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Tear Jerker / All-New X-Men

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  • Teen Cyclops giving Teen Jean their wedding invitation from the future.
  • Teen Cyclops leaving to go to space with his dad and his speech to Teen Jean:
    Tyke: You and I... we get married, we have kids, all the good and terrible things that are supposed happen in our lives... and we both know we don't live happily together. Maybe this way we finally get to be happy...
  • The fallout from this extends to the rest of the team in the issues afterwards.
    • Laura tried to leave the NXS because he was the only one who tried to get to know her and none of the others even knew she left (some of the students didn't even know her name).
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    • Teen!Beast is having a fit trying to figure out what the hell is going on in the time stream with Scott leaving.
    • Jean is emotionally uncertain and tried latching onto Scott's adult-self (he quickly curbed that before it got creepy).
    • Kitty was angry with just about everyone, including older Scott and Warren when she learned Laura was gone.
  • Laura breaking down entirely when Stryker, Jr. shows her the Murderworld footage Arcade released to the internet. After everything she's been through she was finally putting her life back in order up until she was shanghaied by Arcade, and seeing herself in a trigger scent-fueled rage once more—made even worse because she knows the entire world has now seen her in that state—has so devastated her all she can do is collapse into Teen!Scott's arms and cry.
  • Laura breaking down again when she goes to the Ultimate universe and learns that mutants were created there by gruesome experimentation on people. She's disheartened over the fact that everyplace sucks and there is nothing worth aspiring to.
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  • As always, this may vary, but: Beast revealing (unintentionally, through telepathy) his true feelings for Jean. This is adult Beast, by the way, meaning he kept those feelings bottled up throughout Jean and Scott's entire relationship. Young Hank never acted on them, likely because of how insecure he is over his at his perceived freakishness. That in itself brings new meaning to Old Beast noticing how handsome he was as a teen- almost like he's only then coming to terms with his past insecurities.
  • Jean Grey's Cooldown Hug with the Ultimate Marvel Version of herself proves to be one after the Ultimate version sadly mentioned how horribly different their lives became after Jean scanned her memories.


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