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A Continuity Nod is a reference to some aspect in a series' past or an occurrence within the universe. The nod is not so much a major plot point, but more of a tilt of the hat to the fans that may know these little details. It is a sort of Shout-Out.


In remakes of older TV shows or movies, this may often manifest as a form of Stunt Casting. If characters reference something that's outside the present universe but has special meaning in some other way (such as an Alternate Continuity or adaptation), it's a Mythology Gag. If it's a joke about the actors of the parts, it's Actor Allusion or a Casting Gag. References towards something that's been written out (or Take Thats towards something that people wish were written out) are Discontinuity Nods. A nod that affects the plot in some way can be considered an Chekhov's Boomerang.

Never Live It Down and Remember When You Blew Up a Sun? are Sub Tropes. Oblivious Mockery is also a subtrope when the viewer knows about the action being mocked.

Distinct from a Call-Back, as it does not actually drive any plot development. Here's an example of the difference between the two tropes:


Also distinct from a Call-Forward, as it isn't going to be a plot point later on. If a single scene presents an unusually large number of Continuity Nods, all at once, you may have fallen under a Continuity Cavalcade. If there are so many Continuity Nods that they detract from the story, it's Continuity Porn. When entire scenarios are recreated it becomes an Internal Homage. Naturally contrasts with Series Continuity Error. A Song of Song Titles might have this.

Remember, it's only this if the events happen in the same continuity. Otherwise, it's a Mythology Gag.


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    Asian Animation 
  • Happy Heroes: In Season 2 episode 20, Big M., upon encountering the bottle genie, comments that he must be like the wishing wood. In episode 35 of Season 1, the heroes find a wish-granting piece of wood with a similar appearance to the bottle genie.

    Audio Plays 

    Comic Books 
  • Too many to count in The Sandman, but the most memorable is the "Endless Nights" story, "The Heart of A Star" — Superman's ultimate origin is revealed to be a conversation between Krypton's sun and the first personification of Despair on the nature of beauty.
    • Which is a brilliant Genius Bonus by Gaiman. The idea is that Superman only survived so he could feel the despair of being the last Kryptonian - but of course, Despair always fails.
    • This story also features a character called Killalla of the Glow, who is implied to be one of the first aliens to master the energy later marshaled by the Green Lantern Corps.
    • It's never directly stated, but there are enough hints to figure out that Matthew the raven was Matthew Cable, from Alan Moore's series Swamp Thing, before he died. Gaiman owes a lot to Moore in getting his career started; there are several nods in Sandman to Moore's work in the DCU.
  • A throwaway line in Paul Cornell's Captain Britain refers to Merlin as one of the Higher Evolutionaries, acknowledging the Doctor Who Magazine comic strip's presence in the Marvel Universe for the first time since Alan Moore was writing both characters.
    • In one issue of Excalibur Kitty and Rachel are being accosted by Daleks while queuing at a bureaucratic office
    • Plus, Merlin's appearance in Cornell's series looks to be a Call-Back to the way he looked in the DWM strip.
  • Writers and artists often use scenes set in the Batcave's trophy room to give a Continuity Nod to previous Batman stories. Traditionally included are the giant penny from a 1947 fight with The Penny Plunderer, a T-Rex from a 1946 adventure on Dinosaur Island, and a memorial to Jason Todd, first seen in The Dark Knight Returns.
    • Also, Batman once investigated murders at a movie set, where the movie being shot was a WWI flying action/drama. The misunderstood Villain Protagonist of said film was Hans von Hammer, in our world the main character of DC Comics' Enemy Ace series.
  • Supergirl:
    • In Supergirl (Rebirth) #1, Director Chase mentions that Supergirl's space pod's landing place was Siberia (which happened way back in Supergirl Vol 6 #1).
    • In Supergirl story Young Love Pre-Crisis Supergirl remembers several moments of her childhood:
      • Arriving on Earth and meeting Superman (Action Comics #252)
      • Dick Malverne taking a picture of Supergirl by chance (Action Comics #256)
      • Linda accompanying her parents on a beach-picnic (Action Comics #282)
      • Linda and Dick going skating (Action Comics #283)
      • Their reunion in Supergirl Vol 2 #23 when they are in their twenties.
  • ElfQuest examples:
    • In the science-fiction "sequel" The Rebels, Gestrelle Luricahn owning elfin artifacts is just part of her job/field of research. The fact that nearly all of those that we see decorating her room had some importance in previous ElfQuest stories is a Continuity Nod.
    • Sometimes panels from earlier comics get "paraphrased", using the same composition and (if possible) characters; for example one in ''Kings of the Broken Wheel'' 3 is modeled after one in the very first ElfQuest story ever.
    • In a montage of the Wolfriders' dens in Wild Hunt, Tyleet's can be identified by the ornament that her long-dead adoptive son used to wear as a headband.
  • Asterix does this a few times. In Asterix in Britain, you can see a few souvenirs referring to previous adventures on a shelf in Asterix and Obelix's house (including a model sphinx from Asterix and Cleopatra and a Visigoth helmet from Asterix and the Goths).
  • Occurs regularly in Astro City, as befitting a series with a single writer. Most Continuity Nods appear as sidelong references to other characters and events in the chronological past/present, even if the subject hasn't had a published appearance yet.
    • Samaritan briefly mutters "3.2" when he arrives to visit Steeljack in "The Tarnished Angel." This is a reference to Samaritan's Day in the Life story, "In Dreams," where it's shown he keeps track of how many seconds he spends flying from one scene to another.
    • In "Show 'Em All", as Jack-In-The-Box dodges The Junkman's aerosol bombs, he casually mentions having "recent experience" in dodging mid-air explosions. This refers to a single panel from the earlier "Confession" story arc, where Jack-In-The-Box eludes capture from a missile-firing helicopter.
    • Also from "Confession", Brian begins his super-hero career by working as a busboy in Bruiser's Bar & Grill, run by retired Golden Age hero The Black Badge. Both the Black Badge and Bruisers' play small but pivotal roles in the later "Dark Ages" story arc.
    • Kurt Busiek loves to put Continuity Nods in all of his works, helped by his encyclopedic knowledge of comic book history.
  • A subtle one from The Amazing Spider-Man vol. 2 #55: Peter Parker, currently working as a teacher at his old high school, talking to the school secretary (or administrator?) who remembers him from when he was a student:
    Peter: Good afternoon, Maude. Looking beautiful as always.
    Maude: Oh Peter, you lie beautifully darling, have ever since the ninth grade, so don't stop.
    Ninth grade was when Peter was about 15, i. e. when he became Spider-Man and had to lie to maintain his secret identity.
  • In a scene in X-Men #3, Professor Xavier privately refers to Jean Grey as "the woman I love." This plot point was quickly dropped until thirty years later, when Onslaught shows the scene to Jean in an attempt to prove the hypocrisy of humanity.
  • In The Beano Annual 2009 the Ratz (a group of rats from a 2000s Beano comic strip) briefly meet the Nibblers (a group of mice from a 1970s/1980s Beano comic strip).
  • During Paul Cornell's "Black Ring" story arc in Action Comics, one issue was about Vandal Savage having a prophecy relating to Lex Luthor. It featured two flashbacks to previous meetings between the two. One was from the relatively recent Salvation Run, the other was from The Flash #124, back in 1997.
  • In Issue #2 of Red Hood and the Outlaws, Red Hood gets an air hostess' number. They met in Batman #426, 20 years ago. She still remembers his drink order, although in modern continuity, they probably met 2-3 years ago. And he mentions 'A Death in the Family', although that is a Shout-Out. Her name is Isabel Ardila, by the way.
    • In issue #6, it's revealed that Red Hood's costume is actually one of Nightwing's old costumes. Though in-universe information is lacking thanks to the recent reboot, it seems to be based on Nightwing's Renegade costume.
    • The Night of the Owls tie-in nods to the revelation in Batman that Haley's Circus (of which Nightwing was a performer) was a recruitment service for the Court of Owls. It may also be a reference to Red Hood's pre-Crisis history as a circus performer.
    • The Death of the Family tie-in has the Joker forcing Jason to relive the circumstances of his death in the original A Death in the Family arc.
  • In Mortadelo y Filemón, any appeareances of returning villians are punctuated by a side note pointing to the last story in which they starred. And then there is the book Venganza Cincuentona where a dozen of the most iconic Monsters of the Week return to fight the heroes together.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (IDW):
  • In My Little Pony Micro Series Issue #3 Twilight mentions that after the events of Lesson Zero, she of all ponies knows how too much work stress can make a pony snap.
    • When Rarity first leaves for her retreat, Pinkie tells her to not forget to write while glaring at Rainbow Dash, with Dash sheepishly stating that she meant to.
    • Luna appears on Rarity's dreams, singing "Hush now, quiet now".
    • The line "The pony everypony should know" (from "Sweet and Elite") is repeated a few times when Flax and Wheat are whisked off by the Elite.
    • The cover of the magazine AJ is reading at the start features the cleaned-up Hayseed Turnip Truck, from the 2-page short at the end of the comic.
      • The short story makes a direct reference to Hayseed's brief scene in Sweet and Elite.
  • My Little Pony: Fiendship Is Magic #1:
  • During Nightwing and Batgirl's conversation in Forever Evil #1, Babs references the recent Death of the Family crossover and the Bat Family's currently strained relationship with Bruce.
  • Ultimate FF: The history of Miles Morhames' home universe is a recap of the story of the Ultimate Marvel universe, told with a bizarre Anthropomorphic Animal Adaptation.
  • Star Trek: Early Voyages:
    • In "The Fires of Pharos", Commander Kaaj refers to the old Klingon saying "Revenge is a dish best served cold."
    • In the two-part story "Cloak and the Dagger", the Vulcans of Darien 224 use extremely powerful psionic weapons such as the Tol par-doj and the Vorl-tak. The Star Trek: The Next Generation two-parter "Gambit" established that the Stone of Gol was an ancient Vulcan psionic weapon of immense power.
    • In "Immortal Wounds", Toluk, the Vulcan ambassador to Neyda Prime, has heard of Spock and is aware that he chose to attend Starfleet Academy instead of the Vulcan Academy over his father Sarek's objections, as was established in the Star Trek: The Original Series episode "Journey to Babel". Ambassador Toluk later mentions the Vulcan concept of the katra.
    • In "One of a Kind", there is an internal nod. As he prepares to leave the Enterprise, Nano packs a photograph of himself at a party or celebration with Yeoman Dermot Cusack, who was killed in "Our Dearest Blood", as well as Moves-With-Burning-Grace, José Tyler and Gabrielle Carlotti.
    • In "The Fallen, Part One", Captain Pike visits his hometown of Mojave, an illusion of which was created for him by the Talosians in "The Cage".
    • Also in "The Fallen, Part One", the gargoyles on the Empire State Building remind Spock of Taguan effigies of the Great Bird of the Galaxy.
    • In "Nemesis", Virka reminds Commander Kaaj of an old Klingon proverb: "Only a fool fights in a burning house."
  • Star Trek: Untold Voyages:
    • In "Renewal", the commander of the Klingon battle cruiser who attempts to capture the Enterprise is Krell, who previously provided the Villagers, one of the factions on Neural, with flintlocks to fight the Hill People in "A Private Little War".
    • Also in "Renewal", both Kirk and Krell refer to the Organian Peace Treaty, signed as a result of the Organians' intervention in "Errand of Mercy" and first mentioned in "The Trouble with Tribbles". Krell relishes the idea of abandoning the treaty and engaging the Federation in open warfare but Kirk is concerned that the Organians seem to be no longer willing to enforce it.
    • In "Worlds Collide", Dr. McCoy reminds Kirk that the Enterprise saved Miramanee's planet Amerind from being destroyed by an asteroid in "The Paradise Syndrome" and asks him why they can't do the same thing in the current situation.
    • When Saavik comments that she is aware that a mind meld is a deeply personal experience in "Worlds Collide", Spock admits that he has never melded with his father Sarek, as was revealed in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Unification, Part 2".
    • In "Past Imperfect", Dr. McCoy recalls his previous visits to Starbase 11 in "Court Martial" and "The Menagerie, Part 1".
    • In "Silent Cries", Uhura, Sulu, Scotty and Chekov each give their pick for the most frightening mission that they've had aboard the Enterprise. Uhura picks her visit to the Mirror Universe in "Mirror, Mirror", Sula picks being stranded on Alfa 177 at 120 degrees below zero in "The Enemy Within", Scotty picks having to cold start the warp engines before Psi 2000 disintegrated and destroyed the ship in "The Naked Time" and Chekov picks Khan Noonien Singh taking over the Enterprise in "Space Seed". Sulu is surprised by this as he claims that Chekov was not aboard the Enterprise then. However, it turns out that Chekov was assigned to Engineering at the time, which even Scotty doesn't remember. This accounts for the fact that Khan recognizes Chekov in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

    Comic Strips 
  • In early Dilbert strips, the now infamous Pointy-Haired Boss did not have pointy hair at all, but rather just an ordinary, receding hairline of black curly hair. A 1995 strip depicting the slow decline of Dilbert's health benefits, via a series of flashbacks, depicts the boss with his old, unpointy hair.
  • In one Garfield strip from 1983, Jon buys a frog he names Herbie, Garfield soon becomes jealous and eats him when Jon leaves the room, much later in a Halloween strip from 1994 a group of ghosts of animals he had previously eaten come to haunt him, one of them is Herbie.

  • Superwomen of Eva 2: Lone Heir of Krypton: An interesting one: When Asuka is testing her powers, she comes across the scrapped wreck of the rail-mounted mortar that Ramiel destroyed during his rampage. Her surprise when she's able to lift it up is palpable.
  • What About Witch Queen? does it three times:
    • When Hans is escaping Koenigsberg castle, he muses that he used to climb around it as a child and that the skill helped him when wooing Anna during Love is an Open Door.
    • Kai and king Charles remark on different occasions that Elsa organizes weekly ice rinks in the castle courtyard, like she did in the end of the film.
    • When Anna and Hans meet again, Hans admits that the past events might affect Anna's opinion about him.
  • Don't Keep Your Distance invokes a lot of this by being a Sonic the Hedgehog fanfic based primarily on the Sonic X universe, but in a largely original world also including characters and locations exclusive to the games. There are even references to Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie (Tails' daughter's fear of thunder) and the Archie comics (e.g. the currency being called "mobiums").
  • Kyon: Big Damn Hero is littered with them, from mentioning who received their tanabata wishes first to Koizumi giving an explanation to Haruhi over a cup of coffee, to a reference to the source material's Drama CD, where Haruhi wrote a literal Ear Worm and Hare Hare Yukai. And now, ACHAKURA!!!
  • Company0051, a Fan Webcomic set in the Haloverse, includes several:
    • When finding the crashed Covenant ship, John-117 identifies it as a Seraph-class starfighter.
    • John directly cites The Captain as having directly violated Article II, subsection 7 of the Cole Protocol, which directly forbids the retrieval of Covenant artifacts and technology until the available party is certain that the item is cannot be tracked.
    • The armor the kids get at the end looks very similar to the Marine uniforms from Combat Evolved.
  • The Robotech fanfics Scoop and Valkyrie Nights contain scenes from the canon material, and the dialogue from those scenes were transcribed word-for-word.
  • Child of the Storm is a Massive Multiplayer Crossover, so nods to Marvel continuity (both the MCU and comics), DC comics, Harry Potter, Merlin (2008), and Dresden Files are very common. They also double as Foreshadowing in that they hint at a wider universe. One example in chapter 77 has Loki dazedly remark that he's glad that the Hulk's Metronomic Man Mashing trick is being directed at someone else for once (which doubled as Hilarious in Hindsight once Thor: Ragnarok came out). There are also Mythology Gags and Shout Outs aplenty, and given the nature of the universe, it's sometimes hard to tell which is which.
  • The Forever Knight virtual continuation FK4 has a bunch of references to small details in the show which came up once and were never mentioned again. For example, Natalie's cat and Tracy's knowledge of tattoos.
  • The Tainted Grimoire has one where the Camoan native who cheered Luso and Cheney up in Chapter 63 turned out to be the father of the girl whom Luso, Cheney and Hurdy helped all the way back in Chapter 8.
  • Whenever a new invention is introduced in Calvin and Hobbes: The Series, Hobbes will usually reference Calvin's previous inventions and the hijinks that ensued.
    • Also, Rosalyn refuses to babysit Calvin in "A Day at the Office" because of the antics she endured in "Attack of the Vampire Babysitter".
    • In "Thunderstorm", Calvin mentions Brainstorm's earlier plot to steal the world's electricity.
      • Thunderstorm himself references Jack's left arm being loose, which infuriates Brainstorm:
    • Calvin references Brainstorm's earlier reluctance to use the Enemy Mine trope, and Socrates is surprised that he hadn't heard it (he wasn't present in that episode).
  • Fan stories set in Tolkien's Legendarium can make nods to Tolkien's own works. Some readers may miss these references:
    • The title of A Far Green Country is a nod. The phrase "a far green country" appears twice in The Lord of the Rings. Frodo dreams of it in book I, chapter 8. Then Frodo sees Valinor in book VI, chapter 9: "he beheld white shores and beyond them a far green country under a swift sunrise."
    • In The Games of the Gods, Book One, Chapter 71 explains why Dior, Steward of Gondor, never married. This is a nod to The Peoples Of Middle Earth, which established that Dior had no son.
    • In Time Will Tell, chapter 27/28 "The Council of Elrond", Gandalf describes how Jorryn "talked in her sleep". This is not a new trick. Back in The Lord of the Rings, Book II, Chapter 1, Gandalf told Frodo that he "talked long in your sleep". Both cases show how Gandalf can read sleeping minds.
    • The second-last chapter of Time Will Tell is "A Long Expected Wedding". The first chapter of The Lord of The Rings is "A Long-Expected Party".
  • The Mobile Suit Gundam Wing story Wings To Fly frequently points out bits of Lucrezia Noin's backstory from the canon; in the first chapter it puts the Frozen Teardrop prequel/sequel story to Wing in continuity by mentioning Treize Kushrenada having taken a bullet for Noin once, while placing Frozen Teardrop out of continuity in the same chapter by introducing Noin's parents as in line with her pre-Frozen Teardrop backstory. In the second chapter, many, many references are made to the episode "The Victoria Nightmare" and Noin recognizes the characteristics of Aries mobile suit's radar from memory (before her Taurus' computer can!), having been an Aries pilot for a long time.
  • The final sequence in the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic/The LEGO Movie crossover fanfic My Little LEGO Movie is a reference to the very same sequence from the season 4 episode "Pinkie Pride", this one involving Emmet.
  • Ocadioan's A dance of Shadow and Light series from the Inheritance Cycle series practically has an unlimited supply of these. Especially Phoenix-fire, where every member of the resistance is a Continuity Nod to the original series, though you might have to pay really close attention to get some of them. Then again, onsidering the author even admitted that he might have gone a bit too far with the amount of references, it is hardly surprising.
  • We Are All Pokémon Trainers:
    • The events of the games are often referenced, especially by characters who were there to witness the events.
    • The in-universe J-Team vs Capcom game Boss Rushes are big ones to characters that have long since departed.
    • When explaining to Dune, Deziree, Lyuri, and Duke about Mew, Tagg references the time during the Hoenn arc when Gamer ended up striking Mew.
    • After the strangeness of the last couple April Fools, people start treating them with wariness.
    • Tagg tends to like to visit the spots of previous events for old times sakes.
  • The Massive Multiplayer Crossover fic, The World Of The Creatures features a fair few
    • Buffy and Rory have a short moment of bonding over their shared habit of coming back from the dead. Buffy died twice, once in "Prophecy Girl" and again in "The Gift". However, even she is impressed when Rory mentions "dying" five times. The instances he mentions are from "Amy's Choice", "Cold Blood", "The Curse of the Black Spot", and "The Pandorica Opens".
    • When talking with the Eleventh Doctor, one of the Silurians mentions an ark built before they went into hibernation, to which the Eleventh Doctor responds, "Oh you mean the one with all the dinosaurs?" This is a reference to the Silurian Ark seen in "Dinosaurs on a Spacehship".
    • While venting to her Diplodocus, Buffy makes reference to "that whole musical fiasco." This is a reference to the Buffy Musical Episode "Once More With Feeling".
    • Amy, as a throwaway mention during a conversation, mentions that she and Rory, to their irritation, still sleep in bunk beds. The idea that the Ponds sleep in bunk beds aboard the TARDIS is first mentioned in "The Doctor's Wife". Also from that episode, the Doctor refers to the TARDIS as "Sexy".
  • The Wrong Reflection:
    • The Gorn flagship GHS S'slee is named after the Gorn that Kirk fought in Star Trek: The Original Series: "Arena". (That was one of the names he was given in the Expanded Universe.)
    • One of the ships assigned to guard the Bajor in the attack on the Terran Empire's base in the prime universe is the USS Laporin, after a classmate of Ben Sisko's who was said to have been killed by the Klingons in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: "Apocalypse Rising".
    • Gul Ekoor, commanding the Cardassian Second Order forces taking part in the battle, was one of the Cardassian soldiers who joined Damar, Garak, and Kira for the attack on the Dominion military headquarters in DS9: "What You Leave Behind".
    • Chapter five has Eleya explaining to Dal Kanril, her mirror universe counterpart, how she got into Starfleet from the Bajoran Militia, from From Bajor to the Black, and then she and two of her security personnel give an overview of the Dominion War arc from DS9.
  • During chapter 2 of The Rise of Arc, Jaune is distracted from his loneliness by a sudden feeling of chills down his spine..."almost as if he were being hunted." Fans of canon will know that this is because Pyrrha- his future Love Interest- was watching him at this exact moment.
  • A lot of The Mysterion Mythos is tied to continuing the superhero arc episodes from South Park, and a few other episodes as well (the fanfic also uses Butters' female ego Marjorine from the season nine episode of the same name).
  • In Frostbite Dalsh Ruul refers to the Breen having acquired the design for painsticks from the Klingons back in the time of Chancellor Mow'ga. Mow'ga was said in DS9: "'Til Death Do Us Part" to have sent a military expedition into Breen space that was never heard from again.
  • Remembrance of the Fallen:
    • To the first chapter of Bait and Switch when Eleya introduces herself to Tia and Sobaru as follows:
    • And to Eleya mentioning in "From Bajor to the Black, Part II" about how her Extreme Omnisexual Starfleet Academy roommate Jasmine Velasquez frequently kicks her out of the dorm on Friday nights because she brought back a hookup.
      Thrass: Anyway, think of it as something to do when Jazz Velasquez kicks you out on Friday nights.
      Eleya: How do you—
      Thrass: I’m your professor. I know everything.
  • Kingdom Hearts 3: Final Stand:
    • Sora's taking Ven's heart into his body, as well as Aqua's crafting Castle Oblivion, during the events of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep are referenced in the first and second chapters.
    • In chapter 14, Aqua recalls having first met Sora, Riku, and Kairi when they were little kids, also in Birth by Sleep. During the conversation, Sora also recalls having seen her back then, as well as in the Realm of Sleep.
  • Soul Eater: Troubled Souls: There are plenty of references to the canon series and the fanfic’s prequel sprinkled throughout the story, mostly dropped in the narration or in conversations. Most notably, in Chapter 1, there is a mention that evil activity was low a little more than two decades ago. Soul Eater Zeta is set 23 years ago, and it’s been said there activity of Kishin Eggs is low. Chapter 2’s classroom lecture is just a giant one that establishes continuity with respect to the Baba Yaga Castle invasion and its aftermath.
  • At one point in Eroninjia, Anko Mitarashi performs a tea ceremony so flawlessly that it drives a noble to tears, a reference to the databooks which mention Anko performs tea ceremonies as a hobby.
  • Several of these in The Keys Stand Alone: The Soft World, occasionally used to further the plot. For example, when trying to figure out a way to help Ringo see through magical masks, Paul recalls the day in With Strings Attached when Ringo cropped up psychic and Grunnel talked about breaking through masks, leading the four to look for a skahs wizard to teach Paul how to cast that spell. Sadly, none of them can.
  • Doctor Who Regenerated is a Doctor Who Fan Webcomic that finally lets the Doctor regenerate ginger.
  • Escape From the Moon: In chapter 8 of the sequel The Mare From the Moon, Discord mentions "this realm's Door to the Realms in Between". This was previously mentioned in chapter 12 of another of Evilhumour's stories, A Chance Meeting of Two Moons.
  • The Institute Saga: In a game of chess against Xavier, Superman is playing black and moves his knight.
  • In SilfofinaDragon's Sengoku Basara fanfics, there have been plenty references to the SB anime.
  • Lincoln Is Done references several events from The Loud House, including the fight for the last slice of pizza ("Slice of Life"), Luna taking Lincoln to a concert ("For Bros About to Rock"), and Lola blackmailing her siblings to get into a club ("A Tattler's Tale").
  • Code Prime - R1: Rebellion: The fanfic is a crossover with the Transformers Aligned Continuity, and it certainly lives up to it:
    • The opening is clearly based on the final (and by extension, first) mission of Transformers: Fall of Cybertron.
    • Fixit is a member of the Ark Crew.
    • Megatron has already been fused with Dark Energon in this timeline, which was the case in Fall of Cybertron, as opposed to only just having discovered it at the start of Transformers Prime. The first chapter also directly has him reference being crushed by Metroplex.

  • In Monopoly, every player starts with $1,500. The pinball adaptation translates this to each player having 1,500 points at the beginning of the game.
  • Williams Electronics' "rollercoaster" game Cyclone, a sequel to Comet, includes the "Comet" in the game.
    • Hurricane, the second sequel, also includes the "Comet" in the game. Furthermore, the backglass shows two riders wearing "Comet" and "Cyclone" T-shirts.
  • The backglass for Tales from the Crypt shows the Crypt Keeper reading an issue of the original EC Comics' Tales from the Crypt comic book.

  • In The Hidden Almanac, episode 38 records that in 1781, the Librarian Prince forbade the use of numberical placings in contests, leaving people to come up with workarounds such as "color-coded ribbons, Honorablest Mentions, and the 'We're Extremely Glad You Participated Award'". In episode 40, an item about sheep breeding mentions that in 1783 a ram named Sturdy took the "Exceedingly Honorable-We-Really-Mean-It Award" at the city fair.

    Pro Wrestling 
  • Tito Santana and Rick Martel had teamed together in 1987 as "Strike Force" and then they broke up violently, the feud lasting the rest of their careers, even when they weren't actively feuding.
  • ECW fans had fun mocking Raven by reminding him of his former Johnny Polo and Scotty The Body gimmicks. The change to Raven was explained by Scotty becoming depressed.
  • Throughout the Attitude Era, the WWF gave us a subtle Continuity Nod on a weekly basis, in the form of Chyna's nickname, "The Ninth Wonder of the World". You may be saying, "Wait, aren't there only seven wonders?" Yes, but in the '70s and '80s, the WWF billed André the Giant as "The Eighth Wonder of the World", and thus Chyna was next in line after him.
    • And Zack Ryder was in line after her, as he was recently called "The Tenth Wonder of the World".
  • The WWF shows from October '99 to around August '00 paid a greater attention to continuity than usual thanks to the efforts of then head writer, the late Chris Kreski. Kreski made a habit of extensively storyboarding everything and keeping continuity charts. One specific continuity nod sticks out in a world where allegiances are constantly changing and old ones are often ignored. Shortly before Kreski took over, Summerslam '99 saw the climax of the feud between Test and Shane McMahon over Test deserving the love of Shane's sister Stephanie McMahon. Test won a "Love Her or Leave Her" match and the next night on Raw, Shane told him he was the better man and that they should be friends from then on. After Kreski took over, and even for a long time after Stephanie turned heel on her family and Test to marry Triple H, Test had Shane's back whenever he was needed.
  • Delirious tends to slip in references to his partners and rivals from his starting promotion, Gateway Championship Wrestling, wherever he goes, such as using Matt Sydal's "Here It Is!" to defeat the supposedly titanic sized Hydra in Chikara. It might have to do with GCW's Diabolic Khaos stable bleeding into IWA Mid-South but commentator Dave Prazak will call any move Delirious is known for by the appropriate Name of Power if he sees MsChif perform it.
  • Jazz would sometimes wear a shirt reading "Where My Doggs At" in reference to her husband's tag team in Ohio Valley Wrestling with Shelton Benjamin, The Dogg Pound. She wrestle with a red bandana on too because "Redd Dogg" Rodney Mack also would.
  • Bob Holly's match in OVW with Matt Cappotelli is became famous for unintended reasons as it progressed but before that happened, Jim Cornette made sure to mention Bob's cousin Molly would be taking on Jillian Hall.
  • Women Superstars Uncensored likes to pretend that the company started in 2006/7 but has several call backs to their Wrestling Superstars days when they weren't an all women's promotion, most obviously the recurring Queen And King Of The Ring tournament but there are quite a few less obvious reminders, such as commentator Monsta Mack, who used to wrestle for them before the transition.
  • Pro Wrestling NOAH billed Samoa Joe as a TNA wrestler during his runs there but the commentators weren't shy to reference Joe's time in Ring of Honor, which had quite a few inter promotional events with NOAH while Joe was face of the company.
  • Angelina Love's tattoos and ring gear contain symbolism and visual artifacts from her old Angel Williams/Canadian Angel gimmicks and when she goes back to those gimmicks, her gear tends to reference her TNA time as Love.
  • Inter promotional example, and a rare one considering it involved WWE but Primo Colon's instant hostility toward Curt Hawkins and Zach Ryder upon the announcement that they were members of "La Familia" would go over the heads of most people who don't speak Spanish and just confuse those who do, unless they also watched WWC, where "La Familia" was one of the promotion's most dominant power stables, whom Eddie(Primo) and Carlito were opposed to.
  • After Madison Rayne "killed" Roxxi Laveaux's TNA career, she started using the Barbie Crusher, best known as Roxxi's finishing move.
  • Subverted by WWE firing the continuity editor when he pointed out too many issues and never hiring a new one.
  • These days, WWE doesn't tend to make Continuity Nods referring to incidents from more than half a decade ago (see Fleeting Demographic Rule). This tendency does not apply to appearances by or even casual mentions of Legends (WWE Superstars who are no longer with the company but are still widely remembered), who will often be referenced by younger commentators who weren't even born when they were in their heyday! One commentator casually mentioned Sky Low Low - a midget wrestler whom very few fans over the age of 40 are even aware existed!
  • WWE either intentionally does this (such as HHH never referring to his loss to The Undertaker at WrestleMania 17 during promos for their fight at 27) or completely forgets about some stuff because they weren't important enough at the time. CM Punk reportedly had to remind the writers during his feud with Randy Orton that he was jumped by Orton and his stable in Unforgiven 2008, making him lose without even entering his title match, and thus giving him a pretty valid reason to go after Orton for Wrestlemania 27.
  • In a world where most storylines disappear after three months, it took Randy Orton years to get over Evolution's betrayal, a moment which is generally agreed to be his Start of Darkness, transforming him from the suave "Legend Killer" to the cold and sadistic "Viper." This is evident because it became the standing reason for Randy's hatred of Triple H (and to a lesser extent, Batista), extending the grudge all the way to 2009, a full four years after the stable had long since dissolved. Evolution also left its mark on Randy in another ways, most notably in Randy's own Power Stable Legacy, an imitation of Evolution, except with Randy taking Triple H's place as The Centerpiece, in order to keep on a stranglehold on the WWE Championship, much like how Hunter did with Evolution and the World Heavyweight Championship. It's only in recent years that Randy has been able to get over it in order to ally himself with The Authority. This extends to Orton's relationship with other superstars. Besides the aforementioned CM Punk example, many of his former rivals make it no secret that they still hate him regardless of current alignments. This was most noticeable with John Cena, whose feud with Randy was the most personal in recent years, arguably even more personal than Triple H's and Shawn Michaels circa '02-'04. Regardless of their alignments, anything that puts them in even the slightest bit of conflict pushes them to the verge of feuding again.
  • On WWE NXT season 2, Kaval made mention of his encounters with Eddie Guerrero in Impact Championship Wrestling back when he was known as Low Ki. Also, during one of the "challenges" which usually showed "talents" beyond those that related to pro wrestling, Kaval cut a rap which ended with the worlds "Total Nonstop Action", where he had also wrestled before.
  • Kane gives us one in the form of a delightful speech about his past while in an anger management class on the 8/27/12 edition of Raw. Hilarity Ensues.
    "I grew up locked in a basement, suffering severe psychological and emotional scarring when my brother set my parents on fire. From there, I shifted around among a series of mental institutions until I was grown, at which point I buried my brother alive ... twice. Since then, I've set a couple of people on fire and abducted various co-workers. Oh, and I, uh, once electrocuted a man's testicles. Years ago, I had a girlfriend named Katie but let's just say that didn't turn out too well. My real father is a guy named Paul Bearer, who I recently trapped in a meat locker. I've been married, divorced, broke up my ex-wife's wedding and tombstoned the priest. And, for reasons never quite explained, I have an unhealthy obsession with torturing Pete Rose."
  • In Ring Of Honor, "Touched" by VAST was among the entrance themes AJ Styles used until he was pulled out of the promotion by TNA. When Style's TNA contract was up and he could return to ROH without their restriction, "Demi Gods" by LabRats became his theme, which wasn't just a remix of "Touched" but also a song about the forming of a team, which of course is a nod to the fact he joined Bullet Club in the interim. Also, Styles took up the Bloody Sunday maneuver of former club leader, "Prince" Fergal Devitt, who was forced out of the group and New Japan Pro-Wrestling but amicably as possible.
  • MVP's "investor in TNA" gimmick is a nod to his "highest paid free agent in all of "sports entertainment" gimmick on Smackdown. His director of wrestling operations role is a nod to TNA becoming an affiliate of the World Wrestling League, where former TNA agent/booker/whatever Savio Vega really was directing such operations.
  • During Bobby Lashley's first TNA Heavyweight Title run, Bobby Roode asking if his real passion was pro wrestling or MMA might have seemed like a cheap plug for Lashely also fighting in Bellator at the time, unless one remembered Lashley's previous TNA run ended with his wife trying to get him to quit TNA because she was being harassed by Scott Steiner and said no one ever bothered her during his MMA matches.
  • Cody Rhodes's "Stardust" gimmick wasn't just putting himself more in line with tag team partner Goldust but a nod to one of his father's red barons.
  • In 1992 (taped 1991), Shawn Michaels betrayed Marty Jannetty by kicking him in the jaw and smashing him through a glass object. In 2008, Chris Jericho betrayed Shawn Michaels by beating the hell out of him and smashing him through a glass object. In 2017, Kevin Owens betrayed Chris Jericho by savagely beating him down and smashing him through a glass object. If Kevin's still wrestling in five years or so…

    Tabletop Games 
  • In both Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40,000, references are usually sprinkled around for fans to find referring to all manner of things from the previous editions that may have been forgotten about, passed over or deliberately retconned. For example, in the Grey Seer novel for Warhammer Fantasy, Grey Seer Thanquol makes a passing mention to the "blasphemous Kweekul", referring to the 2nd edition "Realms of Chaos" sourcebooks, during the time of which Skaven were actually part of the Chaos forces, and specifically referring to a Skaven Daemon Prince used to highlight the "design a Chaos God" rules. Similarly, the 7th edition Warriors of Chaos sourcebook mentions Lothar Bubonicus and Werner Thunderfist, two Chaos Champions (Nurgle and Tzeentch respectively) who each ascended to Daemonhood. Both of them were warbands played by the writers of White Dwarf, and their progress was shown in issue #124.
    • A rules related version crops up in the 8th edition High Elves book. In earlier editions (5th and before) the High Elves general could be decided by a random dice roll, due to politics deciding who was in charge (the rule was called Intrigue at Court). In later books, this rules was removed by the fluff still makes mention to generals being decided by politics, and states that this is usually overriden by the Phoenix King.
  • Planet Hoppers: Beheboth: Blood and Water, an article/story written for Wizards of the Coast's Star Wars d20, revisits characters from old Marvel comics, including one Sergeant Malka. In an obvious nod to a much more recent story, Darial mistakenly refers to him as "Malak" at one point.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!
    • Sphere of Chaos's name and effect is a reference to a trio of monsters often called "The Chaos Trio", consisting of "Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning", "Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End", and "Chaos Sorcerer", who needed a LIGHT and DARK Monster to summon.
    • The Sage of Necloth is clearly an aged Gishki Avance, with the same stats.
    • The Necloth of Trishula has the same effect and stats as the original Trishula.
    • Elder of the Spirit Beast Tamers is an older Kamui, Hope of Gusto.
    • The Spirit Beast Tamers are Psychic-type, just like all of the human Gusto monsters.
    • Just like the Dragunity and Gusto before them, their extra deck monsters consist of a rider and their steed.

  • In The Drowsy Chaperone, the Man in Chair mentions that actress Ukulele Lil probably played the ukulele, "although she doesn't in this show." And then she does at the very end, which is technically outside the Show Within a Show.

    Theme Parks 

    Visual Novels 
  • Ace Attorney has a number of these. One occurs in The Monstrous Turnabout in Dual Destinies, which features a photo capturing a supposed flying killer. This is the fourth time the series has used the "supposed flying murderer" plot point. When Apollo points out the possibility of a flying murderer in court, the Judge's reaction is a sarcastic "I can't wait to hear this".
  • Canvas 2 has multiple references to the original game and several of the heroines, mostly in Misaki and Saya's routes. Both of them are sisters of heroines from the original.
  • In Fate/stay night, Kotomine remarks offhandedly about how Tohsaka will feel much better after being buried underground for a bit amidst a conversation that skims along the topic of vampires. Shirou isn't sure whether to take the comment literally or seriously. This little conversation gave rise to some Epileptic Trees suggesting that Tohsaka is the descent of a vampire.
  • In Hatoful Boyfriend sequel Holiday Star, the human girl is friends with The Conductor, implicitly from all the bad ends in the previous game. She even says they've known each other since the demo version!
  • Shikkoku no Sharnoth makes numerous passing references to Sekien no Inganock including mentioning the city of Inganock itself and a Runner known as David, who was a minor character there.
  • Spirit Hunter: NG:
    • While the game has many notable ties to its prequel Death Mark, there's also a few inconsequential references put in for fun:
      • Momo's gravure photo has her made up like a doll and posing on a red couch, with it being based on an urban legend about 'a doll in a mysterious mansion'. This is all a reference to Mary, the protagonist's advisor from Death Mark.
      • When Akira asks Kaoru what he could be, if not a human, one of her answers is a humanoid weapon that was developed in secret by the old army. This is exactly what the Kannon Soldier from Chapter 5 of Death Mark is.
      • One of Natsumi's notebooks contains information on the scar-like Death Mark that plagued the characters of the titular game. Kaoru explains that she knew someone involved with the case, and that she took much of her inspiration for Momo Kuruse from it.
      • When explaining the Miroku Mansion's Bizarrchitecture, Rosé references roads and staircases that impossibly loop you back to the same spot, which were featured in Chapters 3 and 6 of Death Mark.
      • According to Ami's profile, she once talked to a dog with a human face, a reference to Genta from the third chapter of Death Mark.
    • One of D-Man's cards tells the tale of the Princess Mach urban legend. If Ban is alive at the end of the game, then his epilogue scene mentions that he's investigating the very same spirit.

    Web Animation 
  • Homestar Runner has absolutely massive amounts of these. The most minor characters will pop up in various places, turns of phrase and vocabulary items will be thrown around in completely different contexts, objects from previous cartoons will make appearances elsewhere for little reason. At its greatest, a one-off joke will come back so much that it becomes a much larger part of the website, such as the band Limozeen. All you need to do is go to the Homestar Runner Wiki, find a cartoon's page and look at inside references, where each Continuity Nod, Shout-Out, and Mythology Gag will be documented in precise detail.
  • "Aw, shit. And I was in charge of confetti."
    • When Grif somehow revived Sarge from a gunshot wound he was chastised for how random that treatment was and Sarge ask if he would have treated a shot in the foot by rubbing aloe vera on his neck. When Grif talks to Doc a while later, a (not very good) medic, Doc tells Grif that he made the right decision and states that he just treated Caboose's gunshot wound in the foot by rubbing aloe vera on his neck (then his toe fell off).
    • A more recent one was in Recreation: Grif gets in the cockpit for a large vehicle and ask 'Why are there only four pedals if there's six directions?', the exact opposite of what Caboose asked when he first piloted his team's tank in season 1. There's been several per episode recently, though many are of the "blink and you'll miss it" variety.
    • Taken Up to Eleven in Red vs. Blue Revelations.
    • In the Project Freelancer Saga flashbacks, Carolina ends up having to attach her grappling hook to Washington's codpiece to get him onto their escape ship. In season 11, he admits that that moment was what he was known for among his group.
  • In Charlie the Unicorn 3, having been through everything else the cartoon is going to throw at him, at least he finds that kidney they stole back in the first one.
  • This fan work for Watchmen is filled with nods toward the original graphic novel, from Rorsachs' "love of animals" to the scene where the comedian falls out of a window.
  • The Leet World: In "Satisfaction Guaranteed", Player has something of an obsession with a snowman's hat. In the second season, the same hat can be seen in the intro sequence.
  • In Brain POP's Fractions episode, many of the robots from other videos on the site, such as Little Jimmy and the Cycloids from the Capitalization video and the Hillbot from the Country Music video, show up at Moby's birthday party.
  • Ultra Fast Pony: "Shameless Self Reference" is packed with references to prior episodes, complete with hyperlinks to the relevant episode. The Stinger from the season one finale references the first two episodes, with Night Moon Mare showing up from nowhere to deliver her Catchphrase, "Saaaaaaaaaaaaand!"
  • Breeze Rider references the opening of Dusk's Dawn when the group approaches the castle.
  • The main character of Petera Dzive, after having taken a photo of himself with a drunk, passed out naked man, keeps the photo on the wall of his room in future episodes.
  • The creators of The Most Popular Girls in School and Dr. Havoc's Diary just love making sure that the viewers never forget all the crazy shit that has happened in previous episodes. Even if it means having to go way back to reference the very first episodes.
  • RWBY:
    • In Volume 1, Episode 15, Weiss mentions that an entire train of her family's Dust shipments had been stolen by the White Fang. The Black trailer involved Blake and Adam pulling a heist on a train with cargo that had the Schnee logo.
    • In Volume 2, Chapter 2, Team RWBY is playing a board game where each player controls army that attempts to conquer the world. Weiss's army consists of knight figurines that look just like the knight she fought in the White Trailer.
  • In the Star Trek Logical Thinking video about the Ipse Dixit (it simply is) fallacy, Harry Mudd mentions being defeated by his own androids, which happened in an episode of Star Trek: The Original Series.

    Real Life 
  • History Class.
  • In international diplomacy, it's customary for world leaders, when visiting another country, to make references to long-forgotten ties between their nation and the host country. For instance, when visiting Morocco, US Presidents will usually make reference to the fact that in 1777, Morocco was the first nation to recognize America's independence from Britain.
  • In 1890, the Turkish frigate Ertuğrul sank off the coast of Wakayama, Japan, after having an audience with Emperor Meiji. The surviving sailors were taken back to Istanbul by two Japanese frigates. In 1985, Turkey sent frigates to rescue 215 Japanese nationals who were living in Tehran at the time and endangered by the effects of the Iran-Iraq war. A statement released by the Turkish government mentioned it as returning the favor from 1890.
  • In 1986, the Greater London Council, led by Ken Livingstone, was disbanded by the Thatcher government and power was devolved to the local boroughs. In 2000, the Greater London Authority was formed, and the first elected Mayor of London was the same Ken Livingstone. He started his victory speech by saying, "As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted fourteen years ago..."
  • On the final ball of a 2005 Twenty20 cricket international between Australia and New Zealand, Australian bowler Glenn McGrath pretended to deliver an underarm ball to NZ's Kyle Mills. Umpire Billy Bowden (from NZ) responded by showing McGrath a mock red card. The incident was a Shout-Out to the notorious 1981 underarm bowling incident, in which Aussie captain Greg Chappell called for his brother Trevor to roll the ball along the ground to prevent NZ from hitting a six that would have won the match. McGrath's practical joke was much more favourably received by the crowd, since Australia had an unbeatable 44-run lead.


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