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Headscratchers / All-New X-Men

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  • Now that Xavier never married Mystique, according to his updated will after Eva retconned Matthew Malloy, does that mean kid-Xavier never was born?
    • An alternate timeline did it.
  • Kitty deciding that she should be the one teaching Teen!Jean how to control her telepathy despite being non-psychic and the Jean Grey Institute housing some of the best mutant telepaths in the world.
    • Who? The stepford sisters? No surprise that she would prefer to do this herself. Remember that Xavier and adult Jean were dead, and Emma Frost was with Scott's band.
  • Secret Wars retconned Miles Morales into the main Marvel universe. So wouldn't that mean his encounter with the O5 never happened? And if so, were the O5 sent to some other universe instead of the now-destroyed Earth-1610?
    • X-Men: Blue was starred by the time-displaced X-Men and Jimmy Hudson, another survivor of the Ultimate Marvel universe (who was also in that adventure). In full Wolverine style, he has amnesia and does not remember anything of his past. The X-Men, however, do remember when they met him. And, by the time the book was ending, he finally recovered his memory. He had a flashback joyride of several moments of the late Ultimate X-Men... and yes, one of those scenes was the fight of the Ultimate X-Men, Miles Morales and the time and universe displaced X-Men at the castle of Van Damme. So yes, that adventure is still canon.