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Medical Rape and Impregnate

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"If I may, Mister President, I have an idea how we might mitigate the risks. Simply put, we could have the Ancient reproduce. In the absence of a second specimen, we would need to identify an alternative mate. I would start with candidates from SOLDIER. These would of course include S and G types. Quite frankly, there's no telling what kind of properties a crossbred specimen might possess. So— What say you all?"
Professor Hojo, Final Fantasy VII Remake

A woman, probably someone who doesn't want children, is kidnapped, drugged, and forcibly impregnated by a Mad Doctor using someone's sperm, for all intents and purposes producing a Child by Rape. May lead to a Baby Factory situation. Definitely a Medical Horror. Might be a Mystical Pregnancy.

Naturally, Good Girls Avoid Abortion, so this is a way to force a pregnancy onto someone. Possibly she will have a Convenient Miscarriage, but if the plot's usually gone this far to make her have a baby, she probably won't. Occasionally, a Gender Flipped variant is also possible involving a man who doesn't wish to be the father of a given woman's child; if the female perpetrator steals his genetic material (by one means or another) and uses it to impregnate herself, this is also basically a non-sexual kind of rape. For extra squick, a perpetrator can steal both the eggs and sperm for this purpose, effectively violating both "partners" (who don't even have to have met each other) to produce a proxy Child by Rape.

Someone who wants to perpetrate such an act is a Stalker with a Test Tube (however, a Stalker with a Test Tube who uses persuasion and seduction rather than force is not an example of this trope). Can occur as part of a Hybridization Plot, if the intent is to get a hybrid out of it.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Subverted in Ceres, Celestial Legend. Chidori is supposed to go through it when she's caught by the Mikages, but she ultimately dies before the embryo is implanted into her.
  • A particularly disturbing scene in End of Evangelion has Gendo Ikari placing his right hand, which has the embryonic Adam grafted onto it, into a naked Rei Ayanami's womb. Rei's body contains the soul of Lillith, and by implanting Adam, Gendo intends to control Instrumentality directly. The one at the receiving end is clearly shown to be in pain and distressed at this happening.
  • This was done to Cordelia Gallo in Gosick, at the hands of Albert, the Marquis de Blois. The result was the heroine of the series, Victorique.
  • Almost happened to the eponymous character in Karin, since her condition as the non-vampire of her family actually was a consequences of being a spirit of psyche, a special type of vampire that can bestow fertility in other vampires. Therefore she's kidnapped and locked away by another vampire clan, who plans to do this to her.
  • Kemono Jihen: Shiki’s mother was a victim of this at the hands of Shiki’s uncle, Akio Tademaru, who wanted to produce a creature capable of creating the legendary Golden Thread. This resulted in Aya as well as many monstrous kemono.
  • Implied to have happened in Lyrical Nanoha, of all shows. Near the end of the third series, Big Bad Jail Scaglietti reveals that he impregnated his Quirky Miniboss Squad, the Numbers, with rapidly-growing clones of himself which he'd patterned his own mind into, ensuring that he could continue to wreak havoc across the multiverse even if the heroes arrested him. Whilst this appeared to be mostly consensual (though deeply squicky for a number of other reasons), it's worth remembering that the Numbers, at the time, included the kidnapped and brainwashed Ginga Nakajima, who would therefore also have been a candidate for this procedure. Thankfully, supplementary materials state that this was a magical procedure, intended to implant upon Scaglietti's death, and that since Scaglietti was taken alive, no one was actually impregnated. Whew.

    Comic Books 
  • The infamous issue #200 of the classic The Avengers run, which has Ms. Marvel being subjected to this by Marcus Immortus, a Psychopathic Manchild with access to super-technology. He infamously uses those machines to abduct her into his dimension of Limbo, Mind Rape her into falling in love with him, then impregnate her with a clone-avatar of himself in hopes he can use that to escape into the Earth dimension — he then returns her to Earth and wipes her memory, leaving her panic-stricken when she seemingly becomes pregnant out of nowhere and then gives birth after a handful of days. When his "reborn" presence on Earth results in time going haywire, he is forced to return to Limbo — but triggers a subliminal program to compel Carol to return with him, under the pretext of being in love with him. Fortunately, he gets a Karmic Death when his clone-avatar body is desynched to Limbo's unique time flow, causing him to have aged to dust within a week of his return there.
  • Elephantmen: This is how MAPPO creates its half-human Super Soldiers.
  • The eponymous villain of Nemesis kidnaps the Commissioner's two teenage children, and in particularly squicky fashion, uses the (closeted gay) brother's sperm to impregnate his sister, then rigs the womb to collapse if they attempt to abort the fetus. The epilogue shows her with twin babies.
  • The baby at the center of the Daredevil arc "Guardian Devil" that seemed to be a case of immaculate conception was actually a case of this, as Mysterio kidnapped, drugged , and artificially inseminated a religious girl as part of his plan against Daredevil, then tricked her into thinking it was the work of God.

    Fan Works 
  • Abraxas (Hrodvitnon): In this Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) fanfiction, three female Russian refugees of Moscow's destruction (Nadezhda, Esfir and Lubyov)) are on the receiving end of this trope, having been inseminated with Zmeyevich without their knowledge, much less their consent, while being held captive by Alan Jonah's paramilitary.
  • Sonic X: Dark Chaos: In this Sonic the Hedgehog fanfiction, the Empire of Mecca believe Sex Is Evil to the point that they forcibly surgically impregnate their women every few seconds.
  • In the Neon Genesis Evangelion fanfic Let Me Play Among the Stars, Gendo is shown doing this once and attempting it a second time. With Ritsuko, he drugs her with aphrodisiacs and ovulation drugs without her knowledge or consent until she jumps him, seeking "relief" with the predictable result. The second time, he paralyzes and then drugs girl-form Ranma against her will to hand her off to one of her male Abhorrent Admirer. Played for all the horror it should be, both times.
  • In the NCIS fanfic Laboring to Love a mad scientist kidnaps most of the team to perform such a procedure, except the team member left out of the kidnapping is Ziva. The mad scientist has been working on an artificial womb for men, and McGee is the test subject.
  • Surviving is about a nation forcing this on its citizens. They try to be soft by simply putting two partners in the same room to do their business (after drugging them to ensure they will be sex-crazed, of course) but if it doesn't work, the potential mother is outright strapped down to be artificially inseminated.
  • X23 has Ranma tranquilized and implanted with an embryo. She escapes shortly after, to be rescued by the X-Men, but is trapped by her honor to keep the child, whose genetics are starting to modify her.

    Film — Animated 
  • Son of Batman: Damian is the result of Talia doing this to Bruce.

    Film — Live-Action 
  • Don't Breathe: After Cindy dies in the escape attempt, Rocky wakes up restrained in the basement. Nordstrom puts Cindy's corpse in a big metal box, fills it up with acid, and covers it up with a piece of the floor. He reveals that Cindy was pregnant with his "replacement" child, explaining he is not a rapist. He then prepares to artificially inseminate Rocky using a turkey baster and promises to let her go after she gives him a child.
  • Gender-flipped with male pregnancy in Evolution (2015): Protagonist Nicolas discovers that the remote island village he lives in is actually made up of female-appearing creatures and the human boys they have abducted to use as incubators for their offspring by surgically implanting them into and then extracting them from the youths, with sometimes fatal results.
  • In False Positive, Lucy accuses the fertility doctor overseeing her pregnancy of doing this to her. He did, with his own sperm. He tells her there is no need to get hysterical.
  • High Life: Doctor Dibs renders Monte and Boyce unconscious, has sex with Monte, and transfers the sperm to Boyce, who had previously declared that she would never have children. Monte ends up raising the baby.
  • This is essentially how the kids from the X-23 program were created in Logan. Young Hispanic women were implanted with mutant embryos with the goal of raising the mutant children as Human Weapons.
  • Rosemary's Baby sees the title character wrestling with the awful possibility that one night while she was apparently sleeping, the nightmare of being raped by Satan and becoming pregnant by him is something more than a bad dream...
  • Polite Society: It turns out Salim planned to impregnate Lena with a clone of his mother, and had done tests on her to see if it would work already when she'd been drugged. She's outraged by both of these things of course on finding this out.

  • Demon Seed has this happen, and the perpetrator is an artificial intelligence who calls himself Proteus. He just wants to help humanity get rid of all its pain and misery and disease and male pattern baldness and, of course, to live a life of the flesh by transplanting his consciousness into the child once it is born. It should also be mentioned that this child is not entirely human.
  • In Devil's Due, it's been determined by people who can see the future that a child between Lucia and Ben would be some kind of Chosen One. They try to blackmail Ben into seducing and impregnating Lucia. Ben is interested in Lucia but is a gentleman and just can't bear to do it. So, Lucia is infected with anthrax, kidnapped, and impregnated with Ben's sperm to do the job. The two agree to keep the child, even if they aren't thrilled with the circumstances of the conception.
  • The graduates of the Schools in Anna Carey's Eve go through this — with multiple fetuses each time.
  • In Friday, the heroine is recruited as a courier to transport an embryo in stasis to a distant human colony. Her employers pull one over on her by implanting the embryo in her uterus instead. When she discovers this, she realizes that if they lied to her once, they probably also lied about keeping her alive afterward.
  • In Jason X: Planet of the Beast, a drugged woman is impregnated with Jason's... genetic material.
  • In The Merchant Princes Series, Miriam/Helge is forcibly impregnated by the Mad Doctor with her fiance's sperm (her fiance is in no way able to perform sex, it's an Arranged Marriage as is). She agrees to keep the child for political reasons, but eventually has a (semi) Convenient Miscarriage.
  • Played with in Stardoc: Shockball. Cherijo's narcissistic genetic father Joseph Grey Veil extracts an agreement to bear his child in exchange for helping her save the life of her husband Duncan, which she expects will be done by artificial insemination. She is even more displeased than before when he informs her he plans to try to impregnate her naturally. Fortunately for her, the lab is raided by the gang/shockball club that had been holding Cherijo and Duncan before Joseph can get any further than dinner.
  • In The Testament of Jessie Lamb, a disease kills all pregnant women. Scientists found a way to vaccinate fetuses that were refrigerated before the disease spread. The protagonist lives in Britain, where there is not much pressure, just a hero cult around the "Sleeping Beauties", women who sacrifice their lives to give birth to those (hopefully immune) fetuses, and spent the pregnancy in a medication-induced coma. In other countries, though, it is mentioned that girls (up to age of sixteen, as older ones are more likely to miscarry) are pressured into this, or even outright drugged and put into a coma until they die from the disease.
  • In The Witcher, the wizard Vilgefortz intends to do it to Ciri. He gets close.

    Live-Action TV 
  • When All My Children's Adam Chandler discovers that his ex-wife Liza has asked her friend Jake to be the father of her baby, he enlists Jake's fiancée Allie to swap Jake's sperm sample for his so that Liza will have his baby instead. Liza finds out roughly a year later, having unknowingly given birth to Adam's daughter. He insists that his actions were out of love, but she's horrified and outright says that he raped her. He scoffs at the idea, but she truthfully states that he impregnated her without her knowledge or consent.
  • Battlestar Galactica (2003) has the humanoid Cylons try this on the human women they captured, including Starbuck, specifically by performing a surgery on her to extract some of her eggs (to the point her Stalker with a Crush Leoben claimed a random little girl he kidnapped was their child). It doesn't work, however, since the only way Cylons and humans can successfully reproduce with each other is if love (or at least consensual sex) was involved in the process.
  • Clarice: Nils Hagen has dozens of young female med students kidnapped to impregnate with his children.
  • An episode of Criminal Minds had a couple who were kidnapping women and forcing them to get pregnant so that the wife could have a baby boy to replace their stillborn son. Unfortunately for the women, when it even worked they tended to give birth to girls.
  • Doctor Who:
    • In "The Doctor's Daughter", the Doctor is forcibly cloned at gunpoint. He's disgusted by it and considers his forced fatherhood this trope. It also presses a Trauma Button, as he quietly tells Donna when she teases him about unexpectedly being a dad; for all that he looks like he's in his late 20s/early 30s, he was once a father and a grandfather, before the Time War. However, he quickly warms up to his bouncy, charming, and genuinely innocent daughter, after a bit of prodding from Donna — after all, it's not her fault how she was made.
    • A variant in the sixth season: While Amy's daughter was conceived on her wedding night with Rory, she spends the first half of the season actually being held captive by sinister people, not waking up until she was literally having contractions. Her consciousness was walking around freely in a duplicate body, and she spent nine months thinking her pregnancy test had just been a false alarm. And then her baby is kidnapped and raised as an assassin to kill her best friend. There's also the implication that they messed with her and her unborn child while she was captive there; In any case, the whole thing was later revealed to have left her incapable of having further children.
  • Farscape:
    • Scorpius's origins. His Sebacean mother was kidnapped and raped by a Scarran as part of experimental trials to create Scarran–Sebacean hybrids. Apparently, Scorpius was the only one to survive. Despite his powerful intellect, due to his weak physiology (combining a Scarran's heat generation with a Sebacean's extreme vulnerability to that very heat) the experiment was deemed a total failure and the Scarrans marked the Sebaceans down as a species to wipe out rather than conquer and rape. Scorpius himself dedicates his entire life to making sure the Sebaceans wipe out the Scarrans instead.
    • The Scarrans attempt to forcibly transplant Aeryn's baby into Chiana to protect the baby from a virus that Chiana's species is immune to, and thus will protect the baby from becoming infected.
  • FBI: Most Wanted: In "Bad Seed'', husband and wife Miles and Savannah Maddox were the product of their biological father, Dr. Gregory Scanlon, committing fertility fraud who knowingly passed down lupus to his offspring.
  • iZombie: Inverted with Scott E and his medical supervisor, who forced Scott to have sex with her so she'd get pregnant. When Scott's delusions and paranoia reach a head and he tries to force her to get an abortion, she killed him.
  • Law & Order:
    • In episode 8x14, "Grief", one of the more disturbing episodes of the series, a woman was accused of paying off a hospital orderly to impregnate her comatose daughter. A Downer Ending all around, since the daughter dies after delivering a healthy baby via C-Section. And the parents of the orderly sue for custody of the baby.
    • There's "Seed," which, in a somewhat "softer" example, reveals that the in vitro fertilization doctor that a bunch of women have relied on has been using his own sperm for every impregnation. The DA's office can't make rape stick, however, so they go for fraud instead. Then can't make that stick because none of the parents involved are willing to come forward and press charges (this one is based on a true story, at least the "doctor using his own sperm" part).
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit:
    • In one episode the team was called in when a doctor found that his comatose patient was pregnant. It turns out that other patients were also impregnated and given abortions to extract stem cells for stem cell research, mainly for an elderly rich man with Parkinson's who is desperate for a cure. The case ends with the comatose patient remaining pregnant, and the elderly man seeking parental rights in order to get access to the umbilical cord, which contains stem cells.
    • "Design" has a rare example of it being a woman doing this. April has drugged several men and then used a type of cattle prod, which when inserted into their rectum makes them ejaculate. She then gives her geneticist father the sperm as part of his eugenics project, while impregnating herself with one sample too.
  • Orphan Black:
    • Season two contains an example which starts out as particularly disturbing and manages to get worse. A religious cult severely drugs Helena, who is shown to have the mentality of a child. Her eggs are extracted from her without her consent, and they evidently plan to artificially inseminate her, but she escapes before this can happen. The responsible parties proceed to cross the Moral Event Horizon further by threatening their own daughter, who is still a teenager, with being forced to carry Helena's child instead, a threat that is eventually carried out. It's revealed that the embryos were fertilized by the girl's father's sperm and he planned to force more women to be surrogates for his and Helena's children en masse.
    • Season five contains a similar example involving Kira, who actually is a child. The Neolutionists plan to give her drugs that would force her body into early puberty so they could extract her eggs, fertilize them, and have the embryos implanted into surrogates. This so they could study the so-called "Fountain of Life" gene in her offspring and use it to their own benefit. Their schemes are foiled before this can happen, but its really shows how utterly depraved the Neolutionists are.
  • Happened in an episode of Picket Fences where the doctor was trying to produce a "miracle" by causing a virgin to give birth to a child.
  • In the season 4 finale of The Pretender, it's revealed this happened to Miss Parker's mother, who was artificially inseminated during another minor surgical procedure, with sperm from Jarod's father. She then staged her death and went into hiding. After delivering the baby, Mr. Raines killed her for real.
  • Round the Twist has a gender-flipped version played for Black Comedy in the season 3 premier, "The Big Burp": when protagonist Pete Twist is rescued from the local bullies by a beautiful dryad who wants to save a sickly tree near her own, Pete volunteers to help and is thrilled when she kisses him. He is far less thrilled to discover that she took that as his consent to impregnate him with her daughter in order to give the sickly tree its own protective dryad. Despite the fact he was tricked into getting pregnant, it's played for laughs and she is supposed to be a sympathetic character.
  • In Star Trek: Voyager, Seska claims to have done this with Chakotay at one point while gleefully informing him he's going to be a father, although it later turns out the child wasn't his.
  • The X-Files:
    • This plays a major role in the Myth Arc although the X-Files version involves extraterrestrial DNA instead of somebody's sperm. It's strongly implied to have happened to Scully during her abduction. Mulder even calls some of the conspirators "medical rapists" at one point.
    • It appears in a humorous Monster of the Week episode "The Post-Modern Prometheus". It turns out the monster's adoptive father was trying to create a spouse or a friend for his son. He was impregnating women with animal sperm or embryos. It's weird that the women shown don't feel too violated, and one is even excited with the prospect of having a baby...
    • The antagonist in "Small Potatoes" can change his appearance, and has been impregnating women in the guise of their husbands. In this case at least, the perpetrator's identified as a rapist, put on the sex offender registry, given a drug regimen to suppress his ability, and imprisoned.
    • In the final episode of the eleventh season, it is revealed that William Mulder, the son of Scully, was the biological son of the Cigarette Smoking Man and not Mulder by the use of this trope.
  • Babylon 5: In the episode "A Race Through Dark Places", Talia is taken by a bunch of rogue telepaths who begin explaining to her why they went on the run and how the Psi Corps is misusing its power. The second of them is a woman who was told she had to marry another telepath of a similar psi level as herself in the hopes of breeding a more powerful telepath. When she refused, she was taken in the middle of the night. They tried to pass it off as a dream, but she later found out she was pregnant. She never even got to hold her baby. She went on the run straight from the hospital.

    Video Games 
  • Final Fantasy VII:
    • Professor Hojo, by far the creepiest of the game's villains, intends to mate Aerith with a long-lived beast species to produce a hybrid with the lifespan of a beast and the Lifestream-communing power of an Ancient. Fortunately, the beast, Red XIII, isn't happy about the arrangement either and, after playing along to get his guard down, attacks Hojo (and apologizes to Aerith for scaring her). They're ultimately rescued by Cloud, Tifa and Barret, who also take Red into the group.
    • Earlier in development it was supposed to be explicit that Sephiroth was conceived this way; it would have been revealed that Hojo raped Lucrecia for the specific purpose of having a fetus that he could experiment on with Jenova cells. The final product made it more ambiguous how willing Lucrecia was, and it was later in the compilation that she was revealed to be complicit all along.
    • In the remake, Hojo's plans for Aerith are much the same, except he plans to have SOLDIER elites do the deed, and wonders what would happen if Sephiroth (who, remember, is Hojo's son) did the same. Even the rest of the Shinra board are creeped out by this idea. There's a certain amount of Pragmatic Adaptation going on here; bestiality allusions wouldn't fly these days (this sequence, and everything about Wall Market, were two of the biggest segments fans worried would be Adapted Out), and it also helps to tie in with other parts of the Compilation.
  • First Encounter Assault Recon:
    • Done to Alma in the first game; she was comatose, impregnated and even gave birth via c-section while in said coma. She was then executed, but her Psychic Powers allowed her ghost to survive; unfortunately, she was trapped in her own coffin and barely able to make contact with her sons. This makes her hate everyone, and it goes horribly wrong from there.
    • Inverted in the sequel, in which Alma rapes an overpowered psychic to get pregnant. It's implied that she used the sperm donor's dead love interest as a physical incubator for the spirit embryo to have a body. He's not happy about it, especially since Alma directly/indirectly caused the deaths of millions with psychic powers alone, even going so far as to give someone he loathes permission to "kill the filthy maggot inside her".
  • This is essentially what happens in The Sims 2, The Sims 3 and The Sims 4 with alien abduction victims (it only happens to males in the second and fourth game). They end up with an alien baby implanted in them and end up giving birth (thankfully without any complications) and raising the baby like a normal Sim child.

  • In Team Fortress 2, the Medic implants the whole Classic team, or at least Classic Heavy, with a monkey fetus. Classic Heavy gets killed at the second-last comic's end, but Medic is later seen holding a baby monkey in the background.