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First class.

After the events of Schism and Avengers vs. X-Men, the X-Men have broken apart down ideological lines. At the former mansion, Wolverine, poorly suited to the task, is headmaster at the Jean Grey School with several other mutants who followed him from Utopia. His goal: teach them to survive in a world that hates and fears them.

The Phoenix Five, plus Magneto and minus Colossus, led by Scott Summers, are on the run. After using their Phoenix powers to change the world as they saw fit, they're now considered terrorists. Cyclops has them teleporting around the world to rescue or approach new mutants as they manifest. Cyclops' goal: time for a revolution, and he needs an army.

Dr. Hank McCoy, dying as a result of further mutations, hears an offhand remark from Iceman, along the order of: "If only Scott could see himself..." and decides that's a brilliant idea. He goes to the past and brings the original five X-Men to the present day in hopes of young, idealistic Cyclops finding a way to get through to current Cyclops. The young X-Men, stunned by the revelation, take a vote and decide to stay to help things become closer to the dream Professor X brought them together to realize. Events progress and it becomes clear that not everything was as they were told upon arriving, in addition to several changes in the team dynamics and emotional impacts, which result in the O5 X-Men and Kitty Pryde deciding to join the New Xavier School in hopes of being able to continue their attempt to bring mutantkind and mankind together.

Due to the nature of the series many events cross over and/or happen concurrently with events in Wolverine and the X-Men (Marvel Comics) and with Uncanny X-Men respectively. The Cyclops series spun-out of this series, and its page also contains spoilers regarding this book.

A second volume was released following the events of Secret Wars, featuring the original time-displaced X-Men (sans Jean who departed for Extraordinary X-Men) and X-23, as well as the additions of Idie Okonkwo and Genesis/Evan both primarily hailing from Wolverine and the X-Men (Marvel Comics). In this volume, the teens split from the X-Men and travel across the world, refusing to be intimidated by the terrigen threat and continuing their heroics. The series was relaunched as X-Men: Blue in April 2017. Afterwards, the team became key players in the Extermination (2018) event, which serves as the Grand Finale for the story that started here.

All-New X-Men provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Armor-Piercing Question: During "The Trial of Jean Grey" arc, Gladiator gets called out by J-Son for trying to take matters into his own hands to persecute Jean and shut down any dissenting opinion, causing it to be put on hold for a moment. Later, Gladiator can only try to dodge the question as some of his followers agree with J-Son.
    "What did I say that was wrong?... What did I say that was factually incorrect?"
  • Author Filibuster: Brian Bendis has Kitty (a Jewish woman) give a page-long speech in Issue #13 that highlights everything he thinks is wrong with the controversial "M-Word" speech scene in Uncanny Avengers #5.
  • Battle Trophy: In a fight with the new Silver Samurai, Beast survives only because Jean and Scott double-team the Samurai. Beast then takes a dropped katana, outright saying that he is so going to keep it.
  • Be Careful What You Wish For:
    • Iceman wishes young Scott could see himself. Beast somehow thinks that jeopardizing the entire time-space continuum is a great idea and brings the original X-Men to the future so they shame adult Scott. What happens instead is the Original Five are originally horrified, but then they discover the modern X-Men twisted and withheld facts to make adult Cyclops look worse. At the end of Battle of the Atom the Original Five decide Wolverine and his X-Men aren't better than adult Cyclops and can't be trusted, and they all join older Cyclops' side.
    • Similarly, Wolverine wished Teen Scott out of his hair. Well, he got his wish.
    • Lady Mastermind attemps mind-break Jean Grey into Dark Phoenix in revenge for what her older self did to her father. Teen Jean frightens her with a vision of Dark Phoenix, stating "This is what you wanted, didn't you?"
  • Big Bad Duumvirate: Raze and Young Xavier are revealed as the heads of the Future Brotherhood. Before, it seemed like Raze was The Dragon, but it's actually both of them who thought of their plan.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Laura in #29, arriving on the scene while Xavier, Jr. is on the verge of victory, and takes him by surprise while Jean helps cloak her from his mind. The attack breaks Xavier's control over everyone, including the future Brotherhood whom he had been controlling from the start, and turns the tide of the battle.
  • Both Sides Have a Point: When Jean is fighting the Blob as part of her training, she calls him out on selling and being addicted to MGH when he's a mutant, but he points out that the X-Men have it much better than the average mutant. They often stay in elaborate buildings and never have to worry about food. However Jean shuts down that argument by noting that they once tried to offer him a place with the X-Men but Blob rejected them.
  • Breather Episode: Fairly common:
    • In issue #15, before Battle of the Atom, we see Teen!Cyclops and Teen!Iceman go out to town to meet girls, while Teen!Jean and Teen!Beast kiss.
    • After Battle of the Atom, issue #18 has the All-New team meet the New Xavier team and get new costumes.
    • After non-stop battles against the Purifiers, Shi'ar, and the Future Brotherhood, #30 finally gives all of the characters a break:
      • Warren takes Laura on a date (which leads to a wild brawl at a nightclub), and afterwards a long heart-to-heart about the difficulties Laura faces just having a normal life.
      • Jean and Emma spend the issue training Jean's newly developing power, and ends with them reconciling their own differences and bonding, after a fashion.
      • Kitty and Quill have a date-by-hologram,
  • Cardboard Prison: Mystique breaks out of a super-max prison virtually the day she got in after breaking Lady Mastermind out earlier.
  • Character Shilling: X-23 gets this from Gamora and Angela of the Guardians of the Galaxy, who both praise her in an attempt to make her seem badass, even though she did nothing notable. She fought generic mooks in the background and said she wants to fight, nothing special. Laura's lack of impact in the story gets a bit of Lampshade Hanging when, during the team's final briefing before heading out to rescue Jean on the Shi'ar homeworld, Quill comments about having not realized she was even with them in the first place.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: In a more literal usage than most, Modern Angel.
  • Comic-Book Time: Is beginning to become an issue, since it isn't clear what year the original X-Men came from. The stories were originally set in the '60s, but going by the ages of certain characters, it seems they actually came from the '80s instead. Throw Marvel's "sliding timeline" into the mix, and it's anyone's guess when they're from. Jean did joke that her clothes made her feel like she was "from 1963".
  • Continuity Nod: 05 Beast's blackboard (first seen in #22) features quite a few references to major moments in X-Men history, such as "Dark Phoenix" "M-Day" and even "Scott -> Merges with Apocalypse."
  • Covers Always Lie:
    • Issue 18 has Kitty holding one of the O5 X-Men's suits in a mournful pose, with the rest on the ground around her and feathers falling from above... the issue is actually pretty lighthearted.
    • Issue 20 has X-23 kissing Teen!Scott on the cover. The closest thing we get is a hug in the actual volume.
    • Likewise, Issue 30's cover prominently shows Laura and Warren sharing a passionate in-flight kiss. In the issue itself there's certainly a fair amount of Ship Tease, but it's never made clear whether or not Laura and Warren actually did more than that (see Did They or Didn't They? below).
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: The only way to describe over a hundred HYDRA getting beaten by Teen Angel and Modern Angel.
  • Death Is Cheap: Apparently. Christopher can not only bring back the dead, but he seems to heal himself from a throat stab that left him without a pulse.
  • Defector from Decadence: Young Angels initial reason for leaving the JGS and joining up with Cyclops. Later also the reason for why the rest of the team switches sides. They don't necessarily agree with Old Scott's views, but they prefer a place where they are accepted.
    Warren: Hey, I've heard all the nonsense you have to sell me... Between your nonsense and their nonsense... I like their nonsense better. At least they're trying to do something.
  • Destructo-Nookie: One of the arguments for "did" under Did They or Didn't They? below is the fact that Laura wakes up the morning after her date with Warren to find the room trashed, with upended (and apparently clawed) furniture, scattered books and other decor, and their clothes strewn all over the floor. Whatever actually happened, it apparently got a little bit wild.
  • Did They or Didn't They?: In #30, Laura wakes up at one of the Worthington family's estates the morning after a date with Warren, who returns shirtless from a morning flight. Laura is in a similar state of undress, their clothes are scattered across the room, and some of the furniture is upended. Laura remembers very little of the night before, with Warren left to fill her in. However all the reader is shown is the pair getting into a fight with some punks while dancing at a club, and Warren telling her that was only the beginning as he flies away with her. Whether or not they slept together is never even discussed, as the conversation is focused mainly on Laura asking Warren why he likes her, and touching on how badly she needed a night away from the insanity of being an X-Man. The end of the issue leaves it ambiguous whether they did indeed have sex.
    • Issue #7 of Wolverines confirms they did.
  • Disappeared Dad: Cyclops saw his dad die some time ago in the past, only to find him now in the present. Young Cyclops is overwhelmed, while his dad Corsair handles the meeting pretty well (because it's the second time he's met/reconciled with his boy, from his point of view.
  • Driven to Suicide: Scott's original plan to avoid turning into his older self. Stopped, thankfully, by Bruce Banner of all people.
  • Emergency Transformation: Teen Hank works with Modern Hank to save himself from the mutation that's killing him. In the process, he undergoes another transformation. He's still blue and furry, but no longer cat-like, nor does he look exactly like his old blue-furred self.
  • Face–Heel Turn: Molly Hayes is revealed to become a member of the Brotherhood of Mutants in the future during Battle of the Atom, and returns again in an arc beginning in #26. Eventually subverted, since it's revealed that Young Xavier essentially mind raped all of the Brotherhood other than Raze.
  • Fish out of Water: The team were first Fish out of Temporal Water, and by the time they were getting used to their new reality, they got stranded in the Ultimate Marvel universe.
  • Freak Out: Teen Angel after meeting his modern counterpart, at the end of Issue 8.
    • X-23 from finding out that in the Ultimate Universe things are even worse. She just wants one place where there was something they could aspire to, and something she can believe in.
  • Future Me Scares Me:
    • Teen Cyclops is horrified of the man he has become, and by the world they live in. Once he learns how much Hank has been lying to them, followed by seeing Cyclops save his friends from a sentinel, as well as being one of the few to protect their right to make their own decisions despite his own belief that they should go back, he comes around enough to join him with his team.
    • Teen Jean Grey is horrified of all that she knows she will go through, but especially the Phoenix-related bits.
    • Teen Angel is a little wigged out by — if not precisely scared of — his future counterpart.
    • Subverted with Teen Bobby and Modern Bobby until in Battle of the Atom, they meet versions of themselves from further in the future Ice Wizard and Ice Hulk, and both are a little wigged out. But Teen and Modern Bobby still get along fairly well, and agree on their mutual wigged-out-ness.
    • Subverted with the Hanks, who are both brilliant and know the importance of working together. Both later gain some issues with Future!Beast from the crossover event.
      • Played straight by now, as seen in New Avengers, when Young Henry sees how deep Old Henry really has fallen.
  • Future Badass: Uatu shows Beast visions of the possible futures the X-Men could have had, one of which has Magik becoming Doctor Strange's successor as the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth, making her the Sorcerer Supreme twice over.
  • Good Thing You Can Heal: Triage, who recovers from being stabbed in the neck, which was actually unexpected, given that nobody was aware he could heal himself.
  • Happily Adopted: Future!Xavier, who was given away at birth by Mystique.
  • Have We Met?: Miles has this reaction to meeting Jean Grey.
  • Healing Hands: Modern!Angel and Triage.
  • Heroic BSoD:
    • Jean has one when she sees what happens to her future self. Scott has one for a couple issues, after Jean rejects him, Warren has a big one at the end of issue #8. Bobby and Hank have stayed shockingly even-keeled in comparison. Jean has an even worse one after Angel leaves to join Modern Cyclops.
    • Future!Beast had one when President Blaire died, and we're led to believe it's what brought on his Start of Darkness. However, it's later revealed that he just snapped due to it, and Xavier is controlling him.
    • X-23 is in the midst of one when the O5 rescue her from Purifiers, both due to the severity of the torture they inflicted on her (torturing her nearly to death repeatedly, only to let her heal enough for another round) and the aftermath of Murderworld. When the team finds her she's wandering Miami in an amnesiac state, though her memory does return shortly after. Being confronted with Arcade's footage of herself attacking her friends in a trigger scent-fueled rage nearly sends her over the edge again, but she manages to hold it together with Scott's support.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Future Molly, Beast, and Deadpool promptly turn on Xavier Jr. when his influence over them is broken, revealing they had been mind controlled by him from the start and were not willing participants in his actions. Future Jean is revealed to no longer exist.
  • Jerkass Has a Point: The Purifiers are monsters, make no mistake, but Stryker Jr does have a point that the O5 shouldn't have been pulled out of their time period in the first place because Beast did whatever he felt like doing. Given that this was the tipping point that ripped space-time and dumped 616-Galactus into the Ultimate Universe, he's right.
  • Kangaroo Court: When various alien organizations learn Jean Grey is alive again, they seek to prosecute her for her future self's actions as Dark Phoenix.
  • Kick the Dog: Jean, see Took a Level in Jerkass, but Logan really kicked a whole pack of puppies when he tried to rally a lynch mob to execute the completely innocent Teenclops.
  • Kid from the Future: During the Battle of the Atom crossover, several were introduced, but the ones whose parentage were actually explained within this series were:
    • Raze, who is the son of Mystique and Wolverine, and possesses both their power sets.
    • Charles, eventually Future!Xavier, is the child of Mystique and Xavier, but only possesses Xavier's power set, though also has telekinisis.
  • Knight in Sour Armor: Teen Cyclops has taken on this trait, trying to do as much good as possible despite everyone eyeing him with suspicion and Jean treating him as if he's done the things his future counterpart did.
  • Laser-Guided Amnesia: Teen!Iceman forgets how to "refine his ice crystals" as soon as he arrives in the present, resulting in him retaining his snowman-look until the end of the Black Vortex event.
  • Lens Flare: When Stuart Immonen was on art, lens flares had a tendency to pop up everywhere. That, or intense darkness.
  • Long-Lost Relative:
    • Teen Cyclops meeting up with current day Havok, whom young Cyclops thought he'd never see again. A really sweet moment ensues.
    • Teen Scott also encounters his father, Christopher Summers (aka Corsair) in space when the Guardians of the Galaxy take them to rescue the kidnapped Jean.
  • Love Dodecahedron:
    • Teen Scott and Jean were in love until they got to the future. Now she's not so sure she wants him anymore given what she knows about who/what he grows up to be, while he's still smitten, thinking that their eventual wedding is "proof" they're supposed to be together.
    • Wolverine is still in love with Jean and projects this onto the teen Jean, even knowing that this one is way too young.
    • O5 Hank and Jean kiss. She instigated it on top of that. The events of Battle of the Atom cause a little fallout, and they're still not sure what's going on between them.
    • Jean and Teen Angel have a moment when he catches her when she's falling.
    • When the helicarrier launched its missile barrage at them, Teen Angel thought it was it for him and started declaring that he had always been in love with Jean. Fortunately for him, he never had to finish when the rest of the X-Men took down the missiles.
    • Teen Scott is also mentally thinking over making a move on the Stepford Cuckoos and then X-23.
    • Teen Jean seems to be attracted to the adult Cyclops, but he quickly says it can't ever happen. Ever.
    • X-23 and Angel go on a date in #30, which ends the following morning at one of Warren's family retreats. Though never explicitly addressed, it's implied they did have sex the night before.
  • Manipulative Bastard: Mystique, starting in issue 7 to Teen Cyclops and setting up a conflict between the O5 and Avengers.
  • A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Read: Jean reads the Purifiers' minds to learn just how messed up they are towards mutants and their hate crimes. She's also left quite disturbed when she reads part of Laura's mind, and learns about the things that were done to her (Kitty did warn her not to read Laura, though).
  • Mind over Manners: Jean's telepathy shows up unexpectedly due to the stress of seeing the future and knowing her future self dies (more than once). Kitty has to repeatedly remind her it's considered extremely impolite to read minds without permission. Jean apologizes, but her curiosity gets the better of her quite a bit. Sometimes hilarity ensues, sometimes it leads to awkward moments, but most times she can't believe what people have done.
  • Mind Rape:
  • Mind Screw: During the second battle against the Future Brotherhood in issues 26-29, Xorna is revealed at the end to no longer exist when after the defeat of Xavier Jr. her armor is removed to reveal nothing inside. Jean's realization of the dangers of uncontrolled telepathy may have caused that future version of herself to vanish Back to the Future-style, but as Future Jean's face was never shown this time, it's left unclear whether Xorna in Battle of the Atom was actually real, or a projection of Xavier Jr.'s as well.
  • Missing Mom: Scott, emboldened by finding his father alive after believing him dead, asks after his mother. But she is really dead.
  • Motor Mouth: Teen Bobby tends to chatter, especially when nervous, but also just to hear himself talk it seems.
  • Mythology Gag: Issue 10 has an illusion of zombified heroes, as a reference to the Marvel Zombies series.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: Uatu the Watcher specifically says that Beast's actions have destroyed any chance of mutants being accepted and any happy endings any X-Man could have had.
  • Official Couple: Laura and Warren after returning to earth from the Black Vortex adventure.
  • Oh, Crap!: Hank gets this reaction when he finds out that the mutant he has approached has teleported him to Latveria, home of Dr. Doom. He is subsequently drugged and mildly brainwashed.
  • Open Mouth, Insert Foot: This exchange between Illyanna and Kitty
    Illyana: I'm sorry you and your boyfriend broke-
    Kitty: Let's not call him that. Ever. He's just another member of the Kitty Pride low self-esteem mistake parade.
    Kitty: I didn't mean...I don't include your brother on that list.
  • Other Me Annoys Me: Iceman and Ultimate!Iceman are annoyed with one another fairly quickly.
  • Overshadowed by Awesome: X-23 suffers from this in the "Trial of Jean Grey" arc, as her skills overlap with Gamora's and Angela's; one of whom is a virtually god-like being from another universe. So she ends up with nothing to do because any help she could offer (particularly seizing the ship they use to infiltrate the Shi'ar homeworld, which falls right in line with her assassin/black ops training. Whereas Angela just makes a bloody mess doing so) gets taken care of by one of the Guardians instead. It even gets a lampshade by Quill about having not even realized she was with them.
  • People Puppets: Teen!Xavier has had his Brotherhood members under his control the whole time, with the exception of his brother.
  • Power Glows: Jean's new powers make her glow completely in psionic energy.
  • Power Incontinence: All over the place with the new-born Mutants. All the Phoenix-touched members of Cyclops' team except Magik at least until later in Uncanny X-Men seem to have intermittent control problems. And Jean's telepathy manifests early as a result of the stress of time travel and finding out about the future, and she frequently has to fight to keep thoughts out of her head. Eventually it causes her to gain a whole new power by combining her two powers.
  • Relationship Upgrade: Warren professes his love to Laura after they return to earth in #40, upgrading their uncertain relationship to full Official Couple.
  • Retcon
    • X-Men Origins: Cyclops, which takes place before the O5 go to the future and came out two years before All-New X-Men, establishes Scott's age as 21. He's noticeably younger in All-New X-Men and treated as so.
    • Bendis has now established that the Future Brotherhood from Battle of the Atom wasn't evil....except for Raze and Kid-Xavier, who mindcontrolled the rest. Bendis is even on record saying that much of what happened in Battle Of The Atom was against his original plans due to editorial mandate, and he was taking the opportunity in issues 26-29 to bring it more in line with his intent now that he had more creative control.
    • The X-Mansion in the ultimate universe is still intact despite ultimate Iceman destroying it in Ultimatum: X-Men Requiem.
    • Teen!Bobby claims to have landed a hit on Unus the Untouchable a week before he even learned about the guy.
    • Despite hunting down the alien Lucifer in Europe at the time (necessitating Cyclops being the team leader at the moment they came to the future), the O5 speak of Xavier as if he's on campus with them. Raze even claims to have seen him on the school grounds when he tested the time platform to see if it was working.
  • Revenge Before Reason: Averted it turns out many of Jason Stryker’s follows hate mutants because they caused the death of family members. However the possibility of being Ret-Gone prevented them from killing the original xmen and instead opted to call someone who was more knowledgeable on the subject.
  • Rule of Three: Versions of Beast from the future, present and past in that order have had their minds compromised by outside forces where they were led to draft diagrams illustrating the space-time continuum and the implications of the O5 being displaced in it.
  • Self-Made Orphan:
    • Future Brotherhood!Xavier killed his adopted mother, although it was definitely by accident, and he regrets it.
    • Similarly, Raze killed Mystique and took her place as ruler of Madripoor.
  • Series Continuity Error: Discussed in-universe concerning Iceman's sexual orientation.
  • Set Right What Once Went Wrong: Future!Xavier and Raze's goal, in their eyes at least.
  • Ship Tease: Teen Scott thinks about hitting on X-23, though nothing ultimately comes of it. Warren takes an interest in her later, leading to a wild date in issue 31.
  • Shoot the Medic First: Raze stabs Triage in the throat the moment he gets a chance.
  • Shout-Out: At the start of the crossover with the Guardians of the Galaxy, Iceman can be heard singing "It's Tricky" by Run–D.M.C.
  • Survivor's Guilt: Jean accuses Wanda of "mentally shouting" her memories of personally exterminating 98% of all mutants, "like it's all she thinks about", which sounds a lot like PTSD.
  • Swapped Roles: Kitty Pryde, who was 13 and a half when she joined the X-Men, studied under Jean and learned techniques for handling telepathic issues. Now she's an adult, teaching 16-year-old Jean from the past those same techniques.
  • Take That!: How some fans view Peter Quill's and Teen!Bobby's comments about either not realizing Laura was even with them, or not even bothering to learn her name. These comments are widely viewed as Bendis's response to reader complaints about Laura's out of character voice and her not having anything to do on the team in All-New X-Men.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass:
    • Jean, due to her Trauma Conga Line. She brainwashes Warren into submission twice! And now in Battle of the Atom she manipulates Teen Scott by flattering him (after kissing Hank) to help her stay in the present, which will cause an Apocalyptic Future.
    • Kitty Pryde after Teen!Scott leaves. She acts like a jerk to Scott and says she doesn't want Scott and Jean alone, since Jean showed some attraction to Scott... even though she admits that Scott handled the situation well. Then, she berates Angel for letting X-23 leave, even though there's nothing he could've done outside knocking her out, which he probably couldn't even have done.
  • Trauma Conga Line: Jean, a 16 year old girl, has her powers blooming early, with her attempts to deal with Power Incontinence adding to her troubles. She finds out she is going to die (repeatedly) and is, as far as she knows, still dead, while her teammates survive to the current day.
    • Also, Scott got one as well. He learns that his future self is the next Magneto, his first true love Jean dies numerous times over and the mutant race almost goes extinct. However, he is certainly managing it better than Jean.
    • X-23's already extensive one continues: She first appears in the book tortured into an amnesiac state by the Purifiers, while already Heroic BSODing over Murderworld. Stryker twists that knife even further by revealing to her that Arcade released the footage, and everyone has seen her in a trigger scent-fueled rage. She slowly starts to get better again, only to Freak Out when she and the rest of the team get shunted off to Ultimate by an out of control new mutant. Laura almost breaks down (but settles for taking it out on a tree) because she so desperately wants a sign that things can be better and that there's things worth aspiring to, while Earth-1610 is just an even bigger shithole than their home reality.
  • Villain Has a Point: Horrible person he may be, but Stryker, Jr. was right about the dangers the original X-Men place on existence itself by their very presence, as well as the fact that they are invoking Screw the Rules, I Have Supernatural Powers! by staying in the present time. His followers also pointed out the dangers of just killing them because of the potential damage it could cause to the timeline.
  • What Did I Do Last Night?: In #30, X-23 wakes up at one of Teen!Warren's family retreats, with no memory how she ended up there. Cue flashback of a wild night partying and getting into a fight at a club as Warren reminds her what happened. All the more impressive considering Laura's Healing Factor gives her an incredibly high tolerance for alcohol.
  • What the Hell, Hero?:
    • In issue 8, Jean modifies Teen Angel's behavior after he, understandably, panics and tries to go back home. When Hank tries to call her out on this, she responds with "Henry, don't you of all people start lecturing me on using your God-given things for selfish purposes."
    • Several other characters past and present pull this on Modern!Hank for bringing the original 5 forward without much of a plan for what to do with them if they failed to stop Modern!Cyclops in their first encounter. To be fair he was suffering from a mortal illness at the time, but the possibility that he has done more harm than good has come up with some frequency. Modern Hank gets another one because he didn't give the whole story about the Phoenix possessing Modern Scott at the time when he recruited their younger counterparts.
    • Then Jean gets it again after her meltdown when Angel leaves.
    • And the entire O5 team gives one to the Avengers once they find out about the Scarlet Witch and "no more mutants". The Avengers are left stammering on the defensive.
  • You Make Me Sick: Uatu the Watcher of all people, says this to Beast, since his actions in taking the O5 to the present have effectively screwed over every mutant ever in several universes that would have otherwise achieved mutant equality. This is even worse for Hank, since Uatu said this right before the Original Sin crossover, wherein he died.
    Uatu: I am the Watcher. I do not act. And you disgust me, Hank McCoy.