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"Hey, what's this? Only the women get naked?! That's bullshit!"
Penn Jillette, Penn & Teller: Bullshit!, "Yoga & Tantric Sex"

A form of soft-core "figleaf" male censorship, where men are shown wearing pants or underwear, in situations when they normally would be nude.

Fanservice most often is aimed at the straight male Demographic. The assumption is that most heterosexual guys prefer seeing female flesh to seeing other naked guys. Therefore, because Most Writers Are Male, men in sex scenes will be far more covered than women, even during intercourse. The woman may be completely naked (or at least not wearing anything visible. A skintone patch or a cover between legs can be completely hidden from the camera in a way that a penis can't), but the guy will still have his shirt on — or sometimes only his fly is down. It doesn't matter that with his fly down and his belt off the guy's pants would fall down. It also ignores how painful sex with a metal zipper rubbing up against the genitals could be (although this particular problem could presumably be averted by having the man wear pants with a button-up fly instead). All that matters is seeing that sweet, sweet fanservice with the least amount of squick.

This is most obviously shown by the trope where, even after sex — or sometimes even during sex, when it's interrupted — men will be shown wearing boxer shorts; apparently the message is that women also don't want to see a man's naked "area" — even while having sex with them. It's also done for practical reasons. Genitalia in general is too hard-core for anything less than X-rated sex scenes (but are fine for PG-13 otherwise), and it's simply impossible to avoid seeing men's genitals while showing their "area"; meanwhile, women typically wear loose lingerie to avoid showing even pubic hair.

For an analysis of why creators may choose to use this trope, take a look at the Analysis page. (Tab above)

Can be a case of Truth in Television. Couples engaged in public sex may wear as much clothing as possible for varying reasons, and depending on the circumstances (including temperature) it may not always be practical to completely disrobe. Compare Wall Bang Her, which usually carries the implication that He and She were both just too horny to bother taking their clothes off. See also Sex Dressed, when a couple's disheveled clothing makes it obvious that they've been doing the deed. Related to Magic Pants, where a shapeshifter retains some or all of their clothing even when it defies all logic.

This trope may actually be Older Than Feudalism - there are numerous Roman wall paintings depicting couples during sex, with the woman wearing a brassiere. This may have been because it would've been considered lascivious for her to show her breasts to her own husband during sex, or it may have been censorship on the part of the artist.

Not to be confused with something else going through a man's pants.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Taken to silly heights in certain Japanese hentai, where males sometimes don't bother taking off their pants, or even unbuttoning them! Remember those pajama flaps you had as a child, for "easy access" to the toilet? This is a much smaller target. While this is likely to be a choice to reduce the mosaic area Censor Steam, it makes for a very awkward scene when released in other countries.
    • The sex scenes in Tsukihime are much like this, as Shiki is only completely naked in one such scene (more often shirtless, or simply "unzipped"). Strangely, it's also very briefly inverted; somehow, Kohaku manages sex while wearing a full-length kimono... the first time, at least, though this might be because she has far more experience than she wants or needs. This trope is in full effect afterwards.
    • This is parodied in the Web Comic Ghastly's Ghastly Comic with the character Hentai Guy, a porn star from Japan whose claim to fame is having an invisible penis.
    • Incidentally, at least one show has found a way around this — it stars an Invisible Streaker!
  • Very strangely invoked in Ayakashi Triangle: A heavily-suggestive scene has Suzu pull Matsuri's shirt open to put Life Energy into him, remaining fully clothed herself. It not only codes Suzu as sexually dominate, but frames her actions as if she was a man penetrating Matsuri.
  • In Berserk, when Griffith/Femto rapes Casca he appears to do this through his armor. However, since he is a demon it is likely that the "armor" is actually his skin, and he is completely naked, but then that raises the question of why no genitals are visible on him even when he is clearly facing the reader. Considering the level of shape-shifting power apostles seem to have, a retractable penis isn't that much of a stretch of the imagination, but most Apostles seem to love flaunting their Body Horror and inhuman sexuality as much as possible and wouldn't bother to "retract" even if they could. This example notwithstanding, the series as a whole averts this trope. Penises are frequently shown during sex or rape scenes (which there are an awful lot of), whether they belong to humans, trolls or demon-possessed horses (seriously).
  • Sebastian Michaelis of Black Butler seems to only take his clothes off in Fan Fiction. When the manga has him screwing information out of Beast, who barely wears anything anyway, he simply takes off his coat. (And, at some point in the process, his gloves—Ciel comments the next day on the unusual phenomenon of being able to see Sebastian's (black) fingernails.) In the anime, he doesn't even bother with that much, with a completely nude nun. Even in the infamous corset scene he is fully clothed. Averted in the anime version of the Circus Arc, though, where Sebastian does go fully-nude when seducing Beast.
  • Ayace of Corsair only seems to lose the pants on special occasions.
  • In Dead Leaves, the "heroes" manage to have sex through full-body straight-jackets that only have one opening... for defecation. While it's clearly hinted in dialog where the point of insertion must be, neither suit appears to have an opening in the front.
  • Klaus of Maiden Rose never takes off his pants. Being a Boys Love series it's obviously it's not a squick issue, and probably is intended to be kinky in a power-dynamics kind of way, as Taki is always completely naked.
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena uses this trope less to downplay Fanservice (as it's not shy with either gender) and more to illustrate certain characters' power dynamics. Specifically, while several male characters get a Shirtless Scene, it's telling whose shirt merely opens versus whose shirt comes off completely. Touga, for starters, loses his shirt completely when doing tertiary seduction (often with a convenient pretext) but merely unbuttons it during sex. And for all the times Akio's shirt flies open, it never even leaves his shoulders. Contrast this with Anthy, his most frequent "partner" (read: victim), who's always nude for the event and is definitely not enjoying the act.
  • Yuuichi manages to keep his pants mostly on while having sex on a chair in The Secret Agreement. Couldn't have been comfortable.


    Comic Books 
  • Female variant: Issue 30 of All-New X-Men doesn't explicitly say what happened between X-23 and the time-displaced teenaged Angel, however, the issue opens on Laura waking up in one of the Worthington Family's private retreats with the room in disarray and clothing scattered across the floor. However Laura is still wearing her underwear, so if they did, either she got at least partially dressed again, or she left them on during the act.
  • Deadpool does this with his future baby mama, Carmelita. They're captured by the bad guys and locked in a game-room together. Carmelita thinks she's going to be killed, so wants to spend what may be her last moments having sex. So, she and Deadpool go at it. She's completely naked in all its glory. But Deadpool is still wearing his suit. When Luke Cage frees them & drags Deadpool off to fight the baddies, the latter is just seen buttoning his pants.
  • A non-sexual example in Green Lantern - Kyle Rayner is having something of a Battle in the Center of the Mind and is nude save for his underwear. Though the man he's fighting (Nero) is actually fully clothed.
  • The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Black Dossier. During the obligatory sex scene, Mina Murray pulls her bra and skirt up and pulls her knickers round her knees, exposing her bosom and buttocks. Allan Quatermain, in contrast, keeps his trousers on and only opens his shirt slightly. A subversion follows the sex scene, when Quatermain's penis is fully visible, hanging out of his pants, post-coitus.
  • In The Mask Returns, Kathy attempts to trick the current wearer to take the mask off by acting like a prostitute. As the act draws near, the clothes come off, and she inquires if he's not "going to take that off" (referring to the mask). He looks bewildered as though he can't possibly have forgotten something - however, save for the mask, he is also still wearing a pair of boxer shorts.
  • Inverted in this scene from Stormwatch — Hellstrike's Goofy Print Underwear is around his ankles, while Fahrenheit's panties are clearly still on.

    Fan Works 
  • At one point in My Immortal, Ebony and Draco have sex... with no mention of them taking their clothes off first.

    Films — Animation 
  • In a segment in The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat, Fritz is shown in a rocket ship having sex with a female reporter... and both are wearing spacesuits. This is just plain puzzling as there were already two other sex scenes with explicit cartoon nudity... to say nothing of the first film. Given Fritz's character, it was really more of a fetish or a "Hey, this situation doesn't happen very often, let's try this!"

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Inverted in 28 Days Later, in which we are treated to plenty of naked Cillian Murphy but the lead female keeps her bra on the whole time, and, in fact, requests that the soldiers leave the room so she can change her clothes in private (there was an ulterior motive for this).
  • Poked fun at in the first American Pie movie, where the main character was watching porn and was trying to avoid looking at the male porn star while focusing on the woman.
  • A couple at the beginning of Anthropophagous 2000 have sex with their shorts on.
  • Backstreet Dreams: Lucy wears a bra while having sex with Paco.
  • The comic of The Big Fat Kill briefly features Dwight nude in the opening scene in Shelley's apartment. This is absent in the movie.
  • Black Scorpion (The Roger Corman "superhero" movie) features a scene where the heroine knocks a man in a business suit onto the bed. She takes off her costume (except for her mask and gloves) and the two have sex, while the man is still fully dressed. In the morning she is gone, and he wakes up in tighty-whitey briefs.
  • The Cider House Rules: Wilbur and Candy's first encounter in the woods. Including winter coats.
  • Played with in Crimson Peak. While having sex, Edith is the one who keeps most of her clothes on, although she is wearing skirts, which makes for easy access. Thomas keeps his pants on, but they're pushed down around his thighs.
  • Enemy at the Gates has an extremely awkward sex scene where the only flesh shown is a brief shot of the woman's butt as she pulls her pants down. All other clothing stays on. This one is justified though, since they were in the midst of an army camp in Russia and were trying not to attract any attention, and it was cold.
  • Epic Movie (2007): At one point in the film, Peter gets seduced into having sex with the shapeshifter Mystique. He is then dragged into a tent where he's thrown down on the bed fully clothed. After some Shapeshifting requests from Peter (bigger ass and breast size, a monobrow, and a fat and flabby grandma body type), Peter pulls Mystique down as they start to make out and get it on. He's fully clothed the entire time they start getting it on, though it could be inferred he took off his clothes directly after the scene fades to black, while she shapeshifted the necessary assets in order to mate with him.
  • In the short film The Evil Clergyman, Jonathan and Said get it on with him very obviously keeping his pants on.
  • The absolute pinnacle of this trope can be seen in the 1981 movie Excalibur, where Uther Pendragon has a sex scene in full plate armor. At least he removes the codpiece...
  • Inverted in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, where there is more male nudity than female, and the full-frontal male nudity starts in the first 10 minutes of the movie.
  • The Goonies: When Jerk Jock and Spoiled Brat Troy is sitting on a toilet at the country club at which the plumbing is going nuts due to the Goonies' shenanigans, he has taken his shorts down but is visibly still wearing underpants.
  • Inglorious Basterds: The infamous cutaway to Joseph Goebbels banging Francesca Mondino has the latter naked while Goebbels, from what can be seen, is clothed at the top.
  • In the Realm of the Senses inverts this, with the female protagonist fully clothed while her male partner is totally naked.
  • Knock Knock (2015): When Evan manages to get free and knock Bel off him, he's completely covered by his underpants.
  • Another extreme example can be seen in the French Canadian made-for-TV movie L'enfant D'eau (1995) in which, probably because the man was portrayed as mentally incapacitated and the girl as severely underage, both were fully clothed (except for his not having a shirt) for a "sexual encounter" which viewers and critics were given every reason to believe actually consisted of nothing more than her grinding herself on him a little bit.
  • Used to imply a drug-fueled threesome complete with a 69 position in the 2009 Land of the Lost.
  • In Lockjaw: Rise of the Kulev Serpent, Ashley and Clayton are having passionate sex when Clay is killed by the serpent and yanked off her, Ashley jumps out of bed still clad in her hot pink bra and panties.
  • Mermaids: Charlotte finally gives in to her crush Joe, and the two have sex in a church bell tower, while keeping most of their clothing on.
  • The Other Boleyn Girl inverts this, in that the only person to show any skin is Eric Bana. But it plays it somewhat straight during a rape - both characters keep most of their clothes on.
  • Red Sparrow: The first time they have sex, neither Dominika nor Nash even take off their underwear, yet manage it somehow even so.
  • Seen in a deleted scene from Repo! The Genetic Opera, in which Amber Sweet convinces Graverobber to sleep with her to get out of paying for her Zydrate. Both remain fully clothed for the entire scene— the only item of clothing removed is Graverobber's big coat.
  • The movie Sea of Love is a good example - Ellen Barkin is completely naked, Al Pacino never seems to remove an item of clothing more substantial than his tie.
  • Two of the very few images not taken frame-for-frame in the movie adaptation of Frank Miller's Sin City: Bruce Willis as Hartigan is not stripped entirely naked as he's hung at the mercy of That Yellow Bastard, and That Yellow Bastard himself also keeps his Y-Fronts on in the scene where he's working on Nancy. Having said this, Nancy the stripper's breasts are kept conspicuously covered in the film as opposed to the original source material.
  • Defied in Species. When the protagonists are concerned the gorgeous alien genetic abomination who wants to propagate her species found a man to take her home:
    Finch: And now she's managed to mate.
    Preston: Doesn't exactly look like a successful mating to me. He's still got his pants on.note 
  • In the Bruce Willis vehicle Striking Distance, Parker and Willis begin to make out. Parker is wearing a backless dress and it's clear that she has no bra on. However, once she removes the dress, a bra magically appears.
  • In Taking Lives, there's a sex scene between Illeana (Angelina Jolie) and James (Ethan Hawke). Illeana wears only an open robe; James keeps his suit on.
  • There's a completely clothed sex scene in ThanksKilling.
  • Played ridiculously straight in The Ugly Truth. Abby and Mike have finally consummated their relationship. Two seconds after her Immodest Orgasm, Katherine Heigl's character is still wearing a bra.
  • Taken to a ridiculous level in the French film Une histoire d'amour (also released under the title Tied) in which a bottomless Laetitia Casta has sex with a guy who barely bothers to undo his fly, to the extent where in real life he'd likely have suffered zipper burn.

  • In Maurice Druon's The Accursed Kings novels, the bandit-knights who Rape, Pillage, and Burn during France's 14th century troubles are said to rape women "whose skin remained scarred by their chainmail". It's meant to underline their brutality.
  • In a scene in the book Creation (1981) by Gore Vidal, one character, a Persian, has it explained to him that while his people have sex wearing their clothes (exposing only their genitals enough to fit them together), Babylonians strip naked, and in order to participate in a particular Babylonian sex-ritual he will have to strip. It matters because the character is wearing a disguise.
  • In Bruce Sterling and William Gibson's The Difference Engine, spy and adventurer Mick Radley and Hooker with a Heart of Gold Sybil are described in detail as clothed in bed after sex (she has pantalettes and a shirt, he has a fine nightshirt while having no logical reason for it).
    • Later on, when Ned Mallory and Hetty (Sybil's former roommate, incidentally) have a bed session, Mallory actually has to pay extra to see Hetty fully naked. Probably meant to show how the stricter Victorian mores affected people's kinks.
  • In the German novel Gottes Bodenpersonal - eine unwahrscheinliche Liebesgeschichte, one of the main characters always does it with clothes on. First, because they work as a prostitute, on the streets, and then it becomes apparent that he can't see naked men without being reminded of the prostitution, and doesn't want to be seen naked himself, so he and his partner keep their pants on.
  • The Parasol Protectorate: At the end of the first book, Alexia and Conall Maccon consummate their marriage in a carriage while she's naked and he's fully dressed, having opened up the front of his trousers. Afterwards, she begins stripping his clothes off him for more.
  • A monstrous bandit in the fourth volume of A Song of Ice and Fire rapes a woman right through his armor on a raid, and the results are indicated to be not pretty at all.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Occurs twice in an episode of Angel. Spike has been recorporealized and immediately runs off for a nooner with Harmony. Right through his pants. Later, a flashback shows that Angel and Spike had a complicated relationship as vampires. The real deal-breaker was when Angelus screwed Drusilla. Right through his pants.
  • Altered Carbon:
    • A realistic version in the pilot where the sex takes place in the shower, with the two lovers shown afterwards sitting on the bed in their underwear as if they just got dressed in the bare minimum.
    • There's a nasty aversion in the Season One finale when Lizzie Elliot walks in on a client in a high-class snuff brothel who's just murdered two prostitutes; he's naked from the waist down while still wearing a bloodstained tuxedo shirt.
  • Bates Motel when Norman walks in on Keith Summers raping Norma, he knocks him out. Summers collapses with his jeans around his ankles, but his boxer briefs pulled up.
  • Often invoked by Big Brother and other similar series where contestants engage in actual intercourse. While some participants - especially in the European versions - couldn't care less if every aspect of love-making is captured on camera, others who might be more modest, or wanting to be more discreet, are often seen having sex while still wearing underwear including bottoms; this applies to both men and women. Often combined with Modesty Bedsheet.
  • Blake's 7:
  • In Broad City, the protagonists usually wear bras during sex scenes, and when Abbi has sex with Jeremy, both of them wear underwear.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • Inverted in season 6, with Buffy nearly or fully clothed (or invisible) while Spike is given, in James Marsters' words, "a sock". Then again a lot of these episodes had a female director who openly acknowledged her appreciation for Spike's naked body.
    • Buffy and Spike's first time together in "Smashed" is probably the best example. In the scene, Buffy is wearing a long skirt and while there's definitely the sound of a zipper being unzipped, Buffy doesn't even pretend to hike up her skirt. There's even a long shot where the skirt is still clearly pulled down, yet Spike is thrusting and she's moaning. In this case, it's more like "right through her skirt."
    • Done to especially weird effect in their exhibitionist scene on the top level of the Bronze, where both are not only nearly fully clothed, but standing on their own two feet, in a way that (given the height difference between them) would make sex pretty difficult. As Television Without Pity put it, "And then they got it on in some kind of anatomically impossible way. Is Spike walking around the Bronze with his pants around his ankles, or what?" Many viewers assumed he was doing stuff with his hands, though this is apparently not the intention.
  • One of the male characters in Coupling bemoans the risk of the "potentially-dangerous eye slippage" that can happen whilst watching porn and (shall we say) throw one off one's stride.
  • General rule of thumb in Criminal Minds: If a "nude" victim is not shown on the crime scene photos only from the back and the waist up, it's going to still have her (or his) underwear on, even when the offender is primarily motivated by rape. It's pretty obvious that we are supposed to pretend that the underwear is not there, because the profilers will never mention it unless there is other clothing, when it will be pointed to indicate that there was a re-dressing and therefore remorse on the part of the killer.
  • CSI:
    • A pretty ridiculous example can be found in "Fur and Loathing". A fursuiter's semen is found on the costume of a fellow fursuiter, which he deposited on there during a "furpile" at a convention. While this isn't that unusual (fursuit fetishists are out there, so this scenario is a bit more likely than one might think), what does make it unusual is that the fursuiter in question had his costume lined with latex (and with no opening to do the nasty with, as most fursuit fetishists have in their suit), so this is a literal case.
    • In another episode, a man falls to his death while having sex on a hotel balcony. Yet, when he first lands at the beginning of the episode, his underwear is clearly fully on, covering everything.
  • Lampshaded in the pilot of Dig, where a woman asks if they'll ever so this with their clothes off.
  • The Flight Attendant sees Kaley Cuoco having a lot of sex, but she never once removes her bra and is seen, post-coitally, still wearing her knickers. A definite case of Magical Underwear here.
  • Fortitude: Frank and Elena have their extramarital quicky like this in the first episode—both remain clothed; she lifts up her short skirt and rolls down her stocking tops while presumably he opens his fly. Justified by them doing it in a garage with the door open during a snowy night in the Arctic.
  • Game of Thrones:
    • At first it seemed like the show was going to play this straight in the first episode, but the second episode actually gives us an inversion: Daenerys doesn't remove her dress the first time she makes love to Khal Drogo while facing him, while he is completely nude. Theon Greyjoy and even Hodor'also get to show off their, uh, manliness.
    • During the Dothraki wedding in the first episode, however: the two men who get into a fight over a woman both appear to be having sex with her by getting behind her, flipping up her loincloth, and then thrusting with their pants completely on. It's apparent that they are meant to be penetrating her, but it's kind of ridiculous given that you can plainly tell they haven't even pretended to take their dicks out. A very literal example. The showrunners also mention that they weren't sure if the wedding scene was violating any public decency laws in Malta, where it was filmed, meaning that it might count as an Enforced Trope.
    • Given a tongue-in-cheek reference on the DVD commentary by the showrunners. The sex between Jaime and Cersei was nude in the books, but the two wear clothes in the series. This was probably done out of consideration for the child actor who plays Bran. (Not to mention avoiding pushing their luck considering the scene depicted incest.) In the DVD Commentary Dan Weiss and David Benioff quip: "Jaime Lannister—famous for killing the king and for perfecting the fully-clothed sex act."
    • The most egregious example is Stannis and Melisandre during their war tabletop session. Melisandre is completely nude, while the only thing Stannis has uncovered is his head and hands.
    • Tyrion is also rarely seen naked during his sex scenes, as opposed to his partners.
    • When Arya Stark has sex with Gendry she starts to pull down her pants and tells Gendry to take off his. The camera then cuts to tight shots on the pair of them as a Sexy Discretion Shot.
  • Gossip Girl:
    • Chuck Bass, of all people, is shown waking up after a one night stand wearing pajamas. As in he brought the girl home, got undressed, skipped into his jammies and then slept with her. The reason for this is probably that the actor is way too tattoo-happy while the character isn't the type to get tattooed (Chuck is the only male main character who hasn't appeared topless).
    • In season four, one episode shows Chuck and Blair panting heavily after just finishing having sex... and they are both fully clothed sitting next to each other in his limo.
  • The Handmaid's Tale: The Commander keeps his pants on during the Ceremony, and Offred only pulls up her dress. This serves to underscore that the process completely lacks intimacy. When Serena Joy orders Offred to have sex with Nick in "Faithful", he also keeps his clothes on. But when Offred and Nick make love on their own, they both undress. Same goes for Serena Joy and the Commander in "A Woman's Place".
  • House:
    • A patient and his girlfriend start off one episode with a bang while still mostly dressed.
    • House himself also engages in this, having sex with Lydia in the Season 6 episode Broken while both of them are fully clothed.
  • Seen on How I Met Your Mother: Marshall and Lily are attempting to conceive a baby, and Marshall is disturbed by an earlier conversation with Robin, to the point where he breaks it off and jumps out of bed, revealing he's wearing boxer shorts. In fairness, Lily is wearing pretty covering lingerie, so it's possible he's actually more naked than she is.
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit:
    • In the episode "Annihilated", Elliot removes his jacket and shirt before climbing into bed with Kathy, but not his pants.
    • In a later episode, Elliot is seen stripping to a pair of form-fitting bikini briefs before climbing into bed with pajama-clad Kathy.
  • Life on Mars (2008) has a particularly baffling instance of the magic bra. A Hooker with a Heart of Gold seduces the protagonist by taking her bra off in front of him (with her back to the camera) and jumping into his bed. In the following sex scene, she's enthusiastically bouncing away on top of him... with her bra put back on to keep things US-TV-safe. This is a nearly shot-for-shot remake of a sequence from the original British series, but in that version, she remains topless for the sex scene (as is permitted by post-watershed UK broadcast standards).
  • The Professionals: In "A Hiding To Nothing", Doyle is woken by burglars and puts on his jeans after getting out of bed, though anything below the waist is kept carefully offscreen until he's put them on. The woman has a Modesty Bedsheet but she's clearly naked underneath.
  • Inverted in the Lifetime Miniseries Maneater when Clarissa doesn't want to take off her wedding dress, so her new husband decides that they'll just work around it.
  • In Rescue Me, every single sex scene so far plays this trope straight.
  • In The Riches Didi and her boyfriend use the Magic Knickers and bra/Boxers version despite just having had sex.
  • Grace in Saving Grace leaves her panties on even when they guy pulls down his underpants (if the guy was even wearing any). (Except the Season 1 finale where she's handcuffed to the bed naked all night, with full rear view.)
  • In the first episode of Secret Diary of a Call Girl, the main character appears to keep her g-string on during sex. Actual nudity doesn't appear until the third episode.
  • Used on guys and girls in the The Secret Life of the American Teenager. The Modesty Bedsheet is frequently discarded to reveal that the characters who just had sex are mostly clothed (which makes one wonder why they bother with the sheet in the first place). The guys will be shirtless and in pants or boxers (and on a few occasions, JEANS) and the girls will be in their bras and panties or short shorts.
  • This popped up a few times in Sex and the City when the actress in the scene refused to get undressed for the camera.
  • This isn't always reserved for the guys. In the old Soul Food series, the women always kept on their undergarments while the men were nude, apparently thrusting right through the panties.
  • In the Stargate SG-1 episode "Hathor", the titular Goa'uld uses alien mind control to procure "the code of life" from Daniel Jackson. The rest of the team finds him sitting on the bed, completely unresponsive, implicitly still under Hathor's mind control — and fully dressed.
  • Star Trek:
    • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine has a scene in which Weyoun comes in on a sleeping Damar, still dressed in full armor, with a woman's dress lying abandoned at the foot of the bed, implying that Damar managed this trope with actual armor.
    • Star Trek: Voyager: In "Dark Frontier", whilst plotting the invasion of Earth, the Borg Queen brings up a holographic image of a human male wearing nothing but briefs. Given all the Body Horror normally associated with the Borg, this sudden show of modesty comes off as rather baffling. Some viewers speculate that he passed out drunk before any undressing — or sex — could occur.
  • Torchwood:
    • In "Day One". Right through his pants and her skirt, then he turns into a pile of dust.
    • In one season two episode, Gwen has just had sex with her hubby Rhys and somehow managed to get her knickers back on before falling asleep (face down — she appears not be wearing anything else).
  • Trotsky: Trotsky's isn't shown undressing at all while having sex with Natalia, Frida and Laisa Reissner (aside from removing his coat once).
  • Happens quite a bit in The Tudors, which is especially ridiculous given the Gorgeous Period Dress most of the characters wear.
  • The Veronica Mars episode "Kanes and Abel's" has an Imagine Spot like this — Veronica is imagining Jake Kane murdering Lilly after catching her in flagrante with Weevil, and when he pulls the two of them apart they're both wearing pants. Of course, this is justified by the fact that it is an Imagine Spot, and Veronica probably doesn't naturally imagine her friends naked...
  • In Weeds, Nancy's panties and bra stay put when having sex with the Hispanic drug dealer in season one and later when Nancy has sex with Conrad.

    Music Videos 
  • Featured in the video for Studio Killers' Ode to the Bouncer. While lead singer Cherry points out that she's not wearing knickers, the bouncer clearly keeps his trousers on.
  • In Trapped in the Closet, Sylvester is fully clothed while making love with his woman in Chapter 5.

    Print Media 
  • British tabloid agony aunt columns with attendant "story" comic-things have a tendency to invoke this trope to a ridiculous extent; even those which elsewhere feature topless pin-ups will have men in boxers and women in full lingerie during what are allegedly sex scenes, even when these are supposed to be characters in the strip fantasising about sex. Precisely how anyone is supposed to take a storyline about an affair consisting of dry-humping seriously is not particularly clear.

  • Equus notices this trope stranded on the highway, and gives it the finger as it blows right by it. In the final act, Alan Strang and his female love interest strip completely naked on stage, lie on top of each other, and (in the most recent production with Strang being played by Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliffe) even make a few half-thrusts before stopping for plot reasons. The majority of the rest of the scene is then performed in the nude.
    • The same goes for David Grimm's Kit Marlowe, in which the title character makes his grand entrance by swinging onto the stage on a rope without a stitch of clothing on. He proceeds to spend the entire first scene in the nude.
  • The Light in the Piazza has an almost-identical scene to the one listed above.
  • In the musical of Spring Awakening, Wendla is disrobed down to her shift, while Melchior apparently only has to push down his pants to get it on, giving the audience a very nice view of his fine, masculine and time for intermission!

    Video Games 
  • In Alpha Protocol SIE finds the player character strapped to a hospital bed and decides she just can't pass the opportunity up to show him her feelings. Her underwear never comes off and neither do his pants. And yet...
  • Early on in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Ezio has sex with Caterina Sforza. While his nudity is covered by camera angles, hers is covered by her underwear. In the morning we can see she's actually naked, but both of them display the ability to get dressed in about 3 seconds when they have to rush out of bed.
  • In Catherine, whenever Vincent wakes up next to a naked Catherine, his boxers (which he normally sleeps in) are still on. This could also count as Foreshadowing, since Catherine is a succubus who's Invisible to Normals, and it's likely that their sexual encounters were all an illusion. No wonder Vincent didn't need to take off his pants since he didn't actually do anything untoward with Catherine.
  • Dragon Age:
    • Dragon Age: Origins:
      • The characters don't take their underwear off during the sex scenes. In Morrigan's case at least, they actually put underwear on. There's even a rare glitch that results in your character doing it fully-armored.
      • In the City Elf origin story, Vaughn and his compatriots are all but outright said to have raped Shianni after abducting her, but when the player busts in to kick ass and save the girl, they're all fully clothed. It is, admittedly, possible that they'd gotten finished and Vaughn and his cronies had managed to get their clothes back on and Shianni found and pulled hers on too.
    • Also shows up in Dragon Age II, though they cut away from the sex scenes before any clothing comes off, so it is slightly more justified.
  • While obviously possible to do in-game, a book in The Elder Scrolls tells of a great warrior who did it through heavy armor. This would be a real master-skill perk but is trumped by it being implied that he was better at it in heavy armor than out.
  • At the end F.E.A.R. 2 we get a rape scene between a naked Alma and a fully clothed and armored Becket. Given the Mind Screw nature of the act, perhaps we should not find it weird for this specific case, but you never know.
  • Cloud and Tifa are both fully clothed after their heavily implied sexual encounter in Final Fantasy VII. Apparently there was a lot of worry about it being too graphic, with the scene originally scripted - which would have had them Sex Dressed, if only in text - getting rejected for being too racy.
  • Grand Theft Auto:
  • Hello Neighbor: Non sex example. In the pre-alpha, one of the activities the Neighbor could be seen doing while not chasing the player was taking a bath...with his clothes on. Specifically, he could be found in the bathroom sitting in the bathtub scrubbing his back with a brush with his clothes still on. If that wasn't weird enough, the bathtub was empty of water. It's as hilarious as it sounds.
  • House Party (2017): Several sexual encounters allow the player character to keep his clothes on and just take out his penis while the girl is at least mostly naked. This is averted with some encounters, like Katherine, who insists the player get fully naked.
  • Katawa Shoujo: Zigzagged, and when it does happen it's almost always justified.
    • In Hanako's route, the one ero scene is awkward because of both partners' inexperience and anxiety. Hanako takes off everything except her panties and tights, while Hisao gets down to his boxers and tries foreplay to make her more comfortable. When the time actually comes he can't figure out how to remove her tights without tearing them, so he just pulls them down enough to brush her panties aside, and because he's afraid that seeing his erection might scare her he keeps his boxers on and inserts it through his fly.
    • In Shizune's route, the first sex scene takes place at Shizune's home and has both partners fully clothed; Shizune surprises Hisao by tying him to a chair, in which position they can't even take his shirt off, so she simply unzips his pants and takes off her panties for sex while keeping her dress on. Hisao is a little relieved she didn't take his shirt off because he's not quite ready to show her the scar on his chest. Also, because her dad's home, keeping their clothes on could be a precaution against someone walking in on them.
    • The first time Hisao and Emi have sex, their horsing around on her bed turns into a "game" where they're dry humping to see who can make the other blush first. Emi keeps her panties on, while Hisao keeps his pants on, the result being a literal case of Jizzed in My Pants. Hilariously, Rin walks in on them without making any kind of fuss. After that, it's implied they do it again without their clothes, and in the two other H-scenes in her route they both get naked.
  • Mass Effect:
    • The second game mostly avoids it through Sexy Discretion Shot, but the Renegade sex scene with Jack plays it straight. If you choose it, she and Shepard have some rather violent foreplay which ends when she pins him down on a table, mounts him, and then throws her head back as if in the throes of passion. Trouble is, neither party has even begun to take anything off yet. The Paragon conclusion to her romance uses sex-scene shots with an equal degree of failing to take anything off, although it's a lot less aggressive.
    • Mass Effect 3:
      • The end of the game has a love scene, and a post-love scene, and in them, the male characters are all wearing black boxers and the females are wearing black lingerie. Only Liara is ever seen to be nude. Garrus Vakarian never even shows that much, um, scale; he's fully clothed in both scenes, though the post scene has him at the table reading rather than in bed, at least. Likewise, Tali never actually shows anything, though when Shepard wakes up she literally just finished putting her environmental suit back on. This has led to speculation that underwear is a human invention.
      • In Citadel DLC, Shepard wakes up in bed with his/her significant other after the party. Both of them are fully clothed even though most cases imply that they did the deed before falling to sleep (and yes, Garrus is in full armour). Tali lampshades.
        Tali: Who put my suit back on?! The buttons are all askew... and when did I get an Omni-tattoo?
  • Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater ends with EVA and Snake spending a passionate night together. When Snake wakes up the next morning, his shirt is gone but he's still wearing trousers.
  • The FMV horror game Phantasmagoria has a rape scene, but both characters are clothed, so the scene looks more like violent dry humping, really.
  • Neither male nor female characters in the execrable Ride to Hell: Retribution take off their clothes for the extremely awkward sex scenes. In the game files, it's discovered that there WERE nude models, but they were unused (likely to keep the game from getting an AO rating).
  • Taken to the extreme in The Sims - the Sims not only emerge from having sex still wearing underwear, but they also use the toilet through their pants. In the first game, they were naked when they got out of the "love bed". Considering that the original was a lot more G-rated overall — Sim-sex was entirely optional (and only even possible in a specific bed, or changing booths), and babies spawned out of nowhere after the couple did a lot of romantic interactions (in other words, babies came from kissing), whereas the sequel has pregnancy and Sims that actively desire "WooHoo", including a whole aspiration for that — the change is puzzling.
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt: The sex scenes throughout the game seem unable to make up their minds as to how much clothing the participants wear. Geralt is only ever seen fully nude (and that from behind) in one of them; he is always wearing underwear pre- and post-coitus. His female partners seem equally shy about taking off their panties, and one scene that is unlockable via an optional quest in Skellige has both partners visibly clothed during sex.
  • A scene in Xenogears shows Ramsus and Miang sharing a bed. Miang is apparently naked (or at the very least topless), but when Ramsus gets out of bed, he's wearing black briefs. This is quite noticeable because most of the time the game has no issues with showing male characters nude.

    Web Animation 


    Western Animation 
  • There's an animated version of The Canterbury Tales which features a knight who not only manages to rape a woman while wearing full armor, from the way it's presented he apparently manages to dismount his horse, leap, and penetrate in one smooth move.
  • Futurama: Fry still managed to impregnate his own grandmother despite wearing tighty-whitey briefs. Bit of an inversion really, because not only was Fry's grandmother covered up more so than Fry, she was wearing different lingerie than what she had when she jumped on him.
    • Seen again later on in "Fry and Leela's Big Fling" when he has sex with Leela. Both of them remain fully clothed. Later on, Fry is shown with his shirt unbuttoned while making out with Leela but this is as far as it goes.