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Film / Employee of the Month (2004)

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Employee of the Month is a 2004 Black Comedy film.

Dave Walsh (Matt Dillon) has a bright future ahead of him when he unexpectedly gets fired from his job at a bank, his financee dumps him, and his car gets stolen. Fed up with the world, he starts plotting revenge together with the help of his best friend Jack.

No relation to the 2006 comedy with Dane Cook.

This film provides examples of:

  • Employee of the Month: Dave works at a small bank. A minor plot point is that the boss's son-in-law Kyle has held the Employee of the Month title for several years in a row. When Dave accuses him of nepotism, his boss flatly denies this, despite calling Kyle an idiot in the same sentence. After being fired from his job (based on a review authored by Kyle), Dave goes out of his way to be the worst employee of the month by Going Postal on his last day.
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  • Excrement Statement: Dave barges into his boss's office and pisses on his father's portrait to show his displeasure over being fired the previous day.
  • Going Postal: After losing everything in barely a day, Dave goes back to the bank he used to work at and holds his Jerkass boss hostage when a Bank Robbery interrupts him. Turns out the robbery is actually part of Dave's plan.
  • Hidden Disdain Reveal: Dave murders his "best friend", Jack, revealing that he's secretly despised him ever since the childhood accident that left Dave with burn scars on his right side.
  • Kill 'Em All: All the conspirators, Dave, Jack, Wendy, Sara, and Eric are killed off before the end credits. Dave kills Jack after revealing he actually hates him, Wendy kills Dave because she's secretly lovers with his fiance Sara, Eric is killed by Sara because he outlived his usefulness, and Wendy and Sara are both killed in a random car accident.
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  • Mean Boss: David's boss, Bill Gartin, is a jerkass who is salivating at a chance to fire Dave while playing favorites with his son-in-law. He spends the entire performance review insulting David and dares him to file a lawsuit, gloating that he's got better lawyers.
  • Spiritual Successor: To Wild Things. Once again, Matt Dillon plays a regular guy who is fired from his job over some reputed indiscretion, before it turns out to be an elaborate gambit orchestrated by multiple characters to steal millions of dollars who then turn on each other.