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Colm Feore (born August 22, 1958) is an American-Canadian stage, film and television actor. In 2013, he was made an Officer of the Order of Canada "for his contributions as an actor of the stage and screen, notably by bridging Anglophone and Francophone cultures as a fluently bilingual performer". Feore is in... pretty much everything, being a talented and in-demand character actor who can always be depended on to give a strong performance.

Film Roles

Television Roles


  • Chronically Killed Actor: It comes with playing so many villains.
    "I'm pragmatic. If this is going to make sense, get me a job and in the end let me put my kids through school. I'll play killers. But my kids always ask me "do you die in this one too, Daddy?"
  • Large Ham: Feore has the impeccable instinct to know exactly what kind of movie he's in, i.e. when to deliver an emotionally complex and layered performance or when to go crazy and ham it up like someone slipped bath salts in his drink.