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Norton Sinclair is an anxious, reclusive young man who has a delusional obsession with trash. He regularly visits a therapist about his habit of collecting nails and small pieces of wood in the city's refuse, and about his drawing of an ominous "Black Barn" that only he can see.

Father Fred is a washed-up priest who has been assigned to a parish in the remote, rustic town of Gideon Falls, after the previous priest mysteriously disappeared. After he receives a vision of the priests, whose dead body is found soon after, Fred starts to investigate the mysteries of the town.


Mind Screw ensues.

Needs Wiki Magic Love.


  • Eldritch Location: The Black Barn, a mysterious building which exudes an evil aura and appears across different realities.
    • Gideon Falls itself, which has been the scene of numerous murders going back centuries thanks to the influence of the Black Barn.
  • Room Full of Crazy: Norton's apartment has a bookcase full of jars containing items he's collected in the trash. Doc Sutton's walls are littered with newspaper clippings related to the Black Barn.
  • Town with a Dark Secret: Despite seeming to be a quiet little town, Gideon Falls has a long history of tragedy and murder, which all involve the recurring appearance of a mysterious black barn.
  • Wham Shot: Issue #6: A signpost in the final panel shows that the city Norton and Dr. Xu live in is also Gideon Falls.
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