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Nature Tinkling

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Tommy: Why don't you just go on the tree?
Chuckie: Once you're potty-trained, you can't go back to stuff like that!
Tommy: Why not? Spikenote  does it all the time.
Chuckie: Oh, all right! I'll use the tree, but you guys got to not look at me, okay?
Rugrats (1991), "Potty-Training Spike"

Nature Tinkling (also known as "making wet leaves") is when a character deliberately relieves themselves outdoors because they enjoy it or have no choice. Sometimes happens during the Camping Episode. If it's in the water, that's Putting the Pee in Pool. Characters trapped in a Potty Emergency might do this or try to do this. Do not add an example if an animal that is not a (more anthropomorphic leaning) Funny Animal or Beast Man does this, as for them, peeing outside is the norm. Often if someone pees on a plant, the pee-er or someone else will make a joke about "watering" the plant.

Note: Pooping outside counts, but it's a rarer variation.

Compare Putting the Pee in Pool for when it's in the water, Jar Potty for when it's in an object, Embarrassing Damp Sheets for using a bed as a toilet, All-Natural Fire Extinguisher for using urine to put out a fire, Potty Emergency, Potty Failure, Urine Trouble, Toilet Humor and Yellow Snow. Sometimes, the Nature Tinkler might have to use a Toilet Paper Substitute.


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  • Everybody Pees is a jingle for a kidney health company called the National Kidney Foundation and lists all sorts of places to pee. Including these are in a lake, behind a tree, in the snow, and on the side of the road.
  • A variant happens in a 2011 commercial for Model Environment starring Helene Traasavic, called "Helene on Toilet Paper", has her using a lone toilet in a forest clearing.

    Anime & Manga 
  • Boruto: In episode 194, Boruto and Kawaki both really have to pee in the morning which results in a squabble over who gets to go first. Naruto, Boruto's dad, who's actually in the bathroom, tells them to just go outside if they can't hold it anymore. They do so side by side, then go back to fighting.
  • In Chapter 208 of Dragon Ball and the 8th episode of Dragon Ball Z, during his wildness training under Piccolo, Gohan wakes up in the middle of the night to take a leak over the side of the small plateau he found himself on after escaping a hungry dinosaur using his hidden powers. Interestingly, it actually plays a role in the plot as Gohan notices the full moon shortly after he finishes peeing, which triggers his first Great Ape transformation, forcing Piccolo to destroy the moon to turn him back to normal.
    Piccolo: The needs of the body...
    • In episode 230 of Dragon Ball Z, Goten and Trunks are on their way to see Buu, when Goten has trouble keeping up because he has to pee. He and Trunks then stop by an island to pee on a rock together before getting chased off by a T-Rex.
  • Gokujo: The summer festival chapter has Aya peeing outside and getting caught.
  • In Grave of the Fireflies, Seita walks through the bombarded city of Kobe with his little sister Setsuko and stops for a while in order for her to take a leak. Later in the movie, the two siblings pee together at night near their shelter.
  • In the fourth and final chapter of the short adult Yuri manga I Fell In Love For The First Time, Hitomi gets a Potty Emergency while on a date with Yui at a park, but the nearest bathroom is all the way back at the train station. She ends up having to pee outside in a more hidden area with Yui on the lookout.
    Hitomi: I haven't done this since I was a kid...
  • In the one-shot adult manga I Got Myself into a Weird Situation and Awful Things Happened to Me (yes, that's the title), Kaya Okuno eventually resorts to just going in the bushes after a prolonged Potty Emergency. And that's when Yamato walks by...
  • In Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders, Joseph is horrified to find out Egypt's excuse for a portapotty is done into a shallow dirt pit with only the dry climate to eradicate poop. Combined with the Toilet Paper Substitute of dry sand, he decides to "pull a Polnareff" and hold his bladder until he returns to their hotel.
    Joseph: What's the point of a shack if you're going in a hole? You might as well do your business behind a rock!
  • The third episode of Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi has Arumi and Sasshi find themselves needing to pee at one point. Sasshi pees straight into space somehow while Arumi relieves herself behind a bush, which results in her panties being stolen by a goblin.
  • In Episode 9 of Negima! Magister Negi Magi, Fumika ends up having to do this while out with her sister and Negi. Fuka does a variation of Calling Your Bathroom Breaks for her, much to Fumika's embarrassment.
  • The 40th chapter of World's End Harem has Hakuro run into a grove to pee outside.
  • In My Hero Academia, Mineta has to pee while 1-A is heading to summer training camp and tries to relieve himself behind a tree. Unfortunately for him, he's interrupted by the appearance of a giant rock monster, which ends in a Potty Failure.
  • In Naruto, some characters (usually Naruto himself) are shown or implied to relieve themselves outdoors which leads to to some conflicts, such as Sakura getting offended at Naruto for attempting to pee right there in the open instead of ducking behind a bush, Madara being unable to pee when someone is standing behind him, and Naruto peeing in a bush "guy-style" while impersonating a princess and getting in trouble for it.
  • Partway during their journey in Sword of the Stranger, there's a quick scene of Nanashi, Kotaro and Tobimaru (a dog) stopping to take a leak near a lake.
  • The 56th episode of Tentomushi no Uta ends with Hiyoko having to pee and trying to relieve herself behind a bush, only to be startled by a police officer sneaking up on her.
  • The World Masterpiece Theater series based on The Adventures of Tom Sawyer has Huckleberry Finn peeing from his treehouse in the 12th and 23th episodes.

  • Drinking Bacchus: Bacchus is peeing out in the open, his urine trail mimicking the wine leaking from the barrel behind him. This makes it a "puer mingēns", a work of art that depicts prepubescent boys in the act of urinating, representing anything from whimsy and boyish innocence to erotic symbols of virility and masculine bravado.

    Comic Books 
  • In Runaways, Karolina pees outside after the Runaways are forced to abandon their last base of operations.
  • The fifth issue of Monstress has Maika at one point squat to piss on the ground. Master Ren chides her for not relieving herself in the bushes to be discreet.
  • In the second issue of the original Cavewoman, Meriem stops behind some moss to defecate after getting an upset stomach from eating too much ice cream.
  • At one point in the graphic novel Bikini Cowboy, Rod McCloud has to pee and ends up relieving himself behind a rock.
  • In the 15th issue of the second volume of Patty Cake & Friends, the story "Long Way Home" has Patty have to pee while her father is driving her home. When her father tells her that they'll be home in two more hours and she insists that she can't make it that long, Patty reluctantly accepts the offer to relieve herself out on the road.
  • The second volume of the graphic novel trilogy The Legend of Korra: Ruins of the Empire has Wu needing to pee when he and Korra are in the Spirit World to recruit Toph's assistance. He relieves himself behind a tree.

    Comic Strips 
  • In this comic strip from Big Nate, when Nate and Teddy are about to go places during their last days of summer vacation, Teddy has to go to the bathroom, but Nate tells him to hold it until 2:30, where there are bushes at the playground he could use.

    Fan Works 
  • One fan-made comic was about whether or not characters in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic used toilets, pretending to interview the Mane Six, and getting various answers. Apparently, Fluttershy is scared of toilets and relieves herself on the trees in the Everfree Forest note , Pinkie Pie relieves herself behind Sugar Cube Corner because due to a Noodle Incident, Mr Cake doesn't let her use his toilet and Rainbow Dash does it off the side of a cloud, but at least she makes sure no pony is under the cloud she's using.
    • A fanart depicts the Apple family discovering some yellow "rain", which turns out to be Rainbow Dash peeing on a cloud.
  • I Need to Pee, which is a parody of "Under the Sea" from The Little Mermaid (1989), has the lyric "To pee on the trees and hydrants/is something I'm not against/the one thing I must not forget/they're shielded by 'lectric fence".
  • Pound and Pumpkin Cake's Adventures (and Misadventures) in Potty Training, which is a Fan Fic of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic set in the future when the Cake twins are being potty trained, has several examples of this. In the chapter "That's Not a Potty: Part One (The Flowerpot)", Pumpkin Cake has a Potty Emergency while playing outside, leading her to poop in a flower pot, which she thinks is okay because she's "fertilising the soil", and has heard the Apple family do this. Later, in a chapter entitled "The Great Cloud Flush", Pound has a Potty Emergency while visiting Rainbow Dash, leading to him peeing on the clouds.
    • In a Toilet Humor fanfiction of MLP entitled Princesses Don't Potty, there's a footnote: "Pinkie Pie had to pee and so she stepped behind a tree", implying she peed there.
  • In the rather obscene Star Trek: Deep Space Nine fanfiction Usually Filed Under 'Cultural Practices', Major Kira and Lieutenant Dax talk about times when they have had to pee outside for one reason or another, and Dax pees on the ground during a holonovel.
  • The WS-Files, which is a fanfiction of The X-Files, has Scully really needing to pee while out in the woods. She considers peeing in the woods but has a Shy Bladder, so she holds it in and eventually wets herself.
  • In the third incarnation of the Communication, the first Five-Man Band team Louise summons are outside of an orc stronghold, trying to figure out how to kill over fifty of them when one of them go to the nearby river and starting peeing in it. And apparently, locals drink from that same river.
  • In a The Owl House fancomic, Hunter stops Amity from getting ice water because he was "named" a "Knight of the Kitchen" by Camila. Later, Amity has some fun with this by pretending that Camila has named her "Knight of the Bathroom" and that, consequently, she has the right to stop Hunter from using the toilet. Hunter, who is in the middle of a Potty Emergency, says he'll just go in the woods.

    Films — Animated 
  • In The Angry Birds Movie, Red, Chuck, and Bomb are visiting the Lake of Wisdom, home of Mighty Eagle. They watch Mighty Eagle in awe, but then he pees into the lake. This grosses out Chuck and Bomb as they had previously drunk from the lake.
  • In one Flash Back during The Boneknapper Dragon, which is a bonus feature film of How to Train Your Dragon, Gobber describes meeting the dragon for the first time during peeing in an ice cave due to a Potty Emergency as a little boy.
  • Doraemon: Nobita's the Legend of the Sun King has a scene in which Doraemon uses a gadget to turn water harvested from a lake into orange juice. He calls Nobita over to have some...but finds out that he's peeing into the very same river.
  • In Frozen (2013), a troll lists one of Kristoff's flaws in "Fixer Upper" is "he only likes to tinkle in the woods", which Anna thinks is Too Much Information.
  • At the beginning of Fritz the Cat, a construction worker pees off the side of a girder with his back to the audience. The urine lands on a beatnik below.
  • In Hotel Transylvania 2, when Dracula and his friends try to get back to the hotel with his grandson Dennis before his daughter Mavis does, they at one point stop so that Blobby can pee on a tree.
  • In Up, Russell has a Potty Emergency, leading to this, which he kind of enjoys, as he has "always wanted to try this".
  • In the short Sprite Fright, one of the campers pees on some mushrooms, one of which is a Sprite. The Sprites later return the favor by drowning him in their own piss.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • The topic is brought up in Dad's Army (1971), when Private Godfrey brings up an issue with patrolling the woods:
    Private Godfrey: I-it's a little awkward if I patrol the woods, Mr. Jones. You see, there-there are no conveniences there.
    Private Walker: No, but there's plenty of trees, though, ain't there?
  • In Dobermann, Joe—who is pissed at Manu for being caught masturbating—tells Manu that he can't use the bathroom in the club and sends him outside to crap in the river.
  • In Flavia the Heretic, Sister Agatha takes a perverse pleasure in hoisting up her habit and peeing on the ground.
  • In The Godfather, Clemenza, Paulie, and Rocco are in a car driving around NYC. As they go to the countryside, Clemenza tells Paulie (who's driving) that he needs to take a leak. While he does so, Rocco executes Paulie; the whole thing was a setup to execute Paulie for betraying Don Corleone and getting him shot, and an opportunity for Rocco to make his bones.
  • In Halloween II (2009), one of Michael's victims is a man dressed as a werewolf who steps out to piss on a tree.
  • Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle: Spencer, Fridge and Bethany all relieve themselves in the jungle, with Bethany having to be instructed in how to do so in a male body.
  • In Kids, Casper pees against a wall in broad daylight, confident that as a kid he can get away with anything.
  • Kingdom of Heaven: A group of knights stop at a river. One of them pees in the river - upstream from the other knights, who are drinking from the river. The peeing man is promptly scolded for it, of course.
  • When Sarah first meets Hoggle in Labyrinth, he's peeing into a pond.
  • The Lost World: Rare Played for Drama example: a group of people exploring an island with dinosaurs, stop in the woods, and one of the men has to go so goes into the woods. Unfortunately, he gets lost in the woods and is eaten alive by dinosaurs.
  • On the Buses:
    • When Ruby sees a man watering some plants, the way the hose is positioned makes it look as if he's having a leak, which once more makes her need to use the bathroom.
    • Peggy can't hold in her urine after drinking diuretic pill-laced tea, and so pulls over her bus so she can squat behind a bush and relieve herself, getting her written up for indecent exposure.
  • In Prom Night (1980), Slick leaves the van to relieve himself and is nearly killed by the slasher before Jude drags him off to have sex on the bluffs.
  • The first shot of Val in Tremors shows him from behind as he's urinating off the edge of a cliff.

  • Little Red Riding Hood is in the woods, when she saw the Big Bad Wolf hiding behind a tree stump, so she exclaimed, "What big eyes you have, Mister Wolf!"... upon being noticed, the Big Bad Wolf quickly ran off. So Little Red Riding Hood continues strolling, and a few minutes later saw the Big Bad Wolf, again, this time behind some grass. And she exclaimed, "What long ears eyes you have, Mister Wolf!" causing the Big Bad Wolf to run off. As Little Red Riding Hood continues her stroll, once more she saw the Big Bad Wolf, this time hiding behind some rocks, and said, "What sharp teeth you have, Mister Wolf!"
    • It was at this point, the Big Bad Wolf finally loses it: "Could you please beat it and leave me alone, little girl? Can't a guy have a pee without being interrupted?"

  • Adrian Mole:
    • In Secret Diary, Adrian goes on a survival weekend in the Derbyshire hills, and describes himself as like an ignoble savage for having to perform his "natural functions" out in the open, and wiping his bum on leaves.
    • In Wilderness Years, he has to urinate into the darkness on a canoeing trip in Russia, which he had believed would be on a cruise ship.
  • In Blubber, Jill and Tracy are forced to rake Mr. Machinist's backyard as punishment for a prank they pulled on him and eventually find themselves needing to pee. Rather than deal with the indignity of begging Mr. Machinist to let them use his bathroom, they resort to watering his trees.
  • In the Dirty Bertie story "Twitter", Bertie is birdwatching with his friend Eugene Clark and Eugene's dad. He gets a Potty Emergency and ends up peeing on a tree. Eugene also says that he always pees outside while birdwatching.
  • In the Argentinian children's book Federico se hizo pis (Federico wetted himself), the title boy goes with his family to the park and has a Potty Emergency while playing in the slide. That emergency, however, quickly turns into a Potty Failure. After getting his clothes changed by his mom, Federico has another emergency and manages to pee next to a tree.
  • Averted in the kids' book Has Anyone Seen My Potty?, but Susie-Sue the main character was thinking of doing it, which, oddly enough, repulsed the animals.
  • The children's book I Have To Go!, by Robert Munsch, is about a boy having Potty Emergencies at inopportune moments. One of them is in a car trip, and he pees on a bush.
  • Inverted in the Mog book "Mog's Bad Thing". The main character is a cat and the place she usually uses as a toilet in the garden is unavailable, so she pees indoors.
  • The French children's book Pipi dans l'herbe is about a little girl who pees in the grass when she has to go while outdoors.
  • The kids' book Potty Animals: What to Know When You've Gotta Go has a character Stanley who had a habit of doing this until being busted by Wilma.
  • Scumble: The main character Ledge has a Potty Emergency and is tempted to pee on the cacti, or as he puts it, "water them in a serious way".
    • In its sequel Switch, Ledge's cousin Gypsy and her little brother Tucker try to sneak past the cops by pretending that Tucker has to pee. It doesn't work, though, because the cops tell Tucker to "write [his] name in the snow".
  • Stardust when Tristran Thorn meets the hairy man in the Land of Faerie, the little man "attends to his guts" as he puts it on a tree, and then Tristran pees on it.
  • In the Swedish children's book Totte och Malin (Totte and Malin), the titular characters, a boy and a girl respectively, play outside one day. In doing so, they end up undressing completely. After looking at the other's genitalia, they pee in the grass, with Totte standing up and Malin kneeling down.
  • Paul Jennings' book Unseen featured a short story called Piddler on the Roof, where a boy named Weesle and his father enjoy peeing outside and having peeing competitions. The boy's mother and his auntie Sue both think that their peeing outside is disgusting but the father says that "Man has been peeing on the plants since the dawn of time".
  • Monstrous Regiment: The main character, Polly, accidentally intrudes on one of her comrades, Lofty, doing just this — which is how Polly first learns she's not the only woman in her regiment.
    • As the narration later notes:
    There are three things a soldier wants to do when there’s a respite on the road. One involves lighting a cigarette, one involves lighting a fire, and the other one involves no flames at all but does, generally, require a tree.
  • In 11/22/63 by Stephen King, Nature Tinkling is Enforced for black visitors to a rest stop where the protagonist stops. He notes that poison ivy has been encouraged to grow all over the area designated for that purpose.
  • In Paladin of Souls Ista is rescued after having been tied to a horse for hours. She asks her rescuer to guard her horse and her modesty while she finds a bush, or a rock, or whatever. She manages to find some rocks with bushes just a short distance away.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Dinosaurs featured or referenced this a few times.
    • The episode "How to Pick Up Girls" had Robbie Sinclair consult Spike on how he can get a girl to like him. At one point, Spike gets Robbie to drink 8 glasses of water and instructs him to get the girl's attention by "marking his territory" on her lawn. Cops show up to arrest them right as Robbie begins watering the flora.
    • In "Nature Calls", Baby Sinclair runs away from home because of Earl trying to potty-train him early to get out of changing diapers. He tells of his experiences to some forest mammals, who inform him that in the wild you can go wherever you want to go.
    • "The Son Also Rises" has Robbie become head of the household after beating his father Earl in a battle for the title. When Fran tells Robbie that one of his responsibilities is that he has to unclog the toilet, Robbie snaps that there are bathrooms everywhere and includes trees and bushes as his examples.
  • In the Dirty Jobs Down Under episode "Outback Treasure Hunter," Mike composes a song about the myriad hazards one is likely to encounter on the road to Coober Pedy, including an entire verse about the lack of available bathroom stops and the alternative measures required.
    "Unfortunately, there are no proper rest stops on the road to Coober Pedy - only death."
  • Eureka: In one episode, Fargo pees on a car's doors which are frozen shut to unfreeze them so he can get in.
  • Happens a lot in Game of Thrones, sometimes accompanying plot developments:
    • Early in the series, Tyrion fulfills his desire to piss off the top of the Wall.
    • Ser Alliser Thorne tells Jon and Sam about a previous mission he went on north of the Wall during a previous winter when he and his fellow Watchmen were stranded without shelter in weather so severe and cold that they stood to lose a finger to frostbite if they dared to do this.
    • A few seasons later, Arya and the Hound spot the men who killed one of her previous companions and stole her sword when they leave a bar to take a leak outside. It leads to their deaths in a Bar Brawl at the hands of Arya and the Hound.
    • After fleeing King's Landing and his likely execution, Tyrion is urinating out of an open entryway in a Volantis brother when Jorah kidnaps him.
    • A citizen of King's Landing who tauntingly exposed himself to Cersei during her walk of shame across the city stops to piss in an empty alley after self-aggrandizingly re-enacting it in a pub. He's killed by the Mountain.
    • In Season 6, after the Hound helps Lord Deric and the Brotherhood hang their rogue members who had killed all the members of the religious group that rescued him, he relieves himself in a nearby stream while Deric tries to persuade him to join the Brotherhood.
  • Girls:
    • In episode "Video Games", Hannah relieves herself on a telephone pole while waiting for a train.
    • In "Female Author", Jessa crouches between two parked cars on a New York street when she can't find a bathroom. Police in a passing car spot her, and give her a ticket which she rips up, resulting in more serious charges against her and Adam.
  • Heartbreak High (2022): Amerie confronts Harper at a party in a cemetery while the latter is relieving herself behind a sarcophagus. The conversation just goes downhill from there.
  • In the first episode of Mako Mermaids: An H₂O Adventure, Zac and Cam camp on Mako Island. At night, Zac goes deep into the jungle in order to relieve himself. This kicks out the events of the series as he just so happens to pee near the Trident Cave as it opens up because of the full moon. He notices that and, by curiosity, enters the cave.
  • The late 1970's German television series Neues aus Uhlenbusch had a scene in the episode "Kartoffelfeuer" where three children pee in the forest.
  • In part one of the Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation five-part premiere "East Meets West", Splinter informs his blind friend Andre that he needs to "go". Andre misinterprets this as saying that Splinter needs to use the bathroom and informs him that he can just use a bush because they're the only people around.
  • In one episode of Seinfeld, a sports arena sets up security cameras to catch and arrest people doing this. Both George and Kramer get caught by the "pee police".
  • Star Trek: Enterprise: After Porthos the dog gets poisoned by angry aliens whose sacred trees he peed on, Archer gets angry and says that if Porthos doesn't survive, he will go down and "water" the trees himself.
  • The Transparent episode "Pinkwashing Machine" has a scene where Ali pees on the ground.
  • The cops in The Wire seem to like to do this when they're out drinking with McNulty at the old railroad tracks. Bunk does it in season one, and Kima is seen squatting in the weeds when commiserating with him over her difficulties with Cheryl in season three.
  • In the first episode of Worzel Gummidge, John has a Potty Emergency in the car, leading to his family reluctantly allowing him to do this.
  • In the Yes, Dear episode, "Who's On First?", this is how the Hughes family potty-trained their two sons, Dominic and Logannote , much to the ire of Greg, who owns the guest house and the backyard they live in. Eventually, Greg decides to try it with Sammy behind Kim's back after several unsuccessful attempts to potty-train him. Kim finds out about this and is not pleased.
  • In the Young Sheldon episode "A Frat Party, A Sleepover, And The Mother Of All Blisters" Sheldon is forced to do this when there is a long lineup for the bathroom at a party, much to his dismay.

  • Koit
    • Rare pooping examples can be found with the poop-obsessed girl Trudy Walker.
    • In the song "Magical Piss", a man pees outside frequently because his pee has magical properties.
  • This Toilet Humor-filled song entitled "The Pee Song" has a man peeing on a variety of things, including someone's lawn.
  • Peeing in the bushes is one of the things mentioned that a celebrity can be caught doing in the "Weird Al" Yankovic song "TMZ".

  • Urinetown poses severe penalties on those caught not using proper toilets. It is also mentioned in "The Cop Song" that an individual named Julie Cassidy was sent to Urinetown as punishment for relieving herself behind a tree.

    Video Games 
  • Don't Wet Your Pants has the option of your character opening the window and peeing out of it.
  • In a magazine based off Moshi Monsters, it's implied that the Great White Furi does this regularly. This leads to some Furry Confusion as in-game, monsters are on the same level as people, and the writers have confirmed that in the World of Moshi, Nobody Poops.
  • In The Sims 2, Sims with the Sloppy trait can pee in bushes if they are having a severe Potty Emergency.
    • In some expansion packs of The Sims 4 they can pee into a designated bush (that they can also nap and "woohoo" in).
  • At one point when entering an area in Fairy Fencer F, your main character Fang and Galdo do this and even discussing "crossing streams." Eryn chastises Fang for not washing his hands afterwards.
  • Red Dead Redemption II: During "A Quiet Time", when a drunk Arthur Morgan wakes up outside of the saloon after a Smash to Black from the supposed Bar Brawl-turned line-dancing, he looks around to find no one in sight, then reaches into his pants for his... manhood (which he cleverly manages to hide with both hands grabbing it) before emptying his bladder. And yes, that's the sight of his tinkling on the grass! While in first-person perspective! Which is kinda weird... and a little squicky.
    • Also, the guys in camp will regularly go off somewhere a little more private and take a whiz on trees.
  • Final Fantasy IX: During one night at Madain Sari, Zidane goes outside and talks to Vivi about what life is all about... and then they both... let's just say... "go under the stars". The night serves as a discretion shot, with the peeing written out as "tinkle tinkle".
  • Yakuza: Like a Dragon has one substory where Ichiban has to track down a man who's been spotted urinating into the river. After catching the culprit, Ichiban suddenly needs to go to the bathroom and takes a look at the river before deciding to just go find a bathroom.
  • In What Remains of Edith Finch, Sam takes a pee during a hunting trip, while his daughter, Dawn, photographs it. Sam is not amused.

  • In Boy and Dog, one strip has Murphy (a dog) boasting about peeing on things and Rowan (a human of one year) wanting to pee on rocks when the snow melts.
  • In the online version of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Susan confiscates Greg's book due to thinking it's too "racy" because of the picture on the cover. The raciest scene Greg can think of is when a dwarf tries to use the bathroom in the woods, but bees chase him and he runs back to the camp with a bare bum.
  • Hyperbole and a Half: Allie becomes convinced that the "Skeleton Man" (a monster from a scary story one of her teachers told the class) lives in the bathroom, so she sneaks outside to pee until caught by one of the teachers.
  • The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob!: When Bob, Jean, and Voluptua have been trapped in a mysterious, infinite flat plane for many hours, they mention that they eventually had to resort to this. Jean is not pleased.
  • The Whiteboard: While visiting an "outlaw" paintball field, Swampy relays the bad news that there's no bathrooms on site, but fortunately there's hardly any thornbushes and it's too far north for poison ivy.

    Web Original 
  • Homestar Runner:
    • "The Luau" opens with Homestar "doing something" behind Marzipan's gazebo, and it's heavily implied that he was taking a leak after drinking too much melonade. Later, Strong Bad has trouble lighting the fire for his marshmallow roast with some wood he stole from Marzipan's house, and it's implied Homestar peed on it and made it too damp to catch fire.
    • In the Strong Bad Email "2 years", one of Strong Bad's predictions for the future of Strong Badia is that the population will triple to "Population: Tire, Bundt Cake Pan, and Coach Z". Coach Z appears behind Strong Badia's fence, and cheerfully admits "I'm takin' a leak!"
  • This list of problems people who have to pee more often have, lists one of them as peeing outside more than once.
  • There are three Wiki How articles, entitled "How to Urinate Outside Discreetly", "How to Pee Outside As a Woman", and "How to Go to the Bathroom in the Woods"
  • One online article teaches how to deal with the three "P"s: peeing, pooping and periods, in the woods.
  • A YouTube video centred on a woman named Misha, entitled Potty Break, has her trying to pee outside but then when someone sees her pulling her pants down, she gives up.
  • In this song, entitled Potty Song Blues, the narrator is a small child of around two through five who wonders why this is not allowed. After all, animals do it.
  • A video on YouTube, entitled I Need to Pee Prank-Dwarf Pranks, has a little boy telling people on the street that he is having a Potty Emergency and asking to pee on a tree.
    • A similar prank on YouTube involved a woman pretending to pee on the beach.
  • In the Bad Arnie episode "Potty Dance", several rap lyrics talk about how this is not allowed.
    Do the potty dance, don't pee in your pants. Do the potty dance, don't pee in the plants. Do the potty dance, no not in the grass. Do the potty dance, you made it at last.
  • A joke found on the website of Nicholls State University parodies this trope, concerning how crawfish use the bathroom:
    Little Johnny Crawfish raised a claw in class. “May I go to the bathroom?” he asked. Crawprofessor replied, “Gee wiz, crawkid! Your classroom is a mud tunnel. It’s all a bathroom!” “That explains everything,” Johnny replied.
  • In several of these stories which each focus on a pregnant woman having a Potty Emergency, some of the women have peed outside.
  • In this YouTube video, a man and a woman are on a date. The woman tells the man that there are no restrooms, but the man says he can pee outside, which repulses the woman. Later, the man gets a Potty Emergency and starts to pee in a bush but is interrupted by a racist police officer. Eventually, he wets his pants and his girlfriend calls him a loser.
  • In this blog post, the author's preschool-aged son saw an ad describing homeless people as "less fortunate" and asked what "fortunate" meant. She told him it meant "lucky", but he doesn't understand why homeless people would be less lucky as he likes the idea of living in a cardboard box, so she tells him they don't have bathrooms, but that doesn't work either.
    Boy: "Where do they go potty then? Outside?! Yay!"
  • SuperMarioLogan: In "Jeffy's New Dad!", Mario takes Jeffy to the park, but he has to pee, so he goes in a bush. Unfortunately, Patrick sees him and freaks out, resulting in him getting arrested and becoming a registered sex offender.

    Western Animation 
  • In one episode of The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius, when Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen attempt to escape from prison after Jimmy is framed for a crime he didn't do and the latter two attempt to break him out in prison (while being chained together), Carl has to use the bathroom, and ends up using the tree. He still has to go again even after that.
  • In the Adventure Time episode "Finn the Human", Farmworld Finn approves of the sword given to him by Choose Bruce, stating that it "feels natural, like peeing outside".
  • In the Anton episode "The Bed Wetter", Anton tries to stay up at camp to avoid wetting the bed but falls asleep anyway and then wakes up in the night and pees outside.
  • In an episode of Back at the Barnyard, the main cast usually go to the bathroom outside like normal animals, but one time, three moles visit, one of which wants to know where the bathroom is as he needs to pee and they are more Civilised Animal's than the main cast. The others respond with "Our bathroom's all around us".
  • In the The Barefoot Bandits episode "The Ice Breaker", Fridge pees in an ice cave and sings a song about it.
  • In Bluey the Heeler family calls nature tinkling a "bush wee." It's done in the wild while camping (in "Camping") and behind some landscaping in "Takeaway" when Bandit couldn't get his youngest daughter Bingo to a bathroom in time.
  • In the Caillou episode "A Camping We Will Go", Caillou's mother stops the car while on the way to the camping site in order for Caillou to "make a pit stop" behind a tree. After Caillou is done, his dad decides to do the same.
  • Camp Lazlo
    • The special "Where's Lazlo?" has a scene where Skip informs Chip that he has to pee and Chip tells him to go in the bushes.
    • The episode "Hold It Lazlo" has Lazlo needing to pee after winning a lemonade drinking contest. When Scoutmaster Lumpus advises that he relieve himself in the lake, Lazlo does so before he is reprimanded by a fish (really Edward wearing a mask) and is forced to suck it back in. Later, Lazlo tries resorting to peeing on a tree, but Edward stops him from doing that as well to continue trying to torment Lazlo over his misfortune.
  • In the Cow and Chicken episode "Grizzly Beaver Safari", the two siblings are surrounded by the ferocious grizzly beaver. Cow, in an attempt to change into Supercow and defeat the creature, says she'll go to "the little ladies' tree". However, before she can leave, she and Chicken are caught by man-eating giraffes.
  • Alluded by Clarence in the episode "Where the Wild Chads Are": after realizing his and Chad's camping area has a bathroom, he angrily says he thought they were going to poop in the woods.
  • In one episode of The Cramp Twins, Lucien has to use the bathroom badly, but Wayne is busy fishing in the toilet. Tony tries to convince him to do his business outside, but Lucien fails when he tries.
  • The Danny Phantom episode "Prisoners of Love" has Danny's father Jack Fenton forced to pee outside when he's followed his wife Maddie to his rural sister-in-law (who has a low opinion of Jack) and is informed by his sister-in-law that there are no indoor bathrooms or outhouses.
  • In an episode of Daria, some people get on Daria's nerves by suggesting she pee on trees.
  • The Downtown episode "Cropsey Clanners" has Chaka leave the car to pee behind a bush when she can't hold it in anymore.
  • In the Futurama episode "A Bicyclops Built for Two", Fry wants to "take a leak" in the Forbidden Valley because he thinks it looks like a cemetery. Why? We don't know.
  • Mentioned in the Gravity Falls episode "Not What He Seems". In one scene, Dipper and Mabel watch security cam footage to try and prove that Grunkle Stan was at the Mystery Shack the whole time. When he goes outside at one point, Mabel infers that he "went to the bathroom outdoors, the way nature intended".
  • Hey Arnold!
    • In the episode "Roughin' It", Grandpa Phil mentions "making doody behind a tree" as one of the greatest experiences in camping.
    • Harold and Sid are shown peeing outside in "Fishing Trip".
  • Kaeloo:
    • In Episode 125, Kaeloo has a Potty Emergency and after the toilet is accidentally destroyed, she's forced to go under a tree instead.
    • Episode 135 has Stumpy peeing outdoors while misquoting C'est La Faute À Voltaire from Les Misérables with the lyrics changed to talk about peeing.
  • The defecation variant is alluded to in The Loud House episode "In Tents Debate", where the Loud children voice their displeasure at the thought of spending their vacation at Scratchy Bottom Campgrounds. Lola states that she dislikes having to poop in the woods, with Lana replying that she likes it.
  • In the Molly of Denali episode "Bird in Hand", Molly and Tooey have a Potty Emergency. As Walter is fixing the bathroom and there's another bathroom with a mysterious sound in it, Molly is forced to go in the spider-infested outhouse while Tooey resorts to this in the woods.
  • In an episode of Nina Needs to Go!, entitled "Camping", Nina's fear of this sets off the plot, and Nana helps her overcome this problem when she builds a toilet for her with the animals' help.
  • This trope is alluded in the Randy Cunningham: Ninth Grade Ninja episode "Mc Fists of Fury" when Randy tells Howard he'll "be behind a tree" so as to check the Ninja Nomicon. At first, Howard calls him out for that thinking he wants to relieve himself in the outdoors.
    Howard: You can't go Nomicon behind a tree! What are you?! An animal?!
    Randy: No! The Ninja Nomicon! The ancient book of Ninja wisdom! Heard of it?!
    Howard: (giggles) I thought that was Ninja code for bathroom.
  • In The Real Ghostbusters episode "Camping It Up", Slimer at one point tells Winston that he needs to go. Winston replies that there are no bathrooms in the great outdoors and that he'll have to relieve himself behind a tree.
  • Regular Show:
    • The first episode, "The Power", shows in a flashback that Rigby got the magic keyboard by taking it from a wizard who put it down to pee in the bushes.
    • In Regular Show: The Movie, Muscle Man and High Five Ghost choose to leave the time-traveling ship to pee in the bushes after being creeped out by the ship's toilet essentially being a high-powered vacuum.
  • In the Rocko's Modern Life episode "Hut Sut Raw", Filburt tells Rocko that he has to go to the bathroom and Rocko responds by pointing to a bush. Disgusted by this option, Filburt chooses to hold it instead.
  • Rugrats:
    • In the 1991 series episode "Potty Training Spike", Chuckie is moving from the potty to the toilet and is afraid to go because the adults might watch him. Tommy suggests he pee on the tree like Spike. Chuckie is about to, but Didi catches him. Chuckie eventually does pee on the tree, with Tommy, Phil, and Lil joining him.
    • This came up in the All Grown Up! episode "River Rats", which had Tommy Pickles, Phil DeVille, and Chuckie Finster go rafting with Chuckie's father Chaz and Phil's mother Betty. Shortly before everyone goes to bed, Chaz asks if there is a bathroom in the great outdoors. Betty answers that the only available option is to relieve yourself behind a tree. Phil, Tommy, and Chuckie laugh at Chaz's reaction to this revelation, but they quickly get in the tent after he asks if anyone else needs to go.
    • In the 2021 series episode "Gramping", the babies decide to go on one last adventure to find Bigfeet in the woods when Angelica tells Tommy that his adventuring days will be over when his new baby brother is born. When Chuckie has to pee, he decides to pee on the ground. This is how he discovers what appears to be Bigfeet's footprints (they were really Drew's due to his untrimmed toenails).
  • The Rupert episode "Rupert and the Dragon Race" involved Rupert's friends Edward Trunk and Bill Badger as well as Bill's little brother Toby being stuck on an enchanted couch that grants one wish and one wish only to everyone who sits on it. After Bill and Edward waste their wishes, they try to get Toby to wish that they go home, but he instead wishes to "go pee-pee". The wish results in the three boys landing on a deserted island, where Toby relieves himself off-screen.
  • The Simpsons
    • In "On a Clear Day, I Can't See My Sister", Bart is forced to keep a ludicrous distance away from Lisa because of a Hollywood Restraining Order. When Marge asks him to come inside and use the bathroom while Lisa is visiting one of her friends, Bart goes with another option.
    Bart: Why should I go inside? The world's my toilet now! (drops pants and starts urinating)
    • In "At Long Last Leave", Bart begs Homer to pull over so he can "drain the inchworm".
    • In the episode "Gone Boy", Bart discovers a secret underground bunker after peeing in the woods.
  • Spongebob Squarepants: Implied with Patrick when he says he has to go but then later he says he already went.
  • In the Star vs. the Forces of Evil episode "Diaz Family Vacation", Marco does this offscreen during a hike through the Forest of Certain Death with his parents and Star.
    Marco: Nothin' makes you feel more man than goin' to the bathroom in the woods.
  • Steven Universe:
    • When Sapphire freezes up their hotel room in "Keystone Motel" (including the bathroom), Steven is forced to wee outside.
      Steven: Uh, Sapphire? The toilet's frozen.
      Sapphire: Such is fate.
      Steven: Am I fated to pee outside in the grass, too?
      Sapphire: Yes.
    • When Peridot is locked in the bathroom in "Catch and Release", Amethyst tells Steven to pee in the sea, something she enjoys doing.
  • In the Taz-Mania episode "Merit Badgered", when Taz and Jake go hiking, Jake is forced to explain to his brother at one point that nature doesn't have toilets, and he needs to go to the bushes.
  • Total Drama: Whenever the contestants are out in the wild, there's a chance someone can only go by giving back to nature.
    • In "Not So Happy Campers - Part 2", Tyler, Katie, and Sadie all need to take a whiz before the team reaches the camp grounds. With no other options, they all go behind some trees, Tyler one way, Katie and Sadie together another. It all works out for Tyler, but the girls come to regret peeing amidst poison ivy when their butts get itchy.
    • The challenge in "The Sucky Outdoors" is for the teams to go out camping in the woods for one night, so that means that anyone who has to go has to go on the grass. Of the Screaming Gophers, it's Izzy who disappears into the woods for a toilet break, but because she comes back disguised as a bear to scare her teammates she might have just made an excuse. Of the Killer Bass, DJ is too scared to go into the woods and pees into a bottle, while Bridgette takes her chances outside. She gets startled by bats and accidentally causes the tent to burn down. Whether she ever goes after that or not is not addressed.
    • Heather hogs the bathroom early in the morning of "Paintball Deer Hunter". As she takes her leisure time showering, all other girls have to hold it in until she lets them in. Gwen doesn't care to wait and goes lumberjack style in the woods.
    • Owen relieves himself in an icy river in "Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better", partly because he has to, partly to warm up a little. He has to go again shortly after, but his team reaches the finish line before he's forced to look for another river.
    • In a segment of previously unaired footage of Harold's time on the show in "Aftermath I: Bridgette Over Troubled Waters", he's being a nuisance to Justin who's in the middle of peeing against a tree.
    • In "Evil Dread", Sam gets stung by a jellyfish and runs into Lake Wawanakwa to pee on himself to alleviate the pain.
  • Tuca & Bertie:
    • In "The Sex Bugs", Tuca receives the titular sex bugs by relieving herself on a bush and then cleaning with it.
    • In "Plumage", Auntie Tallulah's butler Bernard pees on a plant in the hallway. Being a Dog Face, he lifts his leg and pants to do so.

    Real Life 
  • This is sometimes Truth in Television. There's a reason they say "When you gotta go, you gotta go".
  • Obviously, nature was the only bathroom that existed for the overwhelming majority of human history, certainly everything before the agricultural revolution (circa 10,000 BC) and probably for a good while afterwards. Archaeological evidence suggests that this trope started being averted around 3000 BC at the earliest.
  • The famous statue of Manneken Pis in Brussels, Belgium, depicts a small urinating boy. His origin is unknown, but one theory is that he's based on a boy who extinguished a fire with his urine.
  • There are several different laws about invoking this trope in real life. Obviously, animals can do it as long as they're not causing Urine Trouble, but in some places, like the USA, it can be illegal. Sometimes little kids are given a pass, though sometimes not, and sometimes it depends on whether the pee-er's private parts are seen.
    • This news story involves a toddler in the throes of potty-training attempting to urinate in his front yard and getting into trouble with the law.
    • This sign warns against it or else the pee-er will be put on YouTube.
    • This sign on the other hand, seems to encourage this as it says "Do not pee here. Please go to the grass"
  • Possibly the reason why women, for most of history, didn't wear underpants under skirts. It is hard enough to not pee on your shoes without having an additional piece of clothing to worry about. And when women did start wearing underpants, they had an open crotch.
  • In 2017, cyclist Tom Dumoulin lost the lead in the Giro d’Italia when he was forced to make an 'unscheduled toilet stop' on the side of the road due to a bout of diarrhea. Unlike most people who suffer this misfortune, he did so under the glare of multiple cameras covering the race. The accompanying commentary is hilarious, as the commentators are first puzzled by his actions until what he is doing becomes all too apparent.
  • A famous Mexican bandit during The Mexican Revolution nicknamed The Tiger of Santa Julia was captured (and later executed) when he was crapping on some cactus. Because of such incident, the Mexican phrase "They caught me/them just like The Tiger of Sta. Julia!" is used for describing someone being found out while relieving themselves au naturel.


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