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  • Issue 1 starts out with Modern!Cyclops rescuing two Mutants (who would later become his first students) after they both were in situations where the police were unwilling to listen and arrest them unlawfully.
  • Issue 8 has Modern Angel and Teen Angel pretty much demolishing HYDRA attacking the Avengers' Tower until the Avengers showed up. Over a hundred to two and they didn't really break a sweat.
  • In Issue 11, Teen Angel musters the courage to break away from the group and join Modern Cyclops. Considering how lonely and alienated he feels, the willpower it must have taken to do this is incredible.
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  • Issue 13 has Kitty give a speech about what it means to her to be a mutant and Jewish, something that reaffirms she is proud of her heritage and powers, in light of Havok's speech about the M-word.
  • Issue 22 has Iceman get some credit for actually putting up a fight rather than being a joke character.
  • In the last issue of The Trial of Jean Grey:
    • While he has ulterior motives, J'Son of Spartax is practically the personification of Jerkass Has a Point (something discussed by the Imperial Guard) when he rips Gladiator a new one for his stupidity in incarcerating what is quite clearly not the Dark Phoenix, just a terrified teenage girl. A terrified teenage girl with vast psychic powers, dodgy control and ample reason to hate the Shi'ar since they wiped out her entire family. He then finishes with an Armour-Piercing Question, words to the effect of 'if she was the Dark Phoenix, do you think she'd let you live after what you've done to her?'
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    • She also, he points out, has a lot of very short tempered, very violent friends. Friends who can and will come for her.
    • Jean then promptly demonstrates her power by somehow breaking out of the bubble containing her and how powers and flattening about a dozen members of the Imperial Guard in an Off Screen Moment Of Awesome.
    • Oracle then uses this as an opportunity to rip Gladiator, echoing J'son's warnings.
    • Jean gains a new power up that lets her do some real damage to Gladiator and fight him to a draw.
    • Oracle decided enough was enough and put the psychic whammy on everyone to stop the fighting.
    • Scott's exchange with Gladiator, showing that he's not that different from his adult self.
    Gladiator: Scott Summers. The older you would know not to try me this day.
    • And Scott delivered a hell of a warning to Gladiator if he even thinks about coming to Earth again:
      Tyke: I will kill you. I'm not joking. I'll bring the entirety of the Mutant Race, The Avengers, The Fantastic Four—I will bring a hellstorm of Asgardians, Mutants, Atlantians, and Hulk Monster right down on top of you!

      Tyke: We brought this much fight right to you in one day! I'm telling you, stay the @#$%^ away from Earth!
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  • Laura scared off a bear in Issue 26 by telling it to Bring It while popping her claws! Note it was twice her size while standing up.
  • Issue 27 has Bobby and Beast put a smack down on Raze.
  • Issue 29 has Laura's Big Damn Heroes moment, turning the tide in the fight against the New Brotherhood by taking Xavier completely by surprise with Jean's help.
  • Issue 30, after Emma provoked teen Jean to attack her, Jean snaps and attacks Emma with a psychic blast, fast enough to hit Emma even before she turns into her diamond form. She also briefly mind rapes Emma by making her into seeing teen Jean as her older self, and warns Emma not to make her crazy because she doesn't want to experience what her older self had.