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This Slapstick move is a specific aversion of Soft Glass. When a character unwittingly runs, swings (from a rope), flies or is thrown into a pane of glass, rather than go through it or bounce backward, he or she will just smack flat against it.

More often than not, the impact is seen from the other side of the window. This is usually followed by a short pause, sometimes with a close-up of the comically distorted face against the glass, before gravity reclaims the victim. Or, if dangling from a cable or the like, he or she is dragged away.

The unfortunate then starts sliding with a Stock Sound Effect of flesh slipping against glass. The fact this peculiar noise is generally considered grating by most people is part of the gag.

Mostly seen in animation, although live-action examples are not unknown. In the more cartoony shows, the character will probably be fully Squashed Flat against the glass, like a bug on a windshield.


Sometimes, especially if the character is super strong, super fast or very heavy, the Soft Glass aversion will be pointed out by the glass being reinforced, or an indestructible substitute. This adds to the humor by having the pratfall happens to someone unexpected.

Sometimes combined with Camera Abuse. Watch Out for That Tree! is a Super-Trope. Compare Running into the Window, where the humor is from the glass not being detected, and there's usually no "getting squashed and slide" part since the impact is less speedy (although both tropes can be combined), and Destination Defenestration, which is generally intentional on the part of another character throwing the other one, and is much more Rule of Cool as a thing, as the impacting character keeps going. Unless the glass resists the impact.


Do not confuse with Bar Slide, which is about sliding a glass along a bar.


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  • In an Audi commercial that aired during Superbowl 2014, one of the Doberhuahuas runs into a coffee shop window and slides down afterwards.

    Anime & Manga 
  • The Mysterious Cities of Gold: In season 4 episode 24, Zares throws a smoke grenade inside the Golden Condor, and in the ensuing brawl Gaspard is sent smashing face-first against the cockpit before sliding down.

    Asian Animation 
  • The Camera Abuse variant appears in Season 8 episode 24 of Happy Heroes. Big M. and Little M. are doing an Evil Laugh when Huo Haha shushes them, saying that he thinks they should make their evil laugh quieter since he doesn't want them to scare the viewers. Big M. them promptly smacks Huo into the screen, and he slides downward.
  • In Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf, there are at least two instances of this combined with Camera Abuse, once in Joys of Seasons episode 78 and once in the first movie. Both times, Wolnie hits Wolffy with a frying pan, causing him to hit the screen and slide off.

    Films — Animation 
  • In Chicken Little, as he's bullied in sports class, Chicken Little is thrown against a gymnasium's window where he smacks flat. And then he slides down like a Wacky WallWalker.
  • On FernGully: The Last Rainforest, Zach falls into the logging machine's windshield and slides down as his coworkers watch.
  • Nigel the pelican from Finding Nemo hits a window in flight. We don't see him sliding, though, as the scene cuts to the reactions of the characters inside the room.
  • Free Birds: During the activation of the Time Machine, which causes some serious magnetic/gravitic anomalies, the chrononaut and a guard are pressed against the large glass window of the control room, on which they slide sideways under the confused eyes of the President, the General and the technicians. Then the machine departs and the gravity returns to normal, leaving the chrononaut and guard sliding down normally.
  • Inside Out: When Joy and Sadness are catapulted back to Headquarters, they are tossed against the window, remaining there for two seconds before slowly sliding down.
  • The Lorax: When villain O'Hare, flying with one of his goons thanks to rocket headgear, slams into a delivery truck driven by another of his goons, he gets squished on the windshield and, as he's sliding down, yells "You're fired!"
  • Madagascar:
    • In Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, Mort the mouse lemur tries to follow the rest of the gang as they are about to take flight. However, just as he's jumping toward the plane, King Julien closes the door and Mort smacks flat against its small window, before sliding down.
    • In Penguins of Madagascar, the four penguins, while in freefall, ends up smacking against the windshield of a passenger plane, before being pushed away by the wipers.
  • Monsters, Inc.: In the Hilarious Outtakes at the end of the movie, a CDA agent tries to fast-rope through a window in response to a 23-19... and doesn't quite manage it.
  • In Mr. Peabody & Sherman, a rift in the space-time continuum brings several historical figures slamming against the windshield of the WABAC, then sliding away. When King Tutankhamen hits the windshield and calls to Penny (whom he had tried to marry earlier), a jealous Sherman turns on the wipers.
  • The final shot of Open Season is of Boog throwing a rabbit, which smacks flat against the movie screen and slides down. The End.
  • At the beginning of Rio, on seeing Blu inside the "Blue Macaw" Library, Tulio rushes toward him but slips on the snow, and ends up with his face comically smashed against the glass. And then he slips down with the expected sound.
  • The Secret Life of Pets: Gidget heroically rushes out the window... only to plummet and land onto an awning, which launches her at Chloe's apartment window where she smacks flat, before sliding down.
  • The Simpsons Movie:
    • After the dome gets stuck over Springfield, there is a scene where a group of birds splat against the dome wall and fall down it, as hungry cats wait below.
    • When Bart is skateboarding through town naked, he ends up smacking into the glass walls of a Krusty Burger and sticks on as customers Ned, Rod and Todd Flanders look on, horrified;
      Ned: Now boys, before we eat; don't forget to thank the Lord for this bountiful — [Bart smacks into the window next to them]
      Ned: [horrified] PENIS?!
      Rod and Todd: [praying, and completely oblivious to the naked Bart on the window] Bountiful penis!
      Todd: ...amen!
  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse:
    • Peter B. Parker arrives in Miles' dimension at high speed. He gets slammed into a billboard where he remains motionless for three seconds before falling down.
    • When Miles Morales and an unconscious Peter B. are dragged across New York by a stray webline stuck to a tramway, at one point they smack against the window of an eatery and are dragged in slow motion with the usual sound — with Peter's face stuck inside a snowman's head flattened against the glass, to boot. Yes, It Makes Sense in Context.
    • A very short take on it with the Flashback to the rest of the Spider-Gang's arrival: a Split Screen shows SP//dr, Spider-Ham and Spider-Noir all squashed flat against a Broadway billboard upon their arrival in this dimension.
  • Happens a lot in Storks. Because it takes place in a world of Funny Animals, and we are frequently reminded that birds can't see glass.
    Hunter: Junior, do you know why I built my office entirely out of glass, even though birds can't see glass?
    [several storks smack into the office]
  • Exaggerated to a degree in one of the promos for Trolls: World Tour, where most of the movie's cast, including a number of generic characters, are thrown into a fourth wall together. They don't slide down after that, though, instead remaining still due to the pression that's being applied to each other.
  • During the climax of Up, when Russell tries to escape from Charles Muntz's dirigible, he accidentally smacks into the windshield and slides by right in front of Muntz while holding onto the hose from Carl's house for dear life. The resulting cringe-inducing sound is probably the lengthiest example of it. Muntz's reaction is an angry, but evidently awkward glare as Russell passes by.
  • Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day: Happens when Piglet and Pooh, being carried through the air by a strong wind, smack into Owl's treehouse.
    Owl: Well, I say, now! Someone has pasted Piglet on my window. [smack] Well, well! Pooh, too! This is a surprise. Do come in and make yourselves [opens the window; both fly into the house and hit the wall] comfortable.
    [Pooh and Piglet sigh in relief]

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Happens in the movie Benoit Brisefer: Les Taxis rouges, following a Super Jump from Benoit straight at the building of the villains. He ends up mashed against the glass of the main office before sliding down with the expected sound, under the shocked eyes of the Big Bad.
  • The usually comedic trope is Played for Horror in Carrie. When Carrie snaps and starts her telekinetic rampage, a fleeing Heather is hurled into the closed gym door, cracking the window and leaving a thick smear of blood when she slips down.
  • Cats & Dogs:
    • Happens at the beginning of the movie with a bloodhound.
    • With Calico at the wheel, the car comes to an abrupt stop and Mr. Tinkles gets to experience this trope.
  • Eight Legged Freaks: One Giant Spider attempts to jump through a shop window, only to smack "face"-first and spread-eagled into the glass, make a groggy noise and slide down slowly with an audible squeal while the people inside stare in disbelief.
  • In Enchanted, during the Disney Creatures of the Farce sequence, as Giselle summons critters to help clean the flat, a flock of pigeons fly through the half-open window, save for one who smacks against the glass and slide down on the ledge. It's fine, though, to Giselle's relief.
  • In Galaxy Quest, this serves as a Brick Joke when it happens to a Mook that was just thrown out of an airlock by the Galaxy Quest cast after avoiding the same fate themselves.
  • In the Garfield live-action movie, Jon takes Odie on his date with Liz, leaving Garfield behind. Garfield begins chasing Liz's pick-up truck and manages to climb onto the bed. Then the traffic light turns red and Liz puts the brakes on, sending Garfield smacking into the back window in the same manner as his infamous suction-cup doll, while Jon and Liz take no notice of him.
    Garfield: [muffled] Oh, my poor nose...
  • In George of the Jungle, this happens to George when he is carried away by a parachute and loses control of it. He smacks into the window of a boat and slides down.
  • In Ghostbusters, Louis Tully is chased by the Gatekeeper, Vinz Glortho, and is attacked by him until he slams face first into the window of a restaurant and slides down, screaming. On the other side of the glass are a bunch of swanky, upscale diners who glance up briefly, then go back to exactly what they were doing.
  • Green Lantern: Used more for drama than for humor when Hector Hammond propels Doctor Waller against a reinforced window, and we see her face mashed against the broken glass. Then, when Hal Jordan intervenes, Hector releases his telekinetic hold, and Doctor Waller slides down the glass.
  • At the beginning of The Hudsucker Proxy, Waring Hudsucker, CEO of Hudsucker Industries, commits suicide by running over the council table and jumping through a window from the top of the skyscraper. Later, one of the executives, thinking that he is ruined, tries to kill himself in the exact same way — except that he smacks flat against the replaced glass pane, staying comically stuck there for several seconds (with the aforementioned close-up on his face from the other side) before sliding down.
    Sidney J. Mussburger: Plexiglass. Had it installed last week.
  • During the tank battle of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Indy's face gets squashed against the lens of a periscope. The German watching the fight seems rather amused.
  • Looney Tunes: Back in Action has Kate Houghton driving the Cool Car with Bugs Bunny riding shotgun. She's searching Las Vegas for Daffy Duck, but disparages her chances of finding him, saying, "There's got to be 314 hotels and 142 casinos in Las Vegas. We are never going to find that duck." The next moment, Daffy scrambles directly into their path, and ends up molded against the windshield.
    Bugs: Daffy never misses a cue.
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe:
    • Once per Episode with the Thor films.
      • Thor: When Thor, Brought Down to Normal, wakes up in the hospital after getting tazed by Darcy, he immediately starts fighting with the nurses and orderlies, only to get taken down by medication, and ending up face-first against the room's window. He then slide down with the typical sound.
      • Thor: The Dark World: After a series of Random Transportations, Thor and Malekith appears above the St Mary Axe tower in London (a.k.a. the Gherkin), land on the top and start sliding down the slopped glass ceiling with the usual sound, under the gazes of some stunned bystanders below.
      • Thor: Ragnarok: Happens when Thor is held captive on Valkyrie's ship. She moves it forward and Thor's face hits the glass pane and slides around.
    • Guardians of the Galaxy: During the escape from Kyln in the commandeered control module, a prison guard floating in zero-G smacks against the window before sliding away.
    • And combined in Avengers: Infinity War, with Thor smacking into the canopy of the Guardians' ship.
  • Happens in Pokémon Detective Pikachu when Detective Pikachu is taunted by a Mr. Mime and lunges at it, only to smack into its Barrier and slide down.
    Detective Pikachu: In my head, I saw that differently.
  • R.I.P.D.: After getting fed up with his obnoxious new partner, Nick Walker (Ryan Reynolds) throws Roy Pulsipher (Jeff Bridges) in front of a passing bus, and he lands on the windshield. (They're ghosts, so it's not like this is going to kill him.) For added funny, this isn't Roy we see smacked flat against the glass before sliding down, but his avatar that the living ones see as a gorgeous woman.
  • This happens to Clumsy Smurf in The Smurfs when Grace Winslow finds him inside a wad of wet toilet paper that she lifts out of the toilet and she inadvertently throws him against a window in fright.
  • Star Wars Episode VIII The Last Jedi: During the battle of Crait, when Chewbacca has the Millennium Falcon do a sharp turn, one of the stowaway porgs he picked on Ahch-To is thrown against the side window of the cockpit and flattened on the glass.
  • In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, this is the way Raphael lands on an airplane.
  • In Zathura, at the conclusion to the scene where the house passes through the gravity well of a star, Danny is being pulled towards a window and hanging onto a light fixture. Just as they're leaving the well he loses his grip and looks like he's going to crash right through the window, it's this trope instead...

    Live-Action TV 
  • Get Smart: In one episode, Max's apartment gets booby-trapped because someone is out to kill him. This includes an invisible bulletproof wall that comes down from the ceiling. When Max sets it off, he later walks into it and his face becomes mushed on the glass.
  • In the first scene of She Spies, the trio swing down from the roof of a building and crash through the penthouse windows — except Cee Cee, whose window refuses to shatter on impact. She's stuck there smooshed until the other She Spies pull her in.
  • In the infamous dog-cannon sketch of That Mitchell and Webb Look, David Mitchell and Robert Webb are arguing about the merits of using a dog fired from a cannon as a method of informing the house about who's at the door before you ring the bell. Webb storms out to test his invention, and the camera stays with Mitchell in the living room for a moment. Then a dog is fired at the window. It doesn't break as intended, and the bloodied fake dog slides down the window with the traditional sound effect. Accompanied by this beautiful piece of dialogue:
    Mitchell: [shouting] You're going to need a bigger dog!
    Webb: [also shouting] I'm gonna try a cow!



    Video Games 

    Visual Novels 

    Web Animation 

    Web Comics 

    Western Animation 
  • Darkwing Duck:
    • In "Water Way to Go", Darkwing, propelled by a sandstorm, smacks against the windshield of Launchpad's car.
    • Also happens in another episode where Darkwing tries to stop the villains by standing in front of their van.
      Darkwing Duck: I am the terror that flaps in [smack] ...your windshield.
  • Gravity Falls, "Weirdmageddon Part 2: Escape from Reality": Bill's forces fly out into the sky to spread their chaos to the world, only to unexpectedly run splat into an invisible wall, then sliding down with the usual noise.
  • In Justice League, supervillain Copperhead leaps at John Stewart, and John reacts by immediately putting up a shield, which Copperhead smacks into. You can almost hear the squeaking sound as he slides down it.
  • Kaeloo: In Episode 104, Olaf freezes Kaeloo and Mr. Cat and keeps them in glass People Jars. Stumpy shows up to save them by swinging on a rope, but he ends up smacking face first into the glass and sliding down it.
  • In the first episode of The Legend of Korra, Korra creates a wall of ice to get rid of some pursuing cops. One who was grappling on to her and being dragged along slams right into it and slides down.
  • Mixels: Happens to the Infernites as soon as the Orbitons' ship-space causes them to hit the glass dome of Orbitopia after a kick in "Mixel Moon Madness".
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • In "Games Ponies Play", Rainbow Dash is sent flying and smack flat against the slopped glass ceiling of a Crystal Empire building, before sliding down. Rarity, below, is briefly intrigued by the sound but doesn't think of looking up.
    • In "Princess Twilight Sparkle – Part 1", Twilight Sparkle (with Spike on her back) is attempting a landing in Ponyville, but her wings still being new for her she loses control. Twilight teleports straight inside the library, but Spike is left behind and smacks against the window, before sliding with the usual sound.
    • In "For Whom the Sweetie Bell Toils", after their Improvised Zipline moment, the Cutie Mark Crusaders smack against the window of Sapphire Shores's studio. The window swivels and lets Sweetie Bell falls inside, but Apple Bloom and Scootaloo stay stuck outside and slide down.
    • In "The Ending of the End – Part 2", during the final battle, a changeling is sent smacking flat against the domed forcefield collectively generated by the unicorns, shortly followed by a Wonderbolt, and they both start sliding down the shield as if it were glass.
  • Ninjago episode "The Surge": The Ninjas fall out of the window of a high tower, but they grasp a firehose and swing, expecting to re-enter through another window below. Except the reinforced glass holds true, making them smack against it and slide down. Thankfully, there is a window cleaner nacelle right beneath them.
  • In the Ready Jet Go! episode "Castaway Carrot", the saucer malfunctions which causes Jet, Celery, and Sunspot to end up smushed against the saucer window. They then slide off.
  • The Simpsons: The finale episode from the ninth season is "Natural Born Kissers", which has Homer and Marge attempt to return home through Springfield while naked. At one point, Marge operates a hot air balloon while Homer dangles from an anchoring line. The wind carries the balloon over a church with a sloping glass ceiling. Homer smacks against the glass, then slides upward along it as the balloon tows him. The minister directs the congregation to admire the parquet floor to avoid staring at naked Homer. It doesn't help that the friction causes Homer to wail, "Ow! My ass!"
  • Star vs. the Forces of Evil: In "Girls' Day Out", Star tries to free the class hamster by tossing it out the window... except she forgets to open it first. Hence, the little critter smacks flat against the glass, before sliding down.
  • The Camera Abuse version happens several times on Zig & Sharko: After Sharko propels Zig far away at sea, he smacks flat against the TV screen, and then slides down.


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