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Trivia / All-New X-Men

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  • Creator's Apathy:
    • When asked whether Blob had his powers restored or is still on MGH, Hopeless openly responded with this, admitting he just didn't bother to decide whether or not he got his powers back, or how he suddenly became a legitimate threat again.
    • And again when asked how the version of Madelyne Pryor from Battleworld got to the new universe. Hopeless' response was simply that it was "boring" so he had no interest in exploring it.
  • Dueling Works: Mostly from the perspective of X-23 fans: Hopeless' portrayal of the character contrasts sharply with that of Taylor's in the concurrently-running All-New Wolverine. The two books take Depending on the Writer to such an extent that Laura is almost two entirely different characters in their respective books.
    • Not to mention Gabby's absolute no-show here, which creates a Continuity Snarl.
  • Executive Meddling: Bendis accuses editorial of this during Battle of the Atom, forcing him to rewrite or alter the plot from what he intended.
  • Word of God: Bendis uses a lot of this. For example, claiming the apparent change in X-23's personality and voice when she first appears is due to her experiences in Murderworld. Whether or not fans buy into his explanations or not varies wildly (and in this particular example they don't), especially given his penchant for snarky or dismissive remarks for feedback that isn't completely and automatically supportive.
    • It happens again with Hopeless, whose response to the backlash against (yet again) X-23's portrayal is that he does have an explanation for her apparently out of character behavior, it just hasn't been explored yet.
  • What Could Have Been: Speculation abounds that Teen!Scott going into space was a late change of plans, and that the relationship that developed between Warren and Laura was actually meant for Scott and Laura, mainly because the latter pairing had substantial groundwork laid, while Warren just kind of came out of nowhere.