancé in this universe) has invoked this trope. He hasn't, but it turns out that the husband of another one of his victims has.
  • In the Pony POV Series 7 Dreams/Nightmares Gaiden story, Patch ends up brainwashed by Film Critique, a Pegasus abusing the blue shard (Laughter) of the Rainbow of Light. She's put in his harem and raped repeatedly (along with the rest of his brainwashed harem) while under his spell. When she finally gets free, she responds by stealing his shard, shooting him in the leg, then locking him in a room with his now unbrainwashed harem, who hack him to pieces with swords. Her friend Melody later says (well, writes) that Critique got exactly what he deserved.
  • A flashback in RWBY: Scars depicts this. After his daughter Neo was assaulted, Roman decided to enact revenge on the guy who did it. He tied a naked Augustus up, threw him in his car trunk, and drove him out somewhere obscure. Roman beat Augustus up and then let Neo torture him to death with a knife. This is implied to be the first of many murders convicted by Neo as she eventually joined her dad's "job" in the criminal underbelly. While hiding from the man whose son they had killed, Cinder comes knocking at their door and forces Roman to work with her, which shows why Roman and Neo are a part of the storyline.
  • Kid and Soul pull this off after what happens to Maka in the Soul Eater fanfiction Scars and Stitches.
  • In Their Bond, Princess Zelda's kingdom has been at war with Ganondorf's army for years. Unknown to most, Ganondorf also tortured Zelda for years on end, physically, sexually, and mentally. Zelda is the one who kills Ganondorf with her bare hands, putting an end to the several-year war.
  • In the Star Wars fic Therapy, Princess Leia shoots an Imperial prisoner in what seems like cold blood. He was a prisoner of the rebels, but they don't want to be seen as executing people without due process. People start yelling for Leia to be punished and even Luke can't understand his sister's actions. After getting her away from the crowd, though, Han coaxes Luke off for a private chat. He reveals that the man Leia shot had raped her while they were being held at Bespin. Luke is shocked and more understanding, though he doesn't completely condone her actions. Han says he would have killed the guy slowly, but Leia recognized him first. And, he says that maybe it was better that way because it let her start to put the incident behind her and move on.
  • Some of the Palace members in With Pearl and Ruby Glowing got revenge on their rapists, such as Mercury Black burning down his house to kill his abusive father. In other cases, their friends or family did the honors; Duncan beat up Courtney's jealous classmates for assaulting her, and Stan Pines killed the Gnome Gang because they gang-raped Mabel.
  • Bury Me in Your Memories, a My Hero Academia fic has Midoriya and Aizawa kidnapped and Midoriya raped by a kidnapper. A little later, Midoriya gets free from the restraints put on him and when he and Aizawa catch up with the rapist as they’re escaping, Midoriya flat out beats the guy to death.

     Films — Live-Action 
  • In Act of Vengeance, five women raped by the same man team up to take revenge on their rapist, and any other rapists they can get their hands on.
  • American Mary combines this with Body Horror. In the second half of the film, Mary, a medical student who has become an in-demand surgeon in the body modification scene, gets date raped by a professor, and responds by kidnapping him and using him as a test subject for all of the surgeries she performs professionally.
  • American Me: During a stint in Juvie, Santana is raped by another boy under threat of getting shivved. Afterward, he immediately retaliates against his rapist and kills him with his own knife. This earns Santana notoriety but also gets him convicted of murder and his sentence (initially for robbery) extended by years.
  • Asian School Girls: After four Asian schoolgirls are drugged and gang-raped by members of a crime syndicate, they train to hunt them down and exact revenge.
  • Another Exploitation Film, Axe!, also features this trope as a central theme.
  • In Bad Reputation, a Shrinking Violet is gang-raped by Jerk Jocks at a party, then humiliated and labeled the "school slut" by a Girl Posse. After her mother and the school guidance counselor prove unsympathetic (to the point of basically blaming her), she completely snaps, and decides to get even as a Femme Fatale.
  • Big Driver: After being raped and Left for Dead by the eponymous 'Big Driver', Tess turns detective to track him down and exact revenge.
  • In Deliverance, Bobby is the first to agree to bury the dead rapist mainly for this reason.
  • In The Demoniacs, two women who survive being raped by Salvage Pirates make a Deal with the Devil to gain the power to take revenge on their attackers.
  • In Descent, the main character Maya is raped at the beginning of the movie. This act was done by someone who was initially a nice guy and potential love interest. Cue the inevitable downfall of everything that was right in her world. That is, UNTIL she invites her rapist back over to her place. He thinks he's coming for a good time, but she has other plans in mind: having him tied to a bed and raped by another man while she watches with utter hatred in her eyes.
  • The central plot in Paul Verhoeven's film Elle, starred by Isabelle Huppert, is the eponymous character's search for her rapist to have revenge. It is also considered a comedy.
  • The main plot of Even Lambs Have Teeth. After being kidnapped and used as Sex Slaves, Katie and Sloan escape and hacking a bloody swath of revenge through those who abused them.
  • Everly: Evelyn was gang-raped just prior to the start of the film. She almost immediately gets a hidden gun and shoots all of them. The rest of the film is spent with her fighting against Taiko, who'd ordered it and also made her a sex slave (thus subject to many other rapes offscreen). She eventually kills him as well.
  • In the 1986 Australian film Fair Game, the protagonist Jessica is hunted by three vicious kangaroo poachers. When they catch her, they "skin" her by tearing off her clothes, rape her, and tie her to their truck. Then Jessica gets pissed and turns their sadistic game around on them by setting traps to immobilize them and then killing them.
  • A female-on-female example of this is Five Across the Eyes, where a psychotic woman tortures five teenage girls through means that include sexually humiliating them and violating them with objects like a screwdriver and a shotgun. They avenge themselves by stabbing her to death with a screwdriver and then setting her on fire.
  • A rare non-horror example is the classic blaxploitation flick Foxy Brown.
  • The General's Daughter has a more long-range version of this trope: the titular young woman was gang-raped during an exercise while she was training in West Point and her father decided to help sweep the whole thing under the rug for the sake of advancing his career. This made her snap and spent the rest of her life (and military career) secretly seducing all of her father's staff for the sake of humiliating him until he hopefully snapped, or as she called it, "an exercise in psychological warfare". Her Plot-Triggering Death was done by a member of the staff that had gone completely loony stalker, but was allowed by the general because he saw it as the only way she would stop hurting him.
  • How about The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo? Lisbeth Salander takes brutal retribution against her rapist. However, this is a very unusual case of this trope; see below under "Literature" for details.
  • Hannie Caulder: The title character is gang-raped by three outlaws. She survives and seeks out revenge against them, becoming a gunfighter to achieve it.
  • In Hooded Angels, Hannah, Ellie, and the Widow were all raped by the soldiers who attacked Silver Creek. In the aftermath, Hannah and Ellie get their hands on guns and kill all of the soldiers responsible (and one who wasn't). Hannah later uses what happened to her as justification for the bank robberies the gang commits, but the Widow realizes (even if Hannah doesn't) that they have crossed a line from revenge to simple banditry.
  • I Spit on Your Grave is built entirely on this trope and does it quite over the top. The remake and its first sequel take things further, with its protagonists sometimes torturing their enemies before killing them.
  • This is also the trigger event of the Joshuu Sasori series, another influence on Kill Bill. Matsu is seduced by a detective, who persuades her to go undercover in a nightclub run by Yakuza he's targeting. Then he engineers a tip-off, resulting in Matsu being captured and gang-raped, purely so he can then catch them in the act of raping her. She tried to kill him and fails, leading to her imprisonment; her desire for revenge is what keeps her going.
  • In Kill Bill, once The Bride wakes up from her coma and realizes that one of the orderlies, Buck, has been selling her unconscious body for sex for four years, she bites out the tongue of the man attempting to rape her at the moment and then bashes Buck's head in to death with a door.
  • In Lady Snowblood, the title character's mother was raped by four men who murdered her family, and she took revenge upon the first one before being caught by the police and thrown in prison. Upon the title character's birth, her mother charged her with the task of completing her vengeance by killing her other three tormentors.
  • In Lajja, Bulwa avenges Ramdulaari's rape, as well as the Attempted Rape on his mother, by killing male followers of Sleazy Politician Gajendra.
  • Lemon Tree Passage: The angry ghost is the spirit of a young woman who was raped and murdered, lashing out to inflict vengeance on any who come near enough.
  • Ms. 45: Thana is raped twice in one day, and because of this begins a killing spree against men who are threatening to her in some way, then just any man period.
  • The Nightingale (2019) is one long revenge quest against the men who raped the protagonist and killed her husband and child. And also a vicious deconstruction of the trope, as well as revenge in general, as Violence Is Disturbing and her quest for vengeance only serves to traumatize her further rather than bring any sort of catharsis or closure.
  • No Blade of Grass: John's wife Ann and daughter Mary are viciously gang-raped by three members of the biker gang. John and the others eventually find them and shoot two of the men, but one gets away. He's later killed in a shootout with them after he attacks with his gang.
  • The Argentine film No Moriré Sola (I'll Never Die Alone) is about three women who run foul of some poachers after helping someone they shot on the road, and are tortured, raped, and left for dead. The rest of the film has them seeking vengeance on the poachers.
  • Another comedic example of the trope is Pedro Almodóvar's Pepi Lucy Bom. Pepi's efforts to have revenge against the corrupt cop who raped her instead of accepting her offer for oral sex in exchange for not arresting her for marijuana possession is what moves the plot forward in a comedic way.
  • It's not part of the main plot, but in Pulp Fiction, Marcellus Wallace promises full payback to Zed, the man who raped him:
    "What now? Let me tell you what now. I'ma call a coupla hard, pipe-hittin' niggers, who'll go to work on homes here with a pair of pliers and a blow torch. You hear me talkin', hillbilly boy? I ain't through with you by a damn sight. I'ma get medieval on your ass."
  • The fantasy movie Red Sonja has this as the basic premise... with the added fantasy element of a female deity manifesting to heal the character after the violation, thus making her ready to become a hero. While not being the main plotline in the same way, this is also an important part of the backstory for the comic book character that the movie is built on.
  • The French film Revenge (2017) has the mistress of a millionaire join him and two of his buddies on a hunting trip, where she's raped by one of them and then sent off a cliff when she threatens to notify the guy's wife about it. The mistress not only survives but hunts down each of the scumbags in question.
  • Rise: Blood Hunter: Along with being fed on and left for dead, Sadie says the vampires raped her (though it occurred off-screen). She mentions this more than the others as a motive for taking revenge, probably due to rape being held as especially heinous.
  • The eponymous character in the Colombian movie Rosario Tijeras has that nickname (Tijeras means scissors) because she castrated the man who raped her with a pair of scissors.
  • The Salvation: Basically the entirety of Princess's arc is dedicated to waiting for the right moment to enact her revenge. However, she is a bit more pragmatic, choosing to run away with the money while Delarue is absent instead of trying to kill him. She's tracked down by his men and ordered killed (after they rape her). Once she's freed when Jon shoots her guards, she joins in his rampage, shooting Delarue before he's finished off.
  • The 1975 film Satan's Children. A teenage boy named Bobby is constantly sexually harassed by his step-sister. Later, he is gang-raped by bikers. After being found by a group of local Satanic teenagers, the taunts from their leader inspire him to go on a murder spree where he shoots dead every man who raped him and dumps his step-sister with the Satanists to be crucified.
  • After being raped by him, Hui Fei stabs Chang in the back near the end of Shanghai Express. As he was a rebel who was also holding the titular train hostage, Hui Fei gets a cash reward for killing him as well.
  • In Silent Hill, Alessa Gillespie took revenge on the Janitor who molested her by turning him into a tortured ghoul.
  • Shutter: Natre comes back as a ghost to torment Tun not because he dumped her, but because he let his friends rape her while he stood around doing nothing except taking photos. This is why Tun's friends are killed (because they were the perpetrators), why Tun is left alive but haunted forever (because he was a silent witness), and why his girlfriend, Jane, is unharmed (because she was not involved at all).
  • Sucker Punch: Baby Doll was raped by her stepfather before she seeks revenge on all the bad males who are implied to have raped at least some of the ladies in the asylum.
  • The Dirty Harry movie Sudden Impact has Harry investigating a series of murders by a woman out for revenge against her rapists.
  • In Teeth, Dawn only realizes that she has Vagina Dentata when her boyfriend tries to rape her and he winds up getting his penis ripped off, causing him to bleed to death. Then when her mother dies later on after her skeevy stepbrother heard her calling for help but instead kept having sex with his girlfriend, she takes advantage of the fact that he's been wanting to have sex with her for years to bite his penis off too. The ending implies that she takes up being a vigilante to get rid of any other predators she finds.
  • The Exploitation Film Thriller: A Cruel Picture (aka They Call Her One-Eye) is about a young woman who is abducted, given heroin until she develops an addiction, and is forced to prostitute herself to some rather rough clients, getting her eye gouged out by her bastard of a pimp when she refuses one of them. She escapes her captors with the help of another prostitute, learns how to fire a gun, drive a car, and perform martial arts, allowing her to ultimately take revenge against her tormentors.
  • Ticked Off Trannies With Knives (2010) revolves around a group of trans women exacting revenge on the men who raped them.
  • French 1975 film La Traque has British tourist Helen Wells (played by Mimsy Farmer) get raped by a gang of local French hunters in the countryside. However, the "revenge" part is very subdued as most of the movie is about her trying to escape them, as they are simply more numerous and well-armed. She doesn't make it and dies, and while she managed to shoot the one guy who raped her and leave him to die, everyone else is a Karma Houdin.
  • Visiting Hours: After Colt viciously beats Lisa and unsuccessfully tries to rape her, she and her friends break into his apartment, destroying all of his possessions and writing things like "sicko," "pervert," and "rat fuck" on his walls. They also find evidence that Colt is a Stalker without a Crush and a Serial Killer, and tell Sheila (who treated Lisa's injuries) and the police.
  • Examples with male victims are Vulgar and Troma's Father's Day (2011).

  • In The Alice Network, Eve Gardiner, a Femme Fatale Spy, kills René Bordelon for (among other things) sleeping with her when she was his employee and she could not refuse him. She intended to kill herself after killing him but was stopped.
  • In one of Bertram Fox's BDSM stories, The Anniversary Treat, the vengeful lady contrives to have vaginal sex with her former rapist and makes it purely painful and degrading for him. (Ligatures and a prostate vibrator are involved, inter alia.) And promises they'll do it lots more.
  • Happens several times in the Belisarius Series. Evil characters often rape women either on the spur of the moment or by making them brothel slaves. Such people usually come to a bad end, much to the reader's satisfaction. Even the hitman Ajutasutra several times makes it clear what he thinks about pimps. In a rather "rigorous" manner...
  • In Medalon, Jennifer Fallon's first book in the Demon Child trilogy, the female protagonist is repeatedly raped and forced to keep quiet about it for the sake of the man she cares about. Then, of course, her rapist decides to threaten him instead. Really. Bad. Move. Two books later, she properly gets revenge for what he did to her. By that time, she's a Physical God who took down an entire religion, rearranged the political landscape of an entire continent, took another god to the cleaners, and still had time afterward to set up an entirely new form of governance for her home country. Let's just say that the words Fate Worse than Death have seldom been more suitably applied by the time she's done with him.
  • In Dirty Weekend, the protagonist Bella is a shy little woman who has been stalked by a predator for a while and finally snaps. Her "revenge" is of the slippery slope kind, eventually including a man who merely politely flirted with her.
  • The climax of "Her Judges Are Evening Wolves," a story from The Dogs Before Time After, plays out this way. A Powhatan witch's would-be assailant gets turned into a twisted, deformed half-wolf beast that is so utterly hideous and clearly suffering that his brother shoots him in a Mercy Kill.
  • In Rudyard Kipling's Epitaphs of the War: 1914-1918 this chilling epitaph is written:
    One used and butchered me: another spied
    Me broken — for which thing an hundred died.
    So it was learned among the heathen hosts
    How much a freeborn woman’s favour costs.
  • The title character of the Flashman novels has had this done to him at least twice: first when an Afghan woman he raped attempts to castrate him after he is captured, and then again when Cleonie, a prostitute he sold into sex slavery, hands him over to the Sioux to be scalped. Naturally, he gets away both times, albeit never completely unscathed.
  • This is the driving force behind "Big Driver", a story in Stephen King's Full Dark, No Stars.
  • In the Hurog duology, there is a rare male example, with Garannon, who has been a Sex Slave to the king since he was about 14 years old. The rapist thinks his victim is too broken to kill him ... turns out this isn't the case.
  • Joe Pickett: What is ultimately revealed to be the motive behind the Apparently Unrelated Murders in Blood Trail.
  • In John Dies at the End, Dave recounts retaliating against his bully after what's implied to be rape by stabbing his eyes out.
  • In the first book of the Millennium Series, one of the main plotlines is the female protagonist getting revenge on a man who had raped her. This remains one of the underlying themes in the whole trilogy, as it turns out that she had been abused during her childhood as well. It should be noted, though, that the instance of her being raped by Bjurman is very different from ordinary examples of this trope, in that the rape and revenge acts more as an Establishing Character Moment for Lisbeth than a storyline in itself. It has no relation to the main plot (though Bjurman's attempt at revenge helps drive the plot of the sequel), and serves little purpose beyond establishing her as a character that you really do not want to provoke, and showing how mentally resilient she is by her ability to completely move on from it once she's taken revenge. There is also a notable subversion of this trope in Harriet Vanger, who only acts in self-defense against her original rapist and flees from the second one rather than kill him, for which Lisbeth holds her in considerable contempt.
  • A Place of Execution: An entire town conspire to arrange the trial and execution (for a faked murder) of the man who raped all their children.
  • The Power: Allie fatally electrocutes her foster father the latest time he rapes her.
  • From the Saga of Hrolf Kraki: King Helgi of Denmark rapes Queen Oluf of Saxony. Many years later, Helgi falls in love with Yrsa — unbeknownst to him, his own daughter with Oluf. Queen Oluf willfully waits until Helgi has married and impregnated Yrsa before revealing the truth.
  • In The Sevenwaters Trilogy, the heroine is raped by bandits. Her six brothers are under an enchantment that allows them to wake up just one day out of the year. Unfortunately for the bandits, this happens to be that one day...
  • In Shadow and Bone, Genya Safin was regularly abused by the King and then she made a poison that could slowly kill the King as revenge.
  • Played for Drama and then Defied in Shadow of the Conqueror. Lyrah does her damnedest to invoke this trope on Daylen. He fends her off well enough to avoid being completely pulverized into a bloody pulp, but that's not for lack of trying on her part.
  • Mirren, the werewolf from The Shattered World/The Burning Realm duology, has this trope as her backstory: she was an ordinary peasant girl abducted and raped by the local noble, who paid a conjurer to grant her the ability to shapeshift into a wolf. When the noble had her abducted a second time, she transformed, tore his throat out, and escaped through the bedroom window. Although she hadn't realized that the were-spell was permanent, she's content to be a werewolf because it means she needn't fear any man again.
  • In Strands Of Starlight, protagonist Miriam is raped by a man whom she has just saved from the brink of death. The entire plot revolves around Miriam's thirst for vengeance and the lengths she is willing to go to in order to get it, including being transformed into an Elf, learning swordsmanship, and eventually letting her rapist live after using magic to change his personality completely.
  • This was a recurring theme in the stories in Marion Zimmer Bradley's Sword and Sorceress anthologies. Bradley mentions in the introduction to one volume that she was starting to get tired of them, but still included some since they clearly spoke to her target audience.
  • Tales of the Pack: The Pack, under Blythe's leadership, became a Vigilante Militia who hunted and killed male werewolves who'd raped numerous women (this included several of their members) as revenge along with stopping them doing this ever again.
  • In Tess of the D'Urbervilles, Tess murders Alec, who deflowered her when she was young and later forced her to become his mistress to save her family from financial ruin. It's implied that, out of despair, she becomes his mistress soon after the rape (because Victorian standards would stipulate she belongs to him) until she finds the courage to leave him. Then, Tess later becomes Alec's mistress a second time to save her family and she fiercely murders him, not just to be with the husband who abandons her but because Alec clearly wronged her.
  • The Twilight Saga:
    • In Eclipse (2007), it's implied that this trope happened to Rosalie. It's not outright stated that she was raped, but at the very least she was severely beaten and later killed the guys who did it, which included her fiancé.
    • The Illustrated Guide has this as Siobhan's backstory. She was kidnapped, raped, and turned into a vampire by a Turkish vampire building a harem for himself. After her transformation into a vampire was complete, she promptly killed him and the few harem women who tried to protect him.
  • Mercedes Lackey's Vows & Honor stories have Tarma becoming Swordsworn (a celibate warrior-priestess) to go after the bandits who murdered her entire clan, gang-raped her, and left her for dead. The first volume was published in Sword and Sorceress, and Lackey was afraid it would be rejected for following the theme, but she needn't have worried.
  • Who Is The Prey: Essentially the main plot. After first being gang raped, and then essentially being made a Sex Slave for the orchestrator, Fu Shenxing, the protagonist He Yan is determined to "drag him down to hell". Although she focuses on using her wits and Fu Shenxing's feelings for her to get her revenge and bring him down, rather than using physical strength and violence.
  • There is an erotic novel involving a woman, her doctor (whom she was dating), and her male cousin (with whom she experimented when she was younger) having worked together to abduct the person who raped her and having that person at their mercy. The setup is not exactly typical, though: the rapist turns out to be the doctor's wife (who was using a strap-on).

     Live-Action TV 
  • In 1923, when Teonna Rainwater escapes from the Indian school, of the two nuns she kills, one of them was the one who molested her.
  • Renee Walker of 24 stabs her rapist 15 times with a table knife.
  • All My Children: In 2003, Bianca is raped by Michael Cambias, but he's acquitted, much to the outrage of the town. Afterward, Bianca confronts Michael, and when he tries to rape her again, she shoots him in self-defense, only to repress her memory of the event. When she recalls doing so and confesses, the judge lets Bianca go, leaning hard on the prosecution not to file any charges against her.
  • Madison Montgomery in American Horror Story: Coven uses her telekinetic powers to flip a bus full of frat boys who gang-raped her. Unfortunately, their alpha, who'd tried to stop the rape, is also killed.
    • Said alpha, Kyle Spencer, later murders his mother, who has been molesting/raping him regularly for what is implied to be a long time.
  • Cape Town: Psychologist Hanna Fortier goes after her rapists with a Broomhandle Mauser, leaving the masks they wore on the night they raped her on their corpses.
  • City on a Hill: Jenny finally confronts her father about his molesting her, then she pushes him down the stairs in revenge. This results in him suing her for the assault.
  • Criminal Minds tends to make this a motive for some unsubs:
    • One unsub snapped after seeing her rapists walk free and started committing murders.
  • The Crowded Room: Ariana decides to scare her rapist off with a gun, so he'd never come for her. Danny helps, then it turns into her trying to shoot him dead. It turns out she's an alternate personality of Danny's, and he was targeting Marlin, his stepfather, for molesting Adam, his twin brother.
  • In one episode of CSI, a young woman and her boyfriend murder her entire family except for her younger sister because her father repeatedly raped her for years while her mother and brothers let it happen. And he had started on her sister. Who was actually her daughter (fathered by her own father).
  • CSI: NY had an episode with a woman who started dealing out vigilante justice after her attacker walked free. She killed him first, then a couple of others.
  • Dark Desire: Eugenia tracked down and murdered her rapist in revenge for what he'd done.
  • Dark Justice introduces Kelly (Janet Gunn) as a gang-rape victim searching for revenge against the dirty cops that did it. She became a regular character after this as part of the Judge's team.
  • Dexter:
    • The plot of season 5 centers around Lumen enlisting Dexter to help off the people who raped and tortured her.
    • Season one features a minor villain, Jeremy Downs, who was hunted by Dexter for killing a man. It's soon revealed that the reason Jeremy killed him was that he raped him, something Dexter was unaware of.
  • Doctor Who:
    • "The Time Meddler" has Edith get raped by Horny Vikings (offscreen). Her next actions are to lead the other villagers in fighting the Vikings in revenge for it.
    • "A Good Man Goes To War" has a kind of child-friendly version of this plot — Amy suffers not rape, but a very sexual act of violation when she is kidnapped, forced to give birth with no anaesthetic in front of a stranger to a child she didn't even know she was pregnant with, who is then kidnapped by switching it with an artificial human duplicate which is then killed in her arms (resulting in some Does This Remind You of Anything? imagery where Amy is in a nightgown, on her knees, sobbing uncontrollably and covered in white slime). Her friend the Doctor, her husband Rory, and her daughter River all go absolutely ballistic avenging her, assembling a massive army and leading it into battle to get her back and kill the woman responsible, and completely fail in both.
  • Game of Thrones: Sansa Stark feeds Ramsay, who had raped her multiple times after their wedding, to his own dogs. Alive.
  • Ginny and Georgia: Georgia does this to her step-father in a flashback.
  • Hell on Wheels: Eva finds the man who raped her badly burned in a fire, and smothers him with a handkerchief.
  • Heroes: After being nearly raped and accidentally killed by Brody, Claire (who survived on account of her powers of regeneration), asks him to drive her home, then persuades him to let her drive. After she brings up that she knows that he's a serial rapist, he responds that he's already spreading the word that she's a slut (as he did with his previous victims) and that there's nothing she can do about it. She replies "I can do this," and rams the car into a brick wall.
  • Hunter (1984) famously had an episode where McCall, the title character' partner is raped by a diplomat and Hunter goes after the guy for revenge. In fact, the episode's even titled "Rape and Revenge"
  • Inspector Morse. In "The Day of the Devil", a sociopathic serial rapist escapes from prison and starts killing people. Morse discovers that the people targeted are members of the rapist's gang. Turns out the female prison psychiatrist was one of his victims (due to But for Me, It Was Tuesday he doesn't remember her) and convinced him that the other members of the gang were responsible for his original capture. She ends up giving him an unloaded gun so he'll be shot by police. When Morse asks if her revenge was worth it, she asks Morse to return the 'trophies' the rapist collected from his victims.
    "When you find the owner of this ring, tell her what I did. You'll find the answer to your question there."
  • The Judge, a 30-minute syndicated courtroom drama that aired in the late 1980s, had a case where the litigants — three college-aged students, a man, and two women — were involved in a cycle of rape and revenge; all three claimed: "he/she raped me over and over again." In the end, Judge Franklin (the show's main protagonist) was appalled and scolded them all... and was so disgusted that he refused to end the proceeding with his standard "be good to each other" tagline. (The cases on The Judge were more or less loosely based on real cases.)
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit features several cases, and has one episode entirely dedicated to a previous case — the previous victim is back, and now she's stalking her abuser.
  • Legend of the Seeker: Nicci killed her rapist in revenge.
  • Longmire: In "Unfinished Business", someone starts using a bow and arrow to pick off four boys who had been tried for rape and acquitted.
  • Masters of Horror:
    • "Incident On and Off a Mountain Road": A crazed Bruce beats Ellen up, ties her hands, and rapes her. She strangles him to death in retaliation.
    • "Imprint": After the father raped the Woman as a child, she beats him to death when he's drunk.
  • Accused (2023): In "Brenda's Story" Tess takes it upon herself to avenge Brenda's rape (and by extension hers) through lighting Brian on fire after Brenda voiced a fantasy of this online. It gets Brenda charged as it's believed she was involved, but the jury acquits her, though Tess is sent to prison.
  • Discussed in NCIS when Ziva was asked what she would do if she had been raped. Being Ziva, she calmly replied that she'd torture her rapist until he cried like a baby and then she'd castrate him.
  • Outlander:
    • Jamie eventually kills Randall in revenge for raping him.
    • Brianna gets Stephen Bonnet put to death (though for other crimes) for his rape of her as well.
  • Oz: Prison Rape is really rampant in the setting, which turns victims into "prags", prisoners who trade in sexual favors for protection. The only reliable way for such a prisoner to regain their cred is to kill their rapist.
    • Beecher gets revenge on Schillinger for all the crap he did to him, which includes rape, by knocking glass into his eye, beating him up, and crapping on him.
    • After he is kicked out of the Aryan Brotherhood, James Robson becomes a prag to Wolfgang Cutler, who sodomizes him with a spoon several times. Robson gets revenge by tricking Cutler into killing himself through Erotic Asphyxiation.
  • Peaky Blinders: Polly kills Campbell after he coerces her into sex, and her son Michael murders the priest who molested him as a child.
  • Quantum Leap: Perhaps the trope codifier in the 1991 episode "Raped." When Sam leaps into the body of a rape victim named Katie, he thinks at first he's there to help a jittery, shaken girl correct her inability to get through the trial of her attacker (an all-American hero and son of his hometown's mayor), but he soon realizes — after the (now) ex-boyfriend is still acquitted — that he's there for a very different reason. That happens when the boy, Kevin, pays Katie a "very special visit": he's pissed as hell and plans a very vicious rape in revenge, and even begins by knocking "Katie" off the porch. Unknown to him, Sam is still in her body and when he gloats and begins unzipping his pants to begin his revenge, "Katie" kicks him in the groin so hard it stuns Kevin and causes him to crash into the gazebo swing ... and when Sam regains his bearings, it is nothing short of a Roaring Rampage of Revenge, Ax-Crazy attack. Sam punches the guy in the groin once again, knocking him off the gazebo, after which Sam-as-Katie screams at Kevin about how he showed her no mercy when she begged him to stop, repeatedly punching him in the head and kneeing him in the gut and groin (Kevin manages to blurt out "I'm sorry" only a couple of times) before delivering a huge knockout blow. The revenge is sweet, as it shows that Katie is determined to not let being raped defeat her or define her and that Kevin will never again be able to attack a woman.note 
  • Teresa (Kate del Castillo) the eponymous La reina del sur orders the death of Gato Fierros, the man who raped her and tried to kill her.
  • The Rookie: Nyla relates to Lucy a fellow officer who'd raped her "fell down the stairs" several times, making him retire on disability (pretty clearly Nyla beat him severely).
  • Like in the movie, in the TV show Rosario Tijeras (María Fernanda Yépez) avenges her rape with a pair of scissors (tijeras), thus her nickname.
  • Shadow and Bone: Implied in Season 1 and confirmed in Season 2 with Genya and the king. When Alina questions if Genya had something to do with the king's mysterious illness – which in actuality was caused by poisoning – Genya doesn't deny it and reveals the king has been forcing himself on her for years, with she being unable to do anything both because he's the king and because she's been ordered to stay close to him by General Kirigan. Genya technically poisoned the king on Kirigan's order too, but she's not that remorseful over it considering what the king did to her. She later reveals to several people, including the king's wife, that she actually pulled it off by applying the poison to her own skin so that every time the king laid a hand on her, he was unwittingly poisoning himself.
  • Catalina (Carmen Villalobos) wants revenge against her rapist in the American-Mexican-Colombian Telenovela Sin senos no hay paraíso.
  • Spartacus: Blood and Sand has a few examples of this:
    • Aurelia reveals she was raped by a family friend she'd turned to for financial help. After he tried to attack her again, she fought back, cutting him "low and deep" and fled with her son. It's not clear if she killed him outright but either way, she assures her husband he'll never be able to hurt her again.
    • Naevia insists on personally fighting Ashur, the first man who raped her and orchestrated the events that led to her becoming a Sex Slave and manages to castrate and kill him.
    • Lucretia sets up Ashur as having plotted against Glaber in revenge for him repeatedly raping her, thus leading to him being handed over to the rebels and killed by his other victim, Naevia.
    • After being raped by Tiberius, Kore refuses to help free him when he's captured by the rebels and sentenced to death. After the rebels choose to spare him to trade him for prisoners, Kore stabs him to death to "balance the scale" and then offers herself in the exchange instead. Caesar had his own plans for revenge while Tiberius was being transported back to Rome, but Kore beat him to it.
  • Sweet/Vicious is founded on this. After realizing how difficult it is for rape victims to get justice, Jules Thomas picks up the slack on a vigilante basis, avenging not just her own assault but every other girl on her college campus. Which is to say, she beats up rapists, taunts them when they beg for mercy, and often forces them to own up to what they did, at least to her, if the authorities aren't going to do anything.
    Jules: [tracing a knife along his thigh] You scared, Will? Do you feel powerless? [presses the knife against his crotch] Do I have consent, Will? I want you to think about Beth. Think about the music you played to drown out her screaming. The tears that filled her eyes when you held her down, forced yourself into her.
    Will: No, please. Please. I'll do anything.
    [Jules slugs him]
    Jules: I'm sorry. I thought no meant yes. You didn't stop when she said no, did you, Will?
    Will: No, no, I didn't stop. I didn't. I'm so sorry. I never meant to hurt anyone. Please, I'm so sorry.
    Jules: If you ever do to anyone else what you did to Beth, I will be back. [stands and heads for his window] Call 911. Tell them you've been robbed and need a paramedic for your leg wound.
    Will: What leg wound?
    Jules: This. [stabs him] Don't pull that out until they get here. It's gonna get messy.
  • In Veronica Mars, Veronica tries to avenge her own rape in season one and eventually sort of succeeds at the end of two. In season three, she spends a good ten episodes trying to avenge Parker's rape.
  • The Walking Dead (2010): Magna says she served prison time for murdering a man who'd raped her cousin but got off without punishment.

  • "Curb Stomp" by Abnormality is a particularly violent example, while the music video involves an old victim of a Pedophile Priest savagely beating and eventually killing him before rescuing a child that he had kidnapped.
  • Apocalyptica's "I'm Not Jesus" is another one about the angry ex-victim of a Pedophile Priest.
    I'm not Jesus — I will not forgive!
  • The main point of Aerosmith's Murder Ballad "Janie's Got a Gun", which is about a girl who kills her father for sexually abusing her.
  • The song "Lord Have Mercy" by rapper Cage features this passage:
    The preacher leaves the precinct, signed papers, then prayed soft
    As he enters the church from the side front entrance taped off
    He drops to his knees, reached to the ceiling for forgiveness
    In his mind, every child's face he had inflicted his sickness
    Turns to a woman crying with a gun to his lid
    She pulls the trigger twice then screams "See if He forgives!"
  • And "Crow Jane" by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (several times over).
  • The song "Millie Pulled A Pistol On Santa" by De La Soul. Millie's father is raping/molesting her, but despite her pleas to her friends, no one believes her because her father is well-liked by the community. Millie gets her revenge by shooting him in cold the middle of a mall, while he's dressed up as Santa.
  • 'Dicknail' by Hole is about driving a nail through a child molester's penis.
  • "Tess-Timony" by Ice Nine Kills, based on Tess of the D'Urbervilles, is about a woman who "turns the villain to the victim", i.e. murders her rapist.
  • The Frances the Mute album by The Mars Volta.
  • "Man Down" by Rihanna. Made especially evident in the video.
  • "No Man's Land" by Tanya Tucker tells the story of Molly Marlo, a young woman who was raped by a man named Barney Dawson as a child/teenager. She becomes very beautiful when she grows up, but due to the trauma of what Barney did to her, she rebuffs the advances of all the men in town and goes to school to become a nurse. The song closes with Barney in prison, deathly ill, happy to see the nurse arrive — until he realizes exactly who she is. He begs for mercy, but she refuses to give him the medicine he needs and leaves him to die painfully.
  • The song "Perpetrator Emasculation" by British/German metal band Venom Prison is about force-feeding a rapist his own severed penis.
  • The title character of Gillian Welch's "Caleb Meyer" rapes the narrator Nellie Kane while her husband is out of town, but pays the price mid-act when she slashes his throat open with a bottle-neck.

     Mythology & Religion 

     Tabletop Games 
  • The Dungeons & Dragons setting Scarred Lands takes this trope to cosmological levels when the goddess Tanil is raped by her own father, one of the titans. He then proceeds to stalk his daughter-granddaughter Idra. This incident is one of the reasons why the gods decide to end the reign of the titans once and for all. Tanil gets to kill her dad, but the whole ordeal gives her a permanent depression and transforms her daughter from a Chaotic Good Ethical Slut to a Chaotic Neutral with heavy overtones of being cold and calculating. The fact that the Love Goddess has ceased to be Good is one of the many traits that define this post-apocalypse fantasy setting as a Crapsack World.

     Video Games 
  • The player character in A Dance with Rogues can decide how she wants to react to being raped, from falling for her rapist all the way through all three stages of this trope.
  • If you ask Sapphire to reveal her real name after joining the Thieves' Guild in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, she'll tell you about how as a young woman, a band of bandits murdered her family and abducted her, how they repeatedly beat and raped her, and how, after gaining the bandits' trust, she got her hands on a dagger one night and killed them all as they slept.
  • The plot of F.E.A.R. is Alma and Paxton Fettel's revenge upon her tormentors, but is observed from an outsider's perspective. Who actually turns out to be her eldest child, and brother to Fettel.
  • In Ghost of Tsushima, Yuna (with some help from Jin) kills a slave trader who raped her and her brother Taka when they were children.
  • In Mass Effect 2, Jack mentions she was once ambushed and gang-raped in a prison bathroom by a half-dozen prisoners and guards. She hunted them down and killed them all afterward.
  • Octopath Traveler has an unusual variant with Primrose being Made a Slave to Helgenish, who subjected her to implied sexual abuse (it's never spelled out, but it's quite evident to the player). She manages to break free which results in Helgenish executing her friend Yusufa for her defiance and a subsequent boss battle taking place. In the end, she is the one to finish him off.
  • Sadie Adler of Red Dead Redemption 2 is implied to have been raped by the O'Driscolls after they killed her husband, setting up her Roaring Rampage of Revenge against them.

     Visual Novel 
  • Fate/stay night: In the Heaven's Feel route, Sakura kills both Zouken, for subjecting her to torture after being taken in by the family which infested her body with Crest Worms, and Shinji, who raped her out of envy as she was named heir of the Matou family and not him.

     Web Video 

     Western Animation 
  • The Love, Death & Robots episode "Good Hunting" is about a huli jing who loses her powers when The Magic Goes Away and becomes a sex worker in Steampunk Hong Kong to survive. She's abused and raped on more than one occasion by rich men, one of whom turns her against her will into a Sex Bot to suit his fetish. She escapes and finds a way to augment this new body to channel her old animal form and fight back.
  • The "Hunter's Moon" episode of Todd McFarlane's Spawn, aside from working as a Vampire Episode has Spawn facing a vampiress named Lily. It turns out that Lily was actually sent by Heaven to kill Spawn as she has a personal vendetta due to having been raped and murdered by a previous Hellspawn that was even eviler than Simmons.

Examples of revenge by a third party:

     Anime & Manga 

     Comic Books 
  • The Authority:
    • Apollo is subdued and then raped by a member of a government-sponsored superteam given the directive to neutralize The Authority. In a later confrontation, this same super is paralyzed from the waist down by Apollo, and the last we see of him is a look of horror on his face as The Midnighter, Apollo's boyfriend, stands over him with an evil grin, holding a rusty, but operational jackhammer.
    • The whole G7 Authority were party to the brainwashing of Engineer and Swift into sex slaves and Teuton tried to rape Apollo, the man who he was the Evil Counterpart to. Midnighter killed Teuton, then he and the rescued Apollo massacred the rest of the G7 Authority.
  • Batman:
    • The vigilante Pagan got her start by exacting violent revenge on the men who raped her sister (who later committed suicide).
    • An ambiguous example ties into Jason Todd's Start of Darkness — a rapist named Felipe gets off due to Diplomatic Impunity, and Jason finds the body of one of his victims who hanged herself. He confronts Felipe on top of a building, and Batman shows up just in time to see Felipe fall to his death. Jason claims that he just spooked Felipe and that he slipped as a result, but...
  • The Crow: Centers around this premise. Eric Draven is brought Back from the Dead to take revenge against the gangsters that raped and killed his girlfriend. The comic inspired a very successful movie adaptation and several not-so-well-received sequels, and a TV show.
  • In the Marvel Comics' Dracula Lives #1, Dracula's wife was raped and murdered by the Turkish leader Turac and his men. An enraged Dracula kills Turac and turns him into a vampire, then gives his son in adoption to be raised by gypsies.
  • The Friday the 13th comic book Badlands shows how a trio of fur traders in Salt Lake during the 1800s. They take refuge in a Native American family's cabin whilst the husband was outside hunting, raping the wife, and then killing her and her baby by mistake when one of them thought she was grabbing a gun (it was a toy). When said husband finds out... the result is not pretty. It is implied that this is what cursed the Lake connecting the event to Jason.
  • The Punisher MAX: "The Tyger": Frank's first brush with extralegal revenge came when one of his female friends committed suicide after being raped by a local mafioso's son. She was far from the first victim, but she had a brother in the Marines, who briefly went AWOL to burn the rapist alive.
  • The events of Ultimate Daredevil & Elektra is kicked off by a Jerk Jock raping one of Elektra's friends and her going after him for it.

  • In the Firefly fic “All the Little Pieces”, River is gang raped despite Jayne trying to protect her. A few days later, ten men are found dead on the world where it went down. A man is heard laughing maniacally and each man was riddled with bullet holes. There was just one culprit and no work was done to find him. Translation: Jayne went on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge.
  • The Firefly fic “Hurt”, Inara is attacked by a client. She won’t say who it was due to confidentiality rules but Mal finds out anyway and he, Zoe, and Jayne all beat the guy up.
  • Death, Destroyer of Worlds has Harry mention that happening to Ginny the day he intended to propose to her.
  • In Harry Potter and the Nightmares of Futures Past, it is mentioned Ginny was raped and murdered during the Battle of Hogwarts. At one point, Harry imagines how it must have went, with Draco being the culprit.
  • In the Law & Order: UK story "Ghosts" Alesha Phillips' rapist is released from prison and soon turns up murdered. The team fears that her fiancé DS Matt Devlin is the killer, but it turns out to be the husband of another victim. Matt later confides to his partner Ronnie that he wishes that it had been him.
  • In with the Old, Out with the New had Kano kidnap, torture, and rape Cassie Cage. Yes, Kano raped Sonya and Johnny's daughter. And it's Sonya who not only beats Kano within an inch of his life, but also avenged Cassie by killing him outright.
  • In the original Mortal Kombat vs Marvel Universe, both Kano and his son rape Vera Briggs as payback for Jax ruining his eye. The revenge comes from Sonya and Cassie, the former killing Kano's son and the latter killing Kano himself.
  • Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness:
  • In the Ranma one-shot Tears of Vengeance, Ranma takes revenge on Nabiki's rapist by dousing him with water mixed with an instant packet of Nyannichuan and drops the now-female rapist in the worst part of town.
  • In Shattered, it's Nabiki - along with Cologne and the Amazons - who take revenge on Ranma's behalf after the Hentai Horde drug, gang-rape and beat Ranma to the point that his curse is locked in to properly allow his bones to heal. For Nabiki, It's Personal because the ringleader had paid her to bring Ranma to the party where she was believed that the Horde wanted to make peace with Ranma.
  • The Naruto one-shot Correcting A Mistake has Sasuke rape Hinata. As in Naruto's wife. Sasuke ends up getting his ass handed to him, his eyes ripped out and impaled on his own sword. Through the back of his head. By his own daughter Sarada.
  • In Riverdale: International, Betty Cooper is trafficked and ends up dying right after her rescue. This event leads to her friends deciding to end the trafficking ring.
  • A My Hero Academia fic series called Playlist sees Present Mic attacked and raped while his show is live on the radio. Later on in the third story Three People, Aizawa, Midnight and Hound Dog track down the rapist, beat him to death, and throw his body into the ocean.

     Films — Animation 
  • In Funan, Lili is raped by a Khmer Rouge guard, then hangs herself. When her brother Hout gets back from another camp and learns what happens, he locks the rapist and another guard in a hut and sets it on fire (with the rapist's own booze and discarded cigarette). Unfortunately, he's then killed himself, along with a random old woman that the guards decide was an accomplice.

     Films — Live-Action 
  • The climax of All Night Long comes when a gang rape Shinji's girlfriend and he, Kensuke, and Tetsuya decide to kill them all. They succeed, although Tetsuya is the only one to make it out alive.
  • Anazapta (aka Black Plague). Over the course of the movie Jacques de Saint Amant, whom everyone thinks to be a French knight being held for ransom, is revealed to be an imposter. Years ago, in punishment for his wife's infidelity, Sir Walter hung her lover, declared her a whore, and offered a shilling to any man of the village who wanted to rape her. She was known to have had a baby nine months later, who's now apparently grown up and come for revenge. However in the Gainax Ending, Sir Walter reveals that he personally killed the baby Deader than Dead, implying that Jacques is someone else entirely, compelled to act on the dead woman's behalf after being cursed with visions of what happened to her.
  • In Mel Gibson's Apocalypto Blunted's wife is presumably raped (off-screen) and murdered. He later decides to kill as many Mayas as he can.
  • The Black Dahlia: The case of a young debutant actress who was abused and murdered in Hollywood affects one of the detectives investigating the case so much that it causes him to break.
  • BloodRayne: The reason why the dhampyr Rayne hates her biological father and vampire lord Kagan is that he raped her mother, (who conceived her), and he later killed her right in front of Rayne.
  • Braveheart:
    • Morrison, the husband of a woman raped by Lord Bottoms, an English nobleman exercising Droit du Seigneur near the beginning of the film, gets his chance at payback when the Scottish rebels take over the rapist's garrison. Not being, apparently, the overly subtle type, he unceremoniously smashes the guy's head in with a mace, and that's the last we hear about it.
      Lord Bottoms: I never did her any harm. It was my right!
      Morrison: Your right? Well, I am here to claim the right of a husband! (Morrison kills Lord Bottoms)
    • It may also count in the case of William Wallace's wife despite being just an Attempted Rape. The character is burned at the stake soon after English guards tried to rape her and she fought back.
  • In the finale of Cannibal Holocaust, after enduring all kinds of ugly treatment from the film crew, up to and including murder, the Yanomamo tribe finally have enough after the crew gang-rape one of their women. Their revenge on the crew is anything but pretty.
  • Played for Laughs in A Clockwork Orange, a disabled writer discovers the identity of the man who disabled him and raped his wife (who later commits suicide) by hearing him singing "Singing in the Rain" in the bath, and decides to take revenge on him by forcing him to hear Beethoven's music that causes him pain out of pure conditioning.
  • Cowboys & Aliens: Jake's hatred of the aliens is clear considering that he and his girlfriend Alice are abducted by them and experimented upon, though she doesn't survive. In a flashback, for the way how Jake remembers the treatment of Alice is clearly reminiscent of rape.
  • The main plot of Brandon Lee's last and most famous movie The Crow (1994) (see comic section).
  • Death Rides a Horse concerns a young man's quest to kill the outlaws who raped his mom and sister before killing his entire family.
  • The first two Death Wish movies see Paul Kersey seeking violent revenge against some vicious scum. The first movie has him going after crooks in general after his wife is killed and his daughter is raped. In the second movie, his poor daughter is raped again, just before she and his housekeeper are killed, which leads Paul to specifically go after the bastards responsible. The third movie has one of Kersey's friends also suffer this.
  • The central plot of Eye for an Eye is about a mother (Sally Field) trying to avenge her daughter's rape and murder.
  • Commodus delivers a vicious Post-Rape Taunt to General Maximus in Ridley Scott's Gladiator, which sets up the final showdown with him in the arena:
    They told me your son squealed like a girl when they nailed him to the cross...and your wife moaned like a whore when they ravaged her again and again and again.
  • In Gran Torino, the main character makes friends with a girl, who is later raped by gang members. He gets revenge on them by sending them to jail at the cost of his own life.
  • The plot of Hard Candy, in which Jeff, a charismatic photographer and a secret child predator, chats up a 14-year-old girl online named Hayley. He takes her home, only to be drugged and wake up bound at her mercy. She proceeds to psychologically torture him in the name of all the girls he's hurt and exploited, ultimately leading to him hanging himself at her urging.
  • In The Hills Have Eyes (1977) and the 2006 remake, both have one of the mutants, Mars, raping Brenda, one of the teen daughters of the Carter family which reinforces their hatred toward the Jupiter Clan (at least from the surviving members of the family).
  • In Hot Spur, Carlo is taking revenge for the rape, and subsequent death, of his sister. His methods leave something to be desired, however.
  • Jean-Claude Van Damme's character ends up in a Russian prison in In Hell after he kills the man who raped and murdered his wife.
  • The French film Irréversible (2002): Two friends of a girl called Alex brutally kill her rapist. Except they mistook the guy they killed for Le Tenia, the bastard who actually raped her.
  • In the third movie of the I Spit on Your Grave series, Jennifer goes vigilante on the tormentors of the women of the rape survivor support group she attends.
  • In the Lifetime Made-for-TV Movie, Judgement Day: The Ellie Nesler Story, after finding out that her son was sexually abused by a camp counselor, Ellie takes matters into her own hands by shooting her son's molester during his trial.
  • This trope is implied in Kingdom of Heaven - the camera cuts away after the woman's veil is pulled off, but it's pretty clear what they're planning. Also doubles as an Invoked Trope, as the victim is the sister of Saladin, leader of the Saracen army, and the man who attacks her has spent most of the movie trying to provoke the Saracens into war.
  • In K-PAX a Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane explanation about the nature of the supposed extraterrestrial K-Pax is given when it turns out the character is actually a man who murdered the escaped prisoner that raped and murdered his wife and killed his son.
  • In Lady Ninja Kaede, Kaede sets out for vengeance after her sister Koharu is raped and then Driven to Suicide out of shame.
  • The Last Duel is something of a deconstruction of this; Jean challenges Jacques to a Duel to the Death for raping his wife Marguerite, but it's highlighted that he cares more about his own honor being besmirched by his former friend than Marguerite's suffering. If Jean loses the duel, not only will he die, but Jacques will be found innocent, resulting in Marguerite being horrifically executed as a false accuser. Jean is willing to risk both their lives for the sake of honor, although at the same time it's the only way Marguerite will get justice. Jean wins.
  • Wes Craven's The Last House on the Left is often compared to the above mentioned I Spit on Your Grave, as it is thematically similar. Although in this case, two girls are raped and murdered, and it's the parents of one of the girls who take vengeance. The Remake is slightly different.
    • Remarkably enough, Last House on the Left is an Americanized, contemporary version of Ingmar Bergman's The Virgin Spring (1960), which has the story in a medieval setting.
  • What brings Gerard Butler's character into a Roaring Rampage of Revenge in Law Abiding Citizen is the rape and murder of his wife and daughter. As the title implies, the main character used to be a man respectful of the law and against vigilantism until tragedy knocked on his door.
  • The entire plot of Memento is about a man with anterograde amnesia trying to revenge his wife's rape and murder.
  • M.F.A.: After being raped, Noelle confronts her attacker and accidentally kills him. This then awakens something within her, and she becomes a vigilante, hunting down and killing other sexual predators on campus.
  • Mom (2017) is a Hindi-language film where a teenage girl is kidnapped and gang-raped by four men as she's leaving a party. When the court acquits the rapists for various reasons, Devki, the eponymous mom (actually stepmom of the victim), with the help of a tech-savvy private detective, hunts down said rapists to give them their well-deserved punishment relating to their crime against her stepdaughter.
  • In the Telugu film Narasimhudu (as well as its predecessor Durgi, which cast an Action Girl in the hero role and did not have any kind of romantic subplot unlike Narasimhudu), it turns out that the reason the hero is going after the bad guys on his Roaring Rampage of Revenge is that they were responsible for the rape of his little sister Chitti (who was still a child), as well as her later murder by means of Vorpal Pillow in order to silence her as a witness.
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984): Serial child killer Freddy Krueger was burned alive by the angry parents of his victims on Elm Street. Craven's original idea was that Freddy Krueger was a child molester/murderer, but it was too controversial for the time (there were a series of high-profile child molestations going on at around the time the movie was released, and Craven didn't want to be accused of cashing in on this) thus it was changed to child murderer only instead. They did go straight with the molestation part in the reboot A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010).
  • Nocturnal Animals: The novel that the protagonist is reading, which gravely affects her, is about a man and a sheriff trying to hunt down the three gangsters that raped and murdered his wife and teen daughter. They don't have enough evidence to get the gangsters convicted and they'd never confess, so they opt to take the law into their own hands.
  • In The Northman, Amleth swears to kill his uncle Fjölnir for the murder of Amleth's father Aurvandill and his forced marriage to Amleth's mother Gudrun, also hoping to rescue Gudrun as well. However, it's later revealed that Gudrun was in on the plan to kill her first husband and she willingly married Fjölnir; she tells Amleth she begged Fjölnir to kill Aurvandill because he had enslaved and raped her. While this is understandable, Gudrun also wanted Amleth, her Child by Rape, killed too, even though he was completely ignorant of the circumstances of his birth and is emotionally shattered when he learns the truth.
  • In The Outlaw Josey Wales, in a post-Civil War South, the eponymous hero gets home late from hunting just to find his house burning and his wife raped and murdered by Union soldiers, afterward going into a Roaring Rampage of Revenge in The Wild West.
  • Promising Young Woman plays with this. The actual rape victim, Nina, is heavily implied to have been Driven to Suicide before the events of the film itself, but her friend Cassie drives the story forward. Most of her activities are not this trope, as she pretends to be extremely drunk, and then when men attempt to "seduce" her while she's in that state, she gives them an intimidating "The Reason You Suck" Speech but doesn't actually try to harm them, in what might be a genuine learning experience for the self-proclaimed Nice Guy. When she gets information on exactly who was present during Nina’s rape, she does move into this trope. She manages to trick the rapist into getting handcuffed to a bed, but her attempt to carve Nina's name onto his skin results in him breaking free and killing her; however, she had anticipated that this might happen and made provisions to ensure he is arrested for murdering her. This Surprisingly Realistic Outcome of the lone woman attempting to take a violent, masculine type of revenge against a predator has caused the film to be read partly as a deconstruction of this trope, and an attempt to put more emphasis on dealing with predatory men who wouldn't consider themselves predators through education and self-reflection.
  • Camille Montes in Quantum of Solace (played by Olga Kurylenko) is so obsessed with getting her revenge for the rape and murder of her mother and sister along with the murder of her father at the hands of General Medrano, that she even sleeps with criminal boss Domic Greene in exchange for getting close to Medrano.
  • In the Danish Western The Salvation, what triggers the main character's Roaring Rampage of Revenge is the rape and murder of his wife and the murder of his son.
  • In the 1984 film Savage Streets, Brenda, one of a group of high-school girls, goes vigilante after her mute sister Heather is raped by a vicious gang who also murder her best friend Francine.
  • Invoked in Scream 3 when an unmasked Ghostface Roman Bridger reveals to Sidney that he intended to frame her for the killings, using her mother’s rape by film producers thirty years earlier as the “motive”.
  • Unlike most examples of this trope, in Se7en this happens at the end of the movie and not at the beginning, when Brad Pitt's character realizes that Jon Doe raped and murdered his wife and her head is in a box, prompting him to revenge in situ, which is what Jon Doe wanted.
  • In Stiletto, Raina is undertaking her Roaring Rampage of Revenge to avenge her sister who was gang-raped, beaten into a coma, and dumped in the garbage by a group of Virgil's associates.
  • Deconstructed in Trust. Will becomes so obsessed and singularly focused on trying to capture his daughter's rapist, Charlie, that he does so while oblivious to his daughter's actual feelings, and ends up hurting her further and damaging their once-close relationship.
  • Vampire's Kiss: Alva's brother kills Peter for his rape of her.
  • French film Le Vieux Fusil: A surgeon decides to kill as many Germans as he can after an SS squad raped his wife.
  • One of the earliest examples is Ingmar Bergman's The Virgin Spring where a father discovers that the men who raped and murdered his teen daughter were staying at his house. This also occurred in the unofficial remake, Wes Craven's The Last House on the Left.
  • In the 1999 Russian film Voroshilov Sharpshooter, a WWII veteran proceeds to shoot off the genitals of his granddaughter's rapists one by one after they avoid prosecution thanks to their influential parents.

  • Used in the form of Dark Humor in A Clockwork Orange; a writer's wife is gang-raped by the Droogs led by Alex. She's not killed by them but commits suicide soon after, prompting him to get revenge once the normally nice writer accidentally discovers who the apparently rehabilitated guest in his house is.
    • It's also kind of a meta-example: Anthony Burgess' wife was sexually assaulted in Real Life, inspiring that subplot. Burgess admits that the book was largely inspired by his desire to make a rapist suffer for his crimes.
  • In The Divine Comedy, God punishes rapists by throwing them into Hell. Men who sexually abuse young boys end up in the seventh circle under an eternal rain of fire, while men who forced women into sex slavery - including one Venedico Caccianemico - end up in the eighth circle to be whipped by demons forever.
  • In Harry Potter, this is one interpretation of what exactly happened to Ariana Dumbledore to prompt her father Percival to attack some local Muggles. The book, however, is vague on what exactly happened, save that it left her traumatized about doing magic again.
  • The second Hellequin Chronicles book reveals that this happened to Nate's wife, who was raped and murdered by a group of soldiers. This prompted him to go off on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge where he slaughtered all the soldiers, torturing the leader for months on end before finally ending him. It's later revealed that Kay bankrolled the perpetrators as part of the Ancient Conspiracy. Nate, not surprisingly, is pissed and finally gets to collect his head in Promise of Wrath.
  • Deconstructed in I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. Maya's rapist is given an exceptionally light sentence for his crime and is murdered just days after his release, almost certainly by members of her family in retaliation for the rape — and Maya is horrified, feeling that she had caused his death by speaking out against him, to the point of spending five years nearly mute due to her fear of the power of her words.
  • The climax of Is-a-Man by J.T. Edson has Annie Singing Bear taking revenge on four Mexicans who raped a member of her tribe. She kills three of them and the fourth, who shows cowardice rather than fighting her honourably, she castrates.
  • This happens by proxy in The Mental State when Zachary is forced to watch as his girlfriend is raped in an alleyway. He sees laceration as the only viable option.
  • In Prelude to Dune, the prequel to the famous Dune by Frank Herbert, we learn that the reason why Gurney hates the Harkonnen so much is that his little sister was gang-raped and murdered by them.
  • In David Eddings's Regina's Song, one girl of a pair of identical twins is raped and murdered, inspiring the other to hunt down and messily murder sexual predators in her search for the man responsible.
  • Santa Olivia: Loup avenges her friend Katya's rape (which the military does nothing to punish) by becoming Santa Olivia, punishing not only the rapist but also those who lied for him to cover it up.
  • A Song of Ice and Fire:
    • Oberyn Martell wanted nothing more than to kill Ser Gregor Clegane, the man who raped and murdered his sister Elia at the Sack of King's Landing. He eventually exacts his revenge years later but at the cost of his own life.
    • There's also Tyrion's backstory going in this book and A Feast for Crows. Combining this trope with Honor-Related Abuse, Lord Tywin decides to teach his son Tyrion a "harsh lesson" because Tyrion had the gall to marry a woman Tywin did not like from a "lower" house. Tywin's "theory" is that the poor woman was a whore who only married Tyrion for money and gaining the Lannister name. Tywin decides to make it true by having an entire garrison rape the woman while Tyrion is Forced to Watch, each soldier throwing her a silver coin when he's done, as apparently, a rape victim officially becomes a whore if she gets paid for it afterward, consent be damned. Tyrion is then forced to go last, and give her a gold coin afterward. "Because Lannisters are worth more." Tywin all but states that only a whore would give Tyrion any affection willingly. Tywin is both shocked and outraged that Tyrion spends all his time among whores afterward. When Jaime tells Tyrion that the poor woman was not a whore, "not really" prior to the event and that the Rescue Romance that led to Tyrion's marriage was genuine, Tyrion immediately abandoned all thoughts of escape until he went and killed Tywin, personally.
    • A possible example; Roose Bolton raped a peasant woman at her wedding, she bore him a son and requested his help in a feud with her in-laws, paid off her on condition she did not tell anyone Ramsay was his bastard. Instead, she told Ramsay who his real father was and that he had the 'right' to be his heir. Ramsay ends up poisoning Bolton's trueborn son to ensure this. The implication is that she has been grooming her son to be a constant pain in the arse of his father.
    • In the backstory, Robert Baratheon started a war and toppled the nearly three hundred year old Targaryen dynasty when the crown prince, Rhaegar, abducted and raped Robert's betrothed, Lyanna Stark. Robert personally killed Rhaegar himself in single combat. However, Lyanna didn't actually want to marry Robert at all, and it's not clear if her being "abducted and raped" was actually her voluntarily running off with Rhaegar.
  • The plot of A Time to Kill centers around this trope. Ten-year-old Tonya Hailey is brutally raped and nearly killed by two men, and her father Carl Lee takes revenge by shooting the rapists down outside the courtroom. The rest of the story follows Carl Lee's murder trial.
  • In Touch (2017), James's grandparents track down, torture, and kill the man who raped him. At the time of this writing, James has yet to find out, and it's not clear how he'd react.
  • Villains by Necessity: The first person Sam killed was the man who raped his mother, after coming home to find what she'd suffered with the attacker still there.

     Live-Action TV 
  • "Revenge", one episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents, done in both the original and the '80s reboot, had this as its setup. After a wife is raped, she identifies a man walking down the street as her rapist to her husband, who then goes out and kills him. Only moments later, he realizes he ended up killing an innocent man.
  • In Angel is discovered that the reason why the Van Helsing-like famous vampire hunter Daniel Holtz hates Angel so much and dedicates his life to killing him is that Angelus raped and murdered his wife.
  • Deconstructed in Apple Tree Yard. After Yvonne confides in her lover Mark that a co-worker raped her and is now stalking her, Mark kills him in retaliation, believing it's what Yvonne wanted. However, Yvonne is actually horrified; they both end up being charged with murder, which further traumatises her.
  • Brimstone is about a policeman who killed the rapist of his wife and therefore is sent to hell, making a Deal with the Devil to hunt souls that have Escaped from Hell to gain his freedom.
  • City on a Hill: Jackie hunts down his daughter Bernadette's rapist and shoots him dead.
  • The Closer has a horrible subversion in the episode "Maternal Instincts". A teenage girl becomes pregnant after having consensual sex with her boyfriend, but because her father starts being mean to her and calling her a whore and saying that she's bringing shame on the whole family when he finds out, she tells him and her brother that it was rape. Her father wants them to go to the police, but the girl refuses (you know, since her boyfriend hasn't actually done anything wrong), which makes her brother so angry that he kills the boyfriend and another boy who just happens to get in the way.
  • Criminal Minds:
    • Sheila, the older sister and guardian of rape victim Lauryn-Anne, goes into Knight Templar Big Sister mode by capturing and attempting to kill the group of people responsible for her sister's rape and later death.
    • The episode "True Night" is about a graphic novelist (played by Frankie Muniz) going into a very gory Roaring Rampage of Revenge after his pregnant fiancé was gang-raped and murdered by a gang of bikers and he was Forced to Watch.
  • The Crow: Stairway to Heaven as the rest of the franchise; musician Eric Draven is Back from the Dead to avenge his girlfriend's rape and murder, and his own murder.
  • Downton Abbey: It looks for much of season five like Bates got revenge on the man who raped his wife by taking a trip to London and pushing him in front of a bus, including to the police. It turns out he didn't, and his wife then has to clear his name of the crime.
  • As revealed in his introductory episode, Raf Rousseau of Flashpoint was sexually abused by a teacher, and when he told his father, his father responded by attacking his abuser with a baseball bat. Raf recognizes that what his father did was out of love, but still wishes it had happened differently because his father ended up in prison for what he did, and Raf cared more about his father not being able to be a part of his life any more than about revenge for what happened to him.
  • Game of Thrones: Oberyn Martell is out for vengeance against all those who had a hand in his sister Elia's rape and murder, starting with the perpetrator.
  • Guiding Light. After Everyone's Baby Sister Lucy Cooper is raped by Brent Lawrence, her father, brother, and boyfriend kidnap him and beat him up.
  • The very title of an episode of Hunter, which has McCall being raped and Hunter being shot (after he beats up the guy) by a foreign diplomat who is protected by immunity. An incensed Hunter follows the man back to his country, kills him, and escapes.
  • This one also makes an occasional appearance in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.
    • In "Grief", a father kills the man who had repeatedly raped his daughter, eventually driving her to kill herself.
    • In "Liberties", a judge learns that his son was not, as he had believed, murdered by a serial killer, but had instead been kidnapped and raised by a pedophile. He promptly drags the pedophile to his house and savagely beats him.
    • An unusual case in "Angels". A man who kept two boys captive and violently abused them is murdered in retaliation for the abuse. However, the killer is himself a pedophile who was sexually abusing a boy of the same age; he believed he was different because he wasn't violent with his victim the way the man he killed had been. Stabler is quick to call him on it.
    • Part of the plot of "Learning Curve". A teacher is abducted and brutally beaten after a student claims the teacher sexually abused him. It's later revealed that the student was actually being abused by a female teacher, and she manipulated him into accusing the male teacher to deflect attention from herself because another teacher had caught them together and was going to report it.
    • The episode "Bang" depicts a reproductive abuser getting away with his crimes because it was not yet considered a crime in New York. After his release, he is stabbed to death by a woman involved with the case who was appalled that he could ruin so many lives and walk free.
    • Robert Flynn of "Video Killed the Radio Star" is eventually shot dead just before the detectives would have arrested him by a man who had just discovered Flynn had raped his wife at a party.
  • Liar (2017): Andrew is abducted and nearly murdered by one of his victim's husbands for revenge. Laura's accused of murdering him in revenge as well.
  • The Mentalist: Lorelei Martins was an accomplice of serial killer Red John until she realizes that he was the one who raped and tortured her sister, and left her chained up in an abandoned warehouse to die. She agrees to help Patrick out of a desire for revenge, but things don't go her way, so she tries and fails to take Red John alone.
  • Outlander: Jamie and co. kill the men who had been involved with Claire's kidnapping (she can't remember which ones raped her, so they simply kill all of them).
  • The Calliope storyline in The Sandman (2022) is a reconstruction of the trope. Calliope has been imprisoned and repeatedly raped by Richard Madoc (and the late Erasmus Fry before him) to exploit her powers of inspiration. When Morpheus comes to her aid, he swears he will make Madoc pay for what he did. Calliope, however, emphasizes that she just wants to be freed, with the focus being more on Morpheus helping rescue Calliope than avenging her; that said, Morpheus' way of doing this does involve psychologically torturing Madoc until he releases her. In the end, Calliope asks Morpheus to let Madoc go so that she can move on and heal. Morpheus isn't completely happy but does as she asks. Both also express a wish to inspire humanity to be better so this doesn't happen again. Madoc does still receive a long-term punishment given he's left with no new ideas at all once Calliope is free, though this is a more a side effect of his own bad decisions (he could've freed Calliope as both she and Morpheus requested but selfishly refused).
  • Shark: One episode features a murder case where the victim had raped the killer's daughter. Prosecutor Sebastian Stark agrees to a plea bargain because he neither hopes to convince the jury to give a harsh punishment to the killer nor does he want to.
  • Spartacus: Blood and Sand:
    • When Pietros hangs himself due to being repeatedly raped and beaten by Gnaeus, Spartacus avenges him by shoving Gnaeus over a cliff.
    • After finding out Naevia has been passed around to various Roman elites as a Sex Slave, her lover Crixus personally tracks down and kills many of them, also interrogates and tortures them for information on her whereabouts.
  • Star Trek: Voyager:
    • In the episode "Learning Curve" a rebellious crewman named Kenneth Dalby tells Tuvok that he joined the Maquis after his girlfriend was gang-raped and murdered by Cardassians. The Maguis were a staunch anti-Cardassian guerilla fighting force with no problem taking Cardassian lives.
    • Recurring villain Seska (an undercover Cardassian agent posing as a Bajoran) claims she was raped by Chakotay during her alliance with the Kazon-Nistrim to explain her pregnancy to her lover, the Kazon chieftain Culluh, who believes her and this is one of the main reasons he hates Chakotay and considers him to lack honor, fueling the Kazon-Voyager conflict. The reality was quite the opposite; Seska actually seduced Chakotay during her cover, so depending on the legal definition, she might be guilty of rape by deception, and then later, she took his DNA while he was a prisoner of the Kazon and used it to impregnate herself, or so she thought.
  • The backstory of Hayes Cooper in Walker, Texas Ranger, one of the first Texas rangers from The Wild West, also played by Chuck Norris in his episodes told in flashbacks. Cooper's family farm was attacked, with his father shot dead on the spot and his mother raped and murdered. He later takes revenge against the culprits one by one.

  • "Under The Moon" by the Insane Clown Posse seems to deconstruct this trope, at least from the "man helping a woman get revenge" perspective. It tells the story of a seventeen-year-old outcast (played by Violent J) and his unnamed high school sweetheart, and how the girl brought out the best in him, but how their lives were shattered when somebody attempted to rape the girl. The girl pointed out her attacker to J, who, in a rush of anger, shot the man in the head with his father's gun. He is tried and found guilty of murder, but thinks that doing the time is worth it to "equal all [her] tears", and is comforted by the girl's last words to him: They would always be together because they're both under the moon. While in prison, however, he tries to contact the girl to no avail. He writes letters and doesn't get replies, and tries to call her only to find that she changed her number. He sits in prison, alone, afraid, and slowly going insane. As his sentence drags on, he grows more violent and savage, until he's finally chained to a wall and raving. In the last few lines of the song, he gives up on the girl and her declaration of love, then proceeds to laugh maniacally until the song ends.
    I'm nothing but a maggot! I'm locked away and lost!
    The world that doesn't want me, my dignity is tossed!
    And to the girl for who I feel this doom?
    Look here... Fuck you and the moon!!!
  • The music video for LOLO's "Hit and Run" depicts the singer murdering a group of men one by one, in what is ultimately revealed as a Roaring Rampage of Revenge for the rape and murder of her sister.
  • "Hate" by Machinae Supremacy has its narrator seeking to avenge the rape of his friend.
  • In the Emerald Sword Saga by Rhapsody of Fire, Princess Airin is raped to death by demons in front of her fiance, Prince Arwald, and the Warrior of Ice. Arwald is then executed in turn but splashes the acid he's lowered into on the silver chains binding the Warrior, letting him escape to perform a Roaring Rampage of Revenge.
  • "The Coward of the County" by Kenny Rogers sees the main character's girlfriend gang-raped by three brothers. When he turns round and walks away while confronting them, they think they have him cowed as he's known as the local coward. Then he locks the door. Cue a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown after which he's the only one left standing.

     Mythology & Religion 
  • The Bible:
    • In the Book of Genesis, Dinah's brothers Simeon and Levi kill Shechem (and all the men in his village) after he "lay with her by force", or "subdued her", or "violated her" after they forced all the men to circumcise themselves as punishment. Their father was not impressed note .
    • In the Book of Judges, this is essentially the cause of a war. A Levite man's concubine was literally raped to death after he gave her over to a bunch of men to protect himself. When he finds her dead in the morning, he calls the tribes of Israel to war with the people of Gibeah.
    • In the Books of Samuel, Absalom avenges the rape of his sister Tamar by his half-brother Amnon by inviting him to a feast, plying him with drink, and having his servants stab him to death.
  • Classical Mythology: Ares killed Poseidon's son Halirrhothios for raping (or nearly raping, Depending on the Writer) Ares's daughter Alkippe. Poseidon actually put him on trial for this, during which Ares argued that no father could let stand by while his daughter was violated. All the male gods sided with Poseidon, but the goddesses sided with Ares; since Poseidon and Ares weren't allowed to vote themselves, the girls had the majority.


     Video Games 
  • Rayne (the title character of the BloodRayne games) is out to get Kagan's head while eradicating Nazis and other antagonistic supernatural beings along the way. She is the byproduct of Kagan's rape of her mother. Yet despite her mother going insane throughout the ordeal, it's heavily implied that she and the rest of her family were loving and caring towards Rayne and didn't cast her out despite her origins and her being a supernatural being, so much that alongside Kagan's incessant raping left and right and her misspent life of being on the run from him, their deaths (which Kagan caused once more) serve as a fuel for her to avenge them, and she will stop at nothing to achieve it.
  • In the Dragon Age series:
    • The City Elf origin in Dragon Age: Origins has the future Warden quite likely killing a corrupt nobleman and his friends after they carry out a mass kidnapping at a wedding and rape his/her cousin.
    • In Dragon Age II, a Kirkwall guardsman is alleged to have raped an elf girl and is subsequently killed by her brothers, who then take refuge with the Qunari.
  • In Persona 5, the first story arc starts in earnest when your Evil Teacher Suguru Kamoshida rapes your classmate Shiho Suzui, who promptly casts herself off a rooftop (she survives). You promptly decide to inflict Heel–Face Brainwashing on him to force him to feel remorse and confess his crimes to the public.

     Visual Novels 
  • In Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, this is what unfolds the game's third case, with Celeste lying to Hifumi about Kiyotaka raping and taking photos of her, which leads to Hifumi killing Kiyotaka, just to be killed himself by Celeste.
  • In Juniper's Knot, when the Fiend discovered the beaten and raped corpse of her friend, she brutalized every human in the town and then burned it to the ground.
  • In Long Live the Queen, Arisse performed one upon finding out that her husband was sexually abusing her son from a previous marriage. She immediately divorced him and, when he continued to attempt to contact said son, had him killed in a Make It Look Like an Accident situation.

     Web Novel 
  • Can You Spare a Quarter?: Jamie has kept a list of all his abusers at home he could identify, and went back to his home to get it to Graham. During the attempt, he is caught by his father and almost killed, but he manages to get back to Graham. Later, police use the list to arrest and charge a number of people in the community of child abuse.


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