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"It really tied the room together!"
"While you are imitating Al Capone, I'll be Nina Simone and defecating on your microphone."
Lauryn Hill, "Ready or Not"

The acts of urinating or defecating on something (or more likely, someone) to make a point or show disrespect. To some individuals, and possibly some cultures, it is not a big deal but to most, these are considered the greatest of insults. With animals, it may in fact be a way of marking property.

Compare: Spiteful Spit, Fartillery, and Dung Fu. When done on a deceased person's casket or grave it becomes Last Disrespects. See also Potty Failure in which someone excretes on something but usually isn't disrespecting on purpose. Contrast: Bring My Brown Pants.

Also, the name of this trope has nothing to do with Oh, Crap!.


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  • There is a Red Bull commercial where a guy is pooped on by a bird. So he drinks a Red Bull, flies above it and takes off his pants...

    Anime & Manga 
  • In Duel Masters, after Kokujo beat Toru in a duel, Kokujo grabbed Toru's cards and farted on them before throwing them into the air and letting them get blown away by the wind.
  • Fist of the North Star uses this as Juza's very first action to a warlord who thought he was drinking normal water. It pretty much serves to state how cocky he really is, especially when he beats the snot out of said warlord afterwards.
  • In the 1980s series of GeGeGe no Kitarō, there is an episode in which an arrogant man urinates on a rock sacred to a local nature spirit. Yes, it was marked. He refuses to apologize or make restitution, and as a result is one of the very few people who actually dies in that version.
  • It takes a lot to stand out in One Piece, but Bartolomeo manages to make a splash (no apologies) by pissing off an arena, literally and figuratively, establishing himself as the apotheosis of the Heel.
  • Osomatsu-san: In "Todomatsu and the Five Demons" and "The Star of Hope, Todomatsu", Ichimatsu tries to take a dump on the table when incredibly furious (the former episode) or having a nervous breakdown (the latter).
  • Powerpuff Girls Z: In one episode, the Rowdyruff Boys go on a rooftop and pee on passersby. In the English dub and some versions of the original, this was changed to them spraying passersby with a hose.

  • John Mulaney's famous "That One Thing You Can't Replace" story involves a house party hosted by a high school classmate who's father was a Sadist Teacher, one kid at the party defecated on the teacher's computer.

    Comic Books 
  • In the 20th issue of The Authority, Midnighter pisses on the Renegade Doctor's head. Also, during the opening of the "Transfer of Power" arc, Three-Willy Seth unleashes a torrent of radioactive shit at Swift.
  • In the second issue of Biff to the Future, after Biff arranges the death of his crooked producer, he shows up at his grave purely to urinate on it.
  • Blood Syndicate: A dream sequence in the third issue of the spinoff miniseries My Name is Holocaust has Blood Syndicate member Dogg urinate on Holocaust out of spite.
  • The Boys:
    • The "Believe" arc has The Female enraged when an overweight boy takes her lollipop. The Frenchman convinces her not to kill the boy, as doing so would blow their cover. Instead, The Female waits in a bunch of balloons held by the Frenchman and pisses on the boy's ice cream cone when he comes by.
    • The Butcher, Baker, Candlestickmaker miniseries has Butcher visit his father's open casket while recounting his past and ends with Butcher pissing on the face of his father's corpse.
  • The Chronicles of Wormwood has Pope Jacko die at the end of the Last Enemy one-shot, afterwards the priests line up to piss in his corpse's mouth.
  • In Fables, Bagheera reveals he pissed on Shere Khan's grave.
  • Fat Freddie's Cat likes to defecate into Fat Freddie's shoes.
  • In Hellblazer, John Constantine drags the King of the Vampires, who's just inadvertently poisoned himself with the demon blood in John's veins, into the sunlight. As the King burns to death, John (who's on a serious bender) urinates on him as a final insult.
  • In The Pro, the title character is nearly kicked off her superhero team for retaliating against a villainess who hand blasted her by beating the villainess to a bloody pulp and urinating on her. This just happen to take place in United Nations headquarters during a meeting of ambassadors who happen to have brought their children for "bring your child to work day".
  • Preacher: The KKK set up a burning cross on Jesse's lawn. He goes outside, unzips, and pisses the fire out.
  • The Punisher MAX
    • Nicky Cavella decides to announce his return to New York by digging up Frank's family and pissing on them. The entire city from top to bottom is terrified of the consequences, including the government who can't effectively intervene in the ensuing bloodbath, but can't just let Frank run around and turn New York into a slaughterhouse. Ironically, by the time Frank catches up to Nicky, his anger has mostly burned out and he's realized his family is dead no matter what, so he settles for "only" shooting Nicky in the stomach and leaving him in the Jersey woods to die a slow, painful death.
    • In "The Slavers" arc, a female cop humiliates another homophobic officer by telling the whole squad about the time a criminal managed to trap him in his own handcuffs, before taking a crap on his badge.
    • One earlier arc has Frank scope out a crooked mechanic who happens to be a Neat Freak. One offscreen piss (and an onscreen Spiteful Spit) later, the mechanic is screaming bloody murder and charging at Frank, before being quickly neutralized.
  • In Sex Criminals, Jon relieves his frustrations with his boss by taking regular dumps in the potted plant in his boss' office.
  • Transmetropolitan
    • In one issue, Spider takes a dump in the First Serbian Church of Tesla's baptismal font after one of their missionaries tazes him.
    • After Alan Schact commits suicide upon being exposed as a pedophile by Spider Jerusalem, the news reports discovering a giant pile of shit on Schact's grave with traces of Spider's DNA in it.
  • Vampirella: Pantha pisses on a defeated villain. (Somewhat de-squicked by the fact that she's in her animal form, and in any case, the issue was a Russ Meyer homage.)

    Comic Strips 
  • A parody of Dilbert had Dilbert pooping on his boss' desk in the shape of letters spelling out "I QUIT".

    Fan Works 
  • The Bolt Chronicles: In "The Baseball Game," bench-coach-for-a-day Mittens is sent out to stall for time, allowing the relief pitcher to finish warming up — and the manager tells her to get the umpire so angry that he is forced to eject her. Nothing works until the chili cheese fries the cat ate just before the game trigger a bowel movement, which is left on home plate complete with a smart-aleck's smirk.
  • In Can't Have It Both Ways Sirius pees on Lucius while in his dog Animagus form.
  • In Can't Rely on Authority so many people peed on Dolores Umbridge's grave that they had to move her body to an unmarked one.
  • In Changing Fate's Plans Kreacher pees on the locket Horcrux after it's destroyed.
  • Harry and the Shipgirls has Fenrir (the legendary Norse Wolf, not the werewolf from Harry Potter), having been released from his bindings as part of a plan to prevent Ragnarok, calmly and deliberately take a leak on Odin himself for his role in binding the wolf in the first place.
  • In Harry and Sodor - The Magic of Normality Kreacher pees on Voldemort's grave.
  • In Harry Potter and Dr. Granger's Observation Dumbledore's phoenix Fawkes breaks the bond between them and then poops on his head before flying off.
  • In Harry Potter and a Very Different Goblet of Fire Sirius pees on Wormtail's corpse while in his dog Animagus form.
  • In Harry Versus Mrs Black Harry pees on Sirius' mother's portrait.
  • Ryuuko's "poop in the mailboxes" incident in Highly Questionable Decisions. According to her, she did it because (in her words) "someone grabbed Satsuki's ass".
  • Little Fires: On her first day as an apprentice, Emberpaw comes across RiverClan cats hunting on her Clan's territory. The invaders pin her down and mark her in order to send a message back to ThunderClan.
  • In Pony POV Series, the Blank Wolf pees on Discord's statue. It does this because it hates him for ripping off its mother Rota Fortuna's wing during the Alicorn/Draconequi War, which she made the Blank Wolf from in the first place.
  • In Weres Harry? a rival alpha werewolf who disagrees with Fenrir Greyback's service to Voldemort pees on Greyback's corpse.
  • In What Lies Beyond the Walls, Benrath gives Jurlick a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown and orders a few shrews to hold him down and pry his mouth open. Then he lowers his kilt and squats down over his head...
  • A few times in With Pearl and Ruby Glowing:
    • Robyn Hill's assailants urinate on her.
    • Jake urinates on the carpet and throws flour around the room, forcing Beans to hurry to clean it up before Rango gets home and asks questions, to punish her for disobeying him.
    • Glomgold is implied to have been forced to eat the bloody mess off the floor after his assault.
    • Junichi and Ryuki imply they were likewise forced to eat various unpleasant things by the Apex and Grace Field kids during their successful rebellions.
    • Mulmangcho's North Korean torturers shove his head in the toilet bucket in his cell, and Oegwipali later nearly drowns Geumsaegi in a toilet.
    • Not quite the same but with a similar tone, Goosey Loosey dumps her used sanitary pad on Lynn's face.
  • In Yule Ball Drama Remus states that the first and only time Peter held baby Harry, Harry used accidental magic to vanish his diaper so he could pee on Peter.
  • Twice in Your Human And You. Max takes a crap in the middle of the Golden Oaks Library floor in retaliation for Twilight treating him like an animal. Once they warm up to each other, he suggests leaving Filthy Rich a similar "present" when FR disrespects Twilight.

    Films — Animation 
  • Shark Tale has a figurative example. According to Sykes' explanation of the food chain, Oscar is even below whale poop.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In 13 Sins, Elliot's challenge to wreck the rehearsal dinner includes the stipulation that he has to urinate into one of the table centerpieces.
  • Narrowly avoided in Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa. As Pat Farrell discovers that everything was his pal Alan's fault while they're driving the roadshow van, the only hiding place available for Alan is the van's portable toilet. Upon discovery and after a short chat, Pat begins to unbutton his pants, before the toilet floor gives way and Alan escapes.
  • Done at the very end of So Bad, It's Good Mockbuster The Amazing Bulk. The title monster/hero inadvertently kills one of a pair of two police officers midway through the movie. After the climax of the film, wherein the Bulk sacrifices himself to stop the Big Bad, the surviving member decides to urinate on the man's grave in spite. Unfortunately for him, the Bulk is Not Quite Dead, and punches him in the face while he's relieving himself.
  • In American Reunion, Stifler gets revenge on some jocks by sneaking up and pooping in their cooler.
  • In the article image, we see the hired goon Wu micturating on The Dude's rug in The Big Lebowski. Moments later, Wu realizes he's in the wrong house, and that the Dude is not, in fact, the millionaire who owes money to Wu's boss, and is just a deadbeat loser.
    The Dude: Hey, at least I'm housebroken!
  • Born to Defense, a kung fu film from The '80s (starring a then 19-year-old Jet Li) has Li being subjected to this as part of a Trauma Conga Line, after his arrest by a bunch of Dirty Cops, who give him a flogging before one of them decides to urinate on Li for no reason at all.
  • In BrainDead, a punk urinates on a grave, and instantly comes to regret it.
  • Cool World has a scene where Holli Would's minion Slash urinates on several police officers during a chase sequence.
  • In Crank: High Voltage, Chev Chelios is captured by some mooks who tie his legs to their motorboat and drag him along the water. En route to their destination, one of the mooks stands up and pees on Chev.
  • Colour of the Truth: The third movie, Colour of the Loyalty, have an assassin sneaking into the indoor pool of a mob boss' mansion to perform an extermination, where the boss' wife is in it, nude. The assassin empties his bladder in the pool, much to the wife's horror, before he executes her.
  • Alejandro Jodorowsky's planned adaptation of Dune was to include a scene in which Rabban, after attacking Arrakeen, ordered the entire army of Sardaukar troops to defecate all over the Atreides' reception hall. It was to be filmed for real.
  • In Dangerous Game, the director advises his actor to pee on the floor in one scene to demonstrate his character's contempt for his wife.
  • In Don't Breathe, Money engages in mindless vandalism of the home he breaks into, including pissing on the floors.
  • Employee of the Month (2004): Dave barges into his boss's office and pisses on his father's portrait to show his displeasure over being fired the previous day.
  • Fish Tank: Mia finds out Conor, the man who’s been sleeping with her mother and also slept with Mia, is not a bachelor, but actually married with a family. As revenge, Mia urinates on his house floor.
  • In The Foot Fist Way, the protagonist urinates on his wedding ring to indicate to his wife that he no longer wants to be with her.
  • In The Forbidden Kingdom, after the group has been wandering the desert for a while, Lu Yan declares he will make it rain. He does an elaborate ceremony, closes his eyes, and is pleased when he feels moisture hit his face. Then he opens his eyes and is infuriated to find Silent Monk had climbed a rock formation and peed on him.
  • The Good Shepherd showed a Skull and Bones initiation that involved members urinating and defecating on the initiates from an indoor balcony.
  • The 1984 Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes film has Tarzan urinating on White Eyes, one of the Mangani, spitefully. White Eyes had previously given Tarzan a beating and that among the Mangani White Eyes is Tarzan's archenemy.
  • In Heroic Cops (an early and somewhat obscure Hong Kong gangster film, starring Chow Yun-fat before he was famous), one scene had Chow urinating on the face of a cop before shooting him dead.
  • In History of the World Part I we see a caveman painting on a cave wall. He is labelled as the first artist. Another caveman climbs atop a rock and urinates on the painting. He is labelled the first critic.
  • Hoboken Hollow: When Lois, Junior and Clayton are torturing Andy, they order Preston to piss on him, and Preston obliges with perhaps a little too much willingness: looking to settle an earlier score.
  • The Judge: When a district attorney begins yelling at the main character while he's peeing at a urinal, our hero turns to catch the attorney with his stream. He pretends that it was an accident, but the attorney knows better.
  • Kenny: As he is about to drive away in his septic tank truck after a long and exhausting day, Kenny's way is blocked by a luxury car whose driver insensitively brushes off his requests to move. Kenny breaks his longstandng habit of amiability to fill the man's car with human waste.
  • A group of bullies doing this to the protagonist of Kung Fu Hustle is what drives him to a life of crime.
  • In Major League, manager Lou Brown orders third baseman Roger Dorn to do sit-ups after making a defensive error. Dorn grabs his contract and shows a clause that allows him to refuse. Brown drops the contract on the ground and pees on it.
  • Early in Me, Myself & Irene, we see nice-guy doormat Jim Carrey's neighbors taking his newspaper and taking their big dog to defecate on his lawn (probably a daily routine)...when a psychological disorder turns him psychotically assertive, he walks into their home, takes his paper back, presumably in the bathroom as we hear her scream, then drops his pants and takes a dump in their yard.
  • Nightbooks: Lenore the cat taunts Alex by invisibly pooping on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich he just made.
  • Nope features an absolutely horrifying version as part of The Reveal. The Haywoods use a horse statue as bait to lure out the UFO, but it isn't a ship picking things up. It's a predatory animal, and the inedible statue getting lodged in its throat upsets so much that it attacks the nearby Star Lasso Experience and devours the audience. Afterwards, it returns to Haywoods' ranch and vomits a Rain of Blood all over their house. Animal Trainer OJ realizes this is the behavior of a territorial animal establishing dominance by "marking" their property.
  • In Orgazmo, a Jerkass porn actor insults people by farting into his hand and scooping the befouled air at their noses.
  • Outcast have the scene where one of the Black Guards decides to piss on the drunk hero, Jacob, who's currently in a Drowning My Sorrows moment. Unfortunately for them, Jacob then decides to fight back.
  • In Pink Flamingos, Devine ate dog excrement in the final scene as a statement that she was the most disgusting person in the world.
  • In the fourth Police Academy movie, Zed notices a bird pooing on his foot while Commandant Lassard is making a speech; since he knows he can't interrupt, he kicks it away. A minute later, the bird starts bombarding him with poo. (And at the end of the scene, does it once to Captain Harris just as he's introduced, causing everyone to laugh.)
  • Princess of Mars: After being made prisoner by John Carter, Dejah Thoris expresses her contempt by flinging the content of her pee bucket in his face.
  • In Rhymes for Young Ghouls, Aila and her gang fill the water pipes at St. Dymphna's with excrement, so that when Popper takes his shower, he gets covered in shit.
  • Riddick: Riddick tosses a packet of "food" paste to the dog-like alien he has bonded with (after rejecting the stuff himself). The critter shows what he thinks of the offering by urinating on it.
  • Ridicule starts off with Milletail urinating on an immobile old man in retaliation for an insult that had been uttered many years before.
  • The scene in Rock of Ages in which Stacee Jaxx fires his manager Paul Gill. Paul has brought him a priceless bottle of 150-year-old Scotch. Stacee opens the bottle, downs the whiskey in one go — and urinates about the same amount against Paul's leg at the same time.
    Stacee: "150 year old Scotch? Priceless."
  • Done by Joan Jett in The Runaways. After a veteran rocker acts rudely towards Joan, she urinates on his guitars.
  • In Tales from the Hood, the first story involves a group of racist cops murdering a black activist, while another black cop did nothing to stop it. Much later on they drag him to the guy's grave, and one decides to piss on it. Since this is a horror movie, you can probably guess what happens next.
  • Train: Not content with beating Sheldon to a bloody pulp, Gregor and Vasily then piss on him for no reason other than to be complete bastards.
  • In Wolf, Will Randall and Stewart Swinton are in a bathroom using the urinals. Since Will doesn't like Stewart, he eventually turns and pees on Stewart's shoe. To add insult to injury, Will says he just ate asparagus, which makes urine stinky.

  • Discussed in one joke: A drill instructor was yelling at a new recruit. He was all up in this guy's face, their noses less than an inch apart. He screamed at the recruit, "You hate me don't you?!?" The recruit responded as calmly as possible, "Sir, no sir." The instructor yelled back, "You're going to piss on my grave if you outlive me, aren't you?!?" The recruit retorted, "Sir, no way. When I get out of the service, I will not fucking wait in line for anything! Sir."

  • In Animal Farm, Napoleon urinates on Snowball's windmill plans. Later, after Snowball has been driven out and turned into the scapegoat for all the farm's troubles, Napoleon takes credit for the windmill idea.
  • In the Belisarius Series, Empress Theodora promises a traitorous captain of the Praetorian Guard that "Before Satan takes you, I will burn out your eyes with my urine." Then when the attempted coup starts to fall apart, the captain gets hit with a paralytic, Theodora grabs a knife, starts crawling over to him, and by the time the heroes make it to the palace, they arrive to see the Empress squatting over the captain, pissing into his bloody eye sockets.
  • After Christine is vandalized by the bullies, one of them takes a shit on the dashboard. Since this is Christine we're talking about, the bullies get theirs. Big time.
  • In The Curse of Chalion, part of the funeral ritual involves animals sacred to each of the five gods; the actions of the animals indicate which of the gods has taken up the departed's soul. In the case of Dondo dy Jironal's funeral, it would be politically expedient to find that the Daughter has taken up the soul of Her Holy Order's general, so the priest of the Daughter attempts to encourage Her jay to indicate acceptance. The Daughter makes her opinion of him quite clear through copious amounts of bird droppings.
  • Resident Badass Bookworm Morrolan e'Drien of the Dragaera books goaded a troublesome god into a fight by relieving himself on one of the god's altars after singlehandedly butchering three villages worth of his worshipers with a Morganti Great Weapon.
  • In A Clockwork Orange, Dim pisses to put out the fire in the fireplace while he and the rest of Alex's gang are terrorizing the writer F. Alexander and his wife at their home. Alex stops Dim from taking a dump on the carpet so they can get out of there.
  • Deptford Mice; when the heroes in The Oaken Throne reach the Green Mouse's blessed well, the Religion of Evil got to it first and "defiled it with their filth", destroying its magic.
  • In Stephen King's "Dolan's Cadillac", after luring the titular gangster into a trap and burying him alive in said Cadillac in revenge for the murder of his wife, the unnamed protagonist returns to the spot a year later and takes a piss on it.
  • Five On Brexit Island, the fifth in a series of parody The Famous Five novels by Bruno Vincent, ends with a referendum on whether Kirrin Island should secede from the UK. Julian votes "In", George votes "Out", and Anne and Dick both abstain, leaving the deciding vote in the paws of Timmy the dog. When asked his opinion, he wanders off to a nearby bush, where he "laid his profound expression of the democratic process".
    George: Timmy! That's disgusting!
    Anne: Well said, Timmy. Well said.
  • In Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen Jole tells Cordelia an Aral-story about a Cetegandan envoy who kept sending notes with increasingly complex and insulting combinations of perfumes. Aral grabbed the last note, took it to the lav, and "proceeded to amend it with, er, his own personal scent mark" before sending it back.
  • A variation occurs in The Help: Minny upon getting fired and facing a bad reference on top of it, bakes a chocolate cake with her feces in it for her employer. Her employer, Hilly enjoys two slices of it before getting told what is in (as in: "Eat shit, Hilly). It is later also used as blackmail- material.
  • In Lamb: The Gospel According To Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal, as the demon Catch lays siege to Balthazar's fortress, Joy pees on his head.
  • John Taylor of the Nightside series once intimidated a magical door into opening by threatening to piss through its letterbox.
  • One Nation, Under Jupiter: Diagoras tries to make Servius urinate on the wall of the censors' office, though unsuccessfully.
  • In his memoir Permanent Midnight, Jerry Stahl describes an incident that occurred while he was working at McDonald's as part of a drug rehab program. He'd taken to spitting into the egg mixture used for the Egg McMuffins, as a secret way to show his contempt for the customers. One of his coworkers caught him at it and decided to one-up him by pissing into the bowl.
  • The hero of The Power of One is constantly bullied by the Judge and his bullies this way during his stay at boarding school. His pet chicken, Grandpa Chook, eventually gets revenge for him by laying a chicken patty right in the Judge's open mouth.
  • Pretty Girls has Lydia Delgado plan to defecate onto Paul Scott's grave. She ends up not doing it because her sister, and Paul's widow, shows up and stops her. She opts to throw a used kleenex on top of it instead.
  • James Clavell's novel Shogun had one of the samurai forcing Blackthorne to lie on the ground, and subsequently urinating on him, as a punishment for disrespect. Specifically for saying the words: "I piss on you and your stupid country."
  • Best known for the animated version in Die Sendung mit der Maus, the children book "Vom kleinen Maulwurf, der wissen wollte, wer ihm auf den Kopf gemacht hat". In short: Some asshole shat on the little mole's head, and he couldn't see who (moles are shortsighted). Now he asks himself through the farm, but everyone has a perfect alibi (i.e, completely different droppings). Until some dung flies identify the culprit, and revenge is stinky.
  • Secret Santa 2004: Erik gives Sandberg, who he thinks is his malicious Secret Santa, a huge pile of dog poop as a "present."
  • A Song of Ice and Fire
    • Meereen's champion pisses in the direction of Daenerys's tent in an effort to goad her into a Combat by Champion. It works. She sends out Strong Belwas, who kills the champion, shits in the direction of Meereen, and wipes his ass with the dead champion's cloak.
    • A meta version occurs when Lord Tywin rides his horse into the throne room for a ceremony. The horse dumps a load of manure, which the king has to step around to greet him. All the proceedings after that are a charade of power propaganda — i.e. it's all horseshit.
  • Stephanie Plum thinks an ideal place to let Bob unload the results of his rampant appetite is arch-rival Joyce's lawn.
  • As cats are prone to do, Prince Ninebirds from Tailchaser's Song sprayed an elder as the equivalent of a Spiteful Spit. Unfortunately for him, the older cat was Tangaloor Firefoot in disguise. Firefoot was so enraged that he deformed Ninebirds into the first ever human.
  • In The Tommyknockers, a minor character sends a stained dollar bill to another character, with a note that he wiped his ass on it. Of course, she notes that shit washes out.
  • In the Wing Commander novel End Run the Terran Confederation launches a daring assault on an out of the way Kilrathi planet, capturing an old Kilrathi castle, which the Marines proceeded to urinate on. It is later revealed that the castle belonged to the Emperor's mother, and the entire operation was meant as a very calculated insult. The Kilrathi mobilized most of their home fleet to retake the planet and punish the Terrans, and a small Terran strike force was sent to attack the now lightly-defended Kilrathi home system.
  • In the first book of the Worldwar series, Moishe Russie is praying for some sort of sign as to whether he should remain a passive observer as the Lizards conquer Warsaw while it is under German occupation, or if he should rise up with other Jewish prisoners of the ghetto and assist the Lizards in striking the Nazis. He happens to catch sight of German troops manning an anti-aircraft gun set up in a cemetery, and one of the soldiers takes a brief break to go to the bathroom. He decides that seeing a German soldier pissing on Jewish graves and laughing about it is all the sign that he needs.

    Live-Action TV 
  • In American Gods Mr. Wednesday takes a piss in Vulcan's smelting vat, after pushing him into it claiming that he's laying a curse.
  • In the UK Big Brother series 3, Sandy urinated in the bin, with the narrator's comment "before he left, Sandy let his housemates know what he really thought of them".
  • On Breaking Bad, the cops attempt to get Hector Salamanca to divulge information on Jesse. Rather than help the cops, he just sits there. When the cops press him, he defiantly and liquidly shits himself.
    • On the spinoff series Better Call Saul, Jimmy was arrested and was almost put on the sex offender registry for doing something called a "Chicago Sunroof". We don't learn exactly what a Chicago Sunroof is until much later, when Jimmy tells the full story of the incident. He was drunk and saw the car of a guy he hated parked outside a Dairy Queen, so he climbed up on top and took a shit into the open sunroof. The reason he was almost made a sex offender over what would normally be a misdemeanor was because he failed to notice until after the fact that the guy's children were in the back seat, which bumped up his charges to indecent exposure.
      Jimmy: There was a level of tint on the windows that I'll maintain to this day was not legal in an Illinois-licensed vehicle. But somehow, that's on me, I guess.
  • Chappelle's Show has R. Kelly do a song about them in a sketch.
  • CSI: During a Prison Riot in "No Humans Involved", the prisoners make an excrement statement by defecating on the floor, and then throw the excrement at the police officers who enter to break up the riot.
  • Dalziel and Pascoe: "A Quiet Massacre". At the same exact time his partner is dealing with a hideous triple murder, Dalziel has to content with his own case, featuring an antiques thief who has "micturated in a kitchen utensil". That's Pascoe-speak for urinating in a kettle. And so the hunt is on for the Wetherton Micturator...
  • In Defiance, one E-Rep character is forced to strip to their underwear and then gets urinated on.
  • Frontier (2016): After Imogen has just had sex with a handsome English sailor in his bunk, she comes across her deposed former master Lord Benton locked up in a cell on the ship. He pleads for her to help him escape, but instead she urinates in front of him as retaliation for all the abuses she previously suffered from him.
  • Game of Thrones.
    • A different take on this (though in the same spirit) is mentioned in "A Golden Crown".
    Tyrion: When I was twelve, I milked my eel into a pot of turtle stew. I flogged the one-eyed snake, I skinned my sausage, I made the bald man cry! Into the turtle stew! Which I do believe my sister ate. Or at least, I hope she did!
    • In "Breaker of Chains" the Meereenese champion pisses on the ground to mock Danys army of castrated Unsullied soldiers. Daario defeats him in Combat by Champion, then returns the gesture.
  • Subverted on How I Met Your Mother. Barney recounts the story of a coworker who was getting scolded during a staff meeting. The guy finally had enough, announced that he is quitting and got up on the conference table to urinate on top of it. However, he then realized that he was unable to pee while people were looking at him.
  • In Love/Hate, Fran pisses on the grave of Noelie Hughes' mother, in order to insult Noelie.
  • One skit in Mr. Show has two characters escalating this by saying they will "<noun> on your <previous noun>" until finally one of them says "I laugh at your <noun>." They both conclude that this means "We are friends again!"
  • Narcos: In the second season, the new colonel in charge of taking down Escobar takes his men to Medellin's public square and urinates on Escobar's mural, in full view of his various lookouts. When word gets back to Escobar, he is extremely displeased.
  • The Criminal of the Week on a third-season episode of NCIS: Los Angeles intended to blow up a rival nightclub, and was briefly seen peeing on its floor for good measure.
    Sam: You must really not like this guy.
  • In the HBO series Oz, Beecher gets his revenge on Schillinger by kicking and punching him to the ground, before taking a dump in his face.
    • Desmond Mobay (a.k.a. Johnny Basil) gets food laced with the Homeboys' urine after he confesses to murdering an inmate and is found out as an undercover cop.
  • Peep Show: Mark expresses his resentment toward his coworkers by urinating on their desks after hours.
  • In Rectify Hannah's brother urinates on Daniel after severely beating him.
  • In the Sherlock episde "His Last Vow", Magnussen pisses into the fireplace at the protagonists' Baker Street flat as a show of contempt and dominance.
  • Spartacus: Blood and Sand:
    • At one point, Oenomaus pees on the ground, then beats up Spartacus and throws him onto the puddle.
    • In the first episode of the Gods of the Arena season, Tullius, Vettius, and their gang beat the shit out of Batiatus and pee on him. In the second episode, Batiatus has his men return the favor to Vettius.
    • In an episode of the War of the Damned season, Sanus talks about a Noodle Incident where Gannicus peed on some defeated Roman soldiers.
  • On Succession:
    • A bystander throws a jar of his own piss at Logan at the start of "Austerlitz."
    • Logan himself pees on the carpet in his son Kendall's office as a show of disrespect.
    • Roman and a potential business partner pee on his phone out of frustration with an app's miserable loading time. The app is still loading when they're done peeing.
  • Taboo: The late Horace Delaney's response to the EIC's offers to buy his shipping company was to sent them some literal horse shit. James carries on the tradition.
  • On Two and a Half Men, Walden Schmidt got back at Zoey after their breakup by buying a large, destructive dog and giving it to her daughter as a birthday present. The dog promptly took a huge dook on her carpet.
  • In a variation, the documentary-like Walking with Prehistoric Beasts sees a predator defecate on the carcass of its kill to deter two pig-like creatures from eating it. It doesn't work.
  • The White Lotus: Armond, the hotel manager, has just found out he’s been sacked from his job because Shane complained to Armond’s boss. Armond goes to Shane’s hotel suite, opens up his suitcase, and proceeds to take a deuce on Shane’s belongings. Unfortunately, thanks to a previous robbery, a paranoid Shane and a handy knife nearby, this ends up backfiring tragically on Armond.
  • In the American Wilfred, in the first episode, Elijah Wood's character takes a dump in his neighbor's boyfriend's shoes because he doesn't like the boyfriend.
  • Happens to Franz Faber when he's a prisoner of the Poles in XCompany
  • You're Skitting Me: In one of the 'Bear Cub' sketches, Jeremy is doing work experience in an office and serves a teapot full of his urine to a meeting in the boardroom.

  • This was GG Allin's M.O. in the later years of his career.
  • Minus from Beck's Odelay:
    Don't be confused
    When the fuse is up
    And you're taking a leak
    Into your brother's cup
  • The German "happy metal" band J.B.O. have a parody on "Nightshift" by the Commodores which is about exacting revenge upon some jerkass by peeing into his beer.
  • In "Like a Boss" by The Lonely Island the aforementioned boss does this on Debra's desk after getting rejected.
  • R.E.M.'s song Circus Envy contains the line "when I get loose I'll climb a tree / and drop a load on your head"
  • "Miss Maggie" by French singer Renaud consists in a Take That! against Margaret Thatcher, expressing how men are violent, vulgar and stupidly proud, and finishing each verse by stating how no woman would lower herself to such a behavior, "à part bien sûr Mme Thatcher" ("except of course Mrs Thatcher"). He finishes by saying that after his death, rather than going to a Hell full of stupid men, he would rather stay on Earth as a dog, provided he could use Margaret Thatcher as a street lamp to pee on.
  • The Wall: "Go on, Judge! Shit on 'im!]]"
  • The album cover of Who's Next implies this, having water streaks on a monolith with the members pulling their pants up.
  • Eminem's combination of insult comedy and scatology leads to him often threatening to shit on other rappers, annoying fans, women, or celebrities. He's wiped his ass with Cage's "page in [The] Source", pissed in Christopher Reeve's sippy-cup, and participated in a D12 song called "Shit On You", which is about... shitting, on you.

    Myths & Religion 
  • Norse Mythology: Njord of the Vanir was once captured by a Jotun whose daughters used his mouth for a piss pot. Being ransomed by the Aesir was seen as a gift to him in comparison to that kind of treatment.
  • Ignirtoq of Inuit folklore thinks urinating all over everything is funny. For this reason her parents make her and her two equally troublesome sisters play outside, which happen to be on Earth. Together they represent unpleasant storms in contrast to Asiaq, who brings desirable weather.
  • Tobit was blinded by bird shit in a deuterocanonical book of The Bible.

    Pro Wrestling 
  • André the Giant once had a real life feud with Allen Coage, so Andre ate a ridiculous number of burritos before a match, sat on Allen's chest, and biology ensued.
  • Juventud Guerrera was fired from AAA for starting a fight. Why did he start a fight? Because he found someone had defecated in his bag and did not take it well.
  • Sean Waltman aka. X Pac/Syxx [Pac]/123 Kid was well known for shitting on the possessions of those he didn't like. Examples include Sunny's lunch container and Sable's duffel bag.
    • Possibly given a nod during his feud with Jeff Jarrett, where he pissed in the latter's cowboy boots.
  • Jim Cornette hates Vince Russo so much that he vowed to go on a diet so that he can live long enough to piss on Russo's grave.
  • In CMLL, La Ola Azul are a tecnico group whose name is a reference to the common appearance of water during the day. Their Evil Counterpart La Ola Blanca is in turn a reference to the appearance of dangerous moving bodies water, suggesting they are rougher and edgier. Their other evil counterpart, La Ola Amarilla, well, is a reference to what they figuratively want to do to Mexico.
  • Drake Maverick stole Bobby Roode's robe, threw it into a toilet, and peed on it.

    Tabletop Games 
  • In the first edition of the AD&D Dungeon Master's Guide, the section on holy water fonts notes that a font may be defiled by an unbeliever who blesses/curses it "or uses some less refined method such as excreting waste into the font".
  • In Warhammer, Orcs have an unusual variant. Before a greenskin horde leaves an encampment or settlement they've sacked, they'll pile all their dung into a huge mound and shape it into a rough effigy of one of their gods, Gork or Mork, as a way of telling others "we wuz here." Tearing down these strange monoliths (coproliths?) is an unpleasant job usually given to convict laborers, but in some cases superstitious peasants refuse to risk the wrath of the greenskin deities, leaving these crumbling monuments to dot the landscape of the Old World.

    Video Games 
Narrator: A signpost. Maps-it-out for the cartographically challenged.
  • If you attain the good ending of Broforce, as sort of an epilogue, Rambro will visit Satan's grave. The game says "Press Fire to pay respects." Doing so will cause Rambro to start peeing on Satan's grave.
  • In Duke Nukem 3D, Duke threatens to "rip [the second boss's] head off and shit down [its] neck". In Duke Nukem Forever, Duke threatens to rip out a boss's eye and piss on its brain. After both fights, he actually goes through with both threats.
  • In Grand Theft Auto V, one of the shows on the in-game TV is Republican Space Rangers, a Saturday Morning Cartoon parody of The War on Terror IN SPACE!!!. In a scene towards the end of the episode, the Space Marine Dick, who's just had some bad chicken wings, takes a giant diarrhea dump on a model of the Capitol building at a right-wing rally. The crowd thinks he's done this and roars with approval, leading to a pair of shadowy alien financiers (transparent parodies of the Koch brothers) to look at backing him in a campaign for office.
  • In Horizon Zero Dawn, the nomadic Banuk leave "farewell marks" (translation: pissing on the tent or belongings of someone they really don't like), ideally somewhere they can't be found until the smell has begun to fester. They don't see the irony in doing this to someone who accused them of being barbarians.
  • My Child Lebensborn: The bullying undergone by the child eventually escalates to the "urinating on the person" variant. Their Sadist Teacher Mr. Solheim is the one leading the charge, with some of the school's students following.
  • In Ōkami you play a wolf. Two of the moves you can learn at the dojo are Golden Fury, which lets you insult enemies by lifting your leg and letting loose, and Brown Rage, which adds insult to injury. These are a decent source of demon fangs.
  • This is one of Chaos' finishing moves in Primal Rage, which was, naturally, censored in the console editions.
  • Barker Ashpaws, leader of The Dissidents in Pyre, was exiled to Downside after urinating on the statue of a Commonwealth official.
  • In one of the Ray web games, after knocking out a guy while interrogating him, you have the option to pee on him.
  • One minigame in Saints Row 2 involves manning a septic truck and spraying sewage to damage high-value property.
  • Seaman: Seaman will sometimes throw dung at the screen if he's annoyed.
  • At the end of Ollie's story in We Happy Few, Ollie pisses over the side of his hot-air balloon onto the town of Wellington Wells as he makes his escape, while cussing out the townsfolk.
  • WolfQuest: You need to claim a territory in Slough Creek, and being a wolf you can't do that with flags.

    Web Animation 
  • In the Your Favorite Martian music video "Santa Hates Poor Kids", one of the threats the singer makes towards Santa Claus after accusing him of being a pedophile is to "take a shit on [his] nice list".
  • GoAnimate: The infamous video "Dora Poops On Her Mom".
  • Homestar Runner: In the Strong Bad Email "imaginary", Strong Bad recalls being annoyed by Strong Sad's imaginary friend Scotty Titi. He tried to oust him in several ways; at one point, he tried to "titi... on Scotty Titi."
    Li'l Strong Bad: Oh no! My new boots!
  • The Christmas Episode of Prostitute Mickey has Mickey Mouse being visited by the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future because they mistook him for Ebenezer, a more vile and unscrupulous version of Scrooge McDuck. The vision the Ghost of Christmas Future shows is Ebenezer's grave. Mickey decides to take advantage of this, so he has his revenge against Ebenezer for making him let Ebenezer piss on him for money by pissing on the grave.

  • In Moon Over June, Summer speaks with her six brothers immediately after her father's funeral and (having been ignored by the man for being a girl throughout her childhood and spent her adolescence at an all girl's boarding school) was informed how cruel, arbitrary, toxic, and generally abusive he was to the sons he paid attention to. She is sufficiently furious that she tells them she was going to piss on his grave but is stopped... and handed one of the beers they are sharing (the whole lot having the same idea).
    "You need to fill your tank first!"
  • The Order of the Stick:
    • Strip #685, Belkar pisses on the dying body of a slave trader, who made the mistake of angering Belkar's by threatening to eat Belkar's pet cat. He also turned the severed head of the Linear Guild's (third?) kobold into a litter box for said cat.
    • To say nothing of what he does to the Linear Guild kobold who actually hurt the cat.
    Durkon: Aren't ye gonna, y'know, kill the kobold first?
    Belkar and Vaarsuvius: No.
    Vaarsuvius: [who has instead cast a mind control spell on the offending kobold to force him to actively take part in his own punishment] His silent screams are a symphony I cannot share...
  • One VG Cats strip has Leo take revenge on one of the hearts from The Legend of Zelda for abandoning him when [he] needed it the most by beating it with a baseball bat and urinating on it. Complete with *pee noises*.

    Web Original 
  • Several Mons in Mortasheen weaponize taking a crap. It's usually Hollywood Acid or laced with a Festering Fungus, but one goes with such force that it's treated as a cannon shot.
  • Parodied in Sura Like It; one of the chapters involves God lamenting on his followers' inability to understand his parables and having to dumb it down to "do not assume those you throw dung on you are your enemies".
  • T.O.T. has a chapter in which Maximus Slade takes a huge dump on top of a police car, both to display how much he hates cops and to anger two deputies nearby.

    Web Videos 
  • The Angry Video Game Nerd, not just in the theme song, but he actually did take a few (fake, as in the...brown stuff isn't actually the real deal, just a mix of chocolate and nuts) dumps on the games/consoles he reviewed, such as Bugs Bunny, Ecco the Dolphin and Atari Jaguar CD.
  • CollegeHumor:
    • The "Tamagotchi Deadbeat Dad" video ends with the neglected Tamagotchi shitting on his owner's lawn as a final act of spite before leaving.
    • Near the end of the video "Livin' Mask-Free (Music Video)", the selfish country singer is shown preparing to take a dump in a box of masks as another demonstration of his stubborn contempt towards the safety precaution of wearing a mask when out in public during the COVID-19 pandemic to lower the risks of the corona virus spreading.
  • The Kevin Temmer Tunes video "Thanos: The Musical" has a puppet of Thanos mention that he wants to pee on Galactus to show dominance, which the chorus calls out as weird.
  • During his review of Doug's 1st Movie, The Nostalgia Critic does this to an Anthropomorphic Personification of its old theme song, in celebration that it has been replaced.
  • Real-Time Fandub: Eggman pisses on the moon as a way of getting back at Shadow.
  • Meet the Amazing Team's "The Amazing Interrogation":
    "I will crap in your mouth!"
    "... What."

    Western Animation 
  • American Dad! has several examples:
    • In the first Christmas episode, Stan is visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past, who takes him back in time to show him what Christmas was like. Stan runs away while in the 1970s, and she begins to freak out. She returns to the present to get Francine so she can help, but also starts freaking out about how she can't be allowed to screw up on her first job. She can't go back to working as a Tooth Fairy, because she took a dump on her boss' desk when she quit. That bridge has been burned. Her panicked ramblings also mention that apparently, they can trace DNA in poo.
    • The second time this happens was when Hayley ran off with Jeff to get eloped. Stan was so against the idea that he set up a $500,000 bounty for anyone who can bring Hayley back to him. EVERYONE in Langley Falls goes chasing after her, including Principal Lewis. When the whole conflict is resolved, Stan announces that Jeff (her husband) got the money for turning her in. Principal Lewis freaks out before flipping everyone off and storming off, saying that he was depending on that money. He left a deuce on his own desk as a message to the whole school system and whoever was to become the next principal.
    • Another is when Roger rediscovers an old persona, Ricky Spanish. Ricky is the most depraved of all of his personas, and every mention of his name triggers a still image of him doing something horrible. One of these is squatting over the patient in the middle of open-heart surgery.
  • In The Boondocks episode "The Trial of R. Kelly", when hearing on the news about how R. Kelly is going to be on trial for giving an underage girl a "golden shower" (urinating on her), Robert doesn't know what that really means, and says that he wants a golden shower too.
    • This happens in a story Thugnificient tells about his childhood, with the show's usual style.
      Thugnificient: I seen a nigga get killed right over there, you know? They beat him up, stomped him, shot the dude, stomped the nigga again, and then I seen them take a dump on the dude! I swear to god, man, they actually shot a deuce on this nigga man, you know what I'm saying? They shat on a nigga, man! Then I started thinking to myself: Man...what did he do to make them niggas that mad?
  • In the Bojack Horseman episode "The Bojack Horseman Show", Bojack suggests that the new show he'll star in will establish itself as not being the same as Horsin' Around by beginning with himself taking a dump on a VHS copy of the show.
  • The Boys: Diabolical : The episode BFF has a mostly figurative example where The Deep is defeated by a girl with the power to control poop, and has that called a more useful power than his on a sewer, surrounded by black water.
  • The Fairly OddParents! episode "Poof's Playdate" had Timmy try to distract his parents from discovering Poof and the de-aged Cosmo, Wanda, Jorgen, Cupid, Juandissimo and Tooth Fairy by convincing them that they can be better parents by acting like dogs. After Timmy's parents return from a game of fetch, Timmy's Mom mentions that they bit a mailman and Timmy's Dad implies that he pooped on Dinkleberg's lawn.
  • On Family Guy, Peter Griffin won the lottery in a joke that at first subverted the Take This Job and Shove It trope, then played it straight when Peter casually mentioned taking a huge dump on Angela's desk after thanking her for several years of employment.
    • This exchange:
      Brian: You wanna get ice cream? That'll help you feel better.
      Stewie: [shakes head sadly]
      Brian: You wanna get some McDonalds?
      Stewie: [shakes head again]
      Brian: You wanna go take a dump in Mother Maggie's shoes?
      Stewie: [nods, also sadly]
      Brian: Okay, let's go take a dump in Mother Maggie's shoes.
    • When Stewie became a child actor and is run ragged by Peter and Lois, he tries to get out of it by acting out during an orange juice commercial, culminating in him trying to defecate in the pitcher but being unable to because he can't do it in front of others. He ends up crapping himself anyway as soon as he puts his clothes back on.
  • In the Final Space episode "The Happy Place", tired of Clarence's insistence that the Crimson Light is his property, Little Cato urinates in it to mark it as his territory, leading to him, Gary, and KVN getting into a pissing contest with Clarence, Fox, and Ash.
  • Grasshoppers: A Mongol warrior pees on the Great Wall of China, before his men storm it.
  • The Ren & Stimpy Show: Ren Hoek shows his anger with Stimpy and Cousin Sven by emphatically urinating on their board game...a prominent feature of which is a miniature electrified fence. There is a massive explosion, which literally blows them all straight to hell.
    • Even better, the board game itself is called ''Don't Whiz On The Electric Fence". Ren did just that. When they arrive in hell, Satan cheerfully says to Ren "So, you whizzed on the electric fence, didn't ya?"
  • In the Rick and Morty episode "Lawnmower Dog", Scruffles AKA Snowball gains sentience through a helmet Rick created, and ends up subjugating the Smith family before eventually the entire world. Jerry gets the idea to protest by peeing on a crate of weapons and loudly proclaims that he's claiming his property, before Snuffles forces his nose into his own urine to shame him in the same way that he did to Scruffles at the start of the episode.
  • Robot Chicken:
    • One skit has a man urinating back and forth all over his boss' desk, with his boss sitting behind it. The boss casually asks "So, I take it this is your two weeks notice?" The man directs his stream right at the boss' face, and the boss gives a reassured "Yep" in answer to his own question.
    • A Parody Commercial for a violent video game titled Codename: The Abortionator mentions urinating on the homeless as one of the things players will be able to do in the game.
  • The flaming bag of dog-droppings mentioned above appears a few times on The Simpsons.
    • Subverted in "Loan Again, Naturally", when the Simpsons have their home saved by Ned Flanders before being kicked out, Homer mentions he left a "surprise" for the new owners he has to dispose of. He runs into one of the bedrooms, where we find...a pot of flowers and a sweet note.
    • In "Pokey Mom", Principal Skinner is horrified to learn that Jack is an ex-con, because he had peed in front of him.
  • In the South Park episode "Breast Cancer Show Ever", Cartman craps on Mr. Garrison's desk so he can get detention and won't have to get beaten up by Wendy.
    • In "My Future Self and Me", Cartman gets revenge on MotivationCorp by smearing their walls with feces. He also does this with Butter's parents.
    • In "Dances with Smurfs", Butters urinates on Wendy's doorstep in protest of her actions as class president, following Cartman's quasi-conservative rhetoric.
    • In "It's a Jersey Thing", Cartman shits on Kyle's doorstep every morning to try to get him and his family to move away since he hates Kyle so much. He later says he'll start crapping on Kyle's doorstep even more after learning the latter is from New Jersey. None of the actual crapping is shown on screen.
  • In The Venture Bros. pilot, Brock beats a mummy to death, then urinates on it.
    Hank: That's showing him who's boss, Brock-o!
    Dr. Venture: Was that really necessary?
    Brock: You have to defile a mummy completely or they come back to life, you know that.

    Real Life 
  • A still-unidentified protestor ended up defecating on an NYPD cruiser during the Occupy Wall Street protests of 2011, presumably as a statement against... Police brutality, maybe?
  • Mario Mieli was an outspoken gay activist in Italy during the 1970s. During a performance in Rome, he ate his own excrement and that of a dog as an act of defiance.
  • GG Allin would often throw his own waste at his audience during his concerts. This was one of many acts he would perform for shock value.
  • An infamous story out of India involved five widowed women forced to eat excrement for being witches by their fellow Muslims.
  • Tensions between Rome and the Greek city-state of Tarentum came to a head in 282 BC, when the Tarentines mocked the Roman ambassador for his (in their opinion) uncouth dress and accent, finally escalating the insults to the point where someone urinated on his toga. The ambassador reportedly responded that the stain would be washed out with blood — and, sure enough, the tensions exploded into warfare.
  • Though it rarely gets mentioned in textbooks outside of Horrible Histories, for obvious reasons, the famous Grecian Philosopher Diogenes made a habit of doing this as part of his more famous "started living totally naked in a barrel in the marketplace" phase. He would urinate on anyone he didn't like, and if he got really angry he would defecate out through a hole in the barrel as a sign of his contempt.
  • In 570 AD, Abraha, the King of Himyar (present day Yemen), built a magnificent shrine at Sana'a in the hopes of diverting some of the lucrative pilgrimage business from Mecca. The Meccans were not pleased, and sent a group of men to inspect the newly built shrine and "defile" (as the historians politely termed the actions) it. This led to a massive war with the Yemenese and the survival of Mecca was considered a miracle from Allah—the Quran records that Abraha's otherwise invincible army of war elephants arrived at the boundary of Mecca and simply refused to cross.
  • In 59 BC, Julius Caesar and Marcus Calpurnius Bibulus were elected co-consuls of Rome. After repeated disagreements and clashes, Caesar finally shut Bibulus up by having his supporters dump a basket of "filth" (as the more polite historians called it) on Bibulus's head. This resulted Bibulus not leaving his house for the rest of his consulship and the year was derisively named "the Consulship of Julius and Caesar."
  • In the closing months of World War II, George S. Patton urinated in the Rhine river after reaching it, before his troops invaded Germany. He was reportedly proud that he was able to do so before Winston Churchill.
    "I drove to the Rhine River and went across on the pontoon bridge. I stopped in the middle to take a piss and then picked up some dirt on the far side in emulation of William the Conqueror."
  • Dan Savage points out this is a likely basis for coprophilia; "I never said eating shit is wrong; I said eating shit is disgusting. If shit-eaters are eating shit because they're turned on by feeling dirty or degraded (which seems the likeliest subconsciously symbolic attachment), then shit-eaters should be willing to acknowledge that eating shit is, in point of fact, disgusting."
  • At one point in the Chicago Bears' famous 1985 season, their hated rival, the Green Bay Packers, left horse manure in the Bears' locker room. This was one of several incidents that dotted the game, but Chicago still won 16-10 en route to winning the Super Bowl that year.
  • A group of US Marines were caught doing this to the corpses of some Taliban fighters.
  • A scorned woman defecated on the floor a coffee shop and threw it at the disturbed clerk. Her reason? No toilets were available for her.
  • Similar to the above, a man defecated on the floor of a Starbucks after being refused access to the bathroom. Video is not be NSFW.
  • A pot activist pissed on the grave of Harry Anslinger.
  • Black Metal band Panzerfaust used the Westboro Baptist Church as a outhouse.
  • During the Pittsburgh Penguins/Philadelphia Flyers series of the 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs, the urinals at Philadelphia's Wells Fargo Center were mysteriously decorated with photos of Penguins captain Sidney Crosby.
  • There was a criminal case where the defendant, upon losing, produced a plastic baggie of his own feces from his pocket (you know, as you do) and smeared it into his lawyer's hair as a rather vivid criticism of his defense. To the shock of nobody but him, not only did this not help the defendant's case, but in addition to his sentence he was fined for contempt of court and (for some mysterious reason) required mandatory psychiatric treatment. Hopefully they passed the hat after the sentencing and got the lawyer a bottle of really good shampoo.
  • The grave of former Cleveland Browns owner Art Modell, who infamously moved the team to Baltimore and it became the Baltimore Ravens, had urine from a catheter dumped on it by a Cleveland Browns fan, which he recorded a video of and posted it online in 2014.


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