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Fridge / All-New X-Men

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Fridge Brilliance:

  • When Adult Scott and his X-Men turn up briefly, Young Scott quickly realizes he has been lied to by people who keep blaming him for things he hasn't actually done, and Young Jean Grey notes the old Scott seems as disappointed in all of them as the X-Men are with him. Later, at the beginning of Battle of the Atom, Jean and Scott run off right away, Jean muttering they're surrounded by "liars". It isn't a wonder they end up joining Adult Cyclops' side.
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  • While talking with Teen Jean, Scott admits if he had known then what he knows now he'd have dealt with Jean differently. Previously in X-Men vol. 1 #101, right after Jean's transformation into Phoenix, Scott had been reflecting on all years they wasted dancing around each other.
  • Raze having stronger shapeshifting than Mystique may be due to inheriting his father's healing factor. Mystique has said multiple times she has to he careful not to shred her organs with her more drastic changes, which is probably something Raze would never had to worry about. He probably has a limited capacity to ignore the mass limit as well.