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Andrea Sorrentino is an Italian comic book artist best known for his work in American comics, with his first being a God of War tie-in comic made by WildStorm in 2010. He has since worked for DC Comics, Marvel Comics and Image Comics, where he and Jeff Lemire are creating a shared creator-owned universe called "the Bone Orchard Mythos" together.


DC Comics

Image Comics

  • Gideon Falls
  • Primordial
  • The Bone Orchard Mythos:
    • Prelude: Shadow Eater (2022)note 
    • The Passageway (2022)
    • Ten Thousand Black Feathers (2022)
    • Tenement (2023)

Marvel Comics


  • Signature Style: His art is best known for its heavy inks and shading, and especially its surreal, creative layouts that are good at conveying physical sensations.