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Male Frontal Nudity

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Get a load of that huge... scaffold. Totally the scaffold.

"Watching a man's entrails spilling out is excellent entertainment, but the sight of his cock, well, that would be obscene."
Inquisitor Glokta, The First Law

We all know that the Moral Guardians of America loathe and fear the female nipple, or yet more fearsome, vulva. But there is one thing that is even more vile, disgusting, and taboo in their eyes: the penis. In fact, it's not just prudish Moral Guardians who get upset when one does make an appearance on the movie screen. Most writers (and directors, and producers, and their 'preferred' market of viewers) are male. And (nominally) straight. And are somehow convinced that seeing a penis other than their own will turn them gay.

So, when one does pop up, whether it be Fanservice, Fan Disservice, or just there, expect it to be the only thing anyone talks about.

Can be very hypocritical, since little do writers/directors/male viewers consider that female viewers might indeed enjoy the view, as a straight woman is normally supposed to...


In Europe, they don't really make a big deal about nudity in general, so there are a lot more examples from their films.

If someone does this for combat, it's Full-Frontal Assault.

See also: Right Through His Pants, for when men even have sex and do other impossible things with their pants on, so as not to even hint that men ever get naked. Note that erect penises are virtually never depicted in any medium outside pornographic works.



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    Anime and Manga 
Note that the Japanese don't take those adolescent boys examples seriously, seeing it as innocent, "boys will be boys" behavior. Sexualized depictions, however... Still, this trope makes their mandated censorship of genitals of any age in hentai look quite silly.
  • For quite obvious reasons, this is a staple of the Yaoi Genre.
  • Goku and Gohan's penises were censored out of Dragon Ball for American TV broadcasts and in Dragon Ball Z Kai even in Japan.
    • The Uncut Dragon Ball DVDs get PG-13 certificates and they show simply-drawn penises on young boys from time to time. Goku's inability to understand the concepts of modesty or manners was a Running Gag in the first series for a while.
  • The boys in Doraemon have this happen to them lots of times. Lots.
  • The same with Zatch from Zatch Bell!. He loves to run around naked all over the place, and swims in the nude.
  • The Littl' Bits censored some full-frontal body shots in the two-part episode "The Sea".
  • The original manga of Cutey Honey featured Danbei's penis. Apparently Miniature Senior Citizens count the same as children by Japan's standards.
  • For post-pubescent penises in a non-pornographic series, look no farther than Hajime no Ippo. There's tons of it in the manga, mainly from Takamura. (The anime adds Pixellation.)
    • The manga also pixellates early on, but later they don't bother.
  • Baby Beel in Beelzebub. He's the only character in anime who can get away with full-time unpixellated male frontal nudity in a 7AM Sunday morning kiddie timeslot!
  • The Berserk manga does this quite often. Most notable is Guts during he and Casca's more intimate moments. And the fangirls went catatonic.
    • Berserk is interesting in that it has quite a lot of female and male nudity. And it doesn't bother censoring either - even when said exposed penises are erect.
  • Kurono Kei in Gantz has some moments of it, including in erect state, and some other characters too.
  • All the time in Gintama. Sometimes parts of the male anatomy even fly about, but everything is usually pixelated.
  • A strange occurrence can be seen in classic Bastard!!, where Dark Schneider has absolutely no qualms about getting naked, sometimes using his "equipment" as a lasso to constrain girls he wants, you know. It's sometimes referred to as "The Hand of the Devil".
  • In the 2nd episode of High School D×D, there's a single shot frame of Issei, while trying to cover up Rias, has his nether region shown uncensored.
  • Tons of this in Jungle King Tar-Chan, always Played for Laughs (and/or Fan Disservice). The title character has quite a few up-Loincloth shots, especially during Face Faults. All of them were Bowdlerized out of the anime version, where his Loincloth became a Magic Skirt.
    • Notably, there are also plenty of Raging Stiffie jokes (some of which did make it into the anime), but the penis in question is always covered at the time. Apparently exposed penises and erect penises are both funny, but an exposed, erect penis is obscene.
  • Inumarudashi is all about a kindergartener who refuses to wear pants and underwear.
  • A few episodes of Oruchuban Ebichu have the rare occasion in Japanese media of adult male penises being shown uncensored, perhaps getting away with it because of how cartoony the art style is.
  • Gimmy in the director's cut of the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Hot Springs Episode and the Parallel Works #5 music video. (Japan regards toddler nudity as non-sexualized.)
  • In Cross Ange in the first episode of the anime in the opening song you can see Tusk's penis. It never appeared again as Word of God confirmed it was an animation error.
  • Akira, the protagonist of Devil Man has several scenes where his penis is uncensored in the OVA series CB Chara Nagai Go World. It is played for laughs, however, as he is a chibi in this adaptation.
  • Unlike other yaoi titles adapted into anime, the OVA Legend of the Blue Wolves completely avoids any form of Barbie Doll Anatomy or Scenery censor, displaying plenty of uncensored male nudity.
  • A brief but also particularly detailed occurence in Origin which is quite unusual for a Boichi title, despite the fact that the writer was once an adult manga artist. Happens when all the "models" of cyborgs are displayed in the late chapters of the series, since they must look as human as possible, even in the crotch area.

  • The David depicts the Jewish king within an idealized, muscular body without any clothing, allowing his full figure to be on display, includinghispenis.
  • Not many churches have fully nude men lining their walls, but the Sistine Chapel is not a normal church, and Michelangelo's image of a nude Adam reaching out to God is the most iconic feature of the Pope's personal chapel.

    Comic Books 
  • In Richard Corben's Den comics, originally presented in the comic Heavy Metal, the title character is thrown into the fantasy world of Neverwhere where he and other humans from Earth become physical ideals and buck naked and most of the stories never hide it. However, that world is a place where nudity taboos don't exist since Den and his girlfriend Cath find that they are completely comfortable naked and meet others who are clothed to varying degrees, and no one considers their nudity as anything remarkable.
    • Only applies to the first two volumes, though — later ones have more clothes and occasionally make use of Censor Shadow and Scenery Censor.
    • Lampshaded and parodied in the animated Heavy Metal movie, where he puts on a Loincloth, saying that he doesn't want to walk around with his "dork hanging out".
  • Dr. Manhattan in Watchmen. There was a lot of controversy about this. That there is a giant flopping blue wang is all many non-fans know about the film adaptation, in fact.
    • In the comic book, however, it was intentionally drawn with very low amounts of detail and wasn't particularly big, as to avoid Best Known for the Fanservice.
  • The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen doesn't shy away from male nudity, especially in volume 3.
  • Supreme Power was the first Marvel comic to feature both male and female full-frontal nudity (though the former appeared in only one panel).
    • Unless you wanted to count comics from Marvel's old Epic line. Elektra Lives Again provides rather... unique views of some established Marvel characters.
  • Yorick in Y: The Last Man.
    • Another Brian K. Vaughan comic, Saga, does the same thing.
  • The Sin City comics are loaded with fanservice so much so that even the guys get in on it. Every major male character gets at least one full frontal nude scene... except for Marv.
  • Also the 300 comic. Spartans love their cloaks, but love to feel the wind on their franks and beans more.
  • German comic artist Brösel is really fond of drawing penises. Many of the longer story arcs in Werner include people losing their clothes somewhere along the way. This is almost never sexy.
  • In Fables the first issue that introduces the male and female dryads have a full-frontal scene for both of them. It's about as titillating as the Dr. Manhattan scenes from Watchmen.
  • Groo the Wanderer engages in this from time to time, usually from infant or prepubescent boys running around without pants in impoverished areas. Given Sergio's cartoonish art style, these are totally lacking any detail and are easily overlooked.
  • In the first issue of Sex Criminals, Jon is seen completely naked in profile. It's not frontal, but his entire penis is clearly visible.
  • In Wolfskin, we see the barbarian main character's fully naked body for 2 panels.
  • Zombo: Trump's virtual bits are hanging out. The other characters are in need of Brain Bleach too.
  • Raptors: Drago's manhood is on display a bunch of times. Of course, this is a European comic.
  • Batman: Damned #1 in its initial printing features Bruce Wayne full-frontal. A day or two after the art hit the Internet DC announced that future reprints and digital releases will obscure it.

    Comic Strips 
  • The Dutch comic "Fokke & Sukke" (yes, it sounds bad) has two naked birds as the main characters. With their penises showing all the time, and sometimes they are even part of the joke. Remember, this comic shows up daily in newspapers. Of course for most bird species this counts as Artistic License – Biology.

    Film — Live-Action 
  • Pretty much every film Peter Greenaway has ever directed.
  • In Hostel Part II due to complaints from female viewers of too much female nudity in the first movie, Eli Roth made sure the first frontal nude shot is with a man. Also the scene with the dog near the end of the movie will make tons of male viewers clutch their privates in fear.
  • Geoffrey Rush in Quills.
  • Joe Lo Truglio in Wanderust. (It's fake.)
  • Christopher Eccleston has never been shy about onscreen nudity (working as an artist's model during your 20s will have that effect), but it took him until Lennon Naked to do a movie in which the director wasn't taking measures that his dick wouldn't be visible during these scenes (it's not a sexual scene, though. He and Naoko Mori are replicating the album cover mentioned below).
  • Heath Ledger jumps off a cliff into a river nude in Brokeback Mountain. Jake Gyllenhaal used a body double.
  • Will Smith in Wild Wild West, briefly.
  • Alan Rickman in Dark Harbour.
  • Zack and Miri Make a Porno shows a free-swinging Jason Mewes.
  • Happens at the climax of This Is the End, courtesy of a 500-foot-tall CGI Satanic hellbeast, whose penis is about the length of a tree.
  • Mark Ruffalo in In The Cut.
  • Jonah Hill in The Wolf of Wall Street, using a prosthetic. Brief but visible.
  • Stellan Skarsgård in Breaking the Waves.
    • And in Our Kind Of Traitor. Oddly enough, his co-star in that scene, Ewan McGregor, who also has a history of this, as cited above, is not doing this (they're in a locker room where it would be perfectly reasonable).
  • In the 1978 Superman, toddler Superbaby as he emerges from his spacecraft wreckage.
  • The protagonist, Michael (young German actor David Kross) in The Reader.
  • Nicholas (James McAvoy) in The Last King of Scotland.
  • Archie Brown (Gerald Butler, then 26 years old) in the 1997 film Mrs. Brown.
  • Bo (Anders Agensø) and Kim (Peter Bjerg) in the controversial 1978 Danish film Du Er Ikke Alene (You Are Not Alone).
  • Matthew (Michael Pitt) and Theo (Louis Garrel) in The Dreamers.
  • Practically every male character in Derek's Jarman 1976 film Sebastiane. Also counts as Cast Full of Pretty Boys and Mr. Fanservice (aimed at a gay audience).
  • A lot of male characters in Pier Paolo Pasolini's "Trilogy of Life" (The Decameron, The Canterbury Tales and Arabian Nights) and in Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom (although it's Fan Disservice in the last film).
    • In The Canterbury Tales, one of them is played by none other than a then-unknown Tom Baker.
  • Duane runs through the streets of New York naked at night in Basket Case.
  • Stranger by the Lake takes place at a gay nudist beach. Only Henri is not seen naked in the film, and this is commented on by the other characters.
  • The father in Brand Upon the Brain! is seen naked at some point.
  • Director Gaspar Noé likes this trope:
    • In Irréversible, the rapist is quickly flashing his best part right after raping Alex. It's all CGI though.
    • In Enter the Void, the night club owner exposes his penis quickly when dropping his pants to have sex with Linda backstage.
    • Love (2015) has many unsimulated sex scenes, so the male lead's penis is in the shot for a significant amount of runtime.
  • Ben Affleck and Neil Patrick Harris in Gone Girl both as Freeze-Frame Bonus. The latter is Fan Disservice because his character is covered in blood after having his throat slashed open.
  • Nymphomaniac shows numerous penises in all stages and sizes.
  • In The Human Centipede, Dr. Heiter goes for a naked swim in front of his prisoners. His actor suggested the unselfconscious nudity to show that the Doctor thinks of them as his pet. No, not his pets.
  • Klas in Together exposes his willy twice.
  • In Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, Conner is sitting in his limousine, thinking he's about to sign a pair of breasts, only to find a penis (played by Judd Apatow) pressed against the window instead. But, he rolls down the window and signs it all the same.
  • Paul Gross had a brief side view nude moment in Aspen Extreme, though it was cut from the American version. Fans made a lot of 'extended cut' 'Euro cut' and 'As-penis' Extreme jokes about it.
  • There's an Australian short film called Gotcha about a boy who likes to play pranks on people. He ultimately finds himself locked out of his house naked. Though mostly shot from behind, there is a brief shot of him from the front. Thanks to a combination of blurry motion and shadow, his penis is just barely visible.
  • The Green Inferno: We see about half Lars' penis when he's peeing in the woods, just as a spider is crawling its way...
  • Naked Boys Singing, obviously. For the first few seconds, the camera carefully avoids showing the performers from the front. For the first few seconds.
  • Beasts of no Nation has a sycophant nude Nigerian with a flipping dick as they flop around their country butchering masses.
  • South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut has an odd variant where Saddam Hussein has a fake penis for a prank; it's actually a photograph of a Real Life penis, evident from not being in the show's style.
  • Piranha 3D plays with this. Derrick Jones has his displayed, or regurgitated, after he sleeps with the fishes. Apparently he had slept with too many women for the pisces.
  • In the 1985 adaptation of A Room with a View, everything is on full display when three male characters go into the woods and strip down to go skinny dipping in a pond, and when they playfully chase each other around it.
  • There are quite a few in Toni Erdmann, particularly during the impromptu "naked party" scene.
  • Edward Norton in American History X.
  • Will Ferrell's penis makes a blink-and-you'll-miss-it appearance when his character goes streaking in Old School.
  • Chris Pine and his penis embarked on an international publicity tour ahead of the premiere of their Netflix film Outlaw King.
  • Virgin Territory: The bandits drop their pants, at Elissa's urging, so she and Filomena can "take a look at the tackle". It's just a ploy for them to escape when she incites the men into fighting over the pair.
  • I Spit on Your Grave:
    • We get a very close look at Ivan's balls in the second film, as Katie slowly crushes them in a vice.
    • In the third film, Jennifer quite explicitly mutilates Nicholas' penis.
  • Walk on Water: Both Axel and Eyal show this briefly when changing (while they discuss anal sex, no less).
  • The Italian film Malèna, best known as the movie about the preteen boy fantasising about Monica Bellucci, features a scene where the boy's father takes him to a brothel. He strips naked and his penis is on-screen for a few seconds. As actor Giuseppe Sulfaro was only fifteen at the time, this shot is cut out of the American release.
  • The Assignment (2016): Early on Frank shows this stepping out of the shower, perhaps to emphasize his appearance before he's given an unwilling sex reassignment.
  • Blood of the Tribades: A number of male vampires are shown entirely nude from the front (or at least bottomless in one case). The camera lingers somewhat over their genitals sometimes in fact.
  • Roman Polanski's 1971 version of Macbeth has a controversial scene where Macduff's eleven-year-old son is shown fully nude while his mother gives him a bath. His actor was deemed too young to see the film when it came out, due to the Family-Unfriendly Violence.
  • In Revenge (2017), Richard's schlong can be clearly seen multiple times near the beginning and the end of the film. There's actually more explicit male nudity in the film than there is female, with Jen never showing more than briefly topless.
  • Michael Welch's character in M.F.A. is fatally drugged, and then his corpse is stripped, with his penis briefly visible.
  • Eric Stoltz in The Waterdance, Naked in New York, Keys to Tulsa, and Out of Order.
  • Jack Reynor has a rather extended scene in Midsommar where he runs around the village in a panic, and he's completely naked the entire time. This was apparently Reynor's own suggestion.
  • The Odd Angry Shot has a Shower Scene where all of the soldiers have their 'weapons' on display.
  • Saint Laurent includes a love scene where Gaspard Ulliel gets to proudly show off.
  • Drive, He Said has a locker room scene with the basketball team towards the beginning, and an extended scene towards the end with Gabriel streaking across campus.
  • Jack O'Connell has two nude scenes in Starred Up: once when he is strip searched when he arrives at prison, and another when he is attacked in the showers.
  • Sebastian Stan in the movie Monday where he and his love interrest decide to go on a motorcycle ride naked.
  • A Field in England shows a closeup of Jacob's syphilitic member, and Cutler pissing on the other deserters while they're digging a hole.
  • Plan B (2021): Andy shows his large and pierced penis in explicit detail at length when the girls debate who will give him oral sex.

  • How to Survive a Horror Movie recommends this to defeat Satan. Satan is too evil and powerful to defeat, but since male frontal nudity doesn't exist in the terrorverse, resorting to it will immediately pull you back to the real world.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Oz is the grand master of this trope among mainstream shows.
  • Channel 5's notorious one-off game show Naked Jungle was just that... a jungle adventure game where all the contestants and the presenter were nude, with no censorship.
  • HBO documentary "Private Dicks" (you can guess what it's about) includes the above mentioned Jonah Falcon.
  • Queer as Folk often has male nudity and occasional frontal nudity, rarely from any main character.
  • Rome gives us Mark Antony (in clear view), Brutus (seen from the side), and Pullo (though it's rather dark). Plus the poor slave who was sent as a gift to Servilia because "a large penis is always welcome" (though apparently he was enhanced digitally in post-production).
    • Let's not forget the Squick when Vorenus drops the huge, mummified phallus from his moneybag - apparently a war memento taken from a fallen enemy.
  • Dante's Cove features full-frontal male nudity at least Once an Episode.
  • HBO's John Adams Episode 1 of this miniseries features the main character's cousin Samuel tarring and feathering a Tory. While the soldier was naked. Boiling tar. Ouch! Flashes of the man's front bits can be seen.
  • The Wire gives us Ziggy Sobotka's penis at least twice in season 2, once as part of an Establishing Character Moment. Season four gives us an extremely brief look at Omar nude.
    • Early in season 4, Herc, serving on the Mayor's detail, catches Mayor Royce receiving a blowjob from his secretary. Valchek urges him to use the incident to his advantage to climb the ladder.
  • True Blood, in a grand HBO tradition, also features some during Marianne's orgies in Season 2. Considering it was some old guest star dude, it was a clear Fan Disservice.
    • Although when Detective Andy Bellefleur breaks up another orgy, quick-eyed viewers will note a couple naked extra that are quite a bit easier on the eyes.
    • In the season 6 finale, Eric enjoys a spot of nude sunbathing after drinking Warlow's blood, which has made him immune to sunlight. Unfortunately, the blood's effects wear off and the fanservice turns to Fan Disservice as he starts to burn up.
  • In the pilot of The Leftovers, Chris Zylka has a full-frontal scene as Tom Garvey. There's another in Season 2 when he is raped by Meg. Christopher Eccleston's Matt Jamison also has a nude scene in Season 2, and there's a memorable sequence in Season 3 where a French sailor bares all before going rogue and launching a nuke.
  • Lucky Louie, an HBO comedy, eschewed female nudity (erotic, therefore not funny) but often featured male nudity as show creator Louie C.K. considered the nude male form funny-looking. Louie himself bolts out of bed naked just after sex in the second episode. Other occurrences are always Played for Laughs.
  • Boardwalk Empire has Vincent Piazza as Lucky Luciano doing full-frontal after getting it on with Gillian Darmody, who he thinks is Jimmy's wife, not his mother.
  • In the Skins-esque drama Glue, we get brief shots of Cal, Rob, and James (all three of them main characters).
  • HBO strikes again in Game of Thrones:
    • Theon Greyjoy, during a sex scene with Ros in season 1.
    • Olyvar, a spy and prostitute in the employ of Littlefinger, who poses as a squire and seduces Loras Tyrell in season 3 and has a threeway with Prince Oberyn Martell and his paramour Ellaria in season 4.
    • As punishment for attempting to sell poisoned wine to Daenerys, the Dothraki force a merchant to march with them naked and tied to a horse, where he would ultimately die of exhaustion or be dragged to death.
    • The random creep who flashes his genitals in front of Cersei during her walk of shame in King's Landing.
      I'm a Lannister, suck me off! SUCK ME OFF, you BITCH!!
    • Even Played for Laughs with Hodor (!) while bathing in hot springs. Osha notes her approval.
    • There's also the close-up of the member of the Braavosi actor portraying Joffrey, covered with a genital wart...
  • Spartacus: Blood and Sand, mostly for fanservice. However, one does get cut off, and it was the biggest one shown.
  • The Borgias: Cardinal della Rovere (Colm Feore) doesn't have time to grab a towel while escaping an assassin in a public bath.
  • In one episode of Deadwood, you can see Ron's... Swanson.
  • The Inbetweeners series 3 episode 1 we see one of Joe Thomas' testicles for a large part of the episode. Played for laughs of course.
  • In Misfits:
    • The third series' second episode has an unexpected shot of Curtis' penis. It's as much of a surprise to the person undressing him, who had seen Curtis when he was transformed into a woman and tried to Date Rape him just as he changed back. He gets an eyeful and a fist to the face.
    • The sixth episode of the third series gives Simon (and the viewers) a vision of Rudy's penis having just fallen off from a curse. The severed penis is clearly visible throughout.
    • The fourth series has a few, courtesy of Alex when he has his penis stolen by somebody's superpowers and is trying to find it again.
  • Sex and the City is a woman-centered, woman-oriented show with men being the Periphery Demographic. Therefore, male nudity, even the full-frontal one, is quite common since the Fanservice is indeed female-oriented.
  • When the 1990's Australian cop show Phoenix had a brief shot of actor Tony Poli taking off his towel in a locker room while facing the camera, female viewers wrote into Backchat to express their approval.
  • At the end of the pilot of the British TV series The Smoke, firefighter Kev Allison drops his pants to reveal the severe burn injuries he received to his legs and genitals at the beginning of the episode. Quite jarring, especially considering that Kev is played by Jamie Bamber, who is usually the epitome of Fanservice, only to do a complete 180.
  • Westworld: A number of the male androids are seen entirely naked while in storage.
  • Future Man: We see both Josh and Joosh entirely nude when they meet. Josh is revealed as very well-endowed since he switched genitals with Wold during the TTD splice.
  • In Shameless (US) young Ian Gallagher walks in on Kevin (Steve Howie) sleeping nude. Ian's lingering gaze is the audience's first cue that Ian is gay. Oddly, several seasons later after a scene in which it appears Ian shows full-frontal Cameron Monaghan, who plays Ian, denied in an interview that there had ever been any full-frontal male nudity on the show despite appearing in this scene and there having been at least two other instances in subsequent episodes.
  • The Aliens: Fabien shows this after getting interrupted while having sex with Lily, showing that what Dominic said about the alien men having larger penises on average than humans is true (for him at least).
  • Watchmen (2019):
    • Our first scene with an elderly Adrian Veidt in the first episode, "It's Summer And We're Running Out Of Ice", has him calmly type-writing while completely nude and his maid is massaging his thighs in a way that the audience is supposed to misinterpret at first like she's giving him a blowjob. Thankfully the typewriter is in the way of Jeremy Irons' genitals.
    • Played straight by the male clone playing Doctor Manhattan in Veidt's play, who wears a fencing mask and nothing else to play the role.
    • In 2009, Doctor Manhattan — having just assumed Cal's identity — visits Veidt at Karnak in the buff. And he is hung.
  • We Are Who We Are: Fraser walks into the men's showers on the base while he wanders around, and stares at a soldier who turns around, showing everything. The others notice and playfully wave their dicks at him too. Also, the two guys at the party he attends later appear completely nude (one is quite well-equipped).
  • Sense8: Wolfgang has several scenes where he appears naked while swimming. During one scene he connects to love interest Kala via their Psychic Link as she's about to marry another man. Kala is the only character who can see him but the audience still gets treated to the sight of him completely naked in front of the wedding guests. There's a brief but deliberate shot of the camera focusing on his penis to indicate that Kala got a good look before fainting.

  • John Lennon and Yoko Ono's album Unfinished Music No. 1: Two Virgins shows them both naked on the cover.
  • Yoshiki's "NUDE" photobook is a subversion. Japan in the 1990s required at least token censorship. The result is a sheet and often Lens Flare or a similar overexposure effect to conceal his penis in any frontal poses.
  • Cephalic Carnage' Ohrwurm video.
  • The back cover of U2's Achtung Baby features a nude picture of bassist Adam Clayton.
  • The controversy behind Nine Inch Nails' "Happiness in Slavery" music video is half due to S&M performance artist Bob Flanagan stripping down nude during the video (the other half due to the extreme gore).
  • The Dandy Warhols can be considered equal opportunity in this regard, as both Courtney Taylor-Taylor and Zia McCabe have made nude public appearances. So it's not too much of a surprise that the video for "Bohemian Like You" features both female toplessness and male frontal nudity, albeit of extras rather than band members.

    Professional Wrestling 
  • What, you're surprised an industry could last two hundred years and not have an example or two? In WWE alone there was Spanky streaking on Smackdown, followed by an interview on WWE Confidential where Josh Matthews asked if he "felt a breeze". Spanky responded, "No, I have small genitals."
  • Japanese wrestler Shinobu has wrestled (or least done shenanigans) while completely naked in obscure 666 events.

  • The all male Da Vinci Body Series workout videos have each of the participants including the instructor performing in the nude.

  • Alan Strang in Equus is one of the few roles in theatre (male or female) to require on-stage nudity.
  • Angels in America:
    • Prior Walter, the main protagonist strips down completely on-stage during an examination scene. The scene is maintained in the HBO miniseries. However, this is not a necessity, and the scene can be done with Prior in his underwear instead. Andrew Garfield for example, played it that way.
    • Joe Pitt also strips in a different scene, though the miniseries only showed a rear view. The original Broadway production had Joe about to take off his his underwear before Louis stops him, getting the general idea of the scene down. The revival had Joe strip completely, but much like the HBO version, we only see his backside before he covers up.
  • Ian McKellen's recent run as King Lear had him going nude as a part of Lear's madness. Eyewitness accounts range from "well-endowed" to "old and floppy."
    • As it is King Lear, there were numerous jokes about Mckellen being "every inch a king."
  • Hair notoriously allows the majority of the cast, male and female, to strip briefly at the end of Act I.
  • A 2009 Berlin performance of Mr Puntila And His Hired Man Matti (by Bertolt Brecht) had Matti undress completely halfway through the play.
  • Oh! Calcutta! was the second show on Broadway to feature male full-frontal nudity (in 1971. It opened in the West End in 1970). However, for some reason (most likely because there was a lot more nudity than in Hair), it's far more notorious.
  • "Take Me Out," in which members of a baseball team react to a teammate's coming out as gay, takes place in the locker room showers. The set includes actual working showers and an all-male, all-naked cast.
  • The National Theatre's 2011 production of Frankenstein had Benedict Cumberbatch or Jonny Lee Miller (depending on the night) spending about 20 minutes completely nude as the Creature, as he came to life and learned how to move, walk, etc.
  • The Puppetry of the Penis — "The ancient Australian art of genital origami"
  • Naked Boys Singing!

    Video Games 
  • Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned provides this courtesy of Congressman Stubbs.
  • Several times in Amnesia: The Dark Descent, a Swedish game. It's mostly on dissected corpses and a corpse-like creature.
  • Castlevania:
    • The werewolf in Rondo of Blood (and every other game that uses the same sprites) turns into a naked, anatomically correct human when it dies (it's a small sprite, but there's definitely something there). Eventually censored in The Dracula X Chronicles (with black briefs, both in 2D and 3D) and Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia (with magically-appearing boxer shorts).
    • Castlevania: Symphony of the Night has naked statues of both men and women. The most notable male statues are the stone guardians on either side of each of the "warp doors" which transport you somewhere else in the castle.
    • Why forget Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, the bigger werewolves are pretty obvious.
  • The characters in Rampage (Two Guys and a Girl) have always turned into naked humans when they die, but only in Rampage: World Tour did you get a completely unobstructed shot of their naked bodies. This being a higher bittage than the Castlevania example above, the penis is clearly defined.
  • Lucifer in Dante's Inferno has a very large, very bouncy, furry penis. You can also make out Dante's penis during the ending.
  • Player characters of both genders in Conan Exiles begin the game nude, and there's even a slider to change the size of the characters' junk.
  • In Asura's Wrath, you can catch a glimpse of Asura's crotch for a split second. It's hard to make out anything specific, but he clearly doesn't have Barbie Doll Anatomy (NSFW image here).
  • The Longest Journey features a naked male Guardian of the Balance in the introduction cutscene (who is clothed by the time you meet him in-game). When you meet the new Guardian in Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, he is also stark naked.
  • In Outlast, two of the reoccurring enemies are a pair of deformed, insane cannibals. They are clearly naked, which makes being attacked by them even more unsettling.
    • In the Whistleblower prequel at one point you get strapped down to a saw table by an insane asylum member intent on making you his... wife. You're treated to a view of your own penis in the most horrifying of circumstances.
  • God of War: Chains of Olympus: The Cyclops monster was originally supposed to have a penis, but was redesigned. You can actually see the old design in a showcase room unlocked after you beat the game.
  • In DreamWeb, when you enter David Crane's bedroom you find him in the middle of sex. His penis is clearly visible before he covers it with a pillow (and after you shoot him, the pillow falls off again).
  • At one point In Far Cry 4, the protagonist Ajay is captured and forced to fight in the deadly Shanath Arena. Because the game is in first person, it is only when the player sees Ajay's exposed body and genitalia that they realise not only do they have to fight several waves of fully clothed, well-armed enemies, they must do so nearly unarmed and completely naked. Of course, this makes Ajay's eventual victory all the more badass.
  • Mother 2 has a relatively clean/SFW example when Ness enters the dream world Magicant. He's completely naked except for his baseball cap, but due to the series' simplistic art style, nothing inappropriate is drawn. Regardless, the censors made him put on some pajamas for the American release.
  • The Animal Crossing series has included, since its installment New Leaf, an un-Bowdlerized version of Michelangelo's David as a potential decorative item. In New Horizons, if it's on display in the museum, villagers will even remark directly on his nudity—"Poor guy, standin' there forever with no shorts on!" In interviews, the developers have even specifically called out the fact that they were able to put nude classic artwork in the game, because it's, well, classic art, and thus generally considered immune to Bowdlerizeation.

  • Sonichu: A "special episode" meant for the author's girlfriend, referred to by trolls as the "Giant Penis Comic", depicts the Author Avatar posing nude in preparation for sex with his girlfriend of the moment. It's not erotic to begin with due to the sloppy art, but it's notable in that his penis is depicted as at least the size of his leg, and was possibly traced.
  • One of the sketches for Niels shows most of the cast dancing in their underwear. Turns out Peter doesn't wear any.
  • During the story arc in Questionable Content where Marten, Marigold, and Hannelore travel to the space station where Hanners grew up when the space plane's AI fully manifests, he does so without pants. This is the first time that genitals have been depicted in the comic, which up to that point has had a lot of sexual content but no bared breasts or genitals.
  • Luke in FreakAngels
  • Most of the guys in Passing Time get naked at one point or another.
  • The very NSFW Oglaf, due to being pornographic humor, has full male, full female, and everything in between.
  • In Sarilho, this is the state of the Foreigner when he first meets Angela. She assumes You Must Be Cold.
  • Kazas Mate Gwenna - Kaza has no problem with going around nude in the Jungle. He and his wife prefer it that way. And eventually the artist starts showing both of them full-frontal occasionally.
  • Incubus Tales frequently features male nudity of all kinds, sexual and non-sexual. The author has stated that part of his approach to male nudity, and nudity in general, is due to the conflation between nudity, sensuality, and sexuality and the double-standard that exists between violence and nudity, especially male nudity.
  • The Only Half Saga as should be expected from a violent vampire webcomic, features an array of nudity and sexuality, including very occasional male full frontal.
  • Acid Rain doesn't shy away from showing male genitalia. The first chapter only shows the chest of the main character, but the third chapter shows him in all his glory. Females receive the same treatment, although not for fan service; the author wanted to do it because he likes the human body.
  • Curvy has nearly everyone naked at some point in the comic, both males and females.

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 
  • Bart Simpson in The Simpsons Movie. The film got only a PG-13 rating for numerous reasons. One, the penis did not have much detail, the latter of which lessens most films' impacts of certain scenes. Two, it was done in a non-sexual manner. Three, it was shown onscreen for all of two seconds before it was covered by another shrub.
    • In some TV cuts of the movie the particular scene has a big tag reading "EUROPEAN VERSION ONLY" over Bart's crotch. Not a bad compromise.
    • There's an episode that features the actual David statue coming to Springfield. And it's uncensored.
  • In Castlevania (2017) there are a few instances of male frontal nudity. The first is of an unnamed old male vampire being thrown from a castle window, who subsequently had his head torn off by a noose with spikes. Later on in season three, Hector is taken captive by Carmilla and kept completely naked, save for a collar around his neck, and left bruised and beaten. Despite Hector being much easier on the eyes than the old vampire, his scenes bring just as much Fan Disservice due to how poorly he is treated.
  • In South Park, Cartman's naked penis was far more important than the fact that they threw a shuriken into Butters' eye.
    • And in a meta-example, later airings would actually blur the penis out, while scenes of Butters are left intact.
    • Speaking of Butters, his own penis is uncensored in one episode ("T.M.I.") to emphasize his point of his penis length not matching the updated T.M.I. formula. In other episodes where he's nude, however, there's nothing there, as usual.
    • In "Wieners Out", Butters starts the titular movement to rally for male pride, with the rest of the male student body following suit. Which means we are treated to loads of uncensored male frontal nudity as a result. This keeps up in "Douche and a Danish", "Fort Collins", and "Oh, Jeez"—with Butters naturally being the subject.
    • Discussed throughout the "Black Friday Trilogy." This trope's prevalence in Game of Thrones is parodied by depicting George R. R. Martin as being obsessed with "wieners," despite some fans noting that female Fanservice is much more prominent. Butters also winds up analyzing its depiction, observing that you almost never see an erect penis unless its in a gay scene, which he believes is "less threatening to the female viewer."
  • All over the place in the third season of The Venture Bros., where most of it counted as Fan Disservice. Case in point: young Rusty Venture getting an eyeful of his dad's penis hanging out the front of his trousers in a flashback, which traumatized the boy for life.
  • The first season of The Boondocks contains lots of male nudity, but only the DVD version has Full Frontal male nudity uncensored.
  • There is a brief moment of this In the animated movie Dead Space: Downfall, inspired by the Dead Space videogames.
  • The creator of Brazilian comic Monica's Gang said in an interview that while exporting the animated adaptations, he had problems in some Muslim countries with one of the characters, hillbilly Chuck Billy (Chico Bento), who swims naked. The interviewer replied that the outcry was too much for such a small penis. Besides, Chuck Billy is a kid. Only a creepy pedophile would be "offended" by a little boy's penis.
  • In an episode of Bob and Margaret, Bob has a nightmare where he is naked and falling. We get the 'upskirt' view (sans skirt).
    • And in Bob's Birthday, the short that became the pilot for the Bob and Margaret TV series, Bob walks out into the living room naked from the waist down, while unbeknownst to him the guests for his surprise party are waiting in hiding.
  • The "Hot Chick" episode of Superjail! features a sequence where the Warden has stripped off all of his clothing, to the horror of Jared and confusion of Alice. While the TV airing obscured his crotch area with a censor bar, the uncensored DVD version shows that they actually drew in and animated his genitalia.
  • The anthology series Love, Death & Robots has lots of nudity for both sexes, but viewers have noted that this trope's Double Standard is in play: naked women are much more common and used for Fanservice, even if it's disturbing, while naked men are almost always used for Squick or comedy. The main exception in season one is the werewolf-themed episode "Shape-Shifters."


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